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  2. Like a Phoenix (hehe), I am alive! Life's the same but different if that makes sense. Glad to see this place is still up as well!

    1. ChaosKaiser


      Come to me, Ifrit! Or Phoenix, whatever

    2. Thire


      While I look more like Clive IRL, I do like Phoenix...

  3. Some things never change, do they?

    1. MajinTails


      Apparently not.

    2. Geoffrey St John

      Geoffrey St John

      Actually life outside changes and makes it difficult for life here to change.

  4. Sonic Prime (Netflix Series)

    So, after three seasons, Sonic Prime has ended. And to me it was... okay?  The action scenes were pretty solid, character models were very expressive, I loved that. But the plot... mehhhhh... There were some interesting ideas here and there, but the resolution of the last conflict was way too fast, and the last season could be described as a veeeeery long fight scene.  To me, the highlights of the show have been Nine and the Amy variants (yep, I'm still an Amy fan, some things never change), as well as Shadow, who started being this dry Vegeta knock-off but had a character arc of understanding Sonic and teaming up with him by the end.    Another TV show with cool animation, nice ideas, but not that great execution of many of them. New characters added to the Sonic Multiverse (albeit being alternate versions of preexisting heroes) and, hopefully, an entry point for new fans.  
  5. What's happening forum?

    1. ChaosKaiser


      Doin' alright so far

  6. I have not posted here in quite a while.

  7. Sonic Prime (Netflix Series)

    So, has anyone watched this yet? If so, what do you think? Is it good or not? I've heard it is, but haven't watched myself (feel free to spoil it for me tho, not really planning on watching it anytime soon because I simply do not have the time).
  8. Dead forum

    1. ChaosKaiser


      It is said that, sometimes, very few nonetheless, the dead rise from the grave...


    SEGA has been surprising us this year.

  10. So we know the title (Sonic Prime), we know it's supposed to be released this year, 2022 (if it's not delayed or downright CANCELLED, since Netflix isn't going through its best moment), and now we also know how the main character will look (and sound, new voice actor apparently):    Aaaaaand we've known the synopsis from quite some time: "Sonic will be thrusted into a high-speed adventure, through the strange and mysterious Shatterverse. It's up to Sonic to save the universe and along the way experience moments of self-discovery and redemption."   Sonic Prime is a thing that exists. Now we know it does. It's real. What do you think?
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