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  1. So we know the title (Sonic Prime), we know it's supposed to be released this year, 2022 (if it's not delayed or downright CANCELLED, since Netflix isn't going through its best moment), and now we also know how the main character will look (and sound, new voice actor apparently):    Aaaaaand we've known the synopsis from quite some time: "Sonic will be thrusted into a high-speed adventure, through the strange and mysterious Shatterverse. It's up to Sonic to save the universe and along the way experience moments of self-discovery and redemption."   Sonic Prime is a thing that exists. Now we know it does. It's real. What do you think?
  2. What makes Sonic 'Sonic'

    Inspired by Frostryu's topic on Antoine, today I would to talk about Sonic, particularly, how he is being considered "The Hero of Mobius" in Sonic Archie comics. We know a hero is a person who achieves great things. In case of Sonic, he is one of the few mobians who have special talents powerful enough to wipe the floor with Dr. Robotnik's army and to fight Robotnik himself one-on-one, even killing him off at one point. However, in the comic book world, classical heroes like Superman and Batman need to showcase other dominant traits other than "beating up bad guys" to make them legitimate heroes. For examples, Superman is known mostly his idealism, compassion and down-to-earth personality and Batman is known for his intelligence, determination and his overwhelming desire for justice. Sonic Archie has over 280 issues, and like Superman and Batman, I believe there's a reason behind this success aside from Sonic being a mascot character.  What I would like to ask you is simple: describe how you feel about Sonic of the Archie comics. Discuss how Sonic in your opinion has proven himself as a good or bad protagonist, what we like or dislike about him, and ultimately what makes him a unique hero. In addition, if you write or draw him, in what angle you would like to express or explore him. Here's my opinion for the starter:
  3. What is Your Favorite Game?

    My Favorite game is sonic and samurai showdown. I like Sonic games. As I was in 1990's Sonic was most popular game  AND What is your Favorite game?   ________________________ https://tattoodesigns123.org/samurai-tattoos/
  4. Oh, Twitter, what a place... A social network that has made Sonic more relevant due to memes, interaction with fans and, in general, a great community managing team that has reshaped the hedgehog's identity between general audiences and fans alike. But not every single relevant tweet has come from the Sonic official account.  Oh, no, this time, it's a streaming service account the one that has made the Sonic fanbase go wild: Yes, NETFLIX no less tweeted this a few days back... and deleted it shortly after. "A new 3D animated series from Sega, WildBrain (the studio behind the latest incarnation of Carmen Sandiego, Max Steel or Megaman: Fully Charged) and Man of Action Entertainment (creators of Ben 10, Generator Rex, some Marvel animated shows and... also Megaman: Fully Charged?)". That's all the info we have so far. So, dare to speculate? What do you think this show will be like in terms of tone, aesthetic or plot? What would you like to see? Game adaptations? A brand new story? Short episodes focused on comedy? A parody? A children's reinterpretation? A movie tie-in? Read ya!
  5. Figured I'd make some new topics for the upcoming Sonic games revealed recently, starting with a brand new Classic Sonic experience: Sonic Mania is a new classic-based game, notably developed by Christian 'Taxman' Whitehead (who also worked on the re-releases for Sonic 1, 2 & CD). The game will feature levels both old (including Green Hill Zone and more from the original Sonic trilogy) and new, such as the featured Studiopolis Zone. There are a couple new abilities for Sonic, like the Drop Dash. Not only that, but both Tails AND Knuckles are gonna be playable too! It's currently estimated to have a longer overall gameplay length than Generations had, and is scheduled to release sometime in the Spring Summer of 2017 on PS4, Xbox One and PC. There's no word of a Wii-U or NX version yet, however. Never mind, it will also be coming to the Nintendo Switch at the same time. This certainly looks to be an incredibly fun adventure, and I'm definitely gonna be getting it around the time it's released. But what are your thoughts?
  6. Archie Sonic Online

    Hello everyone!  You can call me SonicWindAttack, and as my first post here I wanted to share a huge project that I've been a part of for a while.  That project is Archie Sonic Online, a fan-driven continuation of the old universe of the Archie Sonic the Hedgehog comics, aka the Pre-Super Genesis Wave timeline.  Since I remember this website used to share the Archie Sonic comics online for free, I thought this might be a good place to spread the word about it.  We're a non-profit group dedicated to continuing the story of Archie Sonic before the 2013 reboot, by making an independent comic series not associated with Archie Comics, SEGA, Sonic Team, or any of the used element's creators.  Our current plan is to wrap up the storylines involving Mecha Sally and King Naugus, then continue with our own original story ideas from that point onward.  We currently have 4 separate comics in production: 1. Mobius Legends, a collection of non-canon test stories in order to train the writers and artists for the real deal. 2. Sonic the Hedgehog Online, our continuation of the "Sonic the Hedgehog" comic series, starting from issue 248 onward.  We'll be picking up from the end of #247, minus the Genesis Wave, and continue the story from there. 3. Sonic Universe Online, our continuation of the "Sonic Universe" comic series, starting from issue 50 onward (the original Sonic Universe #50 involving Shard and Metal Sonic will be retconned for our version of the story).  We will start off with a conclusion to the "Sonic Underground" series as was the original intention for the official comic, then start a new arc starring Bunnie D'Coolette and work from there. 4. Knuckles: Endangered Species, a rewrite of the original "Endangered Species" arc in the official Sonic comics.  Due to legal issues, the original arc was forced to be heavily edited, much to the dismay of many fans.  So we are going to be making our own version, replacing issues 244-246 of the official comic (#243 will not be rewritten as it was not heavily affected by the aforementioned legal issues) for our project.  We plan to include all of the characters that were forced to be written out of the original arc, and deliver a much more satisfying conclusion to the story.  This may or may not lead to more Knuckles miniseries in the future, nothing is set in stone yet. In order to accomplish these daunting tasks, we have assembled a team of talented writers and artists to work on these stories.  They will be made like an official comic, with our scripts first being written and edited, then penciled, inked, colored and lettered.  This is obviously a time-consuming process, but it is our hope that it will be worth the wait.  As one of the writers for the project, I can safely say we have some very cool stuff planned, and am looking forward to showing it off to the public.  It should be stressed that this project is not being made out of spite for the reboot of the official comic, we just want to be able to continue a story that we feel wasn't given a proper conclusion.  We currently have two issues of Mobius Legends finished, with a third one soon on the way, and we're also fairly close to finishing StHO #248.  You can check out everything we have over at our website, http://archiesoniconline.com/.  I'll wrap this up with a sneak peek of the cover for 248: Thanks for listening, and happy reading!
  7. Alright, here's the other brand new game revealed at Sonic's 25th Anniversary Party. There's no official name yet, so for now it's being referred to as 'Project 2017' (Now known as Sonic Forces): There's really not much at all revealed in the trailer (and rightfully so, since it's over a year away). All we know so far is that: - Giant, seemingly-mass-produced Death Egg Robots are destroying a city. - Sonic isn't happy, and is ready to challenge whoever's responsible (most likely Eggman). - Yes, Classic Sonic is returning to aid his present-self for this new fight. - Something about a Resistance...? That tagline's gotta mean something, right? - It's scheduled to release in the Holiday season of 2017. - No, this ISN'T Generations 2! Takeshi Iizuka deconfirmed this before the trailer was even shown. (With the recent gameplay reveal, though... it totally is!) I don't really have much to say about this game currently, since there's so little information on it right now. But what about your thoughts?
  8. This thread is dedicated for the cartoon Sonic Boom only. For other posts, please refer to other threads. http://www.tssznews....c-boom-cartoon/ It may be a rumor, though. The Pony reference makes me wanna throw up. (My opinion!)
  9. What if the comics continued?

    While I'm not the biggest fan of the reboot, I do like the concept of the new world that was made. Don't get me wrong, I miss the old Archie characters, but sometimes more is less. With that said, what are some things that you would have liked to see if the comic still continued.  Right off the bat I feel having the comic go to 1 story per issue instead of 2 would have drawn me back in, as having 2 stories felt distracting and like too much was going on. Story wise I would like to see Tails and Sonar (the green fox) interact with each other. Shipping aside I feel the two would just have good "work together" chemistry, and I'd like to see her be a part of Tails sky force team.
  10. Babylons: Book 1

    Authors note: Allen is not my character, she is a character made by Gloria (Rondineviola). I have gotten her permission to use her character in this story.   The south Pacific holds something that not many people know about. Something that’s not on any map made at the time and something that very few know about. It’s not a sea creature, or a giant underwater portal, but an island. Kokko island finds itself being nothing more than a speak in the large South Pacific Ocean. The island had a main land, and then some off shore places. The main land held things like mountains and caves, even a river while the off shore area held little to nothing exciting. As stated before, not many people knew about this island, and the few that did keep it a secret. The island to them was like the ultimate resort, nobody knew about it, and for the most part it was free to go there. Of the few people who knew about this island was a side kick of a blue hedgehog, Tails the fox. As fun as it was to tag along with Sonic, Tails thought it would be best to take a break. Sonic did seem somewhat annoyed that the four year old tagged along with him, and kept following him everywhere he went. With his plan Tails flew back to the island he was very fond of… Up on Polly Mountain, there was a group of birds that lived there. Polly mountain was a popular place for these birds, as they felt it was a nice area where they could land and relax before taking off to wherever else they wanted to go, or simply stay. After all, the island was in the perfect spot, it was always warm and barely any storm clouds came near the area. While most came in groups, one came alone…this one being a bird named Allen. Dispute the name, Allen was a female, at the same age of Tails Allen really didn’t know much about her past, let alone how she got on the island. All that was known about Allen to the other birds was that she didn’t exactly have a clean slate. Things would go missing in the birds pockets, food would be there one second, and then gone the next. Any kid that messed with her would also get a rude awakening as well. Her days may have been full of goofing off and stealing things, but little did she know she was going to be a part of an adventure in the future…   Tails didn’t really travel far on Kokko Island. Besides the bullies and people who would call him a freak over his two tails, he had everything he needed in the house he made for himself. It wasn’t big and it wasn’t much, but it would be wear Tails would build inventions and work on things. It was a hobby of his. Tails pulled up a chair and began working on his robot dog he nicknamed t-pup. “Who needs friends when I can make one?” he said to himself. Meanwhile up Polly mountain, Allen’s days of stealing things were about to finally catch up to her. While lying against a tree, she heard footsteps approaching her.  In front of her stood 3 very unhappy birds. Allen only opened one eye to look at them, before closing them again. “How may I help you boys?” she said in a snarky tone. “Yeah, we’d like our stuff back…” one of the birds, an eagle, said while stepping closer to Allen. Allen responded back with a short “ha”. “What makes you goons think that I would give you guys you’re stuff back…let alone the fact that I have it?” The eagle picked up Allen by the collar and pulled her close to his face. “Whoa, whoa, whoa now buddy, you wouldn’t hit a girl would you?” “Funny, seeing as you have a boy’s name…” said one of the other birds, a blue hawk. “Now, now, we can settle things peacefully…” Allen said, before poking the eagle in the eye and running off. “Yo ed! You ok?” the pigeon bird said. “What the hell do you think? GET HER!” Allen ran as fast as her little legs could carry her as she heard the footsteps of the birds behind her. It didn’t help that these boys were older than her. Allen found herself rolling down the hill before landing near a house. Not wasting any time, Allen quickly got into the house. Dispute Tails being in the house at the moment, he was asleep, curled up on a ball on the couch, exhausted from all the work he did working on inventions. It did drain a lot out of him. “Where’d she go?” Ed asked. “I don’t know, you think she might have gone into that house?” the pigeon responded. “Probably…I don’t even know who the hell would live down here…” “What if it’s some creepy old dude?” “Shut it Pete.” The two looked around the house, before hearing something off in the distance. “That must be her…” The trio left, going off into the direction that the sound came from, completely ignoring and not even looking further into the open window that Allen got into. Allen whipped the sweat from her forehead and decided to take a look around the house. “I mind as well call this place home…no way are those 3 goanna let me back up to Polly Mountain in piece…” While exploring the house however, Allen found out that she wasn’t the only one here. Allen almost jumped and let out a scream as she saw Tails on the couch, curled up sleeping. Looking longer caused her panic to turn into awe as she approached the sleeping fox. She couldn’t help but find it cute how Tails was curled up in a ball sleeping. He looked so peaceful. Allen carefully started petting the fox, almost as if he was a dog or cat. Tails seemed to not mind at all, smiling in his sleep as he was getting pet. “This fox kid is cute…really cute…” she thought to herself. After petting Tails for a while, Allen looked outside of the house. The area around it wasn’t that bad, a bit better than the rocky hills of Polly Mountain. “Sorry Polly Mountain, but I think I’ll be sticking to this place from now on…” Allen said to herself.   Tails awoke from his slumber before the sun rose. He looked around to find that it was a sort of dark blue outside. “Mmmmh, man…working really drains me…” he said to himself. He got up and stretched before going outside to catch some fresh air, and splash some water on his face. On his way out, he spotted Allen, who was up against a tree asleep. Tails went over to tap Allen on the shoulder. “hmm…” “Hey…you ok?” Allen opened her eyes and almost jumped as she saw who stood before her. “OH…oh…uh…hi…” she said awkwardly. “Ummm…hey, what’s your name?” Tails asked. “Allen…” “Allen? Isn’t that a boy’s name?” “So? You have a problem with that!” Allen said, jumping to her feet and getting in Tails face. “Oh…no, no, I like it.” Tails said. Allen blushed a bit at the statement. “Um…well, thanks…” she said. “You’re welcome…” “Uh…by the way, do you mind if I stay here? I’m sort of in some hot water at my home.” “Where is your home?” “Just up the mountain. I live around Polly Mountain. How I got there I don’t know, I just know that I’ve been there since and have…well, sort of gotten myself into some trouble.” “What kind of trouble?” Tails said, cocking his head to the side a bit. “Nothing really bad…just…stole some stuff…” Tails gave a bit of a disapproving look at Allen. Before things could get awkward, Allen quickly changed the topic. “Have you been here your whole life?” “Well yeah, sort of…this is sort of a vacation spot for me. I arrived here after helping my pal Sonic defeat this evil guy named Doctor Robotnik.” “Really?” Tails nodded. “Lucky fox, he’s gone on an awesome adventure beating up some guy with his friend and I was stuck here doing nothing but steal from the other idiots on this island.” Allen thought to herself. “Anyway…I was goanna go near the stream and wash my face off, you want to come with me?” “Sure…” And with that, the two new friends made their way to the lake, both feeling a bit more positive after meeting one another. On board a giant ship, sat the Grand battle Kukku. The bird sat at his chair thinking to himself. He was deep in thought, with himself. “What seems to be the problem?” one of the battle Kukku birds asked. “The problem is trying to find the chaos emeralds!” the grand said, slamming his fist down. “These things are something I desire greatly! Imagine how much more powerful we would be if we were able to get all of them!” “I think I know where there’s at least one of them…” The grand turned around to face Dr. Fukurokov. Grand wasn’t exactly pleased to see the mad scientist. He was just that, mad, and the Grand didn’t have time for the scientist crazy idea’s. “What now…” Grand battle kukku said in an annoyed voice. “I believe I found one of the 7 chaos emeralds. It’s on an island, a small little island known as Cocoa Island. I’ve done my research of locations of the emerald, and this place is where it should be. I’m almost certain!” “Alright…we’ll go there…but I’m warning you right now if we don’t find anything…you’re done for.” The grand said, pulling the doctor closer as he did. “Understood?” “Yes sir…” “Good…” The grand battle kukku ordered the ship to fly towards the island. Dispute her attitude at times, Tails and Allen seemed to get along really well. Tails and her would explore the other parts of the island, while trying to avoid the bullies. Allen would head up to Polly Mountain only with Tails as his sort of protective person, although most of the time it doesn’t work out for her. Things were going smoothly until Tails saw a giant ship coming towards the island. This caught him and Allen off guard. “What the heck?” Allen said. “That’s one big ship…” The two watched as the ship landed near the island, just off the coast of it. “I got a bad feeling about that ship…” Tails said. Tails feeling was right. As soon as the ship landed, the Kukku army got out and started charging towards the island. “I want that island searched inside and out! I don’t care what you have to do or what you have to destroy! Find me the chaos emerald that’s allegedly on this island!” Grand battle Kukku gave a cold glance back at the scientist as he said allegedly.  Dr. Fukurokov gave a nervous smile as he saw the Grand Battle Kukku look at him. The Kukku army birds swam towards the island, and once on it, started throwing bombs everywhere. “What the heck was that?” Allen said, looking around panicking. “I don’t know, sounded like an explosion!” The army continued to throw bombs, looking all around at the holes they made to see if there were any chaos emeralds underneath. “You guys find anything?” one of the birds said. “Nope…” “Keep looking!” Tails started flying up to the sky before Allen stopped him. “Tails what are you doing?” “I’m going to check out whatever that noise is!” “What? Are you crazy?” “I’m sorry Allen, but I need to protect this island. It’s like a second home to me.” With that, Tails flew off, leaving Allen looking up at him worried. “That fool!” she said to herself, before chasing after him. Tails saw from above the birds that were throwing bombs all around the island, followed up by them searching the ground. “What the heck are they doing?” Tails said to himself. He continued to follow the birds around until they reached near the lake. “You think one of the chaos emeralds would be in the lake?” one of the birds asked. “Well, there’s only one way to find out…” “Oh no…” Tails thought to himself. Before one of the birds could drop the bomb, Tails quickly swooped down and grabbed it, before dropping it down on the army birds, sending them flying. “What the hell!” said one of the battle kukku birds. “Who the heck do you think you are throwing that bomb at us!” “My name is Miles Tails Prowler, and I’m not going to let you destroy my island…” “We’ll just see about that!” One of the birds grabbed a bomb and tried throwing it at Tails, only for Tails to catch it and throw it back at him, causing him to jump out of the way, almost being hit by the bomb. Allen watched on threw some bushes, impressed that the two tailed fox (about her age), was standing up to the army of birds. “Wow…” was all she could say. Tails flew away causing the birds to chase after him. “Get back here you little brat! Nobody bombs us and gets away with it!”   One of the army birds slowly got up in a cave, holding his head. “Erm…damn that stupid fox. The Grand Kukku is going to kill us if we continue to get are butts kicked by that little twat!” The bird looked around, trying to figure out where he was when he saw something shinning nearby. Grabbing his attention, the bird quickly ran towards it. “Please be what I think you are…please be what I think you are…” the bird said running over to it quickly. He quickly grabbed it and indeed, it was what he thought it was: a chaos emerald. “Yes…Yes!” he shouted, echoing in the cave. The bird quickly stumbled out of the cave and looked around. “Finally…a chance for me to gain some recognition and fame from the other bird brains!” Just as he was about to take off, Speedy flew down and grabbed the emerald. “Hey!” the bird shouted up. “I found it first!” Speedy just stuck his tongue out and flew off back to the ship.   Allen ran around the island looking for Tails. She looked up in the sky and around her. “Tails! Tails where are you!” She shouted, looking around quiet franticly. She finally saw him up on a tree. “Come on you freak! Come down and face us!” “Make me!” Tails said, crossing his arms, sitting on top of the tree. Just as one of the birds was going to throw a bomb up, the sound of a plan from up above could be heard. Tails looked up and saw the giant Battle Kukku ship. “What the…” “It’s the ship, looks like we gotta get back!” said one of the birds. Before flying up the bird threw the bomb at Tails, just in time as it caused him to fall down from the tree. “TAILS!” Allen ran towards where Tails was, but before she could get there, the gust of wind knocked her back into the ocean. “Help!” she shouted as she tried to stay above the water. Every time she popped up she would see the ship take off and the island get further and further away. The tide was too strong… “Leave it to my son to find the chaos emerald while all you idiots goof around!” the battle kukku shouted at his army. “But-“ spoke up the army bird who originally found it. “NO BUTS! As disappointed in you guys as I am, I am glad to have this emerald…” he said, putting it in his hand and looking at it with a wide smile. “I can feel the power from the emerald in my hand…”             
  11. Greetings, This post is one of my first posts in this forum. So I guess you can call me a noobie at this time lol. Anywho, the name is Rell, and I'd been a Sonic fan going back to the Sega Genesis days (along with the first two cartoons). In fact, I believe that Sonic is the best video game mascot ever. Anywho, I had been working on my on Sonic the Hedgehog fan fic for a number of months now. At this point in time, I'm currently on break from writing Sonic fan fics because 1) I'm waiting to see how the current story line ends 2) I find the current story line a bit frustrating (with the second Sonic/MegaMan crossover splitting it up) 3) I'd been working on my Yu-Gi-Oh! fan fic (and I'm almost done with that). At this point in time, I'd written 19 Arcs (or chapters) for my Sonic fan fic, and I'd written 6 different fan fics (with a 7th on its way in the coming weeks). What I would like to do is post those Sonic fan fics (and maybe the others) here in the forum. Basically, my Sonic fan fics will hold true to the events that occurred and will occur in the Archie's Sonic comics. The only difference is that I had added new characters & stories to the equation. Another difference is that my fan fic will mostly focus on my characters and how they interact with the canon characters, along with the roles they have in the canon storylines. Furthermore, I'd incorporated my own stories into the fan fic that doesn't change or alter the direction of the canon storyline as well. What I would like to do is post my Arcs on a weekly basis. All my fanfics are up on on other forums and seeing that this is purely a Sonic forum, I would like to post them here. If anyone is interested in reading them (and/or my non-Sonic work), feel free to post your interests here. With that out the way, I'm glad to be here & I hope to hear from some of you soon. XD
  12. Although the fans of Shard the Metal Sonic may be very vocal, there aren't nearly as many as I would hope, so fanart of Shard is pretty scarce. I decided to dedicate my time playing Minecraft to Shard, but there were no good Shard skins. So, I made my own. It's not perfect, especially in the shading department, but I figured I'd share it here anyways. http://www.planetminecraft.com/skin/shard-the-metal-sonic-3877283/
  13. I was curious regarding which sonic games YOU think are the best. I'd like three because Sonic is too awesome to have one best game ^^ (Spinoffs are included) I'll start~ >Sonic 3 and Knuckles >Sonic Unleashed and >Sonic Adventure 2 Yeah, go on.
  14. apologize to any mods if this topic is in the wrong place or area. do you guys think that there should be anther sonic riders game? i know the last game sucked (because some idiot wanted to make it with the connect.) but i think that there should be anther game, on the wii or nintendo NX, that doesn't use any motion control. characters would be: sonic tails knuckles cream rouge shadow jet wave storm sticks amy metal sonic doctor eggman sonic the wearhog and maybe even some of the satam characters like sally and rotor. what do you guys think? should we see anther sonic riders game, or was the last so bad you'd rather not want seconds.
  15. apologize to any mods who think this is in the wrong posting place. and before anyone gets bent out of shape it's the sonic fan base we're talking about. so what do you guys hate about the sonic fan base? for me it's lack of people accepting others opinions. instead of a respectful why i don't disagree with you, it's "you should feel bad and never step foot on the internet noob." this is especially bad in the shipping part of it... so what do you guys dislike about the sonic fandom?
  16. Sonic the hedgehog timeline (comic)

    So i am trying to figure out the timeline and the order of reading the comics since alot of them mostly the early issues have come back out in a release. While I havent followed in a few years i have gotten back into wanting to read the series. I know theres some isse with having to get some other issues that are yet to be released, but what is the exact timeline of events that happens?    It seems now with the special im reading theres now a pre something timeline a future timeline and the sonic universe timeline in the far far future. It isnt making much sense but the only one I can tell that is in its own is the sonic boom timeline. Any help regarding this and where some of the new characters like nicole came from? Thanks. 
  17. Make a terrible sonic fanfic!

    Greetings to all! So, I thought of some idea for a new funny game and a pal said that terrible fanfics are funny. (Which they are.) so, I decided this. I'll start a story and you, very casually, continue this as if you're a terrible fanfic writer. Rules:- 1) remember, don't be serious, just write casually. Something random and funny. 2) don't give TOO much importance to punctuation, spellings or anything, tbh. 3) I know you do, but act like you don't like sonic. 4) don't hate me. So, I'll start:- Sonic was staring at knuckles. Suddenly knuckles too a fishing net and threw it on sonic. Son was helpless! But then, a red charming hedgehog came- he grabbed and rescued sonic. When sonic said thanks he punched sonic and said he is the best. Then he flew because he was red and decided jump at knuckles TO BE CONTINUED BY THE NEXT USER.
  18. Lady Alison (OC)

        [BIO]   "Lady Alison is the "fraternal" twin sister of Queen Aleena of the kingdom of Mobodoon.   Alison is (in many ways) the polar opposite of her sister in personality, behavior and beliefs.   unlike Aleena, who treats everyone, from Nobility to Peasantry, as equals.   Alison is a more traditional royal in that society demands "Separation of Classes".   due to the fact that Alison and Aleena had conflicting social views,   the two sisters often didn't get along too well, and began to drift apart as the years went by.   when their parents, King Maverick and Queen Sophia, died prematurely from a sudden illness.   one of the sisters were chosen as a successor to the throne of Mobodoon.   despite being the same age (Seventeen), Aleena was chosen as the new queen over Alison   as Aleena was technically older than Alison by only "five Minutes".   Needless to say, Alison wasn't too pleased that her was to be queen, and not her.   a displeasure that only worsened when Aleena decided to make some "changes" to the kingdom   (banning the use of money in favor of a barter system, making all people equal, ect.)   disgusted that her own sister was throwing away years of tradition, Alison left the kingdom   (vowing to return to "clean up her sister's mess" once Aleena's reign as queen failed.)   Alison made a new residence in Soleanna, the only known human monarchy on Mobius.   and, during that time was quite surprised when Aleena's reign lasted at least a decade   until the Robotnik War started, and Queen Aleena and her family became wanted fugitives.   By the end of the Robotnik War (and, the beginning of the new "Eggman War")   Alison decided to reunite with her sister upon learning she had married a human, and had a child with him as well.  When she arrived, Alison became infatuated with her sisters husband.   finding Alan Zander to be the personification of a "Shining Knight"   It wasn't long until Alison became envious of her sister.  jealous that SHE had the perfect husband, and a child who was famed for being the first "Mobilander" Consumed by the "green eyed monster", Alison hatched a scheme claim Alan for herself. Pretending to want to spend more time with her sister and niece, Alison took Aleena and Tiana on a picnic out in the Green Hills on the outskirts of the city. Alison then used a portable trans-dimensional device to send them both to The Void, and, hired some Dingo Mercenaries to make It look as if she was ambushed. Alan was devastated upon hearing of the "tragic deaths" of his wife and daughter. and, despite feeling mildly guilty herself..Alison continued with her deception, taking advantage of Alan's broken heart, and manipulating the man into falling in love with her. in a few months, Alison finally had what she wanted. Alan had married her, she had become Queen, and her pregnancy promised a new "hope" for Mobian/Human peace. Unfortunately, Alison's scheme unraveled when Aleena and Tiana miraculously returned, and revealed her deception to a very shocked Alan. trapped, Alison confessed her crime, and true intentions. but, she was remarkably forgiven for her transgression..and, offered a second chance. Alan re-married Aleena..and, Alison was invited to live with them. Alison's daughter was born, and raised (for the time being) to believe that Aleena was her mother. despite her crime, Aleena gave her sister permission to re-marry Alan should anything ACTUALLY happen to her.'  ***  This is my newest idea for my Sonic Fanon that I feel will be successful.  the creation/introduction of Queen Aleena's Sister.  Firstly, I can't take full credit for the design of the character.  a majority of it is based on a prototype character design for Queen Aleena herself  back when the show Sonic Underground was still in development: http://drawloverlala.deviantart.com/art/Proto-Aleena-447331434  I made some alterations here and there.  But, at heart, the character's look is completely drawn from source material.  In terms of personality, Aleena and Alison are meant to be perfect opposites royally.  with Aleena being an "Idealistic Queen", and Alison as a more "Realistic" one.  Alison is in no way a bad person..she just has very dated beliefs in how a Queen/Princess SHOULD behave.  and, one that quite obviously conflicts with Aleena's more Fair and Modern beliefs.  Ironically, the only canon character who is similar enough to her is Sonia Hedgehog (Sonic's Siser)  who due to her aristocratic upbringing, can sometimes come off as "stuck-up" and "snooty"  yet, she isn't a horrible person, either.  based on the theory that Aleena may not be a full bred hedgehog (she has no quills)  I made Alison's mixed species more apparent that Aleena presumably is.  I classify Alison's species as a "Hedgemouse" (Half Hedgehog, Half Mouse)  
  19. What do you guys think has been some of the best we've seen of Sonic this year, along with some of the worst? For me, the best news includes Sonic 2017 and mania.   The worst comes from things mostly because of the fan base, the bad side at least. I don't mean to harp on them all the time, but when a fan base makes fun of a cancer survivor and causes drama every other week, you will have problems...
  20. Removed Characters?

    So I've heard that after the reboot happened, many characters were cut/killed off due to copyright issues with one of the writers. They all seem to be comic exclusives though, like Scourge or Fiona. Are there any of the older comic characters left, or do the newer comics just have the SEGA and SatAm cast?
  21. I have a question

    So I've been reading the Archie Sonic comics lately (currently finished issue 76), and to be honest, they just don't really interest me. I understand that it's basically a comic book version of Sonic SatAM with it's darker tone and drama, but I just can't really get into it (not saying it should be super wacky and filled with cringe-worthy puns like back when the comic first started, but still).  However, I've seen bits and pieces from some of the newer comics (specifically the ones that take place after the reboot), and they seem more up my ally from what I've seen so far. They seem to be a perfect blend of comedy and action, and I appreciate the little references to the SEGA games. I'm intrigued to quit reading the older comics and begin reading the new ones, but at the same time I wanna see how things unfold in the Sonic-verse. So I don't know, should I keep reading, or no?
  22. I am sure plenty of people are talking about this subject. but I feel I must be one of them. So, anyway. "Sonic Mania", and the mysterious "Project Sonic 2017." Firstly. Great to see Sega producing new Sonic games that are more original and NOT a cheap tie-in to the Sonic Boom cartoon (Sega's equivalent to a "Videogame based on a Superhero Movie" gimmick.) and it certain brings something for everyone to enjoy.. Sonic Mania appears to be yet another nostalgia trip like 'Sonic 4' was with the return to Sega Genesis styled side scroll, from A-to-B, Sprite gaming. the trailers alone makes it difficult for me to tell if 'Mania' is a remake of prior classics, or something entirely new (they claim it is new, with some old levels being remade. So I guess it's a bit of both.) But I think what everyone is really talking about isn't Sonic Mania. but more of Project Sonic 2017. the NOT sequel to Sonic Generations, which again has Modern and Classic Sonic teaming up. Now, apart from the trailer being "theatrical" (I hesitate to use the word "Epic", so to not seem predictable) what people are really talking about was the tagline at the end: "Join the Resistance", which is starting quite the buzz. Mainly, people are under the impression that this new game may either be based on or at least have elements from the Archie Sonic comic book series in it. Wishful thinking, I know. but could this really be fact? I mean. I am all for a videogame adaptation of the comic series (which to be honest, has more story and drama than the prior games had) but, the question is that: are we (the fans) reading TOO MUCH into this one line of text? I mean, the game won't even be due out until 2017. and, even then, the release date is sketchy. being given the placeholder of "Holiday 2017" (heck, they haven't even chosen a proper title yet!) Still..It's a fun thought. be great to have Sally, or Bunnie as a playable character for once. but regardless on whether this will be the case, the game looks promising. I mean. I am certain it won't be a repeat of Sonic '06. (whose only problem was being a rushed title that was released incomplete.) I am confident that by Christmas of next year (I am assuming) will give Sega plenty of time to work on the game. (at the very least, far longer than they are working on Sonic Mania. which has a Spring 2017 release date.)  
  23. Your opinions on the new comics

    So far, I think these new comics are really interesting. They really had done a great job of following the Sonic Unleashed story. Sure they changed it up a bit, but things can be changed. Besides, there's more characters.   What do you guys think of them?
  24. The Future of Archie Sonic at Risk?!

    I feel confident to write this thought and opinion without much problems. Mainly, I can't help but feel concerned over the future of Archie's Sonic the Hedgehog comic book series. This is a legitimate feeling. as lately, I have noted that the Revamped Archie Sonic series has mainly been focused on adaptions of Sonic games (quite literally opening with 'Sonic Unleashed') this is understandable. as after "The Incident" that led to the New 52/Flashpoint reboot in the first place. Archie had to play things safe, and focus on official Sega properties given the loss of 90% of their original content. My main concern is AFTER then run out of existing material to adapt to..what's going to happen next?? I know they are trying their hardest to salvage the comic series. but, is the series really dying off? Is it only a matter of time before they'll HAVE to end the comic? I dunno. I'm just thinking out loud, and expressing my worries over the comic's future.
  25. My First Post!

    Aye, this is my first time creating a post on here! Glad to see you all, and I hope you're having a wonderful time! I probably won't start doing more posts till maybe tomorrow. I have to say, i enjoy this site a lot! Especially since it lets us read the comics without wasting a darn cent! I'm pretty sure I'll like being on here and hopefully meet some nice peeps! Anyway, adiós