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Mobius Reborn: Rise of Robotnik

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Casino Night Zone: Vector 

Vector looked around to all the people jumping in to help and then to Tekno, who quickly lashed out onto the pod to tear it open. He decided not to concern himself with her rampage yet, as he turned to look outward towards the incoming army.

"Looks like we'll have to fight our way out of this one team," he says as he slams his two fists together. He then jumps out towards Elias, joining him in the fight against the robots as he bites and throws punches one after another.

"I'm afraid Vectors right on this one," the Chief sighs. "As much as I don't like getting non-police force involved, I'm going to need all your help to take care of whatever this crazy phenomenon is."

Angle Island: Knuckles & Tikal

A few moments had passed, as Knuckles took some time to recover his strength. Tikal waiting patiently as the island seemed to be slowly drifting across the sea. Finally Knuckles stands up and walks over to her.

"Well I've taken some time thinking about it. I feel it's best I get to searching for the remains of the Master Emerald." he speaks to her.

"I fear that may not be as easy as you think," Tikal responds. "The destruction of the Master Emerald had scattered far beyond this island in almost every direction. We can search for any shards that landed nearby, however I feel your joruney will be one a lot longer than you'd imagine."

"What makes you so sure of that?" Knuckles asks, intrigued by her knowledge.

"I-I had read a lot on the hieroglyphics in the ruins about the Master Emerald," she stumbles for a moment. "Not only is it a gem of immense power, but to take apart that power by any means would cause many catastrophes. For the Emerald to shatter as it did, I couldn't imagine its remains to be confined to just this island."

"I see, then it's best I search for the pieces on this island first and then make way to the mainland once the island reaches it." Knuckles says to himself before attempting to walk off into the forest, however Tikal quickly grabs him by the arm.

"Wait! I feel it would be best for you to take a look at the ruins I came from first," she pleads. "There's information there I've always been concerned about, and I feel it would be very important to you as well."

"Such as? All I'm concerned about is restoring the Emerald to it's former form and continuing with my duty."

"I know, I know. But with the Emerald now in pieces, there's something more you may have to look out for as well."

"Which is?"




Storm finally began to come to as he sits up, holding his head. He looks around to what seemed like an uninhabited forest with oddly gorgeous weather. He pulls himself to his feet with the help of a nearby tree and brushes off the dirt for his backside. 

"Where in the world am I?" he thinks to himself as he starts walking froward. As he continues to travel in a straight line, he then finds a small pond of crystal clear water. His throat aches of thirst as he drops down and begins drinking quickly. After a brief moment, he finally sits back, letting out a relaxed gasp as he feels his energy finally come back to him. Wiping his mouth, Storm then sits upright and looks back to the pond, however this time it seemed to have grown in size and slightly shifted color. Storm stares at it confused before finally the miss-colored water begins to separate itself from the pond and move onto land, before starting to rise upward into the air. Storm can only watch in shock as the water begins to form a body of a creature he had never seen before, with a very visible brain at the top of it's head. The creature then turns its head to look at Storm, it's bright green eyes feeling as though they were staring deep into his own. Finally the creature turns back and starts walking into the forest.

"WHERE in the world am I?" Storm says to himself, out loud this time, before looking at the pond with fear and getting up to run away in the opposite direction. "I need to find Wave fast."

Wing Fortress: Gamma

Gammas sensors reboot once more, swiftly raisin his arm to grab onto Dr. Robotniks as he immediately sits up from the table. His vision was slightly blurry from damage, however he was able to make sense of his location. He then turned over to the doctor, realizing what he had done, and quickly released his wrist from his grasp.

"Dr. Robotnik," Gamma says blankly, before beginning to think to himself. "I must have shut down again after sending out the final distress beacon. Is the doctor aware of the communication in my head?....should I tell him if it is not the case?"

Gamma then looks over to Beta, who was standing in the room awaiting order.


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-Sonic the Hedgehog, Island.

"Youngest mechanic I've ever seen, I guess..." the blue hedgehog added. "So, have you made this work?" he asked, poining at the airplane. "Because that would mean you're not only the youngest, but also the most efficient I've seen in a while!" he added, smiling to the orange fox. 


-Tekno the Canary, Casino Night Zone.

"Old... man... are you okay?" Tekno asked, once the pod was cracked. 

"Oh..." the owl inside the machine was confused, and exhausted. "I... I've been better, young lady..." 

Relieved, the jade fowl girl reached to the owl's hand, and got him out of the pile of metal that seconds ago stood as his prison. "Thanks, miss. Hope you find your logs."

"I wasn't looking for l-- ugh, forget it... I'm not the only one you have to thank for. This peopl--" Tekno stopped talking when she witnessed how the few inhabitants who hadn't fled were fighting against the horde of badniks. "Oh, my... this... what the heck is going on?!" 

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Liza and Espio the Chameleon, Casino Night Zone
Liza looked surprised seeing Tekno however made sure it didn't distract her from the fight

"Seems like that civilian doesn't need protection" she thought to herself. She eyed Vector briefly now. "Both appear reckless but effective

With the pod cracked and the owl being helped out, her attention then turned to the badnik hoard closing in

"Would it not be better to retreat for now? This seems like a large force and we do not know their weakness yet" Liza then called out to those around her, using her kunai to attack any badniks that got too close to the group


What was a bustling city had seemed to turn into a ghost town. Espio was leaving now too. He had no intention of meeting up with Liza again now. Better she think him dead. He had to find out what had happened here and if this was happening else where. If Liza were here she'd bring him back to the Dragon Kingdom where he wouldn't be of use. It was time to get going


Marine the Raccoon and Blaze, Downunda
Blaze and Marine headed to the docks

"So where are you going?" Marine asked looking the Blaze

Blaze looked thoughtful for a moment

"I'm not sure. I-" she began

"An adventure not knowing where you're going? I do that all the time!" Marine interrupted with a grin

"Well... I'm sure it is. I know it's important... but I'm not sure where. I recall a big city... I think that's where I'm supposed to go" Blaze said

"A big city? None of those around here. Gotta go far for something like that!" Marine stated

"I see..." Blaze thinking

"Biggest I can think of right now is Mobotropolis. I've not been there! It'll be a fine adventure for captain Marine and her crew!" Marine exclaimed punching her arm in the air

"Yes... that place does sound familiar. It'll be worth heading there" Blaze stated

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