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 'Tiana Zander is the first of a new species on planet Mobius.
  born from Comm. Alan Zander and Queen Aleena Hedgehog, "Tia" is a Human/Anthro Hybrid.

  prior to her birth, such interspecies relations between "Overlanders" and "Mobians"
  was considered impossible (both biologically AND socially.)

  but, the friendship and love between Alan and Aleena
  as well as their conception of Tiana proved this fact to be false.

  However..due to "bad blood" from the Great War, many Humans and Anthropoids
  looked down on Tiana as an "Abomination", and a "Freak of Nature"
  and, have tried numerous times in her life to kill her.

  (fortunately, there are those who believe Tia will bring about a great peace,
   uniting Humans and Anthros someday, and have strived to protect her from such threats.)

  As a teenager, Tiana is every bit the "wildfire" that her mother was at her age.
  and, she looks up to her father (who in her eyes, is every bit a hero as her own half-brother Sonic.)

  Deciding to not let her hardships dominate her life, Tia follows her parents example,
  and, tries hard to be fair and kind, treating all people and creatures as equals.

  (However, she is in no way a pushover. and, CAN be quite a "scrapper" when she needs to be.)

   Tiana has a good relationship with her half-sister; Sonia.
   as well as Sonia's best friend; Princess Sally Acorn.

   Tiana also has a close relationship with a human named: Martin.
   (a "relationship" that is oddly similar to what her own parents shared years ago.)'


 After observing a friend's artwork of my character (Labeled "Dark Tia", as they are an AU)
 I decided to draw Tia again, only THIS TIME doing it completely with color (and, not just a simple pencil sketch)

 For this artwork, I decided to depict Tia as a teenager (about the same age Sonic is in mainstream canon.)

 I tweaked up her design a bit (using the characters from "The Mysteries of Alfred Hedgehog" as reference)
 and, gave her a new clothing atire and color scheme (the basis of which is "Laura Croft", or "Kim Possible")

 her Sonic-like shoes serve a purpose: They were a gift from Sonic, as his brand of shoes NEVER wear out.

 I feel I must remind watchers that when it came to Tiana's design, I wanted her to truly look like a Hybrid Species.
 None of that "Humans with Animal Ears", or "Human-Like Animals"

 her being a furry humanoid with animal features makes her a seemless blend of a Human and Anthro.

 This artwork may have some "minor errors", but I think it's authentic enough for posting.

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