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  1. Geoffrey St John added a post in a topic Silvori's requests   

    Then I request metal Eclipse and mecha Antoine
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  2. Geoffrey St John added a post in a topic Silvori's requests   

    Are you still taking suggestions?
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  3. Geoffrey St John added a post in a topic Pokemon: Drake and Wyvern   

    Pokemon Research centre - Scabbard Town
    Annie slowly walked over to collect her pokeballs with Vanillite sitting on her shoulder.
    Jack walked forward and collected his pokeballs and held the one containing his first Pokemon in his hand which he was simply staring at.
    "Professor is anyone missing? If there is I will go looking for them" said Zeke as he walked towards Professor Pine.
    Outside Pokemon Research centre - Scabbard Town
    James noticed Charmy's flame and started to pet him on the neck to calm him down. "Didn't think we would see him again this soon. Maybe he is here to greet the new trainers this year" said James to Charmy in a calming town.
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  4. Geoffrey St John added a post in a topic Pokemon: Drake and Wyvern OOC   

    In that case the place based on Cardiff better have a Dragon gym! And also the Pokemon league better be in the place based on Wales (Totally not biased here)
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  5. Geoffrey St John added a post in a topic Pokemon: Drake and Wyvern OOC   

    I am unaware of what you are referring to.
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  6. Geoffrey St John added a post in a topic Mobius Reborn: Rise of Robotnik   

    Ian st John, Mercia
    After Josh left to deliver the letter Ian heard Chuck and realized  how shaken Chuck was. "If it has got old man steel shaking it must be serious! We better get our stuff and be ready to get going as soon as Josh gets back" said Ian jokingly at first but got serious after saying the word serious. Ian approached Larry and offered to help him sort out his belongings.
    Mighty, Feral Forest
    Mighty heard what was said in the radio then looked to Skye. "This place is new to me. So weird yet homely. Is this a witch's House?" Asked Mighty who was clearly trying to make a joke to lighten the mood as he walked next to Skye.
    "Oh and my name is Mighty. What is yours?" Asked Mighty.
    Beta, Wing Fortress
    Beta arrived back aboard the Wing Fortress and proceeded to locate Dr Robotnik. "Dr Robotnik, Mission complete. Assign a new mission to this unit" said Beta repeatedly while searching for Dr Robotnik.
    Geoffrey St John, Mercia
    Geoffrey woke up early and noticed his father didn't come home last night. "Chuck must of had a few jobs for him so he stayed over for the night" thought Geoffrey so he went to buy some groceries. On his was home he saw Josh who had just dropped off Ian's letter heading towards Chuck' s.
    "Hey Josh! You better keep a good eye on Larry for me! And tell my dad not to rush his work at Chucks!" Yelled Geoffrey as he headed home and dropped off the groceries. As he got in he was a letter on the floor and recognised his father's writing. "A letter from dad? I will read it later" thought Geoffrey to himself as he put it into a pouch on his belt. Geoffrey then left to go to the orphanage for work.
    Johnny Lightfoot, Mobotropolis
    The kind lady who offered Johnny a place to sleep was a maid for the king. She offered to take him to see the captain of the guard so he can ask about work since the captain knows everyone around the city. On the way to see the captain of the guard both witnessed the Manticore land and Johnny recognised Sleet and Dingo. Johnny followed the group but wasn't able to follow all the way but he was not far from the the room King Acorn was in. The kind lady went on to find the captain of the guard not realising Johnny was not behind her anymore.
    Geoffrey st John and Ray, Sunset Valley orphanage
    Several hours had passed since Ian and group had left when word of falling rocks and metal people attacking had reached the orphanage. Geoffrey didn't believe any of it until an orphan saw one of those metal people not far from the orphanage. This rang alarm bells as the staff started to gather the orphans and during the search Geoffrey noticed a falling rock heading towards him. "Everyone get moving! We need to evacuate as soon as possible! You handle the others. I will get Ray" shouted Geoffrey as the others gathered all the orphans they could find and started to evacuate. Geoffrey ran to the door of Ray' s room and burst inside.
    Ray was startled by Geoffrey bursting in and rolled up into a ball scared. "Ray, we need to get out of here now!" Said Geoffrey which calmed Ray at first but then he started to panic. "I... I... can't! It is too scared out there! I am staying here!" Said Ray but Geoffrey shouted back "That is not an option unless you want to die!" Ray just curled back into a ball. Geoffrey sighed and said "I promised I would protect you and now in order to do that I have to betray you." Geoffrey walked to Ray and grabbed him. Ray was trying to fight to get free but Geoffrey wasn't letting go.
    Ray managed to slow Geoffrey down by grabbing walls and doors but ultimately failed to stop him. The pair got out of the building and Geoffrey ran to get to the evacuation point. Ray was looking back at the orphanage really scared when the pod crashed down right on top of the building bursting It into flames. The sight of his home and safe haven caught in a blaze scared Ray so much he lost consciousness.
    The staff gathered together and one of them reported. "Everyone is here apart from Tails. We looked everywhere but there was no sign" Geoffrey took a deep breath. Let's hope Tails is with one of the others in town. I saw Josh heading towards Chuck's so it should be safe to guess Larry is there too. My dad is with them also..." said Geoffrey when he remembered the letter. The head of the orphanage then took charge and started to lead the group to a shelter but Geoffrey chose to remain behind. Geoffrey got the letter out of his pouch and read it aloud.
    "Geoffrey my boy, I am sorry that I have to say this in letter but I will not be home for a while. For some time I have wanted to go on an adventure, to do something new and exciting but every time I get myself ready to go, you come to me with a new problem with the orphans and I stay to help you fix it.  I can't risk this chance to have an adventure at last. I am truly sorry I couldn't say bye in person but I hope you understand. Love your father Ian St John"
    Geoffrey knew something was bothering his dad for a while but he didn't expect this. He however understood and was happy that Ian had this chance. "Have a good adventure dad, I just hope whatever is happening doesn't ruin it for you" thought Geoffrey as he headed back to town hoping to find Tails or any other villagers.
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  7. Geoffrey St John added a post in a topic Pokemon: Drake and Wyvern   

    Pokemon research centre-  Scabbard Town
    "Professor, are we missing anyone? I will glady go look for anyone missing just in case they got lost" said Zeke as he looked over the group. "Perhaps each of you should introduce yourselves so the professor can see who has arrived" suggested Zeke.
    Annie shyly held up a flyer to Cafe Vanilious. She was clearly too shy to speak up which caused Zeke to speak for her. "Yes we know you are here Annie. Professor please tick off Annette Cole from the list"
    Jack said a bit too loudly "Future fire type master Jack Pyrian is here!" That caused Vannilite to turn and cower behind Annie's left leg. 
    Outside pokemon research centre- Scabbard Town
    James was petting Charmy when both their attention was draw to the arriving man in a blue coat. "Is that..." said James as Charmy's flame grew a bit larger.
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  8. Geoffrey St John added a post in a topic Games that you recently finished   

    I too have beat KH3 but not quite Platinum yet.
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  9. Geoffrey St John added a post in a topic Games that you recently got   

    This skunk just got Kingdom Hearts 3!
    Don't expect to see him for a while.
    Oh and I also got DanganRonpa 1.2 reloaded.
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  10. Geoffrey St John added a post in a topic General Art Thread   

    That is amazing.
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  11. Geoffrey St John added a post in a topic Silvori's requests   

    Hmm it seems no one else is going to suggest anything. I will request three items.
    Metal Mighty.
    Legionised Hershey.
    And Chrus Thorndyke in an Eggman costume.
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  12. Geoffrey St John added a post in a topic Pokemon: Drake and Wyvern   

    Pokemon research centre-  Scabbard Town
    "Everyone go inside. I will take you to the Professor once everyone is here" said Zeke as he waited for everyone to enter. Once everyone was inside Annie showed up.
    "Morning Zeke! I have the usual order for the professor here" said Annie when a roar was heard from the side. Jack then rushed to Zeke. "What!? This kid is the professor? Is he just out of school or something!?" said Jack which caused Annie to laugh and Zeke to get angry. "I am not the professor! I am Zeke. Professor Pine's Aide!" Declared Zeke.
    Jack blinked twice then said "Oh yeah, I should have guessed. Someone as smart as a professor would have a sense of style in the way they dress." Annie then had a giggle fit that only got stronger when Zeke responded.
    "HEY! I do have a sense of style! This is just the official uniform for a Professor's Aide! Besides when you are the professor's right hand man like me. You get too busy to worry about your appearance" Responded Zeke which caused Jack to look at Zeke from head to toe.
    "The professor must have low standards in his aides if he chose someone who can't even look after their clothes as his top one" said Jack as he pointed out a tear in Zeke's trousers caused by his earlier fall. Zeke got embarrased and more angry at Jack which caused Annie and Vanillite to laugh harder. Vanillite laughed so hard it accidentally used icicle spear and hit Charmy who had followed Jack. Charmy got angry and went to use flamethrower on Vanillite.
    "Charmy stop!" Was heard from a small distance away when James approached the trio. "Sorry about Charmy and Jack. He is here for his first pokemon. I will wait out here with Charmy if you want to take these two in. I can see you are an aide to Professor Pine" said James to Zeke who had calmed down.
    "Alright, follow me everyone" said Zeke as he walked into the centre and lead the group to Pine. "Professor I have brought the new trainers" said Zeke as he approached Pine
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  13. Geoffrey St John added a post in a topic The Happy Birthday Thread   

    Happy birthday Clay.
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  14. Geoffrey St John added a post in a topic Silvori's requests   

    Great job Silvori! But I will let the others suggest sonething this time.
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  15. Geoffrey St John added a post in a topic Pokemon: Drake and Wyvern   

    Scabbard town - Behind the crowd
    Blake quickly pulled the brake on the jeep."Jack this crowd is too big. I can't drive you the rest of the way. You will have to find another way there. Sorry son" said Blake.
    "Don't worry dad. Charmy can take him the rest of the way" said James as he threw out a Pokeball to reveal a Charizard. Charmy, Jack is gonna be late to collect his first Pokemon if he doesn't get there soon. Get him to Pine's lab as quick as you can! Now go!" Said James which caused Jack to undo his seat belt as Charmy quickly took off and grabbed Jack from the back seat.
    Charmy and Jack then flew over the crowd towards Pine's lab in quite a fast pace. Charmy let out a loud roar knowing people would hear it.
    Pokemon Research centre- Scabbard Town
    "Professor it is my pleasure! Do you have any other tasks for me to perform this morning Sir?" Asked Zeke as he dusted off his pants from the fall. "Oh we have some arrivals! I will go and greet them on your behalf" said Zeke who approached Danny and Linda before Pine had a chance to respond.
    "Greetings, I am Zeke. Aide to Professor Pine. Are you two here to recieve your first pokemon?" Asked Zeke.
    Scabbard town - Behind the crowd
    Annie reached the large crowd outside Pine's lab and she shyly began to make her way through it being careful not to hurt Vanillite or damage Pine's delivery.
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