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  1. Mobius Reborn: Rise of Robotnik

    Casino Night Zone: Vector & Rouge + Police Chief Hoppington Rouge drops down in a nearby alley, away from the fighting as she sets down Tekno "She should be safe here while I grab the others." Rouge says to herself before taking off back to the action. As she flys away, Gamma slowly emerges from behind a wall, ensuring the coast is clear. He quickly walks over to grab the Canary before proceeding back to his pod. "Target acquired. Returning to flagship." he sends out to the robot forces, as well as Dr. Robotnik. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Back in the main square, the robot wave was now pushing heavily to which it began overpowering the resisting forces. Vector was backed up in a hole, shielding as much of the stun blasts as he could from the unconscious Chief. Rouge drops in next to him as she attempts to pick up the police commander. "This isn't looking good, we're gonna have to find a way out!" she yells to Vector, struggling to pick up Hoppington. Vector looks over and grabs the Chief, tossing him over his shoulder. "Looks like it, EVERYONE FALL BACK! Follow me for an escape route!" Vector calls to everyone else fighting as he keeps the bot metal in hand, shielding himself as he follows Rouge away from the incoming forces. Having to hope everyone is able to follow behind them, they dash out the city center and into theside roads, following back towards where Rouge hid Tekno. A few of the police force were able to follow, but many ended up falling to the robots relentless waves of stun blasts. "She's right over here in this al-" Rouge leads before stopping in front of the empty ally way. "W-what, no way. I left her right here. No one was around." Rouge darts back and forth in a panic. "Given the events prior, she didn't seem like an ordinary bird." Vector assures her. "Odds are we'll meet up again outside the city, but we have to keep moving. Everyone, come on." he calls to the small crowd of remaining officers that managed to catch up with them. Angel Island: Knuckles, Tikal, and Storm Knuckles dashes through the forest as Tikal and Storm follow close behind. He pushes past all the bushes and low hanging leaves before Tikal finally catches up to grab his arm. "Knuckles, WAIT! You can't just expect to go face to face with Chaos, he's a God of Destruction for a reason" she pleads, slowing him down before he finally stops. "What else are we supposed to do then? We need the pieces of the Master Emerald, and we need to stop him before he finds any of the Chaos Emeralds." Knuckles complains as Storm finally catches up to the two. "H-h-how did you...manage to catch up t-to him so fast?" Storm asks Tikal, panting from trying to keep up. Tikal takes a slight step back, thinking of an answer, before the three here a rustle in the bushes. They immediately tense up, looking all around from the cause of the sound. "Looks like it's brining the fight to us." Knuckles says, pounding his fists together. Suddenly, the ground begins to shake violently as a loud crash is heard all across the island, knocking the three off their feet. "What in the world?" Storm comments, helping up Tikal. "I think..." Tikal begins, before her eyes widen in fear. "We reached the mainland."  
  2. Last to post wins v3.0

    I came in to ask "we have a 3rd?" but then I saw the start date and now completely lost just how long these things have been going on. In my triumphant return just this once, hello
  3. Mobius Reborn: Rise of Robotnik

    Winged Fortress: Gamma "Understood, Doctor Robtonik." Gamma repleis as he quickly rushes out the door and to the nearest pod. He gets in and sets course to be ejected out towards Casino Night Zone. "That was too close," he thinks to himself. "Further analysis must be taken after I retrieve the Canary and remove any suspicion the Doctor has on me." Casino Night Zone: Vector & Rouge + Police Chief Hoppington Vector tried as he could to shield the Canary and Chief from the barrage of Robot fire, however after watching Tekno get struct, he couldn't hold out any longer. "Rouge! I need your help!" he calls out as he turns the metal scrap sideways and throws it towards the robots. "You have to get the Chief and bird out of here! I'll hold them off."  One of the robots beams hits Vector in the arm, however he grits his teeth and slams it to the ground as he shakes it off. "Heh, understood sweetie." Rouge replies with a wink as she spins around to swoop in. Vector charges forward to distract the robots the too get to work. "Hey Bee, Squirrel guy! How you too holding up!?" Vector calls out as he slams into the robot lines of attack. ------------------ Within a few moments, a few blocks down from the main strike force, Gammas pod slams down into the street intersection as he gets out and begins scanning. "Target......acquired." he spots as he sees Rouge in the distance carrying the nearly unconscious Tekno away from the fight. Angel Island: Knuckles, Tikal, & Storm "W-wait, I'm not here to harm anyone!" Storm pleads, holding his hand out towards Knuckles. "Then what ARE you doing here, and how did you get on this island?" Knuckles persists, however Tikal quickly jumps out to stop him. "Knuckles hold on.." she tries to calm him down. "We're sorry for startling you, but you don't appear to be familiar with Angel Island, and look very distressed. May I ask where you came from?"  Storm slowly lowers his arm and stands up, staring at Knuckles and Tikal for a moment before walking cautiously towards them. "M-my people, we were attacked by an army of robots and my sister and I were separated during a large explosion. I had lost consciousness, and when I awoke I found myself on this...island. While walking around trying to find out were I was, I saw a strange creature made of water and I ran until I stumbled upon this place. "Chaos.." Tikal says in fear. Knuckles looks to her and then steps up towards Storm. "Where did you see the water creature?" he asks. Storm turns and points back out into the jungle from where he came, and before he could turn back to speak, Knuckles begins running in that direction. "K-Knuckles, wait! Oh no, come on, we have to stop him." Tikal tells Storm as she grabs his arm and drags him along after Knuckles. "But I don't want to have anything to do with that thing again!" Storm pleads. "If left alone, it will find you again sooner or later." Tikal warns.  
  4. Mobius Reborn: Rise of Robotnik

    Casino Night Zone: Vector & Rouge + Police Chief Hoppington Chief Hoppingon quickly notices the Swat Bots take aim at Tekno as she tried to tend to the injured and dashed toward her. "Look out!" he yells as he leaps in the way of the incoming stun beams. Hitting him as he protect the Canary. "Chief!" Vector calls out, ripping a metal plate off a fallen bot as he follows after the Cheif and blocks the rest of the beams. Rouge takes hte opportunity of the focused fire to drive a drilling kick through the heads of the bots firing on them in the meantime. Angel Island: Knuckles & Tikal "According to these hieroglyphics," Tikal begins. "Chaos was a warrior deity that the Echidna race worshiped greatly. However through constant struggle amongs tribes, they had ended up angering Chaos to a point in which he felt the world would be better off without them. Thus, by combing the power of the seven chaos Emeralds, Chaos achieved a disastrous form that resembled a serpent and flooded the world in attempt to reset the natural balance. For what few survived, they worked tirelessly to create the Master Emerald, the only jewel powerful enough to nullify the Chaos Emeralds. Then when that same power, they had sealed Chaos away inside of it for all eternity." "Until now," Knuckles added in with a deep gulp. "Indeed, from what you told me, it would seem the surviving Echidna tribes assigned one family line to look after the Master Emerald to the end of time, which was your own. Now with the Master Emerald broken and Chaos free'd, I fear it may now continue its goal in obtaining the seven Chaos Emeralds and purging the world with another great flood to restore balance. We'll have to-" Tikal goes on, before stopping to listen. "Something is apporaching," she warns, as her and Knuckles take cover behind some fallen walls. Moments later, a large Albatross comes sprinting from the jungles into the ruined areas. He stands wide eyed at the sight, before turning back to look behind him in a panic, and then proceeds walking forward with caution. "Who is that?" Tikal whispers over to Knuckles, who shrugs in response. "I see, maybe we ca-" she goes on, formulating a plan. However Knuckles did not wait before leaping out himself. "STOP! Who are you and what are you doing here?" he calls out to Storm, who trips back startled by his appearance. Winged Fortress: Gamma Gamma felt slightly upset about all of the praise Dr. Robtonik was giving to his brothers Omega and Beta, as well as Sister Zero, whilst his only response on his mission was disappointment, Eager to be included, he unthinkingly took a loud step forward, making a loud clanking sound on the floor. Gamma paused in shock, remembering that action without orders would not be a proper function, thus causing him to freeze in place. He began to think of all the times the Doctor had ever begun to sweat and started processing if this was the emotions he felt, because if it were and robots were capable of such a thing, Gamma would be sweating all his coolant out right now.
  5. The Happy Birthday Thread

    Thanks team, it was a fun one!
  6. Pokemon: Drake and Wyvern

    Pokemon Research Centre- Scabbard Town Tony continues to admire Turtwig as Amora looks back at the professor. "I have to speak with the professor about something real quick," she says looking back to Tony as she started walking. "This may be the best time while everyones getting situated with their new pokemon."  Tony gives her a nod as he continues to play with Turtwig. Amora then walks over to professor Pine, hoping to grab his attention. 
  7. Mobius Reborn: Rise of Robotnik

    Casino Night Zone: Vector Vector leaps out the crater, towards Elias and starts giving his all at the robots, not holding back on his punches as he tears throw their metal. As he takes another bite out of one, he looks up to see the hoard of robots making their way towards the city center towards them. He freezes for a moment in hesitation as a robot tries to blind side him before having its chest drilled out from behind as Rouge spirals in front of Vector. "That hesitations the same reason you haven't been able to catch me yet, sugar," she says to him as she swings a small brown bag over her shoulder. "W-what are you ding here??" Vector asks in confusion. "The same thing I always do,"she replies with a wink. "But these robots have started to become quite a pain for me. How bout you and the boys call off the hunt for me in exchange for my help?" "That's not my call to make," Vector says, puffing his chest out as he walks in front of Rouge. "But I'm not gonna turn down a helping hand to stop this madness." Rouge smirks as she looks back to see the police Chief climbing out the crater as well, only able to give a sigh as he wasn't in the mood to deal with her too. Angel Island- Knuckles & Tikal Knuckles follows Tikal through the forest for a while before the two of them make their way to an open area with ruins that seemed almost pyramid like. Knuckles is left in awe as he looks around at everything. "What is this place?" he asks quietly. "These are the old ruins of the Echidna race, hundreds of years old...it's where I lived all this time." "Do you think pieces of the Master Emerald fell here?" "Ye-no. I-I mean possibly, but that isn't what I wanted to show you. Follow me." Knuckles looked a little confused but listened to her anyway as they made their way down the small hill into the ruins. He looked around curiously from the stone streets to all the buildings that were till standing. "You were here by yourself all this time?" he asks Tikal as they continue walking. "Unfortunately so. I don't know what happen to my family when I was younger, but once I learned to understand the hieroglyphics, I knew this would be a safe place for me to continue to stay. However there was one thing that always worried me." "Which was what?" Knuckles asks as Tikal turns into one of the larger buildings. On the inside the sun shines through a break in the ceiling, revealing a large wall of pictures. "The story of Chaos, the God of Destruction." -------------------------------------------------------------------- Storm Storm continues his travels throughout the forest, both cautious and concerned with what he had seen earlier. He needed to find out where he was, as well as a way to get into contact with Wave to make sure she was safe. The only issue was that everything around him seemed barren. Even the wildlife didn't seem like there was many around. All he was able to notice so far was a few birds and whatever that thing was earlier.  Wing Fortress: Gamma Gamma listens to the Doctor talk while looking between him and Zero. He keeps the assumption that Robotnik was still unaware of his newfound consciousness and decided it was best not to mention anything just yet. He wanted to ask for new orders as well, however he knew normally that he was programmed not to talk unless acknowledging the doctors presence or responding to him. HE could only sit in silence until spoken to again, just as his older brother Beta was doing.
  8. The Happy Birthday Thread

    thank you all for the wishes, and happy belated birthday Geoffrey! 
  9. Mobius Reborn: Rise of Robotnik

    Casino Night Zone: Vector  Vector looked around to all the people jumping in to help and then to Tekno, who quickly lashed out onto the pod to tear it open. He decided not to concern himself with her rampage yet, as he turned to look outward towards the incoming army. "Looks like we'll have to fight our way out of this one team," he says as he slams his two fists together. He then jumps out towards Elias, joining him in the fight against the robots as he bites and throws punches one after another. "I'm afraid Vectors right on this one," the Chief sighs. "As much as I don't like getting non-police force involved, I'm going to need all your help to take care of whatever this crazy phenomenon is." Angle Island: Knuckles & Tikal A few moments had passed, as Knuckles took some time to recover his strength. Tikal waiting patiently as the island seemed to be slowly drifting across the sea. Finally Knuckles stands up and walks over to her. "Well I've taken some time thinking about it. I feel it's best I get to searching for the remains of the Master Emerald." he speaks to her. "I fear that may not be as easy as you think," Tikal responds. "The destruction of the Master Emerald had scattered far beyond this island in almost every direction. We can search for any shards that landed nearby, however I feel your joruney will be one a lot longer than you'd imagine." "What makes you so sure of that?" Knuckles asks, intrigued by her knowledge. "I-I had read a lot on the hieroglyphics in the ruins about the Master Emerald," she stumbles for a moment. "Not only is it a gem of immense power, but to take apart that power by any means would cause many catastrophes. For the Emerald to shatter as it did, I couldn't imagine its remains to be confined to just this island." "I see, then it's best I search for the pieces on this island first and then make way to the mainland once the island reaches it." Knuckles says to himself before attempting to walk off into the forest, however Tikal quickly grabs him by the arm. "Wait! I feel it would be best for you to take a look at the ruins I came from first," she pleads. "There's information there I've always been concerned about, and I feel it would be very important to you as well." "Such as? All I'm concerned about is restoring the Emerald to it's former form and continuing with my duty." "I know, I know. But with the Emerald now in pieces, there's something more you may have to look out for as well." "Which is?" "....Chaos." ---------------------------------------------------------------------------- Storm Storm finally began to come to as he sits up, holding his head. He looks around to what seemed like an uninhabited forest with oddly gorgeous weather. He pulls himself to his feet with the help of a nearby tree and brushes off the dirt for his backside.  "Where in the world am I?" he thinks to himself as he starts walking froward. As he continues to travel in a straight line, he then finds a small pond of crystal clear water. His throat aches of thirst as he drops down and begins drinking quickly. After a brief moment, he finally sits back, letting out a relaxed gasp as he feels his energy finally come back to him. Wiping his mouth, Storm then sits upright and looks back to the pond, however this time it seemed to have grown in size and slightly shifted color. Storm stares at it confused before finally the miss-colored water begins to separate itself from the pond and move onto land, before starting to rise upward into the air. Storm can only watch in shock as the water begins to form a body of a creature he had never seen before, with a very visible brain at the top of it's head. The creature then turns its head to look at Storm, it's bright green eyes feeling as though they were staring deep into his own. Finally the creature turns back and starts walking into the forest. "WHERE in the world am I?" Storm says to himself, out loud this time, before looking at the pond with fear and getting up to run away in the opposite direction. "I need to find Wave fast." Wing Fortress: Gamma Gammas sensors reboot once more, swiftly raisin his arm to grab onto Dr. Robotniks as he immediately sits up from the table. His vision was slightly blurry from damage, however he was able to make sense of his location. He then turned over to the doctor, realizing what he had done, and quickly released his wrist from his grasp.   "Dr. Robotnik," Gamma says blankly, before beginning to think to himself. "I must have shut down again after sending out the final distress beacon. Is the doctor aware of the communication in my head?....should I tell him if it is not the case?" Gamma then looks over to Beta, who was standing in the room awaiting order. "Beta."
  10. At last, the weather's finally warming up to stop with all the snow.......

    Now the rain

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      This right here is the truth.

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      Heh, not in Northern Europe.

  11. Pokemon: Drake and Wyvern

    Pokemon Research Center Turtwig lets out a sound of excitement as Amora pets him. He then spins around to look at Tony, as the two stare at one another for a brief moment, as if to study each others faces. Finally, Turtwig smiles brightly and shoves his head into Tonys chest, who can't help but smile in return. "Looks like he's already taken a liking to you," Amora giggles. "I can see why you chose such a pokemon to start out with." Amora back upwards as she then looks to the professor. "Hopefully once everyone finishes here, I'll have a moment to speak with the professor." she thinks to herself, not realizing how intently she was staring. "Hey, you alright?" Tony asks, looking up from Turtwig. "Oh! Umm, yes sorry," Amora responds, startled. "I suppose I zoned out for a moment, it's a bad habit of mine."
  12. Pokemon: Drake and Wyvern

    Pokemon Research Center Tony nods to the Professors words as he then walks over to Nurse Joy to introduce himself. He then is directed to his case, pulling out the pokeball and tossing it in the air to release the pokemon inside. A small light flashes from the pokeball opening as a Turtwig emerges, landing in the arms of Tony. "So this is who you chose," Amora says, walking over and petting the Turtwigs head. "He seems a little smaller than most, but I think that makes him cuter." 
  13. Mobius Reborn: Rise of Robotnik

    Vector the Crocodile, Casino Night Zone As the arms flung out towards Tekno, the police Chief stumbled over himself in shock. Vector however leaped forward, using his powerful jaw to bite down on the arms while also grabbing two others with his hands. "I'll hold it off! You guys get that pod open!" Vector yells as he spits out metal and continues to fight the machine. Chief Hoppington slowly gets back up, before nodding his head and running up to the pod. "Vectors right young one! I'll help you get this open so we can move on to the others!" The Chief yells to Tekno as he frantically starts beating at the pod with his baton as well, slowly denting the door side. Angel Island, multiple members The island had now fully rested itself above the ocean waters, drifting ever so slowly towards mainland. The green mist of chaos energy was slowly fading away as the water begins to resettle once more, revealing the island and everything around it. The land was quiet, as many of the animals were now hiding after the events, and a vast majority of the chao had been taken away.  The sun shines brightly overhead as many begin to awaken. "No no no, please get up. I beg of you, please be okay." a voice speaks. Knuckles slowly begins to open his eyes in a daze. Everything around him felt like it was being thrown away and his vision was slightly blurry for a while before finally coming to his senses. "Oh my-, what happen?" he finally speaks, getting helped to be sat upright. He rubs his eyes once more before looking over to see the person with him. To his surprise, it was a young girl, who looked very much like him. Her fur was a bright orange color, and she had a very strange attire. "No way, are you an Echidna?" Knuckles asks confusingly. The girl nods and then hugs him with a big smile. "I'm so glad you're ok. It didn't seem like you were ever going to wake up." The entire situation was still leaving Knuckles in shock. He returns the girls hug before slowly pushing away to get a better look at her again. "I don't understand, I thought I was the only one of my kind left. Who are you?" he asks "Oh, umm..... my names Tikal," she speaks. "I was living in the ruins on the north side of this island when the strange attack happened." "The ruins up north? I've always seen the top of them, however I had never been myself." Knuckles thinks out loud for a moment. "Yes, I too knew about this shrine, however I had learned to never approach it due to the power the Master Emerald held. When the attack happen though, I felt like I had no choice but to come here for safety, before the islands inevitable plummet. ______________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ The trees sway in a rhythmic motion through the ocean breeze as they shade Storm. After losing consciousness mid fall, the jet streams above the clouds, as well as the pressure from Angel Island falling had dragged him over above the islands decent, before ultimately getting caught in it's energized safety net. He awakens and slowly pulls himself up to lay back on a tree root. Taking a breather as he felt dizzy from the whole ordeal. "W-Wave.....I hope you're ok," he whispers gently to himself before falling back asleep. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- On the west side of the island, Gammas body laid motionless for a moment before finally rebooting back up. He manages to pick himself up from the ground, recalibrating his sensors and surveying the area. "I am no longer at the Master Emerald shrine. Analysis suggests the blast has thrown me away to the other side of the island. I must contact Dr Robotnik befo-" he thinks before stopping for a moment. Gamma looks to his wrist, and then around the area. "My logs are being projected....inside of me..." he contemplates for a moment, looking at his body. Suddenly his connection to the Egg fleet got restored and all of the emergency calls were coming in. He swiftly opens up his communicator and sends out a signal. "This is Gamma, requesting immediate pick up from the Mysterious Island. The objective.....has resulted in failure." he quickly responds, closing his communicator and then sitting down. "This feeling...this sense of.....self. What is it?" he ponders some more, looking at his hands and body while waiting for a response from the Egg Fleet.
  14. Pokemon: Drake and Wyvern

    Tony and Amora quietly stood to the side, watching the events unfold while both eagerly ready for what was to come.
  15. Mobius Reborn: Rise of Robotnik

    Casino Night Zone Vector frantically makes his way through the crowd before hearing a scream coming from the center. Vector then started pushing further as the clouds in the sky slowly grew dark as the wing fortress made its way into view.  Chief Hoppington rushes over toe the pod, and tries to pull at it's doors. He ends up losing his grip and falling backwards, before looking up to see the winged fortress descending down, dropping even more pods and robots that were attacking the city. " Ay, Chief!" Vector calls out, finally making his way to the center crater.   Angel Island The Island continues to plummet through the sky, its shear weight dragging it down faster and faster to the earth below. Just before hitting however, a strong force envelopes the island entirely, slowing it down just before crashing into the ocean below. The island is left with a thick mist from all the thrown around air and water. Flashes on green light pulsate around a few parts of the island, before ultimately dimming out. Knuckles was left unconscious atop the Mater Emerald shrine. Gamma's body nearly to the complete other side of the island. His information logs had finally received enough connection to send the distress call out to the Egglfeet, however much of his data had become corrupted and unreadable after being delayed for so long.