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  1. I am hear to talk about my favorite genre, I hold dear to me and that is the Strategy Genre. There's a lot of video games in this genre that really gave me, my tactical genius today. All these games I am listing have some form of base building in them or you need to protect your capital ship in terms of Homeworld. Real Time Strategies: Command and Conquer Franchise excluding the 4th one in the Tiberian Saga. Homeworld Franchise including the non-canon one aka Cataclysm Warhammer 40k: Dawn of War - Including all Expansion packs but excluding the 2nd game in the series. Dune - Westwood Studios made this franchise but it was destroyed by Evil Arts; loved every single game in the franchise. Europa Universalis IV - Paradox Interactive made this, I am enjoying it. It's a Grand Strategy Game. Sins of a Solar Empire: Rebellion - This one mainly for its Ship to Ship combat and real time nature of it all. Supreme Commander - Both games in the series. Company of Heroes - Both games Age of Empires Mixed Breeds: (With both kind of elements of Real Time /w Turn-based game play) Total War - Never really played any of the total war games besides Total War: Shogun 2. Turn-Base Strategies: Civilization - The Entire Series Galactic Civilizations - The Trilogy of games Star Wars: Empire at War/Forces of Corruption - Enjoyed this game. That's all I can really list but all of these are my favorites since I am not really too picky on things. Though if you have a favorite RTS or Turn-Based Game I missed than show me. :)
  2. Total War Series

    Well I have in mind several games from the Activision, SEGA, and Creative Assembly Total War Series. So let's begin. Instead of making several thread to hold each game with is possible mods, I'll just put them all in here... I'll start with Rome Total War, a 2004 game. This game has several extensions to it, such as Barbarian Invasion and Alexander, the gameplay is the same, yet the character units and time periods are different, but are still focus in the classical and late classical times. I'll continue with other games laters... Thanks Bokxie for your help!