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  1. Sonic Prime (Netflix Series)

    So, has anyone watched this yet? If so, what do you think? Is it good or not? I've heard it is, but haven't watched myself (feel free to spoil it for me tho, not really planning on watching it anytime soon because I simply do not have the time).
  2. Dead forum

    1. ChaosKaiser


      It is said that, sometimes, very few nonetheless, the dead rise from the grave...

  3. What makes Sonic 'Sonic'

    The hedges, duh.
  4. Can we please allow Flynn to write for every new Sonic video game project, please?
  5. Wakfu: Aeri The Eliatrope

    I need MOAR!!!
  6. Wakfu: Aeri The Eliatrope

    This is so good, keep it up
  7. Guess the user below you.

    Not even close. The next user will be a newbie.
  8. Introduction Thread

    Well, you can use Google Translate
  9. Sonic the Hedgehog 2 (2022 Movie)

    Haven't seen it so far, since the screening in Russia has been cancelled for reasons you're all probably aware of. I'll probably get around to watching it online at some point.
  10. Introduction Thread

    The Russian site is a whole other world, compared to this place it's a blooming paradise of high activity. This place is just kinda... dead.
  11. Sonic Prime (Netflix Series)

    I mean, we've known about that for a while now. Well, I'm personally not a huge fan of how the animation is looking so far. Not at all. Also, WHY does it always have to start with Green Hill Zone? God, please, can't Sonic find another place to hang out? Well, that applies to most Sonic works, not just this series, I'm just really tired of people overusing Green Hill Zone like that. It was cool and nostalgic for some time, but now it's just become annoying and repetitive.  Well, can't say much else about this whole Sonic Prime thing for now, let's see where it goes.
  12. Um... Happy New Year?

  13. So, um, has anybody over here heard of the recent Chris Chan situation by now?

    1. ChaosKaiser


      Sadly, yes. How do things can get so out of control and end up... like that...?

    2. yumallah


      He should've just quit the Internet in 2009, and none of this would be a thing.

  14. Netflix's Sonic Series (2022?)

    I think it's time to change the topic's name to 'Sonic Prime', now that we know that's the upcoming series' name.