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  1. Chromatic Terras added a topic in Writer's Block   

    Tales of Euphora
    > Writers Note: This story will have a couple of swear words thrown around from time to time, but later on will have most likely a lot of blood & gore among other things as well that aren't suitable for certain ages (depending on your country, Idk I'm just giving a heads up). Otherwise I hope you enjoy it. <
    Dawn breaks peacefully over the horizon. The world radiate with light as a new day begins. However, this day is one that is most familiar. The final day before the next journey into a darkened world.
    The Kingdom of Euphora. A massive enclosure of a humanoid race that had built itself up from nothing over the course of over 800 years. Protected by a vast mountainous region, dense and enclosed forests, a mercilessly heated desert, and finally an exposed field of great plains, the Kingdom sits just before a cliff, surrounded by the open sea. Its people are of a peaceful nature, always working together to improve upon the community, led by the 17th successor of the Rai family, Gillius. The only thing stopping such a flourishing society from continuing on forever is the overwhelming threat of demons that vary from any living creature. Throughout the early stages of Euphora’s creation, countless battles were fought for humans to escape far enough from a constant threat of demon attacks. Over the course of time, the land began to build up, fending off any demonic beings in the area, securing safety throughout the great plains and majority of the desert line. Now, with a thriving economy and strong military force, Euphora focuses its efforts training the best of soldiers, from warriors, archers, rogues, and mages alike to set out every 5 years on an expedition to push even further inland with hopes to eradicate the demon threat once and for all. Unfortunately, no matter how far they managed to push, it never seemed to fade away. It never seemed to show any end. The fear of losing their very way of life just never stopped....until now...
    The morning had only just begun, yet King Gillius was already pacing tirelessly in the war room. Spread across the table laid a drawn out map of the land, as detailed as what had been explored. He continued to walk back and forth, keeping his eyes trained on the mountains which were hardly drawn in as his soldiers were unable to ever move further.
    “My Lord, you’re up rather early, as usual,” a man speaks as he enters the room. Gillius stops pacing to look up to him, giving out an exhausted sigh before finally sitting down.
    “General...you know how I feel about all of this,” he responds, grabbing hold of a wooden sculpture of a soldier. “How does the unit look this time?”
    “Not good at all. Our current count has us just below a hundred,” the General responds, lowering his head. Gillius drops the miniature soldier, leaning over the table wide eyed.
    “A hundred?? That’s impossible. A number like that is hardly even a third of normal count,” he exclaims.
    “Indeed. It would seem the incident from the last expedition has severely lowered the desire for participants. We’ve gone from having our most successful draw to the worst in our history,” the General states, pulling out a scroll and feathered pen, placing them on the table. “I’d advise we change our plan of action for this expedition. Something more cautious, while also increasing the monetary gain.”
    Gillius can only help but rub his chin from under his beard, looking at the written out plans from his general. “Yes, I suppose we should. Forcing any excelling expectations without the trust of our troop would be most problematic. Can I leave this task to you?”
    “Absolutely my Lord. Where shall you be in the meantime?” the general asks, collecting his things.
    “For now I’ll do what I can to make adjustments to my speech, and also try talking to my daughter once more....” Gillius responds, looking out the window to a tower across the castle grounds.
    “The Princess? Is it safe to assume she has yet to come to terms with your decisions?” the general presses on.
    “Indeed, she’d kept herself locked up in her quarters for over two weeks now, sneaking out for food to avoid contact with me. If the morale of our nation is the top priority out of this, then I’ll need her to at least make an appearance for the departing troop.” Gillius responds, moving his hand from his chin to the side of his head in frustration.
    “A most wise decision my lord. I will leave you to your family issues then.” the general snickers as he turns to walk out. Gillius gives him a slight glare, catching onto his tease, but lets it go, knowing the two go way back that it was only to try and help him ease up. He lets out one final sigh before getting out his chair to leave the room as well.
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  2. Chromatic Terras added a post in a topic Mobius Reborn: Rise of Robotnik   

    Storm, BBAA
    Storm nodded and followed after Wave. As she jumped off the side of the airship with her extreme gear, he took some time to place the bag down before setting his up. However, the booming voice from above caused him to stop midway and look up in confusion. Moments later, the gigantic beam came bursting through the roof of the hanger, knocking Storm off his feet and he began to slide towards the edge of the ship. The bag of equipment went sliding off beside him. Storm could only watch in panic before quickly snapping back and looking up to see his extreme gear falling towards him. He quickly reaches out to grab and and holds it close to him as he continued to hold onto the edge of the airship, as it slowly began to fall apart from the attack.
    Gamma & Knuckles, Angel Island
    Knuckles slowly circles around Gamma, who simply stands still and rotates it's head surveying him.He was unsure how exactly to approach such a foe, as he had no memory of ever fighting before. Suddenly the ground begins to shake, staggering Knuckles to a knee. He turns out to the ocean and sees a massive ray of light piercing through the clouds as it then travels deep into the ocean within a matter of seconds. The sight had left him stunned for a moment, giving Gamma an opportunity to strike and delivering a merciless haymaker to Knuckles jaw that throws him to the ground.
    "Side objective met. Moving to primary mission." Gamma states before beginning it's climb up the shrine stairs.
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  3. Chromatic Terras added a post in a topic The Happy Birthday Thread   

    Thank you gentlemen. Ive been away at military training since the 1st, which is why I havent been on at all, but I'll be back Friday to jump back into things.
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  4. Chromatic Terras added a post in a topic Mobius Reborn: Rise of Robotnik   

    Storm, Battle Bird Armada Airship
    Storm could only nod as he followed after Wave. The bag of equipment slowed him down to ensure he didn't drop any of it. Unfortunately it also caused him to be too far from helping Wave get knocked over. As soon as he saw the two strangers shove her, he quickly dropped the bag and ran over to help her up.
    "Hey! Watch where you two are going," he yells angrily, but without any fighting spirit.
    Gamma & Knuckles, Angel Island
    Knuckles completes his journey down the altar stairs and now stood face to face with Gamma, barely even half his height. Still, Knuckles did not waver and he continued to question the intruder. 
    "Why are you here," he asks once more.
    "Information denied," Gamma replies bluntly.
    "What business do you have with the Master Emerald?"
    "Information denied."
    "..........What business do you have with me?"
    "Information...unknown," Gamma answers slowly. Again the two continue to stare at one another before Knuckles lets out a deep sigh and turns around.
    "Well, and no one is allowed near the Mater Emerald without my permission, so whenever you're willing to talk just call me back...or leave, I don't care which."
    "Unacceptable parameters," Gamma replies once more. Knuckles turns back to him with a slight twitch in his eye.
    "Excuse me?" he asks, trying to hold back his frustration.
    "Data suggested floating area known as Angel Island was only inhabited by small unintelligent creatures. You show signs of intellect, however your body composition is not completely organic and shows a connection to the Master Emerald above. Inquiry: What is your purpose?"
    Knuckles can only stare in confusion by Gammas request, unsure of anything he just asked of him. Finally he scratches his head and steps back down from the stairs.
    "How about I'll tell you who I am if you tell me why you're here," he proposes. Gamma looks up to the Master Emerald and then back to Knuckles.
    "I am under direct orders to retrieve the Master Emerald," he responds.
    "By who?"
    "Information withheld. The deal was to state my purpose for answers about your being."
    Knuckles clenches his fists tightly as he gets even more frustrated with Gammas conversation, but again calms himself for a deal was a deal. "My name is Knuckles. I am the protector of the Master Emerald, so if you have any plans on taking it then I'm afraid you're going to have to get past me first."
    "Acceptable parameters met" Gamma replies as he begins to walk forward, however Knuckles gets in his way to push him back.
    "T-this isn't w-what I meant," Knuckles struggles before finally building up enough strength to repel Gamma. "By getting past me! I'm not going to let you take the Master Emerald." 
    Gamma pauses for a moment before speaking into his communicator. 
    "Contact Log Update: Life-form known as Knuckles denies capability of completing mission objectives. Proceeding into combat mode." he inputs before raising his arms up.
    "Bring it on, Metalhead." Knuckles responds back, raising his fists.
    Vector, Casino Night Zone
    Vector continued to admire his work, however was soon distracted by the commotion outside. With more and more people learning about the strange meteor that struck into the area last night, the whole city was in a mixed frenzy. He lets out a small annoyed growl and he closes his blinds, darkening the room.
    "The Chief doesn't want me involved anymore with it anyway. Might as well catch a quick nap before giving him my information on Rouge." he says to himself as he walks back over to his desk and puts his head down. Within seconds, he was already deep asleep once more.
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  5. Chromatic Terras added a post in a topic Mobius Reborn: Rise of Robotnik   

    Storm, Battle Bird Armada Airship
    Storm watches Wave work, always fascinated by her capabilities with tech. However, he noticed her eyes grow wide as she looked out the window. Storm turned over as well to see the massive ship floating just outside.
    "Uh, right. I'll follow you." Storm replies as he quickly grabs a large sack and starts sliding everything off the table into it.
    Gamma, Angel Island
    It had been a couple hours now that Gamma was traversing through the forests of the floating Island. It periodically checked his communication devices to see if any of its mission updates went through, however they all continued to give error messages. It stops briefly and looks back to the capture pod it decided to carry with it. It had seemed to cool down, but still had not shown any signs of activating either.
    "Hourly log 6- Examination: The heat and sudden impact due to the high altitude orbit of unknown floating island has caused temporary disruption with objective programming....past areas has shown signs of old civilizations, however no residents remained. Saving data for upload upon return to main station. Robotimization pods have been properly distributed in surrounding area in preparation for activation and collection. Proceeding to prioritize Chaos energy readings now."
    Gamma lets the pod go, transforms into roller mode, and speeds off through the jungle area. As it departs, the pod begins to slowly beep.
    Vector, Casino Night Zone
    Vector lifts his head up from his table, a trail of drool running down his desk. It didn't take long for him to make it back to his office from the hospital, however he was still feeling the fatigue from running around all night that he had fallen asleep mid-investigation. He gets up and walks over to his automated coffee machine and sets up a tall glass for himself. After it finishes, he then walks over to the window and looks out into the city streets. Multiple tvs were playing, all different news channels about the strange object that had crashed into the city. He moves from the window to look at a wall with a map of the city on it. Multiple circles and lines were drawn all over, with batwings and hearts in each one. He then grabs a marker and draws another, then connecting it to one across town. He then backs up to get a better look at it all as he continues to sip his coffee.
    "Looks like I'm finally closing in on her trail. No doubt about it." he says to himself with a tired smile.
    Knuckles, Angel Island
    Knuckles continued to sit upon the shrine staircase as he gazed out into the forest. The commotion from the night prior had seemed to be of no concern, allowing him to sleep till dawn, however he couldn't shake the feeling of something happening. His attention was then diverted from the low sound of rotors and wind breaking in the distance. He looked out beyond the cliff-side of the island in search of where the sound was coming from before hearing another from the direction of the forest. He quickly swivels his head back to see a large red robot crouching before the stairs of the shrine. He quickly gets up from the stairs and starts walking down. The robot lets out some steam as it changes back to its standing form.
    "Who are you, and what business do you have here?" Knuckles asks as he makes his way down the stairs. The robot simply stares at him, before letting out some steam and transforming back to a full stance. Knuckles makes his way to the bottom of the stairs as the two simply stare at each other the entire time.
    "WHO ARE YOU, and what business do you have here?" Knuckles asks again more sternly. The robot continues to stare as it brings its wrist to it's face.
    "Emergency Log- Contact: An unidentifiable life form is standing in the way of the chaos readings. Proceeding to engage." Gamma saves in its reports as it continues to look at Knuckles, scanning him.
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  6. Chromatic Terras added a post in a topic Games that you recently got   

    Got Monster Hunter World in the mail today. It's scaring me to death but I love it
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  7. Chromatic Terras added a post in a topic Mobius Reborn: Rise of Robotnik   

    Knuckles, Angel Island, 0005 MST
    Woken up by the rumble of the ground, Knuckles looks around to see multiple bright lights descending from the sky and onto the floating island. He watches for a moment as others pass by, diving through the clouds onto the world below. He takes a few steps forward on the altar, ready to walk down the stairs, before looking back at the large green gem before him.
    "The Master Emerald....." he says to himself, staring at it in wonder as it continues to rotate ever so smoothly atop the altar shrine. He decides to take a seat on the stairs. Resting his head on his knee as he dozes off again.
    Vector, Casino Night Zone, 0100 MST
    "GET BACK HERE YOU CRAZY BROAD!" Vector yells out, chasing through the vibrant streets after Rouge the Bat
    "Tsk, you're always such a persistent one! Here I thought detectives are supposed to let the police do the dirty work." Rouge sighs back, flying through the air with a bag full of gems and money she had stolen from the park. Vector uses a nearby spring board to leap up into the air, grabbing hold of the bag and dragging it, along with Rouge, to the ground.
    "This is the last time i'm letting you get away from me, or the authorities! I'm taking you in right now!" Vector orders, pulling the bag away from Rouge ready to fight.
    "Oh really? Allow me to teach you to stay in your office twiddling you thumbs like a so called "detective" should be then." Rouge retorts back, getting ready to leap at Vector, however the two get sidetracked from a bright light above as they see a massive metal object hurling straight for them. Vector quickly snaps back to his sense, sprinting over and pushing Rouge and himself to safety as the object comes crashing down onto the street. He looks back in astonishment at the small crater it left, as dozens of others can be seen from the sky like shooting stars across the world.
    "My gems...." Rouge whimpers, before kicking Vector in the chest and getting up. "You best make sure to pay me back for this one, you stupid croc." she spits before running off into the night. Vector can only watch in pain as she disappears just in time before the authorities catch up to the action. He then rolls onto his back and passes out.
    Storm, Battle Bird Armada Airship above the Central Sea, 0635 hours MST
    Storm walks quietly down the halls of the airship as the other birds all look at him in awe. He was one of the largest bird on the fleet in recent years, and many of the high command expected much from him, however he had never really gained the urge to fight and steal like the others. He simply played off the role as a brute before finally making way to his destination and heading inside the room.
    "Umm Wave, sorry I'm late." he whispers, closing the door behind him. "It took a little time getting to everything, but I think I managed to get all the parts on your paper that seemed like they were missing." Storm pulls a pouch from his belt, slowly letting the bolts and pieces slide onto the work bench, some of which weren't compatible with the gear. "Umm, hopefully this is everything. I never really got too much time to learn about the extreme gear." he mutters, hoping to help out.
    Vector, Casino Night Zone, 0655 MST
    Vector slowly opens his eyes again, his vision coming into focus as he discovers to be lying in a hospital room. He quickly sits up, looking outside to the city before him to see that day had already came. He slides out of bed, removing his IV and begins to walk towards the elevator. One of the nurses sees him and calls out, however he ignores her and continues moving. As he gets onto an elevator, an old Rabbit walks in with him.
    "Well well well, if it isn't Chief Hoppington. What brings you here?" Vector asks, pressing the button for the ground floor.
    "Well I was here looking after you of course. It took 5 of my guys just to get you into the ambulance here after the commotion. I'd say I'm surprised to see you up again already if we weren't here on Tuesday." the chief replies, pulling out a notebook.
    "Well you know me, always looking to do the best of my job." Vector chuckles. "So whats the situation with that strange object that fell from the sky?"
    "Not sure yet. There's multiple of them all over the zone and the haven't moved or cooled down enough for us to get close yet. Right now they're all marked off and kept under watch. Any damages are being repair in the meantime."
    "Hmm, interesting indeed. Rouge the Bat seemed just as surprised as I was, so it doesn't seem like she got any outside help in her recent heists. I'm gonna see if I can grab a sample and head back to the office."  Vector ponders as the doors open up and he begins to walk out the hospital lobby.
    "It may be best if you stay there once you get back." the Chief replies, causing Vector to turn back confused. "Vector, as absurd as some of your cases have been, you've done a great job as a detective for me these past couple years. However, between Rouge's appearance and all these new criminals running around, you just aren't qualified to be jumping into my police work on a moments notice. This is the second time this week you've been found completely unconscious after chasing Rouge around all night after a robbery. I understand you have that natural strength and speed, but without the proper stamina and training you're only causing more harm to yourself and our work. Please just stick to what you were hired for. I don't think I'll be able to save your job from the commander if this happens again." he explains, ripping a piece of paper from his notebook and handing it to Vector. "This is the bill for your visit. I covered you the first time, and even that almost got my ears chewed off."
    Vector takes the bill, looking at it for a moment in disappointment before placing it in his armband.
    "Thanks Chief....I'll do my best." he replies before leaving the hospital.
    Gamma, Angel Island, 0800 MST
    Among the many pods that had landed on the floating Island, a larger red boxed craft had descended down in the center of them. With the travel being shorter for the floating island, and after some time of cooling off, a door finally breaks open as a large metallic being steps out. It's body lets off a little steam as its eyes turn on bright green and begins surveying the area. It then pulls its arm to its head.
    "Master Robotnik, this is squad leader E-102 Y Gamma reporting in. Surveillance probes show no signs of life, other than small creatures. Energy readings from the power  source are showing a northern travel. Proceeding to execute mission now."
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  8. Chromatic Terras added a post in a topic MR: RoR OOC   

    Alright! Finally got this all set up. Everything TBR will be updated as the story goes on of course.
    Name: Knuckles the Echidna
    Age: 16(?)
    Gender: Male
    Species: Echidna
    Appearance: As seen in everything except Sonic Boom
    Alignment: Good
    Profession: Guardian
    Powers/Abilities: Super strength, Gliding, Chaos powers
    Weapons/Equipment: None
    Personality: Gullible, Curious, Cautious
    Background: For as far as he can remember, Knuckles has always watched over the Master Emerald on Angel Island, unsure of why or how he took up the role. Nevertheless, he continues his role, hoping for an answer someday.
    Name: Tikal
    Age: TBR
    Gender: Female
    Species: Echidna
    Appearance: As seen in Sonic Adventure 1 & 2
    Alignment: Good-Neutral
    Profession: TBR
    Powers/Abilities: Chaos powers
    Weapons/Equipment: None
    Personality: Caring, stern, mystic
    Background: TBR
    Name: Vector
    Age: 20
    Gender: Male
    Species: Crocodile
    Appearance: As seen in games/comics
    Alignment: Good
    Profession: Detective
    Powers/Abilities: Super strength, adept swimming, high speed, multiple breaths (sound waves & fire)
    Weapons/Equipment: Explosive bubble gum
    Personality: Easy-going, philosophical
    Background: Vector took residence in the Casino Night Zone, joining the security force as a detective for fraud or thievery. Most make the mistake of doubting his skills, as his care-free friendly nature typical confuses him to be a dunce.
    Name: E-102 Y Gamma
    Age: 0
    Gender: Robomale
    Species: Robot
    Appearance: As seen in Sonic Adventure
    Alignment: Evil-Neutral
    Profession: Egg fleet squad leader
    Powers/Abilities: rolling mode
    Weapons/Equipment: laser targeting system, machine gun, hover system, laser gun blaster
    Personality: Loyal, AI
    Background: As one of the most recent creations in the E-100 series line, Gamma is also created with the intent to be an elite creation with processing power that could be considered as having its own conscious. Gamma has primarily been going through testing and simulation combat, however it will soon be time for him to begin his purpose in the Robotnik empire.
    Name: Chaos
    Age: TBR
    Gender: None
    Species: TBR
    Appearance: As seen in Sonic Adventure
    Alignment: Neutral
    Profession: TBR
    Powers/Abilities: Super strength, hydrokinesis, shapeshifting, immortallity
    Weapons/Equipment: Chaos Emeralds
    Personality: *Splish*
    Background: TBR
    Name: Rouge
    Age: 18
    Gender: Female
    Species: Bat
    Appearance: As seen in games/comics
    Alignment: Good-Neutral
    Profession: Spy, Theif
    Powers/Abilities: Flight, Moderate capabilities, martial arts
    Weapons/Equipment: None
    Personality: fearless, independent, ambitious
    Background: With her origins unknown, Rouge typically spends her time in the Casino Night Zone, acting as a free agent for anyone with the right price for the job. She consistently has run ins with Vector however, as the two have a sense of rivalry for their jobs.
    Name: Storm the Albatross
    Age: 19
    Gender: Male
    Species: Albatross
    Appearance: as seen in Sonic Riders
    Alignment: Good
    Profession: BBA Private
    Powers/Abilities: Super Strength
    Weapons/Equipment: Extreme Gear
    Personality: Humble
    Background: Storms life with the Battle bird Armada was a quiet one, never really wanting to be part of the militant force he resides from. With a strong desire to explore the ground below Storm always kept to himself about his dreams, never talking much to anyone other than Wave the Swallow.
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  9. Chromatic Terras added a post in a topic Disharmony   

    Somehow I never saw this but I'd be in if it sets off. Just need the time to set up after Im done all my holiday work
    Of course from past RPs, I would like to have Knuckles, and then I'll probably make one other OC to travel around. If someone else wants him, then I'll just make 2. Would rather give people a chance to jump in than hog all the fun.
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  10. Chromatic Terras added a post in a topic Games that you recently got   

    i just got it now after work, and now I gotta go vote on county judges and stuff, so I set it up to install and get to it later. Also Horizon: Zero Dawn dlc came out, so I gotta play that too. Already maxed out the game in terms of levels and achievements. Really enjoy and recommend it.
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  11. Chromatic Terras added a post in a topic Give the Person Above you a New Name   

    Obi-wan Shinomi....chwan'
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  12. Chromatic Terras added a post in a topic The Happy Birthday Thread   

    Why thank you, but let's not forget the true holiday here, Piccolo Day

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  13. Chromatic Terras added a post in a topic Pokemon: Drake and Wyvern   

    Stockade Forest
    "Woah, ia that what I think it is?" Tony exclaims, pulling out his pokedex to scan. Sure enough to his excitement, he had found a wild Tediursa in the forest.
    "This is going better than expected. I always wanted one of these guys a part of me team. You ready to recruit him Turtwig?" he says, gearing up for battle. Turtwig gives a quick nod as he then rushes in for a tackle. The Tediursa quickly sidesteps Turtwig, retaliating with a fury of scratches. Turtwig turtles up as he finds the opening to leap back.
    "Nngh, this is going to be harder than I expected." Tony says to himself with concern, remembering him and Turtwig haven't even won a match yet, 
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  14. Chromatic Terras added a post in a topic Pokemon: Drake and Wyvern   

    Stockade Forest
    Tony and Turtwig enter the forest entrance as the sunlight begins to fade away immensely from the density of the trees.
    "Wow, it get's really dark in here it seems. Let's be on our toes for this one." he says, scanning the area. Turtwig gives a nod as it begins to steadily creep around while watching behind the trees as well.
    The two continue down the path for a while when suddenly Turtwig stops, turning to the left as he looks out afar. Tony notices him and stops as well, watching to try and catch what was rustling in the bushes. The noise grew as the a shadow jumped out into the air. Tony staggered back out the way however Turtwig dashes forward to protect him, headbutting the figure as the two then dashes to each side of the pathway. The wind blew the trees around to shed light on the figure, revealing what looked to be a young Tediursa, 
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  15. Chromatic Terras added a post in a topic New Mobotropolis   

    "Nicole? Isn't she Sallys robotic friend that controls the city?" Knuckles asks. "What reason would she have to turn against us?"
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