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  1. Chromatic Terras added a post in a topic The Happy Birthday Thread   

    Why thank you, but let's not forget the true holiday here, Piccolo Day

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  2. Chromatic Terras added a post in a topic Pokemon: Drake and Wyvern   

    Stockade Forest
    "Woah, ia that what I think it is?" Tony exclaims, pulling out his pokedex to scan. Sure enough to his excitement, he had found a wild Tediursa in the forest.
    "This is going better than expected. I always wanted one of these guys a part of me team. You ready to recruit him Turtwig?" he says, gearing up for battle. Turtwig gives a quick nod as he then rushes in for a tackle. The Tediursa quickly sidesteps Turtwig, retaliating with a fury of scratches. Turtwig turtles up as he finds the opening to leap back.
    "Nngh, this is going to be harder than I expected." Tony says to himself with concern, remembering him and Turtwig haven't even won a match yet, 
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  3. Chromatic Terras added a post in a topic Pokemon: Drake and Wyvern   

    Stockade Forest
    Tony and Turtwig enter the forest entrance as the sunlight begins to fade away immensely from the density of the trees.
    "Wow, it get's really dark in here it seems. Let's be on our toes for this one." he says, scanning the area. Turtwig gives a nod as it begins to steadily creep around while watching behind the trees as well.
    The two continue down the path for a while when suddenly Turtwig stops, turning to the left as he looks out afar. Tony notices him and stops as well, watching to try and catch what was rustling in the bushes. The noise grew as the a shadow jumped out into the air. Tony staggered back out the way however Turtwig dashes forward to protect him, headbutting the figure as the two then dashes to each side of the pathway. The wind blew the trees around to shed light on the figure, revealing what looked to be a young Tediursa, 
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  4. Chromatic Terras added a post in a topic New Mobotropolis   

    "Nicole? Isn't she Sallys robotic friend that controls the city?" Knuckles asks. "What reason would she have to turn against us?"
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  5. Chromatic Terras added a post in a topic Freedom HQ   

    "Well, we'll just have to find out once I get my revenge on Metal Sonic. Eggman really out did himself this time, but I'm not gonna let it stop me from being the best he's ever made!" Shard continues on, jumping out of his seat before pausing for a moment and sitting back down.
    "But anyway, you gotta get out more often. There has to be some way you can set your power to look after the city while you can go out and explore. I can show you around to some cool places, you know?" he says with a little softness in his voice.
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  6. Chromatic Terras added a post in a topic Freedom HQ   

    "Tsch, sounds pretty boring if you ask me." he replies, hitting a button to have a chair roll over to him as he takes a seat of his own.
    "It wasn't exactly easy for that owl to set-up a repair and upgrade station for me after Eggman buffed up Metal Sonic, but it did get the job done if I do say so myself." he goes on, flexing out his hand and looking at his newly fixed body.
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  7. Chromatic Terras added a post in a topic New Mobotropolis   

    Knuckles passes through town as he notices the group of people gathered around, Sonic included.
    "Hmm, looks pretty important. Guess I better see what's up at least." he says to himself, finishing up an apple before walking over.
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  8. Chromatic Terras added a post in a topic Freedom HQ   

    A cool breeze of air spews out from the wall as it begins to open up as Shard emerges from inside of a computerized room. Tons of wires connecting to his body all latch off and zip into the interior as he stretches out with a yawn and looks around to see Nicole slumped in a chair.
    "Well, you weren't exactly who I planned to see after all this, but not like it's a bad thing." he says with a smirk as he walks over to her.
    "What've you been up to all this time? It's been a while since I went under."
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  9. Chromatic Terras added a post in a topic Welcome to a Brave New World. (Please read this first.)   

    Roger, Orange leader.
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  10. Chromatic Terras added a post in a topic Games that you recently got   

    Just regular, I saved a character near end game to do it so I was around SL100. Still needed it though with the amount of nonsense you go through just to get to the fnal boss. So many mob attacks it was crazy.
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  11. Chromatic Terras added a post in a topic Project Sonic 2017 and Sonic Mania Discussion   

    I had a dream they made a chao mmorpg where you could become a chao yourself and train and do chao stuff and compete in tons of mini games. Pretty much like garrys mod, but all chaos and it was the greatest thing for years, then I woke up and cried to reality
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  12. Chromatic Terras added a post in a topic The Future of Archie Sonic at Risk?!   

    Thank you. That explained enough for me to know my past joy in the comic is fully dead and long gone, but now I know how and why exactly lol.
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  13. Chromatic Terras added a post in a topic Games that you recently got   

    I beat the dlc the same night it came out and now I'm sad from how short it was
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  14. Chromatic Terras added a post in a topic The Future of Archie Sonic at Risk?!   

    I have a question on if anyone knows exactly what the lawsuit was that made them do their initial story change. I really liked the story that was going on of the Freedom Fighters being split up, Knuckles having to save his people, and Metal Sonic being remade into this overpowerful being that ripped shard to pieces, and I understand they gotta just pretend it never happen but.....they kinda didn't do that with the whole grabbing Nicole and having their memories regained, and now although its following the game contents, the story just feels really childish now. Like it has the seriousness of the overall issue but the way everything's done is too light-hearted for me so I just haven't been keeping up like I used to.
    But back to the original question. I agree they probably don't have to worry about content with all the games they haven't gone through yet, and they can definitely do some filler like stuff in the meantime if by some chance they do run out so I doubt they have any problems with making comics, it's just keeping fans they have to worry about.
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  15. Chromatic Terras added a post in a topic Project Sonic 2017 and Sonic Mania Discussion   

    Project Sonic looks like a Sonic generations 2 in all honestly. The are kind of looked like a mixture of city escape and rooftop run.
    Sonic Mania looked like it was gonna have the first area be Green Hill Zone and then the rest of the game is (hopefully) completely new stages, but the gameplay is the same as original 2D Sonic but with better handling and some new moves.
    Overall I can agree that there isn't much information yet to just assume these games will be any good. For me on a personal opinion level, I'm not entirely fond of 2D Sonic. I grew up on Adventures 1 & 2 as well as 3D Blast so all my favorites have been the 3D ones. Aside from Unleashed (I'd give that an 8), I feel like everything after 06' has been above average ratings (like 7/10). Good games for Sega to have made, but definitely isn't the best that they've done. It's kind of like Sonics in this odd trap where the franchise can either continue to make decently good games every year or 2, or take the time to devote a team for creating a majorly large game so that each character has an actual interesting story to them along with unique stages for each rather than it feeling like the main story is about Sonic, and then every elses story is like a remodeled stage from Sonics with slight changes to make it "special".
    SA1 almost did this since each player had like 8 stages each, aside from Gamma I think (may that glorious robot rest in peace), however like I said, those stages were almost literally just remade from Sonics levels. SA2 actually had some diversity, but it was only 2 stories for you to follow and every playable character in story mode only had 3-4 stages so the overall storyline was kind of short. in comparison. If they took the time to do something like combine the 2 for a SA3, then that would probably be a really fun game, but like I said, when trying to think of all the possible things they could do for that, theres almost too much to put into consideration for a full on game. Like just as an example of ideas.
    Should Sonics stages only be time attacks?
    Does Knuckles have to always only search for a broken Master Emerald?
    Should Tails go back to Mechas or stay on foot or both?
    Should Eggman have his own story to playthrough?
    Shoudl the add Chaotix? Would the characters be separate or a trio like in Sonic Heroes?
    Always add Chao World
    Should Metal Sonic have a more important role other than a mini boss like in Sonic Heroes
    Could Chaos make a reappearance?
    Should we be rollin around at the speed of sound like 06 tried to do or are we slower than Silver like 06 did?
    Where da chilli dogs at?
    Item upgrades again?
    That's just a bunch of stuff off the top of my head. Of course the actual Sonic team probably has a ton more they could put into consideration but for now it just kinda seems like remaking old style games with newish style game-play and storylines to get some hope and fans again.
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