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  1. Guess what? After like 2 moth break, my fanfic finally moves forward. (Expect this speed to be a constant in my writing).

  2. My new Metal Sonic fanfic

    No, this project isn't dead. I just... well, I forgot to update. Boy, I feel stupid ^^;. But this one's long, so I guess it kinda recompansates. (And yes, there are few typos, I'm still fixing them.)   MAXIMUM METAL: SUPREME SONIC   However, Metal Sonic's most uncanny power wasn't granted him by the Doctor, but rather by fate. Origin of this power came from two artifacts that were never meant to meet. The first component was buried in the gloomy undergrounds of the Lost Labyrinth. For years Robotnik sought to find it, with no luck. Not until he gave Metal Sonic a second chance for life. Metal found it during his hunt for Sonic. He did not know the orb's purpose nor origins. What he did know was its power. Determined to hide this treasure from his master, Metal absorbed its power and then erased this event from his own mind. Second part of equation was hidden on Isolated Island in a place later called Newtrogic High Zone. It was found by Doctor Ivo Robotnik a few month after downfall of his Death Egg Mark II. He would have probably discovered all of its secrets, if it was not for the newly formed organization named Chaotix. Threatened by their attacks, the Doctor gave his discovery to Metal Sonic. He believed that this ancient Ring would make his robot stronger. He was right, but the outcome exceed his expectations. Since then Metal posses the ability evolve. One way is to simply watch his opponents and copy their data, allowing him to replicate their abilities. The second option requires tons of energy and the right resources. However, if given Metal can transform into a more powerful form increasing his strength even further. The day he obtained these abilities, Robotnik allowed him to drain power from his already devastated base. The second time Metal Sonic betrayed his master by hacking himself into the Egg Fleet's main computer. Will history repeat for a third time? "HEDGEHOG." "My clanking twin." As always he was joking. As always with that smile. With that grotesque, mocking, hideous smile. But this time Metal knew how to remove it. "Playing a tough silent type, huh? Come on, Scrap Brain, it's getting boring. Throw me a witty reply. Just one." Metal stared silently at him and then slowly moved aside. Hedgehog's expression was very satisfying. "Knuckles!" Sonic ran over to his unconscious friend, but stopped himself from touching him. A large part of the echidna's body was covered with burns, while the other parts were coated in blood from numerous wounds. "Come on, Red Rad, wake up. Wake up!" Widened eyes, slightly shaking hands, uncertain voice. Metal Sonic rarely saw Hedgehog in that state. In fact, the only time it happened was when Metal was sent to kidnap his girlfriend. The day of their first meeting. "ARE YOU SCARED, HEDGEHOG?" Sonic turned his head. He tried to make a brave face, but his eyes betrayed his true feelings. "YOU SHOULD BE." Metal rose into the air. He then lifted his hands to create an electric orb between them. "PLAYTIME IS OVER. THIS ENDS NOW." The energetic ball grew ten times his size. At the same time that he threw it, Sonic lifted Knuckles and start running. The giant, blue orb chase after Sonic, crashing a few feet behind him and then scattering on the surface in the form of a buzzing wave of electricity. Sonic jumped as energy rushed under his feet. After the longest three seconds in his life, the wave passed and Sonic landed again. With no time to spare he hid behind a rock and lowered his head to the echidna's chest. It was weak and irregular, but never the less Knuckles' heart still beat. Sonic sighed with relief. "Hang on, Knuckles. Help is on the way." Sonic straightened up. Metal's engine was howling louder and louder, announcing the coming of his owner. Sonic closed his eyes, clearing his mind. When he opened then once more he was back to his old self, confident, cool, and with this smirk that Metal hated so much. "Hey, Scrap Brain." Sonic ran out of his hideout. "You're still a lousy shot!" Sonic then raced down the hill with Metal Sonic chasing after him. He knew that Hedgehog just wanted him to draw him away from Guardian, but that didn't matter. The hunt was on. Just few seconds later, Sonic was running through Mystic Ruin. He tapped his ear turning his communicator on. "Tails, come in." "Sonic, did you found source of those readings?" "I think? Metal Sonic might be going through 'I am all powerful' phase again." "Metal Sonic? But how did he...?" A grim humming warned Sonic to jump, as he barely avoided getting fried by Metal's laser. "Can't talk right now. Just fly to Red Mountains Zone and look for highest volcano. Knuckles needs medical help, fast!" "YOU CALL PROWER FOR HELP? AMUSING." Sonic almost tripped hearing those words. When did Metal catch up to him? More than that: he was leading. While flying backwards. "NO HELP CAN SAVE YOU NOW, HEDGEHOG." "What's with this 'hedgehog' thing? I have a name you know." Sonic quickly regained his coolness, "It start with 's', ends with 'onic'? Usually comes with 'is way past cool'? Ring any bells?" Metal opened his arms, both hand glowing with energy. Eggman's robot then started throwing electric balls, once into Sonic, once into a ground, creating shock waves, but the blue hedgehog easily avoided them with Quick Steps and well-timed jumps. "It's half of your name for Chaos's sake." Sonic was getting closer, but at the same time avoiding attacks was getting trickier. "Or did you take page from Eggman's book and your name really is 'Scrap Brain' now?" Both hedgehogs entered the jungle. On the one hand Sonic now had to avoid trees too, but on the other Metal had a harder time aiming at him. Needing to change strategy, Metal fired his chest laser. "Ok, it's getting tight here," thought Sonic, as one of the trees started collapsing in front of him. He jumped on it and ran on its top, before it fell. Then blue hedgehog jumped on the top of other, uncut trees to use as road to run. With somewhat of a clear path, he leveled with Metal before robot managed to stop him. "Don't-say-cheese-'cause-you-don't-have-mouth!" Sonic changed into the ball, zooming into his robot duplicate. Only to get reflected by his Black Shield. "Hey, no fair." Even though he didn't touch the ground yet, Sonic flew again into Metal, with his gravity defying Homing Attack. With the same results. "Seriously, cut it out." Sonic tried again. "How long can you keep that thing on?" For long enough, certainly, however Metal didn't plan to keep it forever. With Hedgehog constantly bouncing off of him there was no way he could stop himself in time. All Metal had to do is change Black Shield into Burst Shield exactly when his loathsome copy gained enough speed. "Calculating right time for shield enabling. T minus 5 seconds. T minus 4. 3. 2. 1." Sonic once more bounced of his shield. However, instead of attacking again, he caught a branch and start spinning around it, slowing his momentum. In a split of a second Metal could see him...sticking tongue out of his mouth and producing a noise with it? And then he hit the wall. Flying all that way backward, with all focus on his opponent, Metal didn't notice that they ran right into one of ruins here. He pierced himself through few walls, collapsing whole thing. Metal found himself in complete darkness save for light of his eyes. Metal picked up the sound of Sonic's snickering. "HE KNEW THIS WOULD HAPPEN. HE PLANNED IT ALL ALONG." Metal's body gleamed. Unleashing more energy than he needed, Metal Sonic then blew up the stones around him with an extremely boosted version of his Burst Shield. He looked around for Hedgehog, but all he could see was a blue streak, heading towards Ice Cap Zone. Metal followed in pursuit. Footprints led Metal Sonic to a tunnel burrowed by Hedgehog in a pile of snow. He could be anywhere. "SHOW YOURSELF, COWARD!" "What's wrong, Metal? Did your trail go cold?" Metal Sonic shot a Plasma Pulse in direction where voice came from. The snow melted under destructive beam, but didn't reveal anything except for even more snow. "YOU CAN'T HIDE FOREVER, HEDGEHOG!" Metal selected his infrared vision. "YOU ONLY POSTPONE THE INEVI..." Metal stopped, when snowball hit him into face. Countless more came after it. Metal raised Burst Shield, but snowballs still came through, just in a form of water. Kinetic energy, combined with slippery ground under him, cause Metal to fall followed by the dropping of his shield and Sonic's Spin Attack a second later. "Cool moves, huh?" asked Sonic, immediately burrowing himself back in the snow. "Man, I love fighting in ice-themed places." Metal Sonic had enough. Both Valve Organ Fusion Engine and Tesla Power Coil were then turned on. With his engines roaring, Metal raised himself to the skies and fired his Plasma Pulse with enormous power. Sonic looked at this with confusion. "Umm, I joked a lot about your bad aim, but that wasn't even close to..." Suddenly ground began to shake. "..Crud." Sonic jumped out of the snow and began to run. A huge avalanche chased after him, gaining speed while Metal Sonic flew safely above it. "EVEN HE CANNOT OUTRUN AN AVALANCHE, NOR DIG HIMSELF FROM SUCH AMOUNT OF SNOW. HE WILL LOSE HIS STRENGTH TRYING TO ACCOMPLISH IT, WHILE I'LL WATCH ALL THE WARMTH SLOWLY LEAVE HIS BODY. THEN...WHERE ON MOBIUS DID HE GET A SNOWBOARD?" Metal Sonic lowered his altitude, firing his torso beam and throwing electric balls, simultaneously. Sonic gracefully evaded all the obstacles and then jumped into the air thanks to the conveniently placed ramp. "Oh yeah!" Sonic start doing tricks in the air. "Double combo! Triple! Quadruple!" His counting was interrupted when Metal rammed him with Maximum Overdrive. Sonic crashed at the foot of the mountain into a small forest with his head hitting a tree. "Ugh, that's what I get for being overconfident... Hey, what's that?" asked Sonic, seeing a familiar shape buried under a snow. A wide grin return to his face. "Man, I so rarely get to use these." Metal was charging right at him. Sonic pretended to be stunned for few more second s more before punching a gray monitor. Then they collided in the air. Metal was sent back. 'Surprised' wouldn't be enough to describe his state. No one ever managed to stop his Maximum Overdrive, not even Hedgehog, but there he was, standing in front of him, surrounded with large bubble with small lightning bolts running through it. Of course, a Power up; Hedgehog always needed outside support. "I don't think I kicked you using one of those before. It's called a 'Thunder Shield'. That cool little thing makes me completely immune to all electric base attacks. Shocking, huh?" "COWARD!" Metal's eyes radiated with red glow. "YOU CAN'T BEAT ME WITHOUT HELP OF YOUR FRIEND OR USING CHEAP TRICKS." "Now look who's talking. Who was hiding behind shields all fight, huh? You keep saying that you're the 'better Sonic' and all you do is fly, shoot laser, and that electric stuff. You really wanna prove that 'superiority' thing? I'll fight you face to face and turn this shield off, but you won't use any of your special moves. Just strength, speed, coolness and all attributes the real Blue Blur should have. Deal?" A smug smile ran across his face. "You know, unless you're chicken." "I FEAR NOTHING. YOUR CHALLENGE IS ACCEPTED, HEDGEHOG." "Cool." Sonic stomped his feet and Thunder Shied slowly vanished into thin air. "Then let's party." Metal attacked first. His Spin Attack cut through the air, but Sonic leapt of the way in time. Metal bounced off of the tree and pursued after him. They both jumped like that for few second, until one of trees couldn't take any more strikes and broke. Metal was the one to cause it and while he managed to avoid being squashed, that small delay was all that Sonic needed. He ran into his metal twin and just before impact he laid his hand on the ground, sending his twirling legs up. They moved so fast, that their contact with Metal body actually made buzzing sound, with sparks flying all around. Despite the pain, Metal managed to grab one of his legs and his whole upper body par began to spin. Finally Metal released his leg, sending Sonic through forest. After breaking through many branches Sonic finally managed to catch one that didn't break. Until Metal's Spin Attack send both Sonic and branch to the ground. "YOU ARE A FOOL, HEDGEHOG. YOU SHOULD KNOW THAT YOU ARE NO MATCH TO ME IN FAIR FIGHT." Metal pinned Sonic with his leg. "Blah, blah, blah. Stronger, better, superior; you're getting repetitive, Scrap Brain. For once let's talk about anything else. Have you watched a match yesterday? Archers lost to the Menders 2:0." Metal increased pressure. "Ugh, yeah, I was rooting for Archers too." Suddenly Sonic undercut Metal and start running in circles around him. "But fine, I'm not going easy on you now." Sonic ran so fast he turned into blurry ring around Metal. Leaves join in, flying around and even trees start moving anxiously. Metal tried to stick to the ground, but the centrifugal force was too great and he was abducted too. "Warning, sensors detect tornado, level 2 on Fujita scale. Wind speed increases." Metal was not amused by LARCC's deduction as he was thrown like a puppet, feeling pressure slowly affecting his body. "Armor can't survive those conditions much longer. Suggested counter reaction: full power to engines." As much as Metal hated running, this time he didn't felt like arguing with his computer. He almost fired his engines, when he realized what that would mean. "NO!" "Chances of survival..." "HEDGEHOG CANNOT BE VICTORIOUS!" "Analyzing: 30 second to annihilation of this unit." "STOP WASTING POWER ON POINTLESS CALCULATIONS. GIVE ME ACCESS TO FIGHT RECORDINGS." Before his eyes appeared image of Sonic, showing how he created tornado. "MOVEMENT SCAN... COMPLETED. ADAPTING OPTIONS... NEGATE." The image changed to Knuckles using his Spinning Attack. "ADAPT. COMBINE. EVOLVE." Metal Sonic raised his arms and started spinning his body in the direction opposite to Sonic's tornado. "I WON'T BE DENIED BY HIM. NEVER AGAIN." His body changed into a tornado of its own. It looked like one blue twister ate a smaller one, however, the small one kept growing and soon sucked the big one in. It wasn't too long before winds submitted to Metal's tornado. When he stopped spinning nearly the entire forest was destroyed. Sonic was laying on his knees shocked. "How did you...?" "I TOLD YOU, HEDGEHOG." Metal landed on the ground. "I AM SUPERIOR." Sonic stared at him silently, then raised to his feet and started to run in direction opposite to his opponent. It was Metal's turn to be shocked. Was Hedgehog... running away? True, that was logical thing to do, but when did he ever... "THAT BLASTED HEDGEHOG!" Metal fired his engines, realizing what Sonic was planning to do. He prayed that he would be able to catch to him, before Sonic did something that he should have done from very beginning. The booming sound flew through the island as Sonic crossed sound barrier. He hated talking in this state, it always felt... objectionable. He would rather just run and enjoy the speed. But now he had little choice. "Tails, have you found Knuckles?" "Don't worry, Sonic. He's stable. I just finished making makeshift stretcher. I'm moving him to the Master Emerald." "Change of plan: get him on Tornado and fly off the island. Now." "Sonic? What's going on?" "No time to explain, just do it!" Sonic turned off his communicator and boosted. Metal was right behind him. Sonic could hear his engines roaring like a raging tiger chasing after his prey. Some would say Metal was cheating now, but arguing with him now probably wouldn't be a great idea. Besides, Sonic was planning to bend the rules too. That is, if he was fast enough. Metal shot his chest laser and Hedgehog dodged, but not quickly enough. His right arm got caught in the blast and he let out a scream, but didn't slow down. Not that it mattered now; everything around them was blurry, but Metal Sonic knew where they were. If Hedgehog wanted to be first he could not afford for turning, he needed to run straight; an easy target. The terrain was getting higher as Metal took aim. He was about to shoot. And then his head exploded. Indescribable pain out of nowhere flew throughout his metallic skull. Metal stumbled and somersault across the rocks, but before he could do anything it was over. The pain disappeared as unexpectedly as is occurred. "WHAT WAS THAT?" "Processing: virus not detected. EMP shields still active. Analyzing possibility of..." "FORGET THIS! HEDGEHOG CANNOT..." The ground shook. It was the middle of the day but light coming from Master Emerald chamber was so bright that it made the sky look black in comparison. Metal turned his Chaos energy sensors on, only to shut it imminently down; it screamed like banshee. Then Hedgehog came out; mighty, grand, powerful, Metal would even use word 'beautiful' if he know its meaning and if Hedgehog's image wasn't so hideous to him in a first place. The golden hedgehog smirked. "Ready to loose for a seven-hundredth, eighty-sixth time, Scrap Brain?" "NO!" Metal chest lit up. "Chances for damaging the enemy: 0%. Further combat futile. Suggested strategy: retreat." Metal fired anyway. He wanted to hear Hedgehog scream, to flinch, at very least to dodge, but he didn't do that. Instead to spite him, Metal knew that he wanted to spite him, Hedgehog took the Plasma Pulse. "You know, I'm cool with our rivalry." Super Sonic took one step forward, completely ignoring the laser. "You want to be the best, I get it, and your determination is really admirable." "Chances of surviving this encounter: 0.5%. Suggested strategy: retreat." "I can even live with the fact that you want to kill me. It's pretty popular for some reason." "Suggested strategy: retreat." Then Super Sonic appeared right in front of him. Metal didn't even perceive him moving, Sonic just was there and then he was here. "But you should keep it between us two. Hurting my friends? Not cool." Then he kicked him, sending the blue bot flying. "Warning. Critical damage to Valve Organ Fusion Engine. Critical damage to Neo Super FX DSP Chip. Back up battery not responding. Chances of surviving this encounter: 0,001%. Suggested strategy: retreat." Metal activated Black Shield, but the golden Spin Attack shattered it like it was nothing. Part of Metal's armor fall off revealing tangling cables and pipes leaking oil. "No chance of survival. Suggested strategy: surrender." Super Sonic landed before him. "CH..CHEATER." Metal knew that trying to stand up would be pointless, so he just glared hatefully at his victorious copy. "CAN'T ...BEAT ME..." Super Sonic sighed. "You'll never learn, huh?" Gold hedgehog disappeared for a second and when he came back he was holding a large rock in his hand. "I don't know how Egghead keeps repairing you, but next time you wake up remember to stay away from my friends." It wasn't fair. Metal had beaten Hedgehog in his own game. He proved his superiority. He couldn't lose just because Hedgehog had access to the super form. If it wasn't for it he would... And then Metal saw it. Far in a distance, but clear like it was right next to him, a red biplane with two passengers. "YOU MEAN THOSE FRIENDS?" Metal fired Plasma Pulse. Hedgehog turned away and dropped the rock. Super Sonic disappeared and Metal got up. His engines roared, one coughing heavily in protest. Metal flew off knowing how little time he had. In the best case scenario the biplane was heavy damaged and the echidna's condition was bad enough that Hedgehog would transport them to Mobius and not onto Angel Island. That would give Metal around a few minutes. In the worst scenario his laser missed and then... well, it would be over. But the second option was highly unlikely as Metal managed to get back to the volcano undisturbed. He crawled through the tunnel he made earlier, back to the Master Emerald chamber. A giant green stone laid there unprotected. No Guardian, no water god, no hedgehog. No one could stop him now. Metal Sonic put his hand on the Master Emerald, Chaos energy start flowing through his circuits. And nothing happened. "WHAT?" Metal put both his hands on it. When that didn't help he bashed emerald surface. "GIVE. ME. MY. POWER!" Metal could not understand. He felt Chaos energy inside him, no one was blocking the transmission. He remembered what the Doctor said about Chaos Emerald and robots, but Mecha Sonic could enter super state. Even if Metal wasn't a superior machine (an option that he WASN'T considering), he should have been able to transform for at least a few seconds. "LARCC, FULL ANALYZE, NOW!" "Scanning...Scanning." LARCC repeat this one word for almost a minute. Metal didn't moved an inch, listening for any signs of Hedgehog. "Problem found: a cryptic sub-program, written with high level of priority, just below Master's Three Laws of Badnik." "DETAILS" "ORDER HRS.30.12: Unit Metal Sonic is not to use his shape shifting abilities, whenever to adopt someone's identity or to change into more powerful form, would that be 'Neo Metal Sonic", 'Metal Overlord' or any form else." "BLASTED DOCTOR! BYPASS IT!" "Option denied; Master Law has higher priority that surviving of this unit." "THAT MEANS YOUR DEMISE TOO, YOU IDIOTIC SUB-PROGRAM. BYPASS IT!" "Option denied; Master law...Warning. Source of Chaos energy approaching. Retreat highly suggested." "NOT UNTIL I HARNESS THE POWER OF SUPER FORM." Metal again reached for the emerald before him. "Logical error. This unit cannot resist its own programing. Opposing Master's will; not possible." "NO ONE CAN STOP ME FROM MY DESTINY. NOT HEDGEHOG. NOT MY OWN PROGRAMING. NOT EVEN YOU, MASTER. I'LL FIGHT EVERYONE!" Metal thrust his claws into the Master Emerald, "YOU SAY IT'S IMPOSSIBLE? THEN I'LL GO BEYOND." The ground shook and there was a blinding light. Sonic flew to the Master Emerald chamber and couldn't believe his eyes. What stood before him was Metal Sonic no more, but it wasn't exactly a super form either. "NOW, HEDGEHOG, LET ME SHOW YOU WHAT I'M REALLY MADE OF! KNEEL BEFORE MY ULTIMATE FORM: MASTER METAL! They broke through volcano's walls exchanging attacks. Two immortal gods taming the powers of pure chaos. An unstoppable force meeting an unmovable object; titles that one of them wasn't going to live up to. "So you transformed. Big deal." Super Sonic sent countless blows, simultaneously making countless blocks and dodges. "You did that before. I kicked your oversize, dragon-butt then, I can kick your shiny, metal ass now." With each passing second they moved through another location. Carnival Night Zone, Mushroom Hill Zone, Sandopolis Zone; finally their fight left the island and both Sonic's flew through skies of Mobius. Both opponents took some distance and charged at each other. They bounced off of each other and clashed repeatedly, each time with more force. Before the next collision Metal started spinning his body. Seconds later he hit the ground with Super Sonic trapped underneath him. Metal's chest lit up but in the last moment Super Sonic managed to throw him off, with the humming laser destroying everything around them. Sonic attacked with a Spin Dash, pinning Master Metal to the ground. In response, Metal Sonic unleashed a Burst Shield with so much power that it sent Sonic flying into the air. Gold Blur quickly got a grip and charged back at Metal Sonic. Metal, instead of charging too, sent all of his power to his cannon. When he shot cracks actually appeared on the ground underneath him. A piercing sound drowned every other noise out while the laser's spread ratio was so big that it covered nearly the whole sky, hitting into Super Sonic. Metal tweaked his vision, but the glaring light of Plasma Pulse still covered everything. He could just stand there listening to its deadly melody. Then it ended. The sky was blue again, everything was so silent it almost hurt. Metal realized that he was now back to his original form, but then he turned his head and saw him. Sonic was lying on the ground, also back to his blue color, injured. When Metal stood over him his eyes slowly opened. "Uuuugh?" "I TOLD YOU IT'S OVER, HEDGEHOG. I WON." "Oh, that's good." Sonic tried to smile, but the pain in his head turned it into a grimace. "I'll tell Tails to update the scoreboard; 1:864. When you equate with me..." Sonic didn't finished as Metal stabbed his feet into Sonic's chest. "YOU ARE NOT MY EQUAL. YOU NEVER WERE." Metal Sonic grabbed his throat and start straggling him. Sonic grabbed his hands in a desperate attempt to break free. "YOU'RE JUST A COPY OF ME. A FILTHY IMITATION. A CARICATURE!" Metal Sonic shook him like a rag doll. "I'M SUPERIOR TO YOU IN EVERY WAY!" Even though Sonic was obviously suffocating, his mouth formed a smirk. "Then why you don't have mouth?" Metal's eyes went bloody red. His grasp increased even more. "WHY DO YOU ALWAYS JOKE? WHY EVERYONE THINKS YOU'RE SO SPECIAL? WHY?" Sonic's face changed color; his throat made alarming noises of gasping. "WHY. CAN'T. YOU. DIE?!" Metal didn't even noticed when Sonic's arms fell down. It wasn't until LARCC repeat himself for a third time that it came to him. "No life signals detected. Enemy is dead." "DEAD? HEDGEHOG IS... DEAD?" "Confirm." "DEAD. HE'S FINALLY DEAD." Metal dropped Sonic's body and watched it fall on the ground. Then he took to the skies. "I KILLED HIM! SONIC THE HEDGEHOG IS DEAD!"     Yep, Sonic is dead. Plot can finally move. At first I was afraid that this chapter will be too short, cause the only thing happening is one fight. In the end it somehow grew into this ridiculosly long text before. And if for those who wonder, Three Laws of Badnik: 1 A Badnik must obey every order given to it by Doctor Eggman. 2 A Badnik must do everything in his power to preserve unity of Eggman Empire. 3 If encountered, Badnik must destroy Hedgehog Priority One.   So, what do you think about's origin of Metal's 'copy cat' power? Good or too convoluted? Is Sonic not serious enough? Is Metal too repetitive? Fight too long? Long enough? Please let me know. :)
  3. My new Metal Sonic fanfic

    Yes, without spoiling too much, Metal's personality will be changing in next chapters.
  4. My new Metal Sonic fanfic

    I got one question to all of you: should Metal sound more or less like a robot? I'm trying to re-write few parts, but in few situations he just can't talk in robotic way (ex. scene with Chaos). I'm considering to give him this kinda personality dissorder, where he speaks once like a robot and once like normal Mobianin (when feels more emotonial), but I'm worried that it will look slovenly (not that current version was good. Metal uses 'this unit' only when he feels like to.)
  5. Sonic Universe (Comic Series)

    If I may suggest? Rouge also screwed up. She's suppose to be team leader or at least voice or reason. She should expect that Eclipse might come back and try to stop the fight earlier. But no, lets just wait until they tire themselves out. Good leader takes responsibility for their teammates. When Sonic screws up, at least we know that Sally was to slow to stop him. Rouge on the other hand could yell into that ear-piece anytime she wanted to.
  6. My new Metal Sonic fanfic

    And here's second part of "Dweller of Anger Island". Still not 100% satisfying, but I don't hink I'll come up with anything better. MAXIMUM METAL: DWELLER OF THE ANGEL ISLAND (Part 2) "Don't you know what happened to last robo-Sonic that tried to steal my emerald!?" asked Knuckles standing in a battle pose. "DATA IRRELEVANT" Metal Sonic stood up. "MODEL 'MECHA' WAS INFERIOR." "We'll see about that. I've beaten Sonic before, you won't be a challenge." Metal's eyes flashed with red glow. They charged at each other, exchanging mighty blows. Metal had to admit that Guardian didn't brag for nothing. He knew how to fight faster opponent and it didn't help that ceiling was too low for Metal Sonic to fly. Metal tried Spin Dashing into Knuckles, but red echidna caught him and threw into the ground. Knuckles raised both his fists to crush robot under him. Metal caught them, but there was no doubt which of them will win this arm wrestling. "Sonic's standard maneuver. Is that all you got?" Knuckles increased pressure. "NEGATIVE" Metal released Plasma Pulse from his chest, sending his opponent on the floor. In response, Knuckles punched the ground, causing small earthquake. When Metal was out of balance, Knuckles jumped into the air as if he was gliding, but he was also spinning his entire body, like a drill. Drill Attack send blue robot on the opposite side of the room. "Had enough, bolt brain?" Metal didn't react. "Good, I'll make it quick." Knuckles walked to his opponent, unaware that he wasn't off-line. He was just watching recording. "I hope Eggman's seeing this." Knuckles raised his fist. "Maybe he will finally stop sending his bots for my emerald." Hand started falling down. Metal's head raised up. "ALL LIFE FORM DATA... SUCCESSFULLY COPIED." Metal Sonic bounced of the floor. He moved his arms forward and his body began to spin. Surprised Knuckles was pushed through the whole room before he hit the wall. Metal stepped back and shoot laser in ceiling over above his opponent, burying him beneath rocks. "... SO MUCH FOR THE LAST OF ECHIDNAS" Metal turned, when giant stone knocked him into the opposite wall. "We're not done yet, punk." sad Knuckles, digging himself from the rocks. Metal threw rock aside. Both opponent jumped into the air and started spinning. They clashed creating the shock wave, but none of them backed down. After the while Metal realized that echidna isn't slowing down, so he moved out of the way. Red drill hit the wall and Metal shot Plasma Pulse after him. Knuckles crossed his arms in defensive position. To robot's surprise, Knuckles not only took laser on; he was moving forward. "HOW IS HE STILL FIGHTING? HE SHOULD BE TIRING BY NOW." Metal changed his sight for chaos vision and situation became clear. Knuckles was charging himself with Master Emerald itself. Echidna got dangerously close. Metal stopped shooting and started twirling his leg horizontally to buy some time. Knuckles just punched the ground, knocking him down. Metal managed to raise Black Shield before Knuckles's finishing blow. "WITH POWER LIKE THAT HE CAN GO ON FOREVER." Knuckles kept punching with shield barely holding. "SO THE QUESTION IS WHY I'M STILL STANDING?" "LARCC, POWER LEVELS." "85% and slowly falling." "...GIVE ME FULL REPORT ON POWER TRANSITION THROUGHOUT THE MISSION." "IT NEVER FALLEN BELOW 80%." LARCC displayed graph showing power changes. It was changing drastically through last few hours, however no matter how much energy he used, just after few second power was back in 90% or higher. "SO THAT'S HOW SUPER EMERALD IS WORKING. IT GENERATES ENERGY FASTER THEN I BURN IT. IT MEANS ONE THING." Metal Sonic lowered the shield and undercut his opponent. "ALL THIS TIME I WAS HOLDING BACK." He grabbed Knuckles and and started spinning before throwing him away. Before Knuckles hit the wall and blue robot was already there. He punched Knuckles again and then start running around him, kicking and punching at his highest speed. When he had finally stopped, Knuckles felt unconscious. Metal knew he has little time before Knuckles regenerates. He turned, drawn to goal of his mission. "MASTER EMERALD. A JEWEL CONTAINING ULTIMATE POWER" Metal Sonic stepped closer and raised his hand to touch the gem. Begone. Metal was cast away. Error massages flashed through his systems. He registered a word, and yet... there was no sound. No wave, no signal, nothing. Word just appeared in his mind, without any source. Metal's vision came back. In front of his there was anthropomorphic creature made of strange liquid. Emerald's power is not your to wield. Begone. Metal Sonic shoot Plasma Pulse, but his laser passed water monster. He charge It caught Metal with water limb and swung him into wall. Eggman's robot turned Burst Shield, but even though creature's arm was separated from rest, the part that was around Metal still held him. I can see you heart. It knows nothing but hatred. Meanwhile Knuckles slowly waking up. "What the... Chaos? But he leaves Master Emerald only when great disaster is about to happen." Water god moved closer to immobilized robot. You'll burn this world, and still won't find what you're looking for. "RELEASE ME, BEAST!" Metal Sonic desperately tried to break free. Whatever Chaos was doing, it was penetrating him through. Feeling was driving Metal crazy. "RELEASE ME OR YOU'LL FEEL MY WRATH!" You lead self destructive path. Your actions will be your own demise. Chaos strengthened grip. It's strange liquid began to move and pierce blue robot's armor. But I won't let you take innocents with you. History can't repeat. "STOP IT! LEAVE MY BODY!" Metal Sonic felt monster's liquid oozing inside of him. If it got to his main computer it would be over. "LEAVE NOW!" Chaos's parts climb up to his head. "I SAID: LEAVE!!!!!!!!!!" yelled Metal, his body lightning up with energy. His circuits overloaded creating electric pulse that crossed his body and passed on Chaos. Water creature fell and broke into drops. "SO YOU'RE WEAK TO ELECTRICITY. PATHETIC" Metal Sonic stood up. His opponent tried to re-assemble itself, but Metal send another wave of energy at it. "AND THEY CALL YOU CHAOS? THE GOD OF DESTRUCTION?" Metal created large blue ball of electricity in his hand. "AND YOU'RE WRONG ABOUT ME. I HAVE NO HEART FOR YOU TO JUDGE." "Get away from him, tin can!" Knuckles pushed Metal just in time to change trajectory of robot's final attack. Chaos used that opportunity to go back into the Master Emerald. "WHY DO YOU PROTECT THIS CREATURE? THIS UNIT'S DATABASE SHOW THAT CHAOS IS RESPONSIBLE FOR DESTRUCTION OF YOUR KIND." "I won't waste my breath explaining it for you, robot. You wouldn't understand anyway." "VERY WELL THEN. YOU'LL SHARE HIS FATE." Before Knuckles manage to answer Metal was already in Maximum Overdrive mode. He grabbed echidna and flew with him through the ceiling. "OBSERVATION: OUR LOCATION MUST BE NEAR LAVA SOURCE, THE VOLCANO." Normally Metal could use Maximum Overdrive for few seconds max. Now he was going for almost a minute. "HOWEVER YOU WOULD NOT RISK PUTTING MASTER EMERALD SOMEWHERE WHERE IT CAN BE ENDANGERED." Metal flew out of ground and threw Knuckles on it. "ERGO: WE MUST BE CLOSE TO THE SURFACE." Metal changed his sight for a second and his suspicions were confirmed: Knuckles could only tap into Emerald's power while being near to it. Knuckles was visibly weakened, yet he tore out part of the terrain to threw it. Metal shoot it out of his hand, causing echidna to fall. "YOU ARE A FOOL, GUARDIAN. WITH MASTER EMERALD'S POWER UNDER YOUR RULE, YOU COULD CHANGE THE WORLD IN YOUR IMAGE. INSTEAD YOU JUST HID IT ON YOUR PATHETIC ISLAND." "You know nothing about me! Nothing about what 'guardian' means!" Knuckles tried to stand up. "It's not about ruling, it's about serving." "THEN DIE ON YOUR KNEES, SERVER." Metal's chest lighten with energy. Knuckles crossed his arms, but it was hopeless. Giant yellow laser, stronger then any before it, left Metal's chest and knocked his opponent onto the floor. Knuckles withstood ten second before he started screaming. Metal Sonic increased power. "IT'S TIME TO JOIN REST OF YOUR KIND IN HELL, ECHINDA." Metal stopped shooting for a second just to gather power for last devastating blow. However just before he could shoot it, he was struck from behind. "WHO DARES... YOU!" "What's up less-cool-me?" said Sonic with a smirk. "I hope I'm not too late for a party." So, I love Knuckles (3th best Sonic character) and this chapter is needed, but Rad Red has little to do with Metal Sonic. I really tried my best to squize all the deepnest I could and hopefully it worked. I still wonder if scene with Chaos is my best or worse decicion so far. Does it make sense? Is it intense? Too short? Does Metal sound like a looser crying to let him go? I really wish I had better threat for him to say, and that 'why you protect him' dialog will probably get scrapped. It leads nowhere. Anyway, I hope you liked it. Next chapter 'Supreme Sonic'.
  7. Part 2 of my fanfic posted! Well, more like part of part 2, but still.

  8. My new Metal Sonic fanfic

    Ok, second chapter get's a little long, so I decided to break it into pieces. I'm not 100% satysfied with it though, more about it later. Enjoy chapter two. MAXIMUM METAL: DWELLER OF THE ANGEL ISLAND (Part 1) Metal Sonic was build with speed in mind. His armor was made of Reinforced Navy Blue Metal Tektite, light but not that strong material. To compensate for this Eggman gave his robot all sort of defensive moves like impenetrable Black Shield or destructive Burst Shield. Combine with offensive version of that move, Maximum Overdrive, his chest laser Plasma Pulse and many more weapons that doctor build into him through out these years, Metal Sonic is one of strongest robots ever existing. However his deadly arsenal consumes tons of energy, often leaving him vulnerable. For year Metal Sonic's power problem was his greatest weakness. If eliminated, Metal Sonic could be unstoppable. Metal Sonic flied through the skies. He felt... not that different. Super Emerald was installed in his chest, yet all Metal registered was barely noticeable significant boost in energy, not very different from times he had Chaos Emerald inside of him. But that feeling couldn't compare to time when he absorbed Dark Ring during his first encounter with Chaotix or when he became Metal Overlord to fight Hedgehog and his friend. Metal cast off those thoughts to focus on his mission. Naturally he wanted go after Hedgehog Priority One, but doctor had different plans. Apparently there was something that could stop him plans. Below Metal Sonic was one of the biggest wonders on planet Mobius: Floating Island. Once a home of highly advanced race of echidnas, now just filled with ruins and riddles, unknown even to the only inhabitant of this place. Metal's computer informed him to land. He was closing on Master Emerald's shrine. Blue robot lowered his attitude, place of destination was in line of sight. However Emerald was not. Master Emerald couldn't leave the island, otherwise it would already fall. Metal Sonic just touched the ground with his feet, when hidden spring launched him into the air. He fell between two face-like statues that started shooting arrows from their mouths. Metal Sonic quickly jumped out of their path, just to activate two stone hands that came out of ground to squash him. Before it happened, blue robot activated Burst Shield, destroying them. Next, he destroyed face statues with Spin Dash. "This was your only warning!" Metal turned around looking for source of the voice, but strange echo made it impossible to localize. "Leave Angel Island, now!" "I CAME FOR MASTER EMERALD, GUARDIAN. YOUR TRICKS CANNOT STOP ME." Metal Sonic changed his vision to infrared. Bright silhouette appeared in the distance, running somewhere. Before Eggman's robot managed to catch up to him, figure just disappeared form his scanners. Unmoved, Metal fled to place where echidna was last visible. In this spot there was hidden hatch. "TOO EASY" mechanical hedgehog jumped into it. "HOW COULD ONE ECHIDNA PROTECT THIS PLACE FOR SO LONG?" Inside there was tunnel big enough to walk in it. However it quickly forked into three more. Metal Sonic pick first one from the left and it forked again, this time to five. So, a maze. Probably filled with traps. Metal turned his flight engines to hover a bit and once again took first one from the left. Metal Sonic was machine. He never could tire, never grow impatient, never stop. This whole situation was just minor annoyance. Plasma Pulse destroyed another fake wall. Metal Sonic flew in and saw a tunnel with moving blades, crushing blocks and flamethrowers. He saw these before. Hovering stopped most traps, but every once in a while something like this happened. Arrows, pits, snakes, dead ends. Countless dead ends. This corridor didn't look any different from them, never the less Metal moved forward. As he proceeded, robo-hedgehog heard strange sounds. This place kept making them all the time, but this one was different. It was getting closer. "PROCESSING, ANALYZING SOUND SAMPLE" Metal stopped before crushing block and looked behind. "SOMETHING IS... ROLLING." Realizing what it is, blue robot turned his engine and sped up. There was no time for caution. Block came out the celling, Metal Sonic turned Maximum Overdrive to destroy it. He ignored arrows, they were to weak to make any significant damage. Gas came out the wall, Metal didn't slowed. Suddenly his engines stopped working, Metal landed on the floor, realizing his mistake. That gas was liquid nitrogen. Metal looked behind, Giant boulder was closing on him. Left with no choice he run. Fortunately for him there were no more traps. Metal tweaked his vision to see further what's in front of him. As he feared there were no turns. In fact tunnel ended with a large hole down. Metal jumped. There was no source of light. Metal was falling and his engines still didn't work. He created blue orb of energy in his hand. Walls were perfectly flat. Boulder felt after him. Metal shoot his orb into the abyss. After several second it hit the floor, revealing the bed of spikes. Metal wouldn't survive the fall. Boulder was too big to be destroyed and there was no exit. He had second before impact. Metal tried using his engine, but it was no use, it was still defrosting itself. However his chest laser still worked. Blue robot shoot it horizontally, sending himself to the wall. His claw like fingers thrust into the flat surface, slowly stopping him. Boulder passed him and smashed on the bottom. Another sound caught Metal's attention, he looked up to see that above this hole there was chimney-like vertical tunnel. And it was closing. Metal's engine finally launched. With full speed Metal Sonic passed closing stone gates. Corridor continued, but on the very top of it there was another gate in the middle and a window in a south wall. Metal was about to fly to it, when upper gates opened and lava start flooding the room. "Source of heat detected, strong enough to melt our armor" said LARCC. "Suggestion: retreat and find another way in." "WHY DOCTOR EVEN INSTALLED YOU? YOU ALWAYS STATE THE OBVIOUS" said Metal angrily, yet he kept flying upwards. He knew that Master Emerald was getting closer. He would not be stopped. "Temperature rising, chances of survival 15%." Metal Sonic turned Maximum Overdrive. It didn't gave as much protection as real shields, but his defensive techniques required slowing down, which could end with him drowning. Metal flied close to the south wall to avoid lava as long as he could, but in the end he hit into liquid fire. "Critical heat, chances of survival 10%." Metal couldn't see, but his computer brain could visualize where window was. "5%." It was close. "1%." Metal Sonic emerged from the lava, falling through the window. He laid on the ground for few second motionlessly. Even when LARCC informed him that all system are functioning, he still didn't dare to move. "THAT... HURT" Metal finally stood up. "WHY HAVE I DONE SOMETHING SO FOOLISH? I COULD DIE." "... LARCC, WHAT THE DAMAGE?" "Minimal, we flied through the lava faster than I calculated." "SO WHAT'S THE POWER LEVELS?" "90%." "WHAT? SCANS SYSTEMS AGAIN" there was no way that Metal used that little energy after all of this. "90%." "BUT HOW.... SUPER EMERALD" Metal Sonic touched his chest. "I GUESS THERE IS MORE TO YOU THAN MEETS THE EYE." Suddenly his sensors picked something, it was Chaos energy. Earlier he couldn't do it, because of island mystic nature. It could mean only one thing. Metal walked down the tunnel and saw it. A giant green gemstone sitting on the altar. Master Emerald. "FINALLY." Metal Sonic made one step forward and then floor erupted. Spiked boxing glove punched Metal in the face, sending him backward. "Don't you know what happened to last robo-Sonic that tried to steal my emerald!?" asked Knuckles standing in a battle pose. Ok, here's my problem with that part: it doesn not move story forward. I wanted to upgrade Angel Island's defence (because seriously, they pathetic), but it does not add anything. It's just action, and this chapter will be filled with it. I don't know, what you guys think? Keep all of this 'Indiana Jones'-ing or put it in scraps and just go to straigh to fight with Knuckles :/ ?
  9. My new Metal Sonic fanfic

    Thanks for feedback everyone, it's really motivating. :D To answear the question: it takes place now, righ after the Lost World. Pretty much every apperance of Metal Sonic was taken in account during writting (even if big chunk of them won't have that much of the impact). The reason why I keep calling him Robotnik is name is simple: I know many people prefer to call him like that, so I decided to call him both ways. After all "Robotnik " is still his last name.
  10. Writing fanfic about Metal Sonic in Writer's Block. Please check out.

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      Skye Prower

      I've had I read. It looks good.

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      I did as well. Not bad, Bane.

  11. My new Metal Sonic fanfic

    As a big fan of Metal I've decided I'll write a story about him. Please write your opinions about 1 chapter: MAXIMUM METAL: THE BEGINNING OF THE END After his First Defeat, Doctor Ivo Robotnik wanted to create mechanical Sonic of his own. First he created Silver Sonic for Rise of Death Egg, followed by Mecha Sonic during Invasion on Angel Island. Both machines were powerful but they lacked something special and soon they were easily defeated by Hero of Mobius. Robotnik saw that and he made metallic hedgehog for a third time. Soon his army of badniks began Conquest of Miracle Planet. They were lead by robot unlike any before him. Robotnik wanted him not only to have strength and speed to battle Sonic, but also mind with inner desire to defeat his flesh counterpart. He succeed. A huge explosion shaken Green Hill Zone. Blues streak came out of smoke, closely followed by another. "Missed again, scrap brain!' said Sonic, mockingly running backwards. Metal Sonic flew higher and once more shoot Plasma Pulse from his chest. Yellow laser was slowly closing on the hedgehog, but Sonic crawled into ball and burrowed himself under the ground. Before Metal could process what happened, Sonic came out right under him, hitting Metal with his iconic spin attack. Furious mechanical noises came out of robot's head. "Got ya faker" said Sonic gracefully landing on earth. "So, what now, Metal? Are you going to stay in the air or are you coming down to fight like a hedgehog with a hedgehog?" Metal Sonic quickly recovered and his eyes glowed with bloody red. Without hesitation he plunged down on our hero. "That's more like it. But first: catch me doofus." Sonic's legs turned into infinity symbol of his Super Peel Out, as he moved with speed worthy of Fastest Thing Alive. But Metal Sonic wasn't alive. His Valve Organ Fusion Engine lighted with energy as he pursued his target. "Power use at 70%. Energy level slowly falling, short break suggested" spoke voice in his head. Long time ago, Robotnik build into Metal Sonic LIPS AI ROBOTNIK Custom Chip (LARCC for short) to faster processes situations. Metal Sonic hated it as it always reminding him about his limitations. Sonic was still leading. In spite of what his computer said Metal turned his secondary engine, Tesla Power Coil. His feat touched ground, his speed increased. They were going up a hill and Sonic was closer and closer. "If I remembered correctly... there!" Sonic was at the top of the hill when he curled into a ball and dashed down. Metal showed up half second later to see Sonic bounce off the spring right into him. "Say cheeARGG!" right before the impact Metal activated Burst Shield and his body was surrounded with destructive energy field. Shock threw poor hedgehog back right next to the spring he bounced off before. "Power use at 90%, break required." Metal wasn't listening. It was his chance, Hedgehog was laying wounded. Full power went to the torso, beam of energy was fired. Another explosion shaken Green Hills, rocks launched into the air. For a moment Metal Sonic thought it happened. And then his sensors picked up source of heat. "IMPOSSIBLE." A blue streak jumped in the air. For one moment they were on same level and Metal Sonic looked right into his face. "You're pretty fast, but you know what? You're a lousy shooter" said Sonic with a smirk. "NO!" Metal's chest filled with energy, Sonic landed on one of still floating rocks and jumped off just in time to avoid getting blast. Metal kept shooting, but each blast was smaller and smaller. Suddenly Metal felt unable to move. "Power failure, engines overloaded. System reboot in ten second." Metal listened to this silently as Sonic bounced from another rock and turned into a ball, flying straight into his robo-duplicate. At moments like this Metal wondered why Eggman gave him ability to feel pain. First hit barely hurt, but Sonic kept bouncing of rocks and Metal, hitting harder and harder. His head got cracked, left feet got dis-attached from his body and flew away. After what felt like eternity Sonic finished his deadly attack with Axe Kick, sending Metal Sonic into the group. Rock previously launched into the air by explosion finally were reminded about gravity and felt with him, causing further damage. LARCC finally kicked in. "System rebooted. Power levels rising." Metal slowly stood up. ""However, system is heavily damage and secondary is off-line. Auto repairs are not responding in, retreat suggested." Metal Sonic didn't care. Hedgehog was standing in front of his with a smirk. Always with that smug smirk. "Are we done for now, scrap brain? I'm kinda hungry." "NEGATIVE. THIS UNIT WILL NEVER REST UNTIL IT PROVES HIS SUPERIORITY." "Yeah, yeah, this whole 'better Sonic' thing. But next time could you challenge me to chili dog's eating contest or something? Be more creative man." Metal Sonic's eyes flashed with rage. He could still defeat Sonic. No matter the damage or power levels. There was nothing that could spot him from... "Metal Sonic!" His thinking processes came to the halt. Imperative voice called again. "Unit Metal Sonic respond." "... Unit Metal Sonic reports master Eggman." "New orders: return to base." "This unit has engaged priority one hedgehog." "Then disengage. Return to the base immediately." "... Orders acknowledged master Eggman." Communication was turned off. For five seconds Metal stood completely still, fighting his programming. Finally he turned his main engine and flied into the air. "Huh?" "THIS ISN'T OVER HEDGEHOG. THIS UNIT WILL BE BACK TO TERMINATE YOU." "Ow, you're going already? That's cool, we can finish it another time. Just send regards to old Ro-butt-nik from me." Metal stared with loathe at his organic counterpart, before his obedience programs kicked in and he fled back to base. The gates opened, Metal Sonic walked in into Eggman's lab. His body was already repaired, however that didn't improved his mood. "Boss, your seven o clock is here." said Orbot. "Ah, you finally showed up, Metal" Eggman was looking at giant computer screen and doing some calculations. Orbot and Cubot were next to him. "I expected you to be faster." "THIS UNIT SHOULD NOT BE CALLED BACK FROM A FIGHT. HEDGEHOG PRIORITY ONE WAS INJURED, CHANCES OF DEFEATING HIM..." "You would loose" interrupted him Eggman "You always does." Words sprang on Metal's mouth (metaphorically), but his obedience programs stopped him from telling them. "Oh, stop pouting and come over here" Robotnik continued writing something on computer. "I learn few very interesting things today." Metal Sonic moved closer. He was still angry, but also intrigued. It was really rare that doctor shared any discoveries with him, even when he wanted to gloat. He preferred smaller and weaker machines for that, closer to advanced toys than real badniks. "Did you know that machines can't really use Chaos Energy?" Eggman pressed button and recording of Silver Sonic and Mecha Sonic showed up on a screen. "Sure, I fueled both your predecessors with Chaos Energy, but they never reached the same potential as rodent, Shadow or any other organic creature. I still can't figure out why." Robotnik and turned to his creations. "So I've been thinking: I can't power my machines with Chaos Energy. What is the best substitute?" "Sol Emeralds?" guessed Orbot. "They are from another dimension, that makes them even less stable that Chaos Emeralds." "Those weird aliens we were capturing?" asked Cubot. "Not even close." Eggman looked at Metal Sonic. Metal started processing. The most logical option were Time Stones, but he knew that doctor was testing him. "Well? Do you know what I have in mind." asked Eggman with a smile. "ANALYSIS... SUPER EMERALDS?" "Ho ho ho, correct Metal! I knew you can figure it out!" Eggman patted his head "Truly you're creation of a genius." "LOGIC ERROR: SUPER EMERALD ARE NOT SCIENTIFICALLY POSSIBLE. THEY ARE ONLY A LEGEND." "Is that so? Well then..." Eggman snapped his fingers. "It's time to become legendary." Computer screen slided down, revealing a lot of machinery and two blue gem stones. First was a Chaos Emerald, however Metal was more surprised with second one. It was Time Stone. All machinery came to live. Metallic arms and claws surrounded both stones and start working. Giant laser gun was moved over them. Bulletproof glass was raised around everything "Initiate project FUSION!" Eggman smashed giant red button. "All systems: Go!" Laser gun was activated. A blinding white beam hit Chaos Emerald and Time Stone. Whole base began to shake. Orbot and Cubot changed into sphere and cube. Eggman remained completely still. Metal changed his sigh for heat vision, but it didn't helped. Whole beam was extremely hot and blinded him even more. Metal Sonic was about to try something different when even brighter spot appeared in lower part or the beam. Blue robot couldn't tell if it was one object or two. Suddenly center of heat exploded, shattering the glass. Metal Sonic activated his Black Shield, but shock wave still threw him away. He lost vision, but only for few seconds. And then he saw doctor Eggman standing over him. "This is how real science is done Metal. First you set rules how things work and learn what's possible." Doctor Ivo Robotnik raised his hand, holding Blue Super Emerald in it "Then, you go beyond."
  12. Sonic & Mega Man: WORLDS UNITE?!

    Part of me thinks it will end with Sonic's world rebooting back to normal. But, honestly I would be Mega suprized if that happened.
  13. Sonic the Hedgehog atop of 4th wall?

    For anyone interested, here's review http://thatguywiththeglasses.com/videolinks/linkara/at4w/44730-sonic-super-special-7
  14. Top overpowered characters

    Who's Morlun? To be honest most villains. Finitevus can slice Knuckles in half with warp ring anytime he wants, Naugus can such air around you and turn into fire to avoid damage, and just look what Mogul did on first pages of StH 163. Even Scourge could take many strong opponents at once, and I would mention Iron Queen if not the fact that she lack offensive powers. And Super forms are automatic win unless they fight other super forms. While he's Fleetway character Omni-Viewer deserves mention. I mean, he can time travel! Too bad he never used this powers, unless he's controlled by villains... Also: Who's Morlun? That Spider-Man villain?
  15. Ken Penders Topic...

    You know, one day Penders will actually release a full book of pictures like these. And the the seeing shall envy blind.