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  1. Youngest Sonic Scanfer competition

    I am 17 with the maturity of a 7 year old
  2. *CHRISTMAS ANGEL'S INTERNALLY* mERRY cHristmas everybody!! :D

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    2. Geoffrey St John

      Geoffrey St John

      Bah HumSkunk!

    3. Shinomi-chan


      Merry Christmas!! *tackle hugs Eliza* X3

    4. Seviper the Fang Snake

      Seviper the Fang Snake

      Merry Christmas Eliza! It tisn't Christmas without our Angel of Joyish Yule Tudes!

  3. Ban the above poster

    Banned because YAY!
  4. Last to post wins v3.0

    *Dylan for the most just riolu*
  5. Ban the above poster

    Banned because I wanna be Loki :3c
  6. Ban the above poster

    Banned for the extreme amounts of cluelessness x3
  7. Last to post wins v3.0

  8. Off-Topic Thread

    YESS CAKE   And yeah brother, hopefully, hopefully!! :DD   Yup, and oh jeez, I will send a pic next time I bake a cake!!
  9. phew! Finally rewrote my about me! Maybe you guys should see what I have in there~ also its kinda temporary rn tbh 

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    2. Danny Felixe

      Danny Felixe

      Me? Evil? But I nice! *Innocent look*

    3. Seviper the Fang Snake

      Seviper the Fang Snake

      Aww...Shucks! I'm speechless! *can't speak now*

    4. sweet_lil_Eliza


      @geoffrey, OMG I HAD TO MENTION THAT. @Dylan, Of course you're nice ;) @seviper OH NO!

  10. Last to post wins v3.0

    I cant help but imagine each of use sitting on the other's head making a big head tower. 
  11. Off-Topic Thread

    ohhhhh this topic! Let's talk a little.    So I know I haven't been here much lately, I have been absent from the entire internet mostly since a while- there have been issues and things ^-^" but they're being solved, and I'm hopeful the all will be well. I also realised that I've been here for 2 years now. It's been a long journey and although I haven't been here much, I've made some really great and precious friends... and I love them ;w;    also I learned how to bake! MORE CAKES!   das awl
  12. Ban the above poster

    Banned for being seviper's daughter that makes you my niece 
  13. Last to post wins v3.0

    SCREAMS   thanks Shinomi <333    *pats smol Shino* Hi hi!
  14. Non-Sonic Art Thread

    realised I can put up some horrid traditional art I did here      SORRY I SUCK TAKING PICTURES LOL
  15. Ban the above poster

    seviper for being the coffiest coffee snake in the coffee land