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  1. Thire added a post in a topic The Happy Birthday Thread   

    Happy birthday to our local crazy serpentine!
    Make sure you keep that tail of yours out of trouble! XD 
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  2. Thire added a post in a topic The Happy Birthday Thread   

    Hey happy birthday Skye!
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  3. Thire added a post in a topic Sonic the Hedgehog (2019 Movie)   

    I agree! 
    Although there’s only one thing that bothered me about the movie...
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  4. Thire added a post in a topic General Mobile games thread   

    And here I am, still playing Dissidia Final Fantasy: Opera Omnia... 
    That and Pokémon GO. 
    ...my dad, sister, and I need friends... XD 

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  5. Thire added a post in a topic The Happy Birthday Thread   

    Not as late as I am! 
    ...anyways, a big belated Happy Birthday to Geoffrey and CT! 
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  6. Thire added a post in a topic Games that you are currently playing   

    Speaking of Final Fantasy, I’m working away at grinding in FFXIII. 
    Picked it up again recently and I’m working on finishing all the CP boards and Cie’th Stones before thrusting myself into chapter 12. 
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  7. Thire added a post in a topic Mobian Mystery Dungeon: Bunnie's story   

    I totally did not see that there was a second page... 
    Talk with Matilda looks to be a good option.
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  8. Thire added a post in a topic Mobian mystery Dungeon: Nicole's story   

    I guess I’ll join the majority and go with warn Shadow.
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  9. Thire added a post in a topic Games that you recently got   

    So I’ve gotten a bunch of games since I last shared on here. 
    Big news first is I finally got a 3DS! Sooooo many games I can finally play that I’ve never tried before! Including my very first Pokémon game: Omega Ruby! Loving it so far. 
    Other game acquisitions include Good Job! for the Switch, SCVI for PC, Beat Saber for my HTC Vive, and lots of other games for my 3DS so if anyone would like to linkup and play something, shoot me a pm. 
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  10. Thire added a post in a topic General Art Thread   

    Oooo nice! 
    Speaking of, I should be making more art through the CaS on SCVI...
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  11. Thire added a post in a topic Elias Acorn and the Crimes of the Fallen (A Mobius Reborn story)   

    Chapter 1: Just asking nicely
    Continuing through the bazaar, Elias made his way to a building called “Doug’s Digs”. He was recommended by a friend of his for gear and provisions made for journeys away from civilization. 
    He took a quick glance at the hours of business before entering the store. 
    “Eyy, welcome ta Doug’s Digs! Yous must be dat Elias fella Cliff was talkin’ bout. Barked a large dog. He was the owner of the store, cleaning some gear when Elias walked in.

    He came up and gave him a firm handshake. “Hello, you must be Doug. I see Clifford came by here before me. He tell you what he plans on doing?” 

    “Eh, I don’t think he’s da kind of guy ta reveal his ‘Masta Plan’ so soon. But, he’s always lookin’ for da real deal wheneva it comes ta Archeology. Yous musta found somethin’ valuable.” 

    Right as Elias was about to say what he had, three Mobians came through the door. There was a bear, a lizard, and a vulture, and all of them were wearing semi-formal clothes with a small insignia on the shoulder. 
    “Heyo, welcome ta Doug’s Digs! If ya guys wanna take a look around for a moment, I’ll be right with ya.” Greeted Doug as he gestured a wave towards them. 
    “Uh... yes. Of course.” Replied the vulture as they all split up looking at his wares. 
    “Now, as I was sayin’, whatcha got dat Cliff’d wanna go all da way t-” 
    Elias raised his hand up for a moment in a way that only Doug could see, then quickly made a hand motion pointing at one of the customers. Doug noticed that the bear is staying close by the door, while the lizard and vulture were both slightly eying Elias’ satchel. Doug nodded his head and closed his eyes for a moment, making an “ahhh gotcha” motion. 
    “Alrighty then, I’m sure I’ve got some of da good rope over in dis section. Follow me.” Doug motioned his hand over the rope section towards the back of the building and put his hand on Elias’ back guiding him over. As they we making their way, the customers turned and started to make their way over while trying to remain inconspicuous by looking at his items. 
    As the lizard neared Elias, Doug quickly spun around with a haymaker on the bear, instantly flooring him. Elias turned around in time to block a couple jabs from the lizard. He quickly retaliated with one-two combo and a kick to the gut, but the lizard got back up swiftly and assumed a fighting stance.

    The vulture charged at Doug and leapt with a drill kick, hitting Doug in the chest and knocking him back into the wall. Some of the equipment was knocked down and fell on top of his head incapacitating him. It was now a two-on-one fight. The lizard attempted a roundhouse aimed at his ribs, but Elias caught it and spun him around into his comrade. They both tried to get up off of each other while Elias went to check on Doug. 
    ”Hey! Doug get up!” He yelled trying to wake him with shaking and pushing, but Doug only moaned. He turned his head just in time to see a punt kick come to his gut. He fell to the ground and received another kick from the lizard. He tried to get up but he was still recovering from the kicks when they grabbed his satchel and dug around in it. They pulled out the chain and looked at each other for a moment before bolting towards the door. 
    When they got to the door however, they couldn’t open it no matter how hard they pulled or pushed. 
    ”You think you can just beat up my husband and walk away?!” Elias and the two men turned to the back of the store to see what appeared to be Doug’s wife. A Labrador of small stature had pulled a lever then went towards the men. She opened up with spinning roundhouse right to the surprised vulture’s head. The lizard then attempted to land a blow with a flurry of jabs but she deftly blocked or evaded every one, then retaliated with leaping uppercut, incapacitating him. 
    The vulture got up and tried to do two leaping kicks at her, but she easily dodged both. He had one more trick up his sleeve though, he grabbed the chain and lashed at her with it, keeping her at bay.
    Elias however took opportunity of the moment while he was focused on her and grabbed one of the rope bundles. He quickly tied a lasso and threw it at the vulture, ensnaring him. The dog then unloads on the vulture with a viciously fast combo: a knee to the gut, a jab to the face, a roundhouse to the ribs, and a final roundhouse to the head while he was recoiled in pain, effectively downing the vulture.
    With all of them down for the count, she turns her attention to the slowly waking Doug. 
    “Das some sick moves honey...” he loosely puts together a sentence while regaining his consciousness. 
    “sigh What kind of trouble came in the door this time, Doug?” She retorted. 
    “I dunno, neva seen ‘em before.” 
    “Douglas, you know what happened last time you dealt with shady people. I told you that Clifford fellow was just going to bring trouble to the family.” 
    “Hun, I told ya dis is da last time I’d do a job like dis. Then I’m done and be da family man.” The husband and wife going back and forth brought a small smile to Elias’ face. 
    “So this is your wife, Doug? She held her own in a fight better than you did!” he laughed. Doug quickly turned with a reply. “Now see here, I took one out with a single swing. Whaddya think a dat?” 

    “Now, now boys, save the fighting for later. I’m sure you both did what you could before I saved your butts.” Joked Doug’s wife. “Anyways, you boys do your business. Love you hun.” She gives Doug a kiss on the cheek before heading to the back room. 
    “Right, I wonder who hired them and what they knew about this?” Elias pondered while picking up the chain. “Dat’s what they was after? A golden chain?” 
    “Yep, but this chain has a long history to it. That’s what Clifford hired me to recover for his dig site. Said something about it being the final piece of the puzzle.” 
    ”Right then, let’s tie up these goons and see what they know.” 
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  12. Thire added a post in a topic Sonic the Hedgehog (2019 Movie)   

    I’ve heard great things about it surprisingly! I may be going to go see it at some point soon as well!
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  13. Thire added a topic in Writer's Block   

    Elias Acorn and the Crimes of the Fallen (A Mobius Reborn story)
    I bring forth a product of imagination in the form of a backstory to one of my characters in an RP: Mobius Reborn. It takes place a year before the RP begins.
    This is more of a side story with some small details to my character rather than a full on origin story. It’s just meant to have some fun! 
    Casino Night Zone 
    It’s a hot summer’s day. A busy day in the marketplace of the CNZ for today is part of a week long event. Many vendors enjoy the annual an open air bazaar setting where their customers can freely walk around and browse their wares. Many merchants offering produce or cooked food, many offering clothes or other fashion like jewelry, and some selling valuable treasures brought from other lands.
    We find Elias walking down the bazaar glancing at all the vendors. Until something catches his eyes. A golden chain and bracket adorned with jewels. 
    “Like what you see, eh friend? This is a priceless piece I picked up not too long ago, found it in a cave with several other explorers... but only I escaped! For the cave was cursed! And it’s treasure forbidden! But I escaped with some of it’s treasures! Like this small chest full of gold and beautiful gems! Interested in this as well, friend?” 

    Elias looked at the chest closely, then looked at the gilded chain. After a few moments he finally looked up to the merchant. 
    “The prison bracket of the legendary Watcher Zasalamel... said to have been lost for centuries after his final disappearance... where did you say you found it?” 
    “Eh? Oh...uh...in Afrika!” 
    “Do you know where in Afrika? That’s a big continent.” 
    “Look man, the place was cursed and I barely escaped with my life from there!” 
    Elias begins to walk away. 
    “Hey wait! Does that mean you’re not interested in cursed treasure!” 
    Elias turns around and looks at him. 
    “I’m not interested in forgeries...” 
    He continues down the bazaar, reaching into his satchel. He pulls out a golden chain that looked almost exactly like the merchant’s one. Admiring it for a moment, he puts it back and continues on. 
    “But I will find the prison of Zasalamel...”
    Cue theme song! https://youtu.be/IeSU4FAWxfU
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  14. Thire added a post in a topic Sonic the Hedgehog (2019 Movie)   

    I have cousins who are interested in seeing it so I may be dragged along... not that I wouldn’t mind too much.
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  15. Thire added a post in a topic Games that you recently got   

    Got Mario and Sonic at the Tokyo 2020 Games as a Christmas gift to my cousins and myself! So far I think it’s the best one since the 2010 Vancouver games!
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