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  1. Wakfu: Aeri The Eliatrope

    Okay. Let me start by saying, that I do not own any of characters, except for my OC and her Dragon brother. All the other Characters belong to Ankama Games and to Ankama Animation. WARNING: Contains some major spoilers for the Wakfu animated series, so if you're currently watching, or plan on doing so, read at your own risk. If you're new to the series that's okay as well, the story will explain most of the important things. The story will contain non-canon things.   Prologue: The skies were dark, covered in endless smoke. A song of screams became louder and louder, each passing second. The smell of iron was strong, and the sounds of metal crushing bone was unbearable. A girl ran through the battlefield, in search of something she had lost. SOMEONE, she had lost. She wasn't even sure of what would be waiting for her at the end, she did not care. All she knew, was that she had to find him. She tried calling for his name, but the desperate cry drowned, to the sound of the metallic beings marching forward. They destroyed everything in sight, and it had become hard to breathe. Yet Aeri refused to flee. Not without her brother. He had to be there, somewhere in the burning sea of flames. The panic was setting in, her lungs were absolutely burning every breath of the way, and her legs had lost all feeling. She attempted to call for him again, only for a giant shadow to land on her, she turned to be met with two red burning dots, and black, cold, metallic armor. She had to back up, to see the being completely. Aeri had no strength left, she could only watch, as the robotic thing raised it's claw like arm, ready to strike down. Warm tears found their way on her cheeks, as she attempted to put up her arms in defense. The being came closer, and with great strength and speed, swung it's claw down at her. Aeri opened her eyes, only to be met with a familiar room. Her room. It was lightly colored, decent sized for two. She quickly turned to look to her side, seeing her brother Shiroazaad sleeping soundly, quiet murmurs sometimes escaping him. Aeri gave a deep, slow sigh. She had seen that same nightmare, for Goddess knows how many times. Yet it always seemed so vivid. So lifelike. So REAL. She wondered, if that was yet another thing, she had forgotten from her past lives. Things always seemed to come back at her, when she was most vulnerable. Although, it had become the new norm to her, it always took her by surprise. The only thing that stopped her from having yet another near anxiety attack, was her brother turning towards her. His steady breathing, and gently warm body heat, made her able to calm down. He was practically hugging her, not that she minded, but his spiky short hair, and a pair of small horns, were poking her cheek rather painfully. She tried to make more room for herself, by quietly shifting towards the edge, but due to his grip, was unable to. She made a silent vow to go talk about her nightmare, to another family member. As soon as she'd get out of this predicament.     
  2.   PROLOGUE  The first time I came to the Beacon Mental Hospital, I had just lost my aunt and uncle. I was about 17-years old at the time. The doctors didn't quite understand why the police brought me there, until they showed the reports of my interrogation. They thought there was something wrong with me, just because I did not cry, when I saw the dead bodies of my aunt, and uncle. They also suspected I was the one who pulled the trigger. In reality my uncle was the one to put the gun on his temple and shot himself, right after beating my aunt to death. I just assisted him a bit. I knew I wasn't really 'normal'. Ever since I was 7-years old I knew how to move objects without touching them, or break windows and other stuff just by looking at them. I could even start a fire if I was able to concentrate enough. I only trained my powers, when others were sleeping, that way no one noticed a thing, or so I thought. My parents died in a car accident when I was little, I ended up at my aunt's house. She was nice to me, and treated me well.. Unfortunately my uncle didn't. He loved to drink, and whenever someone disagreed with him, he'd beat them up. No exceptions. So of course, being a stupid kid I was, I just had to argue with him. He never used his fists to beat me up though, he'd much rather use the belt buckle for that.My aunt tried to help me, only to get beaten up by him. She was scared, I understand that, but she let him beat me up as many times as he wanted. That, I could not forgive. So when he finally snapped one night, and beat my aunt to death, I stood there. I didn't do anything, I just stared at the scene quietly. After he was done, he took out a gun and pointed it at me. I stared at the gun. I wasn't scared, I wasn't even surprised. I actually waited this day to come. I only wished it would have come sooner. So I concentrated. More than ever. I looked at the gun in his hand, I managed to control it. So I moved my hand towards my head, He did the same. I pointed at my fingers at my temple as if I was holding the gun, and he followed. He tried to speak, but he was too horrified and confused of what was happening. So then, I pretended to hold the gun, and pulled the trigger. There was a loud 'bang' sound, and his body fell on the ground. I walked up to my aunt and stared at her for a few minutes before calling an ambulance. I didn't know why I did that, she was clearly dead, I just felt like I should.When the paramedics came in, they saw them laying on the ground, and me, sitting quietly in the corner hugging my knees. I didn't feel sorry. I always hated my uncle, and I despised my aunt, for leaving me with him. She'd either look the other way, or pretend like nothing happened. The paramedics called the police, naturally. They asked me questions and I answered.The next thing I knew was, that I was being taken to a mental hospital. I didn't really care. Anywhere was better, I had no relatives to live with anyway.I was forced to go see this psychiatrist daily. I didn't like him. Always the same questions over and over again: "How do you feel about your aunts death?", "Why would your uncle do something like that?", "Was he always violent?", "Do you think it was because he had a drinking problem?" I never answered to him. I crossed my arms, and sat there, until the time was up. I had to share a room, with another patient called Emily. I never remembered her last name it started with a W.. "Watson? Weston? Washington...? No, no that wasn't it..." We always stayed on our own sides of the room. She was constantly mumbling something, and REALLY paranoid. She always had to wear a straight jacket, otherwise she would've attacked the nurse, who brought our medicine. I didn't trust the nurse either, that was pretty much the only thing me, and Emily seemed to agree on. The nurse didn't like me either, mostly because I never ate the medicine she brought me, I either hid it under my tongue or 'accidentally' flushed it down the toilet. They had to hire a new nurse, every time the former one got tired of me. I didn't mind. At least I got to keep my usual clothes, instead of the ones in the hospital.If they ever tried to force me to wear the hospital's clothes, I usually got pretty aggressive. Once I almost bit someone's ear off. So they decided, it wasn't worth it. What can I say? I just love my own hoodie, and sweat pants.Whenever I wasn't a prisoner in my own room, I'd either draw or practice my skills. I learned how to see few minutes to the future, quick flashes happened in my head. I knew when the nurse would come to take me to see 'Mr.Shrink McCreepy', or when it was time for Emily to 'cool off'. It was useful. It gave me some time to prepare for that.Now I liked Emily, she didn't ask much questions, she stayed on her side and didn't try anything stupid, like attack me at night, or try to take away the necklace, my mother gave me as a birthday present when I was 5-years old. It was a small stone ring, but to me it was a treasure.There was one exception, one person who I could trust.  She was also a nurse hired after the three first ones quit. I thought she'd be like others, forcing me to take the medicine, but surprisingly, she didn't. She actually wanted to hear my story. She came to talk to me, and asked how I got there, so I explained. I asked: "are you afraid of me?" Instead of showing any signs of disgust, she hugged me. I don't know why, but for some reason I started crying, like the day when my parents died. I hadn't cried after that. She told me that "everything would be okay", that I "would sooner or later get out and be able to live a normal life." I don't understand why, but I believed her. Before she came to work at the hospital, none of the workers had ever shown any compassion to me, well not like that at least. Besides I usually knew what they thought anyway. But her thoughts were sincere. She actually said "you matter", unlike the others, who clearly hated me, and I them. But that was okay. If I had one friend, one person on my side, I would be able to go through this hell.  
  3. Sonic X fanfiction

    hi :3 I am new here. I thought I could show you guys my Sonic X based fanfiction while I'm here. It's INCOMPLETE at the moment but I am working on it in my spare time and hope to update whenever I can. There are 4 chapters so far. It's a story where my OC stumbles upon the main sonic characters in sonic x situation. It starts with a sonic x setting and a few things to do with the first few episodes of sonic x but then it goes into its own tangent with just the sonic characters so really you don't need to worry about knowing much about sonic x. I have give you a WARNING right now as it does have major personality changes for the characters. If you don't think you will like that then you may not want to try reading it. It also had ADULT LANGUAGE nothing really bad but a few f words and s words and such as would probably be in normal conversation considering some of the things that happen. There is also quite big of action so there is VIOLENCE but nothing too detailed and there are CHARACTER DEATHS in this but I wont tell you who as that would be spoilers so I hope you like it and any feedback would be greatly appreciated. I am not a great writer and my grammar isn't perfect. This is my first fanfiction so bare with me. Thank you for reading and have a nice day :3 http://www.quotev.com/story/7383327/Sonic-X-Clereens-Story
  4. Welcome to Nightmares

    Okay so this story might be a bit confusing.. It is meant to be that way. A LOT of things are left for the readers interpretation.. This has some horror elements too. Welcome to Nightmares As I was walking in the dark hallways of the basement floor, I could hear it following me. Step by step. I walked faster than it. It was more like slouching than walking behind me. It always carried a knife. It didn't really speak to me. It made some odd sounds and moans, as if it was suffering from something... From what it was I did not know. I couldn't remember how I ended up here. I couldn't quite remember my name either. I didn't know if I was alive or dead, but to me, it didn't matter anymore. None of this town's people were exactly normal, So I'd fit in just fine. I never really liked when those things appeared though. They never really do anything, but they were disturbing, especially when they followed me. I knew they couldn't hurt me, and I wouldn't hurt them unless they tried something. Only one of them sometimes attacked. Not that I cared. He never really hurt me. I also hated the cult this town had been hiding for years. That's why I decided I'd have to meet her. She would know what to do to this. Maybe then all this suffering would finally stop. I saw two big door in front of me. I pushed them open and entered a room full of light. I walked towards the hospital bed. It was surrounded with white curtains. Inside laid a girl. Badly burned. She couldn't speak anymore. She stared at me with her red bloodshot eyes. She tried to reach her hand towards mine. Her skin was entirely black with small little wounds all over. Only few could tell she was still living human being. I placed my palm against hers and said: "Don't worry. You will have your revenge upon those who hurt you. None of them will live." She looked at me with relief. For the first time in many years she smiled. I smiled too before my expression turned into a frown. She was here.  I turned to face a little girl. She looked like a 10-year old. She was wearing a torn school uniform consisted of a grey long skirt, purple sweater, white shirt and a small black ribbon. Her black hair was covering her face.  "Hello Alessa.. What do you want this time? Play hide and seek?" I said sarcastically which she knew far too well. I wasn't sure how many years had passed from our first meeting, but it seemed like a life time to me. "The mother and the child have arrived. The last day is near." She said. I rolled my eyes. "We're already in our own personal hell. How could this "Beautiful dream land" be destroyed by two people?" I asked crossing my arms. "Because.. They are special.. The child belongs to her." Alessa said pointing at the burned girl.  "They might be our only way in. We might be able to destroy the cult...What do you say.. "Original?" I said looking back at the burned girl who smiled to me in return. "So that's a yes.. Well guess I'm going to go play Witches and Curses with them again" I said stretching my arms up high.  "Be ready with the kid Alessa." I said as I turned to look back at her for the one last time. She simply nodded smiling evilly as she always did. It was like her trademark. I walked through the doors again, back to the darkness. They were all gathered around this time. Not moving an inch. All packed up in one place, In the middle of the hallway. I sighed as I tried to get past them. They were all wearing nurse outfits, and their heads were covered in bloodstained bandages. They all had knifes, blades, or whatever sharp they managed to find. I was half way through when one of them went mad. It started slashing it's knife around trying to hit the others. I quickly jumped and rolled out of the way just as the knife was stabbed through one of the nurses foot who was standing next to me.  "God I hate those things.." I said as I got up and continued walking. Eventually I found the old elevator, it was covered in rust and the safety net was already broken. "Gee... How I feel safe." I said taking a deep breath before walking in the elevator and pressing the button to the first floor. I got out of the elevator and out from the old broken house. I walked in the streets. It was so quiet. The ashes were falling down like snowflakes. If anyone would stay here longer than two hours they would've died of poisoning. The gas, smoke and the ashes were making sure of that. I didn't really care for it. I tried avoiding the cracks on the ground, since the gas could sometimes shoot out from them, not that it could hurt me but I didn't want to risk anything. I hadn't really got the time to memorize all the rules of this town. Although I can't remember what it was that got me in here, I kind of liked the place. It was quiet little town, filled with monsters, and although I always had certain emptiness and anger in my heart, It was a place I could call "home". Yes. This little dead town. Of Silent Hill.
  5. The Final Betrayal

    [THE FINAL BETRAYAL]   in a jail cell, a female mobian fox with reddish-orange fur and brown hair dressed in a black leather two-piece catsuit with a yellow bow upon her head sat in utter silence. Fiona Fox was no stranger to a prison cell. she'd been in so many, It seemed almost natural. but, oddly enough..she had no plans, or even thoughts of escape. her face that usually bore expressions of malice, and sinister cunning was now blank. Fiona had lost the will to live. She had no desire to go on. Not after the look *HE* gave her upon her arrest. a single tear fell down her cheek..followed by a soft sob. "what have I done?" muttered Fiona, under breath. "what have I done.." Just then, the sound of a lock unlatching was heard. Fiona watched as her cell door swung open..and, in walked a pair of male mobian Lynx' dressed in black. "On your feet, prisoner." spoke one of the Lynx' "Your 'trial' is underway." Fiona grimaced as she stood up. she stood still as the Lynx guard's shackled her wrists and ankles, and led her out of her cell. It was a long, LONG walk down the cold stone corridors. Fiona maintained her a dull, lifeless expression as she passed the other cells. Finally, Fiona was led through a pair of doors..and, into a large chamber. It certainly looked like a courtroom..but, was oriental in design. the reason of which was all too clear, as sitting atop the platform was "Conquering Storm", leader of the Raiju Ninja Clan. C. Storm kept her cold eyes trained on Fiona as she was led to a podium. "Fiona Fox.." began C. Storm, her tone of voice hostile, yet calm. "You stand accused of dishonoring the Raiju Clan." C. Storm then smirked. "OR, should I say..Dishonoring my heir, "Rising Storm." C. Storm gestured over to a five year old overlander boy with reddish-brown hair, green eyes and wearing clothing similar to the Clan Leader. Fiona knew the boy all too well. "LIAR!!" shouted Fiona, suddenly. "His name is Felix, and he is MY SON!!" "SILENCE!!" snapped C. Storm, angrily "Do not shame yourself any further..or, I shall choose to skip this trial over in favor of an "Execution." Fiona glared at the Lynx..but, her anger soon ebbed upon seeing the look on Felix/R. Storm's face as *HE* looked at her. Fiona backed down, defeated. "good. Now..Let us begin." began C. Storm. "Reveal to the clan *YOUR* Story, Fiona Fox. Tell us all just who you are." Fiona looked down. sighing, she spoke up. "my story..began in the earliest days of the Robotnik War nearly a decade ago." C. Storm bore an amused smirk as she sat back in her chair. "go on." "I was one of many prisoners of Robotnik. At a camp where I was held, I shared a cell with Mighty Armadillo and Ray Squirrel of the Chaotix." "The Raiju Clan are familiar with the Chaotix." said C. Storm. "As the sole son of Constant Vigil of the Shinobi Clan is one of them." "yes..Well, we tried to escape once. But, we failed." continued Fiona. "I was taken to a private cell, while Mighty and Ray were saved by Sonic the Hedgehog." Fiona looked down "I was..l-left behind. Abandoned." C. Storm bore no sympathy for Fiona..though, Felix/R. Storm looked at Fiona with soft eyes. "When It became apparent that NOBODY was coming to save me, I decided to save myself." continued Fiona. "That became my whole ideology: Rely on no one, Trust NO ONE." "a wise policy on certain occasions." said C. Storm. "But, to live life with no real loyalty is to live a dishonorable life." Fiona scowled at Conquering Storm. "you think I give a-" "Let us get right to the point of this Trial." began C. Storm, cutting off Fiona. "Tell us how you first encountered Rising Storm." Fiona growled hatefully at the Lynx. "I was with the Suppression Squad at the time. We were doing what we usually do: Spreading Chaos, Mayhem, and just doing whatever we pleased.  Scourge, my boyfriend at the time, chose to loot an Overlander Town that Eggman had recently attacked. the town's people had already deserted, leaving RIPE for the taking." Fiona breathed out softly as she recalled her next memory. "While we scavenged the place..I found a three year old boy wandering the streets. he was alone..and, calling for his mother and father." Fiona choked up. "I knew then that like ME, he had been abandoned by his family..left to die.  So, I took him back with me to Moebius..and, for three years I raised him, protected him, LOVED him." "and, then YOU left him to die." finished C. Storm, eyeing Fiona darkly. "NO!, It wasn't like that!!" protested Fiona. "Oh, I think It is." said C. Storm. "According to Rising Storm, You and the "Green Hedgehog" were doing some errands for the "Pastey Faced Echidna."  you were attacked by the "Dog Men", resulting in the base being completely destroyed.  He saw you..he looked you RIGHT in the eyes when you and "Scourge", is it?, made your escape through the "Magic Ring"..and, left him to his fate." Fiona gritted her teeth as she looked away. "scourge, he..he MADE me leave. he said he would either escape with me..or, alone." "So, you chose to save your own skin by sacrificing an innocent child that you PRETENDED to love." said C. Storm bitterly. "I DIDN'T PRETEND!, I *DO* LOVE HIM!!!" shouted Fiona, tears in her eyes. "You aren't fooling anyone, Fox. Truth is..This whole trial is unnecessary. I already know everything about you." C. Storm stood up, and looked down at Fiona. "I know that you were a mercenary, who was once with Nic Weasel, and the Destructix.  I know you were once part of the Freedom Fighters, AND Sonic's girlfriend..until you betrayed them all for Scourge, and his Suppression Squad." Fiona looked visibly shocked. "How do you know tha-" "Trust No One", THAT is your philosophy." continued C. Storm. "but, you left out one other part of your creed: "Trust No One..and, use EVERYONE." C. Storm smirked as she took a porcelain cup, and sipped some tea. "You are a Trickster, Fiona Fox. a "Twister of Truth." You lie, manipulate, and betray as if it were second to breathing.  and, It is clear to everyone present that you never really loved "Felix", as you call him.  no. you pretended to love him so he would trust you (looks at Fiona) just as that twin-tailed fox once did." Fiona bore a stunned expression on her face. "You tricked that poor boy into adopting you as his mother..Then, you go and have your revenge over your alleged abandonment by your parents by abandoning HIM." "no. n-no, that isn't-" "Trust No One" said C. Storm. "No doubt THAT is what you were hoping to teach him, yes? that NO ONE can be trusted..not even your own mother." "NO!!, THAT'S NOT TRUE!!! THAT'S-" "BE SILENT!, The Conquering Storm speaks." snapped C. Storm. as Fiona stared, C. Storm continued to speak. "The boy you CLAIM to love is lucky to be alive. Fortunately, while Finitevus base was falling apart, he stumbled upon one of his spare Warp Rings.  the mystic talisman transported him HERE in the far east..right in Raiju Territory." C. Storm smiled as she sat back down..then, placed her hand on the silent boy in question. "Some of my clan were foolish enough to want to kill him..but, I was there to remind them of our bylaws regarding innocent children.  We showed him customary hospitality. We fed him, clothed him, gave him a place to sleep.  Normally, I would have had him sent to that fool Khan, and his so-called "Free People."  but..I saw something in the child. Something that intrigued me.  and, upon consulting with Endless Reach of the Gossamer Clan..I knew that his place was with US. with ME." "What are you talking about?!" said Fiona, confused. C. Storm smiled. "those arachnids foretold that the boy would grow to become powerful, a "Rising Storm" to be reckoned with." C. Storm grinned sinisterly. "My people value STRENGTH above all else. Rising Storm is destined to be mighty..and, who better than I to nurture such a prodigy." "BUT-!" "Enough!" snapped C. Storm, rising up suddenly. "Fiona Fox..you are UNWORTHY to call yourself his mother. he is part of the Raiju Clan, now.  and, by betraying him..you have DISHONORED Me, and the Clan." C. Storm clenched her fist tightly. "and, for your dishonor..you will be put to DEATH. By dawns light, your head shall adorned my throne room as a warning to all of what happens when they cross-" "Master, WAIT!!" C. Storm looked to R. Storm angrily. "RISING STORM!, I did not give you permission to SPEAK!!" R. Storm bowed respectfully. "Forgive me, Master. but, PLEASE hear me out." C. Storm stared at the young child..then, breathed out. "very well..SPEAK." "Master, PLEASE. don't kill her." C. Storm scoffed at this. "She has betrayed you, Dishonored us. she MUST be punished." "Then, Punish her. but, PLEASE..don't take her life." Fiona was shocked at this. shocked that even after what she did, even after doing exactly what her parents did to her..her son STILL wanted mercy for her. C. Storm was also quite surprised. "Rising Storm, WHAT have I told you about showing compassion?!" said C. Storm, scolding R. Storm. "She is manipulating you. Using your feelings to save her own skin..AGAIN." the boy looked at the Lynx. "Maybe what I feel WAS just a lie..but, part of me wants to believe that SOME of It was real." R. Storm touched C. Storm's tunic. "please, mom. show her mercy..for ME?" Fiona felt hurt upon hearing her "son" address C. Storm as his "mother." C. Storm herself glared at her "son", feeling angry that he broke taboo by calling her "mother" in public. but, upon looking into his glossy green eyes..the Lynx cold heart ebbed. finally, she turned away from the boy. breathing out sharply. "very well, Rising Storm. for YOU, and nothing else." growled C. Storm darkly Conquering Storm then glared at Fiona again. "Fiona Fox..You deserve nothing but death for all you have done. BUT, I will share you mercy just. this. once." Fiona swallowed hard as she listened to what C. Storm said next. "You..shall live. Live for the rest of your life locked away the dungeon..where no one can hear your lies and deceit any longer." Fiona gasped at this. "but..But, you CAN'T!!" "Iron bars, or cold steel." growled C. Storm. "Take your pick. Either way, you won't be hurting the heir to the Raiju Clan anymore." C. Storm then snapped her fingers, prompting her guards to retrain and pick Fiona onto her feet. "Guards..Take her away to her "new home." As the Lynx Guards drug Fiona away, she fought against them and screamed. "no..No!, NO!! FELIX!! I'M SORRY, FELIX!!, I'M SO SORRY!! PLEASE..DON'T LET THEM DO THIS!!" Felix/R. Storm stayed close to C. Storm, clutching the cloth part of her tunic. "Felix, PLEASE!!" exclaimed Fiona again. the human child looked at Fiona fearfully. he then hid his face away..while C. Storm shielded him protectively. tears flowed down Fiona's stunned face. the realization of what she had done finally sinking in. "get that despicable creature out of my sight..NOW." commanded C. Storm, sternly. Fiona wept loudly as she was dragged away. once gone, Conquering Storm GLARED at Rising Storm. the boy stepped back, feeling a little scared of his Master, and Mother. "uhh.." "Go to your room, Rising Storm. and, await for me." said C. Storm, sternly. "You and I have MUCH to discuss." the boy nodded sadly and he slowly turned, and walked away. [Later] Rising Storm sat quietly on his bed, swinging his tiny feet as he waited for his mother. just then, the door opened..and, in walked Conquering Storm. the Lynx cast a glare at the young child..then, removed her hat and approached the boy. "what have I taught you." "Mom, I-" "What HAVE I always taught you!!?" exclaimed C. Storm, demanding an answer. R. Storm gripped his arm as he spoke solemnly. "to..show compassion is to show weakness." "Exactly!, and no son of mine is going to be WEAK." "But, MOM!-" "DO NOT REBUKE YOUR MOTHER, and MASTER!!" snapped C. Storm. "B-But, I don't understand. WHY is is so bad to be kind to people!?" "Because people like that *FOX* will take advantage of your Kindness. They'll manipulate you..and, then stab you in the back when you least expect it!!" C. Storm then knelt down, and gripped R. Storm's shoulder. "DAMMIT, Rising Storm!! Don't you understand that I am only trying to protect you!!?" R. Storm looked at his mother with teary eyes. "Is It protecting me when you get angry every time I hug you, and say that I love you?!" C. Storm looked at R. Storm. "You know our ways. we cannot show ANY affection in publi-" "WHY!? Why are you so ashamed of me!!?" explained R. Storm, tears in his eyes. "Why can't I call you Mom!?, and..why won't you call me "son." R. Storm turned away before C. Storm could answer him. "It may have all been a lie..but, when Ms. Fiona hugged me, kissed me, and said that she loved me. It..it felt real. and, It made me happy to be loved." R. Storm then shed a tear. "or, at least..FEEL like I was loved." C. Storm looked at the boy with soft eyes. he he started to cry, maternal instincts overruled her Raiju Nature..and, she hugged the sobbing child. "oh, my son..I *DO* love you. That is why I have done all this, so she can't hurt you anymore. but, the ways of the Raiju Clan are sacred. I cannot afford to show affection to anyone..As leader of Raiju, I must be remain strong, and WITHOUT weakness." C. Storm then touched R. Storm's chin, making him look at her. "but, what I do and say in public..is NOT how I truly feel about you.  I am not ashamed of you, I love you. You are my son..and, I know you will make me proud someday." R. Storm wept. he then embraced his adoptive mother, hugging her tightly. "I love you, mom." C. Storm smiled as she stroked his hair. "and, I love you, too." [Much Later] Fiona sat alone in her dark cell of cold, damp stone. her mind racing. she cried softly, wondering how things could have gone so wrong. She wanted to blame someone for her heartache. she wanted to blame her parents, Robotnik, Sonic, Scourge and even Conquering Storm herself! but, the more she thought..the MORE she realized that she had no one else to blame but herself. It was her choice..It was ALWAYS her choice. she shut her eyes tight as tears flowed down her cheek. *Fiona, No!, PLEASE!!* Fiona wept harder as the voice of Tails echoed in her head. *I-It's okay if you don't want to like me! I mean.."LIKE ME" Like me.  but, PLEASE don't go with Scourge! I know you're good..All you have to do is try a little harder, and.* *Oh, Tails..you're so smart, but you haven't learned one fundamental lesson in life.* Fiona's body trembled as more tears threatened to break through. *You can't count on ANYBODY.* Fiona began to wail in anguish, a deep puddle forming at her feet. "oh, tails..why didn't I listen to you?" muttered Fiona. "I should have known Scourge was too selfish to care about anything but himself." Fiona gripped her arms, rubbing them. "now I've hurt the one thing I cared about the most." Fiona cried into her hands. "I..I am a monster. C-Conquering Storm should have just killed me. I..I wish I had never been born." As Fiona continued to cry..her cell door suddenly unlatched. she looked, and saw a familiar looking female Bat walk in. "tsk-tsk-tsk..Well, well, well. Look how the might have fallen." said Rouge, with a smirk. Fiona sneered at her old rival. "and, what do YOU want?! Have you come to gloat!?, well go on, get It over with. I don't care anymore." Rouge chuckled. "Oh, I didn't come here to Gloat..I came to "bust you out." Fiona raised an eyebrow as she stared at Rouge, Puzzled. "what?" Rouge smiled as she circled around Fiona. "I heard about your trial..Seemed pretty "fixed" if you ask me. and, Pretty neat how you NARROWING avoided having that pretty little head of yours becoming a decorative centerpiece." "GET to the point." Rouge drew out a file folder with the G.U.N. symbol stamped upon It. "THIS, is my point, Fi." Rouge tossed the folder at Fiona. the fox took It, and read the cover: "Task Force X?!" "That's the official name, BUT It also goes by another one." Fiona looked at Rouge. "Which IS??" Rouge grinned. "Suicide Squad. Think of It as a Black OPS unit, comprised of convicts.  It's a simple gig, really: Complete some missions for GUN, and you'll be rewarded with Money, Freedom, and whatever else you greedy black heart desires." Fiona looked at Rouge. "You expect me to believe that Conquering Storm is just going to let you take me out of here?!" "OH, believe me, I had quite a time convincing her to let you go." said Rouge, chuckling. "BUT, when I informed her that there is a chance you WON'T survive the missions we are giving you..We made a compromise." Fiona looked at Rouge. "I'm listening." "Lead a team on some "suicide missions", and IF you succeed, you'll get your son back." "and, If I FAIL?"Rouge chuckled. "What do *YOU* think?" Fiona looked at the file..then, sighed sharply. "Even if I DO succeed..my son no longer looks at me as his mother anymore. I betrayed his trust..betrayed and hurt him." "Look, whatever problems you have with the kid, I am SURE you can resolve on your own.  But, if you WANT to have your son back, then you have two choices: Rot in here..or, work for ME." Fiona stared darkly at Rouge. after a few minutes, she finally spoke: "what KIND of mission do you have for me?" [The End?]
  6. Fanfic Title

    The fanfiction I will be working on soon is on where Mephiles is a siren who is in love with the Princess (portrayed by Elizabeth). But what should I choose for the story's official title? WARNING: Contains Canon x FC! Pairings in this fanfic are: Knouge (Knuckles x Rouge, Canon x Canon), Shikao x Elizabeth (FC x FC), and Mephiles x Elizabeth (Canon X FC)
  7. Gold's Penance

    Gold's Penance: Part I Planet Mobius in the year 3437 is a miserable place. with the worse example being Onyx City. the people live in constant fear of the tyrannical regime that watches and rules over them. Freedom in all It's forms in naught but a fantasy, with severe punishments dealt over the most minor of offenses. This is NOT the Mobius that heroes like Sonic the Hedgehog fought and died for. this dystopic world should NOT exist. and, It WON'T, so long as a desperate few have anything to say about it.  [Prof. Von Schlemmer's Laboratory] within an underground laboratory, a human man with light turquoise skin and bright orange hair was glued to a computer screen, going over hundreds of bytes of data. and, he was just *mildly* frustrated at the results he was getting. in the far side of the lab, was a male mobian hedgehog with pearl white fur who was apparently moving extremely large metal crates using telekinesis. "Is this where you want them to go, Professor?!" called Silver. "Hmm? o-oh, Yez. vight d'ere will do, mein friend." said Von Schlemmer,  who spoke in a distinctive "Eurish" accent. Silver gently laid the crates down, then approached his professor friend. "What are you working on?" the blue skinned man returned to the computer screen. "Just going over zome data. azzezzing da' zituation." Silver looked interested. "and?" Von Schlemmer exhaled softly. "I won't know v'or zure until our "ally" returnz with her report." As if on cue, the sliding door opened.. and, in walked what appeared to be an Onyx City Council Member. BUT, upon seeing the five dotted face mask, the Silver and Von Schlemmer calmed down. "Welcome back, Fraulein." began Von Schlemmer. "and, vhat newz have you to report?" the figure removed her mask and cloak..revealing herself to be a female mobian tenrec with golden fur, and a strange making upon her forehead. she bore a somber expression on her face. "their gone..their ALL gone." said Gold, her eyes staring off in absolute shock. "What!?" exclaimed Silver. "The rebels in the narrows region of the city." continued Gold, still shaken at what she saw recently. "I..I couldn't help them. I could only WATCH, when-" Gold fell to her knees and began to weep. Silver rushed over to his fellow psychic, and tried to comfort her. "I can still hear their psychic screams.." muttered Gold, holding her head as if she had a migraine. "so..much. PAIN." sobbed Gold. as Silver stroked Gold's quills affectionately, Von Schlemmer rubbed the bridge of his nose stressfully. "mein gott.." "It's over." said Gold, her voice monotoned. "those people were our Last, BEST hope for a Free and Equal world." Von Schlemmer scowled darkly. "nein. zhey were NOT our "last" hope. vey ztill have one FINAL rezort." Both Silver and Gold looked at Von Schlemmer. "what do you mean, Professor?" Von Schlemmer didn't answer. he merely walked over to an old piano. he then tapped certain keys in sequence..which made a wall open up, revealing a hidden door. "v'ollow me, mein friendz." said Von Schlemmer, as he entered the secret doorway. Silver and Gold looked at each other. Then, they finally stood up and followed the overlander scientist. the three walked down a curved staircase in silence..until they finally reached a large, metal door. "wait here." said Von Schlemmer, as he approached the giant door. an orb began to glow, and shot a beam of light that slowly began to scan Von Schlemmer's body and facial features.  "IDENTITY CONFIRMED." said the computer voice. "DISABLING COUNTER-MEASURES." with a low rumble, and loud hiss, the doors slowly began to open. a glance from Von Schlemmer told the mobian psychics to follow him into the chamber. inside..they nearly lost their breath upon seeing the mammoth size machine that lay inside. and, at the center was a large platform that bore Von Schlemmer's family crest upon it. "what..IS this thing?!" said Silver, awestruck. Gold's blue eyes briefly flash gold and yellow..she then gasped. "a t-time machine. (looks to Von Schlemmer) you built a TIME MACHINE?!" Von Schlemmer smiled. "juzt an old pet project that I have had since I waz a boy (stared darkly) an, It iz our abzolute final hope" Von Schlemmer wiped his hand over the hardware of his invention. "In da' event dat' vee ever failed to defeat, an' overthrow the corrupt counzil..  mein plan waz to use mein time machine to travel to zee distant past, an' STOP zee Onyx Regime from ever exzisting." Gold widened her eyes at this. "and..undo everything that the council has done." Von Schlemmer nodded. "ev'ry death..ev'ry loss. it will be az if It never happened." Silver looked at the professor. "Why didn't you use this thing from the start?!" "It wazn't ready." began Von Schlemmer. "an' bezides..zis machine takes ALOT of power to use,  AND I alzo wanted to give zee rebelion a chance to bring peace HERE, in zee present." Von Schlemmer then sighed. "but, az zee rebellion now only conzists of the THREE of us.. I have no choice but to rezort to zhis dezperate plan under de' mozt DIRE of zircumztanzez." Silver looked at Von Schlemmer. "You know how the regime first started, professor?" Von Schlemmer exhaled sharply as he rubbed his temples. "I wish I did, mein friend. but dezpite de' assiztance of our good friend, Gold, de' spezifics on when an' how our enemies came to be remainz a myztery to us." Gold looked down sadly. "I am sorry. I wish I could have done more, but the council, they-" "It's okay, Gold." said Silver. "you did your best." Gold's sorrowful expression didn't change. ("no, I didn't.") thought Gold. Silver looked at Gold again. "YES, you DID." Gold widened her eyes, blushing. ("crap. I projected my thoughts again, didn't I?") "yep." said Silver, still hearing Gold's telepathic voice in his head. ("dammit, Gold!, It's a wonder you haven't gotten us all caught yet!!") as Gold continued to mentally scold herself, Silver turned back to Von Schlemmer. "So, what HAVE you uncovered, Professor??" "Only zhat de' very best opportunity for us  lies during Planet Mobiuz golden age. Exactly 200 yearz ago." replied Von Schlemmer. "Two-Hundred Years? Wait..that's when Sonic the Hedgehog, and his Freedom Fighters were alive." said Silver.  "Yez. zhey were at war with Doctor Eggman, BUT at least de' planet was ztill free. (looks at Silver) an, I at least know for a fact that ze' regime DIDN'T exist during zhat time." Silver eyed his good friend. "So..we just go into the distant past, with no idea When or How the Regime first formed, and try and find SOME way to stop them?!" "Nobody zaid zhis would be eazy. mein friend.  BUT, It's zee only option we have left..other zhan lay down, an' die." Gold thought long and hard over this. "Assuming we DO succeed, and change alter history.. what will happen to us? won't WE disappear from existance?!" "Normally, Yez. but, mein machine has an unuzual zide-effect." began Von Schlemmer. "De' zame temporal energies zhat will tranzport you will ALZO infuze your bodies  with a permanent energy field zhat will shield you from any shifts in ze' timestream." Silver looked confused. "huh?" Von Schlemmer chuckled lightly. "It means, mein friend, you vill exizt outzide of time. zo, even if you were to prevent your own birth, you von't disappear, and vill remain unchanged." "meaning if we DO succeed, and change the past..  we will be the only ones who will remember to awful world." said Gold, figuring It out. "Yez." said Von Schlemmer. Gold stood in silence, her mind racing. "You said your time machine take alot of energy to use.." began Silver. "How much, exactly?" "Too much, mein friend." replied Von Schlemmer. "Vee will have to use ALL we have left." Silver exhaled sharply. "well..after today, I guess we won't need to save It for anything." "Yez, but as zoon az we zart de' machine, our enemies will detect us..  meaning vee will have a limited time to use the machine before zhis place is raided." Von Schlemmer then sighed sadly. "It alzo means ONE of uz vill have to stay behind, an' DESTROY the machine to prevent zhem from vollowing." Silver widened his eyes in shock. "w-Wait, you don't mean-" "Mein journey haz come to an end, Zilver." began Von Schlemmer, solemnly.  "From here on out..all hope lies vith You, an' Gold." Silver ran up to the scientist. "b-But, Professor! YOU CAN'T!!" Von Schlemmer looked down sadly, a tear in his eye. "I am zorry, mein friend. But zhis is bigger than any one of uz. vor de' future of Ev'ryone.. vor all zhoze vee have lost. I musy make zhis zacrifice." Gold teared up upon hearing the professor's words. Silver sighed sharply, not liking this at all. "so..I'll just have to leave you to die?" said Silver, close to tears. "If you Zucceed in your mission, Zilver..we will ALL ztill be alive in a world worth living in." "but, we won't know each other. You said It yourself, only I would remember you." Von Schlemmer knelt down, and looked into Silver's golden eyes. "yez. only YOU vill remember our forgotten friendship..  but, vee vill ztill be friends. Given time, vee will be friends again." "assuming I can figure out how to get back, that is." said Silver. "I trust you vill find a way, mein friend." Von Schlemmer rose up, and walked over to a console. "I vill begin diverting all power to the Chronal Sphere-" "WAIT!"  Silver and Von Schlemmer looked to Gold. "wait..we c-can't leave yet. th-There is something at my house. s-Something that I need to take with me." "Zhat is too risky, Gold. zee Regime's Civil Protection Robots may catch you-" "I CAN'T LEAVE WITHOUT IT!!" exclaimed Gold, frantic. "Gold, CALM DOWN!" said Silver, as he gripped Gold's hand,  and looked into her eyes. "Whatever It is that you're worried about, It won't matter after-" "You don't understand, Silver. I *CAN'T* leave this behind to disappear..i can't." Von Schlemmer looked at Gold. "Exactly vhat IS this thing that you can't leave behind?" Gold looked up at the professor. "my most *precious* treasure." Von Schlemmer stared at the Tenrec for a good long while.. then, finally sighed softly. "go get vhat you need, and get back here quickly. ze' zooner you both leave, ze' better." Von Schlemmer looked to Silver. "Zilver, go with Gold, an' protect her." Silver nodded, then followed Gold as she ran out of the chamber. Von Schlemmer then returned to his console, and perform some diagnostics while he waited for his good friends to return. [Somewhere in Onyx City] Silver and Gold ran through the now empty city streets, trying to make their way to Gold's house undetected. (("ATTENTION, CITIZENS OF ONYX CITY.")) began a computerized voice over various PA's. (("CITYWIDE BLACKOUT IS IN EFFECT. ANY CITIZENS CAUGHT BREAKING CURFEW WILL FACE EXTREME PUNISHMENT.")) as Gold began to rush forward, Silver stopped her, and kept them both against the wall of a building as an armored tank and some C.P.R. passed them by. as Silver watched a patrol pass, he spoke softly: "I sure hope this is all worth It." "It *IS*..trust me." said Gold, with an odd sternness in her voice. Silver took Gold's hand, and the two continued on through the cold streets. the two eventually reached what looked like a large estate of some kind. Silver paused to whistle, in awe at the house that he'd never seen before. "wow. I never pegged you for being "upper class", Gold." Gold shrugged. "My place among the city council granted me certain perks. Frankly, none of them was worth the atrocities that I let them do." Gold marched over, and kicked the iron gates open. "WHOA!, now." "After today, THIS won't be my home anymore." began Gold. "No point in being "gentle." Silver followed Gold into the estate grounds, Gold then busted the front doors down, and entered the building. inside, Silver paused to marvel at all the many expensive items that adorned the main lobby. "so..which one of these is-" "NONE of them. what I treasure most..I kept well hidden." said Gold, as she marched down the main hall. Silver followed Gold, staying close to her as she entered a parlor. she walked over to the mantle of a fireplace, grabbed a fixture..and, began to turn It in a certain way. with a low rumble, the fireplace rotated around..revealing a secret passage. as Gold entered the dimly lit, curved stairway, Silver stayed close behind. he didn't say a word, though he REALLY wanted to know what secret GOLD was hiding like Von Schlemmer did. the two soon reached the end, and found themselves in a small room of cold stone. at the center of the room was a lone orb-shaped pod sitting atop a pedastal. Gold slowly approached the pod..and, gently drew her hand over it's smooth surface. "gold..what-" "shh..just watch." Gold pressed a button on the pod. and, with a beep, the pod hissed loudly as it opened up. Silver looked inside..and, found a baby sleeping within. the infant was human, male. and, had the same light turquoise skin and bright orange hair as Von Schlemmer. (apparently, this child was of the same race as his friend.) as the baby began to awake, Gold cooed softly at him. "shhh..it's okay, baby. momma's here, now." whispered Gold, as she picked the baby up, and held him close. Silver approached Gold, puzzled at this. "Gold..I think I deserve an explanation." Gold looked at her "son', then back at Silver. "yes..I suppose I do." Gold gently stroked the baby's hair as she spoke softly. "very few people know how the rebellion against the regime began..but, I do. It began with Axel and Nova. an overlander couple who were social activists that spoke out against the city council's oppressive authority." a tear formed in Gold's eyes as she recalled the couple. "HE ran a hospital. a free clinic, and SHE was a teacher at an orphanage.  they spoke of freedom. Equality among the masses. a world where the people could choose their own destiny, and NOT have their fate's decided for them." "they sound like Freedom Fighter..like Sonic and Princess Sally were." said Silver.   Gold nodded. "yes..they were. and many believed in what they preached.  but, the council didn't wish to relinquish control over the citizenry.  so, they..d-denounced them as terrorists. and, by unanimous vote, had them publically executed in the town square." Silver looked at Gold. "Unanimous vote?" Gold shut her eyes tight as tears fell down her cheek. "I was a coward. I didn't want them to die..but, I was afraid of what the council might do to me if I voted in their favor.  and, so..to my eternal shame and regret. I lied, and condemned them to death as well." Gold began to cry as a memory resurfaced. her telepathy then activated, and Silver's eyes glowed gold as Gold's memory was projected into his mind. ***Flashback*** "Have you come to gloat, now?" said Axel. "because if you HAVE.." began Nova. "then you can just go to-" "I didn't want this to happen." said Gold, solemnly the jailed couple stared at the council member as she removed her mask, revealing her tear stained face to them. "I don't want you to die. You don't deserve this." Nova eyed the Tenrec. "then, WHY did you vote-" "I may be on the council, but I am no overlord..I am as much a "slave" as next citizen." explained Gold. "You don't know what they would have done to me if I went against them." the pair finally looked at their "captor" with compassion, instead of disdain. "oh, you poor, poor girl." said Nova. Gold walked closer to the energy barrier dividing her from the prisoners. "It's not too late, I can still save you." "How?" asked Axel. "I can take an EMP Grenade from the armory. use It to shut down power, and open the jail cells. You can escape!" "along with every other prisoner locked up with us." said Nova. "and, there are SOME who actually *do* deserve to be here." added Axel. "But-!" "Miss. I know you mean well, but we can't accept this." began Axel. "such an escape attempt would endanger too many lives. and, we will NOT betray our just cause just to save ourselves." "and, besides: We are Freedom Fighters, NOT Terrorists." said Nova. "we would rather die as innocents, than flee like guilty criminals." Gold was shocked and puzzled at this. "but..But, you've done no wrong. You SHOULDN'T have to die!!" "That we agree." said Axel. "but, your council believes that by executing us, they will silence our voices, and preserve the hold that they have over the citizens." "But, what they don't realize is that our unjustified deaths  will only spread the fires of freedom, not snuff it out like a dim flame." said Nova. Gold looked at the two with glossy wet eyes. "We shall face our ends with our heads held high. confident freedom WILL prevail beyond our lifetime." Gold looked away, sadly. "how can you be so brave in the face of death?! how can you be so..so FEARLESS!?" "Courage isn't about being fearless..but, standing up to danger DESPITE one's fears." said Axel. "we ARE afraid..but, not for ourselves." began Nova. "We are afraid for the people living in fear..and, we are prepared to die for them." Gold looked at Axel and Nova. "If only I had your courage..Isn't there ANYTHING I can do for you?!" Nova looked at her husband..then, smiled as she knelt down to Gold's level. "what is your name. councilwoman?" asked Nova, softly. "Gold." "well, GOLD. as you must know, our personal belongings will be auctioned off following our executions.  before that happens, we want you to go to our home, and take something of ours that MUSTN'T fall into the council's hands." "what is it?" "there is a POD, and orb shaped pod. Inside lies that which me, and my husband cherish the most.  Take It. hide It away, keep It safe. Do this for us..and, all will be forgiven." Gold stared into the woman's eyes. "what is in the pod?" Nova smiled. "It's best if you see for yourself. You will understand." Gold looked down. she exhaled sharply, then looked at them again. "o-Okay. I'll get the item TONIGHT. I promise." Nova smiled at the Tenrec. "thank you, gold. Your heart truly does live up to your name." Gold looked away, feeling even more regret and shame. ***End of Flashback*** "When I was able to get away, I snuck to their house late at night." continued Gold.  "I found the pod that they told me about, and took it back to my house..   when I opened It..I found a tiny baby inside. I weeped, understanding at last WHY they were fighting so passionately against the Regime. and, that very soon..that sweet, innocent child would be an orphan." Gold looked at the baby..and, cried as she held him closer. Silver frowned, feeling bad for his friend..AND, the baby that she held in her arms. "t-the following day..I had to observe their execution with the rest of the council." continued Gold. "It was torture. I watched as those good people were led to the gallows.  It took all my will to resist breaking out in tears as they placed those horrible ropes around their necks.  then..wh-when they gave the signal, and released the trapdoor. I shut my eyes. I couldn't bear to watch them drop.  but, I still heard their psychic screams as their lives ended." Gold clutched the baby as tears streamed down her cheeks like a waterfall. "a-Axel's neck broke, so he died instantly. his wife wasn't so lucky.  Nova strangled, fought for what felt like an hour. but, she too eventually joined her husband in death.  I was silent through the whole thing, but inside I was screaming.  Two good people died, leaving behind an innocent child..and, I just stood there, and did NOTHING!!" "gold..It wasn't your fau-" "YES, IT WAS!!" shouted Gold, hysterical. "IT *WAS* My fault!! I could have saved them, but I didn't!  I was too scared. and, BECAUSE of my cowardice, this..this sweet little boy will NEVER know his real parents!!" as Gold cried, the baby finally awoke fully and touched Gold's muzzle with his tiny hand. Gold looked into his tiny blue eyes..and, shed even more tears as he looked at her innocently. Gold then smiled weakly as she touched his tiny hand, gently squeezing it. "I tried to do the right thing, and leave him in an orphanage. somewhere where he could have a better life.  but, after the deaths of his parents, I realized that he would NEVER have a "better life" ..not so long as the regime remained in power." Gold's eyes then welled up in tears again. "and, besides..I felt that I owed his parents something. So, against my better judgement: I kept him, raised him in secret. and, in time..I grew to love him as if he were my own child." Gold then held the baby close as she gently rocked him back-and-forth. Silver finally smiled, finding this "motherly" side to Gold to be adorable. "does he have a name?" Gold shook her head. "no. I haven't brought myself to even THINK of a name for him." "Well, I guess that is understandable. we've all been busy dodging the regime." said Silver. "I'm just amazed you've managed to hide him from the council all this time!" "I have had some close calls..but, Yes: I have protected him." said Gold. Silver looked at Gold. "so, WHY didn't you tell me, or the Professor about this?" Gold stared off, a solemn look on her face. "It's *MY* burden to bear." "It shouldn't have to be, Gold." said Silver. "raising a child should NEVER have to be a "solo mission." "I know.." began Gold, sadly. "but who could I find, or even TRUST, to be this sweet child's father?!" Silver looked at the baby in Gold's arms..who then began to look right back at him. his soft, sky blue eyes just melted the Hedgehog's heart. and, he at last spoke: "I could." Gold looked at Silver with wide eyes. "wa-what?!" Silver blushed, feeling embarrassed. "i-I'm sorry I never said this before, but..I've always liked you, Gold.  I never knew my parents, and have felt alone through all my life.  but, I've always felt that you understood me. you know what It's like to be so..different." Gold smiled as she faced the hedgehog. "I won't lie. I've also felt a kinship with you, too." Silver smiled weakly, feeling a bit more comfortable now. "well..after awhile, I've came to "LIKE you, like you." I mean..you're so beautiful. and..so kindhearted." Gold smiled at Silver. "you also have a kind heart, Silver. Always thinking of others, and NEVER of yourself. I've always admired that about you." Gold then approached Silver, her eyes fluttering a bit. "so, you..really love me?" Silver blushed bright red, but smiled anyway. "given your powers, I always thought you already knew." "Surprisingly I didn't." said Gold. "I mean..I knew you felt *something*  about me, but you are a remarkably difficult man to read." Silver chuckled lightly. "well..I do, Gold. we've been alone all our lives..I think It's time we were "alone TOGETHER." Gold smiled at Silver. "you know..now that I think about. I think you WOULD make a good father. and, you ARE kinda cute..in a "dorky" sort of way." the two mobians moved closer. their eyes half lidded, they slowly moved their muzzles closer, and closer..until. CHA-CHIK!! (("HALT!!")) Gold and Silver gasped as the room suddenly filled with C.P.R., aiming their flashlight guns straight at them. (("YOU ARE ALL UNDER ARREST FOR TREASON!")) "Oh, no!!" exclaimed Gold, frightened. "oh, YES, "Councilwoman." began a male voice. Silver and Gold looked,  and saw one of the Onyx City Council members emerge from the squad of C.P.R. "As I've always said: "This is WAR. and, in War..nobody suffers more than "The Traitor."  [End of Part I] Gold's Penance: Part II     Gold clutched the baby overlander in her arms as the Civil Protection Robots surrounded her and Silver, blasters drawn and glowing. "I always knew you would BETRAY us, Gold." began the Councilman. "all you "freaks" are alike." "FREAKS!!?" exclaimed Silver angrily, his fists burning  with bright blue energy. "I think you should look in the mirror, "Dottie" the councilman ignored Silver, and looked at Gold..THEN, at the blue skinned baby in her arms. "that child sure looks familiar." began the Councilman. "yeees..I think I *HAVE* seen those eyes somewhere before." the Councilman then chuckled evilly. "so..those terrorist that we executed were parents." Gold glared at the faceless councilman. "they were ACTIVISTS!!" shouted Gold. "and, you all murdered them for saying things you didn't like!" "They were extremists creating civil unrest." said the Councilman. "they needed to be silenced to preserve order." Gold glared at the councilman. "It didn't work. the people STILL rebelled against your oppression." "and, we hunted them all down, and silenced *THEM*, too. (darkly) despite all the information that you fed them behind our backs." Gold looked away as tears threatened to break. "But, I suppose It was wrong of us to publically execute those two.." began the Councilman. "better to just get It over with NOW, and not make It a spectacle that only encourages subversive behavior." the councilman made a gesture at the C.P.R. "Prepare to fire on the traitor..AND, the child." Gold gasped at this..but, Silver stepped between her and the robots. "You'll kill them over MY DEAD BODY!!" the Councilman chuckled malevolently. "oh, Very well. if you don't want to wait your turn, then I'll start with YOU, hedgehog." as the C.P.R. redirected their aim at Silver, the hedgehog struck first blood and, used is telekinesis to send out a wave that knocked the robots back. he yelled out as he telekinetically bashed some bots into each other, and punched and kicked some using energized blows. Gold clutched her baby close, watching fearfully as Silver fought hard against his enemies. she swallowed hard, knowing full well that the C.P.R. more than a match for Silver. Gold wanted to help him. but, as his enemies were ROBOTS, their was little she could do with her powers. Gold hated feeling useless. feeling so..Powerless. as Silver fought against the C.P.R., the Councilman began to approach Gold. "I might be willing to forgive your lapse in judgement, "Councilwoman" began the Councilman. "provided you prove your loyalty, and hand over the spawn of those terrorists." Gold's fear soon turned to anger as she glared at the councilman. "go to hell, you monster." the Councilman just smirked. "you FIRST." Gold's eyes glowed gold and yellow as she willing used her powers this time. the Councilman then gripped his head, and cried out in pain. feeling like his brain was trying to crawl out of his skull. "I've *felt* first hand the PAIN and AGONY that your so-called "order" has brought to the people that you PRETEND to care about!!" shouted Gold, angrily. "I know their pain." continued Gold, darkly. "(shouting) I KNOW THEIR PAIN!! (speaking darkly) sometimes I share that pain..with people like YOU." the Councilman growled painfully as images of violence, death and grief flashing into his mind all at once. (("ALERT! ONYX CITY COUNCIL PERSONALE IN DANGER!!")) said a C.P.R., as It fired a stun ray at Gold, knocking her away. "AAH!!" screamed Gold. Silver looked in horror at his downed friend and love. "GOLD!, NO!!" It was then that a C.P.R. struck at the distracted Silver, breaking through his psychic energy field, and knocking him down. Gold looked, and saw Silver being pinned..and, the recovered Councilman staring down at her. a gun in his hand. "you had your chance, freak." began the Councilman, aiming the gun at Gold's head. "but, you are just too dangerous to remain alive." "no." said Gold, frozen in terror. "goodbye, traitor." BLAM!! Gold flinched as she heard the ear splitting shot of the gun..then, paused upon realizing she wasn't dead. she wasn't the only one shocked at this. "WHAT TH-!?" BLAM!!, BLAM!!, BLAM!!, BLAM!! the councilman continued to fire shot, after shot, after shot at Gold..but, the laser bullets only impacted the wall behind the Tenrec. Gold remained unharmed, not feeling the shots at all. "impossible!, how are you-" "RAAAAAAAAAAAAARGH!!!!" Silver roared as he unleashed a powerful psychic wave, shorting out the C.P.R.'s circuits. the hedgehog then jetted forward, and punched the Councilman HARD in the face. cracking his facemask. he then looked at Gold..and, gasped at what he saw. "Gold!, your..I can see through you!!" "What!?" Gold looked at her hand..and, gasped upon seeing that It was transparent. "but..HOW, I-" Gold then looked at her baby on her arms..and, saw that not only was HE transparent as well, but his eyes were glowing silvery white. finally, his eyes returned to their normal light blue..and, Gold's hand became "solid" once again. "oh my gosh..SILVER!, m-my baby, he..he has POWERS!" Silver looked at the bullet ridden wall behind Gold. "they..He couldn't touch you." said Silver. the gunshots passed right through you. Almost as if you were a Ghost!" Gold clutched her son as she stood up onto her feet. she looked at him..Then, looked back at Silver. "he..He made me Intangible. (tears up) my baby protected me!" Silver looked out the corner of his eye, glaring. "we should go. they KNOW where we are, and are bound to send reinforcements once these guys don't report in." "oh!, r-right." said Gold, breaking from her shock. Silver took Gold's free hand, and led her and *their* baby out back up the staircase and out of the room. [Onyx City] As Silver and Gold left the now damaged estate, the two stopped momentarily to gasp as the number of C.P.R., tanks and hovercars in the general area. "Darn!, they're onto us!" curse Silver. "The Professor's lab is clear on the other side of town, and there's no way we can get through without being seen!" "We have to TRY, Silver." said Gold. "That time machine is our last hope!" "I know." said Silver, darkly. he looked at Gold..then, at the human infant that he had apparently "adopted" as his own. "stay close, and follow me lead." said Silver. "If they caught us, RUN. don't stop for anything, just run." Gold nodded. "alright. but, if the worst should happen to me, take my son..he's the only thing that matters." Silver gritted his teeth angrily. not liking the idea of having to leave Gold behind if he had to..but, he understood the priority, and exhaled sharply. "fine. I'll keep him safe, I promise." taking Gold in hand again, the Hedgehog led his new "family" into the city streets. ducking into an alleyway, the two mobians sprinted stealthily along the narrow way, and to the other side. peering around a corner, Silver watched the passing patrols. there were so many tanks and C.P.R., that It made Silver's head spin just thinking about getting past them. "not sure HOW we are getting past all those patrols." said Silver. Gold looked at her baby. "m-maybe we can get our baby to use his powers again. They won't be able to touch us!" "but, they can STILL see us." countered Silver. "and, I'm not about to lead them all to the Professor. he needs all the time he can GET to prepare us." Suddenly, a light shined in the direction of the two mobians. "Back away..HURRY!!" Silver and Gold ran back the way they came..only to stop halfway as another light shined in the opposite direction. "oh, no." "we're trapped!" as the lightbeams grew closer, Silver and Gold held each other. fearing this was their end. "i'm sorry, gold." whispered Silver, somberly. "i love you, silver." whispered Gold, tears in her eyes. the baby in Gold's arms shivered in fright. his eyes then began to glow silvery-white as his powered activated again. finally, a line of C.P.R. approached the two from both sides. the robots just stared right through them. (("Squad Delta, REPORT!")) said a councilman over an interCOMM. (("have you found them!?")) "NEGATIVE." replied one of the C.P.R. "WE HAVE NO VISUAL." both Silver and Gold were shocked, and confused at this. (("Then, circle back, and sweep the area again. I want those freaks FOUND, and TERMINATED!!")) "AFFIRMATIVE." as the C.P.R. troops all turned, and headed back. one spoke to the other. "I THOUGHT YOU HAD A VISUAL." "SO DID I. MY OPTIC SENSORS MUST NEED A DIAGNOSTIC." once the patrols were gone, Silver finally spoke. "okay, WHAT just happened!?" "they didn't see us." mused Gold, silently. Silver looked to Gold..and, widened his eyes in shock. "GOLD!, i..I can't see you either!" Gold looked at Silver..and, also gasped. "n-Neither can I!" Gold then gasped as realization hit her. "the baby." Silver and Gold finally became visible as the baby calmed down, his powers fading. "First they couldn't touch us, NOW they couldn't even SEE us?!" began Silver. "(lightly chuckles) I think I like this kid." Gold stroked her baby's bright orange hair affectionately. "he was scared. he was trying to hide, didn't want to get hurt..I can relate." Silver took a moment to look around. "well, if we can get him to do It again..we MIGHT have a chance at getting back to the Professor in one piece." Gold looked at Silver as if he were crazy. "but, Silver, he's only a BABY!" "I know, but right now, he's our only chance." Gold frowned as she looked down at her frightened child. "How am I suppose to get him to use his powers again?!" asked Gold. "ask him." Gold looked at Silver. "what?!" "use your powers, and talk to him. ASK him to protect us again." Gold grimaced at this. "Silver, i..I don't think I should. m-My powers, they-, wa-What if I hurt him!?" Silver touched Gold's shoulder. "gold..you can do this." Gold looked down at her son..then, exhaled sharply. bringing the human infant to her face, her eyes glowed as he attempted to use her telepathy on him. (("son?")) spoke Gold, telepathically. (("can you hear me?")) Gold heard sounds within her baby's mind that were heard to read. but, she finally heard a tiny voice that said: (("mommy?")) (("yes, son. "Mommy's" here.")) replied Gold. (("a-are they gone?, are the monsters gone?!")) (("They are, but not for long.")) began Gold. (("Son, we need your help. me, and your..d-Daddy need you to use your powers again.")) (("I c-can't. I'm t-too scared.")) (("I know you're scared. I'm scared, too. But I promise..we won't let ANYTHING bad happen to you.")) the baby shivered and shook. (("wa-what do you want me to do, mommy??")) (("make us "unseen", and "untouchable" again.")) said Gold. (("We can get you to a safe place, but we NEED you to shield and protect us.")) (("i-I don't know if I can.")) (("you CAN, baby. you CAN..just focus. I believe in you.")) Gold finally stopped using her telepathy. despite still trembling, the baby's eyes glowed silvery white again. Gold took Silver's hand as the scared infant made them both intangible, and invisible. "this feels so..tingly" said Silver. "We'd better get going. I don't know how long he can keep this up." said Gold, as she clutched her child tightly. "Right." said Silver, who began to use his telekinesis to levitate himself and Gold, and shot forward at breakneck speed. like a bullet, the trio flew through various buildings and through some passing patrols as well. thanks to Gold's child, they remained UNDETECTABLE by everyone. [Prof. Von Schlemmer's Lab] In the underground chamber, Professor Von Schlemmer was putting the finishing touches on his Time Machine. he was beginning to grow impatient as he waited for Silver and Gold to return. but, as they were the only hope he had left, he had no choice but to continue waiting. Suddenly, Silver and Gold phased into the lab. as the pair finally materialized, Von Schlemmer jumped a little. "MEIN GOTT!!..oh, Zilver. you ztarted me." as Silver lowered himself and Gold safely down to the ground, and smiled weakly. "Sorry about that, Professor." Von Schlemmer approached the pair. "Zo, exactly vhat was It that Gold need zo bad-" the scientist then noticed the blue skinned overlander baby in Gold's arms. "oh, my.." Silver ran over to Gold. he grew worried when he saw how motionless the infant was. "oh, please don't me he's-" "no." said Gold, stroking the baby. "he's asleep. using his powers drained him." Von Schlemmer looked at Gold. "i am zorry, Gold. you vere right. Zhis vas zomething you couldn't leave behind. vorgive me." Gold smiled at the man. "I understand." Silver looked to Von Schlemmer. "Professor, we were seen at Gold's house. WORSE: The council *knows* that Gold is with us." "Zhen vee really don't have any choice, anymore. You MUST be zent into ze' past." Von Schlemmer looked at Gold, and the sleeping baby in her arms. "ALL of you." as Von Schlemmer returned to a console, and began diverting all remaining power to his machine..Silver faced him again. "Professor..I want to change all this, but frankly, I don't know where to start. Isn't there ANY clue you can give me!? anything at all." Von Schlemmer paused for a moment..then, exhaled sharply. "Onyx Zity, ze' capital of z' Regime, was named after Onyx Island." Von Schlemmer looked at Silver. "200 yearz ago, "Onyx Island" went by z' name of "Angel Island." I do not know when ze' name was change, or for what reazon. But, what I DO know..iz zhat It all started zhere." "Angel Island, GOT IT." said Silver. "wait..isn't Angel Island the resting place of the Master Emerald of legend??" "and, Ze' primary battleground of ze' old Brotherhood of Guardians, and zheir eternal enemies: Ze' Dark Legion." Silver pondered this. "the brotherhood..and, the legion." With a loud whirl, the time machine came to life. "QUICKLY! ztep onto the Chronal Sphere platform." commanded Von Schelmmer. Silver and Gold did as they were told, and stepped up onto the platform. "Ztand at ze' very zenter of ze' circle." Silver and Gold stayed close together at the center. Von Schlemmer fired up the machine, prompting metallic rings to pop out of the floor, and orbit all around the two mobians and their overlander baby. Just then, the ground began to rumble..and, an alarm went off. "WHAt'S THAT!?" exclaimed Silver.   Gold's eyes briefly flashed gold and yellow. "oh, god. They've FOUND us!!" "Mein zecurity zyztems vill keep zhem at bay vor now. Vee CAN'T stop!" as the rings picked up speed, they began to surge with energy..eventually generating an energized sphere around the three travelers. Silver looked at Von Schlemmer desperately. "PROFESSOR! In case we fail..At LEAST tell me your name. Your REAL name!" Von Schlemmer looked at his friend. "Warp. mein name iz "Professor Warp Schlemmer." ~I'd love to change the world..But I don't know what to do.~ the rings rotated faster and faster, becoming invisible due to their speed and encasing Silver and Gold into the energy sphere. Gunfire was soon heard from the other side of the blast door. indicating that a squad of C.P.R. were ALREADY here, and were eventually going to break inside. Von Schlemmer took one last look at Silver..who looked back at him with pleading eyes. ~I'd love to change the world..So I'll leave it up to you.~ "goodbye, mein friend." Von Schlemmer pressed the button..just as the C.P.R. managed to blast a hole through the door. "HALT!!" commanded a C.P.R. "STOP THEM!!" shouted a Councilman the sphere whined loudly as it began to surge the three occupants with temporal energy. a CPR fired It's blaster at the sphere..but, the laser shot reflected and ricocheted. hitting Von Schlemmer in the shoulder. "PROFESSOR!!!" exclaimed Silver, horrified. ~..but, I don't know what to DOOOO!!~ the chronal sphere glowed brightly, blinding everyone in the room. then, in a blinding flash..Silver the Hedgehog. Gold the Tenrec, and their human son..were GONE, without a trace. ~..so, I'll leave It up to..YOU.~ as Von Schlemmer lay slumped against the console, bleeding from his shoulder. the C.P.R. surrounded, and aimed their their blasters at him. the councilman approached the wounded scientist, and glared at him. "Where did you send them?!" demanded the councilman. Von Schlemmer said nothing. he only breathed heavily as he gripped his shoulder. "BRING. THEM. BACK. or, face immediate execution." Von Schlemmer nodded. then, spoke up loudly. "c-Computer..initiate zelf-deztruct." "WHAT!!?" exclaimed the councilman, shocked. "Pazzcode.."GENESISSSS." finished Von Schlemmer (("ACKNOWLEDGED.")) the lights flashed red as an alarm sounded. as the monitors flashed a countdown..Von Schlemmer spoke again. "t-Take a good look around, Counzilman.." (("7..6..5..")) "becauze your future..iz about to CHANGE." (("3..2..1..GOODBYE.")) From the high, X-like tower that looms over Onyx City..a massive explosion could be seen. the dark, mysterious figure that dwelled within the tower narrowed it's red eyes.   [Planet Mobius, 3237.] [200 Years Ago..] Somewhere in Northamer, near Freedom HQ. two blurrs of light were streaking over the green, grassy plains. one was bright blue, the other was golden yellow. standing from afar was a female mobian chipmunk with reddish hair, dressed in blue, and armed with a stop watch. as the streaks passed her by, she pressed the button on the stopwatch. the streaks finally stopped..revealed to be a male, blue mobian hedgehog in red sneakers. and, a male overlander with dark blone hair and dressed in black-and-yellow. "Alright, Sal. give It to us straight: Who won!?" asked Sonic. Sally looked at the watch. "actually..It seems you BOTH passed in record time." Sonic looked amazed. "no way..I was going my fastest!, NOBODY can catch up with me!!" "Nobody except Billy, It seems." said Sally, as she walked over to the mute human in question, pulled him down and gave him a quick kiss. "great job, hon. You were AWESOME." Billy blushed at this. Sonic then looked at him..and, smiled. "Okay. I give. You ARE the fastest overlander alive, Bill. You would have to be if you can catch with ME." Sally chuckled at this. "Well, Sonic. I am impressed..Only YOU can be so humble, and STILL maintain your ego." Sonic shrugged. "Eh, I'm not so vain that I don't mind sharing the title of "The Fastest Thing Alive." Sonic then patted Billy's thigh. "Actually, I kinda like It. NOW, I can race somebody without It being unfair." both Sonic and Sally shared a chuckle. then, all of a sudden..the wind changed. "huh?, what that-" KA-ZAAAAAAP!! Sally shrieked as an orb of erratic energy suddenly materialized. Billy grabbed his mobian wife, and shielded her. while Sonic stepped forward, facing the strange orb of energy. "What's this!?, Metal Sonic agai-" Sonic's question was answered when the orb dematerialized..revealing a silvery-white hedgehog, and a golden furred Tenrec. "SILVER!?" exclaimed Sonic, shocked and confused. Silver finally looked around..and, Saw none other than Sonic the Hedgehog facing him. "Sonic?!" Sonic immediately glared at the time traveler. "oh, great. Anytime *you* show up Trouble happens." Silver faced Sonic. "Look, I know haven't met under the best of circumstances-" Sonic scoffed at this. "THAT'S putting It mildly. when we first met, you tried to kill me. THEN, you went after all of my friends." Sally noticed the strange (and, scared) girl who was with Silver..and, the odd looking overlander baby that she was holding. "So, who are you after no-" "Sonic, WAIT!" exclaimed Sally, walking up. "What!?" "Sonic..LOOK." Sonic looked to where Sally was pointing: a female Tenrec in a Sari, who look frightened and was holding a blue skinned overlander baby. Sonic was dumbfounded. "whose..What?!" "Everyone.." began Silver. "This is GOLD, my girlfriend. and, our son..he's adopted." "yeah, THAT we figured." said Sonic Sally looked at the sleeping baby. "What's your son's name?" Gold looked at her baby. "he doesn't have a-" "Warp." said Silver, somberly. "his name is Warp." Gold looked at Silver..then, breathed out. sensing the pain that her boyfriend was feeling. "umm..Yes. Warp, that is his name." Sonic stifled a laugh. "Silver, Gold, WARP?! Sheesh, they sure do have strange names in the future." Sally scowled at the hedgehog. "You're one to talk..SONIC." "Point." Sally faced Silver. "though I don't share in Sonic's distrust, he DOES have a point: You only ever show up when there is an impending crisis." Silver glared darkly. "none more dire than that which we escaped from." Sonic crossed his arms as he eyed his old rival. "Such AS??.." "It would take too long to explain It all to you." began Gold. "Perhaps It is best if I showed you all." Gold's eyes glowed golden yellow as he projected images into the minds of Sonic, Sally and even Billy. the three bore disturbed expressions as images if violence, death and misery flashed before their eyes. once the visions finally stopped, they all gasped and breathed heavily. "what was..THAT!?" exclaimed Sally, shellshocked. "Our world..Two-Hundred Years from now." began Gold. "Sometime between then and now, "Freedom" died, and in It's place came tyranny disguised as "protection." "we fought as you all once did against robotnik, but we LOST." said Silver. "We've come here to undo the Onyx Regime. and, Hopefully return to a future worth living in." Sally looked down, sighing sharply. "I am so sorry for your losses. Is there ANYthing we can do to help??" Silver looked away. "I don't know. details on how the regime came to power are "sketchy" The only clue I have is that It all started on Onyx-, I mean, ANGEL Island." "that's Knux place." said Sonic. "I'll have Tails radio the Chaotix, and let him know your coming." Silver smiled. "Thank you..Sonic." Sonic shrugged. "yeah, well..think of It as my way of saying "sorry" for giving you a hard time just now." "It's Okay. In the past, I haven't exactly given you much reason to trust me." As Sonic, Sally and Billy left for their nearby headquarters, Gold looked to Silver. "You've been to the past before?" Silver looked at Gold, and chuckled nervously. "It was..Complicated. VERY complicated." Gold nodded, then looked at her baby. "so..WARP." Silver sighed sadly, looking away. "It's okay, Silver. I understand..It's a wonderful name." Gold then looked at baby Warp, and smiled. "warp..my little warp." Silver looked at the child..then, smiled himself as he gently touched his face. he then looked to Gold with a serious look on his face. "So, now that we have a chance to relax..shouldn't we talk about our son's powers?" Gold frowned as she looked down at Warp. "you didn't know?" Gold shook her head. "no. I didn't. and, as far as I know, his real parents were normal." Gold then gently stroked Warp's hair. "but, you know..I don't really care. In fact, I like his powers." "You do?" inquired Silver. "YES. All I want is for my baby to be safe. Protected." began Gold. "and, with his.."ghost-like" powers, he will be.  no one can touch him..so, he can't be hurt. and, he can hide in plain sight, too." Gold hugged Warp. "my baby is SAFE. he'll be safe..even if I can't be there to protect him." Silver smiled..then, he hugged his new girlfriend. his new FAMILY. [The Great Mobocean, Aboard the Freedom Fighter Special.] Silver and Gold sat quietly aboard the Freedom Fighter's stealth jet as they flew them over the ocean towards where the "Floating Island" was currently at. "Angel Island inbound." began Tails, as he piloted the aircraft. "ETA: 20 Minutes..TOPS." Gold looked to Silver..who looked really serious. "Silver..I know as soon as we reach Angel Island, the first thing you'll want to do is begin your investigation." "You reading my mind, again?" inquired Silver. Gold chuckled. "no. you are just "predictable" sometimes." Silver chuckled lightly. "but, Seriously, Silver. we still have no clue in where and how to start looking." continued Gold. "I know you want to just find the source of the Onyx Regime, and go straight home..  but, we can't ignore the possibility that we may be stranded in the Past for longer than we expect to." "What are you saying, Gold?" asked Silver. "I am SAYING that we should try to find a place for us to live once we reach Angel Island." said Gold. Silver looked at Gold. "b-but, what about-" "We have over 200 years to stop the Onyx Regime..we'll have plenty of time to live our own lives for awhile." Silver grumbled, looking away. Gold then touched his hand. "Silver..we have been on the run for all our lives. but, we are finally in a time and place where we are Safe. where we are FREE." Gold then caressed Warp's tiny cheek. "and..we have a son, who deserves to have a happy childhood. (looks at Silver) I do not plan on staying here forever.  but, In case we DO end up staying longer than we intend. I think we should try and give our son a good life here." Silver thought long and hard over this. While the memory of leaving his good friend to die was still VERY fresh in his mind. he couldn't ignore the logic that he DID have plenty of time to change that. to change EVERYTHING. and, the happiness of his new son was more important than any mission. Afterall..what would be the point in creating a 'better world', if what he cared for the most was "unhappy." "(sigh) okay..you win. We'll try and find a place to live in peace. THEN, we can try and start our investigation." Gold smiled warmly..she then leaned forward, her muzzle close to Silver's. "thank you, silver." Gold then kissed Silver on his lips. Silver blushed bright red, as he had NEVER kissed a girl before. but, he had to admit. he rather liked It [Meanwhile, Somewhere on Angel Island] in a cold, dark facility. a female echidna in a skin-tight catsuit walked down a hallway. she entered a sliding door, and walked into what looked like a laboratory. inside, their was an Echidna in a black hooded cloak who was fiddling with something. "I got your message." began Lien-Da. "now, what was It that you wanted to show me so badly?!" the legionnaire looked at his Grandmaster, and grinned. "the FUTURE, Grandmaster. the future." the legionnaire stood up, and led Lien-Da to a work table. upon it was a hunk of shiny metal, and some scattered weapons. "a piece of slag? THIS is what you wanted to show me!?" said Lien-Da, unimpressed. the legionnaire snickered. "oh, It's not just ANY piece of metal..It is our newest weapon against the Guardians, and their allies." the legionnaire took a large, rifle-like weapon. "This is a Series X De-Atomizer. the most powerful weapon in our arsenal. NOTHING can shield against it's destructive beam." Lien-Da gripped the handle of her bullwhip. "losing my patience, WORM." "then, WATCH." said the Legionnaire, as he aimed the weapon at the hunk of metal, and charged It. he at last fired a powerful beam. one so strong, It knocked him back from the recoil. once he quite firing, the work table was a smoldering wreck. even the floor was badly damaged. but, the metal..remained INTACT. not even slightly melted. Lien-Da's attitude quickly changed. "impossible..i-It should have disintegrated!!" the legionnaire smirked as he held the gun over his shoulder. "I call it "Destronium", I discovered It when I investigated that meteor crash a week ago.  It is the HARDEST substance on Mobius, impervious to damage on the molecular level. Completely indestructible." Lien-Da eyed her underling. "Completely?" "well..anything but MORE Destronium." said the legionnaire, as he laid the gun down. he then returned his attention to Lien-Da. "just imagine it, Grandmaster..ALL of our cybernetics, forged of this metallic alloy.  We wouldn't need replacement parts anymore. We..will become INVINCIBLE." Lien-Da smiled a wide, malicious grin. "We would still require the means to MOLD this metal in order to use it." "I am already in the process of breaking down it's molecular structure. Once I crack the code, we can manufacture the metal ourselves." Lien-Da smiled at the legionnaire. "You have done well, my servant. In fact..I do say you have earned a higher place amongst the Legion.  I have been searching for a worthy Kommissar to serve under me..and, I do believe YOU may be right for the job." Lien-Da looked at him. "Tell me..what is your name?" the Legionnaire pulled his hood down..revealing himself to have coal black fur, and golden yellow eyes. "I am..ONYX, Grandmaster." "Then, return to your work..Kommissar Onyx. We must make the weaponization of this Destronium become a reality." Onyx bowed respectfully. "as you command..Grandmaster Lien-Da." as Lien-Da left, Onyx grinned evilly a she returned to his work. Work that would forever change the fates of many..in MORE ways than one. [The End?]     
  8. Pokeworld

    This is my first attempt at a Pokemon fanfiction so any crit you have would be appreciated. Prologue: A Journey begins On a beautiful Sunday morning a young red headed boy was running down a field heading to a small town called Pallet Town. The boy had a smile on his face because today was the day his life would change forever, the day he gets his first pokemon. He had been thinking about this day for so long he knew instantly which pokemon he would pick when he gets to the professor's lab. After running for what seemed like hours Pallet Town ws in sight. He didn't waste a second as he sprinted straight towards the town butwas going so fast he couldn't stop himself when a Rattata ran into his path. Seeing a tree branch just ahead he quickly jumped and used the branch to swing himself over the pokemon and continue his run towards the lab. Reaching the town the boy slowed down and walked to the lab following the path he learned from his town map. Afer five minutes the boy was at the lab gates when he saw a man in a lab coat waiting there. "Excuse me sir are you Professor Oak?" asked the boy. The man laughed, "No I amhis Aide, The professor is out on his morning rounds and will be back shortly. May I ask what brings you here?" asked the Aide. "My name is James Pyrian, I came here from my home on Cinnabar Island for my first Pokemon" said the boy very excitedly. "Ah yes, we were not expecting you until this afternoon but please follow me" said the Aide as James followed him into the lab. The Aide took James into the lab waiting room and present him with a hot chocolate. "Thanks Sir but can we get to me getting my first Pokemon now please" said James after taking a sip of the drink he was given. "Sorry James but I am not authorized to distribute Pokemon to new trainers. We will have to wait until Professor Oak gets back" said the Aide causing a didappointed look to appear on James' face. "Your wait is over young man I have returned" said a grey hair man in a lab coat. "Professor, you are back early" said the Aide to which Oak nodded as he approached James. "You are James correct?" asked Oak to which James nodded and smiled. "I was not expecting you until this afternoon and haven't had chance to prepare Bulbasaur, Charmander and Squirtle yet I'm afraid" said Oak. "It is alright Professor I have already decided on Charmander for my first Pokemon" said James. "I see well then, why don't you follow me to Charmander's habitat here in my lab" said Oak as James quickly jumped onto his feet and rushed to Oak's side. Professor Oak, His Aide and James then proceeded to the part of the Lab designed with fire Pokemon such as Charmander in mind. "Wait here a second while I gather the Charmander" said Oak as he blew in a Charmander Whistle and within seconds a line of ten Charmanders stood before Professor Oak. "Now then James, why don't you pick which Charmander you would like" said Oak shocking his Aide. "But Professor! It doesn't work that way! You are supposed to examine and pick which one is best suited to be a starter Pokemon for a new trainer" said the Aide. "Yes that is how things normally work but this is a special case. While I was out on my rounds a baby Rattata ran into the path of an young man running at top speed. There was no way he could have stopped himself before reaching the Pokemon and the baby was too scared to move. But thanks to some quick thinking from the young man upon noticing a tree branch he was able to swing himself over the Rattata protecting it from harm. That young man was James here and for quick thinking I believe a reward like picking which Charmander to start his journey with is only fair" said Oak causing James to Blush and the Aide to back off and nodd in agreement. "Go ahead James, pick your own first Pokemon my boy" said Oak as James gulped and walked up to the Charmander nervous about picking one of them. The first Charmander was quite shy and hid it's face behind it's tail flame. Then second one just seemed pretty normal standing in the famous Charmander pose not really standing out at all. The third and forth were in battle seeming to be trying to prove they are the strongest of the group. The fifth and sixth still seemed quite young and were distracted by the clouds in the sky. The seventh, eighth and ninth were each trying to catch James' attention canceling out each other's attempts while the tenth and final Charmander was leaning on a near by rock seeming not interested in being picked at all. With no idea which to pick James looked back at Oak and his Aide seeming to have a few things on his mind. "James if you have some questions to ask feel free to do so" said Oak which James nodded to looking at the Charmander then back at Oak. "If I am right the first Charmander is female and doesn't do well under pressure, the second is a very basic male matching the guidelines for start pokemon to a T. The third and forth are both male and are trying to prove they are strongest because they are siblings and the children of the fire Pokemon leader. The fifth and sixth are both female and have only hatched about two months ago. The Seveth and ninth are both male while the eighth is female, the three were hatched at the same time and grew up together,they most likely have seen a few contests andbelieve showing off is the key to being picked. While the tenth is male and doesn't see the point to acting so stupid, not caring if he gets picked or not. From what I can gather you would have picked the second Charmander for me. Am i right Professor?" asked James. "That is amazing!" Declared the Aide catching James by surprise. "James my boy everything you just said was completely correct. Most trainers can not tell the difference between a male and female Pokemon let alone recognize each pokemon's origin, personality or age with such ease" said Oak quite impressed. "I grew up with Pokemon and have been able to notice such things but professor I still don't know which to pick for my first Pokemon" said a troubled James. "If you can not decide with your head then decide with your heart, close your eyes and think about your perfect Charmander, think about achieving your dream with Charmander at your side. With that in mind think about who that Charmander was when you first met them" said Oak. Taking Oak's advice James did just that and within seconds he knew which Charmander to choose.