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Mobius Reborn: Rise of Robotnik

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Liza and Espio the Chameleon, Casino Night Zone

"Come on. It shouldn't be that hard to get a good look" Espio said to Liza as he began pushing his way through

"Wait..." Liza whispered a little too late. She then sighed and began making her way through gaps so as to not alert anyone to her presence

Upon reaching to close the front of the crowd, Espio peeked over the remaining people

"What a strange object" he thought to himself as Liza caught up to him

"You could've compromised the mission doing stupid things like that" she whispered to him

"But I didn't and now we have a better view" Espio said with a smug

Liza shook her head and sighed

"Hold up... someone's approaching the object" Espio whispered to Liza indicating Tekno

"Just some civilian probably. But I have a bad feeling about this" Liza replied


Marine the Raccoon and Blaze, Downunda

As Blaze came into town she spotted the tavern. as she began heading towards it, she spotted a child being thrown out

"You can't do this!" Marine shouted waving her fist. "That dill said I weren't a captain! He deserved it"

The door then slammed shut in her face. Grumbling, she stood up and started dusting herself off

"Bloody drongos" she muttered to herself as Blaze came over

"Excuse me. But where is this place?" she asked

Marine looked at her clearly still mad

"Dullest town in Downunda. What's it to you?" she replied snappily

Blaze looked around

"Everything seems okay. Nothing looks to have happened yet" she said to herself

"What?" Marine asked

"Did you mention something about a captain? I need a ship" Blaze then said

Marine's eyes widened for a moment then with a smile she replied

"You're looking for a ship huh?"

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-Tekno the Canary, Casino Night Zone

The green canary looked at the pod, trying to locate the frog she was desperately looking for. Next to her, the old owl that she talk to before resumed their conversation among the crowd:

"Soooo... are the logs you were looking for inside that thing?" he asked, pointing at the capsule. "A young girl like you will need some help to lift that thing, but don't you worry, I'll help you!" 

"You don't listen to anyone, don't you? I toldya I'm not looking for logs, you old man!" Tekno anwered, grabbing the owl by the sleeve of his blue coat. "And don't even thing of getting close to that machine, or else!" If the test subject was there, nobody should notice, not even an elderly bird who didn't seem to hear properly, and much less any of the curious civilians around her. Besides, whatever that piece of metal was, risking the physical integrity of such an elderly man was something Tekno wouldn't allow.

"Yes, we have to get closer to it and take those wooden logs out!" the owl exclaimed, getting away from Tekno. Clearly age has deteriorated the owl's hearing.

"Damn it... No! I've said that--" Tekno vainly said, as the owl touched the cointainment pod. The machine inmediatelly opened, a pair of arms grabbed the owl, and trapped him inside. "W-what the h-- HEY! Oh, no, no, no..." the canary couldn't contain her surprise and panic. As some people screamed in fear, others ran away from the now dangerous apparatus. 

"H-hey, old man! Are you there?!" Tekno asked. "This... this is my fault... I... I have to fix this... I have to save this guy!" 


-Sonic the Hedgehog, Acorn Archipelago

After having examined the whole island and making sure there were no more pods or robots, the blue blur stopped his run in the shore. He needed to check out other islands, so that no more machines could harm the place or the animals in the area. but the large mass of water in front of him would not allow the hedgehog to get to the other islands easily.

Nevertheless, that wouldn't prevent him from trying.

"Alright, hope this works better than the last time..."

The spiked azure creature charged into the water... and soon, with his shoes touching the water for barely nanoseconds in each step, he would find himself running over the sea. Underwater, the fish banks nearby distanced from the line the hedgehog was drawing with his resumed run.

"Yes... YES! IT WORKS!! Whoooo-hooooo!! Now I have to keep it up..." he nervously said out loud. He knew that slowing down the pace, even just a milisecond, could make him end up alongside the fish... with the disability of not knowing how to swim. 

"Keep..." said when he saw the coast line of the closest island. "..it..." his own voice motivated him to maintain the insane pace his feet were moving at. "...UP!!" finally exclaimed once he got to the beach of this apparently new and unexplored shore. "Ohhh, dear sand, I love you!" he yelled before kneeling and kissing the sand. He inmediatelly regreted this silly act of relief "Arghhh, *cough* that was NOT *cough a good idea... bleargggh..."

Then he took a breath, and saw two colossal aircrafts in battle, as they seemed to make the sky tremble. "That's... new."



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Mighty, Feral Forest


Mighty heard Skye mention the rangers cabin and began follwing her until this new bot grabbed hold of her. "Get off 'er!" Declared Mighty as he swung the bumper in his hands at the head of the bot with all his strength. He was oblivious to the ice.

Ian St John, Mercia

After hearing the boys telling their story, Ian was concerned. "If you are worried about leading those things here perhaps it is best you come with us. Chuck and I are about to go on a little adventure so some young blood could be a good help. What do you think Chuck?" Asked Ian.


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Skye, Feral Forest


“T-thanks,” gasped Skye as the robot hands were torn away from her, allowing her to breathe again.  She glanced at the prone body, seeing a small trickle of blood dripping from the broken armoured plates. 


“There…. There’s another one,” she tried to warn as the robot Fisher tried to grab Mighty from behind.




Sleet and Dingo, the Manticore


The windows were showing nothing but a white void as the Manticore ploughed through the cloudbank. 


“It’s pretty out there!” commented Dingo, staring out the window.


“It’s safer too.  With any luck no one noticed our escape aside from those Rogues,” said Sleet, checking the intruments and adjusting their course.


“Where are we heading now?  We got more work?” Dingo asked.


“New Mobotropolis,” came the short reply.  Dingo looked surprised.


“But they don’t like us there.  And they never have work,” Dingo pointed out.


“I know Dingo.  But the Kingdom is the largest and most powerful nation.  And if this ‘Doctor Robotnik’ considers the Battle Bird Armada to be nothing more than a diversion, there’s good odds he’ll come after the Kingdom soon.  And they may be grateful in their rewards for a warning.”




Wave and Tails, Midair


For a few moments, Wave could only stare at the buckling Armada ship as it started to descend.


“Storm?  Were are you?” called Wave as she turned to look around.  A curse escaped her as she spotted him, still in the hanger, holding on precariously.  “HOLD ON STORM!  I’M COMING!” she cried out.  Swooping down, Wave thought she spotted some others in the hangers, and someone who wasn’t part of the BBA.  But that wasn’t important.  Getting Storm was before…


An explosion burst from the hull next to the hanger, almost catching Wave.  She swerved wildly, then looked back.  Storm was gone, as was the whole hanger floor where he’d been just a moment before.


“Strom?  STORM?” Wave shouted, looking around frantically.  But there was no sign of him.  The explosion must have…..


Tears started to drift down her cheeks as she turned away and tried to put as much distance between her and the falling airship as possible.  Her Extreme Gear shuddered.  She turned her head, seeing some smoke trailing from it.  The explosion must have damaged it.  Then something else caught her eye.  It wasn’t a piece of falling debris.  It looked like a kid.  How did they get up here?  Wave dived as fast as she could, quickly closing the gap between her and the little, as she could now see, fox.


“Got you Kid!” Wave gasped relieved as she caught the little fox close to the broiling sea below.  Seeing a nearby shoreline, Wave set off towards it.


“W-who… who are you?” Tails asked in shock and surprised.  Grateful at being rescued, but scared at the armoured figure.  There was no response, but Tails was grateful as the landed on the beach, and he feet finally found solid ground again.  The young fox turned back towards his rescuer, and gasped in surprise as Wave removed her helmet.


“You’re a girl?” Tails exclaimed in surprise.  Wave blinked in surprise, the rolled her eyes.


“Great deduction Shorty,” she snapped back.  Having lost her friend, she wasn’t exactly feeling up to playing along with this kid.  She turned her back on him, taking out some tool and getting to work fixing her damaged board.


“H-hey!  I’m not that short!” Tails complained.  He was about to say more, but seeing Wave working, his voice faded and he just stared.


“You… you can fix it?” he asked, a note of awe creeping into his voice.


“Of course I can Shorty,” replied Wave, half distracted.  But she noticed the change of tone, and looked round to see the little fox staring.  And as she started back, she saw the fox had… a second tail?  Weird.


“That’s amazing!” Tails exclaimed.  Wave couldn’t help but smile.  Which quickly faded as Tails rushed over, a barrage of technical questions accompanying him.  Sighing, Wave answered them as quickly as possible before finishing her work.  She turned her Gear back on, and it hummed quietly, hovering without any trace of smoke.  Looks like it was fixed.


Tails looked at the hovering board in amazement, then at Wave with a similar look.  “Can… can I come with you?” he asked.  Wave turned in surprise.


“Me?  Don’t you have a family to get home to?” she asked.


“No… I never had a family…” Tails admitted, looking down.  Wave sighed.  She didn’t want to leave the kid, but then, if anyone had seen her go Rogue…  or if those bounty hunters talked… she couldn’t have a kid in tow.


Sorry Shorty, what I’m doing is pretty dangerous,” she replied.  It wasn’t a lie after all.  But as soon as she said it, she saw how crushed the kid looked.  And scared.  “You’ll be fine here.  You’ve got food and fresh water, and shelter on this island,” she pointed out.  It didn’t seem to help.  “Here…” she handed the fox a small radio.  “If you get into real trouble, you can call me on this.”


“R-really?” asked Tails, taking the radio wide eyed.  “Maybe… once the dangerous stuff is done, I could come with you then!  I wanna… I wanna… do what you do!”  There was a slight note of desperation in Tails’ voice and face that Wave was surprised to note.


“We’ll see Shorty…” Wave replied, jumping on her board and setting off.  Why did she feel so bad?  That dumb kid would just be trouble, or get into trouble.  And yet, that pleading look on the fox’s face haunted her.


Tails stared after Wave as she went, then burst into tears.  The shock of everything that had happened was crashing down on him, and the only person he’d been able to talk too had left him all along.  Sobbing, he turned away from the shore and started walking through the trees.  Tails had no idea where he was going, he just walked.  Until the trees faded away, and Tails felt something hard and smooth underfoot.  Head already bowed, he looked at his feet, seeing what looked like a road.  Was there a village or town nearby?  He raised his head, and gasped.  It wasn’t a town, and he wasn’t standing on a road.  It was an old airfield, and a runway.  Not only that, but there were still a couple of planes here.  They looked abandoned, but right now, Tails didn’t care.  This was the closet he’d ever gotten to a real aircraft, the flying building notwithstanding. 


Pulling some tools from his belt, Tails sprinted towards the planes.  Maybe… just maybe… he could get one working?  He’d studied aircrafts and engines, now here was a chance to put that into practice.  He opened the hood of the biplane and started working.




Robotnik, Wing Fortress


There was an evil grin of satisfaction on Robotnik’s face as he watched the BBA Airship crash into the water below, and the Flying Battery gain altitude, heading back to orbit.


“Alpha, I want an update from Gamma.  Find out just what is delaying him down there,” Robotnik ordered.  Alpha nodded, heading over to the controls to call up Gamma.  Robotnik rose from his chair, striding purposely towards the large map. 


“Flying Batteries all filled to capacity.  Enough ground forces to advance.  It’s time for Phase 2,” he smirked.  His finger jabbed down on a broadcast button.  “All forces, initiate Phase 2!”


The map flashed to show acknowledgments from his forces.  It would now begin.  Settlements and towns would be targeted by orbital Prison Pod strikes, shortly followed by the arrival of his Badnik forces.  And soon, the cities would follow.  It would take a bit of time, but that time was on Robotnik’s side.


“As soon as Gamma has returned, we will set course for New Mobotropolis.”

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Casino Night Zone

Vector snores soundly before being awoken by a faint noise from outside. He lifts up his head from his desk, stretching his arms while letting out a big yawn. As he gets up from his chair, he walks over to the window to look down at the crowd of people gathered around the pod. Upon furhter inspection, he notices a small bird in front of it panicking as others around her were moving in fear.

"Oh no, what's happened since i passed out??" Vector asks himself as he quickly truns around, grabbing hte rest of his coffee from his desk and rushing out the door. He runs toward the stairwell and leaps down the middle, rocketing down to the ground floor for a quick exit out of the building and begins making his way through the crowd to get to the center.

While all the commotion was going on, the Chief of the Police force had already made his way to the pod and rushed over to Tekno

"What's going on here? Who gave you the clearance to approach this?"  Chief Hoppington asks, before looking into the pod with horror.

Storm, BBAA

As the Battleship was falling apart around him, Storm was searching frantically to see where wave had flown off too. In a breif moment, he heard her call out to him as he turned to look at her racing towards him, however a large explosion erupted before his eyes, tearing off the metal bracket he was holding onto and flinging him out into open air amidst a dark cloud of gas and debris. Storm frantically attempted to get onto his extreme gear, however a large pole had struck him against his head, forcing into a stunned daze as he then began to fall down into the clouds below.

Knuckles & Gamma, Angel Island

As Gamma arrived at the top of the Master Emerald Shrine, it noticed a bright light flash in the distance. Gamma used it's eyes to zoom in as it could see the battle between Robotniks forces vs the battle birds. Gamma also detected that the upper atmosphere wind currents was starting to drag some of the debris over towards Angel Island as well.

"Current location is imminent to becoming an unsafe zone. Beginning extraction of the Emerald now." Gamma adds to it's log, however as it began to move forward, it felt a slight tug on it's leg. Looking down, Gamma had noticed Knuckles made his way up the stairs as well, and latched himself onto Gammas foot. 

"I told you, you're not taking the Master Emerald!" Knuckles yells as he pulls Gammas leg from under it, causing the robot to fall face first. Knuckles then pulls it again to toss it back down the stairs as he then  picks himself up and tries to catch his breath. His body still hurt from the cheap shot he recied earlier, as he slowly walked over to the Master Emerald and then turned back, ready to defend it from being taken. Just as he suspected, it took no time at all for Gamma to return back up the staircase.

"You are a persistent lifeform indeed." Gamma comments on Knuckles. The two pause for a moment as they turn around to see a fire set abalze amongst the forest.

"The eggpods have begun their extraction of this islands living, however I have made justs analysis that you are too dangerous to be taken alive." Gamma explains, as it turns back to Knuckles, raising it's arm as it began charging up it's blaster. Knuckles raised his arms up to try and guard the attack, as he feels a faint voice coming from the Master Emerald. He hesitates for a moment, however his focus was not taken off of Gamma as the robot fired a large ball of energy towards him. Knuckles clenches tightly as the blast collides with his arms, burning him greatly, however he continued to hold his ground. He had briefly closed his eyes upon impact, but as he opened them, he looked in front to see that his arms had a glowing line of green covering them as he was keeping the blast intact. He tried to dig his feet into the ground below and push back, however the force of it all left him in a standstill as Gamma watched on. Again he heard a voice whisper behind him, this time louder, sounding as if it was in pain. Knuckles turned his head to look, however that caused him to lose his balance as the blast then managed to pushed his arms out the way. With no other option left, Knuckles falls backwards as the blast zooms over him, hitting the Master Emerald square on as the entire gem then begins to shine brightly. In the matter of seconds that felt like an eternity to both Gamma and Knuckles, the Master Emerald erupts violently as it shatters from the impact, knocking Gamma completely off of the shrine top and back into the forest, and pinning Knuckles to the ground with sheer pressure alone. As Gamma was being thrown throw the trees, it attempted to send out one final distress signal back to the Wing fortress, before an aftershock wave of green energy hit it, short-circuiting the robot and briefing shutting it down. The pulsating blast was spreading out amongst the sky, cutting nearby clouds into oblivion and stretching out over half the world with sparkling lights as pieces of the Master Emerald flew off in every direction. Moments later, Angel Island began to drop out of the sky slowly, as it headed towards the ocean below. 

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Shard, Bottom of a giant crater

Still repairing itself after being here for a few days, it finally makes progress on some important integral systems.

Global Positioning Systems status: Operational 

Finally able to get a location down, it attempts to find out just where in the world it is. 

GPS location: The Great Pit, Downunda 

Natch...well now it knows why it was such a big crater.

Chassis and Neuroptics status: Operational 

Power Core integrity: 70% 

Time to try getting up again. Moving it’s arm to support it’s legs in standing, it manages to get to a kneeling position, and finally standing upright. Time to try finding a way out now. Rocket jumping would most likely attract locals which probably wouldn’t be a good idea right now. Climbing looks to be the best option.

Glancing down at it’s chest, it notices that there is a portion of its experimental Power Crystal missing. Great, just great. Not like they’re easy to come by. Especially from where it came fro- hangonasec, where DID it come from again? It’s memory banks seem to have some giant blank spots. That’s no bueno. Oh hey, the Language index is still functional. But it looks like it can only go up from here...


Uncle Chuck, Josh, and Larry, Mercia 

At Uncle Chuck’s place, Josh and Larry had just finished explaining what had happened to them in the forest. 

All Chuck replied with was “Hmm...” 

“If you’re worried about leading those things here perhaps it is best you come with us. Chuck and I are about to go on a little adventure so some young blood could be a good help. What do you thing Chuck?” Asked a concerned Ian. 

“Darn it Ian, this is exactly what I wanted to avoid. Getting kids involved on this “adventure” 1. Will probably only slow us down. 2. Could get us all killed (or worse) and-“ Josh interjects Chuck whilst he’s giving his lame excuses. He then explains back “While I’m not thrilled about taking Larry to something dangerous, we all know you’ll need us to help you.” 

Chuck, knowing he’s right, turned to his equipment cases and finishes packing. 

“You do know we might not ever come back, right boys?” 

“Yes sir.” Piped Larry.

“And that this is an extremely dangerous circumstance we’ll be caught into?”

”Absolutely.” Replied a determined Josh.

“Grrrrr... pack your bags and get ready, we leave first thing tomorrow morning.” 

“Yes sir!” 

Leaving Chucks place, the boys wave back to them as they head home. 

“Ian, I’ve got a really bad feeling about this, but if what they said is true to the last detail then leaving them here wouldn’t help them much better. We’ll head out of town a ways tomorrow over to one of my old buddy’s places, he should be able to get us to where we need to go. I suppose I’d better let the Captain of the Guard know that I’m leaving.” 

Getting back inside his house, he continues making arrangements for the “adventure” they’re about to have. 

“I do have to ask though Ian, what about Geoffrey?” 


Elias, Breakneck Ridge 

After escaping not only killer robot bugs, but also Valentino and his goons, Elias makes his way to the crash site outside of the Casino Night Zone. 

Out of the boiler and onto the grill. This is getting too intense.” Elias jokingly remarked to himself. 

Back at the site he finds only a couple of those “ladybug” robots there. Drawing his sword, he prepares himself for combat. Both of the robots spot him and rev up to ramming speed. Ready for them this time, he easily predicts their movement and slash through both as they draw near. With them out of the way, he cautiously approaches the mysterious pod. He then sees this mysterious symbol on it:


So, someone or something is doing this deliberately. Wait a second, there’s one of these things back in town! I need to get back and warn people about the danger!” 

But just as he turned to leave came a menacing figure. It was not one of Valentino’s goons... but a robot of one! Dodging to the side, he avoids a claw-swipe from the bot. Sword still drawn, he thrusts it towards the bot’s chest only to be blocked and backhanded away. He tries again this time landing a solid blow to its chest, but it seems he missed all the vitals! The robot pushes him away into a boulder and attempts to punch his head. Elias dodges to the side, narrowly missing it. He realized that his sword is still in the bot, as to which he comes up with an idea on how to utilize it. Using it as he springboard, he jumps up and catches its head with his hands, then uses the momentum built up from the jump to swing around with its head to take it down to the ground. He then quickly pulls out his knife and proceeds to decapitate the robot, putting it out of its misery. 

Leaving the site, he noticed that Val’s goon had a very nice Jeep that was in desperate need of a new owner. He hops in, fires it up, and makes haste for CNZ with hopes he can prevent an unfortunate event...



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Ian St John, Mercia

Ian thought about Geoffrey for a moment then turned to look at the door. "Chuck, I can't leave here now. My life has not always been as peaceful as it is now. And in secret I have longed for a new adventure. I planned to head off but every time I am almost ready to leave... Geoffrey comes and asks advice on how to help one of the orphans. Ray, Matilda, that Tails kid and so many others. If I go see him now, I know he will say something that will stop me joining you on this." Ian looked around and found a pen and blank piece of paper. "I'm borrowing these, I need to leave my son a note." Ian wrote a note for Geoffrey and folded the paper up so only the name Geoffrey could be seen.


"I'll ask one of the boys to drop it off at my place before we leave in the morning. I have all I need in my tool bag anyway." Ian sat down and waited for Chuck to finish his preparations for the trip.


Mighty, Feral Forest

Mighty heard Skye's warning and dropped the bumper. He curled into a ball to avoid the bot's grab. Mighty waited a moment to cause the bot to stop, giving him an opening to strike. He picked up the bumper and swung it hard at the torso of the bot.


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Charmy, Casino Night Zone

"Wh-What's that?" Said Charmy heading  towards the crowd. Charmy shrank down to get through the crowd.

Charmy zipped past the crowd and saw a strange pod. Charmy then returned to his normal size.

"This doesn't look good...maybe I should've listened to Mello." Said Charmy staring at the pod.


Antoine, Mercia 

One of the soilders attempted to grab Antoine but he gave him a quick kick. Antoine quickly got up and drew his sword.

"I'm not a brave fighter like my father but I hold his sense of honor. Something you Chiens don't have." Said Antoine.

"I hate French Words!" Said the first soilder pulling out his sword and the two became locked in sword combat.


Bean, Bark, Battle Bird Armada Airship 

"I don't see any available shuttles...and I can't fly! I'm not that kind of bird." Said Bean.

Bark spotted a couple of boards in a corner and showed Bean.

"That's extreme gear big guy...though it's a little out of date that the standard models. Well we either die on these or die in here!" Said Bean as he and Bark jumped out of the Airship and rode their extreme gear.





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Liza and Espio the Chameleon, Casino Night Zone
Espio and Liza looked shocked as the old man got pulled into the pod

"We need to go!" Liza insisted trying to pull Espio as the crowd began panicking. "We shouldn't be here! You shouldn't be visible!"

"Right... I'm going" Espio replied as he and Liza began hurrying back. Due to the crowd's movements however, Liza's grip on Espio slipped. She quickly turned to grab him again, but the crowd pushed her forward

Espio looked towards where Liza was being pushed to

"Liza?" he called out to her

Liza didn't respond, knowing her position would be given away. She didn't want to frighten anyone by appearing anymore than they already were and their movements were too unpredictable for her to make her way though easily. All she could hope for was that Espio would make it to the agreed meeting place for if they split up


Marine the Raccoon and Blaze, Downunda

"Yes I am" Blaze replied calmly. "Do you have one?"

"Strewth!" Marine exclaimed excitedly. "I'm Captain Marine. The best captain in Downunda! Of course I have a ship!" 

"That's what I need then. Would you be willing to take me aboard?" Blaze asked

"Only if ye'd be willing to join me crew!" Marine answered with a grin

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Tails, Island

As Tails explored more of the airbase, his feeling of abandonment began to subside.  It looked like the base had been abandoned in a hurry a while ago.  The workshop was still fully stocked, as was the storeroom.  At least, the tinned foods were still there.  It was all dirty, and needed a clean, but it was a start.  And cleaned up, it would be the kind of place Tails had always wanted. 

And yet, practicality was a secondary concern to the young fox as he looked over all the biplanes.  Many would need significant repair.  One with a flower painted on it looked like it might be rusted solid.  But there was one that seemed in good condition, its biggest flaw being the faded red paint job.  Tails leapt into the cockpit and fiddled with the controls trying to start it. 

Nothing happened.

Frowning thoughtfully, Tails jumped out again, opening the engine hood to take a look inside.  He climbed up and in, until only his namesakes were visible wagging from the outside.




Skye, Feral Forest

Skye winced as she saw the damage caused to Fisher’s chest as the bumper struck it.  She turned away, trying to hide her tears catch her breath.  Glancing around, it seemed all the robots had been dealt with.  Skye looked back towards the Armadillo.

“Come on, we have to get going,” she called, starting to run along the forest track, wiping her tears.




Sleet and Dingo, Mobotropolis

“It’s time to make an entrance,” grinned Sleet as he landed the Manticore in the courtyard of Castle Acorn.  Within moments, it was surrounded by Royal Guards.  The hatch hissed open, and Sleet strode out confidently, despite the weapons trained on him.  Slowly, he lay his pistols on the ground, showing he wasn’t there for a fight. 

“I’ve come to warn the King of an invasion,” he declared.

“That’s right!  They blew up one of the Birds’ big airships!” added Dingo as he came behind.  For a moment, Sleet was going to chastise Dingo, but then he saw the shock on the faces of the guards.  Maybe that had been the right thing to say.




Wave, a slight distance from Mobotropolis

A dull clanging sound rung out from the armour as Wave threw it into the hole she’d dug.  It was far too unique to the BBA for her to be able to safely take with her.  Her firearm on the other hand, that was pretty common.  Maybe she could trade it for some currency.  Her Extreme Gear…. Wave shook her head.  If anything, it was more noticeable than the armour.  On the other… if someone didn’t know what it was, maybe they’d just mistake it for a fancy surf or skateboard.  Maybe she should dress appropriately to help that image.  Besides, if the Armada DID catch up with her, the Extreme Gear was her best chance to escape. 

Casting her last piece of armour into the hole, Wave paused as she picked up her radio, about to throw it into the hole as well.  Once again, it was something the Armada could use to find her, IF they knew she’d escaped and the frequency she used.  On the other, that kid did have the other set.  And if he did get into trouble… 

Sighing, Wave clipped the radio to her belt, and started filling in the hole.




Robotnik, Wing Fortress

“I thought that pod was shut down,” grumbled Robotnik as he read the readout from the Casino Night Zone.  The pod in the centre of the city had entered capture mode, but its conversion functions were offline.  “We can’t have the city alerted and mobilised.  We have to strike now.” 

Robotnik swiftly issued ordered, then the Wing Fortress lurched suddenly.  Shocked, Robotnik was almost thrown from his feet.  “What was that?” he bellowed.

“An unprecedented surge of energy from the Floating Island,” Zero reported.  The island appears to be descending now.”

“WHAT?” Robotnik almost slammed open a radio connection to Gamma.  “Gamma!  REPORT!”




Casino Night Zone

A ripple of panic was spreading in the crowd as the owl was dragged inside the pod.  A few minutes later, the sky started to darken.  Above the city, a Wing Fortress appeared through the clouds, descending towards it.  Numerous hatches open, dropping pods in and around the city.  Some were more prison pods.  Others contained squads of Badniks and Swat Bots.

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Casino Night Zone

Vector frantically makes his way through the crowd before hearing a scream coming from the center. Vector then started pushing further as the clouds in the sky slowly grew dark as the wing fortress made its way into view. 

Chief Hoppington rushes over toe the pod, and tries to pull at it's doors. He ends up losing his grip and falling backwards, before looking up to see the winged fortress descending down, dropping even more pods and robots that were attacking the city.

" Ay, Chief!" Vector calls out, finally making his way to the center crater.


Angel Island

The Island continues to plummet through the sky, its shear weight dragging it down faster and faster to the earth below. Just before hitting however, a strong force envelopes the island entirely, slowing it down just before crashing into the ocean below. The island is left with a thick mist from all the thrown around air and water. Flashes on green light pulsate around a few parts of the island, before ultimately dimming out. Knuckles was left unconscious atop the Mater Emerald shrine. Gamma's body nearly to the complete other side of the island. His information logs had finally received enough connection to send the distress call out to the Egglfeet, however much of his data had become corrupted and unreadable after being delayed for so long. 


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Elias, just outside Casino Night Zone

Driving back from his run-in with robots and Valentino, Elias was getting closer to the city when the sky suddenly started darkening. 

“What the heck?!” 

He noticed that pods similar to the one he was originally after were dropping from the sky into the city. “Oh that’s not good at all. I need to hurry!” He floors the pedal and drives as fast as possible... 


Josh and Larry, Mercia 

After getting back from an eventful trip to the Emerald Lake and stopping by Uncle Chuck’s place, the boys got home to rest before their trip in the morning. 

Having finished cleaning himself up, Larry walked into the living room only to find Josh watching yet another martial arts movie most likely for inspiration and training. “Really? Okay Josh, what is it this time?” Asked a questioning Larry. “IP Bird: Master of Wing Chun.” 

“I don’t recall you watching that one before.” 

“That’s because me and Dad were gonna watch it together when they got back.”

”I see... Do you think maybe... We’ll run into them on our trip?” 

“I honestly don’t know Larry. I mean we’re going the opposite way of Mobotropolis.” 

“I was just wondering Josh...” 

“I know Larry, but it is good to remain optimistic...” 

“Um did that crane just break that bulldog’s arm by pushing in his elbow!?

“Oh ho ho yes he did! Awesome!” 


Shard, Downunda 

After what seemed like forever, Shard finally climed out of the Great Pit. 

Organic Area scan: Initiate 

It’s sensors start scanning the environment around it for life signs. 

Large concentration of life 260 degrees Northeast: Most likely a village: Avoid 

Current Mission: Unknown? 

With it’s memory damaged, Shard doesn’t exactly know what to do... 

Chaos emission tracker: ? Uh... activate? 

A few moments later a gem icon appears on it’s HUD 330 degrees North. Without much else to do, Shard decides that might be it’s best lead as to what happened to it.

Current mission: Track down “Chaos” 


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Antoine, Mercia


"So much for my quiet life here. Take that!" Said Antoine kicking one of the soilders into a tree rendering him unconscious.

"Um...I got a mutton in ye oven.." Said the other guard fleeing.

"Good thing I train my sword play everyday! It's no longer safe here..guess I'll go back to Mobotropolis." Said Antoine heading out.


Bean and Bark, Midair


"Hey big guy watch out for the falling debr..." Said  Bean as a piece of falling debris hit his extreme and sent flying.

Bark sighed and began to pursue the little green duck. 

"This wouldn't be a problem if I could fly even though I'm a bird!" Joked Bean as he kept soaring.


Charmy, Casino Night Zone


"Did it just get darker?" Said Charmy flying up into the air and spotted the winged fortress.


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Posted (edited)

-Tekno the Canary, Casino Night Zone

The jade canary started punching the pod uselessly. "No... c'mon, this... this can't be happening..."

But her frustration would only increase once she rose her eyes and saw the titanic flying fortress over the zone. Inmediately, she saw the robots and pods all over the city. With a face that couldn't hide her dread, Tekno replied to Charmy "It did, kid... this place definately got darker."


-Sonic the Hedgehog, Unknown Island

"I have to get up there... but how?" the hedgehog wondered, still glancing at the airships. "Well, standing still in the middle of the beach will serve for nothing!" And once again he bursted into the center of the island.

Not even getting close to sound speed, he noticed the airfield. "Huh... how convenient."

After the sound of several more explosions piercing through the heavens, the blue hedgehog noticed one of the aircrafts falling, severely damaged. "That seems preeeeetty bad...Gonna need help if that thing has passengers. I might not be able to save them all..." he thought.

The azure creature run to the airbase, without even caring about more than clear carelessness state of the base."HELLOOOOOOO! SOMEBODY HEEEEERE?? I need a hand... well, several hands could come in handy!" He yelled. "*cough* No time for puns, idiot!" he said to himself, before resuming his search for aid.


(I'm back! Yaaay?)




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Liza and Espio the Chameleon, Casino Night Zone
As Liza began heading to the meeting place, she looked up at the sky as she noticed it darkening and spotted the winged fortress. She looked surprised unsure what object it was. Then she noticed more pods being dropped around the city

"Espio is not going to head back to the meeting place... at least not straight away" she thought to herself. "He'll start putting the mission at risk and trying to help. I have to find him"

With that, she made herself visible

"No one knows our mission. And if I'm seen, I can find help" she thought as she began looking around


Espio meanwhile had also noticed the pods being dropped, and noticed another prison pod grab someone else and pull them in. He knew it wasn't his problem, but he had been specially trained and wanted to actually make a difference. So pulling out a kunai he hurried over to it to inspect and try to open it


Marine the Raccoon and Blaze, Downunda
Blaze was a little taken aback by Marine's request

"Very well" she said. "But I need to decide where we go. And it may be dangerous" 

Marine considered

"I do danger every day!" she said sounding proud. "If you want to go somewhere, that's fine! But I'm the captain so I drive!"

Blaze smiled a little bit

"That's fine. You have a deal" she said

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Tails, Island

The young fox was covered with grime, oil, grease and dust stains.  But he didn’t care.  Tails was sure he’d found the problem, and had almost fixed it, thanks to all the old manuals he’d found.  Tails was carefully connecting up the wires to the starter when…


Tails gave a cry of surprise at the sudden shout.  Bumping his head on the engine cover, he accidently let the wires he was working on touch.  There was a spark, a cough, splutter, then the aircraft engine roared back into life as Tails fell out of the compartment.

For a moment, Tails smiled as he admired his handwork at getting the engine running.  Then he turned his head to look towards where the voice had come from.  With the sun in his eyes, Tails couldn’t quite make out who it was.  It looked like a blue hedgehog.  Briefly, a look of worry crossed Tails face.  It looked almost like the old hedgehog who threw the little fox out of his workshop.  But as Tails’ eyes adapted, he breathed a sigh of relief as he saw it was a different hedgehog.  Even if he did kinda look like the old grumpy one.

“C-can I… help you?” asked Tails nervously. 


Skye, Feral Forest

A long jog later, Skye finally reached the Park Ranger hut.  She quickly ushered the Armadillo inside, heading to the radio room.

“H-hello.. Mobotropolis?  Are you receiving me?  Over!”  A sigh of relief escaped Skye as her signal was received.

“There was…” Skye paused a moment to consider.  “This is Feral Forest Range Shack 12.  Hostile forces attacked us in the forest.  Two rangers are down…. Prob… probably dead…” Skye had to fight to keep on speaking.  “The force was highly advanced.  I think it may be an invasion, over.”  She wasn’t sure how she knew, but somehow, Skye had no doubt.

Sounds outside distracted her.  There was a rumble close by, a buzzing in the air.  “Can… you repeat.  I think they’re here…”  The radio went dead.


Sleet and Dingo, Mobotropolis Palace Interior

Sleet bowed low as he was brought on front of King Acorn, quickly giving Dingo a dig in the ribs to do the same.

“Your Majesty, thank you for seeing us.  I have come with a grave warning,” Sleet spoke, trying to sound respectful, though his tone maybe didn’t convey that fully.  He stood back up, his keen eyes taking in the room.  The King sat on his throne and, though old, still looked like he could take up arms if needed.  His bodyguard stood ready, and tense.  They were expecting trouble, but Sleet felt not from him.  Maybe they already knew, or expected?  The only oddity was the King’s daughter.  Not that she was there, even if that was a little odd when bounty hunters were taken to the King, but that she was dressed like any normal civilian, not a Princess.  Sleet wondered if there was some teenage rebellion going on.

“Normally I wouldn’t dain to lower myself to speak with the likes of you,” King Acorn replied tersely, to which Sleet just smiled.  “But a Battle Bird Armada craft with two Mercenaries aboard… What have you to say.”

“If your Majesty permits, I will show, rather than say,” Sleet replied, pulling out a collection of black-and-white photographs, showing the battle, or rather the aftermath, as the Manticore flew off.  One of the bodyguards took them, looked through carefully, before handing them to the King.”

“Sire, what these pictures show match the reports we have received from Casino Night Zone.  And we have lost contact with the authorities in Feral Forest,” the Bodyguard explained.

“The commander of the large craft made a broadcast. He said his name was ‘Robotnik’, and that his was preparing an Invasion,” Sleet interrupted.

“Uh… Sleet..” began Dingo, before Sleet jabbed him in the ribs again.

“If it is an Invasion he want, he will not find the Kingdom of Acorn an easy target,” proclaimed the King.  “Contact the army, get them on standby.  And I want a direct radio link to Casino Night Zone.”

“At once Sire,” the bodyguard bowed, and hurried out.

“What about us your Majesty?” inquired Sleet.

“You’re mercenaries are you not?  We may soon need some extra soldiers on the payroll,” replied the King.

“If there is payment, of course we will help,” grinned Sleet.


Wave, Mobotropolis shopping district

Wave looked in the mirror, admiring her new outfit.  She got some odd looks from the shopkeeper, who insisted the flared trousers were supposed to be for men, but Wave didn’t care.  It matched her Extreme Gear, making her look more like some laid back surfer than a former Battle Bird Armada soldier. 

For the first time in her life, Wave truly felt relaxed.


Robotnik, Wing Fortress

The doors to the repair bay slid open as Robotnik strode in, followed closely by Zero.  The Wing Fortress was making its way swiftly towards New Mobotropolis, Wave two was now underway, even if incidents in Casino Night Zone had forced his hand somewhat.  But that was minor.  There was just one large fly in the ointment.

“Well Gamma…. I sent you to retrieve a source of Chaos power.  NOT DESTROY IT!” Robotnik bellowed towards the currently deactivated Gamma as smaller robots worked to repair him.  “You better have a good explanation.”  With his download circuits badly damaged, the only thing Robotnik had been able to extract so far from Gamma was a blurry visual. It looked like there was many one of those humanoid animals with Gamma… he couldn’t be sure.

His eyes turned towards the Prison pod.  After the energy surge, the hatches had fused shut, and small worker robots were slowly cutting it open.

“The scan from the pod has been uploaded,” Zero reported.  “The lifeforms do not match anything in the records.”

“Let me see,” replied Robotnik, checking the screen.  It showed several small, blue creatures with yellow hands and feet.  They looked to Robotnik like crude stuffed toys.  “What in the world are those?” he exclaimed.

“We don’t know.  The lifeform…” Zero began to repeat and Robotnik rolled his eyes behind his glasses.  “The pod was not able to outfit them with badnik frames.”

“Not surprising, given how odd they look,” Robotnik replied, walking over to the pod.  The hatch fell open with a clang as it was cut through.  “Let’s see these creatures close GAH!”  Robotnik jumped back as sevarl small blue robots flew around him.  Zero drew her weapon, but Robotnik call for her to halt, now studding the small robots.  They resembled the creatures from the screen, but metal, almost comical propellers on the top of their head.

“You said the pod didn’t outfit them with Badnik frames?” Robotnik asked Zero, taking hold of one of the robots and examining it.

 “Correct Sir.  Scanners indicate these are fully robotic in nature.  No flesh and blood parts,” Zero reported.

“Are you sure?  Were they robotic before?” Robotnik asked

“Negative.  Scans show organic creatures, albeit of a strange makeup,” Zero replied.

“Oh HO!  A complete change from flesh and blood to metal and wires.  This will need to be examined,” grinned Robotnik.  He turned to Gamma.  “Maybe I won’t scrap you yet.”


Casino Night Zone

As Tekno hammered on the pod, more arms emerged from inside it to try and grab her.  Across the city, similar scenes were taking place, some Mobians getting to close to the pds and being dragged inside.  Only to repair moments later inside metal shells.

Other pods instead deposited squads of robots.  Some already converted Mobians, some filled with various Badniks, and some squads of Swat Bots.  All intent on capturing as many Mobians as they could.

And yet, there were gaps.  While the city was surrounded, there were not enough robots to keep the whole perimeter observed.  Some were already lucky enough to escape.  Others were rushing to try and follow.

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Vector the Crocodile, Casino Night Zone

As the arms flung out towards Tekno, the police Chief stumbled over himself in shock. Vector however leaped forward, using his powerful jaw to bite down on the arms while also grabbing two others with his hands.

"I'll hold it off! You guys get that pod open!" Vector yells as he spits out metal and continues to fight the machine. Chief Hoppington slowly gets back up, before nodding his head and running up to the pod.

"Vectors right young one! I'll help you get this open so we can move on to the others!" The Chief yells to Tekno as he frantically starts beating at the pod with his baton as well, slowly denting the door side.

Angel Island, multiple members

The island had now fully rested itself above the ocean waters, drifting ever so slowly towards mainland. The green mist of chaos energy was slowly fading away as the water begins to resettle once more, revealing the island and everything around it. The land was quiet, as many of the animals were now hiding after the events, and a vast majority of the chao had been taken away.  The sun shines brightly overhead as many begin to awaken.

"No no no, please get up. I beg of you, please be okay." a voice speaks. Knuckles slowly begins to open his eyes in a daze. Everything around him felt like it was being thrown away and his vision was slightly blurry for a while before finally coming to his senses.

"Oh my-, what happen?" he finally speaks, getting helped to be sat upright. He rubs his eyes once more before looking over to see the person with him. To his surprise, it was a young girl, who looked very much like him. Her fur was a bright orange color, and she had a very strange attire.

"No way, are you an Echidna?" Knuckles asks confusingly. The girl nods and then hugs him with a big smile.

"I'm so glad you're ok. It didn't seem like you were ever going to wake up."

The entire situation was still leaving Knuckles in shock. He returns the girls hug before slowly pushing away to get a better look at her again.

"I don't understand, I thought I was the only one of my kind left. Who are you?" he asks

"Oh, umm..... my names Tikal," she speaks. "I was living in the ruins on the north side of this island when the strange attack happened."

"The ruins up north? I've always seen the top of them, however I had never been myself." Knuckles thinks out loud for a moment.

"Yes, I too knew about this shrine, however I had learned to never approach it due to the power the Master Emerald held. When the attack happen though, I felt like I had no choice but to come here for safety, before the islands inevitable plummet.


The trees sway in a rhythmic motion through the ocean breeze as they shade Storm. After losing consciousness mid fall, the jet streams above the clouds, as well as the pressure from Angel Island falling had dragged him over above the islands decent, before ultimately getting caught in it's energized safety net. He awakens and slowly pulls himself up to lay back on a tree root. Taking a breather as he felt dizzy from the whole ordeal.

"W-Wave.....I hope you're ok," he whispers gently to himself before falling back asleep.


On the west side of the island, Gammas body laid motionless for a moment before finally rebooting back up. He manages to pick himself up from the ground, recalibrating his sensors and surveying the area.

"I am no longer at the Master Emerald shrine. Analysis suggests the blast has thrown me away to the other side of the island. I must contact Dr Robotnik befo-" he thinks before stopping for a moment. Gamma looks to his wrist, and then around the area.

"My logs are being projected....inside of me..." he contemplates for a moment, looking at his body. Suddenly his connection to the Egg fleet got restored and all of the emergency calls were coming in. He swiftly opens up his communicator and sends out a signal.

"This is Gamma, requesting immediate pick up from the Mysterious Island. The objective.....has resulted in failure." he quickly responds, closing his communicator and then sitting down.

"This feeling...this sense of.....self. What is it?" he ponders some more, looking at his hands and body while waiting for a response from the Egg Fleet.

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Charmy, Casino Night Zone

Charmy flew back down to ground level.

"This sight is scary but I'm gonna help anyway I can!" Said Charmy


Bean and Bark, Midair

Bark rode past Bean and caught him like a ball.

"Spare!" Said Bean while Bark held him under his arms.

Bark spotted a forest area and was proceeding to land until his extreme gear board stopped functioning and the fell to the ground in the forest.

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