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  1. ChaosKaiser added a post in a topic General Mobile games thread   

    So...does anyone here play BanG Dream! Girls Band Party? No? Am I the only one? Okay...
    It's basically like Guitar Hero, but in mobile format, and with cute anime waifus girls.
    Although I don't play much. In fact, most times I just play a couple of songs and read some conversations between characters, and that's pretty much it.
    And I suck at it.
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  2. ChaosKaiser added a post in a topic Last to post wins v3.0   

    We can change that. We can make this thread a better one. 
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  3. ChaosKaiser added a post in a topic Fan Characters (Wanna see what ya made!)   

    Yeah, I mean, I can see the inspiration you're taking every time you make a fan-character. It's just that I really REALLY like the way you develop this super-duper cute kind of character design, and it's clearly visible that, while imitating a preexisting style, your own still surfaces from time to time.
    Nothing wrong with that tho. In fact, I'd say it's a good thing, since you've made your style THAT recognisable.
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  4. ChaosKaiser added a post in a topic Off-Topic Thread   

    The spirit of Jack Nickolson playing Colonel Nathan Jessup has taken over Geoffrey's body.
    G o d    h a v e    m e r c y    o n    u s . 
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  5. ChaosKaiser added a post in a topic Guess the profile pic of the next poster.   

    As much as I wish my photo looked as cool as this, NOPE, it's not.
    Next one will feature a fan-character.
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  6. ChaosKaiser added a post in a topic Off-Topic Thread   

    Hey... I've never noticed that! 
    So, is this site hosted in a part of the internet where time has stopped? Has our aging stopped due to us being users of this forum?
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  7. ChaosKaiser added a post in a topic Fan Characters (Wanna see what ya made!)   

    You're improving your "mangartoonish" style, Shinomi-chan!
    I wished you finally took your own style and made more OCs out of any fandom (nothing wrong with doing that tho), because those cutesy chibi-like designs are really appealing and nice to look at!
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  8. ChaosKaiser added a post in a topic Last to post wins v3.0   

    Yesterday. Now that's happy!
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  9. ChaosKaiser added a post in a topic Sonic the Hedgehog (2019 Movie)   

    That would have been awesome, pure fan-servive done right. Although Green Hill Zone sounds in the background when Sonic's playing baseball. That was a nice touch too.
    I've heard that Tyson helped the design team, but oddly enough, the more I see this movie Sonic, the more I think it looks more like Evan Stanley's Sonic, specially the way he emotes:

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  10. ChaosKaiser added a post in a topic Mobian mystery Dungeon: Nicole's story   

    Although stopping the download would severely affect Eggman, warning Shadow seems like the best option... he might be a powerful ally in the future, and so he should not fight robots that get stronger the more energy they are hit by (*cough*like CHAOS ENERGY*cough*)
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  11. ChaosKaiser added a post in a topic Sonic the Hedgehog (2019 Movie)   

    To me, this trailer is better than the previous one not only because of the design, but because Sonic feels like Sonic. 
    Also, shows more action and less real-world stuff, so maybe that's why the overall footage seems better.
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  12. ChaosKaiser added a post in a topic Sonic the Hedgehog (2019 Movie)   

    It's a huge improvement... something that wasn't that difficult to achieve in the first place.
    I gotta admit, I genuinelly like the new/more classic design, as some of you, gives me hope, seems we'll see the ACTUAL SONIC in the Sonic the Hedgehog movie. Wow. What an acomplishment. 
    BUUUUUUUUUUT let's not forget: the generic hollywood-esque "alien creature befriends human guy in need for a filial figure and tries to escape from the USA military while discovering the power of [insert POSSITIVE VALUE here]" is still there.
    And so is Jim Carrey as white Blade doctor Robotnik.
    And so are the silly jokes (although some of them made me laugh)
    As well as the strange reconceptualization of Sonic's powerset: like electric powers (although at least they made a Flash reference that makes me think they knew how similar that lightning thingy is) or the energy-charged falling quills.
    I had the intention of watching the movie anyway, but now I know I won't puke because of the visuals.
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  13. ChaosKaiser added a post in a topic Mobius Reborn: Rise of Robotnik   

    -Tekno the Canary, Casino Night Zone
    "This is insane. And I live with mutated frogs...this is whole new level of madness..." Tekno thought. "Does anyone know where these machines are coming from, and..." The green canary stopped talking, once her sight reached to the increasing number of badniks that were approaching them.
    "...and why are they coming to US?!"
    Tekno couldn't even catch her breath. Couldn't she just have stayed in her safe and almost unnoticed underground lab, ignoring the trembling floor for a couple hours? She'd been in dire situations, but this? This was too much for her.
    "I... I can't stay here. I must find that frog. Or else..." 
    But how much time had passed since she saw this particular frog? Would she ever find it? Was it worth it, letting this people without medical assistance? After all, she knew first aids. Perhaps her pressence there could make a difference. This was the moment to put her knowledge at the service of this good people...
    ...if she survived long enough without being captured.
    "Alright... before these metallic beasts get closer, is anyone hurt?" Tekno asked, in hopes of doing something productive for one day.

    -Sonic the Hedgehog, Island
    "It's not the first time I've seen one of these." The spiked azure creature said, slipping his fingers over the surface of the biplane. "I sort of know how to pilot them..."
    The hedgehog nodded, and suddenly changed his tone to a more embarrased one, after memories proved his last statement slightly wrong: "Weeeeeell, to be more precise, I TRIED piloting one of them. Ended up realizing that flying is not my thing. I prefer... running, hehehe..."
    His tone shifted into a more serious one. "Still, I cannot run over water for much time, so if I want to know what's going outside with those... flying... things, I'm gonna need an aircraft of some sort."
    Then several thought crossed the blue speedster's mind, things that he could have not taken into consideration:
    What if the kid knew about what was happening outside? Could make sense, would be weird if he hadn't at least heard something.
    What if he was hurt? Didn't seemed so. His orange fur might look a little dirty, probably due to him using the machinery nearby, but he was fine, even counting his... two tails?
    Did he escaped from the disaster? Maybe he was hiding in here, hoping that no one could see him.
    Should he even drag a kid into this, without even knowing the risks of the situation? The hedgehog loved venturing into the unknown, sure, but the life of another person might be put in jeopardy in this case. A young person that would have wanted to stay away from the danger as long as possible. 
    Before any more questions popped into his mind, he once again looked at the fox. Maybe it wasn't the best time to ask those questions. Maybe just one question would be more than enough:
    "Anyway, do YOU need help, buddy?" he friendly asked, standing before the adorable young mechanic he just met.
    Realising he hadn't even introduced himself yet, he added: "And, yeah, excuse my manners, young man..." He said, taking a bow, trying to make fun of the situation. "I'm Sonic." he said inmediately changing his pose, getting closer to the vulpine, and giving him a hand.
    "Sonic the Hedgehog. And you are...?"
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  14. ChaosKaiser added a post in a topic Fan Characters (Wanna see what ya made!)   

    Gotta call Cartoon Network. Seems some designer from there lost this concept art. Please, send it back inmediately so that this cutie Catie can be on the show!
    You've put a lot of thought in this one, even drawing scenes from her past. Dig the design, and all the variants! I honestly think this character could work even aside from O.k. K.O's universe, but at the same time it works with the show's aesthetic.
    You know what you were doing drawing this. You always do...
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  15. ChaosKaiser added a post in a topic Guess the next poster!   

    I disagree on Dylan disagreeing.
    But maybe Seviper has a different opinion...
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