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  1. ChaosKaiser added a post in a topic Ban the above poster   

    Banned for not wanting to walk... I guess.
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  2. ChaosKaiser added a post in a topic Ban the above poster   

    Banned because by saying this game is alive you're excluding zombies from it.
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  3. ChaosKaiser added a post in a topic Netflix's Sonic Series (2022?)   

    Aside from the shoes that look as cool as weird, the rest of the art is GORGEOUS. I'm fascinated by the alternate Eggmen, mechanic infinite-tailed Tails and savage Amy? I dunno, the multiverse thing seems to be wilder than I expected!
    I guess most images (the ones with taking place in that Eggmanland/Chemical Plant-like place) might be part of the same episode.
    (BTW, as @BonnitoPlay once proposed... does anyone know how to change the topic's title? We know the show is called Sonic Prime, no need to call it Netflix's Sonic anymore)
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  4. ChaosKaiser added a post in a topic General Art Thread   

    So, certain franchise turns 30 today... And I wanted to make a little homage to it:

    A very simple collage where the silhouette of Sonic is formed by several pieces of media, while the background features my own artwork. A symbol of what this series has given us, and how we respond by creating more. 
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  5. ChaosKaiser added a post in a topic Sonic Colours: Rise of the Wisps   

    I have to wonder, are those shorts tied directly into Sonic Colours? Because Metal Sonic did not show up in that game at all (in the Wii version at least, which is the one they're remastering)
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  6. ChaosKaiser added a post in a topic Sonic Origins   

    Yet ANOTHER Sonic classic collection...
    They also mentioned "new features". What do you think those could be?
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  7. ChaosKaiser added a post in a topic Netflix's Sonic Series (2022?)   

    I feel like they kinda wasted the appearance of Joe Kelly (which is also a comic-book writer, the one who wrote I Kill Giants no less), just to say things we already knew, aside from calling this multiverse as "Shatterverse". A very comic-booky name actually, but I highly doubt this show will have anything to do with any comic series.
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  8. ChaosKaiser added a post in a topic New Sonic Game (2022)   

    As cool as that CG teaser looked... it showed nothing. At all. Just that the game comes out in 2022 and that Sonic has a weird new aura. Also, what the heck is this symbol?

    Zap? Zao? Up?
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  9. ChaosKaiser added a post in a topic Non-Sonic Art Thread   

    Long time since someone posted here, huh... time to REACTIVATE this thread with a few of my mechanical creations: the Mechatronia Girls, A group of four robots inspired by subjects I'm studying now. I drew them for a poster (that was supposed to take part in a contest in my high school) but I had created these characters looooong ago as antagonists for a superhero I may show here someday... and now, let's talk about these mecha-gals:

    LADY VIRUTA: Master of Manufacturing. Able to create anything if given the right materials, she's fixed on building the finest components for the best machines. Calm, patient and an absolute workaholic, Viruta is a one-robogirl mass-producer... and potentially, a lethal fighter in close-quarters-combat. I mean, when you have saws, spinning claws and drills, you're as dangerous as useful...

    MICRA-CHAN: Perfectionist of Measurement. A curious machine, still naive to many things, Micra-chan is obsessed with knowing the dimensions, weight, volume and density of every single object known by mankind. Her curiosity can only be matched by her perfectionism and her desire for every object to have exact magnitudes.

    NEUMA: Weaponizer of Air. Faster than a speeding bullet. More powerful than a locomotive. Able to jum tall buildings in a single bound, the infant of science is now the woman of preassure... Superman Neuma! Air surrounds us, and Neuma is well aware of it. She's a walking air compressor, pneumatic system and energetic athlete, all in one. As long as there's air she can process, Neuma will be able to move and perform impossible physical feats... for a human, at least, and for most machines as well.

    VOLTIAMPERIA: Queen of Lightning. Yes, you read that right; Voltiamperia considers herself a true queen. Sometimes even a mechanical goddess. Able to control, absorb and project electricity at will, Voltiamperia thinks humanity depends too much on electric devices and that could give her total control over our society. So, if she has that power, is it wrong to consider herself a goddess in our world?
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  10. ChaosKaiser added a post in a topic Sonic The Hedgehog 2 (2022 Movie)   

    That photo made my day. I'm guessing this might be the final battle, where the three heroes team up? That would be lit. 
    If Knuckles ends up looking like this in the film, we'll have a nearly perfect recreation of Team Sonic in the big screen (aesthetically, at least). ANd that makes me SO HAPPY. Long gone are the days of the grotesquely redesigned monster-hedgehog that was supposed to star the first movie...
    Also... am I the only one who saw...
    ...the MEAN BEAN Coffee Shop? Where they most likely will have a MEAN BEAN MACHINE??
    And G.U.N. is finally real in this universe. Makes sense considering the USA military appeared in the previous film. Now, I think G.U.N. should have been since the beggining, but it's fine. Maybe this organization is found due to the problems caused by Sonic and Robotnik?
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  11. ChaosKaiser added a post in a topic Count to 50 before a mod or admin posts 2.0!   

    Inazuma 11
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  12. ChaosKaiser added a post in a topic Corrupt a Wish   

    (Actually, a Madoka live-action could be damn cool if do right...)
    Granted, but since you already wished it, and considering you didn't specified what DT17 stands for, the wishing genie thinks you also want a Dark Tower movie sequel, since that film was also made in 2017.
    I wish for furniture.
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  13. ChaosKaiser added a post in a topic Ban the above poster   

    Banned because I AM THE LAW!
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  14. ChaosKaiser added a post in a topic Mobius Reborn: Rise of Robotnik   

    Sonic the Hedgehog, Island
    The blue hedgehog ran all over the place, and found an old headset, whose wires were completely broken, and a aviator helmet with googles attached to it, this item in a pretty good condition. Sonic put the headset and started imitating an air traffic controller: "Bzzzzzt! Alright, passengers to Mobotropolis, please get aboard the Tornado. The plane is going to get flight in a few minutes!"
    Then ran towards Tails, stopped, and cleared some of the dust the helmet had. "Just in case, captain Tails." Sonic added, giving the protective headgear to the fox. Like an azure lightning, Sonic inmediately got into the back seat of the biplane and continued his silly performance:
    "Passengers, please, fasten your seatbelts. Wait... does this plane have seatbelts?" Sonic asked, looking for them, and throwing away the old -and most likely useless- headset. His attention soon would turn to Tails again. "I don't think you'd like to fall from a flying machine again... iiiiif we had any trouble in the air, that is. Still, if this is the only working plane on here, with that battle machine getting closer, the seatbelts will be the least of our problems."
    Amy Rose and Vanilla the Rabbit, Vanilla's house - Southeastern coast of Acorn
    "Do you really think it's the best moment to leave?" Vanilla asked. The motherly rabbit couldn't hide her concern. Mobotropolis was a huge city, full of oportunities, but not safe from danger, much less in that moment. Vanilla couldn't even begin to imagine what whas going on in the capital, and the chaos that the city was engulfed into.
    "Not really... but the cards don't lie. My fated encounter must be there, and it's happening soon." Amy reassured. "Besides, what better way to know how things go in town than by going there?"
    "Listening to the local news? We don't have radio for nothing!"
    "Mobotropolis is a safe place. I don't think anything bad is going to happen there." Amy insisted. The pink hedgehog was determined to move wherever it was necessary to find her lover, the one man that would change her life for the better. Not that she'd had a bad life by any means, but Amy's desire to have a life on her own had to come with a partner by her side.
    "But you said that... those cards... well..." Vanilla still wasn't sure. She knew Amy's stubbornness and how youth can maximize that determination to unbelievable levels, and thus the rabbit's concern.
    "Are you... intimidated by tarot cards?" Amy asked, in an almost joking tone.
    "I'm intimidated by the unknown. The inexplicable."
    "Aaaaand magic is inexplicable."
    "Exactly. Listen, Amy, I'm not against the fact that you're leaving, I understand there's not much you can do here." Vanilla finally admitted. "I just want you to be safe and... protected. You've been taking care of Cream for a while now, and it hasn't been much time... but you're like Cream's older sister."
    The rabbit started to sob. Containing her sadness, she stated a deeper reason for her not wanting Amy to leave. An arguably selfish idea motivated by love. An idea Amy would not forget: "Amy, now... you're like... like an older daughter to me."
    Amy's eyes got teary too. She'd been doing her best to take care of Cream while Vanilla wasn't home, helping in all housework she could, and all that keeping her possitive and energetic attitude, without realizing that maybe THAT was the kind of life she always wanted.
    "I... I just don't want anything bad happening to you... do you understand?" the mature rabbit continued. "I'm not afraid of your cards or what you can do...In fact, I do know you can handle any dire situation. I'm scared at the bad people that could potentially hurt you..."
    Amy couldn't contain her emotions much longer, and so she let them flow, hugging Vanilla. The rabbit did not expect this sudden reaction, as well as the tears flowing through Amy's face. But the most unexpected thing was that Amy was smiling. 
    "I'll be back, Vanilla. I promise." Amy said, smiling to Vanilla keeping that touching smile. An expression that made clear that wasn't just a promise, but a silent oath. Then Vanilla understood, Amy was definately returning, and most likely, not alone.
    Cream and Cheese listened the heartfelt conversation behind the kitchen's door. Cream was heartbroken... but she could do nothing. Cheese, as saddened as her caretaker was, would take the iniciative, opening the door and flying through the kitchen into Amy's arms.
    "Cheese, wait!" Cream exclaimed. But it was too late. 
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  15. ChaosKaiser added a post in a topic Sonic The Hedgehog 2 (2022 Movie)   

    If Tails has a significant role, then it means he will most likely have a lot of screen time, they can flesh him out easily. Also, in the post-credit scene our boi seemed quite action-ready, determined to find whatever (or WHOever) he was looking for. I have hope that they'll make Tails justice.
    If not, well... that'll be a shame. But we're used to that up to this point, aren't we?
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