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  1. Sonic The Hedgehog 2 (2022 Movie)

    That poster, and the trailer... They are so beautiful. Tails looks adorable, the Tornado flying towards a tornado, Knuckles looking (and sounding) absolutely badass, a true threatening antagonist, Jim Carrey looking more like Robotnik... Now Sonic has truly hit the big screen. Yeah, this is happenin'! 
  2. We're still standing. Somehow. 

    1. Geoffrey St John

      Geoffrey St John

      But where do we stand? I know I stand in every shadow around you.

    2. Shinomi-chan


      We stand FREEDOM

    3. Jumala


      According to all known laws of the Internet, there is no way that an abandoned forum board should be able to continue existing. Its userbase is too small to get its almost dead body off the ground. The forum board, of course, continues to exist anyways. Because its users don't care what others think is impossible. //Bee Movie reference//

  3. Ban the above poster

    Banned for not wanting to walk... I guess.
  4. Behold, my internet connection has returned... and SO HAVE I, BWAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!

    1. Danny Felixe
    2. Jumala


      Wait, you were gone? Never noticed lol. Oh, perhaps that's because I've been gone myself as well? Maybe...

  5. Ban the above poster

    Banned because by saying this game is alive you're excluding zombies from it.
  6. Netflix's Sonic Series (2022?)

    Aside from the shoes that look as cool as weird, the rest of the art is GORGEOUS. I'm fascinated by the alternate Eggmen, mechanic infinite-tailed Tails and savage Amy? I dunno, the multiverse thing seems to be wilder than I expected! I guess most images (the ones with taking place in that Eggmanland/Chemical Plant-like place) might be part of the same episode.   (BTW, as @BonnitoPlay once proposed... does anyone know how to change the topic's title? We know the show is called Sonic Prime, no need to call it Netflix's Sonic anymore)
  7. General Art Thread

    So, certain franchise turns 30 today... And I wanted to make a little homage to it: A very simple collage where the silhouette of Sonic is formed by several pieces of media, while the background features my own artwork. A symbol of what this series has given us, and how we respond by creating more. 
  8. Errrrr... hello? Is anybody in here?

    1. Show previous comments  2 more
    2. Shinomi-chan


      Bruh. Just like Blue Blur himself. The Forum will never die

    3. Thire


      I'm alive and well. It's my job that's going off the rails again. Putting in 50+ hour weeks hurts physically and mentally but it's for a good cause... Right?

    4. Jumala


      Schrödinger's forum. 

  9. Sonic Colours: Rise of the Wisps

    I have to wonder, are those shorts tied directly into Sonic Colours? Because Metal Sonic did not show up in that game at all (in the Wii version at least, which is the one they're remastering)
  10. Sonic Origins

    Yet ANOTHER Sonic classic collection... They also mentioned "new features". What do you think those could be?
  11. Netflix's Sonic Series (2022?)

    I feel like they kinda wasted the appearance of Joe Kelly (which is also a comic-book writer, the one who wrote I Kill Giants no less), just to say things we already knew, aside from calling this multiverse as "Shatterverse". A very comic-booky name actually, but I highly doubt this show will have anything to do with any comic series.
  12. Sonic Frontiers

    As cool as that CG teaser looked... it showed nothing. At all. Just that the game comes out in 2022 and that Sonic has a weird new aura. Also, what the heck is this symbol? Zap? Zao? Up?
  13. Non-Sonic Art Thread

    Long time since someone posted here, huh... time to REACTIVATE this thread with a few of my mechanical creations: the Mechatronia Girls, A group of four robots inspired by subjects I'm studying now. I drew them for a poster (that was supposed to take part in a contest in my high school) but I had created these characters looooong ago as antagonists for a superhero I may show here someday... and now, let's talk about these mecha-gals: LADY VIRUTA: Master of Manufacturing. Able to create anything if given the right materials, she's fixed on building the finest components for the best machines. Calm, patient and an absolute workaholic, Viruta is a one-robogirl mass-producer... and potentially, a lethal fighter in close-quarters-combat. I mean, when you have saws, spinning claws and drills, you're as dangerous as useful...   MICRA-CHAN: Perfectionist of Measurement. A curious machine, still naive to many things, Micra-chan is obsessed with knowing the dimensions, weight, volume and density of every single object known by mankind. Her curiosity can only be matched by her perfectionism and her desire for every object to have exact magnitudes.   NEUMA: Weaponizer of Air. Faster than a speeding bullet. More powerful than a locomotive. Able to jum tall buildings in a single bound, the infant of science is now the woman of preassure... Superman Neuma! Air surrounds us, and Neuma is well aware of it. She's a walking air compressor, pneumatic system and energetic athlete, all in one. As long as there's air she can process, Neuma will be able to move and perform impossible physical feats... for a human, at least, and for most machines as well.   VOLTIAMPERIA: Queen of Lightning. Yes, you read that right; Voltiamperia considers herself a true queen. Sometimes even a mechanical goddess. Able to control, absorb and project electricity at will, Voltiamperia thinks humanity depends too much on electric devices and that could give her total control over our society. So, if she has that power, is it wrong to consider herself a goddess in our world?
  14. Sonic The Hedgehog 2 (2022 Movie)

    ...the MEAN BEAN Coffee Shop? Where they most likely will have a MEAN BEAN MACHINE?? And G.U.N. is finally real in this universe. Makes sense considering the USA military appeared in the previous film. Now, I think G.U.N. should have been since the beggining, but it's fine. Maybe this organization is found due to the problems caused by Sonic and Robotnik?
  15. Count to 50 before a mod or admin posts 2.0!

    Inazuma 11