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  1. Games that you are currently playing

    Been playing a ROM hack on my twitch stream called Pokemon Glazed, pretty good though it had a very weird difficulty curve early on. It's a hack of Pokemon Emerald with 2 (or 3) regions, with Johto being the second region
  2. General Mobile games thread

    Though I don't play it on mobile, Genshin Impact is a fantastic game that has me addicted for sure. Been playing it pretty much every day for multiple hours since release lol
  3. Count to 50 before a mod or admin posts 2.0!

    Chain broken
  4. Good day everyone, Shadow here with another update. First of all, I'd like to take this time to announce that both the Fleetway Sonic the Hedgehog comics and the Sonic Manga will be coming back to Scanf! I can't promise an exact date that it will return as we have to make some adjustments to the site first, but I'm sure this comes as good news for most people. On to the next topic. Sonic Scanf had been publishing the Archie Sonic the Hedgehog comics illegally and we have decided to stop uploading them. Most of our traffic were partly thanks to the Archie comics however, so we unfortunately will have to see many people go. But that's where you come in! We would like to broaden our horizons a bit, and you as the audience can have a hand in what we will do. What new additions would you like to see on Scanf? What do you first think of when you go to a Sonic fansite? We are looking for additions both inside and preferably outside of the forums, so keep the ideas coming and who knows, maybe your idea will be part of Scanf's future! We as the Sonic Scanf staff will take every suggestion into consideration and will take a serious look at them. Please be considerate and realistic in what you suggest. Examples like official playable Sonic games (not talking about rom hacks/fangames here) on an emulator are an instant no-go. And while we would love to bring every single one of your suggestions to life, we are still humans with fairly average skills in web development. That's all for now. Be sure to leave your suggestions down below or at the news page!
  5. Guess what? Signatures are back! Heh, took me a while to find it, but now everyone is allowed to have their own again! Please still keep in mind to keep a reasonable signature, thank you :)

    1. Danny Felixe

      Danny Felixe

      Yay! Signatures!

    2. Geoffrey St John

      Geoffrey St John

      It is great to have them back.

  6. The Happy Birthday Thread

    Happy birthday
  7. I have my doubts about the third Sonic (if that's going to happen) being Boom Sonic. Mainly because Sonic Boom was developed by western developers and are in no way associated with Sonic team. On that note, did Japan ever get the Boom games? I'm not sure on that last statement, but that might result in Boom Sonic not being the third Sonic. Which, let's be honest, is for many people a plus.
  8. What's your favorite pokemon?

    Very cliché, but I have to go with Lucario. Everything about that pokemon appeals to me. And I loved him before I became part of the internet, so I'll grant myself a free pass Second and third would go to Froslass and Banette.
  9. Sonic fans have gone on record for making some of the best rom hacks and fangames out of any community out there, sometimes even competing with actual Sonic games themselves. Here, in this thread, you are free to share any of your favourite rom hacks and fangames, and the moments you had with them. Enjoy!
  10. Regarding the Comics

    Thank you very much for your kind words, Chaos!
  11. Regarding the Comics

    You already had your word. We know, you don't like it. Really, neither do we. But we've made that decision and sticked to it, out of respect for Archie. If you agree or disagree, that's up to you. Our decision will not change.
  12. Regarding the Comics

    It could be possible they won't make any more profit of it, but there are more things we have to take in consideration. And Status updates can be made in the top right or on your own profile
  13. Regarding the Comics

    We've got multiple questions about the Fleetway Sonic comics and are currently looking into them. I won't make any promises however. Thank you for bringing them to our attention though!
  14. Regarding the Comics

    I wasn't aware of Comixology, thank you very much guys! But yeah, both Comixology and the Archie App are great ways of supporting the creators of our beloved comic series
  15. Regarding the Comics

    I understand both of your concerns, and also thank you for respecting our decision. However, even leaving the old comics on our site would go against our statement, my apologies. A great alternative is, like Tiny260 said, the Archie comics app. That is, if you don't mind paying a few bucks for the comics and having to read it digitally. Other ways include the Archie store themselves, and I saw them pop up occasionally on the Official Sonic Merchandise site as well. If you want to read the comics for free, they may still be findable through a google and/or torrent search, though I highly advise you to proceed with caution since not every site is safe to visit. I know that there is one site that has all the comics uploaded as far as I'm aware, and it's one of the first google search results you should come across. Feel free to private message me if you can't find that site, but I'm unable to say it in public here. This is for now the only options I can offer you. My apologies and thank you again for understanding.