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The best and the worst of Sonic 2016

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What do you guys think has been some of the best we've seen of Sonic this year, along with some of the worst? For me, the best news includes Sonic 2017 and mania.


The worst comes from things mostly because of the fan base, the bad side at least. I don't mean to harp on them all the time, but when a fan base makes fun of a cancer survivor and causes drama every other week, you will have problems...

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Eh, I really don't think enough has happened with the Blue Blur this year to really make a solid decision. If I had to choose though, best would be the announcement of Sonic Mania and their other project, and the worst is... pffft, I dunno... Sonic Boom: Fire and Ice? World's better than the last Sonic Boom games, but still EXTREMELY mediocre.

If we're talking JUST the comics, I'd probably put the best as the "Eggman's Dozen" arc in Sonic Universe and the worst being Sonic #280. The prior because Eggman's elite are all well fleshed out characters that bounce off each other EXTREMELY well and lay the foundation for future drama with them, the later being because I don't think they did enough with Chip to really warrant the emotional attachment they try to push on us in the issue.

EDIT: Wait a second, how could I have forgotten the sound of 25 years of Sonic? I... don't know if that was the best or the worst this year, TBH.

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