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    Currently video maker at youtube, doing Let's plays, reviews and countdowns. Youtube channel is Bokxie.

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I'm one of the administrators from this forum, Shadow. Though everybody on here calls me Cheery because I had an avatar of Cheerleader Sonic when I first came on here. I also go under the names of Dylan and Bokxie. You might have seen some connection here, and yes, that is indeed my full name. Not my complete name but it's coming pretty close. I also have the title the Embodiment of Speed.


My avatar and signature are obviously the same character, being Last Order, one of my favorite anime characters. On that note though, I am not much of an anime watcher and I definitely won't call myself an Otaku. I'm more of a gamer guy, having played an enormous amount of games. Some of my favorite franchises are Mega Man, Final Fantasy, Pokemon and of course Sonic the Hedgehog.


Also, as you might have noticed, I'm a video maker. Though I yet have to make a true start, but I'm in need of some things like a new headset before I make an official start.


All of my contact stuff are beneath here, and you can literally add my on anything EXCEPT for Facebook. If you do add me though, please leave a message who you exactly are, thanks in advance. For anything forum related, please contact either my skype or use the personal messenger.


Also, I am pretty much a Joker. Do not take everything serious that comes out of my mouth.


Oh, and I got a Wiki. Because Whynaut.