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  1. Shinomi-chan added a post in a topic Sonic Colours: Rise of the Wisps   

    Dang that looks amazing! Can't wait for it. Absolutely pumped
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  2. Shinomi-chan added a post in a topic Wakfu: Aeri The Eliatrope   

    Chapter 3: Memories, Like Dreams
    Aeri was standing on a tall cliffside, looking at the view, way down below. The water was so clear, you could easily see the very bottom of the ocean, all the different creatures swimming around, peacefully, harmoniously. She streched her limbs, sitting down to wait. A dragon flew high in the blue sky. Had he not had his black markings all over his body, one could've easily mistaken him for a cloud. His big wings made huge gusts of wind, as he landed near the Eliatrope. Lowering his head, bending his tall neck down toward her, the dragon opened his eyes, gazing at his sibling. Deep Blue eyes staring into Shamrock Green ones. Aeri gently stroke the snout of the big dragon, getting a satisfied huff in response. The Sun would soon be setting, sky turning in hue, to a lovely shade of red.
    Taking in the fresh air, before she'd have to return home. Suddenly, an odd sound echoed through the air, becoming louder every passing second. The sky seemed to darken in an instant. Ominous black clouds creating a vortex like shape in the sky. Thick smoke began spreading rapidly. Screams filled the air. Sounds of heavy machinery became louder and louder, as a giant dark shadow appeared above. Roaring metallic monsters landed, shaking the planet. Aeri quickly jumped on her dragon brothers back, the two taking off in a flash. The closer they got, the heavier the air got. The smoke was filling their vision, burning sensation hurting their eyes. Trying not to breath it in too much, they scanned the area of any Eliatropes and Dragons.
    While it seemed like most of them had gotten out of the worst war zone, some were still in the thick of it. Fleeing for their lives, or trying to fight the monstrous invaders, it all ended the same. A beam of light came down from the sky, a huge explosion following soon after. Once the dust settled, there was nothing left, but burnt pieces of cloth. The siblings couldn't find their family from the eye of the storm, assuming they were already aboard the ship. A few Eliatropes tried their hardest to destroy, or at the very least slow down their attackers. Shiroazaad breath fire at the closest enemies, blocking their pathway, while his sister lead the remaining citizens to Zinit. 
    When she was sure everyone was on-board, Aeri gave Shiro a signal to retreat. All she could see was their now destroyed home, and a giant being in the middle of it. It's red eyes and glowing energy core instilled fear. Just before their ship took off, she heard something. A voice. It was sudden, but she was sure of it. It was child's cry. While Aeri couldn't tell exactly where the noise came from, before she even realized it, she was already running back. 
    Creating portals at a fast pace, Aeri flew through the air, avoiding the dangerous beams of light, which were falling like raindrops. Using the front of her poncho she managed to somehow, not faint because of the smoke. Thundering booming noises were all around her, she could hardly focus on trying to hear the near silent cries of a child, lost in the chaos. When she found the Eliatrope in question, Aeri quickly saw another problem. Not only was the child too young to be able to control his wakfu, but he seemed to have hurt his arm. Portaling through the smoke was already difficult, but with a small kid who was wounded... There was no error for mistakes, or they would both end up dead. Sure she could reincarnate after some time, but the child with her was different. Not only that, the chances of his parents both being on-board Zinit were 50-50. Depending on where they had been during the attack. 
    She couldn't stop second guessing, but picked up the small kid anyway. Attempting to create a portal, while holding smaller Eliatrope, proved to be harder than she initially thought. So the other option had to be used. She ran as fast as she could, jumping past, over and sliding under the beams the best she could. Covering the child's face with her poncho, while trying to predict the movements of the enemy was incredibly hard, she had no idea if she was running the right way, and trying to focus in the middle of it all was impossible. She could only silently pray, that her family would be able to sense her distress. 
    It seemed like her prayers were answered, a dragon's roar made it's way to her ears. Aeri squinted her eyes, seeing the figure of her brother changing from Dragon, to more human looking. When she reached him, she gave the child to him. ;"Please take him to Zinit. I'll distract the metal giant." She told him. Shiro had no time to even attempt to talk his sister out of it, when she already created a red portal, hopping through it. Making another near the being, she landed directly behind it, giving her the element of surprise. Soon, above the metallic monster, were three similar red portals, which she then used, to send an energy blast right in it's face. That seemed to get it's attention, but now it was REALLY mad. Dashing toward Aeri, she barely avoided it's claws. It rip through some of the fabric, but not deep enough to cut the skin, not just yet. Quickly trying to make another portal to go into, she waved her hand in a circular motion, but her other one was grabbed by a giant hand. She felt herself being lift off of the ground, grabbed by her collar, and her body colliding with the hard ground, in the blink of an eye.
    Everything around her was spinning, the back of her head hurt like hell, and her limbs were heavy as lead. She got up, wobbling, trying to locate the beast, only to be hit to the chest, and sent flying into the air. Dusty, cold ground broke her fall. She tried to turn to her side. Cold liquid fell down from the side of her head, falling on the ground when she stood up. Red was covering her body, cuts all over her. Aeri knew she couldn't win against the being on her own, not in that condition, and not here. Gritting her teeth, ignoring most of the pain, she ran. She tried to call for her sibling. There was no answer. Sounds of the metallic being chasing her echoed in her ears. She attempted to yell for Shiroazaad, anyone. All she could hear coming from her mouth, was a tired wheeze. Her legs were already giving up on her. She could barely see the blue light coming from Zinit. She was close. With the last of her power, she panicking trying to force a portal. Energy came from her hand, but half way forming the portal it disappeared. 
    She gave out frustrated tears, hitting the ground. Attempting to stand straight, ended up in her falling back on her knees. She had no energy left. A shadow loomed over her, turning to see the giant metal being raising it's claw, Aeri could do nothing but close her eyes, waiting for it to be over. And then, there was pain, burning sensation spread through her entire being, but she had no more energy left to even let out a scream. Then, it became so cold, and finally, there was nothing but endless darkness.
    Aeri gave out a gasp when she woke up. Her heart racing like crazy. Cold sweat covering her body. She looked around. She was safe. In her room. With his brother. Just like usual. She hugged her knees, taking a few deep breaths. "Alright Aeri. You're fine. You're home. It was only a dream. Well a... vision of past? A vision dream?" She said to herself, turning to take a look at her silently snoring twin brother, who had somehow managed to poke holes in his blanket with his horns. "We have to find you a hat brother.." she quietly said, poking the small black horns, growing from his head. She laid back down on her bed, staring at the ceiling. 'How many times have I seen that dream now? Why is it always about THAT day?' She thought. 
    She was soon brought back from her trance, when there was a Knock on the door. Jumping out from the bed, and checking her hat was still on, she opened the door. It was her little sister Nora. ;"Aeri! Aeri! Aeri!" She beamed. ;"What is it? Isn't it too early for you to get out of the class? Did you sneak out again?" Aeri questioned. Nora shook her head ;"Nononono! Nothing like that! Actually this is HUUUUGE news!" She practically jumped in place. Aeri gave a questioning look as an answer to that, raising her eyebrow. "I'm going to have my trials to become part of the Council soon!" Nora smiled. ;"And you woke ME up because...?" Aeri asked, rubbing her tired eyes. Nora grabbed her hand: ;"Obviously, because I want YOU to be there, to see me off!" She said excitedly. This woke Shiro up, as the young dragon attempted to stand up, his hair a total mess, and one of his horns stuck in a pillow. Nora gave a look at him. "Of course, Shiroazaad should be there too!" She continued. He gave her a tired wave as a response, before walking to the dresser. 
    Aeri's mind was still jumbled because of the nightmare. But despite all of it, she wanted to be there, for her little sisters special day. Her head was pounding, she tried to gather her thoughts. All she saw were flashes of light. Like a film, everything that had happened, came in like a tidal wave. Flashes of previous lives. The planets they had visited, seen, and lived on. So, so many years of travelling, all in order to get away from the threat, that once nearly killed their civilization. So many years of knowledge, suddenly hitting her head all at once. She felt sick. The world was spinning. She barely heard what Nora tried to say to her. All she saw, was the form of her brother, barely catching her in time. And then She lost consciousness. 
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  3. Shinomi-chan added a post in a topic Sonic The Hedgehog 2 (2022 Movie)   

    Here I thought they couldn't make Knux seem more amazing... I was wrong o_o. I...I might need a moment. 
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  4. Shinomi-chan added a post in a topic News of the Sonic franchise   

    God. If Black Knight, Secret of The Rings, Colors, Lost World ever comes on playstation, I would be over the frigging Moon. I never had the chance to play those due to not owning Wii. I would love to. For the story. Even if the gameplay would be garbage I wish I could play those.
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  5. Shinomi-chan added a post in a topic Sonic The Hedgehog 2 (2022 Movie)   

    Heck yes! Ya need an island to film at? USE AN ACTUAL ISLAND Duh.
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  6. Shinomi-chan added a post in a topic The Happy Birthday Thread   

    Thank you! I did
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  7. Shinomi-chan added a post in a topic The Happy Birthday Thread   

    It's NEVER too late bud bud! (Thank you) 
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  8. Shinomi-chan added a post in a topic The Happy Birthday Thread   

    better late than never my friend! 

    Thank you everyone! (Merry Birthmas to you tooThire pretty sure I've missed some Birthday wishes)
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  9. Shinomi-chan added a post in a topic The Happy Birthday Thread   

    Aww. You have no idea how much that means to me. 
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  10. Shinomi-chan added a post in a topic The Happy Birthday Thread   

    Oh you softie. Thank you c:
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  11. Shinomi-chan added a post in a topic Netflix's Sonic Series (2022?)   

    Yeah a series based off of IDW would be too soon, since we don't have enough material to go with. It could have like the first two arcs, but I assume this was announced way earlier than when the earlier arcs were completed.
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  12. Shinomi-chan added a post in a topic Netflix's Sonic Series (2022?)   

    Well I get that. I mean modern IS what the kids these days are familiar with, so it'd make sense to stick with something that's familiar. Plus ya know, Classic didn't talk? I mean yes you can make short eps like Mania Adventures did. But a full length series without any speaking might get difficult? 
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  13. Shinomi-chan added a post in a topic Guess the user below you.   

    I mean- It's not MINE per say...
    Next user will have a hoodie
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  14. Shinomi-chan added a post in a topic The last letter cycle   

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  15. Shinomi-chan added a post in a topic Which Sonic character would say this?   

    Metal Sonic?
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