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  1. Skye Prower added a post in a topic Role-Play Mania v2.0   

    "Uhhhh..." Stacey didn't want to answer.

    "I know, but you are!" pointed out Zoe, then she giggled.  "Of course he is!  That's what Uncles are, right?"
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  2. Skye Prower added a post in a topic Mobius Reborn: Rise of Robotnik OOC   

    With the game close to starting I thought I’d cover a few extra points, some that will be brought up by the first post, and some that have been asked by players.


    Extras, Background Characters, Red Shirts.  You get the idea.  Characters that show up for just a scene or two, to add some detail, or to have horrible things happen to show the situation is serious!  You can use these freely in your posts, and can give them names or personalities if you wish.  Just make sure you don’t overuse them.  If they take up too much time, they’ll become Secondary Characters.  Obviously, these will be Original Characters.


    When I make the first post, you’ll see that, aside from the cold open, each division has a note saying who is in it, and where it takes place:

    Tails, Sunset Valley Orphanage, 0000 hours Mobius Standard Time

    These are not essential, but encouraged.  It makes it easier to quickly see which characters are where.  Especially when people are reading back looking for characters that theirs are interacting with.  Now, I’ve also put the time in mine.  This isn’t needed.  I’ve just put this in for a bit of flavour as the title of the first episode is ‘Day One’.  And Mobius Standard Time (MST) is pretty much the same as GMT in the real world, and is based on the time in Mercia.

    Puppet Mastering

    Another thing that happens in the first post is a prime example of what usually NOT to do.  Puppet Mastering.  I.e. dictating the actions and outcomes of another players characters.  Now occasionally, this can be done, if there is a reason, but you HAVE to get the permission of the other player to do so, which I did in this case.  And the reason in this instance was to stop the RP being bogged down in a fight right at the start.  And speaking of fights…

    Posting Order

    How posting order usually works is the player running the Episode (usually me, but if other people want to run some episodes they are very welcome to do so!) makes the initial post.  Then the rest of the players make their posts in whatever order suits, and then it’s back to the player in charge, and so on.

    In order to make things a bit faster, if players are in fights between each other, which can take a few posts to resolve, the players involved in that fight can repost for that fight, once everyone has gone one.  In essence, a cycle within the cycle.  This should help keep the game moving.  Of course, fighting can have consequences, the worst of which….

    Death, and coming back to life

    If you want a character you control, Hero, Villain, Secondary or Extra, to die, then they die.  Easy as that!  Which then brings up the thorny issue of coming back from the dead.

    Now…. It can be done, but it should be used sparingly.  The most obvious way is the whole ‘not really dead’ angle, where everyone else just thinks the character in question is dead.  Aside from that, there won’t be many ways, and you will need permission.  To make it clear, neither the Chaos, Sol or Master Emeralds, or any of the various power rings, can bring a dead character back.

    Family Members

    And finally, family members for character.  Now, if these are on your Hero, Villain or Secondary list, you can do what you want with them.

    If you have a character who has no direct family members in any of the settings, for example, Amy doesn’t have parents or siblings in any version, the player controlling that character can create them freely as a character, or even as an Extra.

    If a character has a partial direct family, such as Geoffrey, who has a father but no mother, again, the controlling player can fill in the gaps.

    But what happens if a character has parents in one version or another, such as Tails, with Amadeus and Rosemary, and they are not on a character list.  In this case, you may treat them as extras, or even create different parents, but only if all the other players agree.  Just in case someone else has plans for them, but may have a full character list or somesuch.

    And if different players are playing characters in the same family, obvious they have to agree to whatever happens to other family members.

    Alright, that’s it for now.  Just the last group of profiles needed, and then we can being.

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  3. Skye Prower added a post in a topic Role-Play Mania v2.0   

    "Nwuh Uh!  I was twying two swave Awwy," insisted Stacey.

    "You're too tired to fight!" said Zoe.  "Do you have ANOTHER brother?" she added to Seviper.
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  4. Skye Prower added a post in a topic Role-Play Mania v2.0   

    "Nwot my fauwt!  Ow Awwy!  Thwey cwame to us!" said Stacey.
    "You look it," said Zoe, trying to drag Dominic.  "Huh.... did he say 'Uncle'?"

    "The evil genius behind has a thing for eggs," said Ziona dryly as she blasted a hole though one of the bot with her weapon.

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  5. Skye Prower added a post in a topic Mobian Mystery Dungeon: Bunnie's story   

    Buttering up the radio operator might come in useful if you need to send a message to someone, so I'd say Tech.
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  6. Skye Prower added a post in a topic Mobian mystery Dungeon: Nicole's story   

    Hmm... lab makes more sense.... but I'm curious what Rouge and Shadow make of this, so I'm saying Rec Room.
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  7. Skye Prower added a post in a topic Role-Play Mania v2.0   

    "N-nowthwing!" said Stacey insistently, then he turned to Zangoose.  "Bwu' she dwidn' dwoo awnythwing!"

    "C'mon, up you get Sleepyhead," said Zoe trying to help Dominic up.
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  8. Skye Prower added a post in a topic Fan Characters (Wanna see what ya made!)   

    I thought you already had!

    Oh... wait.. I think that was as a Sis...
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  9. Skye Prower added a post in a topic Fan Characters (Wanna see what ya made!)   

    Awwww!  More great work!  Keep it up!
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  10. Skye Prower added a post in a topic Role-Play Mania v2.0   

    "Sawah?  Is tha' ywou?  Or Awwy?" asked Stacey groggily.

    "We've find.... on no..." breathed Ziona as she saw the scene ahead.  "ZOE!  Stop fighting the robots and get Dominic out of here!  I'll get Stacey."

    "Awwwww!  MOOOOOOMMM!" whined Zoe, but she took off to do as Ziona asked.  "Who's your friend Dad?" she called as she flew past.
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  11. Skye Prower added a post in a topic Role-Play Mania v2.0   

    "Hi Dommy!" grinned Zoe waving, then she tried to wave Sarah over.  "C'mon!  We've gotta fight and save our friends."  She jumped a little as Seviper and Lance appeared.  "Awwww, Dad!  That's no fun!"

    Stacey groaned slightly, shaking his head trying to clear it.

    "Maybe there's a twin who take more after me keeping him in check..." said Ziona, though she sounded doubtful.
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  12. Skye Prower added a post in a topic Mobius Reborn: Rise of Robotnik OOC   

    Characters are approved Dylan.
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  13. Skye Prower added a post in a topic Role-Play Mania v2.0   

    One of the robots started to advance towards Dominic, only to be knocked over as the Chameleon reappeared and slammed into the side of it,

    "Awwy!" cried Stacey as he turned and saw the robot approach.  He tired to hurry over, but was blindsided by one of the bots and knocked to the ground.  As the robot reached out to grab the lynx, it suddenly crumpled under a forceful blow.  

    "You boys are always getting into trouble without me," grinned Zoe as she flew clear of the robot's wreckage.  


    "He's his father's son alright," said Ziona as she hurried after the two.

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  14. Skye Prower added a post in a topic Christmas role-play?   

    "We will find a way to return me to my point or origin in the timeline.  Do not be concerned about that," said Skye, trying to be reassuring.
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  15. Skye Prower added a post in a topic Role-Play Mania v2.0   

    Stacey quickly dispatched another two bots, but it was clear he was also tired as he almost failed to dodge the shots from the remaining bots.


    "I think I can hear weapons fire.... this isn't good," said Ziona, worry plastered on her face.
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