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"Lady Alison is the "fraternal" twin sister of Queen Aleena of the kingdom of Mobodoon.
  Alison is (in many ways) the polar opposite of her sister in personality, behavior and beliefs.

  unlike Aleena, who treats everyone, from Nobility to Peasantry, as equals.
  Alison is a more traditional royal in that society demands "Separation of Classes".

  due to the fact that Alison and Aleena had conflicting social views,
  the two sisters often didn't get along too well, and began to drift apart as the years went by.

  when their parents, King Maverick and Queen Sophia, died prematurely from a sudden illness.
  one of the sisters were chosen as a successor to the throne of Mobodoon.

  despite being the same age (Seventeen), Aleena was chosen as the new queen over Alison
  as Aleena was technically older than Alison by only "five Minutes".

  Needless to say, Alison wasn't too pleased that her was to be queen, and not her.
  a displeasure that only worsened when Aleena decided to make some "changes" to the kingdom
  (banning the use of money in favor of a barter system, making all people equal, ect.)

  disgusted that her own sister was throwing away years of tradition, Alison left the kingdom
  (vowing to return to "clean up her sister's mess" once Aleena's reign as queen failed.)

  Alison made a new residence in Soleanna, the only known human monarchy on Mobius.
  and, during that time was quite surprised when Aleena's reign lasted at least a decade
  until the Robotnik War started, and Queen Aleena and her family became wanted fugitives.

  By the end of the Robotnik War (and, the beginning of the new "Eggman War")
  Alison decided to reunite with her sister upon learning she had married a human, and had a child with him as well.

 When she arrived, Alison became infatuated with her sisters husband.
  finding Alan Zander to be the personification of a "Shining Knight" 

 It wasn't long until Alison became envious of her sister.
 jealous that SHE had the perfect husband, and a child who was famed for being the first "Mobilander"

Consumed by the "green eyed monster", Alison hatched a scheme claim Alan for herself.

Pretending to want to spend more time with her sister and niece,
Alison took Aleena and Tiana on a picnic out in the Green Hills on the outskirts of the city.

Alison then used a portable trans-dimensional device to send them both to The Void,
and, hired some Dingo Mercenaries to make It look as if she was ambushed.

Alan was devastated upon hearing of the "tragic deaths" of his wife and daughter.
and, despite feeling mildly guilty herself..Alison continued with her deception,
taking advantage of Alan's broken heart, and manipulating the man into falling in love with her.

in a few months, Alison finally had what she wanted. Alan had married her,
she had become Queen, and her pregnancy promised a new "hope" for Mobian/Human peace.

Unfortunately, Alison's scheme unraveled when Aleena and Tiana
miraculously returned, and revealed her deception to a very shocked Alan.

trapped, Alison confessed her crime, and true intentions.
but, she was remarkably forgiven for her transgression..and, offered a second chance.

Alan re-married Aleena..and, Alison was invited to live with them.
Alison's daughter was born, and raised (for the time being) to believe that Aleena was her mother.

despite her crime, Aleena gave her sister permission
to re-marry Alan should anything ACTUALLY happen to her.'


 This is my newest idea for my Sonic Fanon that I feel will be successful.
 the creation/introduction of Queen Aleena's Sister.

 Firstly, I can't take full credit for the design of the character.
 a majority of it is based on a prototype character design for Queen Aleena herself
 back when the show Sonic Underground was still in development: http://drawloverlala.deviantart.com/art/Proto-Aleena-447331434

 I made some alterations here and there.
 But, at heart, the character's look is completely drawn from source material.

 In terms of personality, Aleena and Alison are meant to be perfect opposites royally.
 with Aleena being an "Idealistic Queen", and Alison as a more "Realistic" one.

 Alison is in no way a bad person..she just has very dated beliefs in how a Queen/Princess SHOULD behave.
 and, one that quite obviously conflicts with Aleena's more Fair and Modern beliefs.

 Ironically, the only canon character who is similar enough to her is Sonia Hedgehog (Sonic's Siser)
 who due to her aristocratic upbringing, can sometimes come off as "stuck-up" and "snooty"

 yet, she isn't a horrible person, either.

 based on the theory that Aleena may not be a full bred hedgehog (she has no quills)
 I made Alison's mixed species more apparent that Aleena presumably is.

 I classify Alison's species as a "Hedgemouse" (Half Hedgehog, Half Mouse)

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Alison looks like a well developed and rounded character.

However, when you say 'she really isn't a bad person'...  Given she imprisoned her sister and her young child in what she thought was an inescapable jail, told her sister's husband they were dead then seduced him... that's pretty evil, no matter how you justify it.  The sort of thing you see from a Shakespearean villain.  Also, the fact she was forgiven is more than remarkable, it's unbelievable.  "Yes, you tore our family apart, but who cares.  Bygones?"

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