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  1. Happy valentine's day everybody! ^^

  2. Happy birthday to my best friend / sister from other mother Shinomi-chan!!! :D <3 25 years and about half of that time you've been tolerating me xD

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    2. Margred


      Yeah we've known each others about 13 years already ^^ and nope

    3. Lena Stan Account

      Lena Stan Account

      Happy B Day a

    4. Shinomi-chan


      Sonic Stadium SOUNDS familiar =u=

  3. Happy new year everyone! ^^ 

  4. Corrupt a Wish

    Granted but it only works in your dreams   I wish for something weird
  5. Count to 50 before a mod or admin posts 2.0!

    8 cookies ^^
  6. Hello! ^^ I'm back from death again lol xP 

    Had some issues in my life so that's why I was gone but now that everything is okayish again, I'm trying to be more active here again ^^

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    2. Margred


      Skye, yeah we are and we have been since we were kids and probably we will be until we're dead xD And Seviper yush! We need to get that glitter everywhere!

    3. Lena Stan Account

      Lena Stan Account

      Well well good to see your fine 

    4. Cy Dra

      Cy Dra

      Hey Margred! Welcome back!

  7. Corrupt a Wish

    Granted but now the world is going to end   I wish for cookies
  8. Corrupt a Wish

    Granted but now you only hear thousands of birds just screaming.   I wish for a happy surprise.
  9. Can you recommend any new music to me? :) I am really happy to be back in here because I've really missed this place and all of my friends in here! ^^ I just read some old conversations and started laughing because there were some hilarious stuff that I didn't even remember anymore. Also do you guys have any idea of why I can't change my password in here? When I try to change it it just says that my current password is incorrect even though it isn't.

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    2. Margred


      Yeah :D I can't wait to see them!^^

    3. Thire
    4. Margred


      That sounds really nice ^^ I like it.

  10. Guess the next poster!

    I have no idea of what's going on in here right now but I have cookies, so everything is fine.   Seviper do you want some cookies?
  11. How is everyone? ^^ I guess I should be more active here again... ^^'

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    2. Seviper the Fang Snake

      Seviper the Fang Snake

      Hello Margred. The voices in my head say "Ciabatta."

    3. Margred


      Thanks and yeah it is nice to be back! ^^ Life is going little bit better again so I have time to come here more often :) Ciabatta is good :D

    4. yumallah


      I don't know you, but welcome back, I guess. You're also a Finn, right? I'm from Estonia, so - 'howdy, neighbor!'