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  1. Tiana Zander (OC)

     [BIO]  'Tiana Zander is the first of a new species on planet Mobius.   born from Comm. Alan Zander and Queen Aleena Hedgehog, "Tia" is a Human/Anthro Hybrid.   prior to her birth, such interspecies relations between "Overlanders" and "Mobians"   was considered impossible (both biologically AND socially.)   but, the friendship and love between Alan and Aleena   as well as their conception of Tiana proved this fact to be false.   However..due to "bad blood" from the Great War, many Humans and Anthropoids   looked down on Tiana as an "Abomination", and a "Freak of Nature"   and, have tried numerous times in her life to kill her.   (fortunately, there are those who believe Tia will bring about a great peace,    uniting Humans and Anthros someday, and have strived to protect her from such threats.)   As a teenager, Tiana is every bit the "wildfire" that her mother was at her age.   and, she looks up to her father (who in her eyes, is every bit a hero as her own half-brother Sonic.)   Deciding to not let her hardships dominate her life, Tia follows her parents example,   and, tries hard to be fair and kind, treating all people and creatures as equals.   (However, she is in no way a pushover. and, CAN be quite a "scrapper" when she needs to be.)    Tiana has a good relationship with her half-sister; Sonia.    as well as Sonia's best friend; Princess Sally Acorn.    Tiana also has a close relationship with a human named: Martin.    (a "relationship" that is oddly similar to what her own parents shared years ago.)'  *****    After observing a friend's artwork of my character (Labeled "Dark Tia", as they are an AU)  I decided to draw Tia again, only THIS TIME doing it completely with color (and, not just a simple pencil sketch)  For this artwork, I decided to depict Tia as a teenager (about the same age Sonic is in mainstream canon.)  I tweaked up her design a bit (using the characters from "The Mysteries of Alfred Hedgehog" as reference)  and, gave her a new clothing atire and color scheme (the basis of which is "Laura Croft", or "Kim Possible")  her Sonic-like shoes serve a purpose: They were a gift from Sonic, as his brand of shoes NEVER wear out.  I feel I must remind watchers that when it came to Tiana's design, I wanted her to truly look like a Hybrid Species.  None of that "Humans with Animal Ears", or "Human-Like Animals"  her being a furry humanoid with animal features makes her a seemless blend of a Human and Anthro.  This artwork may have some "minor errors", but I think it's authentic enough for posting.  
  2. Hell Have No Fury

    [Hell Have No Fury, Part I] BZZZ!! BZZZ!! BZZZ!!!a female figure was slowly awoken by the blaring noise of an alarm clock."nngh..eh? grrr.."still groggy, the figure reached out and carefully shut the device off. silencing the sound.she then rose up from the covers..revealing herself to be a golden blondemobian rabbit with a robotic arm and legs.she arched out her back, and yawned real loudly. she then looked at the digital clock.her vision blurred at first, but eventually came into focus."Twelve Thirty-Six?" began Bunnie, who spoke in a 'southern draw.'"twan..Antoine, WAKE UP!!" said Bunnie, as she nudged at somebody else in the bed with her."nnnngh..HMM!?" a light brown mobian coyote then rose up from bed,and yawned real loud. "nngh..wa-what?""It's past twelve, hon. Time to get up." said Bunnie to her husband.Antoine groaned. "oy..I really do hate zee mornings." said the Coyote, in a 'french' accent."Ah' know, hon. but, just because It's Wednesday(and, your day-off from work) It doesn't mean you hav'ta sleep the whole day away."Antoine sat up in bed. "(sigh) I guezz you are right, Bunnie."taking a moment to stretch out his arms, and yawn one last time."Best to zpend my free time "hitting zee gym", to keep my skills zharp."Bunnie smirked as she looked at Antoine with half-lidded eyes. "Yeah..you do that."As Antoine began to get out of bed, Bunnie did the same as well."zooo..vhat will YOU be doing, today?" asked Antoine, as he put on his shirt and pants.Bunnie just smirked as she put on her own pants and shirt."oh, you know..takin' care of our kid.""oh..yes. of course."Bunnie eyed Antoine. Unsure if she liked the way he said that."riiight..Well, I'd better go check on Peter." with that, Bunnie promptly got up and left.as she shut the door behind her, she huffed stressfully.("Ah love you, 'Twan..but, sometimes you infuriate me.") mused Bunnieas she walked down a hallway.("You never were comfortable with my adopting an overlander as my son..  and, even though we've been married for three years,   you STILL haven't fully accepted him as "yours.")Bunnie narrowed her eyes sternly.("well, you'd better START SOON..if you ever want me to give you any more children.")Bunnie soon reached the room of the child in question.she gently turned the handle, and smiled as she opened the door."Good mornin', Pumpkinpi-" Bunnie froze upon seeing that the six year old was ALREADY up..and, apparently wearing one of her cowboy hats and jacket in front of a mirror.turning around, the boy then felt embarrassed. "OH!, h-howdy, momma.."Bunnie smirked as she planted her fists on her hips."And, just what are YOU doin', young man?""Ummmm...Tryin' to be more like you?"Indeed, the boy WAS trying to imitate his "mother.",as he also sported bare tin cans on his arm and legsthat seemed to (poorly) imitate Bunnie's cybernetic limbs.Bunnie exhaled sharply as she walked over, and knelt down to his level."and, WHY would you wanna dress up like me?" asked Bunnie,as she removed the pieces of his "costume.""Because Halloween is coming soon.. And, 'ah wanna go trick-or-treating as mah' favorite superhero!!"Bunnie blushes at this comment. "you..really think ah'm that great?""Yeah!, Aunt Sally told me ALL about how you saved people from Robotnik a long time ago.""SHE saved people, 'ah only helped her." said Bunnie, modestly."Ah' still think yer' awesome, Momma." said Peter.Bunnie looked into the boy's baby blue eyes.she smiled as she gently touched his chin."well..if you REALLY wanna be me this year, Then we'll hafta get you some better "parts" for yer' costume."Bunnie then playfully touched Peter's nose like a button..making the boy giggle."Now. You'd better get dressed fer' REAL. You have school, today.""Okay, Momma."As Peter began to take off his costume,Bunnie took some clothes from a dresser drawer."here..wear this." began Bunnie."Ah' love how cute you look in this shirt."Peter took the baby blue shirt with a white, cartoon rabbit on It.as he put It on, Bunnie slipped a pair of shorts on him as well."There. yer' all ready fer' school, my lil' sugar muffin..""Momma!" exclaimed Peter, slightly embarrassed.Bunnie just smiled as she rose back up."Alright, now. Git!" said Bunnie, patting at Peter's back.Peter began to walk towards the door with Bunnie at a fast pace.once they were out, and headed their way downstairs..Peter spoke again."Momma.""Yeah, sugar?""does daddy..hate me?"Bunnie froze at this. "wh-why, PETER! whatevuh would give you that Idea!?"Peter looked down. "well..he doesn't play with me like you do, Momma. and, when 'ah hug him..he doesn't hug me back. he even seems..Upset."Bunnie scowled at this. ("dammit, antoine! yer' gonna get a real EARFUL when ah-")"Momma."Bunnie looked at Peter again..who had stopped shortat the bottom of the stairs. "Did 'Ah..do somethin' wrong?"Bunnie looked at her son's face with soft eyes."no, baby..No. You didn't do anything wrong." said Bunnie, softly."Yer' daddy just..has t-Trouble expressing how he really feels, that's all.""really?" said Peter, still unsure."of course." said Bunnie, as she knelt down to Peter's level."Yer' daddy..L-LOVES you."Bunnie immediately regretted saying those words.as she herself wasn't sure if they were true.DING-DOOOONG!!Bunnie and Peter both looked over at the front door."hmm. now, Ah' wonder who that could be."Bunnie then stood up, and approached the door.she opened It..and, was elated to find who was greeting her."SALLY GIRL!!"Princess Sally smiled a warm smile. "Hey, Bunnie!"the two mobian women hugged one another."It's so great to see you! whatever are you doing here!?"Sally smiled. "Oh, I was in the neighborhood, and decided to pay a visit.""AUNT SALLY!!"Sally looked, and saw Peter running towards her. "HEY, LITTLE MAN!"Sally caught the human child as he leapt after her,and lifted him up in her arms."and, how is my FAV-OR-ITE NEPHEW!?" said Sally, as she affectionately ruffled Peter's hair."Great!, Ah'm goin' to school soon."Sally lightly chuckled. "You still getting gold stars?""ALWAYS." said Bunnie, proudly.Peter looked around..then, looked back at Sally."Aunt Sally. Where's Uncle Billy, and Cousin Katie?!""Back at home. Sorry."Peter shrugged. "It's Okay."Sally smiled as she put Peter back down. "So, how's life been treatin' ya, Sally Girl?!"Sally looked at Bunnie and smiled."Can't really complain. Elias has been doing a good job running the kingdom, So all I have worry about is raising my daughter with Billy.""and, how IS yer' youngin' doing?" asked Bunnie.Sally shrugged. "she's..Sometimes picked on.But, for the most part, she is doing okay."Just then, a schoolbus pulled up near the curb outside."There's yer' bus, Peter." said Bunnie."Okay." said Peter, as he picked up his backpack near the door. "Bye Momma!!, Bye Aunt Sally!!"as Peter ran out the door, both Bunnie and Sally waved at him."BYE, SUGAR!!""HAVE A GOOD DAY AT SCHOOL!!"as Peter disappeared into the departing bus..Bunnie sighed as she closed the door."Is everything alright, Bunnie?"Bunnie looked at Sally. "well..No, not really.""Antoine still hasn't quite accepted Peter as his son.. an, I think Peter it's startin' to affect Peter."Sally frowned. "well..you know Antoine.like his father, he's always been wary of Overlanders.""Ah' know, but Peter is a child..MAH' Child! Isn't that enough fer him!?""Have you talked to him about It?"Bunnie looked away. "no. but, I probably should."Bunnie walked off slowly, her arms crossed.she then stared at some framed pictures of herself and Peter."When Ah' married Antoine, Ah' was hopin' It'd mean Peter gitten' a daddy.. but, Peter still spends more time with ME, than with anyone else.""I did pick that up when he started talking like you." said Sally.Bunnie chuckled at this. "yeah..Momma's lil' boy, he is."Bunnie took one of the framed photos..which showed Bunnie holding Peter when he was only a baby."Twan' says he wants to have kids, now." began Bunnie."an..as much as Ah' want ta' give Peter a brother, or sister..Ah' just can't do It.""Why?" asked Sally, puzzled.Bunnie narrowed her eyes sternly."Because Antoine only wants more kids so he can have a son that's HIS. and, until he starts treatin' Peter like his own..Ah' ain't givin' him that pleasure."Sally widened her eyes. "wow..I had no idea things were that serious."Bunnie exhaled as she put the picture back where It belonged."Ah' may love Antoine with all mah' heart.. but, Ah' just wish he'd let go of his negativity towards Overlanders.""oh, believe me. Nobody desires a world like that more than I do." said Sally, chuckling stressfully.Bunnie smiled at Sally. "yeah..Ah' know."[Later that Day]It was a pleasant afternoon at the Emerald Town Elementary School.currently It was recess, and all the children were out playing in the schoolyard.Unknown to anyone, however..a darkly colored van was looming near the area.and, inside..some shadowy figures were watching."are you CERTAIN we'll find It here?!" spoke one of the figures within the vehicle."POSITIVE. our sources confirm that It dwells among them.""how sickening that they would ALLOW such a savage among those children.""QUIET! I'm searching.."the lead figure activated a pair of goggles, and scanned the playground."no..No..no." muttered the figure, as he scanned various mobian children.Finally, he zeroed in on his intended target: an HUMAN child."(chuckles evily) yes..THERE you are.""You found It?""Yes. the overlander."the dark figures eyed Peter, who was playing with a ball,blissfully unaware that he was being watched."so..how do we lure him over here?""Patience. This isn't my first time kidnapping children." the shadowy figured grinned."and, the first rule about children: They are easily DISTRACTED."as Peter tossed his ball up into the air..the lead figure grinned as an idea formed in his head."get the gravitron ready to fire on my command."the figures nodded as they quickly prepped a large, gun-like device.opening a side door, they aimed the weapon straight at Peter."steady..STEADY."Peter tossed his ball up into the air again. "PULL!!"the figures fired their weapon..which began to pull the suspended ball out of the air."HEY!!" exclaimed Peter, as his ball flew towards a far off fence.as the ball lay against the barrier, the lead figure watched Peter intently."go on, you hairless monkey..Go retrieve your TOY."after a moment of hesitation, Peter indeed ran overAWAY from the other children to retrieve his ball."THERE!, he's alone. TAKE HIM!!"the figures reactivated the Gravitron.ripping a part of the fence where Peter was.before the shocked boy could react,the black van sped over to the gaping hole where Peter stood.the figures emerged (revealed to be Mobian), and quickly grabbed Peter."HEY!! S-STOP!, LEMMIE GO!, HEEELP!!" exclaimed Peter, terrified."SHUT UP!" snapped one of the Mobians."Get the brat in, and LET'S GO!!"dragging Peter inside, the side doors slammed shut,and the van sped away at top speed.[D'Coolette Household]"heard from Sonic, lately?" began Bunnie,as she nibbled some carrot cake at the kitchen table."Not as often as I'd like..but, he's doing great last I heard." said Sally.Bunnie chuckled lightly. "Ah' still can't believe he and Amy are datin."Sally also chuckled. "and, I can't believe how much Amyhas matured since the old days. It's almost as if she's a different person.""None of us can stay youngin's forever.. no matter how hard we try." said Bunnie, solemnly as she took a sip of juice."Ah'm thinking of takin' Peter ta' see the Southern Baronies next summer." spoke Bunnie."You are?""yeah. Ah' think Peter deserves ta' see the place where Ah' grew up.""I thought your family's old plantation was abandoned." said Sally."It IS, but Ah' still have ownership of It." began Bunnie."Ah'm thinking of maybe fixin' It up, turnin' It into a Summer Home fer me and th' Family to vacation at."Sally smiled. "I think that sounds like a Great idea, Bunnie."just then, the door opened,and Bunnie and Sally watched Antoine enter the house."Oh!, hello, My Princezz. I had no idea you vere viziting."Sally did her best to smile. "Hello, Antoine."Bunnie grumbled as she looked the other way. "yeah..howdy."Antoine entered the kitchen."Zo, vhat are you two talking abouts?""Oh, just..some "Girl Stuff" began Sally."Bunnie told me how she want's to fix up her family's old plantation in the Southern Baronies for the Summer."Antoine looked at his wife. "oh, really?"Bunnie shrugged. "thought It'd make a good vacation home.ya' know..for the "FAMILY." said Bunnie, a slight edge in her voice.As usual, Antoine was completely oblivious to his wife's attitude.RIIIIIIING!!RIIIIIIING!!RIIIIIIING!!Bunnie looked over at the Vid-Phone,widening her eyes upon seeing the listed number on the screen. "the Police?"Bunnie reached over, and pressed the 'Answer Call' button.the screen then displayed Mobian German Shepard in a police chief uniform.(("I trust I am speaking to Mrs. D'Coolette?")) began police chief"Y-Yes, Chief Barkley. do you need to speak to Antoine?"(("Actually, I need to speak to BOTH of you."))Antoine then also stepped up. "Zir?"Barkley breathed out stressfully.(("you are the parents of an overlander child, correct?"))NOW, Bunnie became worried. "Peter? Wa-What's wrong?, IS HE OKAY!?"(("I am afraid not, Mrs. D'Coolette: Over fifteen minutes ago,   your son was kidnapped from the Emerald Town Elementary School."))Bunnie felt her heart nearly stop upon hearing this.Sally too was frozen in terror. "oh, my no.""(murmurs) wa..what-(shouting) WHERE IS HE?!, WHO TOOK MY BABY!!?" screamed Bunnie, tears in her eyes.(("As the only eyewitnesses were 'other children',   we don't have alot to go by.")) began Barkley.(("From what we gathered, your son was playing alone during Recess   when the fence bordering the school grounds was somehow blown apart.   a non-descript black van then suddenly pulled up,   and unidentified mobians dragged him inside, and drove off."))Bunnie began to cry uncontrollably.the shock of this news becoming more than she could bear."Don't you have ANY leads?!" inquired Sally.(("We are working on It, your highness.")) began Barkley.(("but, without better evidence and more reliable witnesses,   we quite frankly wouldn't know where to START with the investigation."))"ARE YOU JUST GOING TO STAND AROUND, AND DO NOTHING!!?" shouted Bunnie, angrily(("N-NO, Mrs. D'Coolette!! I did not say-"))As Bunnie cried some more, Sally touched her shoulder.*bunnie..It's OKAY. we'll figure this out.* whispered Sally.Sally then returned her attention to Chief Barkley. "Chief Barkley,I may not be an eyewitness,  NOR a trained policewoman,but I think I may know who took Peter."(("Who?"))"Well, based on the statements you have collected so far, It seems that speed in which Peter's kidnappers acted implies they were ready, and waiting to take him. Furthermore, Peter was the ONLY child that they took. a van such as you described could have held many more, so, It stands to reason that Peter was their ONLY chosen target."(("That..DOES seem likely. Your point?"))Sally exhaled, becoming annoyed. "Chief Barkley.are you familiar with the extremist group called "Mobians Forever?"(("No. Who are they?"))"Radical Anti-Overlander Extremists." explained Sally."Human Haters that believe Mobius will only be safe if the Overlander species are wiped out completely. and, as Peter, an OVERLANDER Child, was the only one taken.. the M.F. have to be the kidnappers."Chief Barkley pondered this.(("hmm..that DOES make sense. but, how are YOU so familiar with them?"))Sally breathed out stressfully. "because my husband is an overlander..and, we have a "mobilander" child. the M.F. have taken action against my family before."(("I see. Then, I must request your presence at the Police Station, Princess Sally.   your knowledge of these terrorists would benefit us greatly."))"I'll be there as quickly as I can."Chief Barkley nodded, then cut the vid-phone feed."do you REALLY think that those racist bastards have Peter?!" asked Bunnie, her body trembling."I do, Bunnie. which is why I must act quickly. The fact that they bothered to take Peter alive at all is remarkable. but, knowing them..they won't keep Peter alive for very much longer."Bunnie suddenly bashed her robotic fist on the kitchen table, smashing It apart."BUNNIE!, CALM DOWN!!""Yez, Mi Amore, PLEAZE, Calm down. Everyzing will be alrig-""What do YOU care, Antoine!!?" snapped Bunnie, suddenly."It's not like It's YER son that's been taken!"Antoine froze, petrified at Bunnie's sudden anger."Bunnie..""NO, SALLY!" snapped Bunnie, jerking away from her friend."Ah' won't ignore this..Not ANYMORE!"Bunnie glared at her husband. "you..You always hated Peter.You may have pretended to like him, but Ah' know you never loved him.""B-Bunnie, I-""When Ah' married you, Ah' did so hoping that Peter would have a daddy in his life. but, Ah' can see that yer' ashamed of him. ASHAMED to have an Overlander for a son!(tears up) he LOVES you, and wants you to love him back! but, you ignore him ALL TH' TIME! well, now he's GONE! (voice breaking) my son is gone.. th' son that you HATE is gone!!"Bunnie then suddenly socked Antoine in the jaw (fortunately, with her organic fist)as the stunned Antoine lay on the floor,he watched as Bunnie stood over him..tears flowing down her cheek."are you HAPPY, now!? (screaming) ARE YOU HAPPY!!?"As Bunnie began to cry uncontrollably, Sally pulled her away."Bunnie..BUNNIE, STOP! Bunnie..It's Okay. W-We'll get Peter BACK, I promise!"Bunnie could do nothing more but cry.as Sally led her out of the kitchen..Antione remained on the floor where Bunnie hit him.her angry words still ringing in his ears.[Later]Sally walked over to the creaked open door to Peter's room.she opened It..and, found Bunnie inside. sitting upon Peter's bedwith her legs folded, and clutching one of Peter's plush toys.the way she held It..looked like she was holding a baby.Sally exhaled, hating to see her friend like this. "bunnie."Bunnie looked up..showing to the disturbed Sallythe smudged eyeliner and tear stains."have you found him? have you found mah' son!?"Sally sighed as she shook her head."w-with my help, the authorities were able to identify at least SIX possible M.F. bases.""which one is Peter being held?!""we..d-don't know yet. We're not even sure if he's in one of the six that I've identifi-""DAMMIT It, SALLY!" snapped Bunnie, suddenly. rise up from her seat."It's been over an HOUR, who knows what all they've done to him by now!!?""You think I don't know that!?" exclaimed Sally, angrily."I have been doing the best I can!, Don't think you are the only one who cares about what happens to Peter!!"Bunnie breathed heavily..then, looked away. "Ah'm sorry. I-I didn't mean to-""I know, bunnie..I know." said Sally, placing her hand on Bunnie's shoulder."But, there are only so many places to check. We'll get him back, I promise."Bunnie bore a grim expression."but, will we get him back "ALIVE", is what Ah' wanna know.""Please don't think that way, Bunnie."Bunnie clutched the plush toy in her arms,shutting her eyes tight as tears escaped them."If they've hurt him..Ah' will hunt every one of them, and make. Them. PAY.""Careful, Bunnie. You're starting to sound like..HER." said Sally, her voice shakey"Her?""you know.."Buns", the last person who kidnapped Peter three years ago."Bunnie remembered the event that Sally was referring.the time her evil counterpart from the "negative zone" came,and took Peter away when he was only three years old.Bunnie remembered that It was an intended schemeto lure her into a trap..or, blackmail her into doing what she wanted.but, Bunnie ALSO remembered how her 'evil twin' altered her plan.how she herself came to care for Peter, and tried to keep him for herself.It was then that an idea formed in Bunnie's head.It seemed Crazy..perhaps VERY Crazy, but It was the only option she had left right now.As Bunnie turned to leave, Sally called out to her."Bunnie, WAIT! Where are you goi-""Ah'm gonna go git mah' son back."Bunnie then looked at Sally. "Don't try an' stop me."Sally looked away. "I won't. But, how are you going to-"But, I was too late. Bunnie had already left the room.as she walked down the stairs..she was met up with Antoine at ground level."Bunnie, I-""What do you WANT, Ant!?" snapped Bunnie, still upset with her husband."I juzt vhanted to zay dat..I'm sorry. You are right, I haven't been treating Peter fairl-""a little late ta' show him any affection now, isn't It!? Not when mah' son could ALREADY be dead!"Antoine frowned, feeling bad at how things were going."Bunnie..vhat iz It dat you vhant me to do?"Bunnie looked right into Antoine's eyes."Ah' wanted you ta' love mah' son. Accept him as yers, because THAT is th' responsibility that ya' took when ya' married me."Bunnie exhaled sharply. "But, Ah' was obviously asking too much of youta' let go of yer' hatred fer' Overlanders.""I don't hate zem!""Well, ya' certainly don't LOVE Peter!" snapped Bunnie"Of COURSE I love him!!""then, WHY was Ah' the ONLY ONE upset when they told me he was taken!!?" shouted BunnieAntoine wanted to argue this..but, he couldn't find any compelling words to say."just get outta mah' way, Antoine." said Bunnie,as she shoved her husband aside."Ah'm gonna go find mah' baby, and bring 'em home. YOU do whatever the hell you want..Ah' don't care, anymore."with that, Bunnie put on her jacket and cowboy hat,and marched right out the door."Don't take her harsh words too seriously."Antione looked, and saw Sally descending from the stairs."It's her Fear and Anger talking, NOT Bunnie."Antoine exhaled sharply. "I honestly never meant vor zis to 'appen."Sally crossed her arms as she looked at the coyote."Antoine..why DON'T you treat Peter like your own child?, why don't you love him?"Antoine didn't say anything..He couldn't."It's your FATHER, isn't It?" said Sally, answering her own question."As a veteran of the Great War, I can't imagine he trusted Overlanders too much. I bet you were raised on his old war stories, believing early on that Peter's kind are brutal savages."Antoine remained silent. Too ashamed to answer the Princessof the kingdom he had sworn his duty to."Antoine..Peter ISN'T like the overlanders who warred against us. and, he ISN'T Robotnik." said Sally, approaching Antoine."He is a little boy who lost his parents, and now looks to You and Bunnie as his "real" family. and, you know what? Bunnie was right: When you married her, you DID accept the responsibility of being Peter's father.Sally began to pass Antoine..stopping short at the door."and, you want to know the really funny thing? You've spend your whole life trying to prove yourself to your own father.. just as Peter has been trying to do, now."Sally looked back at Antoine. "well, congratulations; the SON has become his FATHER."Sally finally walked out the door, leaving Antoine alone in his house.[To be Concluded..]