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Pokemon: Drake and Wyvern

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Pokemon Research Centre – Scabbard Town


Steam rose from the warm tea as Professor Alistair Pine picked up the mug and heading towards the glass fronted conference room of the Pokemon Research Centre.  With this being the day of his tenth anniversary as a professor in Scabbard Town, some joker had left a happy birthday card in his office.  But as the badge with the card showed a Squirtle, his own starter years ago, he was wearing it with pride on his lab coat.


Through the windows of the room he could already see the pink haired Nurse Joy setting up the room.  She looked up a little surprised as Pine entered.


“Professor?  You’re up early!” she commented, looking at the clock above his head which showed a few minutes past 6am


“And you think our new group of trainers won’t be?” asked Pine with a smile.  “They might not be due till ten but believe me they’ll arrive early so we better be ready for them.”  He looked around the room appraisingly.  “But you seem to be well head of me Nurse.  By the way, the kettles just boiled in the canteen if you would like a cup of tea.”


“Thank you, I’d love one,” replied the Nurse.  “Don’t go yourself, I’ll get it.”


“If you insist,” Pine replied.  “I’ll get the cases out.”  Joy nodded and left the room while the Professor began checking the cases labelled with the names of the new trainers.  Each contained a Pokedex, half a dozen empty Pokeballs, and their starter Pokemon inside a Pokeball, except for a couple who were bringing their own starters..  As he looked through, the Professors eyebrow rose and he turned to look at the returning Nurse Joy, tea cup in hand.


“Nurse, is there a mistake with the shipment?  There seems to be a lot of Fennekins here!” asked the Professor, sorting through the cases.


“I’ve double checked the manifests,” replied Nurse Joy, taking a sip from her cup.  “Fennekins seem to be popular with this group of trainers.” 


“I see.  I suppose these trends do come and go.  Like two years ago when every starter chosen was from the Kanto Region,” mused the Professor with a chuckle, though something seemed to be bothering the Nurse.


“Professor?  Maybe… we should postpone this group.  There are those stories of Trainers going missing…” began Joy, but the Professor gave a small wave.


“You’re worrying too much.  Trainers often go off the beaten path, and you know how unreliable the holocaster signal is in Ganlo.  It’s not the first time it happened, nor the last,” said the Professor reassuringly.  He took a final gulp of tea and put his empty mug on the desk.  “I’m going to check on the training facilities.  Give me a call if any of our young… or old newcomers arrive.  With a nod he left the room, humming happily to himself as a small Lillipup came out of his office and started walking at his heels.




Day Care Centre – Scabbard Town


“C’mon Amber, hurry up!” called Kimberly, more commonly known as Kimi, to her twin sister.   She skated in circles around her sister, her ginger hair flapping behind her in a ponytail.  Amber however looked nervous, clutching the Eevee egg which had been gifted to her.  The two girls were at the end of the road junction which led to their parents Day Care centre, a short way outside Scabbard Town.


The twins had already said their goodbyes, but their older brother had followed them to the road end, both to see them off and to check on the pair of Ponyta’s the Day Care was looking after.


“Do… do you really think I should do this Michael?” Amber asked her brother, looking up at him. 


“Of course you should.  I never wanted to do anything but work here, but going was still a great experience, and one you girls should really do!” Michael replied with certainty.


“I still don’t get why you didn’t at least TRY to join the League Championship.  You had all your badges,” Kimi shot back, coming to a halt.


“Like I said, that’s not where my interests lay.  I didn’t want to be stuck with a title I’d need to defend all the time,” he retorted with a smile.


“Seems silly to me!” shrugged Kimi.  “But let’s get started.”  She started skating away.


“KIMI!” called Amber, but her sister was already on her way.  She gave one last look towards her brother.


“Don’t worry Amber, your egg will hatch in time,” said Michael anticipating his sister question.  “And you’ll have fun, I know it.” 


Amber gave a weak smile, then ran after her sister, calling her name.


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Boat from Rapier to Scabbard Town

As the morning sun rose over the horizon, Tony was lening over the railway, watching over the sea as many different pokemon would pass by. He let out a relaxing sigh and turned his head, viewing the dock to Scabbard coming into view.

"My my, you're up rather early." a soft voice speaks from behind him. Tony turns around to see who it was.

"Well, the Captain did say we would be arriving early in the morning while boarding," he responds. "I guess I'm just a little over Eager to be starting out my new life."

"I take it you're coming here to start the journey of being a Pokemon trainer then?" she asks, which Tony replies with a nod.

"I'm sure you're probably wondering why I'm starting so late in my life, but I just felt like I wanted more time to see if this was something I really wanted to do as a career."

"Oh no, not at all, that's rather mature of you to do so at such a young age. Most people seem to become trainers almost immediately and then choose a different career afterwards."

"Heh, I wouldn't exactly call it maturity but thank you," Tony replies. A low horn goes off from atop the boat as it approached the Scabbard docks. "I suppose we should head back to our rooms to grab our stuff," he suggests, to which the young lady replies with a nod.

"My name's Amora by the way. We should meet up at the Pokemon center to head over to Professor Alistairs research centre later on. I take it that's where you're going right?" she suggests

"It is, were you going there as well?" Tony asks.

"Yes, I needed to speak with the professor about something. I figure we can head there together, no?"

" I don't mind at all, I'll see you in a bit then," Tony waves as he walks off down the end of the boat. Amora smiles as he heads down into the cabin area back to his room before laying her back against the wall and pulling out a pokeball.

"I really hope he can help me take care of you," she speaks quietly while staring at it with a worried face.


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Conner Residence- Scabbard Town

"Today is the day...I believe I've made all the preparations." Said Layla as she tied her favorite ribbon around her ponytail.


"Blue, green, orange...no, not the right one...there it is! Red is my color." Said Rob as he put the red beanie on.


The two twins met each other as they exited their rooms and rushed down stairs.


"You two are up more early than I thought you'd be. But I guess that was anticipated. This is a big and important day for you two." Said Amanda smiling.


"Let's hurry Layla!" Said Rob as the two siblings waved goodbye to their mother and walked out the door.


A large Staraptor flew down to the ground as Rob and Layla exited their home to greet them. Rob and Layla both petted the Staraptor and headed on their way.


"Oh it's gonna be quite different without them old friend but I know they'll do great out their." Said Amanda as she and Staraptor continued to wave til the twins were out of site.


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Danny and Lynda's house - Scabbard Town

Lynda woke up to a pillow being thrown at her head

"Come on sis! It's time to wake up!" her younger brother, Danny said in a panic. "We're going to be late!"

Lynda took a look at the clock then pulled the blanket over her head

"It's still early.We have ages before we need to be there!" she said. Although she was as eager as her bother to get going, she also couldn't pass the opportunity to tease him a little

Danny just threw another pillow at her

"I'll go without you if you don't wake up!" he said

With this, Lynda sat up in bed with a smirk

"Mom said I need to make sure you get to the research centre before you can go off on your own! Besides, she won't let us leave without having breakfast first!" She said

Danny scowled but said nothing

Now it was Lynda's turn to throw a pillow at Danny and she got him on the head

"Now get out of my room! I need to pick what I wear for the journey!" she said with a grin

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Jack, James and Blake- Just outside Scabbard town

On the road just outside Scabbard town a jeep was on its way to Professor Pine's lab. Blake was driving and James in the passenger were perfectly calm but Jack in the back couldn't keep still.


"Hurry up! Hurry up! I want to get started already!" Yelled Jack from the back of the jeep holding his worn our bag in his arms tightly.


"Calm down Jack! We will be there soon enough. If you rush this you will miss the most important feeling a trainer could ever get! The feeling of knowing that you are about to get a new best friend and partner who will be with you all the way to the end!" Said James. 


Hearing those words calmed Jack down. "James you used to be more impatient than I am. Did you miss that feeling?" asked Jack.


"No bro I didn't. When I got to lab for my Charmander fear took hold me causing me to freeze in place. I was frozen in place for over an hour, unable to move a muscle. The professor thought I wasn't coming and was about to go into town when he saw me standing there looking scared" said James.


"You were scared? But you were so confident that you will be a great trainer and a Champion one day. Why were you so scared?" Asked Jack.


"I realised that I was about to start a journey where I was on my own and had no one to protect me. And I was also responsible for my Pokémon too. When I was never any good at looking after you" said James.


"D.. do you think I will be any good?" Asked Jack sounding very nervous.


"Of Course you will! I felt that way but the Prof saw me so scared that he went back inside to collect a pokeball. Then I heard him say. You must be James, allow me to introduce you to Charmander. It was then he let it out of the pokeball and at the sight of it my fear melted away" said James.


"Your fear just melted away seeing Charmy for the first time?" Asked Jack.


"Yeah, and the feeling I had in that moment I will never forget. It helped guide me to who I am today. So I am sure the second you see your Chimchar. All of your fears and doubts will just disappear" said James.


"Your brother is right Jack. The moment you see your first pokemon, everything changes in your heart. So just sit still savouring every second until you see the best friend you can ever have" said Blake.


Zeke- Pokemon Research center, Scabbard Town


Zeke entered the room but was focused on his clipboard that he accidentally walked into a near by table. Zeke fell down and a pokemon treat fell out of his pocket. Zeke snapped out of his trance and picked up his clipboard and the treat. The lillipup saw the treat and ran to Zeke causing him to giggle. "Want this treat? Then get it!" Said Zeke as he threw the treat in the air and the lillipup jumped up to catch it.


Zeke approached Pine slowly while watching his steps. "Professor, I have completed my morning checklist. I have also contacted Cafe Vanilious and placed your usual order. Annie will  be delivering it when she arrives to register as a new trainer" reported Zeke.


Annie- Cafe Vanilious, Scabbard Town

Annie was in her room packing her bag ready for her journey. Vanillite was sitting on her bed smiling as it always did. Once finished, Annie picked up Vannilite and walked down the stairs and into the cafe.


"You all packed now Annie dear?" Asked the woman behind the counter. Annie nodded and approached the counter.

"Mom are you sure I should be doing this? I mean I am the one who created our famous Vanillice puffs" said Annie sounding nervous. Her mother's face lit up with a smile.

"That is exactly why you should be doing this! If you could create a masterpiece like that with just Vanillite as inspiration then what else can you create with other pokemon to inspire you. But no more arguments. Zeke phoned in Alistair's usual order so be a dear and deliver it for me" said Annie's mother. Annie nodded and picked up the order before leaving the cafe and heading for the research center.

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Pokemon Research Centre – Scabbard Town


“Good work Zeke,” replied Pine, placing his cup of tea down on the desk as he bent down to pick up the Lillipup, followed by the checklist from Zeke.  He sat down, stroking the small Pokémon on his lap as his eyes scanned the list.


“Another delay delivering the rejuvenation drive,” sighed the Professor.  “A shame, I’m dying to know what that strange fossil is from,” replied Pine taking a sip of tea.  He glanced out the large window.


“Big crowed” he muttered to himself as he inspected the group outside.  “Always is on these days.  Family and friends cheering the new trainers on, local press making a fuss, plus the usual gawkers.  Though it is odd to see the crowd arrive BEFORE any of the trainers.”




Outside Research Centre – Scabbard Town


Kimi and Amber were weaving their way through the crowd.  Kimi moved stylishly with confidence on her skates, managing to find a path through.  Amber on the other hand moved much more slowly, tired out, perspiring a little and red faced from running after her sister.  After a few ‘excuse me’s she made her way though, seeing the large garden on front on the centre, several paved paths running through it, and Kimi standing in the middle waiting for her.


“You’ve gotta move faster Sis if we’re gonna travel together.  Maybe you should get a pair of skates too?” she laughed, know her sister would never do so.


Amber was too short of breath to reply, instead she just glared.  Kimi ignored the glare.  “C’mon, let’s get inside.”  She turned and skated towards the doors.


“Wait!” called Amber, running forward to try and catch up. 

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Scabbard Docks

The boat arrives outside of town, blowing its horn to notify all around. Tony was upfront and ready to depart from the boat as it anchored down and opened up it's gate to leave. He immediately looked around in search of the pokemon center until its red roof caught his eye, to which he made his way over immediately and took a seat inside. After a few moments or so, he saw Amora walk in as well and headed over to her.

"My, you really do move quick," she says with a chuckle as Tony walks up to her.

"Heh, sorry it's a habit of mine to walk a little faster than normal due to all the running I used to do," he replies back, scratching his head. "You're good to head straight over, right?"

"Of course, I had already prepared everything before the boat ride. I just figured the pokemon center would be easier for us to meet up at rather than fighting through the crowd at the research facility."

"Crowd? For what?"

"You really are new to all this," Amora laughs as she gestures Tony to follow her out the center and towards the Research facility. "There's always a crowd of the locals on the day of trainers getting their first pokemon. Most are relatives of sorts, others just common neighbors or those who really like to support the new group of trainers. We'll probably have to make our way through them though, considering how late it is in the morning."

"I see," Tony responds as they walk down the town streets. After a moment the research facility started to come into view, as well as a large crowd of people, some of which were already cheering loudly.

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Scabbard town - Walking to the Pokemon Research Centre

"Did you have to walk with me?" Danny asked with a groan. Both he and his sister had eaten their breakfast and after a long goodbye to their parents, they had begun heading for the Research centre

"Well...we're both going to the same place" Lynda replied with a smirk. "Besides! Mom wanted me to walk you there before you went off on your own"

"But it's stupid!" Danny complained

"Instead of complaining, will you tell me what starter you picked now?" Lynda asked

"No!" Danny said starting to grin,knowing that would irritate his sister

"Aww come on bro. I told you mine" Lynda said

"Well then you shouldn't have if you were expecting me to tell you yours!" Danny replied grinning more

"Whatever. It looks like we're here... and that's a lot of people" Lynda said. "Probably to cheer us on with our journey

"Well only one of us is going to become champion. And that's me!" Danny said confidently

Lynda laughed

"If you say so bro" she said as she hurried her way to the doors with Danny following close behind

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Just outside Pokemon Research Centre

"Looks like a crowd Layla. Wasn't expecting it." Said Rob looking at the huge crowd and thinking how to get pass.

"So many people..." Said Layla quietly.

"I'll get us through this!" Said Rob as grabbed Layla's hand and moved through the crowd.

After several minutes of maneuvering through the crowd the two siblings made it to the other side.

"That wasn't so hard. Though my ears are ringing now." Said Rob as headed to the doors.

"I wish I had your confidence Rob..." Said Layla following her brother.

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Scabbard town - Behind the crowd

Blake quickly pulled the brake on the jeep."Jack this crowd is too big. I can't drive you the rest of the way. You will have to find another way there. Sorry son" said Blake.


"Don't worry dad. Charmy can take him the rest of the way" said James as he threw out a Pokeball to reveal a Charizard. Charmy, Jack is gonna be late to collect his first Pokemon if he doesn't get there soon. Get him to Pine's lab as quick as you can! Now go!" Said James which caused Jack to undo his seat belt as Charmy quickly took off and grabbed Jack from the back seat.


Charmy and Jack then flew over the crowd towards Pine's lab in quite a fast pace. Charmy let out a loud roar knowing people would hear it.


Pokemon Research centre- Scabbard Town


"Professor it is my pleasure! Do you have any other tasks for me to perform this morning Sir?" Asked Zeke as he dusted off his pants from the fall. "Oh we have some arrivals! I will go and greet them on your behalf" said Zeke who approached Danny and Linda before Pine had a chance to respond.


"Greetings, I am Zeke. Aide to Professor Pine. Are you two here to recieve your first pokemon?" Asked Zeke.


Scabbard town - Behind the crowd


Annie reached the large crowd outside Pine's lab and she shyly began to make her way through it being careful not to hurt Vanillite or damage Pine's delivery.

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Pokemon Research Centre - Scabbard Town  

Pine shook his head slightly as Zeke hurried off.  "Too much hurry.  That kid could get in trouble like that," he commented to himself.  Watching his assistant head to the doors, he could see a couple of kids at the door, and more arriving.  He spun on his heel and headed towards the meeting room.  "Nurse?  Our new trainers are starting to gather like a pack of hungry Poochyenas."

Outside, Kimi reached the doors, giving her sister, still weaving through the crowd, a quick grin before turning to the doors.  "Hi there!" she called happily as she skated towards the small gathering group.  "I'm Kimi!  And the Slowpoke over there is my sister Amber," Kimi continued, pointing towards Amber who had just made it through the crowd, holding her egg carefully, as if terrified it was going to leap out of her arms.  She was about to reply to her sisters comments when a roar shook the air.

"W-what was that?" she gasped.

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Pokemon Research Centre - Scabbard Town

As the crowd continues to celebrate, Amora manages to make her way through, pulling Tony along with her.

"You said you're a quick mover, but you can barely make your way through a crowd," she chuckles as Tony takes a minute to catch his breathe.

huff  "I'd prefer not to have to literally fight all the way through my journey from day one if possible," he replies, exhausted.

"You really do have much to learn then, about what it means to be a trainer," Amora says with a warm smile.

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