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Wakfu: Aeri The Eliatrope

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Okay. Let me start by saying that I do not own any other characters Except for my OC and her Dragon brother. All the other Characters belong to Ankama Games and to Ankama Animation. WARNING: Contains some spoilers for the Wakfu animated series so if you're currently watching it or plan on watching it read only at your own risk. If you're new to the series that's okay as well the story will explain most of the important things (such as odd nicknames for different races and things) So the story will contain canon and some non canon stuff. The story  will also be in chapters to help the reading

Wakfu: Aeri The Eliatrope


Chapter I: The Beginning


Long ago, Before the world existed, there lived two equally powerful beings. The first one was Great Goddess Eliatrope. She represented light, and positive energy. The other being was The Great Dragon, who represented the opposite power: Darkness and all negative energy. Those two had no one else, except each other. As their friendship grew, those two began to dance. Their dance created Krosmoz. The Krosmoz  was filled with galaxies and solar systems. each galaxy inhabited by different races and creatures.
In Krosmoz a power called Wakfu existed. This power was in every living creature. There were limitless ways to use the power of Wakfu, but only one race fully mastered it. This race was called The Eliatropes. They were the descendants of Great Goddess, and the firstborn Eliatropes were granted the power of immortality. They were not however born normally, but from an egg. A dragon egg together with their dragon siblings.
These eggs were called by the name Dofus. The Eliatropes and Dragons born from these Dofuses shared an unbreakable bond. 
The six known Eliatropes, and their Dragon siblings together formed The Council of Twelve.
There was: Chibi the Prophet and his dragon brother Grougaloragran, Glip the Teacher and Baltazar, Mina the Wise and Phaeris, Nora and Efrim, Qilby the Inventor and his dragon sister Shinonome, and Yugo the King and Adamai.

However there was still one more Eliatrope and a Dragon who weren't part of the Council, yet they were still firstborn like all the others. The Eliatrope was called Aeri and her dragon brother was named Shiro. Although they were not part of the Council, the others gave her the title: "Aeri the Brave".
Like all the other Eliatropes she also had a funny looking hat. The hats had two ear-like extensions of varying sizes and shapes, but they would always move, depending on their emotions. The hat also had an tail like extension at the back. The Eliatropes otherwise looked like humans.

Aeri usually wore red hat, with white stitches on the ear parts, with matching red poncho with a big wooden button on the left side, near to shoulder as a decoration. She had black short sleeved shirt with white stitches , and grey shorts with two white stitches on the sides, with pair of brown sandals. She was always pretty pale, even on normal standards, and her sandy colored hair always covered her right eye. Her hair was fairly short, not even touching her shoulders, and she had green emerald colored eyes.
Her brother when not in a fight, took the form of a cat-sized dragon with black horns and wings. Normally Shiro was a big white dragon with mean looking cold blue eyes, and black spikes on the back and the tail. Although usually black dragons were the ones with a possessive attitude, Shiro too was very possessive when it came to protecting his dear sister. He didn't like talking to other Eliatropes or their dragon siblings, not because he hated them or anything, he absolutely loved his family, but he was so utterly shy. Not to mention lazy. Aeri would sometimes have to use the power of Wakfu just to wake her brother up for a mission.


Chapter II: The Invention


;"Shiro! Hey! Shiro! Wake up!" Aeri yelled impatiently. The white dragon simply continued to sleep not caring about his sister's call.

"Okay fine. But you forced me to do this." she said concentrating her power and creating a small red portal to a near by puddle and another one above her still sleeping brother.

"Wakey wakey Shiro!" She called as the water from the puddle was teleported to the portal above Shiro, falling right on the sleeping dragon's head. Needless to say he was not happy about this kind of morning wake. He lifted his head from the ground and glared at Aeri.

;"There are other ways to wake me up, without me getting all wet first thing in the morning sister." He said with a low slightly annoyed voice.

;"Yeah you are right brother.. But they're not nearly as fun!" She answered with a smile putting her hand behind his head.

"Now c'mon brother! Qilby is probably waiting for us! We promised to go look at... Whatever it was that Chibi and Grougaloragran had made last night." She said leading the way. Her brother simply shook his head before turning to what she liked to call "Travel Sized" little dragon. Though he looked more like a lizard with wings and horns in Aeri's opinion.

;"Do you know what it is they have been working on this whole week?" Shiro asked as he landed on Aeri's left shoulder.

;"No idea.. All I know is that Grougal didn't really want me there at all. It's not MY fault that one of the experimental test tubes just exploded. Grougal should have paid more attention. I just wanted to hear what it was they were working on!" she said pouting.

"Even Chibi wouldn't tell me what it was!" She continued as her brother simply gently headbutted her on the cheek, as he usually did whenever his sister was either angry or sad.

They arrived to a cave where Chibi and Grougaloragran had been working for the past week. They entered quietly walking along the long corridor, till they reached the staircase leading down.

"Well.. We COULD use the stairs like any other person but... RACE YOU DOWNSTAIRS BROTHER!" Aeri said as she quickly made an portal in front of her jumping in it.

;"Hey! That's cheating!" Shiro yelled as he grew his wings, and flew down as fast as he could. Aeri made several portals. Few to make her way down, and few to simply confuse her brother, as he accidentally flew in one of them. He ended up flying right into a bookcase.

;"Whoops. Sorry Shiro. I didn't quite plan that.." Aeri said jumping out from the last portal, as they had reached downstairs. She picked up her brother looking at him worried.

"Are you okay?" She asked. The little dragon lifted it's head, and for her surprise spat smoke right into her face. She coughed a bit and wiped the black color off her face, caused by the smoke.

"So now we're even?" She asked her brother who gave her a nod in response.

;"Oh Aeri! Shiro! Good to see you two are finally here!" Said Qilby happily as he approached the two. He looked like young maybe 20-27 year old man, with brown, a bit red eyes, glasses, and a white long sleeved shirt, with a matching white hat, with brown string attached to the ear parts which were unusual shape, as they looked more like dragon's horns than ears. He wore brown pants with darker brown strings on the side, and brown flip-flops with matching socks. His hair was brown and he had same colored long beard, with similar brown string keeping it neatly tied.

Aeri, even though she didn't look like it was born only shortly after Qilby, Glip and Chibi. Still she looked only 18-years old, but usually her childlike face made her look even younger. Even the youngest of the firstborns, Nora looked older than her which didn't exactly make Aeri happy. She had no other complaints, but the fact that sometimes even their little brother Yugo would tease her about it, of course she always found a way to pay back to him.

The three continued walking along a long hallway which was neatly decorated, probably to make it look more like someone's home rather than a nasty old cave. There were paintings hanging from the wall, even some purple curtains, though there weren't any windows, and some bookcases, full of different books. Most of them had to do with Science or the great powers of Wakfu, but there were some children books too, possibly for Baltazar to read for all the other Eliatrope children, when he wasn't arguing with his brother.
They reached the main chamber, an old temple's heart full of different pictures and writings in many languages, some of them even Aeri knew, but the others were a mystery. In the middle there was small table, and on it laid an odd looking thing covered with a piece of cloth. she walked closer to it and examined it. 

;"This is it? I thought it would be much bigger considering they DID spent a lot of time with it.." Aeri said a bit disappointed.

;"Well it is still Grougaloragran and Chibi's invention. Whatever it is, it WILL change the world." Qilby said determined.

;"Hmm.. I wonder if it's something for the King..." Aeri said reaching towards the cloth to take a peek of the invention, when suddenly a hand grabbed hers.

;"Do NOT touch it! It's a delicate little invention, and I don't want it to break!" Grougaloragran said strictly. Normally he would be in his dragon form, but when creating something new with Chibi he'd take the form of an Eliatrope looking creature. He's form looked as of an old man's. He had long dark brown robe, dark brown skin with black symbols on the left side of his face, and elf-like ears. He had white hair and beard and his eyes were blind, but he could still see everything clearly. It was part of the Eliatropes and their siblings powers, to see and sense the universe even when your own eyes can't see.
Behind him walked his brother Chibi. He was quite tall, and he always wore the dark brown cape, robe and matching hat, his eyes were red and he had white hair. His skin was brown like Grougaloragran's. He still looked pretty young despite being one of the older one's, like Aeri. But unlike his brother who usually was very strict when it came to his inventions, Chibi was kinder soul. 

;"Oh brother Grougaloragran. Could you please be kinder to your sister? We're all family here. She didn't mean any harm. She's just anxious to see our invention. Besides you own her at least an apology for yelling at her three days ago." Chibi said and looked at Aeri who in turn looked away feeling guilt. 

"Well she should already know our inventions are never ordinary, nor are they toys for children to play with!" Grougaloragran answered to Chibi, irritated.

;"...You're only about 20 years older than me anyway..." Muttered Aeri. Qilby who heard it, couldn't help but chuckle a bit but seeing Grougal watching him, he quickly hid it. 

;"So Chibi, Grougal. You had something to show us I assume?" Said Qilby in a calm manner.

;"Yes we do. If you would all please come stand closer to the table please." Said Grougaloragran gesturing towards the table. They all stood around the table, and the invention. Chibi removed the cloth and underneath it laid a cube. Aeri didn't quite understand why, but the cube seemed interesting.. Somehow mystical even. It was small metallic looking cube, it wasn't very big but it had some strange symbols around it.

Grougaloragran saw how Aeri looked at the cube. He seemed to be cautious. of it.

;"This is what we call: The Eliacube." Chibi explained. 

;"The Eliacube? As named in for the Goddess' sake?" Aeri said still not looking away from the cube itself. 

;"Yes. That's right. This little cube here has the power to harness the full potential of Wakfu!" Chibi said enthusiastically.

;"Hmm.. It would be useful in our travels to other dimensions, and in our missions as well.." Qilby said holding his chin in thought.

;"To harness the power of Wakfu... But.. Isn't that dangerous if it were to fall in wrong hands?" Asked Aeri finally turning away from the cube, and looking towards Chibi and then at Qilby.

;"Don't worry little sister. That's why we have Grougaloragran. Who do you think guarded your and Shiro's dofus when you were still unborn?" Chibi said reassuringly. 

;"We should tell King Yugo the great news as well. I and Aeri will go" Qilby said. Aeri a bit hesitantly, went with Qilby and Shiro who was guarding her like a dragon it's treasure.

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So here are the latest chapters:

Chapter III: The Family

Aeri and Qilby walked towards the mountains, where Yugo and Adamai were training. Yugo, like Chibi, looked very young. He had sandy short hair like Aeri. He had brown eyes, Blue long robe, brown trousers, same colored shoes and blue hat with stitches at the ear parts. Adamai was his white and blue dragon brother. His horns resembled tree branches, and he had blue circles surrounding his eyes and mouth. Him and Yugo loved adventuring, and despite being the King of Eliatropes, Yugo was still very playful spirit. He did also know when to be serious, even if the other council members sometimes doubted it.
;"Hey Yugo! Adamai!" Aeri called the two. Yugo looked down to where Aeri and Qilby where standing.
;"Wait just a second sister! We'll be right down!" Yugo answered as he created a blue portal next to him, and another one next to Qilby. He jumped through it and his brother Adamai, took the form of a smaller dragon and followed his lead.

;"Your majesty we have come to inform you about completion of Chibi and Grougaloragran's invention. Apparently it is called "The Eliacube" and I do believe it is meant to harness the power of Wakfu. Perhaps it could even be channeled so, that we could even visit the most furthest galaxies of the Krosmoz." Qilby explained bowing politely to Yugo.

;"Other galaxies? That does sound like something truly powerful.. We have only been able to visit planets close to us by using our portals and ship until now.. But we need to discuss about this with the entire council before making any decisions. Besides we need a demonstration of just what it is, that the Eliacube can do." Yugo said to Qilby.

;"I could go get the others then?" Aeri suggested.

"They aren't that far from what I can sense and it's really no problem for me either. We could all meet at the Council House? I still wonder why the people decided we need a big house like that anyway.." She said as she created a portal next to her jumping in.

As expected they were already at the Council house. It was a big building, build by the other Eliatropes in honor for the Council and the King. It's outer walls were pale yellow and it had a red dome. It's halls were paved with smooth white limestone and white pillars on each side. It's wine red walls had several paintings and some old framed writings hanging around.

The big dragon was reading a book about ancient world's history. Baltazar was usually white colored old-looking dragon with a white beard. But if you managed to anger him, he would literally turn red with anger. He couldn't fly like the other dragon's due to his wings being to small compared to his body, he usually laid on a small pillow which hovered in the air thanks to his magic. His Eliatrope brother Glip was exactly like him. 

Glip too looked like and old man, he was also very short with a matching temper. He always wore a beige hood-like hat and beige and brown robe with white sleeves. He had brown eyes. If you gave him a reason he would also use his walking stick as a terrible weapon, as Nora and Aeri had to learn from the hard way, when they accidentally made Glip spill his tea on one of the books.
Glips hat always reminded Aeri from a bear, as the ear parts were rather short compared to others. There were also quite a lot of stitches on the seams of his hat, and robe. Glip usually looked very strict, but his personality was quite kind and gentle.
"Um.. Excuse me Glip. Baltazar..." Aeri started, as the two looked at her direction.

"Erm.. Yugo.. I mean King Yugo asked me to gather everyone to the main hall..." She continued rather nervously, as she did not want Glip to get mad at her again. She knew Baltazar wouldn't do so, as she usually was polite to him.

;"Is this about what Chibi and his brother were doing? They should really learn to respect others. Especially if they're trying to sleep!" Glip said angrily muttering something Aeri couldn't hear.

;"I'm sorry for my brother's behaviour. He hasn't been able to sleep well all week." Baltazar explained.

;"That's okay Balty- I mean Baltazar. Um.. I'll go get Nora and Mina and their brothers. Shinonome will come with Qilby.. Probably." Aeri said as she quickly created a portal, before Glip could say anything else about Chibi and Grougaloragran. She didn't quite understand why, but she couldn't take scolding or yelling without starting to cry. She thought it must have been because of her previous life.

Nora, Efrim, Mina and Phaeris were discussing something about the disturbance in the near by forests energy, just before Aeri fell down from her portal, Shiro soon after her.

"Yeah.. I should probably practice landings still..." Aeri said rather dizzy.
Nora giggled with Efrim, while Mina helped her up from the ground, and tried not to care about Shiro's glaring.

Nora was the youngest of the council. She had short pink hair, Dark purple and dark pink short dress, as well as same colored gloves, leg warmers and hat. Her hat had white stitches on the side, and on the leg warmers. Her skin was brown, and she had red eyes.

Her dragon brother was white with, pale blue mane and his wings and tail were pale green, and almost translucent. His face looked like of a crocodile's ,and the wings and arms were connected.
Mina was born after Aeri, but looked much more mature. She had white long hair and blue eyes. She had green almost turquoise hat ,and long dress with a golden belt. Her brother was grey ,and dark green dragon, with glowing eyes. If anything would attack them, Phaeris would destroy it.

" I came here to ask you four to join the others at the Council house's main hall. They're about to have a meeting, considering Chibi's and Grouga's newest invention. They want everyone there.. So I guess it's important." Aeri explained.

;"I wonder if that invention is the cause of all that negative energy I felt in the forest." Mina wondered.

;"Yeah it was pretty strong.. Though.. Not as strong as Aeri's landing!" Nora said laughing at her own joke.
Aeri held Shiro back, from spitting smoke at Nora.

;"Anyway you two should probably go now.. heheh.." Aeri said.

;"What? You're not coming with us?" Nora asked sounding disappointed.
Aeri looked at her.

;"Y-You know I can't come there. I'm not part of the council.. and.. well.. I don't think the others would enjoy my company anyway." She quickly explained. As Shinonome landed next to her. She came to pick up Mina, and Nora who soon went with her. Aeri smiled and waved to them when they leaved. As soon as they were out of sight, she held her hand and looked down at the ground.

"Yeah.... I am not part of the council.. " She muttered as Shiro looked at her worried.

;"Is something the matter sister?" He asked head butting her cheek gently.

;"...I just don't think I belong here. I mean.. Sure I AM an Eliatrope, sure I know the same techniques.. But.. even on Eliatropes standards.. I'm odd." She said looking at the ground.
She quickly lifted her head, when she heard an odd sound from the forest. She looked at the sounds direction, and caught a quick glimpse of something. She wasn't sure what it was, but it had glowing eyes. It kind of looked like a bug, but bigger. The sound it made was odd. Almost.. Metallic. She quickly threw few portals towards the thing, and chain linked them as she jumped to the closest one, quickly getting closer to the thing, when suddenly it shot a laser beam towards her.

;"Yipes!" was the only thing she managed to say before it hit her right arm and send her flying to the ground. Shiro quickly turned back to his original form and spat fire towards the thing. It made an "zzt!" sound as it melted half way, and fell on the ground, sparks coming out of it.

"Ouch.. What was that thing...?" She walked towards it, being cautious if the thing would still move. When it didn't seem to do anything, she picked it up and took a closer look.

"It looks like a big mosquito but with eyes of a fly.. It's completely metallic? I've never seen anything like this before!"
She said, and stared at the robot. She felt a hand on her shoulder, grabbing her firmly. She turned around quickly, and readied her portal cannon attack.

"What the-? Qilby?! Don't ever scare me like that! You almost gave me a heart attack!" Aeri said holding her chest.
Qilby looked at her emotionless. He took a few steps closer placing both of his hands on her shoulders, as he now looked at her directly in the eye.

;"Sister. Do you have any idea what that thing is?" He asked.

;"What are you-?" Aeri started.

;"Just answer please." Qilby interrupted.

;"I..." Aeri started, as an odd memory flashed through her mind. A memory where she used her powers to take down a horde of similar looking things. Everything was burning, people were screaming. But it wasn't the planet she knew. It was different. Looked more like old ruins. Those same metallic robots everywhere. Hurting, killing, capturing all of the city's inhabitants.

"...I remember... Seeing similar things somewhere.. But.. It wasn't here..? I'm sorry. I'm not making any sense am I?"
Qilby sighed as a kind smile appeared on his face.

;"I think it's time I told you everything. About your past." He said with a calm voice.
Aeri couldn't do anything else, than stare back at Qilby with confusion.

Chapter IV: The Past

Qilby held Aeri's hand, as he led her down the stairs leading to underground. Aeri had never seen the stairs before, nor did she knew they even existed. "They must lead to Qilby's secret laboratory" She thought. But she also wondered, how did she even knew he had a place like that. He had never mentioned about such thing existing in the first place. Qilby stopped in front of two big metallic doors. He held his hand in the air and using his Wakfu, drew a blue line in the air as the door then opened.
They walked into an odd looking room, full of big glass tanks with strange orange liquid, and some sort of creatures inside them. Aeri did not know whether those creatures were alive or not, but she really hoped she wouldn't get an answer to that any time soon. Shiro crawled onto her sister's hand, glaring at Qilby ready to strike if he tried something.
There was a strange big metallic machine at the end of the room. Aeri stared at it in wonder.

;"What is all this Qilby?" She asked confused.

;"This, dear Aeri... Is my research." Qilby answered opening the metal machine.

;"You said something about my past...? What exactly is it that I have to remember?" Aeri asked with caution.

;"Yes... You know when we die, we simply reincarnate and our Dofus appears in another place after some time don't you?" Qilby asked looking back at Aeri.

;"Yeah.. I know that.. Depending on how we die the reincarnation may take even hundreds or thousands of years.." Aeri answered.

;"Well Aeri.. Then you must also know that I, unlike any other Eliatrope can remember my previous lives?" Qilby said.

;"Yes..so?" She asked.

;"Sister.. I think you are also an exception. You like me, should be able to remember everything! If you channel your energy right that is." Qilby explained.

;"What? No way. I can't do something like that. Though you are right about me being an exception..." Aeri said sounding a bit sad.

;"Precisely so. Not only is your Wakfu different color, but you also have another special power.. If you concentrate hard enough, you should be able to tell what a person hides in their hearts." Qilby calmly explained, then taking the Eliacube out of his pocket.

;"Hey, How come you have that?" Aeri asked.

;"Chibi said that I should keep it for a while. Don't worry it's perfectly safe here. Others don't know about my little laboratory. You're the first one here. Even Shinonome hasn't seen this place yet." Qilby explained putting the Eliacube down on the table.

"Now sister. I need to ask a favor from you. Please concentrate your powers to this cube." Qilby said.
Aeri didn't quite understand what Qilby meant, but she held her hands up and created an energy field around the cube. It rose from the table and glowed with red color hovering in the air.

"Excellent!" Qilby yelled enthusiastically, beaming with excitement.
Aeri stared at her hands, and then at the cube as it floated to her, and landed in her arms.

;"Uhm.. What did I just...?-" She started as Qilby grabbed her for a hug.

;"This is fantastic! It truly works! Your Wakfu woke the cube!" Qilby yelled. Shiro had had enough of all this, and decided to breath some fire towards Qilby, Managing on putting his beard on fire.

"Shiro! You're still jealous of your sister?" Qilby asked quickly putting out the fire.

"Now that we know the cube CAN harness the power of Wakfu I can truly get to work, and to explain what exactly it was, that you saw my dear sister." Qilby said crossing his hands looking happy.

;"That metallic bug? I just thought Chibi had made a new toy." Aeri said holding her head.

;"No such a luck Aeri. You see.. That thing is one of the many creatures called "Mechasm" and their leader is Orgonax. In our previous life we fought them. At first we thought they were our friends, and we lived with them in peace for quite some time. Then suddenly without warning, they attacked us. We lived on a different planet then. Now... It's gone. With all of it's people. We tried to save them... You fought so bravely then, You tried to save them all but unfortunately.. It wasn't enough. The Mechasm soon destroyed everything, We were lucky we got away.. It saddens me to say but.. It was OUR fault they were killed." Qilby said with grief.

;"But.. then.. Was I-.. Killed?" Aeri asked.
Qilby couldn't look her in the eye but continued.

;"Yes. You were. If only I had been faster back then. This wouldn't have happened. King Yugo was holding back the Orgonax the best he could, but even he had to retreat from the battlefield.. You were killed after a Mechasm shot you in the back. Poor Shiro attacked them killing many, but he too was shot to death. You two reincarnated one hundred years after the battle." Qilby explained to them.
Aeri held her head as the memories came back to her. Every word he said were true. Although she still couldn't remember everything, it was much more clear than back then.

;"I truly am sorry such fate was given to you and your brother." Qilby said as tears fell down his cheeks.

;"It's fine brother..." Aeri said almost crying.

"...Could I ask YOU a favor this time..?" She asked with trembling voice.

;"Of course Aeri. Anything for my family." Qilby said with a sad smile on his face.

;"Could you tell me about my previous lives? and how to remember everything like you do?" Aeri asked.

;"Of course I can. But are you sure you are ready for such a thing yet?" Qilby asked.

Aeri wiped her tears from her eyes and lifted his head.
;"I'm ready." She said determinedly.

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Chapter V: The Truth

Aeri had for months trained under the guidance of Qilby. She had gotten used to the weird feeling of getting sudden flashbacks from her past at times, though most of it was still foggy. She mostly remembered how she and Yugo used to spar a lot, or how she and Qilby would collect different plants and small items for his collection. Most of her memories about her brother Shiro had come back as well. But still Aeri felt as if the most important part of her past was still missing, but she did not know what it was. Qilby had helped her a lot, both in recalling old memories, and training to strengthen her powers of making portals as well.

; "Qilby...." Aeri started turning to look at him. "Are you sure you've told EVERYTHING you remember about me, to me?" she asked with a worried look, which made Shiro give a death glare towards Qilby, who stayed quiet, looking at his notebook about all of his samples. He lifted his head looking at Aeri, who looked as if she was going to cry soon enough. He sighed, putting his notebook down, walking to her. "I know you would never lie to me Qilby but... have you not told me something? Something important? Because.. All of the stories you've told me so far about my past lives.. None of them explains one important thing." Aeri said, her hats ears going down. ; "And what's that?" Qilby asked putting his hands on her shoulders reassuringly. ;"Why is my wakfu red, even though all of the other Eliatrope's is blue?" She looked at him right in the eye, waiting for an answer. Qilby took a deep breath, and looked to the side, seeing Shiro staring at him angrily, ready to strike depending on the answers effect on his sister. He knew he couldn't hide it anymore, no matter what Aeri would not stop asking until someone would answer to her, and since no one else could recall their past memories except for her and Qilby, he was obliged to do it. 

; "I guess it can not be avoided any longer can it?" He said with a sad expression. "It all started about 50 years after my Dofus hatched. Yours was to be guarded by King Yugo himself, however.. the demonic Rushu had gotten into our world. A portal opened to their chaotic world, leading to ours, no one knows how it happened...But, before we managed to send him back from where he came from, he attacked your Dofus. I'm sure his intention was to take it with him, but instead he was stopped by Grougaloragran. When Rushu understood he wouldn't be able to take a hold of the Dofus, he tried to destroy it, with his wakfu. But to our surprise, your Dofus didn't break. Instead it absorbed the wakfu of the Rushu, and mixed it with your own, resulting in red colored wakfu."  Qilby explained, pacing back and forth, his hands behind his back. 

; "So.. what you mean to say...I'm partly a Sushu?" Aeri said holding his head, Shiro then flying on her shoulders trying to calm her down. ; "Even if your wakfu is similar to them, trust me when I say you're NOTHING, like the Shushu." Quilby said to her in a calming voice, smiling. "You are an Eliatrope, and you always will be." 

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