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  1. Lady Alison (OC)

        [BIO]   "Lady Alison is the "fraternal" twin sister of Queen Aleena of the kingdom of Mobodoon.   Alison is (in many ways) the polar opposite of her sister in personality, behavior and beliefs.   unlike Aleena, who treats everyone, from Nobility to Peasantry, as equals.   Alison is a more traditional royal in that society demands "Separation of Classes".   due to the fact that Alison and Aleena had conflicting social views,   the two sisters often didn't get along too well, and began to drift apart as the years went by.   when their parents, King Maverick and Queen Sophia, died prematurely from a sudden illness.   one of the sisters were chosen as a successor to the throne of Mobodoon.   despite being the same age (Seventeen), Aleena was chosen as the new queen over Alison   as Aleena was technically older than Alison by only "five Minutes".   Needless to say, Alison wasn't too pleased that her was to be queen, and not her.   a displeasure that only worsened when Aleena decided to make some "changes" to the kingdom   (banning the use of money in favor of a barter system, making all people equal, ect.)   disgusted that her own sister was throwing away years of tradition, Alison left the kingdom   (vowing to return to "clean up her sister's mess" once Aleena's reign as queen failed.)   Alison made a new residence in Soleanna, the only known human monarchy on Mobius.   and, during that time was quite surprised when Aleena's reign lasted at least a decade   until the Robotnik War started, and Queen Aleena and her family became wanted fugitives.   By the end of the Robotnik War (and, the beginning of the new "Eggman War")   Alison decided to reunite with her sister upon learning she had married a human, and had a child with him as well.  When she arrived, Alison became infatuated with her sisters husband.   finding Alan Zander to be the personification of a "Shining Knight"   It wasn't long until Alison became envious of her sister.  jealous that SHE had the perfect husband, and a child who was famed for being the first "Mobilander" Consumed by the "green eyed monster", Alison hatched a scheme claim Alan for herself. Pretending to want to spend more time with her sister and niece, Alison took Aleena and Tiana on a picnic out in the Green Hills on the outskirts of the city. Alison then used a portable trans-dimensional device to send them both to The Void, and, hired some Dingo Mercenaries to make It look as if she was ambushed. Alan was devastated upon hearing of the "tragic deaths" of his wife and daughter. and, despite feeling mildly guilty herself..Alison continued with her deception, taking advantage of Alan's broken heart, and manipulating the man into falling in love with her. in a few months, Alison finally had what she wanted. Alan had married her, she had become Queen, and her pregnancy promised a new "hope" for Mobian/Human peace. Unfortunately, Alison's scheme unraveled when Aleena and Tiana miraculously returned, and revealed her deception to a very shocked Alan. trapped, Alison confessed her crime, and true intentions. but, she was remarkably forgiven for her transgression..and, offered a second chance. Alan re-married Aleena..and, Alison was invited to live with them. Alison's daughter was born, and raised (for the time being) to believe that Aleena was her mother. despite her crime, Aleena gave her sister permission to re-marry Alan should anything ACTUALLY happen to her.'  ***  This is my newest idea for my Sonic Fanon that I feel will be successful.  the creation/introduction of Queen Aleena's Sister.  Firstly, I can't take full credit for the design of the character.  a majority of it is based on a prototype character design for Queen Aleena herself  back when the show Sonic Underground was still in development: http://drawloverlala.deviantart.com/art/Proto-Aleena-447331434  I made some alterations here and there.  But, at heart, the character's look is completely drawn from source material.  In terms of personality, Aleena and Alison are meant to be perfect opposites royally.  with Aleena being an "Idealistic Queen", and Alison as a more "Realistic" one.  Alison is in no way a bad person..she just has very dated beliefs in how a Queen/Princess SHOULD behave.  and, one that quite obviously conflicts with Aleena's more Fair and Modern beliefs.  Ironically, the only canon character who is similar enough to her is Sonia Hedgehog (Sonic's Siser)  who due to her aristocratic upbringing, can sometimes come off as "stuck-up" and "snooty"  yet, she isn't a horrible person, either.  based on the theory that Aleena may not be a full bred hedgehog (she has no quills)  I made Alison's mixed species more apparent that Aleena presumably is.  I classify Alison's species as a "Hedgemouse" (Half Hedgehog, Half Mouse)  
  2. ASO in down for some reason (though, I am not sure why this is an issue
    as for personal reasons, I haven't logged onto that site a whole lot.)

    BUT, I am feeling rather bold with internet forums today.
    So, I guess I'll be using this site for the time being afterall.

    a little weird with the comics being gone.
    BUT, I hope that I can still have conversations without much fear.

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      i heard about this, there doing some changes on there that will make the site go down. Personally I still have strong hateful feelings for the site, so if it went down permanently...well you can fill in the blank.

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      Danny Felixe

      Archie Sonic online

  3. What do you hate about the fandom?

    The FANS, mostly. There is nothing wrong with the Sonic the Hedgehog series itself (Yeah, It has it's flaws. but, what series doesn't?) Some fans are good fans. Open-Minded, Diverse. and stick with Sonic, even through the worst of times. OTHERS, however. can take things far too seriously. And only end up making a bad situation worse. I mean, Sonic '06, Sonic the Werehog, Sonic Boom. The most annoying thing about those aspects of Sonic is how much "fans" complain about it. Can't I just enjoy the thing I love without getting tangled up into some kind of "World War III"?!
  4. Regarding the Comics

    Gonna be honest, here. Had this had happened much, MUCH earlier. I would have been extremely ticked off. However, I had the foresight to download the older Archie titles from here. AND, I recently found another site that offers similar service that this site once did. I won't say what that site is called, just in case there are rules against that sort of thing here. (However, I will say that it's acronym is "R.C.O.") Now allow me to be clear here. I am all for supporting the comic itself (even If I feel it is "dying") but, SOME older titles are no longer in print (and, don't even get me started on "Sonic X") to put it simply: In some cases, BUYING is not an opinion. as there is nowhere to buy certain titles. In those rare cases, having Comic Scans Online is necessary. And I remain thankful for sites that provide such a service for the FANS sakes, and not for "The Almighty Dollar." Indeed. This site WILL suffer due to the Comics Section being removed (Afterall. for a site called "Sonic SCANF", that kind of thing was expected.) (I mean..It's like opening a "Toys-R-Us" store, but removing ALL the toys from the shelves!) I'm not sure if I will visit this site all that often, now. Like many others, Comics were why I came. and I've never had good experiences in forums (Particularly SONIC Forums, such as "ASO.") This is certainly a Dark Day..But one that isn't TOO bad. At least I have "Site B" to fall back on.
  5. The Future of Archie Sonic at Risk?!

    True. They do seem to going all out with the Razor the Shark story arc. and I myself am on the edge to see whatever became of Gold the Tenrec after the conclusion of that one Silver the Hedgehog story. So, no doubt they have SOME new, creative content planned. at least they also acknowledge characters from the old DiC cartoons with the inclusion of Breezie, Scratch and Grounder. Maybe if we are lucky, we'll finally see that "Sonic Underground Finale" that was promised.  
  6. I am sure plenty of people are talking about this subject. but I feel I must be one of them. So, anyway. "Sonic Mania", and the mysterious "Project Sonic 2017." Firstly. Great to see Sega producing new Sonic games that are more original and NOT a cheap tie-in to the Sonic Boom cartoon (Sega's equivalent to a "Videogame based on a Superhero Movie" gimmick.) and it certain brings something for everyone to enjoy.. Sonic Mania appears to be yet another nostalgia trip like 'Sonic 4' was with the return to Sega Genesis styled side scroll, from A-to-B, Sprite gaming. the trailers alone makes it difficult for me to tell if 'Mania' is a remake of prior classics, or something entirely new (they claim it is new, with some old levels being remade. So I guess it's a bit of both.) But I think what everyone is really talking about isn't Sonic Mania. but more of Project Sonic 2017. the NOT sequel to Sonic Generations, which again has Modern and Classic Sonic teaming up. Now, apart from the trailer being "theatrical" (I hesitate to use the word "Epic", so to not seem predictable) what people are really talking about was the tagline at the end: "Join the Resistance", which is starting quite the buzz. Mainly, people are under the impression that this new game may either be based on or at least have elements from the Archie Sonic comic book series in it. Wishful thinking, I know. but could this really be fact? I mean. I am all for a videogame adaptation of the comic series (which to be honest, has more story and drama than the prior games had) but, the question is that: are we (the fans) reading TOO MUCH into this one line of text? I mean, the game won't even be due out until 2017. and, even then, the release date is sketchy. being given the placeholder of "Holiday 2017" (heck, they haven't even chosen a proper title yet!) Still..It's a fun thought. be great to have Sally, or Bunnie as a playable character for once. but regardless on whether this will be the case, the game looks promising. I mean. I am certain it won't be a repeat of Sonic '06. (whose only problem was being a rushed title that was released incomplete.) I am confident that by Christmas of next year (I am assuming) will give Sega plenty of time to work on the game. (at the very least, far longer than they are working on Sonic Mania. which has a Spring 2017 release date.)  
  7. The Future of Archie Sonic at Risk?!

    Okay, perhaps "Modern" wasn't the best word to use upon looking back at recent issues. BUT, It doesn't change the fact that they are focusing solely on Game Adaptions. I'm just worries is all. They wrote the best stuff before the reboot. and while the new characters are okay, I still miss the "old team", and have my concerns.
  8. The Future of Archie Sonic at Risk?!

    I feel confident to write this thought and opinion without much problems. Mainly, I can't help but feel concerned over the future of Archie's Sonic the Hedgehog comic book series. This is a legitimate feeling. as lately, I have noted that the Revamped Archie Sonic series has mainly been focused on adaptions of Sonic games (quite literally opening with 'Sonic Unleashed') this is understandable. as after "The Incident" that led to the New 52/Flashpoint reboot in the first place. Archie had to play things safe, and focus on official Sega properties given the loss of 90% of their original content. My main concern is AFTER then run out of existing material to adapt to..what's going to happen next?? I know they are trying their hardest to salvage the comic series. but, is the series really dying off? Is it only a matter of time before they'll HAVE to end the comic? I dunno. I'm just thinking out loud, and expressing my worries over the comic's future.
  9.   Dr. Claw Reference: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-_2_cJxYYhM I can't be the only one whose noticed this. Part of what made "Sonic SatAM" such a great show was probably how they portrayed Dr. Robotnik. who was SOOO Different from the modern Dr. Eggman (or, even the Dr. Robotnik from AoSTH for that matter.) Jim Cummings once again gave a stellar performance by using his "evil villain" voice (which is the one he used for Razoul, the Captain of the Guards in Disney's Aladdin) which was only amplified by some 'electronic echo' that made him sound even more sinister and inhuman. but, really..alot of SatAM Robotnik echoed the infamous Dr. Claw from Inspector Gadget. as both villains sat at a 'control chair/throne', watched his hated enemies via monitor screens, and, only showed any affection to a pet of theirs (for Claw, it was 'MAD Cat' for Robotnik, it was "Cluck, the Robot Chicken') and, while Robotnik had some screen time, and Claw's face has NEVER been seen. we are often treated to seeing Robotnik's back, which was even more chilling than when we see his face (If that is possible.)
  10. Redesign of the character 'Bernadette "Bernie" Hedgehog.' In the Archie Comics canon (which is an expanded "SatAM" universe) Bernie is Sonic's Mother (yes, This will cause great confusion for Sonic Underground fans, who know 'Queen Aleena' to be Sonic's mom) in my Shared Sonic Universe (which mixed different Sonic Contnuites into one) while Queen Aleena is Sonic's Mother, I will not omit Bernie entirely. in my fanon, Bernie (and, Jules) are actually Sonic's Aunt and Uncle but, in the early days of Robotnik's rise to power, Aleena left Sonic with Jules and Bernie. As such, for at least five years of Sonic's life, he knew Bernie to be "his mother" (and, Jules his father), never knowing of his true parentage. (course, EVERYONE knows what happened after Robotnik took over..) in present time, Aleena has developed a close friendship with her sister-in-law. Mainly, because through most of Sonic's life, Bernie was 'his mother' and, Aleena would like to know what all she's missed, and, what it is like being a "normal" parent, and not just a Queen.   One obvious thing to note in Bernie's design. is that I strayed from making her a "Sonic Clone" with blonde hair on her forehead. No, here I gave her actual hair (using Sonic Underground's 'Sonia' as reference) and, colored her fur/quills Purple, as that is the coloration that I prefered. and, while she usually wears a purple coat. I colored it BLUE, so her quills and fur will show up better.
  11. General Art Thread

    Here is a concept for not only a fan character of mine, but also concept for a new fan species that I am calling a "Mobilander."
  12. The Human OC Delima

    Here is a topic related to Sonic Fanon in general. (and, I am NOT trying to start an argument.   just discuss something in the fandom that I have noticed.)   Now..OC's and FC's is already a touchy subject for ANY fandom. but, It's a unique case for the Sonic Fandom. I am talking of course about Human OC's (Not "Humanized" characters. but actual Humans.) because when it comes to Sonic OC's who are Humans, and not Anthropomorphic Animals. the odds of said characters gaining ANY recognition, much less popularity is slim. (It doesn't help that most major human characters in Sonic Canon haven't been well liked.   which those like Chris Thornedyke, and Princess Elise facing the most criticism.) as despite said OC's being created for the Sonic Fandom.. most, if not all fandom moderators (EX: DeviantART Fan Groups) deny them due to not so obvious connection to the franchise. (which is completely understandable. given that "Sonic Style" mostly applies to animals,   and Humans in 'Sonic Style' themselves aren't too easy to deviate from non-sonic fandoms.) It's getting that Sonic OC's either HAVE to be Animals to be recognized, and/or accepted. (which would sorta explaine the "Anthroized" concepts of Maria Robotnik, and such) OR, if they are human, they have to look like Eggman, or something (which is truly frightening.) Is this like some unintentional prejudice on the fandom's part? or, just an unfortunately situation that has been 'overlooked.'
  13. Shadaze Motivational

    So, that IS a real thing. I wasn't just having a bad dream, and imagined it.
  14. Tiana Zander (OC)

     [BIO]  'Tiana Zander is the first of a new species on planet Mobius.   born from Comm. Alan Zander and Queen Aleena Hedgehog, "Tia" is a Human/Anthro Hybrid.   prior to her birth, such interspecies relations between "Overlanders" and "Mobians"   was considered impossible (both biologically AND socially.)   but, the friendship and love between Alan and Aleena   as well as their conception of Tiana proved this fact to be false.   However..due to "bad blood" from the Great War, many Humans and Anthropoids   looked down on Tiana as an "Abomination", and a "Freak of Nature"   and, have tried numerous times in her life to kill her.   (fortunately, there are those who believe Tia will bring about a great peace,    uniting Humans and Anthros someday, and have strived to protect her from such threats.)   As a teenager, Tiana is every bit the "wildfire" that her mother was at her age.   and, she looks up to her father (who in her eyes, is every bit a hero as her own half-brother Sonic.)   Deciding to not let her hardships dominate her life, Tia follows her parents example,   and, tries hard to be fair and kind, treating all people and creatures as equals.   (However, she is in no way a pushover. and, CAN be quite a "scrapper" when she needs to be.)    Tiana has a good relationship with her half-sister; Sonia.    as well as Sonia's best friend; Princess Sally Acorn.    Tiana also has a close relationship with a human named: Martin.    (a "relationship" that is oddly similar to what her own parents shared years ago.)'  *****    After observing a friend's artwork of my character (Labeled "Dark Tia", as they are an AU)  I decided to draw Tia again, only THIS TIME doing it completely with color (and, not just a simple pencil sketch)  For this artwork, I decided to depict Tia as a teenager (about the same age Sonic is in mainstream canon.)  I tweaked up her design a bit (using the characters from "The Mysteries of Alfred Hedgehog" as reference)  and, gave her a new clothing atire and color scheme (the basis of which is "Laura Croft", or "Kim Possible")  her Sonic-like shoes serve a purpose: They were a gift from Sonic, as his brand of shoes NEVER wear out.  I feel I must remind watchers that when it came to Tiana's design, I wanted her to truly look like a Hybrid Species.  None of that "Humans with Animal Ears", or "Human-Like Animals"  her being a furry humanoid with animal features makes her a seemless blend of a Human and Anthro.  This artwork may have some "minor errors", but I think it's authentic enough for posting.  
  15. E-123 Omega Humor

    I think that is a fundamental trait for all Rabbits and Bunnies. EX: 'Judy Hopps' from Zootopia.