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Bernadette "Bernie" Hedgehog (Redesign)

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Redesign of the character 'Bernadette "Bernie" Hedgehog.'

In the Archie Comics canon (which is an expanded "SatAM" universe) Bernie is Sonic's Mother
(yes, This will cause great confusion for Sonic Underground fans, who know 'Queen Aleena' to be Sonic's mom)

in my Shared Sonic Universe (which mixed different Sonic Contnuites into one)
while Queen Aleena is Sonic's Mother, I will not omit Bernie entirely.

in my fanon, Bernie (and, Jules) are actually Sonic's Aunt and Uncle
but, in the early days of Robotnik's rise to power, Aleena left Sonic with Jules and Bernie.

As such, for at least five years of Sonic's life,
he knew Bernie to be "his mother" (and, Jules his father), never knowing of his true parentage.

(course, EVERYONE knows what happened after Robotnik took over..)

in present time, Aleena has developed a close friendship with her sister-in-law.
Mainly, because through most of Sonic's life, Bernie was 'his mother'

and, Aleena would like to know what all she's missed,
and, what it is like being a "normal" parent, and not just a Queen.


One obvious thing to note in Bernie's design.
is that I strayed from making her a "Sonic Clone" with blonde hair on her forehead.

No, here I gave her actual hair (using Sonic Underground's 'Sonia' as reference)
and, colored her fur/quills Purple, as that is the coloration that I prefered.

and, while she usually wears a purple coat.
I colored it BLUE, so her quills and fur will show up better.

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