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Mobius Reborn: Rise of Robotnik

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Mobius Reborn

Season One: Rise of Robotnik


Episode 1 - The First Day


At first glance, the planet moving peacefully in its orbit could be mistaken for Earth.  But a closer look beneath the clouds showed a subtly different layout to the continents, as if the drift of the tectonic plates had somehow followed a slightly different course.

In the darkness above the planet, a gargantuan shape blotted out the light from several of the stars.  The ship in orbit was massive, and as it orbited above the planet the underside began to slide open, revealing row upon row of silver pods.

Aboard the craft an observation window looked down, providing a perfect view of planet Mobius.  A timer ticked down, the digital numbers reflected by the surface of the window as a red suited figure approached, his large appearance also partially reflected.  He regarded the world below with a twisted smile as one of his hands ran through his impressive moustache.

Over the intercom, robotic voices began to report in.

“Flying Battery Two in position.”

“Flying Battery One in position.”

“Flying Battery Five in position.”

“Flying Battery Four in position.”

“Flying Battery Three in position.”

The twisted smile became wider as the large human allowed himself to savour the moment as the clock neared the end of the countdown.  His hand moved to open a channel to the other ships in orbit around the planet.

“All craft...” he began.  The timer reached zero, and he threw out his arm in an exaggerated gesture.  “FIRE!” he bellowed.

There was a series of dull thuds in the craft as clamps below the ship were released, dropping the pods onto the unsuspecting world below.  As they hit the atmosphere, the flames made them appear like an intense meteor shower.

With an almost manic laugh, the human watched the trails of fire across the planet. 


*Play Title Theme!*


Tails, Sunset Valley Orphanage, 0000 hours Mobius Standard Time

Atop the roof of the large, ornate building of the orphanage, a young fox gingerly began setting up his telescope.  Of course he wasn’t supposed to be up here, but none of the staff knew he’d managed to find a copy of the balcony key and then climb the rest of the way up.  Heights had never bothered him after all.  Besides, the roof was the best place for stargazing, as long as he made sure his telescope was secure and wouldn’t slid away. 

Satisfied with his work, he leant over to look through the lens, his twin tails, a feature unique to him, but a target of torment for the other children, moved slowly behind him.  His brow furrowed with confusion as the star he was focusing on seemed to vanish, then the next second a bright flash through the scope caused him to leap back with a cry, rubbing his eye.  He gazed up at the sky and gasped, watching the streaks of light flash all across the night sky.

“I’ve never seen a meteor shower like this,” he breathed to himself, watching transfixed as one meteor flew almost overhead, though its path took it several miles away.  As struck, the fox could only hear a faint boom after several seconds.  From the delay between the impact and the rumble, he calculated it was maybe… twenty miles away.

The shower soon ended, leaving just the stars and the moon once more.  Grabbing his telescope, the fox slid off the roof carefully back onto the balcony and headed inside.  He made his room with a nameplate that read ‘Tails’, the somewhat unflattering name that had been given to him when he was found.

Putting the telescope away, Tails drew out a map from a drawer on his desk, trying to pinpoint the location of where the meteor landed.  His finger tapped on the spot, feeling confident about his estimate.  Turning, Tails surveyed his room thoughtfully.

“It’s a sign.  It’s time for me to leave,” he said firmly.  Nodding to himself, he grabbed a rucksack and started to pack.


Sleet and Dingo, Great Mercian Opera Hall, 0014 hours MST

At the back of the stage, three bird Mobians were sleeping uneasily, still wearing parts of the armour from the Battle Bird Armada.  The bulky figure of the polar bear mercenary they’d hired to protect them moved in the shadows, keeping watch over the doors.

But it wasn’t the doors where the threat came, but the walls.  There was a thunderous crash as part of the wooden wall exploded out, an oversized orange furred Dingo charging through, straight into the mercenary. 

The sound of the forceful entrance jolted the birds awake, and they scrambled for their weapons.  Only for a bolt of energy to slam between them.  Shocked, they looked up to see a thin, armoured wolf aiming a strange pistol weapon at them.

“Make another move for those weapons, and the next bolt won’t miss,” spoke the wolf in a slightly nasally voice.  One of the birds disregarded the advice and snatched up his weapon.  But the wolf was as good as his word, and it was the last action the bird took as he slumped to the floor.  The others, in shock, held up their hands in defeat.

“I got him Sleet!” called out the Dingo, holding up the unconscious polar bear.  From the injuries on the Dingo, it looked like it had been a close fight, but even now, those same wounds were rapidly healing.

“Excellent work Dingo,” grinned Sleet.  “I’m sure the Armada will pay a nice bonus for someone who aided Rogues.”

“You can’t take us back!” exclaimed one of the birds in horror.

“If you don’t want to go back, you can join your friend on the floor,” Sleet replied with obvious menace and intent in his voice, indicating with his pistol.  The bird fell silent.

“So good we all understand each other,” Sleet grinned.  “Dingo, drag them to the craft.  It’s time to get our payment.


Skye Silverthorne, Feral Forest, 0057 hours MST

“Wake up sleepyhead!”

With a gasp, the wolf jolted awake in the back of the jeep, almost banging her head on the seat ahead.  The bear driving let out a laugh at the wolf’s shock.  But the Otter in the passenger seat looked back concerned.

“Another nightmare Skye?” he asked gently.  The wolf nodded.

“Past few days…. They’ve gotten worse again,” Skye sighed.  The nightmares had plagued her as a child; a dark figure, and crumbling cites.  But over the years they’d faded.  Until the past few months.  She glanced at her watch.  It was almost 8 in the evening, and she’d already been drifting off.  It showed just how much these nightmares were affecting her sleep.

“Maybe it’s all this talk of abductions by big, pink men,” joked the bear.  “The aliens are sending you dreams!”

“This isn’t funny Brian,” snapped the Otter.  Brain just shrugged.

“Nightmares or not, we’ve a job to do.  The meteor landed somewhere in the forest near here, and the last thing we need is it starting a fire,” he pointed out.  “Once we get back, then we can worry about Skye having a few bad dreams.”

Skye bristled a little at the dismissive tone in Brian’s voice, but turned to look out the jeep’s window.  The reflection looking back at her wasn’t that of a pure wolf, her muzzles was clearly more fox like, as was her tail.  She blinked, seeing movement in the distance.

“Hold on, I think I see something,” Skye spoke up, but as she did so, she felt a wave of fear pass over her.


Wave, Battle Bird Armada Airship above the Central Sea, 0632 hours MST

The teenage Swallow slammed her fist down on the workbench, tearing the bulky helmet off her head.  “Do it this way, cause that’s how we’ve always done it,” she muttered angrily to herself.  “I’ve increased its flight time by almost fifty percent, but it’s too different so that bonehead says it’s all wrong.”  Wave looked down at the board lying on the work bench, the Extreme Gear she’d just repaired, and modified.  “No… I’m not breaking you down and losing all my hard work,” she said determinedly. 

Then she caught the conversation between the guards outside.

“Hey, you heard about those three that went Rogue?  We’ve got them already!”

“Good.  Those traitors deserve what’s coming to them.  Why would anyone want to desert the Battle Bird Armada?”

A sigh escaped Wave as she listened in.  The only way for her not to be stuck doing repetitive tasks over and over again for stubborn, old fashioned bosses would be to go Rogue.  And doing that wasn’t just risking punishment, but the Battlekukku’s new pet bounty hunters had swiftly brought back all the recent Rogues.  If she wanted to escape, she’d need the perfect plan, the perfect team…. Or the perfect opportunity.  Preferably all three.


Tails, Deerwood Forest Train Station, 0746 hours MST

“You’re travelling alone kid?  Where are you parents?”

Tails jumped a little as the conductor spoke to him, he’d been distracted watching the countryside roll past from the train window.  But he’d already planned an answer for the question.  “They’re waiting for me at the station.”  The conductor just nodded, checked his ticket, the cost of which had pretty much been all of Tails’ pocket money, and moved on.

The young fox’s eyes were downcast a little.  In truth, he had no parents.  He’d wondered how life might have been if he did.  Would he have the same problems in his life, or would they have supported him despite his differences.  His eyes glanced towards his twin tails.  Could that be the reason… rather than something happening to them... did they abandon him?

His reverie was broken by the whine of the train pulling into the station.  Quickly he pulled his rucksack onto his back and almost ran off the train, looking around the station with a grin of excitement, mixed with some nervousness.  As Tails made his way towards the exit, he paused, hearing the broadcast over a radio in the station café.

“…reports from all over Mobius report these strange meteors fell across the world in the same fifteen minutes.  Members of the public are being urged to stay away from any crash sites…”

Tails brow furrowed.  “That can’t be right… a meteor shower can’t fall across the whole world at the same time…” He shook his head, they must have got their facts wrong.  With a deep breath, he strode out the station exit, towards his adventure.

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Knuckles, Angel Island, 0005 MST

Woken up by the rumble of the ground, Knuckles looks around to see multiple bright lights descending from the sky and onto the floating island. He watches for a moment as others pass by, diving through the clouds onto the world below. He takes a few steps forward on the altar, ready to walk down the stairs, before looking back at the large green gem before him.

"The Master Emerald....." he says to himself, staring at it in wonder as it continues to rotate ever so smoothly atop the altar shrine. He decides to take a seat on the stairs. Resting his head on his knee as he dozes off again.

Vector, Casino Night Zone, 0100 MST

"GET BACK HERE YOU CRAZY BROAD!" Vector yells out, chasing through the vibrant streets after Rouge the Bat

"Tsk, you're always such a persistent one! Here I thought detectives are supposed to let the police do the dirty work." Rouge sighs back, flying through the air with a bag full of gems and money she had stolen from the park. Vector uses a nearby spring board to leap up into the air, grabbing hold of the bag and dragging it, along with Rouge, to the ground.

"This is the last time i'm letting you get away from me, or the authorities! I'm taking you in right now!" Vector orders, pulling the bag away from Rouge ready to fight.

"Oh really? Allow me to teach you to stay in your office twiddling you thumbs like a so called "detective" should be then." Rouge retorts back, getting ready to leap at Vector, however the two get sidetracked from a bright light above as they see a massive metal object hurling straight for them. Vector quickly snaps back to his sense, sprinting over and pushing Rouge and himself to safety as the object comes crashing down onto the street. He looks back in astonishment at the small crater it left, as dozens of others can be seen from the sky like shooting stars across the world.

"My gems...." Rouge whimpers, before kicking Vector in the chest and getting up. "You best make sure to pay me back for this one, you stupid croc." she spits before running off into the night. Vector can only watch in pain as she disappears just in time before the authorities catch up to the action. He then rolls onto his back and passes out.

Storm, Battle Bird Armada Airship above the Central Sea, 0635 hours MST

Storm walks quietly down the halls of the airship as the other birds all look at him in awe. He was one of the largest bird on the fleet in recent years, and many of the high command expected much from him, however he had never really gained the urge to fight and steal like the others. He simply played off the role as a brute before finally making way to his destination and heading inside the room.

"Umm Wave, sorry I'm late." he whispers, closing the door behind him. "It took a little time getting to everything, but I think I managed to get all the parts on your paper that seemed like they were missing." Storm pulls a pouch from his belt, slowly letting the bolts and pieces slide onto the work bench, some of which weren't compatible with the gear. "Umm, hopefully this is everything. I never really got too much time to learn about the extreme gear." he mutters, hoping to help out.

Vector, Casino Night Zone, 0655 MST

Vector slowly opens his eyes again, his vision coming into focus as he discovers to be lying in a hospital room. He quickly sits up, looking outside to the city before him to see that day had already came. He slides out of bed, removing his IV and begins to walk towards the elevator. One of the nurses sees him and calls out, however he ignores her and continues moving. As he gets onto an elevator, an old Rabbit walks in with him.

"Well well well, if it isn't Chief Hoppington. What brings you here?" Vector asks, pressing the button for the ground floor.

"Well I was here looking after you of course. It took 5 of my guys just to get you into the ambulance here after the commotion. I'd say I'm surprised to see you up again already if we weren't here on Tuesday." the chief replies, pulling out a notebook.

"Well you know me, always looking to do the best of my job." Vector chuckles. "So whats the situation with that strange object that fell from the sky?"

"Not sure yet. There's multiple of them all over the zone and the haven't moved or cooled down enough for us to get close yet. Right now they're all marked off and kept under watch. Any damages are being repair in the meantime."

"Hmm, interesting indeed. Rouge the Bat seemed just as surprised as I was, so it doesn't seem like she got any outside help in her recent heists. I'm gonna see if I can grab a sample and head back to the office."  Vector ponders as the doors open up and he begins to walk out the hospital lobby.

"It may be best if you stay there once you get back." the Chief replies, causing Vector to turn back confused. "Vector, as absurd as some of your cases have been, you've done a great job as a detective for me these past couple years. However, between Rouge's appearance and all these new criminals running around, you just aren't qualified to be jumping into my police work on a moments notice. This is the second time this week you've been found completely unconscious after chasing Rouge around all night after a robbery. I understand you have that natural strength and speed, but without the proper stamina and training you're only causing more harm to yourself and our work. Please just stick to what you were hired for. I don't think I'll be able to save your job from the commander if this happens again." he explains, ripping a piece of paper from his notebook and handing it to Vector. "This is the bill for your visit. I covered you the first time, and even that almost got my ears chewed off."

Vector takes the bill, looking at it for a moment in disappointment before placing it in his armband.

"Thanks Chief....I'll do my best." he replies before leaving the hospital.

Gamma, Angel Island, 0800 MST

Among the many pods that had landed on the floating Island, a larger red boxed craft had descended down in the center of them. With the travel being shorter for the floating island, and after some time of cooling off, a door finally breaks open as a large metallic being steps out. It's body lets off a little steam as its eyes turn on bright green and begins surveying the area. It then pulls its arm to its head.

"Master Robotnik, this is squad leader E-102 Y Gamma reporting in. Surveillance probes show no signs of life, other than small creatures. Energy readings from the power  source are showing a northern travel. Proceeding to execute mission now."

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Josh and Larry, Lynx homestead, Mercia, 0751 MST 

“Morning sleepyhead.” Said Josh to a half-sleepy Larry. “Mnnn... Morning...” slowly replied Larry. Josh was in the middle of making some PBnJ sandwiches when he stopped and heard the radio.

 “…reports from all over Mobius report these strange meteors fell across the world in the same fifteen minutes.  Members of the public are being urged to stay away from any crash sites…” 

“What’s that all about on the news?” Asked Larry. Turning off the radio, Josh replied: “Nothing to concern yourself with.”

”Does it have anything to do with that rumble last night?” “Aren’t you usually a rock when you sleep? Never mind,  we best get ready for helping out at the orphanage.” They then packed up and headed out. Josh then thought to himself;

“Maybe Chuck knows about it...”


Elias, Casino Night Zone, 1342 MST 

Elias, after hearing about these ‘meteors’ decided to put his skills to use. “I certainly hope he’s not out of business since last time.” thought Elias while walking down a busy road. His destination was a local gear shop he’d often go to when he was an archeologist. “Still, I’m glad at least someone’s interested in finding out the truth.” He was hired by a third party claiming to be interested in whatever the site might hold, but he knew they had other plans. Still he couldn’t refuse considering he needed the pay.

”Well well, glad to see yous still alive, Elias!” Barked a large Dog from behind the cash register. “Been too long Doug. How’s the family?” Replied Elias. “Ya know how rough it is when suddenly ain’t no one has ‘n interest in ya line of work, dont’cha?” “I’ll say.”

Elias paused. “Look- about last time-“ Elias was cut off. “Now see here, they was crimmies and there was no tellin’ what they could’ve done to the rest of the place. I’m glad yous stopped ‘em.” “So, about the damages?” “Negligible, I had no use for dat table anyways.” 

Doug gave him a look. “Yous after the sky rocks, aint’cha?” Elias gives him a look back. “You know me, could be a great story.” “Riiiight. Totally not some conspiracy.” Elias rolls his eyes. “I just need some gear and provisions, then you can go back to thumb twiddling if you like.” “Har har, yous a comedian now? Yeah I’m sure I gots the stuff yous need.” 


Charles and Josh, Uncle Chuck’s lab, Mercia, 1453.

”You don’t know thing about them? 

Josh asked Chuck over some Chilie Dogs. 

“Sorry kid, all I heard was a rumble, and that’s it. Shouldn’t you be at the orphanage?” Retorted Chuck. “Eh, they’re fine. Besides, I haven’t been this interested in something for a while.” “I figured. You gonna ‘Karate Chop’ it too while you’re at it?” Chuckled Chuck (chuckle) 

“Seriously? *sigh* At least I don’t have an evil plot to blow up the whole town.” “Ah! You got me there, kid.” Laughed Chuck. “Anyways, be seeing you, kid.” “Later Uncle Chuck.” Josh replied as he left back to the orphanage. 


(I feel like I messed up or didn’t do this right. I’M SUCH A NEWBIE.) 

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Antoine D'Coolette, Old D'Coolette family home, Mercia, 0815 MST

Antoine woke up with a long yawn. He got up from his bed and headed downstairs.

"I wonder what that noise was last night...oh well."

They coyote looked through his cabinets to see if there was anything to make but unfortunately it was cleared out.

"Guess I'll go into town and get something there." Said Antoine as he sheathed his sword and walked out the door.


Charmy Bee, Casino Night Zone, 0700 MST

"I'm starving...can't go back home now. I don't wanna marry that girl. Girls are gross. Good thing I got some pocket money before I ran away." Said Charmy as he searched for a good place to eat that was affordable.

"Too fancy. Too healthy...Ooh! A chili dog stand!" Said the bee as he flew to the vendor and obtained the chili dog.


Bean the Duck, Battle Bird Armada Airship above the Central Sea 0640 MST 

"There seems to be no improvement after the procedure...shame. We were hoping you were the test subject we've been looking for but you like the others were utter failures! You two! Escort this reject to a cell. I guess Project Dynamite is a lost cause..." Said a bird in a white lab coat and googles.

"Sure thing Doctor Bin." Said one of the guards as they carried the green feathered duck away.

Bean's mind slowly began to descend into madness.


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Geoffrey and Ian St John, St John house, Mercia 08:30 MST

"Morning dad, how did you sleep?" Asked Geoffrey as he entered the living room. Ian was sat drinking a cup of tea. "Not well son. Something is happening out there. You better stay on guard today. I have a big job today so I won't be home till late" said Ian as Geoffrey got himself a cup of tea. Geoffrey nodded to what his father said and sat down as Ian finished his tea and left for work. "The kids may be quite lively today. I think I may need to focus on him though" thought Geoffrey as he drank his tea.


Mighty The Armadillo, Forest, 01:15 MST

Mighty sat alone in his camp staring up at the trees. He had heard a loud bang not far away but decided not to look into it. "I think I will enjoy this peace while I have it. That place will be swarming with people who want to see what it is. I just like to follow the road" thought Mighty as he lay his head on to the floor and faded off to sleep.


Ray the Flying Squirrel, Sunset valley orphanage, Mercia 07:30 MST

Ray had been cowering under his bed for hours after he heard someone creeping around the hall outside his room. He kept himself covered as he stared at the door with bags under his eyes.


Johnny Lightfoot, Mobotropolis, 00:25 MST

Johnny was trying to sleep on a bench in a small park shivering. Having only just arrived in town he had nowhere to sleep or any money. "I'm the morning I better find a job to earn some money otherwise I will be stuck like this forever" said Johnny to himself when he heard a woman scream. Johnny quickly ran to her aid and saw she was being mugged by two masked men. Without hesitation he grabbed a near by twig and stepped in front of the woman.

"Now Now, it is not nice to steal. Don't make me have to lecture you" said Johnny in a mocking time which aggravated the muggers. They both tried to punch him but Johnny dodged both of them and hit one of the muggers behind the knee. The other mugger tried to punch him but Johnny blocked it with his arm. The mugger who Johnny had hit got back up and tried to kick him but missed and accidentally hit his team mate sending him flying into a walk.

"Wow! That was a strong blow you better make sure he is ok" said Johnny which caused the mugger to swing at him but miss before running to his team mate, picking him up and running away. Once the muggers were out of sight Johnny dropped the stick and approached the woman.

"Looks like they are gone now. I hope they didn't hurt you" said Johnny as the woman thanked him with a nod.

"I am fine but what are you doing out this late?" Asked the woman.

"I just got into town and have no where to stay" said Johnny.

"You can stay at my house for the night as a thank you for saving me" said the woman.

"That will be great! Thank you!" Said Johnny as the woman lead him to her house.


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Liza and Espio the Chameleon, Casino Night Zone, 0645 MST
"What are we doing here again?" asked a visible Espio, seeimgingly to the air as he walked through the casino night zone

"Did you not listen to the briefing again?" another voice from the invisible Liza questioned. "I'm here to protect you. Not remind you of your missions. And shouldn't you be invisible?"

"This place is big enough and with enough people for us to be visible. It's not like anyone will notice us. We're just two more faces in a large number" Espio replied confidently

"Your attitude is going to get you in trouble one day while I'm not here. You need to learn your place" Liza responded

"My place isn't sitting around spying on people but doing nothing to help" Espio retorted. "I'm meant for better things"

"Maybe in the future" Liza replied calmly then going silent for a moment as a small group of other mobians passed them by. "But you haven't finished your training. And until you have you can't be given better missions"

"Don't you want to do something more beneficial?" Espio asked

"What we're doing is beneficial" Liza responded. "You gather information that can be used to plan other missions that help us or others. And I keep you safe"

"Not that I need it" Espio thought to himself. "Mother still treats me like a child"


Marine the Raccoon, Off the coast of Downunda, 0537 MST
Marine woke up on her ship which she had slept on. Despite that, she didn't have any problems sleeping. She felt comfortable being at sea. But of course she couldn't spend all her time there. She had a ship but no crew to lead. She couldn't be the great captain Marine without a crew by her side to join her in her future adventures. And for that she needed to head to land to recruit.

Quickly she jumped up and headed to the main desk to weigh the anchor and set sail for land. Perhaps today will be her lucky day

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-Amy Rose, Vanilla the Rabbit and Cream the Rabbit, Vanilla's house, Southeastern coast of Acorn, 07:46 hours MST

The momentum of the crashing waves was stronger than usual. Over the cliffs that stood before the raging sea, a house could be seen. A beautiful house with a spacious courtyard. Bushes and small trees guarded the humble but well-decorated build. Inside, a mature rabbit looked though the window, assimilating what she has just heard. 
But the crashing waves did not calm her. Instead, they made her more and more nervous.

"I-it will be better for Cream not to go to school today..." Vanilla said, clearly worried after Amy's prediction, while the pink hedgehog put away her tarot deck and cleaned the table.

"Maybe the cards were wrong... I... I hope they were... Perhaps "the darkness" refered to rain clouds, or a electrical blackout, a-and "the danger ahead" is no more than... I don't know... something not really concerning?" Amy responded, trying not to worry Vanilla, who was almost shivering.

"Even knowing you have total control and know what you're doing, I still don't like these rituals of yours, Amy. And this time, it sounds more than concerning... I-it was terrifying! What if something happens to Cream?" Vanilla asked, turning her head to Amy. The young hedgehog could not stand that saddening stare. "Those noises and the earth trembling... do you think they had something to do with your prediction?" 

"It could be..." Amy replied, unsure about her words. She felt ironic that, being able to foretell the future, she now had no clue what was about to happen. Her cards today have told her that the world would fall into shadows, and dangers were ahead... but how many things could these statements mean? What dangers could they face? 

Vanilla sighed, and aproached Amy. "For now, Cream shouldn't know that--"

"GOOD MORNING!!" Cream exclaimed, abruptly interrumpting Vanilla. The cute young rabbit jumped into her mother's arms, ignoring the conversation she and Amy have just had.


-Tekno the Canary, Tekno's Lab, Casino Night Zone, 01:06 hours MST

Among test tubes, bizarre plants of different colours and shapes, complex machinery and boxes with hardly pronounceable words, a green canary wearing a medical coat over her clothes struggled for maintaining the most rewarding virtue a scientist should always have: patience. 
All the frogs that should be on the table were now jumping like crazy after the earthquake, and constantly making "ribbit" sounds that echoed the room. She couldn't grab any of the frogs because of them jumping over her head like nothing.
This situation drove Tekno mad.

"Not again, not again, NOT AGAIN! COME ON! Stay still for once! It was just a rumble, nothing more... stupid frogs..."

Tekno's frustration levels were beyond the charts. She needed to find the way to perfect her serum, but the most advanced test subject escaped long ago, without she even knowing. How could a frog escape that easily from an underground lab? The mere fact that she was outsmarted by an irrational creature infuriated her... And now she was forced to use the other three frogs she could gather.

Tekno sighed, and took a seat, while the frogs kept jumping ridiculous distances that a normal specimen could not. "Why am I even trying to reason with you? You won't understand a single thing I'm saying, and the Megatal serum has to be messing with your underdeveloped brains..." the canary said. Then she took a voice recorder, and proceeded to register the lastest experiment: 

"Project Kermitfuse, Entry 32X: The addition of Never Lake's herbs has been unsuccessful to stop the mental breakdown, but it... helps to... jump higher? This... this is a... err..."

Suddenly, Tekno left the recorder, and got up. Her attention went into one of the frogs, that stopped jumping. Surprised, she took it into her hands, and saw the amphibious severely weakened. 

"Oh, no... no..." Tekno whispered. "I'm running out of time..."


-Sonic the Hedgehog, South Island in Acorn Archipelago, 00:12 hours MST

Step by step. Red strides that lasted less than the naked eye could see. A blue blur crossed the green hills of the island like a lightning crosses the sky when a storm rises. The grass and flowers moved when he got past them, making the ilussion that they were greeting him... in less than a second. The tiny animals that populated the hills noticed the boom the speedster involunarily caused when he accelerated, and they felt the wind moving like never before.

The red shoes of the fast creature abruptly stopped before making him fall into the ocean. He looked to the sky, and saw the bizarre meteors falling into the surface of the planet. Like a child, the hedgehog felt the urgency to see those artifacts with his own eyes... and make sure no one was hurt wherever they landed on.

And so, the blue hedgehog resumed his run, this time, towards the meteor shower, provoking yet another sonic boom.

"Okay, so this is happening..."


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Mobius Orbit

A small streak of flame streaked across the atmosphere as a small craft broke through and into the dark of space.  Now free of the atmosphere, it altered its course, progressing almost lazily as it was dwarfed by its destination.  Compared to the Wing Fortress, the transport looked like a toy.

Through the observation window, Doctor Robotnik watched the transport leisurely drift into the landing bay.  He turned away, his gaze resting on the massive screen projecting a map of the planet of Mobius.  Small pinpricks of light were dotted all over it, paler circles radiating out from them, in total covering a large portion of the map, at least on land.

“Scanning network established.  Energy readings will arrive momentarily, Doctor Robotnik,” spoke a synthesized female voice.  The Doctor almost gave a surprised start.  He still wasn’t used to the voice.

“Next time I build a robot, remind me to double check I’ve put the correct Vocal Chip in,” Robotnik commented as he turned to face the bulky, green painted robot.

“Acknowledged Doctor,” the robot replied.  “And the transport containing the first cargo from the surface has arrived.”

“I saw it arrive Zero,” muttered Robotnik.  “Inform me when the cargo is unloaded.”  He turned back towards the map, his brow furrowing as he spotted an anomaly.  “What is that Prison Pod doing in the middle of Casino Night Zone?” he barked.

“Sensors reported thruster damage as it entered the atmosphere.  But over 99.3% of the Pods hot their target zones,” Zero replied.

“That was a rhetorical question Zero,” retorted Robtonik, shooting Zero a glare.  “At least its systems automatically disabled its activation.  Last thing we need is a whole city warned of it purpose.”  He stroked his moustache thoughtfully.  “By the time Casino Night Zone has negotiated with the authorities in Acorn about their course of action, it will be too late for them.”

As he spoke, the screen flashed, the previously pale circles lighting up.  Before almost all became dim again.

“Seventy percent of the landmass covered, and almost no Chaos readings,” stated Robotnik, half angered, half curious.  “They can’t all be located in the oceans, and their very nature makes the cities unlikely.  Are they all located in remote locations?  Or is something shielding their power?”  Adjusting the controls, he zoomed the map in to the one circle that remained bright.  “Ahh, the fabled Floating Island.  That would explain much.”

“Doctor, the cargo has been unloaded,” interrupted Zero.  Robotnik turned his gaze towards a smaller monitor, smiling as he saw the trapped, helpless animals that had been released from the returned Prison Pods.  “Things are progressing….” The map began flashing again.  “..fast!” Robotnik finished in surprise.  “The Pods in Sector Two Five Zero Gold are full already?”

“Small settlements and curious locals,” commented Zero dryly.  “Large enough for the numbers required, too small to offer any resistance.”

Robotnik rubbed his hands together in glee.  “This is working even better than I anticipated.  Contact Flying Battery Two and tell them to land to pick up our new recruits.”  He turned and strode towards the lift door.  “As for the cargo, send them up to the main workshop.  It’s time to awaken your brothers, Zero.”  He looked back towards the map.  “Finding the Chaos Emerald on Angel Island would be a good test for one of them.”


Tails, Deerwood Forest

A shadow fell over the map.  Tails looked up in surprise, then laughed as he saw a Flicky land on the edge and look curiously at the Fox.

“You blocked my light,” smiled Tails.  Standing, he folded the map and headed further into the forest.  The little Flicky cheeped, flying alongside.  “I should be close,” Tails said, half to the Flicky, half to himself.

Ahead, the forest opened up into a large clearing, a small creek bubbling through it.  And in the centre…

Tails hadn’t been sure what he’d been expecting.  A crater probably, maybe a large from.  But not a gleaming silver metal pod, with a yellow disk attached to the top like a comically oversized button.  A feeling of nervousness washed over Tails, and he ducked down at the edge of the treeline.    

“What is that?” he murmured to himself, slinging his rucksack off and starting to dig through it looking for his binoculars.  The Flicky gave a chirp and flew off, towards the direction of the pod.  Tails ears twitched as there was a sudden strange metallic whine, followed by a loud clang.  He glanced up quickly, but saw nothing, except the Flicky seemed to have vanished.  But as he listened, the sounds of mechanical workings reached his ears, clearly coming from the pod.

With a hiss, the side of the pod slid open, and a large, metallic insect flew out of it, starting to circle slowly.  Tails just stared.  It was like something out of those science fiction movies on the TV.  Except this wasn’t something made of painted cardboard.  This looked like a true, real life robot.  But certainly not a friendly robot.  Something about it made Tails’ fur stand on end.

It circled again, and Tails ducked down, worried the robot might spot him.  But then it twisted around and started heading deeper into the forest.  Tails grabbed his rucksack and hurried after it, despite his fear, his curiosity got the better of him.

It didn’t take long for Tails to lose sight of it under the thick canopy, but Tails hurried on, still following the same direction.  The trees started to thin as the terrain became rockier, and harder to traverse.  A little short of breath, Tails began to hear a distant rhythmic rumbling sound.  It wasn’t just the noise, as they trees gave way entirely and Tails could see a massive canyon ahead, the sound started to feel almost like a physical force, making his head throb.  But he’d come this far, and Tails knew he just had to find out where that robot had gone, and what was causing the strange throbbing noise.

He peered over the cliff.  And his mouth dropped open.

Tails had seen pictures of flying craft.  Many pictures.  The very idea of flying was fascinating to him.  From the biplanes to the strange flying craft seen being used by the Battle Bird Armada.  But this… this was something completely different.  In sheer size is dwarfed any building that Tails had seen.  It was the size he’d imagined skyscrapers to be, only on its side.  Countless large propellers lined part of its surface, as well as large vents that seemed to suck the air in and eject it out the other side.  Tails guessed that both of these must be how the hovering building stayed in the air.

Further movement caught his eye.  A door on the side of the craft slid open and a platform extended towards the cliffside.  Tails realised there was a path down to where the platform was, as he saw an army of robots march on-board.  Not just flying insects like he’d seen before, but others.  Some looked like oversized beetles with a wheel underneath, others like crude, bulky metal Mobians.

Enraptured, Tails stared at the silver army marching on-board, until the last one was through the door.  The hatch slid shut, and the sounds from the engines of the craft grew louder.  Slowly, it began to gain altitude. 

Tails could only gape at first, watching this massive machine rise next to him.  He had to know more.  Where did it come from, how did it work?  Springing to his feet, Tails sprinted towards the craft and leapt towards it.


Sleet and Dingo, Battle Bird Armada Airship

There was a bustle of activity in the airship’s hanger as the strange red craft touched down.  Its main body was rather bulbous, with two stubby wings on either side, and a mobile weapons mount on the rear that more closely resembled a tail than anything else. 

The rear ramp slid open, impacting on the hanger floor with a solid thud.  Sleet, with his typical sly grin, strode down the ramp towards the waiting Battle Bird Armada soldiers.  Dingo followed behind, carrying their prisoners. 

“Your Rogues,” said Sleet confidently, as Dingo unceremoniously dumped them in a small wheeled vehicle waiting for them.  “Two alive, one corpse.  And one hanger on.  Keep an eye on him, he doesn’t seem to understand the word ‘prisoner’,” Sleet warned.

“We’ll take care of them,” replied the squad leader confidently.  “The Battle Lord wishes to speak with you.”

“We know the way by now,” Sleet replied.  “Come Dingo.  Time for us to get our payment.”  He glanced back at the red craft, and his smile turned somewhat thoughtful.

The interior of the airship was something of a maze, and given most of those in the Armada had a smaller stature than most Mobians, rather cramped.  Yet Sleet had no trouble finding his way through.  Dingo on the other hand, let out repeated ‘Ows’ as his head kept banging on low doorframes, overhanging pipes, and the occasional light fitting.

Eventually they made their way to the top of the craft to the Battle Lord’s chambers.  Unlike the rank and file, the Battle Lord stood almost as tall as Dingo. 

“Ahhhh!  My favourite mercenaries!  I see you’ve had a good hunt,” smiled the Battle Lord, bowing slightly.

“Most satisfying, Lord Kukku,” Sleet replied, returning the bow.

“Yeah!  We got them no problem!” added Dingo, just giving a friendly wave.

The two mercenaries were ushered in, and for a while polite small talk was made, before the subject returned back to businesses.  Well, almost.

“It might be early, but I never discuss business without some fine wine.  It just wouldn’t be civilised,” smiled the Battle Lord as he pour a glass for the three of them.  Sleet took his with an appreciative nod, though just held it in his hand while Dingo swallowed his glass in one gulp.

“I have a proposition Battle Lord,” began Sleet slowly, slowly swirling the wine around in his glass.  “We may forgo payment for this bounty.”

“We will?” asked Dingo surprised.  Sleet made a quick ‘hush’ motion.

“Generous, but what is it you actually wish,” replied the Battle Lord, staring hard at Sleet through his glasses.

“The craft we had for this job, on a more permanent basis,” replied Sleet.

“The Manticore!?  IMPOSSIBLE!” bellowed the Battle Lord, slamming his fist on the table.  “That is an ancient relic of the Armada.  To hand it over as mere payment..”

“Did I mention all future Rogue hunting jobs would also be included in this payment,” interrupted Sleet, staying completely calm.  The Battle Lord paused.  “There are other advantages,” Sleet continued.  “Between contacting us and delivering the Manticore to us for your hunt, a day, maybe two could be lost.  Imagine how fast we could track down a Rogue when they had far less time to cover their tracks.  And imagine how much that would discourage further Rogues.”

“You make a compelling argument,” said the Battle Lord as he regained his composure.  “I will need some time to consider your offer, but in the meantime…” The rest of his words died as the sunlight through the window was suddenly blotted out.  All three looked out the window, to see a massive flying craft, easily twice the size of the airship, rising out of the clouds next to them.

“Well, that’s certainly interesting,” commented Sleet dryly, taking a sip of his wine.


Wave, Battle Bird Armada Airship

Wave looked at the parts as the landed on the desk and sighed.  Only half of what she needed.  If she was lucky.  And that was a big if.  Nevertheless, she forced herself to smile.  “Thanks Storm, I’m sure I’ll find some use for them.”  Was she actually worried about wanting Storm to be happy, or was it just to keep in with the only person she could talk freely with on this whole damn airship?  Wave wasn’t entirely sure.  As she studied the parts, she began to calm.  Even if they didn’t work for her board, it looked like what she had told Storm was actually true.  There would be some use for most of them after all.

Before the plan that had started forming in her mind began to take shape, a shadow fell over the room.  Wave glanced idly out the window, the turned to stare at the massive flying craft emerging from the cloud layer.  Even with a quick glance she could see the armour, engines and weapons across it, far more than the Armada airship could bring to bear.

“Storm…. We might need to run…” Wave almost whispered as the drill klaxon sounded.


Skye, Feral Forest

“Looks like you might be onto something Skye,” said Brian as he turned the jeep.  “You might actually be useful after all,” he teased, trying to be good natured, but Skye just glared.

“Plenty of trees down, doesn’t look like there’s any fires though,” interrupted the Otter, hoping to defuse the situation.

“Some of the ones standing look like they’ll come down at any moment,” added Skye, grateful to have something else to focus on.  “If one fell that must have been what I saw move,” she commented, though her voice was doubtful.  The jeep slowed as its path was blocked by a number of trees.

“Looks like we’re on foot from here,” said Brian as he jumped out of the jeep, towards the fallen tree.  “Hey!  Fisher!  Skye!  Take a look at this!” he called over.  Both of the others hurried from the jeep to where Brian was standing, looking out over the silver pod ahead.

“What is it?” wondered Fisher.

“Probably something dropped by those crazy flying birds,” said Brain dismissively.  “Maybe an empty fuel tank or something.”

“That… It’s not from the Armada,” said Skye, with both a certainty and fear that she didn’t know the origin of.  “We should go.”

“Oh stop complaining, we need to take a closer look,” said Brian, vaulting over the trees and walking purposely towards the pod.

“He’s being a jerk, but he’s right, we need to take a closer look,” Fisher said to Skye.  “But if you’d rather wait by the jeep…” He offered.

“No… No!” said Skye, trying to sound firm.  “I’m not scared.  It’s just a… er… whatever it is…” she finished, her voice trailing off.

“Alright, if you’re sure,” replied Fisher, climbing over the trees and heading after Brian as Skye followed suite. 

“Looks like it’s all safe,” called over Brian.  The next second, the pod opened up, and a long, thin metal arm sprung out father than a striking snake, grasping Brian.  He barely had the chance to realise what was happening before the arm drew him into the pod with a scream, slamming shut behind him.

Crying out, both Fisher and Skye headed towards the pod, hoping to find some way to free their friend.  But the ground at their feet suddenly erupted, throwing them both to the ground.  Looking up, they saw three metal, insect like shapes hovering above them, their thoraxes twisted round to face them.  The tips of what would have been these insects’ stringers suddenly flashed with a bright light, bolts of energy streaming towards the Wold and Otter, keeping then sprawling on the ground. 

Then the pod slid open, steam billowing from it.

“Brian!  You’re alright!” called Fisher hopefully as he spotted the outline of his friend through the clouds.  But then the figure stepped forward, and it was clear from the gleaming metal body that it wasn’t Brian.  At least, not anymore.  The robotic figure still had Brian’s proportions, and even metal protrusions similar to how his hair had been.  But there was no sign of recognition in the black and red glowing eyes.

“All Mobians must be processed,” spoke the metal Brian, in a distorted version of Brian’s own voice.  He charged forward, grabbing Fisher by the throat.  “You will serve Doctor Robotnik.”

Staggering to her feet, Skye started to draw out her staff, but her legs wouldn’t let her close the gap between her and Fisher.  Fisher turned his head, looking pleadingly at the wolf.  “Skye…. RUN!” he gasped.

Skye turned and did just that.

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Storm, Battle Bird Armada Airship

Storm watches Wave work, always fascinated by her capabilities with tech. However, he noticed her eyes grow wide as she looked out the window. Storm turned over as well to see the massive ship floating just outside.

"Uh, right. I'll follow you." Storm replies as he quickly grabs a large sack and starts sliding everything off the table into it.

Gamma, Angel Island

It had been a couple hours now that Gamma was traversing through the forests of the floating Island. It periodically checked his communication devices to see if any of its mission updates went through, however they all continued to give error messages. It stops briefly and looks back to the capture pod it decided to carry with it. It had seemed to cool down, but still had not shown any signs of activating either.

"Hourly log 6- Examination: The heat and sudden impact due to the high altitude orbit of unknown floating island has caused temporary disruption with objective programming....past areas has shown signs of old civilizations, however no residents remained. Saving data for upload upon return to main station. Robotimization pods have been properly distributed in surrounding area in preparation for activation and collection. Proceeding to prioritize Chaos energy readings now."

Gamma lets the pod go, transforms into roller mode, and speeds off through the jungle area. As it departs, the pod begins to slowly beep.

Vector, Casino Night Zone

Vector lifts his head up from his table, a trail of drool running down his desk. It didn't take long for him to make it back to his office from the hospital, however he was still feeling the fatigue from running around all night that he had fallen asleep mid-investigation. He gets up and walks over to his automated coffee machine and sets up a tall glass for himself. After it finishes, he then walks over to the window and looks out into the city streets. Multiple tvs were playing, all different news channels about the strange object that had crashed into the city. He moves from the window to look at a wall with a map of the city on it. Multiple circles and lines were drawn all over, with batwings and hearts in each one. He then grabs a marker and draws another, then connecting it to one across town. He then backs up to get a better look at it all as he continues to sip his coffee.

"Looks like I'm finally closing in on her trail. No doubt about it." he says to himself with a tired smile.

Knuckles, Angel Island

Knuckles continued to sit upon the shrine staircase as he gazed out into the forest. The commotion from the night prior had seemed to be of no concern, allowing him to sleep till dawn, however he couldn't shake the feeling of something happening. His attention was then diverted from the low sound of rotors and wind breaking in the distance. He looked out beyond the cliff-side of the island in search of where the sound was coming from before hearing another from the direction of the forest. He quickly swivels his head back to see a large red robot crouching before the stairs of the shrine. He quickly gets up from the stairs and starts walking down. The robot lets out some steam as it changes back to its standing form.

"Who are you, and what business do you have here?" Knuckles asks as he makes his way down the stairs. The robot simply stares at him, before letting out some steam and transforming back to a full stance. Knuckles makes his way to the bottom of the stairs as the two simply stare at each other the entire time.

"WHO ARE YOU, and what business do you have here?" Knuckles asks again more sternly. The robot continues to stare as it brings its wrist to it's face.

"Emergency Log- Contact: An unidentifiable life form is standing in the way of the chaos readings. Proceeding to engage." Gamma saves in its reports as it continues to look at Knuckles, scanning him.

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Thire and Larry, Lynx household, Mercia 

“Are you sure the trip is a good idea Josh?” asked a concerned Larry. “Oh, don’t worry about it Larry. Fishing at the Emerald Sea is always a fun time and it’s the one weekend we get to ourselves.” replied Josh.

“And if it’s the meteorite you’re concerned with, Uncle Chuck said it should be fine as long as we keep clear of it.” “Well... alright. I guess it’ll give me some space from the other kids.” hesitated Larry. “Wait, have they been teasing you again!?” Shouted Josh. “Oh when I find Hector...” 

“Josh wait! It’s not that they’ve been teasing me. It’s more of... uh... just, don’t confront him please. I’ve been trying to work things out between us.” Begged Larry. Josh takes a pause. “Very well then. That’s why you come home late? And sometimes with a few bruises? You can’t hide it from me.” “I know Josh. Can we maybe talk it over on the trip?” Replied Larry.

“Let’s stop by Uncle Chuck’s place before we head out.”


Elias, Casino Night Zone 

Evening in the Casino Night Zone, Elias was off to talk with his client before leaving when he overhears talking in an alley. Cautiously, he approaches unseen. 

“...he went on a date as Phat Tony, blew his cover!” Laughed a couple of guys working for Elias’ client. “I really respected him, but he didn’t pay. At least he showed more promise then the new guy. Hopefully soon he actually finds it so we can be rid of him.” 

“For what it’s worth, that guy’s got some courage walking up and accepting the job after his past with the boss man  Too bad it’s over some dumb space rock. I actually liked some of his work in the past.” Said the smaller guy. “Yeah, boss man said to wait for him to leave town then follow him to the site. Then we pay him in full.” 

Elias’ fur stands on end. “I knew it was too good to be true. And I actually believed Valentino.” Deduced Elias. “Well not unless I out smart you dummies. Let’s see if you can track a tracker.” He starts making his way out of town under the cover of night. Making sure to keep a low profile. 


Shard, Unknown Location 

Boot sequence: activate 

These words appear on it’s HUD (heads up display). Following it’s activation came it’s initial scan of the area. 

Scanner: damaged

Visual sensor: damaged

Location: unknown 

Situation: not good 

All of it’s modules were damaged, but how? And why was it in a crater? Nothing in Shard’s database recalls anything before now, meaning it’s memory banks were most likely corrupted. Attempting to process the situation, it activates it’s homing beacon in hopes of pinging someone.

Power gem: mostly intact

Initiate self repair

Low power mode: activate

 All that could be done now, was wait.


Chuck’s home, Mercia 

 “Off on your trip, I see.” Noticed Chuck. “Figured we’d stop and say bye, Uncle Chuck.” Replied Josh. “All I ask is you don’t wander TO danger this time.” 

“Don’t worry Uncle Chuck, I’m sure Josh will be more careful this time and not fall and break his arm again!” Said Larry. “...Really Larry?” Grumbled Josh. “As long as you boys have fun out there. Don’t forget to bring some food with you in case you can’t catch anything!” Laughed Chuck. “You too Uncle Chuck? You forget I’m a great fisherman!” Argued Josh. 

Chuck’s radio starts making systematic noise. “Hey, what’s that?” Asked Larry. “Probably just my radio, I’ve been working on that blasted thing from doing that at night. I’m sure you can imagine how annoying it is to be woken up late at night by that. Don’t worry about it and have fun, boys.” Replied Chuck. They then said their goodbyes and started off. 

“That sounds like Morse code, but I didn’t think anyone around here used that.” Thought Chuck. “I’m gonna have to check that out.” 


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