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  3. Wakfu: Aeri The Eliatrope

    Chapter 9: Rogues of Bonta The children decided to stay out of the open, to walk the alleys and streets with fewer people. The two were different in many ways, the people wouldn't understand their existence. It was then that they saw something they weren't expecting. A group of bandits trying to Rob an old man's stand. ;"Give it up old timer. No one defies the Seven Lightnings!" A scrawny looking Sacrier declared, while a thin Osamodas with long horns was busy ransacking anything he saw. Their leader stood proudly, tall, on the side grinning from ear to ear. It was at that moment that Aeri's blood boiled. She dashed forward, creating a portal under the two goons busy robbing the poor man blind, the two falling in yelping in surprise. She made them re-appear above a near by river. The splash reached their boss' furcoat, he looked displeased, but as soon as he saw who did it, he began to laugh. ;"Shouldn't children like you be off playing tag elsewhere?" He asked. Aeri grunted. ;"I may look like it, but I'm not a child." She told him. He looked confused but brushed it off. "Shouldn't Rogues such as yourselves be off robbing banks or jewelery stores? Instead of old men?" She argued back smiling. The big guy gritted his teeth. ;"I'd prefer not to fight children." He said baring his fangs. Aeri smiled. ;" Me neither, bit guess I have to make an exception." She giggled. The man ran towards her, she jumped above him, like leap-a-frog, bouncing off of his head. He fell backwards on his bottom. She quickly made a portal next to herself and another before him to disarm him of the dagger he had concealed. She only singed his hand. He threw the dagger at her. Shiroazaad caught it with his mouth half way, biting down hard enough to break it in two. ;"Cheap tricks won't help you now Rogue." He said. The big guy visibly angered made a fist ;"My name is "Lightning Fist" Smisse! You will not beat my group." The children were quiet. Then they laughed. "LIGHTNING FIST?! That's your name?? I'm sorry but- why would you choose that??" Aeri giggled. "That's really bad. Just... Extemely bad." Shiro concured. Smisse did not believe so. ;"It's a cool name okay?! What would you two know anyhow?!" He pouted. "THUNDER!, STORM CLOUD! Get out of the river and FIGHT!" The Osamodas and Sacrier both did as asked. They charged at the two little heroes, but Shiro quickly stopped them with a small flame wall. ;"Ho-oh! What!? Fire?! What are you??" Thunder explaimed. ;"The only beings capable of such are.. Dragons!" Storm Cloud said. Both the leader and his co-worker looked at the Sacrier in disbelief. "What? I read history..Sometimes.." He told them embarrassed. Shiro kicked him in the shin, angered. ;"OW! Why you little-" SC tried to catch him, Aeri sent an energy beam at him, hitting him bullseye in the face. ;"Brother, there is a DRAGON, We can't win this fight-" Thunder argued. Smisse caught him by the collar. :"Either you fight, or you're out of the Seven Lightnings." He told him. Scared, The Osamodas did as 'asked of him' trying to get a hit on the small dragon, who smacked him in the face with his tail. It angered Smisse, but these two kids were beating his men 6-0. ;"Retreat!" He told them the three then ran yelling: "We'll remember this children!!!" Our Heroes then helped the old Feca gather his things, putting them to place. Aeri thought: 'Those guys won't just let this be.. We have to find their base..'  Gladly the shop keeper was willing to help, he had seen them previously entering in an old abandoned art gallery, which they now kept as their base of operations, though they had not been doing many big time heists since the change in command. Apparently, they had since done only little, small time crimes, not even robbing a bank. Smisse was the name of a well known Rogue family name. Yet Lightning Fist seemed to have sullied that name. No real Smisse would ever settle for second rate crimes. So what was it that made him decide so? Not enough men? Fear? Guards? Whatever it was, she would find out. The two silently snuck inside the abandoned gallery through the roof, walking on the balcony as carefully and quietly as they could. ;"BEATEN BY CHILDREN?? ME?!  A Smisse?!" The leader of the Rogues yelled, throwing an old vase to the wall. Many quickly hid behind some boxes and stolen goods, no one dared to say anything back. "What are we?! Gobballs prancing in the fields?! NO. WE'RE ROGUES. Where was our fighting spirit for Sram's sake!?" He seemed to lecture. Aeri jumped down in front of the group. ;"Guess even your God doesn't appreciate your 'heists' if they can be called that" She told them. ;"YOU-?! You DARE infiltrate our base?!" Smisse barked. She didn't even flinch. ;"My brother told me stories about the great Rogue clans... They could steal anything, anytime, anywhere! Yet here you are, stealing from elderly? Fighting children? Oh how the mighty have fallen." She smirked. He tried to punch her, his fist covered in blue electricity as he did it. She ducked and rolled between his legs as his fist hit the wall leaving a nasty crack on it. ;"You kids do not get to lecture us." He told them. ;"Then become better!" Shiroazaad said. "Become the Legendary Rogues your God can proudly look at from the Inglorium." He continued. Sad to say, but the two heroes were right, they WERE pathetic. Small time pick pockets had better haul than they did. ;"Yeah! Take risks! Take chances!" Aeri encouraged. Had someone told her they'd one day be lecturing thieves, she would've told then they were insane. Yet here she was. Out of pity? Out or generosity? She didn't know. But the group of 15 Rogues looked like they needed it. Some hope. ;"So... uh.. who are the 7 Lightings out of you?" She asked, pointing at them one by one. Smisse scratched his head answering: "Three of them are here. There is me, then there's Lightning Bolt, and Lightning Storm over there." He pointed at a female Rogue and a male Ecaflip sitting in a corner, playing with their knives. "The rest have left the group to spread their wings. We Haven't been the same since. Being beaten by someone like you.." He said embarrassed. Aeri while a little hurt by the comment walked to him. ;"Hey, I bet if you had all come at me at the same time we wouldn't have stood a chance." She patted his back comfortingly. He said nothing but grunted. "I mean.. you still have your base. Your treasure... I bet you could all make a nice big heist if you'd put your mind to it." She told them. Some seemed touched by her words, some rather pessimistic. ;"and you would help us why..?" One of them asked. Aeri smiled. ;"Because I need information. About a certain Dofus." She said.
  4. Youtube channel with Sonic analysis

    Nice video. Sonic Rush would be interesting to talk about too I think since there's boost and stuff
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  6. Sonic Fan Songs

    I love this song, man. I might use it for a green hill level.
  7. Dogtanian and The Three Musketeers: The Other Musketeer

    Chapter 1: Onwards To Adventure As Viviette grew up, she kept to her word, of wanting to become a musketeer. Much to her Teacher's Mrs.Vedeers dismay. The middle-aged, newly widowed black furred pug, scoffed at the young teenager, pretending to be a man. In her opinion it was the most unbecoming for a young lady to wave a sword around. Mrs.Vedeer was in charge of teaching the poor girl some 'manners', sewing and etiquette. Although Viviette would sneak out of the back window of her house as soon as she saw the boys training. This day was no different, other than she was riding a horse. Her horse of course. Blanco ran through the streets Viviette and Gifford on his back. ;"Sorry Mrs.Vedeer!" She yelled after her. "I'll be back as soon as I'm done with my sword training!" She was fuming. ;"Humph! That- that- CHILD doesn't know what's best for her! Why do I even bother..." she wondered to herself, feeling lightheaded. ;"Whoo-hoohoo! Faster Vivi! Faster!" Gifford yelled in excitement, holding onto his hat as they nearly flew past the town onto the nearby fields to train with Harbin and Jullien. The two arrived in the middle of the other two swinging their swords around. Harbin surprisingly made a good opponent despite training being a blacksmith. Jullien of course had the upper hand, as soon as Harbin's sword flew from his hand it was over. The terrier decided to play along with the scene: ;"Oh noooo, you got me! GAH! I can see the light at the end of the tunnel..." He played as he carefully laid down on the ground, plopped his tongue out and closed his eyes. Gifford hopped off of the horse and ran to him. ;"Hey, it's not a challenge if you're not bringing your best on the battlefield Har." He lightly kicked his boot with his. The terrier opened his eye to look at his slightly disappointed companion ready to debate with him, but he was stopped by Viviette. ;"Guys we came here to TRAIN. And as I see it, it's my turn with Jullien." She said with a determined face. The two started their training fight, at first it seemed as if she had the upper hand, but Jullien quickly spun around to clang his sword against hers, causing her to lose balance, making it easy for him to send her sword flying back. ;"Whoaah! Jullien actually did it! We finally have a champion!" Gifford celebrated, as Harbin elbowed him in the gut, telling him to read the mood. Viviette picked up her sword, gritting her teeth. It was embarrassing to lose to someone you had been equals with, but she refused to cry in front of them. She turned around with a smiling face. ;"Good training session Jul." She said shaking his hand. Although she said nothing, he knew how she felt. Both of them did take being a musketeer seriously, and they knew one would sooner or later best the other, Viviette just didn't think it would be this soon. It was evening when she returned on Blanco, head hung low from the loss. Mrs.Vedeer was ready to scold her, but as she saw her sad little face attempting to hide tears, she couldn't find it in her heart to do so. Instead she decided to let her go straight home. Any other day she would've let her have a piece of her mind (which was nearly every day) she returned Blanco to his stable feeling him, as she sat down next to the steed. ;"Guess we finally know who's the better fit for musketeer. Not that I'm not happy for him but- I just kinda hoped we'd both be equals till the end you know?" She asked the horse, who neigh'ed in response. "Yeah I know I shouldn't feel bad for it." She sighed. "YOU always DO know what to say Blanco." As she returned inside she was met with her parents waiting. They both looked serious. ;"Whatever Mrs.Vedeer said I did, I DIDN'T. I SWEAR!" She immediately held up her hands. ;"Sit." Her father said. She did so without hesitation. The mood was clearly different. But different how? Bad? Good? Oh it must have been bad, her mother kept avoiding eye contact. "We know you've been missing your classes, because of sword training." He started. She gulped. She was definitely in trouble. "You've mentioned wanting to become a Musketeer since you were little, I thought at first it'd be a phase, but clearly I was wrong." Her father explained. Her ears turned downwards as she hung her head low. ;"You're right father. Please don't be too mad at me, it's just... being a "proper lady" isn't me! I know what Mrs.Vedeer does is important work, and she is respected in high society. But, I can never be that! So.. please.." she argued. Her father made eye contact. ;"You've certainly made your point which is why.." He started, standing up. He looked very intimidating looking down on her sitting daughter. "I've made you, your own sword." He told her, bringing her a new, shiny rapier. She was dumbfounded. ;"W-w-wait you're giving me a sword that YOU MADE?!" She looked at him, then at her smiling mother. Her smile went up to her ears as she went to hug him. "THANK YOU THANK YOU Thank You! I love it!" She exclaimed. ;"I have a gift for you too." Her mother said, holding out a red coat with Golden colored trims and buttons. She was ecstatic about it. Immediately trying it on. It covered most of her, with her hat you could barely see her face, but she always liked the mysterious aura. Her father Approached her. ;"Your mother and I, think you should go to Paris, to the best Musketeer trainer there is, Monsieur De Treville. If anyone can train you to become a full fledged Musketeer, it's him. You're old enough to travel on your own. You may leave tomorrow if you so wish. The decision is yours." He told her. She looked at him starry eyed. ;"I, absolutely will! I promise I will make you proud, father! Mother!" Oh, how she couldn't wait for tomorrow. Her own sword, new coat, going to PARIS to become a Musketeer. The guys would be soooo jealous! The next morning Viviette Rose early, making sure she had everything she needed before heading out where her friends were waiting for her. Gifford was in tears. ;"You're just going to leave us like this? To go to Paris? Like some big shot??" Harbin smacked him in the back of the head. ;"Like you and Jullien Aren't going to head on out soon enough." He said. Viviette curiously looked at them ;"You are? Are you going to come to Paris too Jul?" She asked rather timidly. She thought of this as a new opportunity to shine among the other cadets. ;"Not yet. I'm going to train with my uncle in another city first before I'm done." He told her. ;"and Gifford?" The Beagle jumped up and down ;"I'm joining a crew to become a sailor!" He told her grinning from ear to ear. ;"Harbin? What about you?" The Terrier only motioned at her father. ;"I'm studying under him for now. Maybe head on out to a big city when I'm done to the big leagues." He told her smiling. The four of them put their hands together in a group. ;"You all promise we'll meet again some day? Maybe in Paris if we have good fortune?" Viviette asked them. ;"It's a promise!" The three said in unison. And so, with Blanco as her trusty steed, she left Marseille, towards Paris and new Adventures.
  8. Um... Happy New Year?

  9. Sadly it is near that vile holiday of cheer that everyone seems to love so I must say once more.  BAH HUMSKUNK!

  10. Quick question ya'll. Do any of you read my stories?

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      Well, I don't think I need to tell you that I do, lol.

  11. Sonic The Hedgehog 2 (2022 Movie)

    That poster, and the trailer... They are so beautiful. Tails looks adorable, the Tornado flying towards a tornado, Knuckles looking (and sounding) absolutely badass, a true threatening antagonist, Jim Carrey looking more like Robotnik... Now Sonic has truly hit the big screen. Yeah, this is happenin'! 
  12. Wakfu: Aeri The Eliatrope

    Chapter 8: To Become An Adventurer It was an early morning like any other, Shiroazaad and Aeri attempted to sneak out, only for Grougaloragran to stop them in the last moment. Aeri was thrown through the air, in a cartwheel motion, while Shiro was smacked to the ground head first on the sand. ;"We're not done yet!" Aeri declared, jumping back into action, creating portals around Grougal, letting out a light beam which then divided between portals and right towards him. He avoided them by leaping the portal ring and turning into a dragon, dashing towards Aeri, who in turn was thrown out by hit from Grougal. Shiro intervened, grabbing his sister mid air, taking her to safety. They both then dashed towards Grougal ready to release and energy attack only to be blown hot air at. "THAT'S UNFAIR! You're an adult dragon! How are we supposed to beat you??" Aeri spat. Grougal laughed. ;"You're not." He said, grabbing both of them in his claws. ;"Well this is just dumb.." she mumbled under her breath, sitting in the cave. Grougal eyed her suspiciously. The dragon had placed himself so, that the two children could not male it outside the cave they stayed in. Shiroazaad was sulking in a corner, while Aeri was closely watched, due to her portal magic. The Eliatrope was having a silent staring contest with her parental figure. ;"Why can't you just let's us go Grou-Grou? We are strong enough to-" She tried to insist. She was met with a glare. "Hmph." She crossed her arms. That night, neither one of them could sleep, they had been trying for YEARS to get out of Oma Island, to search the land for their brethren, and see the world. Yet their Guardian Dragon wouldn't allow it. 'Not until your brothers are born from Dofus Emerald', he had said. But that could take hundreds of years, THOUSANDS even. No they would not wait any longer.  Once the dragon fell into a deep slumber the two snuck out like bow-meows without making a sound, they dashed to the entrance. However the old dragon had quite the hearing, he flew up high to check the grounds, sensing the two near the entrance he dove downwards toward them. The two quickly separated each trying to get to the invisible Wall. Grougaloragran let out a roar. Aeri stopped in front of the wall, to turn to him and say: "It doesn't matter what you do. We're going Grougal." He stopped charging. Instead taking his human form he approached her. She continued. "I an truly greatful for everything you've done for us. But you can't stop us from going brother. We need to see the world for ourselves." The young Eliatrope said, while she looked like a regular child, her words were anything but. Grougaloragran let out a heavy sigh. ;"Grougaloragran knows this Aeri. Yet he doesn't want to admit it." He told her. "You two have been ready for some time now. But I can not protect you out there." He said. ;"We know." Shiroazaad told him. ;"We understand but.. You have to let us go Grou-Grou." Aeri said to the old dragon pulling him into a hug, he did the same. ;"Please. Be careful children. Grougaloragran will wait here with your siblings for your return." He explained holding our Dofus Emerald. Aeri placed her hands on it. ;"I can't wait to meet you two. Yugo, Adamai. Once you're born I'll tell you all about the world okay?" She said, giving a Kiss on it. Shiroazaad patted the Dofus gently to show some love to his siblings. And then, they were off on Shiro's back The first thing they saw before them was vast ocean, islands they flew past, full of life, but they were heading, for Bonta. A big bustling city, where coincidentally, the city they were first found in. They didn't know this of course, but something inside them felt an odd familiarity towards the place. It was a long Journey. They landed right outside the city, Shiro taking the form of a child as to not raise suspicion. The two held hands as they entered the city, surprisingly no one paid any attention to two unsupervised children, but they guessed That's big city for you. The heart of the city was vast, bustling with life, different vendors here and there, soldiers marching to maintain peace, it was all so dazzling. Unlike the two had ever seen. So many different people, from all corners of the World of Twelve.
  13. Merry christmas, Somewhat sharply dressed individuals of noble families.

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      But it's not Christmas yet-

  14. Hello everybody! It's been a while! Bit of a tumbleweed town, isn't it? How's everybody doing?

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      Tumbleweeds make good company! I am same as ever hidden in the shadows

  15. Sonic The Hedgehog 2 (2022 Movie)

    Here comes a trailer!
  16. Sonic Frontiers

    Looks pretty interesting!
  17. News of the Sonic franchise

    Tommorow night promises to be a pretty interesting.
  18. Sonic The Hedgehog 2 (2022 Movie)

    Meet up a first poster of the sequel!
  19. Fan Characters (Wanna see what ya made!)

    Here's some of my oc drawings (plus Dimitri and Neyla from Sly Cooper Series)
  20. Wakfu: Aeri The Eliatrope

      Chapter 7: New Family Taking care of both an Eliatrope and a Dragon proved to be quite the challenge. Grougaloragran was familiar with Dragon's needs, but Eliatropes had more difficult needs. They needed to be held, hushed, lulled to sleep, burped, fed, clothed, bathed etcetera.  It was a whole new Boufbowl game for an old Dragon like him.  Shiroazaads needs were so much more simple. Although he had to admit the children needed to be clothed if they were going to live as humans. The Emerald Dofus he had collected was yet to be hatched, yet he hoped that it would soon do so as well. His family had been too long apart. He missed his brother Chibi, his Sisters Mina, Shinonome and Nora, brothers Phaeris, Efrim, Glip, Qilby, Yugo, Baltazar, Adamai. They had all been separated for far too long. Too long from their own kind, and their own planet. There was nothing left, but family. Although their growth took many years, it happened in a blink of an eye, the moment he taught them how to talk, was a moment of great regret. ;"Grou-Grou! What is behind that invisible Wall??" They always asked. ;"Grou-Grou! When can we learn how to fight???" ;"Grou-Grou! Explain this in an easy way!" Grougaloragran felt as if he was going insane. One child was enough but TWO. Oh how he wished his Sisters were here to handle this. They were always good with children. As was his brother Baltazar. He himself was an inventor, mentor, not a father figure. Teaching Aeri how to use her Wakfu would be difficult too. If left unchecked she might become quite the fearsome opponent. Maybe even more so that a Shushu, a demon. He tried his best to teach her proper breathing techniques, as well as Wakfu control. But he did not tell her how to fully use her powers in battle. Sure he taught her how to make portals, travel through them and make normal energy blasts, but the little child's talent was still untapped. For Grougaloragran, while he would never actually admit it, was afraid of the power of Stasis like Wakfu. It was nothing like he'd ever seen before. This was completely new territory to any Eliatrope child. No other had a mix of both Stasis and Wakfu. Despite the race differences, Grougaloragran did his best to raise them like his own. Taught them survival skills, Wakfu techniques and channeling, and fighting in hand to hand combat. Eliatrope children stay look wise as such for a long long time due to their natural longentivety. Aeri looked like an 8-year old, despite now being couple of hundred years old. Her brother was no different. Still, that didn't stop them from wanting to see beyond Oma Island's illusonary wall. Over to other places. The two would often try and sneak past their father figure to get to the wall, but their plans were always thwarted by the old dragon. This day was no different. ;"C'mon Shiro! We have to go when it's still dark. Grou should be sleeping by now. It's now or never!" Aeri said to her twin, who nodded in response. The two jumped from tree to tree quickly and silently, teleporting every now and then, closer and closer to the beach's border. ;"Only a little bit left!" Shiroazaad victoriously stated whispering. Their fingertips nearly touched the invisible Wall. When a giant tentacle wrapped itself around them. ;"Uh-Oh." Aeri stated. The tentacle then whisked them away towards the thick jungle they had previously come from. ;"Didn't Grougaloragran tell you children NOT to go over the line?!" A giant Squid looking Dragon told them. Dragons were naturally good at shapeshifting. So something like this was nothing to an experienced, elder like Grougaloragran. Both Aeri and Shiroazaad pouted, looking at the ground. "Do you have something to say?" Grougal asked, turning back, crossing his arms. He looked down on the children with an intense glare. "WELL? Aeri?" She avoided eye contact. "Shiroazaad?" He too did the same. "Guh... What will Grougaloragran do with the two of you? You give Grougaloragran a huge headache." He told them. Aeri glared back at him: ;"Well Grou-Grou needs to stop referring to himself in third person." She told him angrily. He stepped in front of her. ;"And YOU need to learn to respect my rules little one." She looked apologetic. "I DO respect your rules it's just that... I want to see what is on the other side of the wall!!" She yelled strongly, proudly even. He sighed. ;"Grougaloragran has told you, why it is impossible. You are far too young for it." He explained. ;"I'm over two hundred years old brother! I may not look like it but I am old enough! PLEASE!" Aeri pleaded. Small red glowing markings appearing on her skin. ;"Aeri." Grougal said sternly. She calmed down, the markings disappearing soon after. She laid wide awake at night. Pondering what Grougaloragran had said. True she was young at age too, the dragon was far wiser and older than both of them combined, but still... She wished to see the rest of the world. With her brother. It had been her dream ever since she was ACTUALLY young. She knew Shiroazaad shared that same sentiment. They weren't sure what they would see in the outside world, but they wanted to know. To see it with their own eyes. That passion burned bright in their hearts. Just as they used to travel thousands of years ago, so soon, would they do the very same.
  21. We're still standing. Somehow. 

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      But where do we stand? I know I stand in every shadow around you.

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      We stand FREEDOM

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      According to all known laws of the Internet, there is no way that an abandoned forum board should be able to continue existing. Its userbase is too small to get its almost dead body off the ground. The forum board, of course, continues to exist anyways. Because its users don't care what others think is impossible. //Bee Movie reference//

  22. Mac, Windows, Or Linux?

    If you want a system which is open source in nature, then I suggest you use Linux as it comes with free and lots of open source software. But for the office environment, you better go with Windows OS (windows 10 sucks) as it provides enterprise level office suite software. On the other hand, Mac OS is suitable for high-end media or graphics tasking like Web-Design, UX&UI Design, Product Design, Sound Editing, Image Editing, etc.
  23. Wakfu: Aeri The Eliatrope

    Chapter 6: A Whole New World 10300- years later after the second attack of Orgonax: An older gentleman is running through the city of Bonta, with a Dofus in hand. A Ruby Red Dofus, containing the wakfu of Shiroazaad and Aeri. The old man quickly hops into the shadows of an alleyway, eyeing the entrance suspiciously. He really doesn't have the time nor the patience for this. Not today. He had been through too much trouble to back down now. Footsteps became louder, as he hid in the shadows from his pursuers. The guard were crawling everywhere on high alert. It wouldn't be easy to get out. But thankfully, he never did step down from a challenge like that. 'Grougaloragran will not let these humans have their hands on his siblings Dofus. They must be protected at all costs.' He thought. Grougaloragran looked quite human, minus his dark markings, and overwhelming amount of wakfu, one would've thought he was just a regular human. His eyesight had gone bad, so no one expected an old man like that to steal, what was mistaken as Dragon Dofus, from highly guarded museum located in the heart of Bonta. He leapt in the air, dashing with the momentum given by near by buildings, to quickly get around like a nimble alley Bow-meow. The guards were confused and worried. How could they not find ONE, blind old man? They were supposed to be the elite group. Why would an old man want a Dofus anyway? Unless he was going to sell it to the highest bidder. Grougaloragran was not foolish enough for that, he needed to keep his family safe, until the egg would hatch. Then decide where it would be safe for them to grow.  He wasn't expecting Dofus Ruby to hatch on the way home. Now he had both an Eliatrope baby, and a dragon baby to take care of, and they were HUNGRY. 'This is why Grougaloragran doesn't take care of the newly born...' He thought to himself. Landing on the ground, then continuing fleeing by foot. To his unfortune, he attracted a lot of attention from the city's women, especially the older kind. They all wanted to see the cute baby, he had with him. Trying to hide Shiroazaad in the hood of his robes while he kept Aeri in his hands, he attempted to walk away, only to be surrounded by the curious onlookers. Everyone wanted to touch the small baby, see her rosey little cheecks, and small hands. Grougaloragran thought they were more trouble than what they were worth. He wasn't the most talkative type, but even he found it impossible to not answer some of the questions he was given: ;"What is her name?" Asked a thin and tall Osamodas. ;"Aeri." He simply stated. ;"How old is she?" Asked a Sacrier. ;"Just born." He said. The ladies laughed, staring how funny he was. Grougaloragran didn't understand, he had told them the truth, how was it funny? They asked if she was his, he told them she was his little sister, they laughed again, calling him a riot. He would never understand women. After answering for what seemed like a thousand questions, even though there were closer to twenty, he could finally Relax and exhale. FINALLY some peace and quiet. Until he felt a hand on his shoulder. He glanced behind him, a soldier. He had been found. ;"You." The guard said. "Have you seen an old man with a red Dofus around? It is important that he is captured immediately. Your assistance is greatly appreciated." Grougaloragran sighed. He simply shook his head as an answer. "Understood, thank you for your help citizen." The guard told him, jogging away. Grougal understood he would no longer look like a suspicious old man, but a new father. The Dofus was no more, so for once, he could take his time with getting home to Oma. It was going to be a long Journey.
  24. Wakfu: Aeri The Eliatrope

    Chapter 5: The End of Everything She Knew  Waiting for Nora's trials to start, Aeri assured Nora she'd do fine. She had been training vigoriously for this moment. Although she wondered why her trials were decided to be held so soon. She was still young, Aeri did hers when she was years older than her. Her thought escaped her as a familiar hand landed on her head. It was Qilby. ;"Sister- Aeri, may I borrow you for a moment?" He asked, she noticed a tone of urgency in his voice. ;"But Nora's trials.." she started. Qilby took a deep breath. ;"I'm aware, but this can not wait any longer I'm afraid. Please. Come with me." He said. Aeri looked back at her little sister. And back at him. She nodded her head. ;"Let me go tell her at least where I'm going-" She tried to say, but she was stopped. ;"There's no time." He told her, grabbing her hand gently but firmly enough to keep the hold. She was confused, but had never seen Qilby like this. She assumed this must have been EXTREMELY important. Whatever it was, it couldn't be good. She went with him, if only for the worry of what might be going on. They made their way to Qilby's lab. Walking down the spiral staircase was making Aeri nervous. He hadn't said a word, yet he kept glancing at her from time to time. ;"Qilby, what is going on? What is so important that I can't say 'bye' to Nora or even tell anyone where we're going?" She asked. No answer. Only when they were safely on the basement floor, did he speak: ;"There's something I've been working on for years" He started. "Something I've wished to do for the longest time, and I hope you would agree on this one with me." He said rather ominously. Aeri gave a few nervous glances. ;"Um, not that I'm judging but all this secrecy... It isn't Something taboo or illegal is it?" She asked hesitantly, her fingers fidgeting. He turned to look at her with a smile. ;"No it's not. The others just.. They Do not seem to understand what I'm trying to do here. Not even the King.." the latter part, he said with notable malice in his tone. ;"The King...? Um. What about Shinonome? Why isn't she here?" Aeri questioned. Qilby laughed. ;"She will be, once everything is ready. I wanted YOU to be the first one to see it though." He said, holding her hands in his. She could feel her face heating up from the sudden gesture, and his intense stare, but decided not to comment on it further.  He walked forward away from her, spreading his arms. Blue light surrounding him, his form changing. His hair turning black, skin white with black markings all over. A wakfu energy scythe appearing in his hands, his eyes glowing blue. Aeri witnessed this transformation, staring in awe. She had never seen him like this. Wondering if this was part of what was going on. He turned to speak to her: ;"I wish to leave this planet. And travel through the Krosmoz. I hoped you would come with me. Of course, Shiroazaad is more than welcome to come!" He told her. ;"Travel Krosmoz? But wouldn't that require using Zinit? Where would you get such energy?" She questioned. He smiled. ;"with the power of the Eliacube and this planet, nothing is impossible my dear." He explained. She wasn't sure just what he meant, but the moment was soon ruined by a loud roar. "Orgonax... If you would Excuse me for a while and wait here, I have some THING to take care of." He told her creating a portal, disappearing. ;"H-hey wait Qilby what do you mean-?" But he was gone. The ground shook, and Aeri heard, FELT lots of different wakfu. Not Eliatrope, not Mechasm, something else. She wanted to wait, but her entire being spoke against it. She ran as fast as she could, outside where the voices came from. She heard screams. The sky was black and red, ships landing one after one, some odd dog like creatures came out attacking everyone. A giant metallic thing was in the middle of it all, Orgonax. She wanted to fight him but her body simply couldn't move. Only after Shiroazaad came to her, did she come to her senses. "Brother? What happened here? What are these creatures?! Why are they attacking?" She panicked. He shook his head. ;"Don't know, they suddenly appeared. Our siblings need us." She then remembered Nora's trials. ;"Oh no.. Nora/Efrim, Glip/Baltazar, Mina/Phaeris, Chibi/Grougaloragran... WHERE are they??" She asked him. He turned into his dragon form, a giant black and white being appearing in front of her, she jumped on it's back, and they took off. They were on lookout for any of their siblings, many Eliatrope elders and adult were fighting. "The children?" She asked. ;"Evacuated as soon as those things appeared." He answered. She sighed in relief. Soon enough they saw some familiar figures, only... They weren't moving. Aeri landed next to them. ;"No... Nonononononono!" She ran to them, holding Mina in her arms. "Please sister, you can't be- we NEED YOU." She listened for a heartbeat. Nothing. She did the same for everyone, hoping even one of them would be alive. Nothing. Their lifeless bodies laid on the ground of the battlefield, they gave their all, but it wasn't enough. She couldn't seem to fiind Phaeris, Nora and Efrim, nor Grougaloragran and Baltazar. She assumed King Yugo was in charge of evaluation.  "WHY is this all happening to us again? Goddess.. What did we do to deserve this?! They didn't do ANYTHING!" She yelled, hitting the ground with her fists. Her eyes had a red glow, her skin had markings with similar hue. She looked up, to the ships still incoming, she breathed heavily, fuming. "I'LL NEVER FORGIVE YOU." She said. Making five portals above her, she released a devastating energy attack, releasing it onto them. The ships hit each other, exploding on impact. She flew up, using her energy and portals. She landed on top of another ship still in the air. "You did THAT to THEM. So now. I'LL do the same." She spoke to herself. Raising her hands up. Readying to attack. However Shiro grabbed her coat, nudging it. That made her understand. "...Sorry Shiro, but I.. I can't let them live-" he smacked her cheek. ;"Yes you can. We do NOT kill." He said sternly. ;"I... I just.." she wanted to cry. She didn't know if Nora was alright, she didn't know why her other siblings were killed. She didn't know why These beings even attacked in the first place. ;"Aeri!" Someone yelled from above. It was Qilby. He landed opposite of her. "Are you alright? What are you doing HERE? I told you to stay in the laborator-" he lectured, until he noticed her tears. "What happened? Where are the others??" He asked her. She looked down shaking her head. He understood. "I'm sorry you had to..Are you hurt?" He questioned. She shook her head again.  Another figure approached. Yugo. ;"QILBY!" He called. The scientist quickly turned to look at him ;"Oh great.. Just what I needed." He said sarcastically. Adamai and Yugo flew next to the ship. ;"Aeri's here? You need to get out of here it's dangerous!" The dragon told her. ;"Oh Don't worry Qilby and Shiroazaad are with me!" He told him. The dragon shook his head. ;"No you Don't understand QILBY IS the danger!" Adamai yelled. She was confused, as she turned to look at him. ;"Qilby what is he saying?" She asked. He refused to make eye contact. He reached his hand for her to take. ;"Please. Aeri, come with me. You do not Need to worry. You know I would never hurt YOU." He said. Shiro was growling, getting in between the two of them. ;"Qilby I.." Aeri started. A beam came towards the ship. She didn't react quickly enough. A warm sensation rushed over her. "What..?" She looked down, to her bleeding chest. It pierced through the left side. "Bro..ther..?" She fell. She heard vague sounds around her, but couldn't make up any of the words. She was sure her family called for her name. Her eyesight was getting blurry. She saw a dragon approaching. Shiro, he caught her. The last thing She saw, was Qilby, panicked look on his face. ;"Qil..by?.." And then her world became completely enveloped in darkness.
  25. Wakfu: Aeri The Eliatrope

    Chapter 4: The Sister's Test Aeri woke up, this time, not in her own room. Familiar, dimmer glow surrounded her. Once the figure became brighter, clearer, she recognized the room to be Qilby's lab. She was carefully placed on a table with a coat over her as blanket. She attempted to get back up, but a gently placed hand stopped her. ;"Please do not try to move sister. You just had a fall, and I would like to know the reason why." Qilby asked her, with a gentle yet stern voice. Aeri laid back down, taking a deep breath. She then told him what she had seen exactly. From the good times, to the War. She remembered most of it, but some details were still hazy. He took notes of everything she said, nodding along as she explained. Whenever she got too emotional, he would calmly give a light squeeze to her hand, to calm her down. Surprisingly it worked. In minutes, she calmed down, taking deep breaths. She promised herself she wouldn't cry, but it was becoming quite impossible.  She wasn't sure how long she spent sniffling and tearing up, but in the end, she stopped. Falling asleep on the table she had been formerly been carried to. Assumingly by Qilby, since he wouldn't let anyone else in his laboratory. Shiroazaad must've been furious leaving her alone, but knowing their brother, he'd know what to do. The next morning, she quickly hopped off of the table, noticing Qilby sleeping on a chair next to it. He must have been watching over her the entire night. Aeri gave a small smile, placing the coat on him, exiting quietly to allow him to sleep. In her opinion, he never got enough of it anyway. To her surprise, Shiro was sleeping against the door she came out of, making a small PLOP when he fell. Curiously he was STILL asleep. She attempted to gently nudge him awake. It didn't do much. She then, tried to carry him to their room, but it turned out to be harder than it looks. ;'How can a dragon this small, weigh THIS much?' She wondered, when he wouldn't move for even an inch. Her workload was solve for her, when he suddenly woke up, looking around confused, until his eyes laid on her. He quickly got up, embracing his twin tightly. ;"I was worried." He said. ;"I know." She answered. ;"I was here all night thinking up impossible scenarios, worrying for nothing." He continued. ;"I'm sorry." Is all she said. ;"It's okay." He told her, burying his head to her shoulder, not wanting to show the tears of relief falling from his cheeks. When a second pair of hands appeared around him, he jolted. ;"what're you crying for Shiro?" Nora asked, looking at him innocently. He covered his face with the high collar of his over coat. ;"I was not." He answered shyly. ;"Were to." She said, smiling slyly. Their arguing went on for a while, Aeri looking at the familiar scene. Considering Shiro hardly talked to anyone, this was a good and needed experience. ;"So Nora, why are you here? Worried about me?" Aeri asked. Nora shook her head. ;"Nope. Well kind of, I was worried you've overworked yourself like your teacher does. But mostly because, it is THE DAY." She said excitedly. Aeri looked at her little sister confused. ;"The day of my trials, so I can become a full Council member, like you two?" She said as if it was a wildly known fact. Her eyes widened. ;"Ohmy Goddess! Of course! Oh, Shiro we NEED TO BE THERE when Nora leaves for the trials!" Aeri gushed. Shiroazaad nodded. Nora looked happy. She took both of their hands, leading them to the training grounds to see her teacher, Glip. Once they arrived, Aeri took a step back. Glip and her, had always had a rocky relationship to say to least. She thought he hated her, because of her powers, and he didn't know how to help her. He would've taught her had he known how to handle the power of the Stasis, but it was too different from his expertise. Neither would really talk about the subject further, to avoid conflict. As a result they had both been staying far away from each other. The Councils gatherings were always sore at best. She took her brothers hand with quite a grip, but he didn't mind, he squeezed her hand in return. Nora knew of the problem, but didn't quite understand it. They were all different in their own way weren't they? So WHY were her big brother/teacher and big sister so awkward around each other? She decided not to ask though, they'd tell her when they were ready. Nora excitedly jumped around, her dragon brother Efrim, very much sharing that enthusiasm. Aeri always thought he looked like a beautiful fae-like being. Seethrough wings, big shiny eyes, and such Grace when flying. Sometimes she felt a bit jealous, watching Nora and him play. She wanted to feel that freedom. Yet she felt trapped because of her... DIFFERENCE. But at the very least, she could make sure no one else would have to feel like her. Nora was fidgeting from excitement, even though she'd have preparing training before her actual trials started. They would have to wait for everyone to gather around. Including the King. Aeri quickly sneaked towards Baltazar to have a talk with the wise old dragon. Him and her got along smoothly, he would give her advice. She would stay and read with him and for him, as his eyesight wasn't what it used to be. She snuck behind Shiro, making a small portal while Glip was talking to Nora, going through the rules of the said trials. Reappearing in front of the slightly snoring dragon. She tapped his front leg lightly. Baltazar opened his big white eyes sleepily, staring at the small figure in front of him curiously. ;"Aeri? Is that you?" The big red dragon groggily asked. She nodded. ;"How long do you think your brother over there, can go on with the rules?" She asked him jokingly. Baltazar took a look at his Eliatrope twin, currently lecturing the younger set of siblings. ;"Knowing Glip, this might take quite awhile" He answered seriously. She giggled at that, knowing full well he was right. She pet his head in Caring, loving manner. Something poked her side, she soon realized it was Glip's cane. ;"You too could learn a thing or two about the rules." He stated. She looked to the side, avoiding eye contact. ;"I uh- Yes brother. Sorry. I just thought I'd let you and Nora finish your talk." She answered, walking away in shame. 
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    Music is emotion, it makes me happy, exciting, sad. It sets the mood. It’s also a language, if I can’t find the words, the music (musical podcast) makes me feel them. Music comforts me, music connects without words.
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    Duncan Rouleau (One of the writers of Man of Action Entertainment, which involved in the creation of the series) confirmed on his Twitter account that Ian Flynn advises the team and provides invaluable assistance.
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