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  1. goldtaills added a post in a topic What do you hate about the fandom?   

    The cringe others have associated with the fandom. Being in the fandom, I know there is far more than what other people poke fun at...But as of late it seems the only thing people associate with the Sonic Fandom is the cringey side. Which tends to make me feel bad more often than not when it comes up in conversations I have with others. It's hard to openly enjoy the series as much when people mock and stereotype the fanbase. Even if I know they don't mean any harm... :\
    (Excuse me while I edit this several times because im half awake and 90% sure im miscommunicating my thoughts.)
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  2. goldtaills added a post in a topic The Velvet Room   

    I couldn't wait for the English release for persona 5, ended up looking up spoilers and people translating the Japanese version as they play.
    Ill just say, its pretty dark.
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  3. goldtaills added a post in a topic The Velvet Room   

    Yeah, I think everyone knows about the fighting game by now.
    N yeah, the culprit even dances. ahaha
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  4. goldtaills added a post in a topic The Velvet Room   

    Oh man I saw the other persona 5 trailers on atlastube's channel on youtube. So much hype.
    Oh by the way, did you see the dancing game trailer for 4? Its an experience.
    I love naoto's costume for it too. *_*
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  5. goldtaills added a post in a topic General Art Thread   

    thanks! ^^
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  6. goldtaills added a post in a topic General Art Thread   

    Something Halloween-ish for the month. Count(ess) Sally and her energy swords.
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  7. goldtaills added a post in a topic To fix a Patchwork   

    Tikal didn't hesitate to find what she would need to use to her advantage. This place had no cold areas she could see so far, and it was far too spread out to hide in the open. Knowing that she intentionally kept knowledge of fighting away from herself she planned for sneaking about; getting a cloak, and a bandanna from citizens who had no use for them and gathering dyes to mix so that she could blend with the shadows. Once all the items were gathered she went back to her canyon lake. She found a bucket outside to use for the dyes and filled it with water.
      Tikal looked down at herself and then looked around, slowly realizing something, "I...am going to need an extra set of clothes, aren't I?" She didn't see any extras near the lake, and it didn't occur to her until just now that the clothes she wore were the only things she had. Though it bugged her, she would have to ignore it for now. The dye was already in the bucket, and there was no telling when someone else would find this place, "You've have bigger problems than clothes right now. Come on, Tikal." That said she put her clothes in, wearing the cloak as she dunked them, making sure the clothes absorbed all the water it could hold before taking it out to squeeze out and dry. She would later wear her dyed clothes and repeat the process with her bandanna and cloak.
     The sun was beginning to lower itself toward the other side of the sky, signaling noon. Tikal was geared up in her dyed black clothes and ready. It was time to figure out where Sonic and company were, and how to turn them back. Making sure Chaos's jug was nice and secured on her back, she set out to Cliff's excavation site.
      Searching around for Sonic and company was no easy feat without asking people. But asking around too much would gain attention, anyone could figure that out. Tikal knew it wouldn't take much for her presence to catch Sonic and his friends attention, all it would take is a "hey do you know an orange echidna lady? She sounds awfully interested in you guys." and her anonymity would be done for. Tikal would have to search around, maybe Tails still had his Tornado around, or maybe Amy's hammer's could be found near a residence? Ether way, if it could be a clue, it would be worth it to look around for objects like that. Tikal searched around finding many odd contraptions laid about like they were intended for a specific person. There were bounce pads and floating orbs in the oddest of areas. It was no hint that this was what the world made for Sonic to explore with, but Tikal never found so much made for him before; In a weird way, it unsettled her. She smacked her cheeks trying to shake off the feeling and started to explore again, only to find a stone checkered pathway. It was old, and there were cracks in its stone but otherwise was stable enough to walk on, maybe even run.
    "Chaos," Tikal said as she stared at the pathway, "brace yourself for anything." Having said that she started traveling on the path to the green forest ahead hesitant in what she might find, but more than willing to face whatever this world was going to throw at her. Luckily, there was no danger. The forest aside from some ruins and rings here and there was perfectly devoid of any enemies, but a forest..."A forest has much more places to search in than an excavation site." Tikal said with a heavy sigh. Chaos came out and looked around.
    "Yes, its okay to come out. Though if anything im surprised, We haven't heard of any threat from Eggman, we haven't seen any robots...Is he even here?" She said, looking at her watery friend. Chaos only returned a blink before turning back to the forest around them. "Guess we won't know till we see him, huh?" With that said, Tikal continued her search.
     They went deep into the forest with their search until they came across an old cylinder shaped building made out of some sturdy material, on its doors were depictions of Sonic and Tails, though what they were drawn doing was unclear to Tikal. There was also a hand print upon a circle that protruded from the door. The detail of said hand print and the hand print's shape was enough to indicate that it was made for a specific person to use, though who it was for, and why it was made in the first place is unclear.
    "But those pictures must be Sonic and Tails...Unless they have duplicates here too. What relation could those two have to this?" Tikal said tilting her head with her arms crossed. "Chaos, do you think you can slip through the cracks of this door?" She said to Chaos. Chaos went over and went into a puddle like form and went towards the door, trying to sink himself into the cracks or the ground and the door trying to find a way to slip in, but no luck. Chaos turned back into his watery form and shook his head. Tikal let out a sigh and then patted his head. "Thank you for trying, Chaos." Tikal said to Chaos before he slipped back into her jug.
    *BOOM!!* *KRRSSSSHHH!!!*
    "Huh?! Wh-whats going on...?!" Tikal shouted. It sounded distant but that was definitely an explosion. Something big was going on, and it wasn't far from here.
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  8. goldtaills added a post in a topic Ken Penders Topic...   

    You know what'd be funny? If he made all the Lara su chronicle characters look like freaky aliens. No, not the horrible renditions of his characters that he already made but like, xenomorph/predator kinda freaky aliens. And then wrote it how he was originally planning to, relationships, comedy and all. it'd be horrifying and hilarious and I wouldn't be able to tear my eyes away from it for a second. 8)
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  9. goldtaills added a post in a topic General Art Thread   

    Thanks ^^
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  10. goldtaills added a post in a topic General Art Thread   

    *jazz hands*
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  11. goldtaills added a post in a topic Ken Penders Topic...   

    well, imagining it being canon would ruin many things for many people.
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  12. goldtaills added a post in a topic Ken Penders Topic...   

    Dagon? Whats a Dagon?? Mehrunes Dagon?! You can fight with that!
    N ive already said my piece about her appearance before so I need not say more on that, and the redone history is expected, sad, but expected.
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  13. goldtaills added a post in a topic Strange Dreams   

    I think its something I ate, cause we got these double chocolate muffins and then I got a dream where my ex went insane and tried to kill me, and then another one being chased around by silent hill like creatures...in having trouble remembering the 3rd one but that was all in one night (woke up and fell asleep 3 times) and I ate them again yesterday and got that dream...and I ate it again just to see if im right.
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  14. goldtaills added a post in a topic Strange Dreams   

    Okay, so this dream starts up with me, my mom, and my brother and his friend driving around on a highway and I see a flinstone island theme park and the stone bridge that leads up to it so I mention how one day im going to go up there on that bridge and go. My mother says why not go today and we end up driving there. It had water rides, beaches, a mall, a stadium, and much more. But I had to go get my coats and put it somewhere where I wouldn't have to worry about it being stolen and ashley (my brother's friend) suggested a storage place that was made of jellyfish walls. When we got out we tried looking for my mom and met up with my brother thinking he knew where she was, but he didn't. So we ended up looking all over, the only clue being her coat on the ocean floor of the beach, with only that lead I decided to swim to the ocean floor and look around. I saw more articles of clothing near the under of a building over the water and swam under only to find my mother was dead. Sad, shocked and enraged I went into the building above and started looking for the killer, on the way I saw several rotting bodies and tarps and articles of clothing. Eventually I found the killer and demanded to know why he did it. He said my mom was a sacrifice, one out of many so he could be blessed by his lord and would go to heaven. Finding he was a crazy loon and even more ticked off that my mother had to die by such a person I threatened to kill him, then I woke. Im really glad I found my mom alive and well this morning let me tell you. <_<;
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  15. goldtaills added a post in a topic General Art Thread   

    No, its Sonic, Silver and Shadow fused, but I messed up on the third eye because I was thinking of an ability this form had.
    The other version of this form shows that better.
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