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  1. Chosen One added a post in a topic General Art Thread   

    Have a Valentine's WIP. Might do some slight changes later.

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  2. Chosen One added a post in a topic New Mobotropolis   

    Tails followed Coda outside the city, wondering and admiring Coda's technological prowess. He was curious as to what coding made him so lifelike as if sentient, more important, who was the creator and designer of his software and hardware. He kept looking at him curiously until the group stopped to talk. "Oh, what was it you wanted to speak with us, Coda," asked Tails excitedly.
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  3. Chosen One added a post in a topic Free play mania 1.0   

    (ooc: sorry for the very long extreme delay)
    Tails: Hehehe, well, this base was named after King Frederick, that's all you need to know
    Sonic: *takes his place at the Tornado* Hey bud, shows your bro where the Twister is at
    Tails: Sure thing, Sonic *begins walking to the Twisters parking place* Seviper, Skye... follow me. I'll show you where your ride is at
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  4. Chosen One added a post in a topic Nevada Badlands   

    As the building became more apparent, Miles began noticing the defenses the building had and its 'unique' infrastructure. "Heh, and I thought Eggman was a very creative guy when it came to fortresses," snickered Miles before hearing the advice of Maxine. He noticed the robots and crouched behind a boulder to take a closer look. "Indeed, this is not Mobius, who knows what type of technology and weaponry we will have to encounter," whispered Miles to Maxine searching for an entry to the castle, "we could enter via the sewage system, or hack into the security and breach the place then take down those robots before they activate an alarm or something of the likes. Hmmm...cameras are another thing..." Miles's mind began wondering of a plan and recalled the strategies of Princess Sally, altho he wasn't a born-strategist, he had the experience of a FF.
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  5. Chosen One added a post in a topic New Mobotropolis   

    Tails began walking towards Coda but was stopped by Dianne's grip on him. He looked at her and smiled sweetly, "We need to see what Coda has to say, Dianne. Would you mind letting go for a sec?"
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  6. Chosen One added a post in a topic Nevada Badlands   

    Miles gazed at the scenery of the desert, feeling the hot sun passing thru the fur into his skin. "The fortress..." he began walking towards that ddirection with determination, "If I know something about such edifices...it's that they are dangerous to just enter thru the front door." MMiles began recalling the memorize memorize when he was a young FF and the many close-to-death experiences he had faced. "This sure brings memories...," whispered Miles to himself, "I just hope Skye is safe and sound. Where could you be, son?"
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  7. Chosen One added a post in a topic New Mobotropolis   

    The hug-cling of the twins was well felt by Tails, something from it made him feel...happy. The twins were his fans after all, having twin tails like him, which were suspicious for only him had the genetic mutations. Alas, a feeling of brotherhood was waking inside him, he felt...responsible for the twins. "Huh?" asked Tails lost in thought, "Oh! Okay, Sonic. On my way." Tails then turn to face the twins feel in their tight grip, "I...we need to go heard what Coda has to say," he muttered beginning to break hug.
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  8. Chosen One added a topic in Community   

    Membership Anniversary thread
    Well, I've had this idea from long time ago, but never did it, and well, New years is approaching so I found it appropriate to do it now. 
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  9. Chosen One added a post in a topic Nevada Badlands   

    Surprised at the sudden enthusiasm of Maxine, Miles raised an eyebrow, "Roger that," He then too flight to have a recon of the place but all he could see was desert stretching all the way to the horizon. "I don't see-..." Miles suddenly stopped as he took notice of a strange building in a Plateau, and what seemed to be building eastward from where they were, "There appears to be some sort of fortress in a Plateau some miles from here, and from this distance maybe there is a city eastward from here, but I'm not sure if it is, it's too far to be fully sure." He then flew down and approached Maxine, "Where should we head towards?" stopping to think of where Skye could be, after all the time machine took them to where Skye was sent.
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  10. Chosen One added a post in a topic New Mobotropolis   

    "Farewell!" managed to say Tails before Arek's company left. The sobbing of twins got his attention and made him warmth-hearted. "Don't worry about Arek," said Tails hugging the twins to console them, "I'm more than sure we'll meet him again soon, i can feel it." 
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  11. Chosen One added a post in a topic Nevada Badlands   

    Darkness overcame Miles vision for a while, he felt dizzy and disoriented for a while, trying to stand up. He heard his name been called, but it all seemed blurred to him for a moment. "I'm hear, officer," replied Miles as he managed to stand up, holding his head with his hand, "that was a heck of a ride."
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  12. Chosen One added a post in a topic 30 Years Later   

    (ooc: Alrighty, going after my son)
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  13. Chosen One added a post in a topic New Mobotropolis   

    After taking the stairs, Tails rushed to where Arek and his boss where at, slowly walking towards them. "I...umm...is there a p-problem going on?" said Tails timidly as he came closer.
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  14. Chosen One added a post in a topic 30 Years Later   

    (OOC: Well that depends on where Skye went off to, and i really dont know..)
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  15. Chosen One added a post in a topic New Mobotropolis   

    Tails smiles happily at Sonic's comment and went to the window wondering were Arek had gone. "I think we should go see what is happening outside, guys," said Tails a bit alarm at the starting conflict between Arek and his boss, "There might be a slight new problem going down there." The young fox soon hurried to the door, making his way to the front of the hospital.
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