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  1. Chromatic Terras added a post in a topic Mobius Reborn: Rise of Robotnik OOC   

    Alright! Finally got this all set up. Everything TBR will be updated as the story goes on of course.
    Name: Knuckles the Echidna
    Age: 16(?)
    Gender: Male
    Species: Echidna
    Appearance: As seen in everything except Sonic Boom
    Alignment: Good
    Profession: Guardian
    Powers/Abilities: Super strength, Gliding, Chaos powers
    Weapons/Equipment: None
    Personality: Gullible, Curious, Cautious
    Background: For as far as he can remember, Knuckles has always watched over the Master Emerald on Angel Island, unsure of why or how he took up the role. Nevertheless, he continues his role, hoping for an answer someday.
    Name: Tikal
    Age: TBR
    Gender: Female
    Species: Echidna
    Appearance: As seen in Sonic Adventure 1 & 2
    Alignment: Good-Neutral
    Profession: TBR
    Powers/Abilities: Chaos powers
    Weapons/Equipment: None
    Personality: Caring, stern, mystic
    Background: TBR
    Name: Vector
    Age: 20
    Gender: Male
    Species: Crocodile
    Appearance: As seen in games/comics
    Alignment: Good
    Profession: Detective
    Powers/Abilities: Super strength, adept swimming, high speed, multiple breaths (sound waves & fire)
    Weapons/Equipment: Explosive bubble gum
    Personality: Easy-going, philosophical
    Background: Vector took residence in the Casino Night Zone, joining the security force as a detective for fraud or thievery. Most make the mistake of doubting his skills, as his care-free friendly nature typical confuses him to be a dunce.
    Name: E-102 Y Gamma
    Age: 0
    Gender: Robomale
    Species: Robot
    Appearance: As seen in Sonic Adventure
    Alignment: Evil-Neutral
    Profession: Egg fleet squad leader
    Powers/Abilities: rolling mode
    Weapons/Equipment: laser targeting system, machine gun, hover system, laser gun blaster
    Personality: Loyal, AI
    Background: As one of the most recent creations in the E-100 series line, Gamma is also created with the intent to be an elite creation with processing power that could be considered as having its own conscious. Gamma has primarily been going through testing and simulation combat, however it will soon be time for him to begin his purpose in the Robotnik empire.
    Name: Chaos
    Age: TBR
    Gender: None
    Species: TBR
    Appearance: As seen in Sonic Adventure
    Alignment: Neutral
    Profession: TBR
    Powers/Abilities: Super strength, hydrokinesis, shapeshifting, immortallity
    Weapons/Equipment: Chaos Emeralds
    Personality: *Splish*
    Background: TBR
    Name: Rouge
    Age: 18
    Gender: Female
    Species: Bat
    Appearance: As seen in games/comics
    Alignment: Good-Neutral
    Profession: Spy, Theif
    Powers/Abilities: Flight, Moderate capabilities, martial arts
    Weapons/Equipment: None
    Personality: fearless, independent, ambitious
    Background: With her origins unknown, Rouge typically spends her time in the Casino Night Zone, acting as a free agent for anyone with the right price for the job. She consistently has run ins with Vector however, as the two have a sense of rivalry for their jobs.
    Name: Storm the Albatross
    Age: 19
    Gender: Male
    Species: Albatross
    Appearance: as seen in Sonic Riders
    Alignment: Good
    Profession: BBA Private
    Powers/Abilities: Super Strength
    Weapons/Equipment: Extreme Gear
    Personality: Humble
    Background: Storms life with the Battle bird Armada was a quiet one, never really wanting to be part of the militant force he resides from. With a strong desire to explore the ground below Storm always kept to himself about his dreams, never talking much to anyone other than Wave the Swallow.
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  2. Chromatic Terras added a post in a topic Disharmony   

    Somehow I never saw this but I'd be in if it sets off. Just need the time to set up after Im done all my holiday work
    Of course from past RPs, I would like to have Knuckles, and then I'll probably make one other OC to travel around. If someone else wants him, then I'll just make 2. Would rather give people a chance to jump in than hog all the fun.
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  3. Chromatic Terras added a post in a topic Games that you recently got   

    i just got it now after work, and now I gotta go vote on county judges and stuff, so I set it up to install and get to it later. Also Horizon: Zero Dawn dlc came out, so I gotta play that too. Already maxed out the game in terms of levels and achievements. Really enjoy and recommend it.
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  4. Chromatic Terras added a post in a topic Give the Person Above you a New Name   

    Obi-wan Shinomi....chwan'
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  5. Chromatic Terras added a post in a topic The Happy Birthday Thread   

    Why thank you, but let's not forget the true holiday here, Piccolo Day

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  6. Chromatic Terras added a post in a topic Pokemon: Drake and Wyvern   

    Stockade Forest
    "Woah, ia that what I think it is?" Tony exclaims, pulling out his pokedex to scan. Sure enough to his excitement, he had found a wild Tediursa in the forest.
    "This is going better than expected. I always wanted one of these guys a part of me team. You ready to recruit him Turtwig?" he says, gearing up for battle. Turtwig gives a quick nod as he then rushes in for a tackle. The Tediursa quickly sidesteps Turtwig, retaliating with a fury of scratches. Turtwig turtles up as he finds the opening to leap back.
    "Nngh, this is going to be harder than I expected." Tony says to himself with concern, remembering him and Turtwig haven't even won a match yet, 
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  7. Chromatic Terras added a post in a topic Pokemon: Drake and Wyvern   

    Stockade Forest
    Tony and Turtwig enter the forest entrance as the sunlight begins to fade away immensely from the density of the trees.
    "Wow, it get's really dark in here it seems. Let's be on our toes for this one." he says, scanning the area. Turtwig gives a nod as it begins to steadily creep around while watching behind the trees as well.
    The two continue down the path for a while when suddenly Turtwig stops, turning to the left as he looks out afar. Tony notices him and stops as well, watching to try and catch what was rustling in the bushes. The noise grew as the a shadow jumped out into the air. Tony staggered back out the way however Turtwig dashes forward to protect him, headbutting the figure as the two then dashes to each side of the pathway. The wind blew the trees around to shed light on the figure, revealing what looked to be a young Tediursa, 
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  8. Chromatic Terras added a post in a topic New Mobotropolis   

    "Nicole? Isn't she Sallys robotic friend that controls the city?" Knuckles asks. "What reason would she have to turn against us?"
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  9. Chromatic Terras added a post in a topic Freedom HQ   

    "Well, we'll just have to find out once I get my revenge on Metal Sonic. Eggman really out did himself this time, but I'm not gonna let it stop me from being the best he's ever made!" Shard continues on, jumping out of his seat before pausing for a moment and sitting back down.
    "But anyway, you gotta get out more often. There has to be some way you can set your power to look after the city while you can go out and explore. I can show you around to some cool places, you know?" he says with a little softness in his voice.
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  10. Chromatic Terras added a post in a topic Freedom HQ   

    "Tsch, sounds pretty boring if you ask me." he replies, hitting a button to have a chair roll over to him as he takes a seat of his own.
    "It wasn't exactly easy for that owl to set-up a repair and upgrade station for me after Eggman buffed up Metal Sonic, but it did get the job done if I do say so myself." he goes on, flexing out his hand and looking at his newly fixed body.
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  11. Chromatic Terras added a post in a topic New Mobotropolis   

    Knuckles passes through town as he notices the group of people gathered around, Sonic included.
    "Hmm, looks pretty important. Guess I better see what's up at least." he says to himself, finishing up an apple before walking over.
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  12. Chromatic Terras added a post in a topic Freedom HQ   

    A cool breeze of air spews out from the wall as it begins to open up as Shard emerges from inside of a computerized room. Tons of wires connecting to his body all latch off and zip into the interior as he stretches out with a yawn and looks around to see Nicole slumped in a chair.
    "Well, you weren't exactly who I planned to see after all this, but not like it's a bad thing." he says with a smirk as he walks over to her.
    "What've you been up to all this time? It's been a while since I went under."
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  13. Chromatic Terras added a post in a topic Welcome to a Brave New World. (Please read this first.)   

    Roger, Orange leader.
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  14. Chromatic Terras added a post in a topic Games that you recently got   

    Just regular, I saved a character near end game to do it so I was around SL100. Still needed it though with the amount of nonsense you go through just to get to the fnal boss. So many mob attacks it was crazy.
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  15. Chromatic Terras added a post in a topic Project Sonic 2017 and Sonic Mania Discussion   

    I had a dream they made a chao mmorpg where you could become a chao yourself and train and do chao stuff and compete in tons of mini games. Pretty much like garrys mod, but all chaos and it was the greatest thing for years, then I woke up and cried to reality
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