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  1. Jamos added a post in a topic Archie's Sonic fan game series being conceived (+ Introduction)   

    I woudlent mind seeing what you have got, but for now I must finnish my RPG.
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  2. Jamos added a post in a topic Archie's Sonic fan game series being conceived (+ Introduction)   

    Ah ha Thanks. I just got SUPER side tracked making a Super Mario 64 styled Sonic game were instead of paintings andlevels, You would jump into TVs to other Zones wich would be compleat Sonic games randing from Sonic the Hedgehog to Sonic Heros. Trying to put all the games onto one emulator is hard and makes my head hurt! Thats a side project though, as a prototype that I want for my games in the future. I have a lot to learn though!
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    Archie's Sonic fan game series being conceived (+ Introduction)
    Hello everyone! Jamos here with some info on a future sonic fan game based off the Archie comic series!

    Alright, I know I am new here but let me tell you a bit about myself. I grew up with sonic, and was born at just the right time to exspiriance the original trillagy and show when they were frist around. Some people really liked Barny and Tellitubbies. I liked sonic. He was way past cool and relatable to me in the morality and aditude but compleatly differed when it came to speed. I was the slowest person I knew, in fact I ran slower than I walked! That changed as I got older thank god. I ran the mile in 21 min and walked it in 12.. huh? Anyways in my youth I went through Sonic RP and makeing OC characters and stories. One of my stories has actually spun off and became its own series of its own, compleaty unrelated to Sonic, yet with a few tweeks could easly become it. This is do to my huge inspration from Sonic and other franchises I adore.

    Currently I am making a turn based RPG that follows my story, wich one day will be a huge reconisable series that will be hopefully liked by people. But for now I must teach myself in the ways of game design. I have chosen, in order for me to be succesful in teaching myself how to makegames, I much make 3 diffrent types. ofcorce theis would be series made one after the other, so I can keep myself refreshed! First I am starting with my story's series, with is the turn based RPG. Second I want to make a fast pased platformer. prefuribly this would be 2D. And for 3rd I would like to make an action adventure game!

    So in order of games I would like to currently pop out is:

    1.Angel Adverce (RPG)

    2. Sonic Archies Vol. 1 (side scroller)

    3. Honey Drop (Action adventure)

    followed by their respective sequils if called for..

    Anyways now to why you are all here!

    I plan to make a Sonic Archies game bsed ofcorce off of the Comic. Many ideas have come to my head and I wanted to see from a sonic community if my ideas seem solid, and maybe gat some feed back.

    Gameplay features:

    Cutseans - will be ither flashes from the comic itself with voice acting, or compleatly animated segments. As of right now I am unsure. This will be deturmened on wether of not the animated cutseans in Angel Adverce go well or not. CHARACTERS WILL BE POTRAYED AS THEY ARE IN THE COMICS!

    Up to 6 player online Co-op - I realise I'm being ambitus here, but this wouldent be the first time i have shaken my tail at servers befor. Im partually responcable for your 4G service plans. Co-op has always been important to me, and I love the idea of characters being diffrent with their own things that make them spechial. Here are some idea I have for characters.

    There will be two sections of gameplay. Action stages and Knothole stages. In Knothole you compleat in town side quest and build your town. Collection parts in action stages will allow you to build devices like catterpults and wood walls. (Do I smell Tower Defince moments aginst thhe buzz bombers?!) This will not by compleatly nessisary, but there will be moments when you need to help Bommer collect parts to make Key Items to progress in the story!

    The plan is to make it to where you can make homes and design Knothold to make the perfect home for the people you save from Robotropolus, and letting your numbers grow to help you defend your home! If thie game continues with updates and story progression in the future,I may just add side games like Chao Guardins and letting you earn rings at Chucks Dinner!

    Action stages would be ither started after activation of a cut seen, or at a bulliten board.

    Characters and how they play!

    Sonic the hedgehog-

    Okay if you are reading this im positive you do not need exsplinations on just who this guy is.

    Sonic will play mostly like he always dose, with some changes when it comes to 2 important things. He will have his saw dash attack wich will help cut through doors and collect material like wood and minrels. The second ability I would really like to add is VARY important to the group in the action stage. This would be the the Chain Train ability. Pretty much everyone will be able to hold hands and link together. A lot like how in Sonic 3, Sonic could latch on to tails and fly. Sonic will be able to use a boost to run by and grab other players, making them to pick their feet up off the ground and be dragged to wherever sanic gose. Imagin a seen were you are escaping the basement of Scrap Brain Zone and flood of Lava is coming strait at you and your friends! The only person fast enough to escape would be Sonic, maybe Bunny and Tails. So quickly you preform a figure 8 dash like in Sonic CD and dash by your friends, picking them all up to create your own speed section to escape. Uh-oh there is a wall that is to high for Sonic to jump over! It looks like Bunny will have to take over and use her rocket feet to blast over it! Anyways...

    Miles "Tails" Prower

    Okay, maybe this guy should be metioned last because of what he is able to do. Have you ever played Sonic Battle? Remember Emel? This is pretty much him. He will start off really terrable at everything but as time gose, you will be able to use ever spechial that everyone else has for the most part. For instance, you will run as a normal person at first, but through mini games you will play in Knothole like running though rings in the forest with Sonic, or just going thorugh action stages and compleating story evens, Tails will almost be as fast as sonic! He will be able to Fly, yet no to the exstent of Bunny Rabot. You know what? Heres a list of things I would like tails to get the abilitys of and gorw better at them in time.

    2.Spin Dash
    3.Exstended Flying
    4.Attacking with his tails.
    6.Contoling tech to the fullist (Made by him and Boomer)
    7.Hacking doors using Nikole

    Im excited for the little guy honestly.

    Bunny Rabot

    Jk, but maybe way later in the game!

    Bunny Rabot

    Have you ever played Megaman X? I think she would play a lot like him. She would be able to dash, fly for a period of time and shoot lasers. Even if Tails got better than her at flying, She would still be able to hit swtches and item TVs he could not hit with the use of her laser. Maybe you would reach a huge gap, should would be able to fly people over one by one like tails, or exstend her arms and allow other players to run along it to the other side!

    Well its -10 degress outside so im going to come back and edit this later. My fingers will hardly move. Let me know what you guys think so far? I am sorry for the lack of spekk check but this will come later! ahah..
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  4. Jamos added a post in a topic Characters Archie Should Use   

    Some people think Nazo is Hyper Sonic. If thats true, Nazo was already in it kinda xD
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