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  1. Non-Sonic Art Thread

    So far, my new main OC for the face of all of my characters. So I guess you could say my main Avatar? I'm super excited to keep trying out different characters with this kind of style as well. Thank you for the compliments! They mean a lot!
  2. Ian Flynn want to write for the Sonic games

    And did an absolutely amazing job.
  3. I just fully beat Sonic Frontiers in 3 days and I had an ABSOLUTE. BLAST. Has anyone gotten the game? What do you think? We need to make a topic on Frontiers for sure.

    1. Thire


      I love it so far! It's basically everything I've been wanting in a Sonic game (minus the crazy jank that happens most of the time.) 

      The combat is hands down my favorite part, the scripts were done extremely well. No offense to the Japanese devs but we've need Flynn on the dev team longer.

    2. MajinTails


      I think we have a Frontiers thread, it's just super dead and didn't even get all the updates prior to launch like the russian forum thread.

    3. MajinTails


      And by updates, I mean we stopped getting updates and more pre-release material like ads, trailers, and first looks that we saw elsewhere

  4. Danganronpa

    I just watched a person play Danganronpa 1 a week or two ago for the first time. It was actually awesome. I tried watching 2, but it didnt give off the same vibe so I put it on hold for now. I may go ahead and play 2 for myself to see if that increases my interest.
  5. Sonic Prime (Netflix Series)

    Im pretty excited for this series after the newer trailers that've been released. I like how theyre actually making a good action instead of a kids comedy like Sonic Boom. Despite me being way to old to enjoy it as much, I did binge through all of it. I hope this will take an ever so slightly lore-based curve like Sonic X. I'm trying so hard not to hold my breath, but as a fan I actually am a little excited. 
  6. The rhyme game

    Play the game of life, and give your all! Baskets and pockets, billiards and cards...
  7. Hello! I hope you have happy holidays Danny! ♥

    1. Danny Felixe

      Danny Felixe

      Thank you! Same to you :)

  8. What's Your Favorite Song?

    Since I got exposed to Lo-fi its one of my absolute favorite genre's now. Here is my new favorite called Western Point. It so calming to draw to its vibes.    




    1. Thire


      Sonic Anime 2 when? 

      lol all seriousness though, it was fantastic! Great to see some love for our favorite knucklehead. Also nice to hear that performance from Knuckles' new VA, did a great job!

  10. What is Your Favorite Game?

    This is such a hard choice, so im not gonna choose lol. I'll just put down a few of my very favorites that come to mind (I actually looked up a list a while after typing this lol).  Obviously, I'm gonna start with Sonic Adventure. Then its Skyrim, Dust an Elysian Tail, Inscryption, OneShot, Beholder, Battleblock Theater, Remember Me, Kingdoms and Castles, and soooo many more. Minecraft included. I would put down some multiplayer favorites, but other than some OGs like Call of Duty Black Ops 2 and Battlefield Bad Company 2, my favorites change really fast if I get bored or start hating said multiplayer game if the updates ruin it. So my favorite shooters, including the two I mentioned before, would be Ironsight. 
  11. Games that you recently finished

    Inscryption. Absolutely a masterpiece. I HIGHLY recommend it to anyone who loves thriller, strategy card games, or just a good story. I'm gonna play it again for the DLC too.
  12. What's your favorite pokemon?

    My favorite is Trevenant. Which is hilarious because I never played any Pokemon games with him in it. I just love greenery and nature, but ghost types are my favorite type of pokemon, so I love him. And his design is awesome.
  13. Games that you are currently playing

    Valorant CSGO Dust an Elysian Tail (again) Lots of Tabletop Simulator A little Minecraft here and there Wizard101
  14. Non-Sonic Art Thread

    Drawing is difficult. But practice really does make improvement. 
  15. I haven't been on here in SUCH a long time, It's time I got back into the game. How's everyone been doing? What's happened since I've been gone? I know a lot.

    1. Skye Prower

      Skye Prower

      Heya! Welcome back! Things have been.. interesting here recently, but we all seem to be good.

    2. sonickid059


      Hi it's very sad but they are not going to post sonic comics no more nor fleetway or the mangas nor MegaMan 

    3. Danny Felixe

      Danny Felixe

      @sonickid059. You really haven't kept up to date with some of the posts in both the news and the forums. Fleetway and mangas will be returning