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  1. News of the Sonic franchise

    Those Games are epic. the Storybook games bring out the imagination of the Sonic Team and Colors is straight up one of the best 3d sonic games in my book!
  2. News of the Sonic franchise

    Mike Pollock is sticking around!!! https://www.nintendolife.com/news/2021/02/mike_pollock_will_continue_to_voice_dr_eggman_in_the_sonic_video_games
  3. Hey guys thanks for your warm welcome and if you have the time please support me here at The Sonic Stadium we would be glad to have you all as members and friends alike. https://board.sonicstadium.org/profile/46043-redemption/ 

  4. News of the Sonic franchise

    Sonic Boom Season One is coming to Blu-Ray: https://www.sonicstadium.org/2021/02/season-1-of-sonic-boom-is-coming-to-blu-ray/
  5. Meme Thread/ (add your own)

    I've always felt people don't get enough chances in life to laugh so. I put together a topic about memes. I would like them to related to Sonic but hey it doesn't have to be.  So without further or do here is my meme i made on the recent events Everyone after they played the Demo for Balan Wonderland    When Craig Roger Smith Retires When You Hear Sonic Adventure 3 is real     When Mike Pollock Is Forced to Retire    When Your The Only Sonic Fan In The RoomPerson: YOU Nintendo Fans:BELOW    When Shadow sees Septhiroth in Smash When The Ultimate Life Form Becomes The Ultimate Joke If Shadow Runs For President  
  6. The Happy Birthday Thread

    @Shinomi-chan blast some Crush 40 and take off on some extreme gear! Why cause it's your Birthday. Happy Birthday and Cheers To Many More. (as always i'm fashionably late) =)
  7. Jaleel White was great i would love to see him come back.  Ben Schwartz in my opinion needs to stay with the movies. Jason Griffith is a great choice as well  
  8. WOW just wow what can you even say about this  
  9. I just replayed Sonic Forces.

    I forgot how easy it was.

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    2. Redemption


      Yes,making your avatars are fun. Tails vulnerability is still a pain. I give Roger Smith more respect now that he's gone (isn't that ironic). Super Sonic is extremely fun and i wish i had the Persona costumes. I really have a new respect for it knowing that might have been Roger's last game with them

    3. Shinomi-chan


      Wait Roger Smith isn't going to be part of any other Sonic Games?

    4. Redemption


      Well it could have been. We don't know if he took up a role in any of these projects for 2021 but for now Puyo Puyo Tetris 2 was his last game.

  10. What makes Sonic 'Sonic'

    This is so true.  I just wanna build on this by saying Sonic's whole life revolves around his friends let me give you some examples. Sa2 and Space Showdown Sonic X: Chris and Sonic Attempt to change Shadow Pov on earth and Maria vision for a better future Sonic X and Sa1: Sonic and Tails meet for the first time Sonic finds out Tails is a genius and Tails grows and becomes more confident as time goes on.(@Frostyu then the brotherhood in the comics) (I cried reading House of Cards Arc) Silver and Blaze meet in Sonic 06 and build off each other in the Idw comics because they both are lonely. These are a couple of the big examples of what makes Sonic-Sonic.    
  11. Sonic the Hedgehog 2 (2022 Movie)

    In the end of the second movie since it looks like they are going to merge Sonic 2,3 and Knuckles together i would love them to Merge the Adventures together and Shadow And/Or Chaos to make a cameo at the end. I have been waiting for a Sonic Movie since i was a little boy and now that it came you know i was celebrating.
  12. Netflix's Sonic Series (2022?)

    I think this relates to the topic. Classic Sonic is finally dying (sorry classic gamers) CLASSIC SONIC IS OFFICIALLY DEAD-PREMYDAREMY I wanted it to be off the Idw series but Ian Flynn confirmed he has nothing to do with it. I hope it isn't Sonic Boom season 3 because that just bringing more hate to the franchise  A continuation of Sat-Am would be cool but i dunno if Jaleel White is up to it. A continuation of Sonic Underground would bring Deviant Art fans joy A continuation of Sonic X would bring me joy ( and of course others!) If they base it off past games i'll give it somewhat of a chance  It all depends what direction Wild Brain is going in  
  13. Silver has been apart of Sonic's history ever since the dreaded Sonic 06 but do you ever wonder what would happen if we had a Silver game.  After all Silver has got a lot of attention in forces he had two cutscenes in Sonic Team Racing he replaces another driver.  In Idw he is a crucial part of stopping the world from the metal virus if we put all the pieces together Silver has shown himself to be worthy of a spinoff and this is how i think it should go.  Silver should have his own team (Team Future) It would be Silver,Blaze,(Robot Rep).  Silver and Blaze meet up with Eggman Nega and SIlver finds out he wants to go back in time and make sure Sonic was never born so they team up to stop him.  Along the way they work with others because Sonic has so many friends and without him they wouldn't be who they are today.  (So its kinda like it's a Wonderful Life one life touches so many others).  For example Shadow would destroyed the world if Sonic hadn't shown him it wasn't what Maria wanted. It gonna be sorta like Spider 2099. I only have the basic ideas for it but tell me what you think