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  1. Wakfu: Aeri The Eliatrope

    Chapter 54: The Shushu   The cells were full of Shushus of all kinds, one of them was hunting for food. He could strech his arms outside his cell, to catch what he needed, and with a fiery breath, he cooked his meal. He was a tall Shushu with a long tail, and strong jaw. He stood on his tail, and his legs were really short. His arms dragged on the ground, and he had a spiky stomach, and a long antennae like appendage which had a flame on it's end. He saw the others coming towards his cell. ;"Knight... Why have all these charming people come to visit me?" The Shushu asked. ;"That's your impossible to tame Shushu? He doesn't look that tough." Percedal said. ;"I've never seen a quirky Shushu before." Ruel said. ;"So what is his power exactly?" Shiro asked crossing his arms. ;"Does he transform when he's annoyed??" Yugo asked excitedly. ;"It's not polite to talk about someone as if they're not there. Aren't you going to introduce us Justice?" The Shushu asked. ;"We're getting there Kerosho! He's not only pernickety but also as stubborn as a Bwork." Justice said. "So the problem isn't so much to defeat him but to convince him, do you know how to break a Shushu?" Justice asked Percedal. ;"Of course! We hit him over and over again until he surrenders, then he'll beg you to be his master!" Percedal exclaimed. ;"That's not how it happened with Skribble and me." Yugo said. ;"Skribble and Rubilax.. getting the two biggest stains on Shukrute to submit can't have been too difficult." Kerosho said. ;"Don't be such a smartass fatso. I'm not the one locked in a cell." Rubilax said to Kerosho. ;"Just tell us what we need to do Justice. He's already getting on my nerves." Adamai said. ;"Calm down little dragon remember that getting a Shushu to submit is always a trial and the slightest error could be fatal." Justice explained. ;"Ha ha. Unlike dear Skribble and Rubilax, I've never begged for mercy, not that some people haven't tried but... they all died for it." Kerosho said. Justice told them that they'd have to fight in an arena against Kerosho, if they wanted to tame him.   Meanwhile Evangelyne, Amalia and Aeri were in Amalia's room, talking about recent events. The last one was sulking, since Evangelyne didn't tell her about the pregnancy. ;"C'mon don't be like that. I was going to tell you." Eva said. ;"But you didn't. You  could've told me at the inn, it was like I was the last ti know.." Amalia said. ;"I'm sure she wanted to but then the whole thing with Jiva happened..." Aeri argued.  ;"But it's not just that. We Don't even see each other since she got together with the big idiot!" Amalia said back. ;"Hey, be nice. That big idiot's got a name." Eva said. "I know this changes things but that doesn't mean we can't be close." Eva told Amalia. ;"Okay but just promise me one thing.. I want to be the first one you tell your secrets to!" Amalia said. ;"I promise." Eva said. ;"And you can count on us to help with the baby!" Aeri told Eva. ;"Aren't you afraid to go on an adventure while pregnant?" Amalia asked. ;"Of course I am, but I don't plan on playing the housewife, that's not my style." Eva answered. "And Dally will get itchy feet if Yugo and others set off on an adventure, someone has to make sure they don't mess around too much." Eva explained. ;"Well don't worry Eva, this time we'll be your bodyguards!" Amalia declared.   In the prison of Justice Tower. Justice Knight was explaining to the guys how to fight against Kerosho. ;"For a Shushu, he fights differently. He doesn't fight, doesn't surrender, and flees endlessly." Justice said. ;"That's dishonourable." Shiro said, grunting. ;"He's going to distract you, run away, and then take you by surprise as soon as he gets the chance." Justice warned. "Once he's submitted, he will promise to obey you, and one of you will become his guardian. And that's the problem, only one of you must defeat him, Shushu's can only recognize one master." Justice said. ;"So one on one fights only." Shiro muttered. ;"We did warn you it would get complicated, but without Kerosho's flames, the Justice Train won't be able to take you to where you want to go." Justice told them. ;"His flames? So let me get this straight.. We have to fight a Shushu who has never been defeated, one on one, and we have no idea how to make him "submit." " Ruel listed. "THAT'S A SUICIDE MISSION!" He continued. Justice readied the Shushu in his carrying case, and set him free inside the bigger cage. The Shushu appeared surrounded by flames. Percedal wanted to fight him first. Kerosho puffed the entire cage full of smoke. Percedal began coughing not being able to see where the Shushu had gone. Kerosho attacked front behind, moving nimbly around the cage. Kerosho began running circles around the Iop, breathing fire at him. ;"We have to do something!" Shiroazaad yelled as he saw Percedals distress. The Iop was having a hard time against the Shushu bit refused to leave the cage, despite being nearly on fire. Kerosho slammed him to the ground. ;"If you want to run little Iop now would be the time." The Shushu said. ;"How about never?!" Percedal yelled. Kerosho released one last flame attack, a big one this time. He couldn't see Percedal anywhere afterwards. Yugo had used his portaling powers to move him to safety.   ;"My turn." Shiro said. ;"No brother. I will go." Adamai said. ;"Are you sure brother? I'm more mature of us two." Shiro argued. ;"It's alright. I can do this." Adamai said back, taking a fighting stance. "And one last thing. Yugo, Shiroazaad, no matter what happens in the cage, do not help me. Or I won't forgive you." He continued, walking into the cage. ;"Congratulations. You're pretty brave for a dragon." Kerosho said. ;"Watch it. It might be because I'm sure that I'm going to make you bite the dust." Adamai said. ;"Oh so is everyone who enters the cage, but they'll soon change their tune once they get a taste of my flames." Kerosho threatened. They both spat fire at each other at the same time. Meanwhile Eva, Amalia and Aeri were looking through the map, when they heard a sound in the kitchen. Master Joris was preparing food for their journey but the Shushu oven was giving him sass. ;"I see you started making preparations for our journey, we can help you it won't take long." Amalia said. ;"The extra help would be appreciated. I don't know what we should be preparing for but we need to be ready for any eventuality." Master Joris said. "There's... something strange about Jiva's attitude, she's planning something serious, if she needs all seven Dofus. I haven't talked to Yugo yet about it, but even if we find the Dofus, I wouldn't give them to her." He continued. Adamai was having his fight against Kerosho. Their flames were evenly matched, but the Shushu was fast. Adamai began running, and dodging his every attack, tiring him down. Kerosho was running out of juice to fight. Adamai then spat fire at him at a quick pace, the Shushu couldn't do a thing about it. ;"It's time! Make him promise!" Justice yelled. ;"Kerosho you have to promise! He won't stop! It's your last chance!" Yugo yelled. ;"I promise!!!" Kerosho whimpered. ;"And how do I imprison him?" Adamai asked holding the Shushu down. ;"It's quite simple. He'll take care of it. Shushus can't break their oaths. You just have to find a receptacle." Justice guided. ;"But what kind of item should it be??" Shiroazaad asked. ;"It should be an item as strong as metal, but it should also be resistant to high temperatures if we're going to channel his power." Justice said. Yugo decided to ask Ruel if he had an item like that in his bag. He began searching. Ruel found a piece of coal for the Shushu but Percedal wouldn't agree on that, since it was like marriage, the item should be fancy as well. He began going through the Haven Bag, he found just the thing. A Ruby on a chain.  Once they were all done they met with the girls and Joris. ;"Are you all alright??" Aeri asked worried. ;"Don't worry sis, we're fine." Shiro said. Joris began going through their progress. The girls had assembled most of the food and equipment though they still needed some ammunition and weapons. The trains modifications would be ready in ten hours. They began studying the map to Mount Zinit, and found out the crossing over the ocean would be most difficult since they wouldn't have much chance to replenish their food supply, but the most complicated part was getting on the Zinit itself. They would have to find a way in themselves, as the part necessary was magically hidden. Eva and Percedal had a fight about, whether Evangelyne should come with them or not, since she was pregnant. Eva dragged him outside the meeting room to talk more freely, but they both ended up not finishing the talk, like they had intended to. Ruel and Justice's Father began their process on the train, while Percedal came to Ruel for help. He was absolutely shocked and worried that Eva would want to come with them to such a dangerous place. He ended up pacing himself to sleep, while the elders worked. They ended up getting the work done sooner than expected. The train ended up looking a bit like Kerosho himself. ;"How do you start it?" Asked Adamai. ;"You start by putting Kerosho here." Justice's Father pointed at a hole made specifically for the Shushu in the Ruby. Kerosho took the train for a spin, seeing how fast it could go before Adamai ruined his fun by stopping him. The others were packing everything ready for the trip. Yugo put Skribble just under Kerosho's placement to guide them on their journey. The latter Shushu did not really appreciate the other. Justice's Father said hid Goodbyes to the group, and then they were off. They had nearly driven into a ravine, when Kerosho stopped the engines. Ruel suggested they'd go through the Mines of Momoria. ;"Can that save us some time?" Yugo asked. ;"Yes if we can get out of there. The Mines are infested with Cracklers." Justice said. ;"Not like we have much choice..." Shiro said. ;"We have a little under a year before we meet Jiva." Adamai said. ;"So Mines it is then." Aeri declared. Once they were close enough they slowed down their speed as to not wake the sleeping cracklers. Their King especially would be really dangerous once awakened. Kerosho however, being the Shushu he is, just in the middle of the cracklers decided to toot loudly and woke them all up. No one seemed particularly surprised but more disappointed that it even happened. ;"No no Kerosho what have you done?!" Adamai yelled. ;"Oh nothing just betrayed you, and did a really good job at it, even if I do say so myself." Kerosho said. Even the King had woken up. At the same time, Chibi and Grougal were trying to sneak away from Jiva's clutches. They began running away from Jiva who was currently sleeping, until they got to the edge of the Kingdom. It was high, high up. ;"Well little weasels whatever crossed your minds?" Jiva asked. "No one can enter or leave my residence without my knowing, now you can carry on trying if you really want to. I promise I'll let you go if you manage." She said. "But watch your step when you leave." She said laughing.
  2. Wakfu: Aeri The Eliatrope

    Chapter 53: Ready, Set, Go!   One hundred years ago:   A shushu named Djaul attacked Jiva, one of the twelve Guardians of the Months. He ravaged her Kingdom, and took Jiva herself as a prisoner. He had hated her from the moment he laid eyes on her. He had wanted to destroy everything she stood for. But Jiva wasn't going to go without a fight. Djaul bit her, intending to end her life, when another Guardian of the Month Martalo, Ulgrude came to save her. He had loved her for quite some time, and she felt the same for him. He began fighting Djaul with his Lighting powers, as Djaul commanded his minions to get him weapons. He chose a battle hammer. Ulgrude told Jiva He wouldn't let anyone hurt her, and that nothing would make him happier than being together with her. The two men fought each other with all they had, but in the end Ulgrude came on top, but it came at a price. Ulgrude's wounds were so bad, he could no longer move. Jiva, shocked and worried, could see no other option than to freeze him so he wouldn't die from his wounds. ;"I promise that soon my words will reach your ears, even if I have to search the whole world to bring you back to my side." She said, tracing her hand on the surface of the ice.   Currently:   In Emelka, our heroes were getting ready to leave on their journey. Alibert was there to see them off. He felt that it was even harder than the first time Yugo went on an adventure. ;"You have become a true adventurers, but this time you're up against a whole different type of opponent." He told them. "I know you're stronger than you look but she's a Guardian.. She's shown what she's capable of my killing Phaeris.." He continued. ;"Don't worry Alibert, we'll definitely bring Chibi and Grougal back home!" Aeri said determinedly. ;"You can count on us to find a way!" Adamai concured. Alibert gave the four of them a big hug, crying a little. Eva was having a little talk with their Shushu map Skribble, about avoiding any Deadly traps. The map told her he would "try" to avoid them the best he could. The Justice Knights had allowed them to use their tower for planning. Alibert gave Ruel some food for the trip and trusted him to take care of the others should anything happen, as he was his oldest friend. Once they walked through the Zaap portal, they saw just how far away the Tower was. ;"C'mon guys, we have a lot of walking to do." Eva said. ;"Did you think we came by foot?" Justice Knight's Father said, showing off a key to their train, which came soon after. ;"Your train is really magnificent, but it could be more environmentally friendly." Amalia said, getting on-board. ;"We're working on it Princess." Justice Knight told her.  Yugo couldn't stop thinking about Chibi and Grougal, and truth to be told, neither could Aeri or Shiroazaad, just wondering whether they'd be alright with their new foe "taking care of" them. ;"I do like going on adventurers, but I'm afraid they'll never end. Maybe Qilby was right and we're not made for this world.." Yugo wondered. Amalia came to reassure him. ;"Along with Adamai you were born from a Dofus, and a great destiny awaits you." She told him. "Bad people have always been drawn to power, but it has allowed you to accomplish many things! All the good things you've done have made a real difference in the world." She explained. ;"And each time we get stronger and more numerous!" Percedal added.   They arrived to the Justice Tower, and headed straight to the meeting room. They began discussing whether or not they should give the Dofus to a Guardian who was already powerful enough to kill Phaeris. As she would have the power of Gods in her hands. Besides the three Dofus Ebony, Crimson and Ruby, they had no idea where the others could've been. ;"But Phaeris left us with a clue, Mount Zinit! We don't have to spend hours talking about it, let's just go!" Yugo said. ;"What if we used the Dofus against her? Now don't all cheer at once." Justice Knight suggested. ;"But can we really control such a power?" Shiroazaad asked. ;"Whatever the plan is, we have to find the Dofus, we can decide what to do with them later. And before we leave.. we have to tell you something." Eva said. ;"We're going to have a baby!!" Percedal excitedly exclaimed. "A little Iop!" He said. ;"Or a little Cra!" Evangelyne said. The others were happy for them except for Amalia who was annoyed, that Eva didn't tell her right away. They checked the map for the route to Mount Zinit, and it seemed to be on the other side of the world, surrounded by lots of water. Percedal already felt nauseous just thinking about having to go on a boat. ;"We might have a solution for you." Justice Knight's Father said. ;"We were already thinking of improving our train in more substantial way." Justice Knight told them. "We have a a very special Shushu. With his abilities we could adapt the vehicle to suit our needs." He continued. ;"You have my attention. Would it sail faster than a normal boat?" Joris asked. ;"Sail? With the Shushu we wouldn't even touch the water." Justice Knight's Father told them. ;"There's only one problem.. the Shushu in question has never been tamed.." Justice Knight said. ;"I'll take care of the mission! It's perfect for I and Rubi!" Percedal said. ;"For Rubi and me rather..." Rubilax said. ;"All we need to do now is to divide the work so we can save time." Eva told everyone. ;"Me, Yugo, Adamai and Shiro will take care of taming the Shushu! I've done it before and all it needs is few well placed headbutts." Percedal explained. ;"I wouldn't miss this show for the world Percedal." Justice Knight said grinning. ;"I'll take care of the modifications to the train but I could use a hand.." his Father said. ;"Oh Ruel is well suited for assembly, mechanics and maintenance." Amalia said. ;"Good. Amalia, Aeri and I will take care of the food." Evangelyne said. ;"And I'll take care of the equipment." Master Joris said. After the meeting Justice Knight showed them their quarters, Amalia was listing things she'd need for the travel to be able to be comfortable. Justice Knight's Father told her there would be comforts for her, if her friends managed to tame the Shushu in question.
  3. Wakfu: Aeri The Eliatrope

    Chapter 52: The Quest Begins Yugo,and everyone else was safe and sound, Alibert got worried about Yugo because of his current state of health. Adamai and Shiro had woken up too, as the hit they received had knocked them unconscious for a moment. ;"But where are Master Joris and Phaeris?" Asked Evangelyne. ;"She sent Master Joris flying miles from here.. and Phaeris is still with her!" Amalia told her. ;"You can be proud of your friend! He was both powerful and honorable!" Jiva said as she descended from the skies with Phaeris' frozen body. ;"What have you done?!" Yugo yelled holding his head. Everyone saw the scene, and watched surprised and shocked. ;"Nooo!" Adamai yelled. Aeri began crying, as Shiro tried to hide his tears. ;"I warned you, it's pointless to stand against me.  Now I've made that clear I hope I have your attention." Jiva said. ;"Phaeris..." Aeri said. ;"She killed him! Stay here Grougal!" Adamai said, as the smallest dragon flew to his body, to mourn. ;"You know primordial Eliatropes and Dragons never really die." Jiva said as a matter of factly. "This little dragon for example was just thousands of years old months ago." Jiva said, picking up Grougal by his neck. He spat fire at her, she blew ice at him, stifling his flames. ;"and that gives you clear conscience over your recent actions?!" Yugo yelled. Jiva glanced at him. ;"Phaeris gave his life for me to spare you, and so that's what I'm going to do.." she told them. Percedal tried to attack her but she froze his feet to the ground. Placing Grougaloragran around her neck she said: ;"Now give little Chibi to me." When Alibert denied her, she pushed him away, taking Chibi by force. ;"Don't worry Alibert the Enutrof, no harm will come to them." She promised. "I will explain to you once more why I'm here. I need the seven Eliatrope Dofus. Bring them to me, and in exchange, I will look after your brothers." Jiva told them. ;"But we've told you! Most of them are inaccessible!" Yugo yelled angrily. ;"They are however more accessible than the seven guarded by Ogrest on top of Mount Zinit, and frankly Yugo, that's your problem." Jiva told him. "I've been watching you. Despite your young age, you seem to be able to overcome any challenge. Nothing's impossible for an Eliatrope right?" She said. Alibert tried to get closer to Chibi and Grougal, but failed due to the hits inflicted by Jiva. "I'll be waiting for you at the Frigost gates on the first of Martalo. You keep your end of the bargain, and I'll keep mine." She explained. ;"Dad!" Chibi yelled. ;"Goodluck I wish you great success in your new quest!" She said before she disappeared into a vortex of snow. Phaeris' energy began rising up from his body. He began speaking. ;"Don't worry Yugo. It was time for Phaeris to to return to his Dofus and begin a new life." He said. "Phaeris is happy to have sacrificed himself for his friends. But if he must be completely honest, he must admit that his greatest joy will be rejoining the soul of his sister. Mina and Phaeris have been apart for too long. Phaeris knows what Jiva asked of you, and he knows his brothers and sister will take care of his people's seven Dofus." He explained. ;"But Phaeris. What she asked of us is impossible!" Aeri told him. ;"We do not know where the Dofus are... except for Qilby, and Shinonome's one which is on Emrub.. and Aeri and Shiroazaad's one." Yugo said. ;"There is an item which will help you find the Eliatrope Dofus. If you manage to get it, you will be able to fulfill your part of the mission." Phaeris said. "This item is hidden in Mount Zinit inside the ship. It's not difficult to find but.. watch out for the protectors of Zinit.." He told them before disappearing. Everyone was ready to help the crew to save Chibi and Grougal especially Kabrok, Kriss and Pandiego. Alibert however made a point about how most of them would only hinder the Brotherhood of Tofu, if they decided to go with them. As most of them weren't even fighters. Some disagreed with that notion, like Justice Knight and hid Father who WERE fighters. But when Amalia asked where they were during the fight the only answer she got was: ;"Well we can't fly." Yugo was feeling guilty about being born an Eliatrope ;"None of this would've happened." He said. Aeri placed her hands on Yugo's shoulders reassuringly. ;"It's not your fault little brother. You're a great hero who has always protected those in need." She said. ;"But Nox almost killed my friends, my father to get the Eliacube, Qilby nearly managed to destroy the world.." Yugo said. Aeri couldn't figure out what to say to that, so Alibert stepped in: ;"But you stopped them Yugo, and you wouldn't have been able to without your Eliatrope powers. You need to understand, your strength doesn't come from your origins. It comes from here." He pointed at his chest. "You have heart Yugo regardless where you're from." He told him. They hugged. Eva was speaking with Percedal about whether going with Yugo was the correct choice. Percedal told her he couldn't go against his true warrior nature. Eva did not like that, she stormed off, not even speaking to Amalia, who had gone to see how they were doing. She immediately blamed Percedal of it. Ruel and Alibert spoke about the latter joining in on the adventure. But Alibert simply said: ; after twelve years in the kitchen, I can hardly even lift my shovel anymore.." He didn't wish to become a burden to the rest of the group. Joris had returned from his little flight. Yugo filled him in in what had happened, and Joris wished to come with him on the quest, as his help could be very useful. Shiro and Aeri, of course were going to go with them as well. ;"They're our little brothers too. We'll help however we can!" Aeri declared. Shiroazaad nodded confidently. And so, our heroes got ready for the next journey. Ready to find the seven Dofus.
  4. Wakfu: Aeri The Eliatrope

    Chapter 51: A Cold Meeting It happened on the day of Yugo and Adamai's fourteenth birthday. Everyone was invited, friends old and new all gathered together to celebrate their birthday. It had been months since the Brotherhood of Tofu had been together. Yugo happily greeted the guests when they arrived. Even Kriss and Maude had come to visit. Everyone was excited to see the two. It had been a surprise party, where Phaeris had used his powers to make a veil of invisibility around the house to keep the surprise. Yugo and Adamai had been sent on a wild goose chase to catch a "thief" which turned out to be a bunch of Puddlies in the end. The two thanked their father for organising everything with Shiro and Aeri. It had taken months to get everything done. The party was just getting good. Kabrok's wife Miranda was expecting a baby soon enough, and the girls were bombarding her with all sorts of questions. The boys were just happy to play with the toys they had gotten, roping in Ruel and Percedal as well. Even Master Joris was enjoying himself, he gave Yugo and Adamai a new fishing rod which used to belong to a dear friend of his. Yugo was just thanking everyone for coming to the party, when someone spoke to him, someone unknown. ;"It's good to be able cherish these moments with your loved ones Yugo. That way we'll remember them even after they're gone." Suddenly snow began to fall down onto the ground, the air got colder than before from the spot where Yugo was standing. A hooded figure approached him. ;"Who are you? I don't recognize your voice!" Said Yugo. ;"Who I am is of little importance, focus on more what I'm about to ask you. Because I have a very important mission for you." The figure explained. Alibert told the figure that they weren't welcome to their home, and that they should leave, the figure simply attacked him by pushing him hard enough to send him flying. Amalia gladly caught him in a flower before anything could happen. ;"Leave our father alone!" yelled Adamai. ;"I don't know who you are but you're about to learn who you're dealing with." Yugo said. Aeri and Shiro immediately readied themselves for battle, Aeri using her control over Stasis and Shiro ready to puff fire if necessary. ;"I know exactly who you are Yugo. And I have a mission for you."  The figure told him. Phaeris could sense that they were much stronger than their other enemies had been before. Percedal and Rubi got ready to fight as well, Rubi taking the form of a bigger sword. ;"Phaeris the Powerful. I hope you're not trying to stand in my way." The figure said. ;"We both know the answer to that." Said Phaeris. ;"A pity, this could all be solved without violence. If you just gave me the Seven Eliatrope Dofus. Bring the to me and there will be no bloodshed." The figure told them. ;"What you're asking for is impossible. We don't know where they are, and even if we did we wouldn't give them to you." Yugo said. The hooded figure seemed disappointed at this. Phaeris took his dragon form and told Adamai and Shiro to help get the figure as far away from village as possible. Adamai and Shiro both breathed fire at the figure, who didn't even move an inch to get away. Yugo and others were evacuating the people to safety. Everyone of the Brotherhood was ready to help Yugo, except for Eva, who hesitated for some reason. Percedal carried her to safety. ;"What are you doing you Iop brain??" Eva asked Percedal. ;"Keeping our little secret!" He said. "We'll take care of our guest." Percedal said. ;"Just promise you won't do anything too dangerous or stupid." Eva said. ;"Not more than usual." He told her. Amalia got the feeling that Eva was keeping something from her. ;"Alibert get everyone inside. No one else should get involved." Said Aeri. Alibert nearly had to carry some of the men inside the house. Meanwhile their "guest." Didn't seem injured at all. ;"You naughty dragons. You ruined my beautiful clothes." She said. She was a white skinned, blue haired woman with long pigtails. Phaeris grabbed her off of the ground and into the air. ;"You know who I am don't you dragon?" The woman asked. ;"Yes, and Phaeris doesn't understand why you're attacking us." He said. ;"I told you I need the seven Dofus!" She insisted. ;"They must never be reunited, not even by someone of your rank." Phaeris said. The woman used ice magic to freeze Phaeris' mouth and jumped off. In the sky, the two began a battle of fire and ice, on the ground, the others were thinking about how to get in the air. Shiroazaad took his dragon form and Aeri hopped on. ;"Get on if you want to help!" She said. Percedal jumped right on. Amalia grew a plant high up into the sky with Ruel in tow. The woman gave Phaeris one last chance to surrender, but him being a proud dragon he would not yield. ;"So it's true about the dragons. Stubborn as Trools. Well then Farewell Phaeris!" She yelled as she charged an I've attack. Suddenly she was stopped by Brambles taking a hold of her and coiling around her. She also got a taste of a Stasis blast right in the back. ;"Who DARES?!" She yelled. ;"I see our little private talk is over." She said. As Percedal attacked her, she caught his sword between her hands. Adamai flew right at her, and hit her in the gut. Ruel and Amalia sent exploding puppets towards the woman. ;"How rude!" The woman said blowing out ice, which caused a big explosion to happen. Yugo, Joris and Evangelyne saw it. ;"The battle doesn't seem to be going their way." Joris said. ;"Then we need to go help them!" Yugo said. ;"I'm with Yugo I know our attacker and there must be a misunderstanding." Joris told them. The two began their climb upwards. Joris over the plant Amalia made, and Yugo with his portals. Despite the fact that he was still tired from fighting Qilby months ago, he seemed to be doing relatively well. ;"We're being attacked by Jiva Guardian of Winter and Cold." Joris explained to Yugo. ;"Never heard of her.." He said. They climbed up to see that their friends were alright, even after the explosion. ;"Your explosive dolls are amazing Amalia, they always have a way to turn on me." Ruel said. Joris noticed Jiva trying to go after Phaeris who was falling down. He jumped over to her. ;"Guardian calm down!" He pleaded. Jiva threw him away from her, he soon recovered. ;"Since when have the Guardians of the Months attacked the inhabitants of the world of twelve?" Asked Joris. ;"Eversince little men like you dared to question their Gods." Jiva said. ;"I am Joris emissary and representative of the King of Bonta, you already have my utmost respect Lady Jiva. I'm asking you to stop this madness, Yugo and his friends have proven time and again to be noble heroes." He told Jiva. ;"I don't owe your King or your precious new friends anything." She told him. ;"I beg of you to tell us what has gotten you so angry. I'm sure it was a simple misunderstanding." He told her. ;"Keep out of it Joris, our old alliances are over, and I have a score to settle with an insolent dragon." Jiva said. ;"I can't let you do that." Joris said readying hid weapon. ;"Then I'll punish you too!" She yelled. ;"You have to attack her hands, it's the source of her powers." Joris threw his stump at Jiva who immediately froze it. Amalia sent out some more plants of her, which turned out to be man eating plants. They chomped Jiva's arms and legs. ;"Stupid Sadida Princess!" Jiva cursed. Aeri sent out a Stasis blast at her left hand, which nearly burnt her hand. She screamed. Joris kicked back the now frozen stump which hit Jiva's right hand. A cracking sound could be heard. Jiva got angrier, and began by freezing the plants, and hitting Percedal in the face. As well as throwing Joris away again. ;"Phaeris stop hiding and let's finish this!" Jiva yelled. Phaeris rose above the clouds angrier than ever. He sent out a huge fireball which nearly hit Yugo and others. If it wasn't for Adamai and Shiro who took the fireball head on, the others wouldn't have gotten up. They hit Amalia's plant, sending everyone falling down when they hit it. Phaeris dashed in after them to try and save them, but Jiva took a hold of his neck. She told him that she couldn't let him ruin his plans for he was too powerful. ;"I you let me quash you nothing will happen to them." She told him. ;"Phaeris has your word?" He asked her. ;"You have the word of Protector of the Month Javian." Meanwhile Yugo and Aeri made sure everyone got safely to the ground. While Yugo ran out of juice after a while Aeri continued from there on out. As they waited for Phaeris to come back down.
  5. Wakfu: Aeri The Eliatrope

    Chapter 50: How To Tame Your Dragon Whe Alibert had his hands full with the restaurant and being the mayor, it wasn't exactly easy for Yugo, Adamai, Aeri and Shiroazaad either. They were mostly in charge if Chibi and Grougaloragran. Especially their training. They had made some progress as Grougal didn't spat fire at everyone he saw anymore. But he could still be quite the beast if he didn't get his milk on time. Currently the problem was that Grougal was a biter. And anyone who got near Chibi would get bitten immediately. They had yet to find a way to make it stop. Alibert had gotten his fair share of bites. Shiroazaad tried to teach him proper manners, but that had earned a flame right in his face. ;"I still can't believe WE have to teach HIM now. He was our Teacher and Father for hundreds of years..." Shiro said. Aeri picked the little dragon up. ;"It's weird to see him so small. I wonder if he even remembers us. Or if he has a feeling about who we are.. erhm, were to him." She said. The little Dragon seemed content in her arms, as he began making himself more comfortable. ;"Well I sometimes can't believe it's the same person." Adamai said. ;"True.. Grougal was very calm and collected while now he's more... temperamental?" Aeri agreed. ;"VERY Temperamental." Adamai said. ;"So what do you think we should do with him now? We've tried teaching him not to bite us or anyone else but it seems he has too much energy to actually listen to us." Yugo said. ;"He IS still a baby dragon." Aeri argued. "A baby with very sharp fangs." She continued. They were currently walking to a glade where Adamai had set up some targets for Grougals practice. There were a few crudely drawn figures on some wooden targets. They were depicting enemies and monsters. ;"See Grougal, THESE you CAN bite. As much as you like. But NOT US." Adamai said Grougaloragran took a good look at the wooden figures before he attacked them biting down on them many times. When there was no reaction however, he quickly got bored of them and gave up. ;"Seems like it tired him down a little." Shiroazaad said until Grougal bit his foot. "Nevermind." He said with a neutral expression. They tried another tactique, they took a bag which they filled with Tofu feathers, and tied it shut. They hung the bag up so Grougal could attack it easier. ;"Let's try this then.." It didn't take long for the little dragon to completely break it down. The little beast still bit Adamai afterwards. ;"Ow! Grougal!" He yelled. Grougal simply giggled. "Don't even try to look cute mister. I know just what you're doing!" Adamai said pointing at him. Aeri pondered for a good while. ;"What could be good enough to check on, but not completely break it?" She wondered out loud. The boys all began thinking of possible solutions.   ;"Hey Shiro, you wouldn't still happen to have that Gobball Plushie you got from Trool Fair?" Aeri suggested. ;"Of course I don't have that anymore...hahaha." Shiro said embarrassed, crossing his arms. Aeri could see through his flimsy lie. ;"Maybe he just needs a chewtoy. Like an Ouginak baby." Aeri suggested. ;"It's worth a try at least." Shiro said, going inside to get his plushie. He came back carefully plushie first towards Grougal. ;"Now please don't burn this..." He said as he gave the toy to him. At first the tiny dragon sniffed it, then he jumped on top of the thing to give it a good bite. It's wool made it quite bouncy. He couldn't really get his little fangs through. He tried and tried, but was finally forced to give up, when he got tired. He flew next to Chibi to nap. ;"Oh my world we did it." Adamai said. "None of us got bitten once!" He cheered. The others joined in on it. ;"Now if we only could make Chibi stop portaling himself to silly places. He's already learned how to do that." Yugo said. They all looked at little Chibi who was currently taking a nap. It was going to be a long day once he'd wake up. Chibi could already use his portals to an extent. He could make a few of them at a time, but he would have no control over were he'd end up at. Which gave Yugo and others a mini heart attack, every time it happened. Currently he was at the roof, giggling to himself happily. ;"Your turn Aeri." Adamai said. ;"Fine..." she said, portaling as close to Chibi as she could without letting him see her, he'd sometimes portal away if he saw someone coming close to him, or if he got startled. Which would activate his powers. Aeri carefully made her way towards Chibi. ;"Okay Aeri, just careful. Slow and steady..." she reached towards him, when he portaled away into a tree. There he sat happily on a tree branch with some Tofu's. Aeri sighed. ;"Yugo you're up." She said. As Yugo began running towards where Chibi was. He began climbing the tree, and was just about to get him, when again he portaled away. This time closer it the river. Which really gave all of them some more energy to run after him. ;"Oh nonononono. Chibi. Chibi! Come here. Come to your brother." Shiroazaad called as Chibi sat just at the edge of the river. He waved a little at Shiro who was making his way towards him. When he was close enough he reached for his baby brother, and then... He fell backwards. However Aeri managed to throw a portal just under him and catch him in time. ;"Whoo boy. Okay, don't ever do that again little guy." She told him booping his little nose. They returned to the house, all tired from todays little adventure. Grougal immediately flew to Chibi to hug him and Chibi returned the gesture. ;"They're so precious." Aeri said. ;"Real precious little fiends at times." Adamai said. Alibert came from the kitchen to see our heroes all sitting around the table, fallen asleep with Chibi and Grougal. ;"They're so precious." He said, getting them all to bed.
  6. Wakfu: Aeri The Eliatrope

    Chapter 49: The Past During the many lives of Aeri, one thing had always remained the same: the love for her family. She had always been a loving individual despite her being quite secluded with her brother. She had always loved their planet, the beautiful seas and the aurora colored skies. For a long time, she thought there would be nothing better than that for a long time. That was, until their lives changed drastically, and they were forced to leave. They were forced to hop from planet to planet, always further into the Krosmoz. She found beautifulness in the twinkle of the stars, and the many colors of the planets they visited. But mostly she found comfort in her siblings, who were there for her when she felt trapped. Especially Qilby. He would often check on her, when they were onboard the Zinit, and she would often check on him when he was spending too much time with his work, and too little with his family. Aeri was currently sitting on the hallway of the Zinit as she waited for Qilby to finish his work. When she didn't hear from him in a good while she knocked on the door. No answer. She portaled inside, to see him hunched over his desk. He was muttering something to himself. ;"Qilby? You were supposed go finish work a good a while ago." She told him. He only now realized she was even there. ;"Oh Aeri, I didn't hear you come in.", ;"You locked the door as to not be disturbed, so I came to have a look." Aeri said. "Now c'mon it's your daily break time." She told him. ;"But I still have work to do!" He said. ;"Not twelve hours straight you don't. B-R-E-A-K time." She said, as she nearly had to drag the man out of the room. He decided to walk on his own to keep his dignity. ;"Now what will you have me do?" Qilby asked, the bags under his eyes a clear sign of tiredness. ;"You rest." Aeri said deadpanning. Qilby pinched the bridge of his nose. ;"Aeri.." He began. ;"And no buts about it, or I'll go get Shiro and we will drag you by the ears if we have to." She said. Qilby began pondering his options. Maybe she DID have a point. Maybe all he needed was a good night's rest. He had been overworking again, he knew that much. ;"Fine, but I refuse to go sleep just yet." He said. Aeri grabbed his hand leading him across the hallways. ;"Good enough, now let's go!" She said enthusiastically. She lead the way despite them both knowing where the road took them. She was leading him towards the main hall and towards the windows. ;"Watch the space with me?" She asked, giving him the best puppy eyes she could muster. He couldn't exactly say "no" to that. The two watched as the stars and asteroids passed by, silently. Although the ship itself was anything but. Many Eliatropes were out and about still doing whatever. Qilby yawned. ;"Is this a tactique to get me to go to sleep?" He asked doubtfully. ;"Nnnno. I would NEVER." Aeri said placing her hand on her chest. "How dare you even insinuate something like that. What am I, a criminal master mind?" She asked him. He laughed. ;"Where's Shiro?" He asked. "You two are usually inseparable." He continued. ;"Probably wherever Shinonome is. He likes to hang out with her these days." She said stretching her arms. "Then again, I might be hogging you all to myself accidentally these days as well." She wondered out loud. He turned red in hue for a moment. He moved his hand closer to hers, as they watched the space. They saw a small meteor shower pass them by. ;"Wow, that's beautiful." Aeri said watching in awe. Qilby turned to look at her. ;"Yes. It is." He said. The two stayed silent for a moment, watching the meteor shower go by. Qilby cleared his throat. ;"Aeri.. there's something I actually have been meaning to tell you.." He started. Aeri turned to him. ;"Yes?" She asked him. Qilby could feel his poor heart beating like a drum. He was trying to compose himself but looking straight into her beautiful green eyes didn't help at all. ;"We've been spending a lot of time together, and I.." He tried to say, but his words were failing him. He was usually so calm and composed, but this situation made him feel like a child again. Was he shaking? He didn't know, but he was silently wishing it wouldn't be visible. "Aeri I think.. about you a lot. Have been for a while now, but I didn't want to scare you away." He explained. Aeri nodded in understanding. "You know how I keep my memories from previous lives. Me and Shinonome, both remember everything, while you and the others can experience everything all over again like it's the first time." He told her. "I.. I love you." He said. Aeri's eyes widened, and her face turned red. "I have loved you since our very first incarnations. And these feelings have never went away. I know you probably can't remember everything that has happened, but... I hope you can believe me." He said. Tears filled Aeri's eyes. ;"Qilby I... I love you too. I was just afraid that if I told you, you wouldn't feel the same but.." she said. He placed his hand on her cheeks and she leaned closer towards him. He took her hand in his, and leaned in. The two shared a sweet kiss. They gazed into each others eyes, when there was a sound of the door opening. It was Shinonome and Shiro. The two sighed in relief that it was just their siblings. Although Shiro wasn't sure how to feel about the sight before him. Shinonome looked like she was waiting for this to happen, as she was smiling widely her hands put together. Both Aeri and Qilby were a bit embarrassed that this was how their siblings found out, but were glad they didn't have to hide it from them either. And then Aeri woke up. She rubbed her eyes tiredly, and went to wake up Shiroazaad. ;"Wakey wakey Shiro." She said gently shaking him. He sat up, his hair a mess, his eyes still closed. ;"What's up..?" He asked. ;"It's morning?" She said like it was a question. "Now c'mon breakfast time." She told him grabbing him by the arm. "I feel like I'm forgetting something..." Aeri said to herself. "Had a weird dream. I think you were in it. Though it didn't FEEL like a dream but.. you know what I'm getting at right?" She asked her still sleepy brother, who nodded slowly, getting the morning coiffee ready. "I can't really remember what it was about though..  I think Qilby was in it too? And Shinonome?" Aeri said. "All I know is that I feel GOOD at the moment. Ready to face the world!" She declared. Shiro nodded, taking a sip of his coiffee. ;"Was this dream anything like the giant jelly mountain one where we had infinite amount of jelly?" He asked tiredly. ;"No I don't think so?" She said. ;"Bummer." He said. Aeri couldn't explain the feeling she had when she woke up, but she felt.. really GOOD. Better than usual. But there was a gut feeling that which she couldn't remember WAS truly important. But she decided it would come back when she needed it the most.  
  7. Wakfu: Aeri The Eliatrope

    Chapter 48: The Hunt For Dofus Ruby Aeri couldn't sleep. She couldn't stop thinking about Palani, and Qilby. She had a hunch her brother wasn't sleeping either, even if it looked so to anyone else. What REALLY woke him and her up was a loud sound outside the window. Aeri quickly opened it and was met with a big red eye looking back at her. It was a dragon. And not just any dragon, THE dragon who guarded their Dofus along with the other one they had given to her. ;"What are you doing HERE?!" Aeri whisper screamed at her. The Dragon simply roared back silently. Sounding more like a whine. ;"The Dofus? What about it?" Aeri asked, understanding what she was telling her. The dragon whined again. ;"Wait someone STOLE IT?!" Aeri said a little too loud, Shiro stood next to her rubbing his eyes. ;"Stole what..?" He asked sleeppily his usually spikey hair a mess. ;"Our DOFUS Shiro." Aeri told him. His eyes opened wide. ;"WHAT-" He was about to yell until Aeri covered his mouth. ;"You'll wake up the whole house. Yes, someone stole it. I don't know who or how, but she said there was a hole directly under one of the Dofus when she woke up. So whoever did that must have come from underground. Do we know anyone who would want to steal our Dofus?" She asked him. They both pondered for a moment. ;"Besides Brakmarians... Wasn't there only one person who wanted a Red Dofus all to himself? The old Enutrof." Shiro mentioned. ;"Lanrac." Both of them said. ;"But he was all the way back at Bonta! How could he know where it was?!" Aeri thought out loud. "You wouldn't happen to have a scent on the culprit though?" She asked the dragon who did a nodding motion. "YOU DO?? Well this is GREAT! Now all we gotta do is retrieve our Dofus, show whoever took it whose the boss, and call it a day." She said confidently. "We can't take you with us though, you're too big everyone would see you. But we COULD land into a forest or so." Aeri thought. The two placed themselves on the back of the dragon and then they were off into the night. They were surprised that the Dragon didn't took them to Bonta. Instead, she landed away from a smaller village in the middle of the journey. She was tracking like a Bow-Wow. Aeri and Shiroazaad continued their way on foot, hiding the dragon behind some trees. The village was small, but very neat little place. It seemed to prosper on it's own very well. While there weren't that many people, the two could easily begin to guess where their possible culprit could be, once they saw: the mines. They silently made their way down and followed the noise to get where they were supposed to. They saw some familiar looking Drhellers on the way, albeit a bit more older than what they used to be. They could hear speaking and laughter at the end of the tunnel. ;"I told you it was as easy as taking a candy from a baby!" Lanrac said laughing. He was currently holding the Dofus in his greedy little hands. Both Aeri and Shiro could feel their blood boiling at the sight. ;"That's just because you didn't take the dragon head on!" The other man said. He looked very familiar. Very snooty, and snobby. Shiro watched for a while before it dawned on him. It was the announcer from Brakmar who had seen Shiro and Aeri ran away on the day of the auction! ;"Can you really argue with the results? My Drhellers did an excellent job in digging their way up the mountain." Lanrac argued. ;"So it WAS you!" Aeri said coming out from hiding, pointing at the Enutrof who immediately clutched onto their Dofus. ;"YOU. I haven't forgotten how our last little meeting went." Lanrac said snapping his fingers. Immediately two Drhellers made their way to his side. ;"What are YOU doing here? This doesn't concern you." The announcer said. ;"It does though. But what I can't understand why are you two working together?" Shiroazaad asked. ;"Oh it's very simple, really. I needed back the Dofus you two stole from the auction, and this fine... 'gentleman' was just looking for one to sell and make a fortune. We decided to work together to track your little trail and get back what was rightfully ours." The announcer said fixing hid bowtie. ;"Except you failed." Aeri said. The two men looked at her shocked. ;"What do you mean, child?" The Enutrof asked. ;"That isn't the Dofus we took from Brakmar. That is OUR Dofus." She told the two. ;"and you're going to give it back." She told them. ;"Or what?" The announcer asked, when Aeri blasted a small Stasis blast towards him, just missing his head on purpose. ;"Or next time I won't be missing." She said. The Enutrof seemed to enjoy the show. ;"I KNEW you two were something else the first time I saw you." He said. "Why not join us? We'd make a fortune by selling this. And we could make a fortune, with your skills and my expertise." Lanrac tried to bargain. ;"No deal!" The two said. Shiro breathed fire towards them which they managed to avoid just in time. But Aeri portaled near Lanrac to take the Dofus. ;"I'm taking this back, thank you!" When the announcer attacked her holding a knife. He pinned her against the wall, trying to hit her, when she made a small portal and blasted him away. Lanrac jumped into the air, very nimbly for someone his age, and combined with one of his Drhellers. ;"You're not getting away this time!" He declared. ;"Cute trick, too bad we've seen it already." Shiro said, breathing smoke at him, creating a big enough smokescreen for them to get away, with their Dofus. They were just outside the mines when they heard a booming voice behind them. ;"I'm not losing my Dofus twice!!" Lanrac said charging at them. Aeri made a portal into the air then another one in front of the Enutrof, who ended up falling from the other portal and into some bushes. ;"Give up Lanrac. It is over. And if you EVER. Go after another Dofus well, we'll just have to get our friend involved." Shiroazaad said gesturing at the dragon still "hiding" behind some trees. ;"Trust me you wouldn't want that." Aeri said smiling at him. The Enutrof looked defeated, as he turned back to normal his Drheller tired from all of the commotion. "Do we have your word in it?" Aeri asked charging up an attack. ;".....FINE I GIVE UP. Just don't blast me!" Lanrac said angrily, shivering. ;"Did that seem sincere to you brother?" Aeri asked Shiro. ;"I don't know sister, he seemed kind of suspicious still..." Shiro said. Lanrac held up his hand. ;"I Lanrac the Enutrof, hereby swear I will not go after another Dofus for as long as I live... HAPPY?" He swore. ;"Very. Thank you." Shiro smiled as well. "What about that other guy though?" He asked Aeri. ;"He'll live. And I doubt he'll have the guts to face a dragon all by himself." She told him. The two then got a ride back home, just as the morning Sun began rising. ;"Here. This one belongs with you for the time being." Aeri said handing the Dofus to the dragon. The dragon thanked the two by bumping her head against the two's foreheads affectionately. She flew away with the Dofus in her claws. Aeri and Shiro returned inside hurriedly. ;"Aeri? Shiro? How come you're up already?" Alibert asked just as the two were sneaking back into their room. ;"Y'know... we just took a little walk. Couldn't sleep all that well.." they told him scratching their necks. He seemed to believe them at least. Yugo and Adamai emerged from their rooms. ;"I had the weirdest dream. Shiroazaad and Aeri were flying on a dragons back and they were trying to find something..." Adamai said. ;"Weird. Me too!" Yugo said. The twins just laughed it off as if nothing had happened. ;"Dreams.. so weird. Haha.." Aeri said laughing.
  8. Wakfu: Aeri The Eliatrope

    Chapter 47: The Loss Of A Teacher   Adamai and Yugo had wanted to come see the convent Shiroazaad and Aeri had trained in for years. They couldn't believe there would be a place still full of their peoples history. Aeri led the way as they came to the mountain the convent was located above of. ;"And there is this dragon guarding our Dofus on this mountain. She seems nice though." Aeri explained as they flew up the mountain. ;"Another dragon.. wonder if she'll let us pass just like that." Adamai said. ;"Oh Don't worry I'll introduce you. She is mostly really peaceful unless you try to got after the Dofus she's guarding. She's not much of a talker, but can definitely tell what kind of person you are just by looking at you." She said. ;"Unless she decides she hates other dragons now." Shiro said sarcastically. ;"Don't say that Shiroazaad!" Adamai whined. ;"So you really spent years training here against all sorts of magical creatures??" Yugo asked curiously. ;"Pretty much, yeah. Our teacher Palani was really great. Taught us everything we know about Elementals and such. Can't wait for you to meet her!" Aeri said. They came to the plateau of the mountain, there was a small cave near by where the dragon lived. The sky was clear but still they could barely see the convent from where they were standing. ;"It's just a little flight upwards." Aeri told them. Shiro took the form of a big bird, to allow them to climb on his back, and then they began their way up. The convent was just as beautiful as before, nearly nothing had changed except there were some new paintings on the outern walls, depicting dragons and Eliatropes as well as the mark of Huppermages above. ;"And here we are." Shiro said turning back to his human form. They walked inside, and were weirded out when they couldn't see anyone. It was awfully quiet. No one was training, and they couldn't even see anyone walk through the halls as usual. ;"It's usually much more lively than this.." Aeri said getting a bad feeling about all of this. They walked through the halls trying to find anyone at all. Every room they searched was empty. Finally after some time, an adult Huppermage came into view. ;"Shiroazaad? Aeri?" He said. ;"Where is everyone? We've been trying to find anyone at all. Is Palani here?" Aeri asked the Huppermage, who looked like he had been crying. ;"Actually.. Palani is.. no longer with us." He said. Shiro and Aeri immediately bombared the poor man with questions. ;"What do you mean?", ;"Where is she?", ;"What happened?" The man calmed the two down before he began speaking again. ;"Palani is gone. She.. She died few weeks ago, due to an illness" He said. Adamai and Yugo looked at their siblings. ;"Aeri? Shiro? Are you alright?" They asked. The two were in shock. ;"We have actually organised a funeral for her. It's in the back room right at the end of this hallway. Would you like to attend?" The man asked. The two nodded silently. They followed the man, without saying a word. Yugo and Adamai came with them. The room in question was big and well lit. It was full of flowers, and in the middle was a casket, where Palani laid. Her casket was plain white but it was decorated with many flowers and sigils. In her hands she had the stones she had used to teach the younger Huppermages back in the day. Her platinum blonde hair was wavy and long, almost to her waist. Her white and teal robes were straightened neatly, and her chocolate brown eyes were closed. Many Huppermages were placing either a flower or a small stone with sigil into the casket next to her. The man offered Aeri and Shiro a flower to place as well. Adamai and Yugo could only watch as the two walked closer to the open casket, to place their flowers. ;"She was one of the kindest teachers we ever had. I hope the Gods will guide her soul to a better place." Aeri said. ;"May the five elements be with you." Shiroazaad said. Some tears made their way down their cheeks. Yugo and Adamai grabbed their hands reassuringly. Aeri tried to give a small smile back at them. After everyone was done giving their respective flower or a rock, the students let out the four elements of Air, Fire, Water and Earth. Since no one else could use it, Shiroazaad and Aeri let out Stasis energy to respect the five elements. It was an old tradition to do so after a Huppermage died, but only now did they have all five of them present. Aeri and Shiro watched as the casket was lowered down in an outside garden they had behind the building. They carefully placed it into a hole and buried it with Earth Magic. The Mark of a Huppermage Mage was made on a wooden cross. ;"What was she like? Besides as a teacher?" Yugo asked Aeri who happily told them about her. ;"She was patient and kind, I never heard her raise her voice to anyone. She was a great Mage and a person." She told them. "She even took in some refugees without a place to go, and taught them their ways in magic and life." She continued. ;"She was very wise but never showed off with that, she was always ready to learn new things." Shiroazaad added. ;"I don't think I ever saw her get angry at anyone." He said. ;"She seemed really nice." Adamai admitted. "Too bad we couldn't meet her." He added. The four spent some time in the convent listening to the stories about Palani from other members, before they decided to leave. Just when they were about to leave, someone came to them. The Huppermage from before. ;"Actually there's something Palani would've liked you to have. She forgot to give them to you when you left last time." The man said handing them four stones each. ;"These are... Elemental sigil stones?" Aeri said. ;"Everyone gets them once they've finished with their training. These are yours to keep." The man said smiling. ;"Thank you." They said. "I hope you'll continue train the best Huppermages around." Aeri told the man. The journey back was done in complete silence. No one dared to say a word about what had just happened. Aeri and Shiroazaad remember all the times Palani had taught them, and given them guidance, when she had helped Aeri with her Stasis powers, and when she had welcomed them in just like that.  While she was gone, there was no doubt that she would be remembered.
  9. Wakfu: Aeri The Eliatrope

    Chapter 46: Seven Lightnings    Aeri had been sending letters to her Bontarian Rogue friends, about Yugo and his friends, as well as her adventures with Shiro. While they had been busy, trying to locate all of the missing members of Seven Lightnings, they now were busy with a new task. To go and see Aeri and Shiroazaad in Emelka. It had provided them with a little challenge, since the village in question, was small and hard to find. They had gotten turned around more than once trying to locate it. Once they finally managed to find it, they had gotten curious looks from the villagers, as it wasn't often they saw such a group wandering in to their little village. Most had hidden themselves or went home immediately, as a group of Rogues usually meant trouble. Lightning wasn't sure why the people seemed scared, they were just a little band of Rogues. Measly group of thirty or so, all put together with their individual groups.   Alibert was having his hands full with the restaurant, Shiro, Aeri, Yugo and Adamai helped tremendously, with their respective powers, as well as keeping an eye on little Chibi and Grougaloragran. They were just serving the food when someone came in running. ;"Rogues! A big band of them!" He yelled as he panicked. Everyone instantly got worried about the news, even more so when they actually saw them approaching, with weapons and all. ;"Run for your lives!" Someone yelled. The people were in panic as the Lightnings came closer. Alibert took his trusty shovel off of the wall, to protect his children. ;"No Rogue is going to set a foot in here!" He declared. Aeri and Yugo prepared to fight as well, until the former actually saw who the Rogues in question were. She smiled widely as she saw them, and went to greet them. ;"Everyone it's alright! I  know these Rogues! They won't hurt you!" She announced. ;"Heya kid!" Lighting greeted. ;"Hey old timer!" Aeri said back as they shook hands. "Are they...?" Aeri began. ;"The rest of our gang? Yes!" Lighting said smiling. ;"Aeri? How exactly do you know these Rogues?" Alibert questioned. Aeri just knew there was going to be a lecture about this later, despite the fact she was the older one. ;"They're my... friends?" She said giving an awkward smile to Alibert. "Shiro knows them too!" She pointed out. Shiro gave a quick glare to her. ;"What? You do!" She argued. "So Alibert... These are the Seven Lightnings Rogues." She introduced them. "I kind of told them all about you guys, in my letters.." she said scratching the back of her head awkwardly. "Seven Lightnings. This is my family. Well not all of it, but all who live here in Emelka." She said. Lightning went to shake hands with Alibert who hesitantly did the same. ;"As long as you don't try to steal anything you may stay." He said squinting his eyes in angry manner. ;"You got a deal old man." He said smiling at him. "He seems nice, your dad." Lightning told her. ;"He is, just a bit wary." She told him. ;"Well anyway. Here is the rest of the gang: Lightning Feet you already know, but here are the twins Lightning Strikes." He pointed to the two twin Iops in his group who both had a matching tattoos of two lightning bolts on their arm. "Lightning Tail." He showed a grey Ecaflip with a red bandana on, with a scar on his left eye. "Lightning Eyes." He pointed to the direction of a black and white eyed Sacrier. His pupils looked like lightning bolts. "And last but not least: Lightning Chin." He said pointing at the Feca with a huge scar on his chin. Aeri had a hard time trying not to laugh at some of the names. ;"Nice to meet you!" She managed to say smiling, trying not to giggle. Shiro was visibly shaking next to her keeping in laughter. ;"They all have their own groups of Rogues. I'm so proud of them. It used to be just us Seven at first until they decided to go off and see the world. They're my family." Lightning said. Alibert nearly teared up a little listening to the Rogues speech.   Lightning flashed a smile. ;"Although I suppose we should be called the Eight Lightnings nowadays, right? Red Lightning?" He nudged at Aeri. ;"I had hoped you had forgotten about that..." she admitted. ;"Ha! Never." He said patting her head. ;"Wow you really ARE part of Rogues team!" Yugo said excitedly. ;"But you haven't stolen anything at least." Alibert said. Aeri looked at the ground while whistling. ;"No, I have not..." she said. The Lightnings were interested in hearing more about Aeri's family and their adventures together, so they decided to stay a while, and for once, they actually paid for their meal instead of dine and dash. Some of the Rogue women were talking about just how cute Chibi and Grougal were, and couldn't believe they actually used to be very powerful and wise when Aeri told them about her past lives. ;"Really? THAT dragon used to be a bigshot?" Lightning Tail said pointing at the now soundly sleeping Grougal. ;"Yes and very big." Shiro added. ;"Wow, guess you really can't judge a book by it's cover." Lightning Tail said. ;"And your people come from eggs that they always share with one of those??" The Lightning Strikes asked. ;"Pretty much so, yup." Aeri nodded. ;"Wow. Wicked." They said awestruck. ;"Well this visit has been an eye opener. I mean imagine all you could steal with such power-" Lightning began until he noticed Alibert glaring at him. "I MEAN all the good you could do with those powers...?" He quietly said, twiddling his thumbs. Alibert seemed more pleased with this. ;"But what about the one you wrote about in your letter.. Qilby was it? Is he still a threat or..?" Lightning asked. Aeri shook her head. ;"Don't worry, he won't do anything to anyone anymore. He doesn't have his powers where he is at." She explained, looking kind of melancholic. ;"But you still see him don't you?" Lighting asked. ;"Yeah a lot of the time actually." She explained. ;"Which I still don't know what to think about." Alibert added. Aeri rolled her eyes playfully. ;"I wish you could meet him too, but I don't know how the King would feel about a group of Rogues coming to meet the infamous inmate." She explained. ;"Yeah not too many actually take the time to know us. All they see is a bunch of society's rejects ready to rob you blind. Which I don't blame them, we have done a lot of questionable things but... We're not bad guys." Lightning said. ;"No, you really aren't." Aeri said smiling at him. ;"Well this has been nice, but I think we need to get a move on before one of those villagers outside decides to bring the torch and poker." Lightning said pointing at some villagers who were listening in on the outside of the restaurant. ;"They won't do THAT...well maybe the torch thing but.." Aeri said. ;"It was nice seeing you Red, you too White" Lightning told Aeri and Shiro. "And it was a pleasure meeting all of you too." He said to Adamai, Yugo and Alibert. "Hopefully we can meet somewhere again." He said bowing kindly. As they left, the onlookers quickly spread around, as to not be caught snooping. Lightning laughed at this. They said their bye-bye's and began their trip towards Bonta. Aeri truly hoped there'd be a day when they could meet up with all of her friends.  
  10. Wakfu: Aeri The Eliatrope

    Chapter 45: The Solution It had almost been a week since the war on Crimson Claw Archipelago. Aeri was currently busy trying to find a solution for Qilby's situation. Of course they couldn't just let him go, he DID try to end the world, but putting him in the Blank Dimension was far too cruel for anyone to bear. She worked hard each day trying to get the pieces to match to the bigger picture. Qilby of course went with her where ever she went since she had promised not to let him out of her sight. Yugo, Shiro and Adamai went with her, to really make sure he wouldn't try anything. They were currently on the way to Justice Tower. ;"And you're sure we'll find what you need here?" Adamai asked doubtful. ;"Yes Adamai, I'm sure. They had them last time we were here." Aeri said reassuringly. ;"Them?" Qilby asked curiously. ;"You'll see." She said. Once they were there, they were greeted by both Justice Knight and his Father, both of them posed like heroes. ;"How can we help you?" They asked. ;"We're in need of one of your Inhibitors, if you don't mind?" Aeri asked. ;"For what?" Justice asked. ;"For ermh.. shall we say "living arrangements?"" She said. They DID happen to have one they could take, but the knights still wondered what it was for. Aeri hurriedly covered it with her cloak, thanking the two for their contribution. Next, it would be a visit to the Sadida Kingdom. This would be the harder part of their little journey. Amalia was glad to see Yugo, Adamai, Shiro and Aeri, but she didn't exactly squeal with joy upon seeing Qilby there. Aeri had to work as a mediator between them. ;"We're here on a mission actually, though it does help that you're here Amalia. It's something that concerns you and your Father." Aeri said. Qilby tried to ignore all the angry looks he was getting, when he walked in the hallway. Aeri walked close by lightly holding onto his shoulder. Yugo and Adamai still weren't quite sure about all of this, but Shiro at least tried to stay hopeful of the situation. They were allowed an audience with the King. ;"King Oakheart, it is nice to see you again." Aeri started, bowing to him. The others did the same. "I'm here to talk to you about a rather important topic.. It is about Qilby actually." She said. "Everyone seems to be worried about what to do with him, and to be honest, the other option of sending him to the Blank Dimension, doesn't really seem fair to me." She explained. King Oakheart looked at Qilby, frowning. ;"Not only did he take the Eliacube, he lied to us, used us, and nearly caused the world to end. Why have you brought him with you here?" He asked pinching the bridge of his nose. ;"It is BECAUSE he did all of that, that I think he should remain in this world. He isn't able go leave even if he wanted to now, which in itself is  punishment enough. But I know that many would rather see him behind bars." She said. The King nodded. ;"Myself included." Aeri coughed. ;"Which is why I'm asking you, if it would be possible to place him in one of your jail cells? We have an inhibitor with us, which stops him from using all or his Eliatrope powers. He wouldn't be able to escape." She showed the eye to them, quickly covering it after. "Of course, I would come by to see him personally as this arrangement was my idea to begin with." She continued. ;"THAT'S your plan? Putting him in jail?" Adamai argued. ;"I'd rather that, than let him rot in a Dimension without time." Aeri said back. "Besides he'd had all the time in the world to reflect on his behavior here as well. This is just more humane." She said. "Of course only if you allow it King Oakheart." She said. The King pondered for a while. ;"The Brotherhood of Tofu has saved my Kingdom from certain doom before, and they just saved the world from this mad man's plans.." He said. Aeri remained hopeful, but could feel the cold sweat fall down her temples as she awaited the King's answer. ;"I don't pretend I know what you've all been through because of him, but what I wish for you to do is to take the full picture in consideration. He is at the end of the day, part of our people, even with his faults. He was driven mad by being in Blank Dimension, sending him back there wouldn't change a thing, plus we'll be able to monitor him here much better. We'd know his every move. I hope you'll understand that." Aeri explained them. The King lift his hand up and towards Qilby. ;"Qilby the Eliatrope, for your crimes against the people of Sadida, nay the people of the World of Twelve. I hereby sentence you in behalf of everyone else, to jail in Sadida Kingdom, indefinitely." He said. Aeri could feel a surge of mixed feelings arising. Sure she was happy that Qilby would stay with them in World of Twelve, but sad that he would indeed have to be imprisoned. Even though she saw no other option for it. He was placed in a jail cell, with the Inhibitor in the ceiling watching his every move. The room he was in was different from most. The cell itself was made from stone and wood, but the room was much cleaner and on upper levels for holding a special kind of inmate. Aeri watched as Qilby was put in the jail cell. ;"I promise you I'll come visit you as often as I can." She said quietly at him. He nodded. "I'm sorry it had to go this way, I just wished there was another solution. But..there really isn't. Right?" Qilby lifted his head up to look at her. ;"Not that I can think of, no. But this is probably for the best. For now at least." He said. Shiro put his hands on her shoulders reassuringly, as she got teary eyed from having to witness Qilby's imprisonment. ;"Happy now?" She asked Yugo. He didn't look at her. She didn't resent him, but felt bad they'd have to split their family apart like this. If only there was a way they could all be together like they used to.. Before the war. Adamai huffed. ;"Well it's a step forward at least. You sure you can keep coming here just like that though?" He asked Aeri. ;"Please. I can handle this much. I think." She said trying to sound brave. ;"Let's just go home." Yugo said. While he wouldn't exactly say it out loud, he was relieved he didn't have to send Qilby to the Blank Dimension, that decision alone gave Yugo a lot of anxiety. Aeri thanked Amalia on the way out, as well as King Oakheart. During her visits, Aeri would bring Qilby some books to read to help pass the time. She would spent some time talking with him about everything, and eventhough they had a guard next to them, it seemed to go rather well most of the time. Qilby nearly forgot he was in prison to begin with, the only thing reminding him were the bars in front of him. Alibert was quite worried for Aeri, as she spent most of her time in Sadida, with Qilby, while Shiroazaad helped around with Grougal and Chibi, with Yugo and Adamai. After some time had passed, they'd even let Qilby go on walks. With a guard who held the Inhibitor of course. During those times him and Aeri would be able to enjoy the nature, be nearly free. Only his powerlessness serving as a reminder, they weren't alone with each other. ;"Aeri, in theory. If us leaving wouldn't take the planets energy, would you come with me?" He asked her. Aeri smiled. ;"I would've liked nothing more than that." She  answered. The guard assigned to Qilby had accidentally started listening to their "private" conversation. ;"If only it was that simple." Qilby said sadly, adjusting his new glasses, which Aeri had given to him, since his old ones broke, after the transformation. ;"But this planet isn't so bad either. I just wish I could show it to you. And let you meet the people I've met during my travels." Aeri said. The guard got a bit teary eyed listening to them, trying to hide the fact. ;"Maybe some day you will.." Qilby said. ;"You'd like them I'm sure." She told him. Telling him about the Rogues in Bonta and about Palani and other Huppermages "But most of all I wish I could go on a journey with you and Shiro." She said. "You along with Shinonome are my favorite people! Don't tell the others though, they could get jealous." She said giggling. Now the guard was just plain crying. ;"It's so sad! Why can't you two just travel together??" The guard said, earning confused glances from both Aeri and Qilby. They both laughed soon after this. Qilby may have had done some questionable things during his time, but Aeri knew that even so, his past gentleness and kindness towards her and his sister hadn't been a lie or a ruse. He had truly cared about them, and still did.
  11. Wakfu: Aeri The Eliatrope

    Chapter 44: Emrub Thousands of children gathered to come see their King Yugo who just arrived to their dimension. Yugo looked around confused. ;"Are you all Eliatropes?" He asked. One of the children grabbed his hand softly. ;"We are Eliatropes, but we're not like you. You're the King." She said smiling. Some of them surrounded Aeri as well. ;"Look it's Aeri!" One of them said, grabbing a hold of her cloak. Aeri shyly smiled at them, holding onto Shinonome's Dofus. Qilby placed his hands on Yugo's shoulders. ;"Welcome home Yugo, here, you are with your own kind, your family." He said. ;"My Family?" Yugo asked. On Crimson Claws, the battle was still on-going, as Shiro battled the Shushus with the Fogflexes in his dragon form. Goultard had his hands full battling against Rushu whom he, tied with his chain, punching him upwards multiple times as the chain kept bringing him down. Finally he kicked him down from high up, releasing him from the chain. Rushu came from underground to try and bite him, but Goultard grabbed his hands in his and kept him away from himself. Evangelyne and Percedal watched the fight when they noticed something wrong with the giant Zaap portal. ;"Look Dally! It's shrinking!" She said. "Only a little while longer and this nightmare will end." She told him embracing him. ;"But I don't want it to end, it was just getting good!" He complained. ;"Iop brain." She told him, tapping her forehead slightly. ;"Hey! We agreed you wouldn't do that anymore!" He argued. Goultard and Rushu noticed it as well. ;"Qilby you treacherous little flower, you fooled me!" Rushu complained while fighting. He bit Goultards arm who in turn hit his head against Rushus multiple times to make him let go. A powerful aura began shining around him. ;"You've become the new God Iop?!" Rushu said shocked. Evangelyne was shocked too: ;"Your Master is the God Iop?!" She said. Percedal smiled awkwardly. Rushu called all of hid Shushus to him which turned into giant black goop of mass. They slithered towards Rushu who ate the entire thing, turning in form, getting an extra eye on his chest and new spines on his shoulders and feet. ;"Let's see if you have the courage and will power of the old God." Rushu said hitting Goultard, who was sent backwards. The two engaged in a quick battle as they exchanged kicks and punches at a rapid speed. Percedal wanted to join in on the fight but Eva wasn't so sure about it. ;"What's going on there is way beyond our understanding." She said. Grabbing his finger. He turned back to normal, looking at her, placing a kiss on her lips. ;"I have waited my whole life for a fight like this I must help my Master." He told her. ;"But you won't be able to do anything." She told him. ;"Winning isn't important. Participation is!" He said taking his sword out, running to cover his master. ;"Well well, if it isn't the suicidal Iop and the traitor Rubilax. How could you betray your people. Your own brothers!" Rushu said. ;"My brothers? My FAMILY? Is this the same family that fed me to Pirashus?" Rubilax asked angrily. ;"Well said my buddy!" Said Percedal. Evangelyne drawed her bow, coming next to Percedal. ;"Together till the end Dally." She said. Goultard grabbed Rushu by the waist. ;"Let's continue this little chat at your dimension dear Rushu!" He said. Rushu began hitting him with his elbows down to the ground. ;"No! Now that I'm finally here I'm staying!" He yelled. ;"Master I'm coming!" Percedal yelled. ;"No way! You still have lot of things to take care of here, daddy!" He winked as he jumped into the air with Rushu still in his hold. And into the portal. Once it disappeared it caused a big blast, which even the Foggernauts could feel in their submarine. Back in Emrub, Yugo was busy looking around. ;"There are thousands of you.. but.. No adults?" He asked. A big white elderly dragon on a pillow came to view. ;"Their parents were lost in the war against Mechasms." He explained. He was a big, sturdy dragon with a white beard and blue eyes. ;"Balty?" Asked Aeri. The dragon turned to look at her. ;"It's good to see you little sister. But not with him. What are you doing here after what you did to these children's parents?!" Baltazar said. He climbed down from his little pillow which was floating in the air to stare down at Qilby angrily. Turning red in color as he got angrier. ;"You should watch your words dragon, just like me you wouldn't want to fight in front if these children. Think of the consequences." Qilby said smiling looking at the Eliatrope children. Baltazar immediately went in front of the children to protect them. ;"Why did you come here Qilby?" Baltazar asked. ;"For my people of course. It's high time we were reunited, to travel the Krosmoz like we used to." He explained. ;"You're insane. After everything you did. You think we'd follow you?!" Baltazar spat. "And you'd destroy Yugo's and Aeri's adoptive world!" He continued. Qilby extended his Wakfu arm to grab Baltazar by the neck and press him down onto the ground. ;"Balty!" Aeri yelled teary eyed. "Qilby.. please don't-" She tried to say. Baltazar turned white because of the hit. ;"Of course you'll follow me, we are the chosen people. We can explore the Krosmoz and that's what we're going to do!" Qilby explained as more children gathered around Baltazar to try and help him. "Whether you like it or not my dear Baltazar." Qilby continued. ;"Baltazar would rather die than follow the traitor of his people!" The dragon said. ;"That can be arranged!" Qilby said tightening his grip. Aeri grabbed his other arm. ;"Qilby please don't hurt him!" She pleaded. For a moment there was hesitation in his expression. Yugo blasted him in the face. Aeri backed away from him. ;"Ah, you. I should've gotten rid of you when I had the chance." Qilby said annoyedly at Yugo. ;"But you didn't. Just like you didn't finish Phaeris when you could've. And why you won't finish Baltazar, or any of the children here!" Yugo said. ;"Yugo..." Aeri said listening to him. ;"Attention everyone! Our King has just gotten a revelation. He thinks that he knows me. Now please do tell, why won't I get rid of you?" Qilby asked sarcastically. ;"Because you'll end up alone, and that's your greatest fear." Yugo said. "You claim you can get rid of us, but from the beginning you've been gathering us together! You could've defeated us many times now! You sent me to Phaeris, you brought us here. You betrayed your people, started a war, caused the downfall of your brothers and now you're about to end another world. But you Don't want to leave alone." Yugo explained as he walked forward. "The problem is that we know you Qilby. No more lies. Maybe I'm just a kid, but my heart tells me no one will follow you." He said. Qilby glanced at Aeri. ;"Oh? And you're sure about this?"  He said as a matter of factly. ;"If you want to leave, don't mind us." Yugo said. ;"Aeri, you will come with me won't you?" Qilby asked. Aeri hesitated. ;"Qilby I.. I'd want to, I really would, but what it costs is.. too much." She said sadly. ;"Say what you want Qilby, but you'll leave alone." Yugo said. ;"Shut up!!" Qilby yelled blasting at Yugo, sending him against a planet, which broke apart from the impact. The children got angry at him, trying to attack him. Qilby raised his Wakfu arm and brought it down on them, sending them flying onto the ground. Qilby began walking forward. "You don't know me, or my curse. So keep your childish advices to yourself." He told Yugo. "We are the chosen people, and you'd want to keep us and our knowledge on ONE PLANET? By doing so you'd chain your people down!" Qilby lectured. ;"And you put them six feet under." Said Baltazar. He began flying towards Qilby at a great speed. ;"Have a taste at Baltazar's power!" He said as he flew by Qilby and onto the ground. ;"Impressive. You never had a warrior's soul Baltazar. Put your head back in your books. It's less painful that way." Qilby said kicking his face. Yugo took of his hat showing his Wakfu wings as he rose into the air. ;"Why won't you understand that no one will come with you?" He asked. "And as for me, I'll fight you no matter what." He said. ;"Yugo! Please don't do this." Aeri said. "There has to be a better way." She continued, clutching onto the Dofus. "Please!" She pleaded. Every child removed their hats and rose into the air as well. ;"We'll fight you Qilby!" They said. "We'll get our revenge!" Some of them said. "Murderer of our parents!" They yelled. ;"Shut up!" Qilby yelled. Aeri watched the scene heartbroken. "Please don't do this.." she mumbled under her breath as tears began falling down her cheeks. ;"I came to offer you a glorious destiny! But since you're all too stupid to understand. I'll just my dragon sister and Aeri with me and leave!" He said. ;"You're not going anywhere Qilby. Not if it means the destruction of the World of Twelve." Yugo said. ;"Oh really?? And you think a bunch of kids will be able to stop me?!" He yelled. He glanced at Aeri who still held the Dofus of Shinonome. As he dashed towards her. The children created a wall of portals to blast Qilby with. They then launched their attack. Qilby portaled on a smaller planet, the children close after him, he threw the planet at them, who in turn blasted it into tinier bits. Qilby flew away from their attack, but they managed to hit him anyway. He flew through a small asteroid, and then, the children dashed at him multiple times, attacking from every direction. He tried to attack back but it didn't work. He then made portals all around him, hitting all directions at once, sending the kids back onto the planet. And onto the ground. They fell one by one. Baltazar and Aeri watched horrified. Aeri tried to help any children she could by creating portals to catch them. ;"What a bunch of brats..." Qilby said under his breath. ;"Qilby." Shinonome said. ;"I'm coming my sister!" Qilby said as he flew to Aeri and Shinonome. He grabbed his Dofus in his Wakfu arm. ;"You're the only other one who's ever understood me, let's leave together. And-" Qilby tried to say but wad interrupted. ;"No. This must stop." Shinonome said. She caused a blast, making Qilby fall on the ground, his Wakfu arm separated from his body. ;"It can't be.." Qilby said as he saw what had happened. His form had changed again. This time his nails were black, his hair and beard were straw colored and around his eyes and around his lips were dark blue. He had dim markings on his body in light red. He tried to crawl towards the now separated Eliacube, where Yugo stood next to it. ;"Give me back the Eliacube! It belongs to me!" Qibly yelled. ;"Qilby, you must stop." Shinonome said. ;"Shinonome my sister, I've missed you so much. Please help me!" Qilby pleaded. ;"No, this must stop now, your quest has already cost too much to the Eliatrope people." She said. Her Dofus hovering in the air. "Do you think it was all worth it?" She asked. ;"It.. it was to me." Qilby said sadly. "Give me back the Eliacube!" Qilby yelled. ;"Never!" Yugo said. Aeri got in between the two. ;"ENOUGH. It is over." She said. She looked at Qilby. "It's over. Please. Don't Fight anymore. Your in no shape to do so." She told him. He sat on his knees. She then looked at Yugo. "What are you going to do to him?" She asked assertively. ;"There's only one thing to do. To sent him back to the Blank Dimension." He told her. ;"No! That is what caused all of this in the first place. You doing so changes nothing!" Aeri argued. ;"What would you have me do then? Leave him here? Set him free? Get out of the way Aeri." Yugo commanded. ;"No." Aeri said placing herself protectively in front of Qilby. "I won't let you send him there again." She said. ;"Then what do you suggest?" Baltazar asked calmly. ;"Look. I know what he's done, I know it won't bring your parents back, but even he doesn't deserve to end up in that Dimension! Not even Rushu deserves that! To be all alone for thousands of years without time, without anything or anyone... Please. Give me a week to find a solution. And if not... Then you can send me to the Blank Dimension with him. At least he won't be all alone." Aeri said. ;"Aeri.. Are you sure you should-" Yugo started. ;"I've made up my mind. I don't care if you sent guards, or whoever with me to check that I'm actually doing as promised. But I refuse to leave him again we just got him back. He's family no matter what. So please. One week is all I ask." She said looking at Baltazar. "Please Balty." She pleaded. He looked at her determined eyes. ;"Very well. One week." Aeri went to help Qilby up. ;"Let's go home." She said grabbing his hand. ;"...Thank you." He whispered. Aeri smiled. Yugo gave the Eliacube and Shinonome's Dofus for Baltazar and the children to guard. ;"You're all coming with us aren't you?" He asked. ;"That won't be possible Young King." Baltazar said. ;"Why not?" Yugo asked. ;"For thousands of reasons. You're not ready to reign over us and the world isn't ready to welcome us." Baltazar argued. "From here we can watch over you, and this is the second time the Eliacube has gotten the world in danger, it is dangerous to leave with beings with such little wisdom." He explained. ;"But I just found you. I don't want to lose you again." He said. ;"You're not losing us, you never did. We have been watching your adventures from when you were little. Soon you will make a great Eliatrope King." Baltazar said. "And on that day we'll come to you so that you can guide us like you did in the past." He continued. ;"We'll see each other soon, for now I'll leave you to watch over the Eliacube. It's in safer hands than it was in mine." Yugo said. One of the children brought back his hat, which he put back on. "Now you must free Grougaloragran and reunite with your friends." Baltazar said sending Yugo, Aeri and Qilby back with the Eliacube. Percedal and Eva were making their way towards the beach. ;"Um.. what do you think Master meant when he called me 'daddy'?" Percedal asked. ;"I don't know." Eva confessed. ;"Do you think that maybe you.. Is it possible..?" Percedal asked twiddling with his fingers. ;"With an idiot like you? I don't think so." Remington said holding a gun towards Eva while keeping her in a hold. "Did you forget about me dumbass?" He asked. Percedal was forzen, shocked. "Now here's how this'll work. You'll give me your sword and I'll give you back the blondie." Remington said. Cléo ran towards them shooting Remington's gun from his hand. ;"Give me back my sister!" She commanded. Remington took aim with his other gun and pushed Eva away as he got ready to shoot. Eva however got in the way ;"Cléophée no!" She yelled as she jumped in the way. That's when Percedal got mad. He began walking towards Remington, who shot at him, but Dally just moved his head a little to dodge. He threw Rubilax to the ground and punched Remington with all of his might into the sea. Granny took Remi's gun and was promptly kicked away as well. ;"Don't worry Dally I'm okay." Eva said holding her shoulder. ;"Eva.. what do you say we took a break from adventuring... just for a few months?" Percedal said. ;"Just for a few months then." She said hugging him. Cléo joined in on the hug. ;"That was an excellent shot Cléo, not many could've done that!" Eva said. ;"Oh you're just saying that make me feel better." She said. The Fogflexes marched back on their ship as Prince Adal wondered what just happened. ;"Oh it's very simple. You came to get some ore and saved the world." Amalia said. ;"Oh is that it?" Adal said. General Moffette was happy as well she hadn't had this much fun in ages. ;"Thanks for the vacation Prince Adal!" She saluted. Phaeris, Adamai and Shiroazaad helped some of the leftover soldiers on the island who were incredibly afraid of the three dragons at first. ;"Phaeris means you no harm human." He said. Phaeris fell on his knees. ;"Phaeris! Are you okay??" Adamai asked worried. ;"Phaeris is fine don't worry about it.", he said. ;"It's amazing how much you're like Grougaloragran.." Shiroazaad said. ;"Phaeris takes that as a compliment." He said when Yugo emerged from the portal with Grougal in hand, with Aeri and Qilby. ;"The traitor!" Phaeris yelled. Aeri put her hand in front of Qilby protectively. ;"We have an arrangement. Please don't attack him anymore." She said. Phaeris was confused but understood. Yugo hugged Adamai as Shiro hugged Aeri. ;"I love you bro." Yugo said. "I found our people they'll be joining us soon!" He told Adamai. Cléo and others came to them too, Amalia who was still mad at Yugo came as well: ;"Yugo! How dare you leave us like a pair of dirty socks?!" She yelled, before hugging him "I was so scared!" She cried. ;"Where are Ruel, Black Ink and Elaine?" Yugo asked. The trio were currently busy trying to make themselves look as if they had been to a battle, they emerged complaining from behind a broken up Fogflex. Yugo laughed. Adal was thanking everyone for their help in battle, Cléo decided to go on an adventure with Black Ink and Elaine. Yugo and his friend flew on Phaeris' back and Qilby and Aeri on Shiro's back home. Remington and Granny had managed to steal a small submarine for themselves to use it was half way broken and full of water. ;"With this technological marvel we'll make a fortune!" Remington laughed. ;"Remi! It's leaking!!" Granny meowed, as the two began their long journey towards civilization. Alibert had decided to let Shiro and Aeri stay with his house since they had no where to go, and for the time being so would Qilby until Aeri would found a solution. Alibert was wary of him, but Aeri assured him he wouldn't do anything to anyone anymore.
  12. Wakfu: Aeri The Eliatrope

    Chapter 43: War As the war against the Shushus raged on, General Moffette was having the time of her life, destroying the black and red creatures ;"Come to mummy! I'll take good care of you!" She yelled as she ripped one of the Shushus in pieces with her Fogflex. She saw Prince Adal targetting the source of the problem with his guns, thinking it was the best way to go about it. Elaine, Ruel and Black Ink were hiding behind a former Fogflex when a giant Shushu appeared. ;"I wonder what you will taste like." It said as they screamed. Shiro came in flying to push the thing away, attacking it with his claws. He ripped it to shreds. Evangelyne and Cléophée came on soon after that. ;"Is everyone alright? Has anyone seen Dally?" Eva asked, when there was a giant explosion in coasts direction. ;"Never mind. I found him." She flatly said. Black Ink tried to play it cool saying they were in the middle of the battle as another one of the Shushus got turned into back goo, he jumped on Ruel covering his eyes with his tentacles. Eva went to where Percedal was, running and dodging through the battlefield much to Cléo's annoyance, as she couldn't even be sure if Percedal was there, yet she was ready to go anyway. ;"Love makes us blind", said Ruel. ;"I'll stay here and guard Ruel ans others, you can go after Evangelyne if you need to." Shiro told Cléo. ;"This is my fight. Too. Let's show these things what we can do. Together." She told him. He nodded.   Amalia was talking with Prince Adal who told her about his Kingdom. ;"Since we're sharing secrets, I might as well tell you.. I am the Prince of New Sufokia, the nation of seas and oceans." He told her. ;"But that nation disappeared years ago!" Amalia said. ;"That's what the world thinks, and I know what they say about my people. Our nation was wiped out but a giant tidal wave. If it weren't for our brilliant scientists, the entire nation might have been lost. Thanks to them we were able to build a dome, and survive underwater with our machines. Once we take a hold of the Crimson Claws, we'll be a nation once more. The island holds an ore which allows us to fuel our machines. See why this is so important to us? With it we could dominate the world! But we'd never do that, we're a peaceful nation." He told her while the cannons fired tirelessly at their enemy. Amalia wasn't sure what to make of it. Meanwhile underwater Goultard and Percedal were holding onto Rushus hammer, they managed to throw it back at him, rising from the waters. ;"Are you alright Dally-O?" Asked Goultard. Percedal, tired but happy to be a part of such fight, gave a thumbs up. ;"We're all believing in you Dally-O." Rubilax mocked. Rushu was about to crush them with his hammer when he could feel something wrong with his Shushu. He turned to witness them being wiped out by the cannons. He threw a part of the cliff at the Sufokian army who quickly began shooting at the flying target, which turned into smaller boulders. It caused a giant wave to happen from impact, as it sent it out towards the Sufokian submarine. Prince Adal didn't panic as it was supposed to be unbreakable. The ship was however damaged a little from inside, as water came in with a bit of fire going on in the engines. Amalia explained that Rushu had the power of God's. ;"My friends ran into him before, they witnessed his power close by." She said. ;"What I've learned from long time ago Princess is that there is no Gods. Mostly they're just beings with abnormal powers. Beings I have made my duty to wipe off the map!" He told her, his face red from anger.   Evangelyne was hopping from rock to rock in the battlefield where one of Rushus attacks nearly hit her. She was safe once she got to a more quieter spot. There she daw Remington and Granny hiding. Eva was ready to pull out her bow at them when Remington told her, that in that setting their past hardly matters. ;"I want to get out of here, and not fight." He said. ;"That's true he just hides and screams like a little girl!" His Shushu weapons told her. ;"If you Haven't noticed we're on an island. And if Rushu wins, I don't think I have to tell you what he'll do with the survivors." She told them. Evangelyne then went to find Percedal. Goultard was busy coming up with a plan to defeat Rushu with Percedal, who got distracted when he saw Eva. ;"Does Rushu even HAVE a weak spot??" Rubilax asked Goultard, who was sure he had one. Percedal the told him to take care of Eva while he went to fight, climbing on Rushu. Yugo readied himself to face Qilby, who gave his Dofus for Aeri to hold. ;"Please hold onto this for me." He told her. "Yugo, my dear Yugo." Qilby began. ;"You must know that despite our differences we both have the same goal, to help our people." He said summoning his Wakfu scythe. ;"You never wanted to help our people, you only wanted to use them! You only thought of yourself. We have nothing in common!" Yugo said running at Qilby, jumping into a portal. Qilby was waiting for him to attack from behind. ;"I'm here!" Yugo said from the front. "Backstabbing is your specialty. Not mine!" He said as he swinged his sword which was stopped by Qilby's scythe. ;"You've always been arrogant Yugo." Qilby said, hitting him towards the ceiling, as Yugo made portals to come closer and throw his shield at him. Qilby dodged, hitting the shield away from him. The two engaged in a Scythe, Sword battle with their powers. Swinging at each other, and using their portals to dodge and inflict damage. Aeri watched the scene before her, she fell on her knees. ;"Shinonome... tell me. What can I do to help?" She asked quietly, holding onto the Dofus, burying her face in her hands as tears began to fall down her cheeks. Phaeris tried to help Yugo, to take him from harms way but Anathar lunged at him from the side, and through a wall. ;"I have an understanding and knowledge you'll never understand Yugo. I keep all my memories from my previous lives. I witnessed the birth of our people. From it's rise to it's decline.", ;"Which YOU are responsible of!" Yugo yelled. ;"Of course, there was nothing left to do on our planet. And nobody was listening to me." Qilby said. ;"You started the war against Mechasms. knowing our people would suffer, and would have to flee! And you did it anyway." Yugo said disappointed. "You put our world in danger, and now you're about to destroy another." He continued. Qilby extended his Wakfu arm to grab Yugo by the neck. ;"Your lack of maturity makes your views simplistic. If like me you had several thousands years of knowledge, you'd know we're nothing in the Krosmoz!" Qilby said, smashing Yugo to the ceiling. ;"Every living being thinks they're at the center of everything. Their routine becomes the most important thing. Let's leave such thinking to lesser minds Yugo." He told him pushing his side with his foot. "We have the privilege of being immortal. To wander the Krosmoz without a worry in the world. Living beings are born and disappear by thousands every second! Worlds are created and destroyed. We have the luck to witness this Krosmic dance and you want to waste it to protect a world that isn't even yours!?" Qilby yelled, as he swinged his scythe towards Yugo trying to hit him. Yugo formed his shield to protect himself. ;"You're wrong Qilby. This world IS mine!" He said making Qilby back away from him. ;"I've met some incredible people here.. and despite all your big speeches I'm willing to give my life protecting it!" Yugo argued. ;"You always had a habit of dying for very little Yugo." Qilby said smiling. They engaged in another fight which ended with Qilby shooting a beam of light at Yugo who flew to a wall back first. He didn't have much power to fight back. "Seems like this time your wishes will be granted my friend." Qilby said as he formed a ball of energy on his hand, to send multiple smaller beams at Yugo.   Phaeris took the hits for him. ;"You swore allegiance to a child knowing all I could offer?" Qilby asked Phaeris. ;"You will never have what our people have always needed." Phaeris said. ;"Which is?" Qilby asked smiling. ;"Love!" Phaeris answered. Qilby began firing at Phaeris on a fast pace. ;"Maybe not alone.." Qilby said glancing at Aeri, who looked back at him. ;"Qilby. Please don't do this." She pleaded. ;"Don't worry, this will be over in a moment." Qilby told her, Anathar came through the wall jumping on Phaeris, and going to Qilby's side. ;"You're going to pay for the arm you took from me." Qilby said, as he sent another blast towards Phaeris which was quickly covered by Yugo's shield. Qilby began rapid firing at Yugo who was struggling to hold the shield up. Anathar felt something inside him change. He could feel Adamai had began to fight back. ;"Farewell my brothers, know that I never intended it to go this way, but it was necessary." Qilby said as he readied his attack. ;"Child King you must flee." Phaeris said to Yugo who still refused to leave his side. It wasn't until Anathar screamed that Qilby got distracted. ;"What now? Can't you see this is crucial moment? My brothers deserve to leave this place honorably no?" He asked. ;"It's the dragon..." Anathar said. ;"Adamai, yes what about him?" Qilby asked. ;"He's fighting.." Anathar told him. ;"Well fight back you're not going to-" Qilby was about to say when Anathar suddenly opened his mouth, light coming out of it. Him and Adamai had been separated. ;"Adamai!" Both Yugo and Aeri yelled. ;"Hey, I'm back." Adamai said falling unconscious. Too tired to move. Anathar got up. ;"That's impossible! No one has ever been able to break free from me!" He said shocked. ;"Poor puppet, nothing is impossible to the Eliatrope people." Qilby said. ;"Are you calling ME a puppet?!" He yelled. ;"Of course, who else?" Qilby asked. Anathar tried to hit him, but Qilby redirected his blow back at him with his portals. "Poor dim-witted creature, do you want to end up as Shushi?!" He asked gesturing to his scythe. ;"N-no! You have your friends to attend to!" Anathar panicked. ;"Maybe you're not as stupid as you look. It's better this way isn't it?" Qilby extended his Wakfu arm sending Yugo to Adamai. He then pointed at both Him and Adamai, and Phaeris creating balls of energy to both of his hands. He was ready to release the energy when there was a rumble. ;"Is something going to get in the way every time I'm about to finish you off?! Is that it??" Qilby asked annoyedly. ;"Absolutely not. I'm just helping you reconcile." Said Anathar punching at a wall making stalactites fall one by one. ;"This poor dim-witted creature wouldn't want to ruin yout reunion." He said punching more, causing a cave in. Qilby hurried to Aeri's side to make a portal, as Phaeris jumped on top of Yugo and Adamai to protect them.   Meanwhile, Percedal was scaling Rushu climbing on his head and began whacking him multiple times on the face. Eva sent an arrow at him. ;"That tickles." Rushu said. ;"And it's a good distraction." Eva said as Goultard tied his chain around Rushus ankle, throwing him in the air as Percedal jumped down to get Evangelyne out of harms way. Rushu cursed under his breath when Goultard smashed him to a cliff. What came from Rushus side were tentacle like appendages. They coiled around Goultard. As a one eyed smaller creature appeared. It was completely black. ;"Is that Rushu?? But he's so small!" Percedal said. ;"That's his true form the thirty feet tall version is just to scare us." Rubilax said. Goultard broke free from the tentacles as he dashed towards Rushu with his blade who in turn took his hammer and flew towards Goultard. In the cave, ;"Two dragons and three Eliatropes in one strike. Now that's what I call a good job." Anathar said. Qilby and Aeri appeared from Qilby's portal. ;"Did you really think that would get rid of us?" Qilby asked. ;"It crossed my mind yes but it cost nothing to check..." Anathar said scared. ;"Yes it's going to cost you." Qilby said as he blasted towards Anathar who was left under a pile of rocks. ;"Now where were we? Oh yes." Qilby said taking his Dofus from Aeri, he began to make a portal. "Time to liberate our people and leave this world." He said. Phaeris held up a big stalactite, on his back from crushing Yugo and Adamai. ;"Little King can you see anything?" He asked. ;"Yes I see Qilby and Aeri. He's making a portal." He said. ;"You must stop him. Only you can get out of here." Phaeris told him. Yugo didn't want to leave but Adamai convinced him to. ;"I do what I can." He said. Qilby held his Dofus as a portal appeared. ;"After you my dear." He told Aeri who hesitantly went in. Qilby was about to follow when Yugo lunged at him sending them both inside. While travelling Qilby threw Yugo off of his back and into a place completely Blank. Yugo ran around in panic as he couldn't see anyone. ;"Qilby!!" He yelled. ;"So Yugo what do you think?" Qilby whispered from behind him. Yugo began to fall. ;"This is where you locked me for so many years! I fell into a coma, unable to think! Because of you I became undead!" Qilby yelled as he dashed towards Yugo multiple times. "After all I did for you this wasn't exactly what I had in mind as a reward." He told Yugo. ;"You betrayed your kind, destroyed our people and are about to do it again and you want us to pity you?!" Yugo yelled. ;"That would be appropriate. At least SOME of you seem to understand." He looked at Aeri, who looked at the ground. "But tell me, do you know why we came here?" Qilby asked. ;"I don't care and I'll do anything to stop you!" Yugo said jumping towards Qilby who hit him at the back of his neck sending him back down. ;"This Blank Dimension that was my prison for so long is on the road to the zone where our people are in, only the Eliacube is preventing us from not getting lost. Do you want to come with us to visit them?" He asked Yugo who couldn't say a word. ;"I'll take that as a yes." He said lifting Yugo up with his power. "And then I'll let you stay here for a few thousand years, you'll see it makes a man completely insane." He told him, throwing Yugo in to a portal him and Aeri following soon after. What he saw were children surrounding him, on a green small planet. There were similar ones near by. Full of other Eliatrope children. ;"Yugo is here! Tell everyone!" One of them said. Yugo watched in awe as more children began appearing around him.  
  13. Wakfu: Aeri The Eliatrope

    Chapter 42: The Island   Prince Adal watched in horror as the Shushus fell through the portal onto the island, he had never seen such a thing in his life. Yugo watched with Phaeris as Anathar came into view. He could feel something was wrong with Adamai as soon as the possessed dragon appeared. He got a sharp pain in his head. ;"How can he be here? He was with Qilby..." Yugo said as he soon noticed Qilby smiling, standing on Rushu's shoulder, and Aeri who held onto dear life next to him. ;"That traitor, he's the cause of all of this!" Yugo said angrily watching the scene horrified. ;"Qilby, that name resonates in Phaeris' head like a distant vile echo." Phaeris said. ;"Phaeris? That's your name? How come I've never heard of you before?" Yugo asked. ;"Phaeris has guarded the treasure of this island for centuries child. A veil of invisibility prevented anyone from coming close." He explained. Yugo told him it was just like the one Grougaloragran created. Phaeris could remember him.   As soon as Rushu was on the ground, Aeri quickly portaled away, unable to be so close to him anymore. ;"Aeri! Wait!" Qilby yelled after her, when he noticed Phaeris up in the sky. ;"Anathar, if you want to test your powers, that dragon up there is the perfect opponent for it." He said, as Anathar grew wings and began flying towards Phaeris, who threw Yugo away from harms way. Then he engaged in a battle of dragons with Anathar, exchanging blows. The Fogflexes were attacking the Shushu's down on the ground, where Granny and Remington where hiding in the midst of battle, trying to find a place to hide in. Prince Adal ordered to bombard the island as he wasn't sure who to shoot at. Meanwhile Percedal was having the time of his life fighting the Shushus. Shiro wanted to find his sister as soon as possible but the many, many Shushus were coming at him from the air and the ground. He then began whacking them, and spitting fire. While doing so he also helped out some of the Foggernauts who were currently battling the Shushus down on the ground. Yugo went to Percedal, to tell him that he shouldn't stay on the battlefield. Rushu on the other hand wasn't happy that there were soldiers and an army in the sea. He grabbed Qilby before he could go after Aeri. ;"I knew you were hiding something you rat!" He yelled. Qilby tried to explain that he didn't know about the army, but Rushu began squeezing him in his hand, until Qilby grew his arm big enough to hit Rushu in the face. He then portaled away saying: ;"You fool! You're but a pawn, do whatever you want to this world, there won't be much left soon enough!" Rushu decided to fuse some of the submarines with him, creating a new kind of armor for himself with a robotic arm that could shoot similar beams to the other vessels. He began shooting back at them. Prince Adal ordered all Fogflexes to attack the Shushus on land. Yugo was trying to figure out how to free Adamai, he asked Rubilax about it but not even he knew how. Yugo decided that only Qilby could give him answers as he was the one responsible of all of this. He hopped from portal to portal trying to find him leaving Percedal and Rubi behind, who decided to fight for themselves. ;"Now who should we fight? On the left we have Rushu. Nearly unbeatable. On the right is the woman who owes me a a second round.. and up there, we have dragons. We can't go there anyway.. so. RUSHU IT IS!" Percedal decided. ;"Are you crazy?! You just said he was unbeatable!" Rubilax yelled. Percedal just smiled climbing his way towards Rushu. ;"Hey fatso!" He yelled. Rushu turned around to hit him with a fist surrounded by red energy, causing an explosion as he hit him.   Qilby had found Aeri who was watching the scene mortified. ;"Aeri, come with me, let's find my Dofus and leave this planet together!" He said reaching his hand towards her. Aeri didn't know what to feel. ;"Qilby I-" She started when Yugo appeared. ;"Qilby!" He yelled. ;"Ah Yugo, you've arrived. Do you like the show?" He asked. "I've never liked violence but seeing these idiots tear each other apart fascinates me." He said. "Compared to intelligence, strength is nothing." He continued. Aeri looked at the two. ;"Yugo! Are you okay? You're not hurt are you?" She asked worried. Yugo shook his head. ;"I'm fine... But he started all of this! He lied to us, and sent us on a journey so he could get the Eliacube!" He said. Qilby smiled. ;"I was too weak to fight you, besides I didn't lie, my Dofus is really on the island." He told Yugo. ;"You betrayed our kind and you-" Yugo said when Qilby hit him with his Wakfu arm. ;"Shut up! I didn't betray anyone, it was the other way around! Only Aeri and Shinonome have been there for me! And soon we'll be together to lead the Eliatrope people!" He laughed. "And believe me Yugo.." He said blasting towards him. "You won't ruin my plans a second time." He said. The two began fighting each other, by creating portals and blasting each other, they were pretty evenly matched. ;"Please don't! You're family!" Aeri yelled. ;"What have you done with Adamai!?" Yugo yelled. ;"That pest? I gave him to Rushu he would've come in my way sooner or later." Qilby said creating dozens of portals at the same time, Yugo watched in horror as he began blasting him. Yugo tried to dodge the best he could, blasting back, he managed to get behind Qilby, but he was caught by his foot, sending flying nearly into the ocean. Qilby went after him, still attacking him, as Aeri went after them both. Their little game of tag came to a close when Qilby hit Yugo down on the ground from behind him. He didn't get back up. Phaeris felt this and immediately dashed to his direction. Qilby made a Wakfu scythe saying: ;"You know, I would've liked this to go differently. Goodbye Yugo." He said raising the scythe, when Phaeris appeared to protect Yugo. Qilby dodged him and his fireball. Aeri watched the scene horrified. She didn't know who to help, or who's side she should be, they were all her family after all. ;"Phaeris remembers you Qilby the traitor, you started the war against Mechasms, millions of Eliatropes disappeared because of you!" Phaeris said. Remembering the time he took Qilby's left arm when they fought each other, Yugo sending him to the Blank Dimension, as a punishment for his crimes. Qilby told Phaeris that he was there to get his Dofus, but the dragon told him he'd never get it. That's when Anathar landed on the ground. Phaeris quickly took Yugo with his tail coiled around him and moved him to the side. Yugo yelled: ;"Give me back my brother!!" To Anathar who lunged towards Phaeris, breaking a wall behind them, falling into the waters below. Aeri was quick to act, portaling in after them. Qilby did so too as he felt his Dofus near by. The fall caused a vortex to appear. And Yugo, Phaeris and Anathar were taken underwater. Yugo nearly drowning in process.   Percedal and Rubilax were fighting Rushu who found Rubi's treachery likable. They jumped in towards Rushu who by using his index finger, sent them into a wall back first. He was about to hit them again when he sensed something. On the boat Evangelyne worried of Yugo, Percedal and Shiroazaad. ;"We can't leave them handle everything themselves! They'll get killed" She said. Amalia yelled: ;"Well maybe it teaches them not to toss us aside like this!" She huffed angrily. ;"Stop talking girls, something..  is coming closer." Ruel said. ;"I hear it too." Black Ink said. Laughter could be heard from above. Goultard jumped down into the ocean, the waters parting creating a small space for him. He then jumped back up creating a huge wave which moved the boat towards the Crimson Claw island. Goultard jumped on top of a cliff, breaking it's peak. ;"Rushu my old friend. What a surprise." He said. ;"Goultard?! I was intending to pay you a visit." Rushu said. ;"It seems you've forgotten the pact between two worlds." Goultard said. ;"They broke it first when they entered the Shukrute!" Rushu argued. Goultard noticed Percedal. ;"Dally? You know God's won't let this pass." He told Rushu.", ;"God's are too weak for me to worry about you insect. You too are but a shadow of your former self." Rushu said. ;"That's still enough to sent you to your own dimension." Goultard said. Rushu spat firestone at him, which Goultard easily dodged, and summoned his broken blade on a chain. Rushu summoned a giant battle hammer. Goultard jumped in the air, Percedal giving him a boost, as he dashed towards Rushu, swinging his blade he cut a part of his beard off. Rushy raised his hammer, and brought it down on Percedal and Goultard who both held it the best they could before Rushu managed to bring it down on them.   The boat finally made it to the shore, Evangelyne immediately jumped into battle, shooting the Shushus trying to locate Percedal. She asked Cléo to come with her, as Amalia went to Prince Adal to tell his plan wasn't working as well as he had thought. Amalia told him to instead concentrate on shooting the entrance or the portal in order to minimize friendly fire. He took it into "consideration" as he gave the order. Black Ink, Elaine and Ruel hid behind a broken up part of a Fogflex ans a rock, while Black Ink wanted to join the battle, when he tried he quickly retreated back, and got kicked by Elaine repeatedly for doing something so brash. Meanwhile Yugo, Phaeris and Aeri appeared from the waters. Aeri had made a portal big enough to take both Phaeris and Yugo through it. Phaeris laid Yugo on the ground, touching his forehead, he unlocked part of his abilities temporarily to be able to battle Qilby better. Usually it'd take years to master. Qilby appeared, saying: ;"Phaeris, you better tell me where my Dofus is, and MAYBE, I'll forgive you for taking my arm." He didn't comply. Instead he attacked Qilby, saying he wouldn't win even with the Eliacube. ;"Why do you think I brought friends?" He told the Dragon. Phaeris made a powerful blast, which made the cave they were in collapse. He took Aeri and Yugo to a carry, and began flying fast towards the room the Dofus was in. ;"Phaeris would've liked to meet his King differently." He told Yugo. ;"Your King? I see, so it was never Qilby, was it?" Yugo said. ;"Never. Phaeris has so many things he would like to tell you Yugo." He said. As they flew to the Dofus room, where a beautiful red egg was held on top of a long tree branch.  "Qilby can feel the vibrations of his Dofus, soon he'll be able to find us." Phaeris said. ;"Right you are again, Phaeris." Qilby said appearing. "I must thank you for keeping my Dofus safe for all these centuries." He said. ;"Keep the Dofus safe little King, I will handle the traitor." Said Phaeris, readying himself. ;"Stop calling me that!" Qilby yelled, as he made a portal appear, and Anathar lunged from the inside towards Phaeris. Yugo tried to get to the Dofus, but Qilby smacked him down on the ground with his Wakfu arm. Taking the Dofus for himself. ;"Shinonome, at last we're together." He said as the Dofus began to shine in brilliant blue hue. Pure energy appearing all around it. Qilby laughed. Aeri silently prayed that everything would end up well, as she watched Qilby closely. Yugo made a Wakfu sword and shield appear. ;"Qilby!! Let's finish this!" He yelled. As energy surrounded him. ;"Yugo please! There must be another way, please Don't Fight him!" Aeri yelled. ;"I- I can remember somethings.. about the Mechasm attack, and I'm sure he didn't mean for all of those people to perish like that! He couldn't have known." Aeri explained. Qilby looked at her softly. ;"I always said you were my favorite student." He said. Aeri felt conflicted. Yes Qilby might have done the bad thing Phaeris told them about, but he couldn't have known the full effect it'd have on their people right? He couldn't have..  
  14. Wakfu: Aeri The Eliatrope

    Chapter 41: Foggernauts  There was quite the commotion in Rushus dimension. Everyone had gathered to witness the beginning of the Invasion. Aeri sat in the sidelines, watching Qilby make a portal for Rushu. She couldn't understand why, and neither could Rushu. She tried to keep her powers from activating but was failing miserably. Her red markings appearing on her skin, as they sparked and crackled a little. Her eyes had already turn glowing red, and she was losing control. One of the Shushus happened to step on her toe accidentally, which she quickly responded to, by blasting away an entire row of Shushus. Rushu watched this with interest. ;"You really ARE like us after all, destroying anything you can from your way." He said. Aeri froze. She turned to glare at him. ;"I'm nothing like you." She growled, clenching a fist. Qilby was in the middle of creating the portal necessary when he felt something wrong with Aeri, as he looked up he soon noticed what. The red markings had already spread throughout her body, she made a Stasis scythe appear from thin air. ;"Do I need to SHOW you just how different I am of you?" She asked Rushu who simply grinned. Qilby was quick to act. He dashed forward, behind Aeri, placing his hands on her shoulders. ;"Aeri, I know you're angry, but attacking him won't change anything. Please bear with it for a little while, and we can leave this place." He whispered. Aeri wanted to be angry at him, she was utterly confused about why he'd done those things to Adamai and Grougal, former which was now fused in with Anathar. But she couldn't find it in herself to be angry. Not at him. She felt... empty. She lowered her weapon, the markings started to fade from her skin slowly. ;"Thank you." He said, giving her a hug before he returned to work. ;"I haven't felt this kind of power before." Anathar said, landing down in his new dragonic form. He was big, white and blue dragon with multiple eyes and wide mouth. His head was rather small compared to rest of his body. ;"Yes but be careful with the dragon. I know from experience how hard they are to control." Qilby warned. ;"I still don't understand why you're helping me, I've looked at it from every angle and it doesn't make sense." Rushu said. ;"It's quite simple, I have a score to settle with Phaeris. He's the one who took my arm, and he will pay for it." Qilby said. ;"Ah, a story of revenge, and pain, it warms my heart." Rushu said. ;"Now, let us go, we wouldn't want to keep young Yugo waiting." Qilby said as he opened the portal, light enveloped everything.   Meanwhile our friends were enjoying a quiet meal, until they heard a sound. Cannon fire. Close by even. They had finally reached the Crimson Claw Archipelago. But something was wrong. Something big came from below. It rose up, lifting the boat they were on with it. A giant submarine. Some guards emerged to salute someone, a Prince and his General, who walked on deck. ;"Have you ever seen such a thing?" Yugo asked Black Ink who was just as confused as he was. ;"Not during my forty years of being a pirate, no." He confessed. The Prince wore a brown cape with yellow shirt with matching gloves, as well as white pants and brown boots. His General was a woman who had a short brown hair, and a red marking on her left eye. She wore a brown cape as well , with blue shirt, and brown gloves and boots, with black pants. She had a very stern look. ;"Hello strangers. You seem to be going in the wrong direction." The Prince said, flipping his white hair. Amalia had had enough of him: ;"I'm Amalia Sheram Sham, Princess of the Sadida and these people are my friends, the least you could do is to introduce yourself!" She yelled. ;"I'm Prince Adal, and I know your Kingdom well Princess. It is odd to meet a member of the Royal family travelling in... a mockery of a pirate ship." He said. ;"Who does that second rate Prince think he is? Ready the cannons!" Black Ink commanded. ;"We don't have any, dad." Elaine said. Yugo jumped on the deck of the submarine. The Prince immediately commanded the guards to ready themselves. His General reminded him that they couldn't let Yugo and his friends leave, for they had found the island of Crimson Claw. His father, King of Sufokia had ordered such. Adal told them to leave, but Yugo told him he had to get on the island no matter what. ;"Fine, do as you wish but be careful, it's war over there, a misfire of a cannon could easily sink your boat." He told Yugo. When he came back on Elaine and Black Ink's boat he seemed to be worrying about something. ;"What's wrong little brother?" Shiro asked. ;"I just think.. I might be leading you all into a war zone. I don't want another accident to happen like with Nox's Razortime." He said. "I do not want any harm to come to you my friends. And I can't ask you to come with me to the Crimson Claw." He explained to everyone. ;"Yugo, we're your friends, we've been through thick and thin with you. We won't be leaving you alone this time either." Said Amalia. ;"That's right Yugo, we're all going." Eva concured. Yugo gave her a hug. ;"Thank you friends." He said. And then he created a portal jumping in.   On the submarine the General was not happy about the Prince's decision to leave Yugo and the others alone. ;"We should've made an example of them. They knew the name of the Island, they didn't come here by accident." She said. ;"Perhaps not but as long as I am in command, I decide who lives or dies Generall Moffette. Besides I feel like the kid has something special in him." He said. ;"Very well my Prince" Moffette said. The Prince ordered all Steamarinos to prepare for an attack and to head towards Crimson Claws. ;"Let's not keep the dragon waiting." He said. On the other side of the fight, was Black Ink's ship, everything was going fine until it suddenly stopped. Elaine was put to check the problem. ;"It's the main steering axle, it looks broken, we won't be able to move!" She said. ;"Hey has anyone seen Yugo?" Shiro asked. ;"Now that wasn't cool Yugo." Eva said. ;"It couldn't have been him right?" Ruel said. ;"YUGO!!!" Amalia yelled. Yugo had boarded the submarine, and was currently hiding in the vents. As Prince Adal watched a live feed of a dragon fighting against his fleet. He had blue glowing eyes, with teal skin, and blue gills on the sides of his stomach. He wore brown pants and had small horn on top of his head. He looked somewhat human. Adal warned him that he would be firing him for real, now if he wouldn't move from the island. ;"You humans shall not take another rock from this island!" The dragon said. ;"That island belongs to the people of Sufokia. My people, make your nest elsewhere!" He said. ;"Phaeris has no nest. I am responsible for what lies on this island, leave now or you will die." He told the Prince. Adal ordered them to fire all cannons, they loaded them up with pink crystals and began shooting towards Phaeris, who in turn lifted a huge boulder with his powers, sending it towards the Foggernauts ships. It broke in pieces because of the cannons shooting but it managed to break one of the ships. Yugo watched the scene heartbroken. He couldn't watch anymore. ;"No! Leave him be! Dragons are naturally peaceful creatures!" He told them portaling to the front of the ship. ;"And how do you know that?" Adal asked, guards readying to shoot at Yugo. ;"Because I'm closely related to them, they are my people." He said. The General was about to grab him, when he portaled out of the way, jumping on her back and into the air, portaling close to the Prince. The General sounded the alarm, and Yugo was forced to hastily leave. ;"Didn't I tell you that child was special?" The Prince said. Moffette requested to use the Fogflex which the Prince accepted. Yugo who had managed to get outside. Was faced with a small but powerful mecha. ;"Now I'll show you what I can do!" Moffette said. But before she could attack him, Shiroazaad spat fire at her mecha, stopping her on her tracks. ;"Shiro?! Where did you come from?" Yugo asked. ;"Did you forget I could fly? It was a dirty trick to do by the way" He said swinging at the mecha which flew backwards. Percedal was the next to appear. He had swum the entire way to Yugo and Shiro in his Shushu form. He took the Fogflex and threw it around to the sea. ;"I should throw you into the sea with your 'friends!'" He told Yugo. Prince Adal had charged a weapon called the Staser, it was ready to fire at Phaeris who was holding his own against the Foggernauts' attacks so far. Once it was shot it broke Phaeris' shield and sent him flying to the island. They then began firing at him, not letting him rest. He turned into his dragon form, and flew at them growling. Shiro looked at him. ;"Phaeris?" He asked mumbling. General Moffett called for backup. More Foggernauts in Fogflexes appeared on deck. They began fighting. Shiro and Percedal kept waving at them beating them one by one. ;"Have Mercy!!" One of them said" as Percedal broke his mecha suit. Moffette managed to cheap shot Percedal right in his stomach and sent him towards the island where he landed not so gracefully onto the ground. Phaeris jumped on top of the submarine's deck and grabbed Yugo with him Shiro followed them soon after ;"I'll handle YOU later." He told Moffette. On the island, Percedal was recovering from the cheap shot. ;"Wow that machine packs a punch.", ;"Oh no this is terrible." Rubi said. ;"Don't worry we've had worse." Percedal told him. ;"Not that! On the mountain... they're coming!" Rubilax panicked. ;"Who's coming?" Percedal asked. ;"My brothers!" Rubilax said as a dark vortex like portal appeared on the sky, it dropped many flaming balls onto the ground, and they began to move. Shushus. Hundreds of them. Rushu came soon after, the sky was dark and Lightnings appeared out of the portal. As Rushu emerged, someone somewhere, got the message about it. Percedal's Master, Goultard. Rushu laughed as Anathar landed onto the island with him. Yugo saw this and looked down in confusion. ;"Adamai? Is that him down there?" He said. Qilby and Aeri stood on Rushu's shoulder much to the latters unfortune. She was clinging to Qilby for support and safety. Rushus voice boomed as he yelled: ;"We're gonna have so much fun, so many things to destroy!" He spread his arms. Shiro saw his sister, and was relieved she was alright. But confused as to why she and Qilby were so close to Rushu of all people. As the war on the Crimson Claws continued, things would only be turning towards worse.
  15. Wakfu: Aeri The Eliatrope

    Chapter 40: The Tyrant Ruel and Black Ink were singing sea chanties, as they sailed close to an island. ;"Isn't that the island of Breta?! Oh how I would like to eat something else than fish for once." Ruel said. ;"Don't get your hopes up, we're not setting a tentacle on that island, last time we almost lost our ship!" Black Ink said. When suddenly Ruel clutched his chest in pain. He began whimpering and wailing like never before. Ruel accidentally touched the helm making the ship turn it's course. ;"What's happening?" Yugo asked. ;"Ruel's having a heart attack!" Cléo said. As Ruel fell down on the ground. ;"This is it for me children... I.. Goodluck Yugo." He said and stopped moving. ;"Ruel! No!" Yugo cried out. On the island of Breta, the group was holding a funeral for Ruel, it had started raining so they all had black umbrellas, and black shades on. Percedal read the eulogy: ;"Ruel the Enutrof, a member of the Brotherhood of Tofu, a Friend, you will be forever remembered. May the God Enutrof, Father of the riches, take you to his side." Yugo cried out as he listened to the speech. It was then that Ruel opened his eyes and winked at him. Yugo began to smile. Shiro watched this scene confused. Ruel began running around with a smile on his face. ;"It's a miracle!" Percedal said. ;"To think I shed a tear for him." Evangelyne said. ;"He did it again.." Yugo said annoyedly. ;"How many times has this happened?" Shiro asked him. ;"A few times whenever he didn't feel like paying his bill at an Inn." He said. ;"So too many times." Shiro said deadpanning. ;"At least He's great at faking heart attacks." Cléo said. Ruel was busy trying to find a hidden treasure. He took out a map and began searching. He took Junior with him for digging, once he found the spot his Drheller dug until he found a small chest. ;"This treasure chest holds an item of ultimate power! Oh I don't dare to open it..." Ruel said opening the chest slowly. Everyone looked excitedly. There was a small golden colored ring inside. ;What? But- this isn't-" Ruel sputtered. He checked whether the ring was actually made of gold, when he realized it wasn't, he threw it a way and had a fit. ;"I still know how to read a treasure map-" He muttered. Percedal looked at the ring mesmerised. He took it and put it on his index finger. ;"Doesn't it fit a hero or what?" He asked as the ring started to glow. ;"Hey it's shiny- warm- Hot HOT!!" He waved his hand until something came out of the ring. A ghostly looking person. A man without legs. He was an Ecaflip man with lighter fur color and white hair, and goatee, he wore fancy looking clothes and had small glasses on. His eyes were glowing yellow. ;"AAH! A GHOST!" Percedal yelled and ran around, the person followed him but not from his own volition. When he hit a gravestone, the man was able to speak. ;"I'm not a ghost." He said. ;"Oh you must be a genie! For my three wishes.." Amalia began listing things. ;"If I was a genie I would grant more than three wishes for three lovely ladies like yourselves." He said. He flew close to Eva. ;"My name is Bubu, Sho Bubu." He introduced, coming a little too close to her. Percedal didn't quite like it. ;"Well mister Sho Bubble, you better not br flirting with MY GIRLFRIEND or else." He said trying to jump on him, but he went right through him. ;"Speaking of if you're not a ghost nor a genie, what are you doing at a cemetery?" Cléo asked. ;"It is a curse." He said sadly. "It happened over a year ago, I was marrying the woman of my dreams, Melo, she was the most beautiful woman on the island and some were jealous of our union. One of them being my best man Cassis." He explained. "But now that you've freed me I can find my love and break the curse." He said happily. ;"We would love to help you Sho, but we have an important task of our own to get to." Evangelyne said. Sho seemed disheartened hearing this. Percedal was crying. ;"It's so sad.." He said. "Don't worry Sho Booble! I Percedal of Sadlygrove shall help you! Iop's promise!" He declared. When they entered the town of  Breta they saw a bunch of guards stamping things with their stamp helmets. Everything that was okayed, got the same stamp mark on them, be it eggs, watermelons, bread or even people. Yugo and friends got the stamp mark on their hands. ;"This mark allows one day visit in the town, Don't wash your hands or you won't be able to get out." The guard said. The other guards were "checking" things and stamping them, breaking them in the process just for fun. Amalia thought it was a tyrannical way of upholding the law. They stopped in front of the Governor's Palace. ;"This is it, Sho said coming out from the ring. "My sweet Melo lives here. She is the Governor of the Island." He explained. ;"Well she has a weird way of leading that's for sure." Shiroazaad said glancing at the guards who were everywhere. ;"I know. I myself don't understand it either." Sho confessed. 'Melo, why so many guards on our island?' He thought.  When they looked at the stamp mark more clearly, Sho noticed that it was Cassis' head mark. Amalia demanded to get to see the Governor as the Princess of the Sadida, but the guards only laughed at her face calling her a 'common salad.' When that didn't work, Percedal tried the Iop way of diplomatics. He took both guards by the head and smashed them together. One of the guards went to warn the Governor. ;"Governor Cassis! It's war! We're being attacked by women, children and old men!" He yelled in panic as another guard flew by him. ;"Summon these outlaws right now!!" He demanded. He was a small sized man, with heavy make up on his face, and rolled up hair from the sides. He had a tiny mustache and he held a sceptre in his hand. ;"You! What have you done with my wife?!" Sho asked angrily. Cassis looked at him shocked ;"Sho?! You should be locked up in a chest somewhere!" He said. "And your 'wife?' As far as I remember you never made it to the altar." He said boredly. "HOW DARE YOU CLAIM MELO AS YOURS?! I should've thrown your ring into the ocean with the Bow Meow Fish!" He yelled. He showed that he indeed had Melo, in another ring. She was an Ecaflip woman with a darker fur color, and darker hair with beautiful golden eyes. She wore a simple white dress with a flower crown. ;"Melo!" Sho said happy to see his love. "Melo look at me my love!" He said as she looked his way. ;"Sho!" She said. The two tried to embrace each other but they were too far away, and instead Melo was forced to retreat to her prison ring. Cassis laughed at Sho's pain. ;"You can't do anything trapped in that ring. You've lost Sho." He said. He summoned his guards who quickly circled around all them. The battle began. Amalia sent them flying with her vines, as Eva and Cléo shot them with their magical arrows, and Cléo went for closer battle to kick and punch them. Percedal used Rubilax to hit the guards who were frozen by Eva's arrows and Yugo trapped them in his portals. Finally Cléo threw a flying bomb at them which she shot with an arrow, taking out four of them. Cassis looked scared. He ran down his long flight of stairs and into a smaller room yelling at our heroes ;"You will regret this!!" He came back with a four legged stamping mecha bot. It kicked out Yugo and others easily. When they all attacked it, it didn't even get a scratch. ;"Does this thing have no weak spot?!" Shiro yelled annoyedly. Ruel was too busy reading his map over and over again to even notice it. It stamped the ground leaving a giant Cassis' face mark on it. Ruel studied it ;"There's a similar mark on the map but it's reversed." He turned the map around to see a pathway drawn on it. ;"It's REVERSED! YES THE MAP IS REVERSED!" He yelled as he danced nearly getting hit by Cassis' mecha. Shiro tried to burn it with his flames but only managed to singe it a little. When he used the middle part to try and hit our heroes a small hatch opened up from underneath it. ;"Listen to me I have a plan!" Eva said. First Yugo went to annoy Cassis, he tried to catch him with his machine. Shiro blew smoke right at the window and he couldn't see anything, Amalia then used her vines to tie the four legs of the robot. As it fell down, Eva and Cléo used their combined arrows to hit it's inside. It blew up neatly. Cassis tried to use his sceptre to trap Percedal inside a rock, but Shiro quickly punched him in the face, Amalia taking it from him. ;"Confiscated! And now.." He pointed at Cassis who ended up in the sceptre and then into a stamp which turned golden. Amalia then used the sceptre to free Sho and Melo who were happily reunited, they gave each other a sweet kiss. Our group then went back towards the ship where Elaine and Black Ink were waiting. Melo made a new law of happiness, it was now mandatory. She also made it so that everyone should sing at least three songs per day. Sho watched the scene worriedly. Ruel finally found his treasure. It was an extremely valuable card for his collection. Everyone else thought it was a waste of time, and were ready to leave Ruel there.