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    Arc Twenty-Two: The War within the Gaia War
    With the events of Worlds Collide out the way, Sonic and the Freedom Fighters focused on locating the Gaia Keys after having 6 of the 7 Chaos Emeralds in their possession. Furthermore, they were also looking for the Gaia Temples as well. Also, the Freedom Fighters were joined by Chip, who is really the Light Gaia but lost his memory of that fact. Meanwhile, Amy was paired up with Knuckles as he had to retrieve the pieces of the Master Emerald, put the emerald back together, and bring it back to Floating Island (which was still floating without the emerald due to the current state of the world). However, if the world was repaired by use of the Chaos Emeralds and the Gaia Temples, then Floating Island would fall. However, our heroes had to deal with Eggman, his Egg Bosses & armies, and Walter (formerly Ixis) and Wendy Naugus. Meanwhile, Spotland would get caught up in deal with Dark Gaia, but in a completely different and unexpected way.
    Turbo the Cheetorian Issue #71 (During Sonic the Hedgehog issue #276)
    "The Unforgotten War part 1: The Return"
    Velocity and Jason were having a conversation with Turbo, who was onboard the Sky Patrol. The Cheetorians were busy dealing with Dark Gaia monsters and Kano & his armies, along with Dark Turbo surfacing at times. So, it was a nice change of pace for them to focus on saving the world with their allies. Although they had to defend the kingdom from Dark Gaia monsters at night, Velocity was pleased with Turbo helping their allies locate the Gaia Temples, or helping Knuckles locate the pieces of the Master Emerald. Turbo noted that every time they were about to save the world, someone, or something, would show up at Spotland and interfere. At that exact moment, a group of dark-looking Mobians appeared at a view point of Spotland. Among the huge group, three of them were in front. Two of them were talking among themselves about taking over Spotland and eliminating the Cheetorians. The third, the youngest of the three, just simply looked on. Back to the royal Cheetorians, the trio were continuing their conversation as Turbo gave them the current status on the plan to save the world. Right when Turbo was about to end his convo and sign off, a guard rushed in, telling Jason & Velocity that Dark-looking Jaguarians were attacking. All three were shocked when they heard the news. Jason told Turbo that they could handle it and that Turbo should stay with the Freedom Fighters, despite Turbo's protest. Jason signed off as Turbo was yelling to no use. Sally, overheard the last part of the conversation, told Turbo to go save his people. He nodded, apologized for leaving. Before he could finish his apology, Sally hugged her best friend, telling him that he's okay and to be careful. Shortly, Turbo transformed into Super Turbo and flew out the Sky Patrol, heading towards Spotland. Back at Scotland, the battle was taken place. However, this one was a battle that Scotland was winning. This was because Spotland's opponents were holding back. In fact, their two leading commanders weren't fighting, but supervising. As the fighting was going on, one of the Jaguarians was barely fighting himself. Instead, he was looking for something. He managed to make his way inside the palace. He made it to the entry way to the balcony where he found what he was searching for. Leaning on the railing was a concerned Velocity.
    Turbo the Cheetorian Issue #72 (During Sonic the Hedgehog issue #276)
    "The Unforgotten War part 2: The Teaser"
    As the war between Spotland and some of the Jaguarians continued, Velocity looked on from the royal balcony. She was suggested by Jason to not take part in the battle, as she sensed two strong powers who were in Spotland, but were not taking part in the battle. The fear was that if she did take part, then the two powers would overwhelmed Spotland. However, she sensed another power behind her & saw that a Jaguarian was standing right behind her. Sensing that he was weaker than her, she didn't transform right away. The Jaguarian introduced himself as Romerus, the younger brother of the Jaguarian's Viceroy. He told her that he just wanted to talk to her & get to know her as he was not by her side. However, she was more concerned with her people, telling him to convince the Jaguarians to leave. Romerus told her that he have no control over his brother's intentions, and especially have no say when it came to his king. At that moment, Jason came to the scene. He saw the Jaguarian standing alongside Velocity. Jason rushed in & stood between the two, staring down Romerus. Putting two and two together, Romerus figured that this Cheetorian was in love with Velocity as well. He told the two that he would leave, but warned Jason to back off. The two were confused by that statement as they watched him leave the balcony by flying off. On the ground, the two head Jaguarians were overseeing the battle as they noticed Romerus flying off. Apparently, they deduced that he found the princess. Once they saw her (not really focused on Jason) at the balcony, they were going to go pay her a visit. However, they sensed a power that was coming their way. Figuring to be Turbo, the Jaguarians' leader ordered his men to step down & fall back; which they did. As the troops were leaving, Super Turbo arrived at the scene. Velocity and Jason saw him and they both took off towards his location. Super Turbo demanded that the two Jaguarians stated their business as he saw their men leave. One of the Jaguarians spoke, introducing themselves. The one speaking was Nylox, king of all Jaguarians. The one standing beside him was Jolice, his Viceroy. Nylox told Super Turbo that the Jaguarians planned to take over Spotland and to eliminate the Cheetorians, and made reference to the old feud between the Cheetorians and the Jaguarians. As Nylox was telling the story, Super Velocity (who transformed to arrive) and Jason arrived to hear the story as well. Super Velocity told them of a Jaguarian that she met a few minutes ago, and they told her that she met their enforcer, Romerus; and that he was Jolice's younger brother. At this point, Super Turbo was willing to fight Nylox as he told the Jaguarian king that his plans were going to be foiled. At that moment, Super Turbo was having a hard time functioning; confusing the two Jaguarians. Super Velocity and Jason knew what was going on, and were concerned. Hearing Super Turbo's threat prior to him having trouble maintaining his posture, Nylox was willing to fight at that moment. Due to some quick thinking, Super Velocity grabbed Super Turbo's hand and the two siblings fused at that moment. The two Jaguarians were shocked to see a fused Super Cheetorian in front of them. When dealing with an opponent that he found worthy or a leader of an opposing army, Nylox thrived of facing them one on one. In this case however, Nylox knew that he couldn't win against the two fused Super siblings. Therefore, he told Jolice that they were leaving. Without debate, Jolice followed his king's orders and the two Jaguarians left Spotland. Jason and the fused Super Cheetorian looked on until the duo were fully off of Spotland grounds & out of plain sight. Once that happened, the fused Cheetorian separated. As Velocity and Jason were checking on Turbo, he informed the two that the darkness inside himself was getting stronger; leaving Velocity and Jason worried. The two helped Turbo back inside the castle. However, from the same viewpoint the Jaguarians were at prior to the battle, Genesis stood and saw what occurred with his nephew. Unlike Genesis from old Mobius that could use Spiritual powers, this one could use Dark Spiritual powers; slightly stronger than before. Genesis could tell that some of Dark Gaia resided inside Turbo. Genesis laughed all evil-like as he made his leave.
    Turbo the Cheetorian Issue #73 (During Sonic the Hedgehog issue #277)
    "Hidden Within the War"
    The Jaguarians resided within a cavern as they were amped up about their recent encounter with the Cheetorians. They were confident that they could eliminate them and take Spotland for themselves. While the Jaguarians talked among themselves, their king, Nylox, was thinking about their revival. When the world broke apart, Dark Gaia's power was scattered across the broken planet. In the process, that power revived the Jaguarians, who were sent to the planet's core. Because they were revived while being next to Dark Gaia, they process his makeup, along with their original strength & soul power. Nylox was conjecturing what would happen if Dark Gaia was revived. Jolice joined him, asking what he was thinking about. Nylox told him his concerned; believing that Dark Gaia could destroy them if he was ever revived, which he saw happening. Jolice agreed that this theory could be a reality, and that they must come up with a plan when that moment arrived. Nylox was thinking of the Cheetorian Crystals or if they could find the Jaguarian Gem, they could stand a chance against a revived Dark Gaia. Suddenly, the commotion turned sour as Nylox and Jolice looked on, wondering what happened. When they got to the rest of the Jaguarians, they were all staring at something. Nylox and Jolice worked through the crowd and reached the front where Romerus was. They couldn't believe what they were staring at as they faced off with a Cheetorian. But this wasn't any Cheetorian, it was Genesis. Back at Spotland, Turbo, Velocity and Jason were discussing what to do about this new threat, referring to the Jaguarians. Despite the fact that there were little to no damage on the property, Velocity suggested that they prepare for an upcoming was. Turbo, who is still a bit angry (due to his first encounter with Nylox and the Dark Gaia inside him) didn't want to hear any of that. Instead, Turbo wanted to take the battle to the Jaguarians. Velocity argued that that they didn't know where they are and the possibility that Kano, Eggman, or Naugus could strike Spotland while the Cheetorian Army were away on a wild-goose chase. Turbo pointed out that they couldn't constantly have enemies bring the fight to Spotland as more damage would be done to the kingdom & it'll make Spotland look weak. As the siblings argued, Jason yelled, forcing the siblings to go silent and pay their attention to Jason. Jason agreed with Turbo in that Spotland could not kept getting attack by their enemies and that they must bring the fight to them. However, Jason also agreed with Velocity in that they had no idea where the Jaguarians were. Jason added on that they shouldn't provoke a battle with Kano's forces while dealing with the Jaguarians, and Eggman currently had his hands full with the Freedom Fighters. Jason suggested that they send a small group to search for the Jaguarians and to report back when they're discovered. The siblings like the idea, and Turbo added on to it, saying that he would lead the way. Velocity didn't like that idea, proclaiming that Turbo would rush in and try to take on all the Jaguarians himself. As Velocity was about to declare that she go in his place, Turbo got in her face reminding her that he's the king and what he said goes. Velocity had an angry, but scared look on her face as she was having an intense stare down with her older brother. However, Jason stepped in and took Velocity's place in the stare down. Jason told Turbo that he should go and lead the group. However, Jason made it clear that Turbo was NOT to engage the Jaguarians. Turbo took a huge breath and walked out the conference room. After leaving, Jason and Velocity was discussing what to do about the Dark Gaia inside Turbo as it's growing inside him. Back to the cavern, Genesis was giving the Jaguarians the load down on his reasoning for appearing before them. Genesis wanted to join them in destroying the Cheetorians. He also warned Nylox that Turbo have some of Dark Gaia inside him, shocking the Jaguarians. Jolice agreed with that theory after seeing Turbo's mannerism during their first encounter. Genesis believed that if Turbo was fully under the influence of Dark Gaia, then he would be hard to defeat. Genesis suggested that he and Nylox take on Turbo together, and that their combine power would defeat Turbo. Hearing that suggestion angered Nylox, as he wanted to face & defeat Turbo alone. Nylox told him off and he had Romerus physically kicked him out the cavern. Genesis was sent flying by Romerus and a few Jaguarians. Genesis was angry because of this once he recovered. His main priority was to get revenge on the Jaguarians himself. He began to wonder how he was going to accomplish that. Underneath Spotland, Velocity and Jason was at her training chambers. This was a new addition to Spotland in comparison to Spotland in old Mobius. Jason was showing the room to her and finally, introduced (or reintroduced) her to her meditation crystal. Not wasting any time, she entered her meditation stance, with the crystal in hand, searching for answers as for how to remove Dark Gaia out of her older brother. Speaking of her older brother, he was leading the group in locating the Jaguarians. However, he was getting frustrated as he wasn't finding anything that could lead to them. Not wanting to snap at his troops, Turbo told them to return back to Spotland. Hesitating a little, they followed his orders and headed back to Spotland. Turbo fell back and tried to calm his mind. After a few minutes of relaxing, he was greeted by his uncle, Genesis. Turbo leaped up and immediately transformed into his Super form. However, Genesis used his Dark Spiritual powers to mess with Turbo's mind. For starters, Genesis used his Dark Spiritual powers to force Turbo to enter his Dark Turbo state. However, Genesis wasn't done, as he used his powers to get Dark Turbo under his control. Because of his latest humiliation he suffered at the hands of the Jaguarians, Genesis wanted revenge against them all. In order for him to do that, he would need an army of his own to command. His plan was to make Turbo turn over the kingdom to him. An hour or so later, Velocity was still at her training chambers. She still couldn't find any conclusion in regards to removing Dark Gaia energy out of her older brother. As she was about to exit the chamber while speaking positively, Jason rushed in with a shocked look on his face. Velocity was confused on what was going on. Jason told her and she immediately took off from the chamber. When Velocity got outside, the citizens of Spotland were gathered in front of the castle. Velocity and Jason got to the front and looked up at the balcony. Velocity was in shocked with what she was witnessing; Dark Turbo was about to hand over the crown to Genesis. Velocity immediately transformed into Super Velocity and flew towards the balcony. She verbally stopped the ceremony. Genesis told her that she had no right to stop it, mentioning that Jason was relieved of his duties as Royal Advisor. Velocity rudely dismissed that statement, saying that she was going to physically prevent this crowning from happening. Dark Turbo handed the crown towards one of his guards and he stepped forward towards his younger sister. Genesis laughed, asked his niece if she's willing to go through her older brother to prevent this. Hesitant, Super Velocity admitted that she had no choice but to do it.
    Turbo the Cheetorian Issue #74 (During Sonic the Hedgehog issues #278-#279)
    "The Sibling War part 1: The Unbelievable Happens"
    Dark Turbo stepped forward, ready to challenge his own little sister. Hesitant, Super Velocity did not step down and was willing to fight her older brother. Super Velocity flew up towards the sky, with her brother following. She did this to prevent as much damage as possible to her kingdom. She eventually stop in her place and looked down, and was shocked at what she was seeing. Her brother was still charging towards her and at a fast pace. At the last second, Super Velocity put up a Spiritual force field and blocked Dark Turbo's attack. He crashed into the force field, pushing her back a bit. As he created a little distance between himself and his sister, he launched a long ki blast at her force field, pushing her back in the process. Super Velocity countered by moving herself out of the way. She removed her force field and looked at her brother, trying to figure out how to snap him back to normal. As soon as he was able to locate his younger sister, Dark Turbo flew towards her. This time, a melee took place as Super Velocity tried to block and dodge all of Dark Turbo's punches and kicks. However, he connected with a few & sent her flying down with a double axe handle smash. Luckily, they were so high up in the ground that she was able to recover and not hit the ground; despite her taking a while to recover from the hit. Expecting her brother to be close by, she prepared an attack. And right on cue, Dark Turbo was getting close to her for another attack. However, she launched her own ki blast and was successful with the attack. Dark Turbo was a bit damaged, but he seemed to not be phased by it. Super Velocity was worried on how she could defeat her brother without seriously injuring him.
    Turbo the Cheetorian Issue #75 (During Sonic the Hedgehog issues #278-#279)
    "The Sibling War part 2: The Momentum Increases"
    As the battle continued, Jason and the other Cheetorians were looking on, hoping for a peaceful solution. Meanwhile, Genesis was watching from atop the castle, pondering if he should get involved in the fight. He was thinking of the possible outcomes of this fight. One scenario that he would like is if Turbo finished his sister off. At that point, no one would stop the duo of Dark Turbo and King Genesis. Another scenario is if the siblings destroyed each other. Both scenarios made Genesis crack a smile. However, his smile disappeared at the thought of Super Velocity defeating her older brother. However, he believed that she would not have it in her to defeat both Dark Turbo and Genesis. So, Genesis decided to watch from afar, for now. At this point, Super Velocity was using all of her energy and Spiritual powers to keep up with Dark Turbo. However, the battle actually picked up, much to everyone's surprise; and Genesis' delight. Everything Super Velocity threw at Dark Turbo would be avoided or mostly countered; while Dark Turbo's attacks would mostly be blocked. With the fight among siblings still going on, Super Velocity was losing energy, and her composure. The fact that she had to fight her brother to this extreme was getting to her. Because of the distraction, Dark Turbo was getting a more clear advantage. His attacks were connecting, putting Super Velocity in a bad position. Seeing the situation, Genesis launched a sneak attack on his niece, locking her in a torture field. With Super Velocity not able to fight off the bond, Genesis ordered his nephew to finish her off. As Genesis was floating behind Super Velocity with a smile on his face, Dark Turbo hesitated for a second before charging towards his sister. However, everyone was shocked to see what had happened next. As Super Velocity had her eyes closed, thinking that she was going to die, Dark Turbo actually flew passed his trapped sister and went straight towards Genesis. Dark Turbo punched his uncle extremely hard, sending him crashing to the ground. At that moment, Super Velocity was free as she was shocked with what happened. However, Dark Turbo resumed his attacked on his sister, forcing her to go on the defensive. When Genesis came too, he was angry with what happened. He wanted to engage in combat with his nephew. However, after seeing Dark Turbo resuming his attack on Super Velocity, Genesis came to the correct conclusion that Dark Turbo wanted to face his sister alone. Back to the fight, Dark Turbo once again had Super Velocity on the ropes. At some point, Dark Turbo knocked Super Velocity to the ground and stood above her; preparing to launch a decisive ki blast. Everyone, minus Genesis, looked on in horror as Dark Turbo had his right hand opened directed at Super Velocity's face; as she displayed a scared look on her face.
    Turbo the Cheetorian Issue #76 (During Sonic the Hedgehog issues #278-#279)
    "The Sibling War part 3: The End Comes"
    With Dark Turbo preparing to finish off Super Velocity, Jason tried to rush towards her aid. However, he wasn't going to make it in time. Meanwhile, Genesis was laughing like a maniac, demanding that Dark Turbo finish her off immediately. At that moment, Super Velocity had a flashback. She recalled Genesis forcing her to fuse with him, and how he had control over their fused body. That flashback gave her an idea as her facial expression changed. As Dark Turbo was charging his attack, Super Velocity used whatever was left of her Spiritual powers to create a force field around her left hand. A second before Dark Turbo launched his attack, Super Velocity used her shielded left hand to grab Dark Turbo's reached out right hand. A bright light and an explosion was on display at their location. Everyone looked on in horror as Genesis was celebrating that he was now going to be king. Jason fell on his knees as he was about to start crying. However, the bright light covered up the explosion, and everyone was shocked. When the light died down, only one Cheetorian stood. But it wasn't Dark Turbo...sort of. Instead, it was the fused Super Cheetorian. Apparently, Super Velocity was able to fuse with Dark Turbo (who was in his super form as well). The fused Super Cheetorian turned its attention towards Genesis, who was very upset for three reasons: the first was that both siblings survived. The second being that they fused, becoming stronger than Genesis; which leads to the third being that Genesis isn't at 100% himself. Having no other options, Genesis tried to escape. However, the Super Cheetorian gave chase, nearly catching up with Genesis. Seeing this, Genesis used his Dark Spiritual powers to teleport away from the area. Not being able to sense Genesis anywhere, the fused Super Cheetorian landed next to Jason, reverted to its normal form, and then defused. Turbo and Velocity were in their normal forms, with Velocity nearly falling due to the beating she took. Turbo caught her and hugged her, apologizing for what he done with tears in his eyes. Jason took a deep breath and smiled as Velocity smiled and shed some tears herself. Afterward, Turbo carried his sister back to the castle with Jason accompanying them. Nearby, Nylox, Jolice and an angry Romerus looked on. Their confirmations were true as Turbo had been affected by Dark Gaia. As Nylox & Jolice discussed what they seen, Romerus was angry with what he seen, declaring that he would kill Jason and Turbo, in order to have Velocity to himself. While Nylox looked on with some excitement of fighting Dark Turbo, Jolice paid attention to his younger brother's attitude; suspecting that Romerus was plotting something of his own.
    Turbo the Cheetorian Issue #77 (During Sonic the Hedgehog issues #281-#282)
    "A Different War part 1: Rivals of Love & Nylox vs. Kano?"
    Kano was in his chambers wondering why he haven't heard from Eggman. Little did he knew, Eggman and his Egg Bosses were on their own adventure against Walter Naugus and his twin sister, Wendy. While waiting, one of his men reported to find an army in a cave 35 miles away. Once the soldier described what they looked like, his guard nearby confirmed that the army in question were Jaguarians. Kano wasn't familiar with the Jaguarians, but the guard heard the history about them. He told Kano the history and how they're abilities work. Not liking what he heard regarding their abilities, Kano ordered his men to gather his army together as they're planning on invading the Jaguarians. Back at the cave, Romerus was sitting alone, thinking of Velocity. His thoughts changed as he was thinking of Turbo and Jason. He became angry and decided to leave the cave. He was heading straight towards Spotland in order to talk to Velocity. Speaking of Velocity, she was training outside the kingdom; healthy after her encounter with Dark Turbo. Romerus sensed her and without hesitation, made his way towards her. While training, Velocity sensed someone coming, but she couldn't tell who or what it was. A few seconds later, she was able to see who she was sensing. She was shocked to see Romerus coming towards her. Not knowing what to expect, she quickly transformed into her Super form and prepared to do battle. However, once Romerus landed, he reassured her that he did not want to fight her. Hearing that, Super Velocity lowered her guard a little. She asked him what he wanted, and he responded by saying that he loved her. Shocked, Super Velocity reverted to her normal form. She asked why he loved her, and he responded by saying that a feeling came over him when he first laid his eyes on her. He went on to convince her to leave Spotland, her brother and Jason to be by his side. Velocity refused, saying that she cherished her people, and that she loved Jason and her brother. As he tried to convince her to side with him a second time, they were approached by Jason. Seeing Velocity's reaction to Jason's arrival, Romerus turned around, automatically challenging Jason for Velocity's hand. However, Jason ignored his challenged and demanded that Romerus leaves. Angry by that response, Romerus charged at Jason. Meanwhile, Jolice noticed that his younger brother was missing. Jolice did a face palm as he figured that Romerus went to go see Velocity. Before taking any type of action, he was approached by Nylox. Nylox talked to Jolice about Romerus's disappearance and Jolice told his king that he was about to go retrieve him. However, Nylox stopped him, confusing Jolice. Apparently, Nylox sensed something coming their way. After Nylox informed Jolice about what he sensed, Jolice was able to sense them as well. The two rallied their army and prepared for the arrival of their unfamiliar foes. Speaking of their unfamiliar foes, Kano was receiving more info on the Jaguarians. Kano was very confident that he and his men would defeat and take over their hideout. Romerus launched a lazy attack Jason, believing that Jason isn't much of a threat. However, Jason easily dodged the attack and countered with a fast attack, sending Romerus back a bit. While Jason didn't have the power like Turbo and Velocity, he was one of the fastest Cheetorians on the planet. Romerus checked on his face, a little shocked that Jason could fight. Not willing to take it easy, Romerus decided to go all out. Seeing this, Velocity was willing to join in & side with Jason. However, Jason told her to let him handle it. She was shocked to hear that, but Jason convinced her to stand on the side for this one. With that out the way, the two rivals charged towards as Velocity looked on with a worried look on her face.
    Turbo the Cheetorian Issue #78 (During Sonic the Hedgehog issues #281-#282)
    "A Different War part 2: Ones and Many"
    The Jaguarians were standing outside their cave as Kano's forces were approaching them. Nylox was confident that his army would prevail. Kano was equally as confident. Instead of both sides attacking, Kano held his army back as he was walking towards the Jaguarians. Jolice determined that the one walking towards them was their leader. Hearing that, Nylox was intrigued and decided to do the same. Jolice sighed as Nylox went to approach Kano. The two leaders were face to face as they didn't say a word for a few minutes. Finally, the silence was broke as Nylox asked Kano who he was and why he arrived at their hideout. Kano introduced himself and told him of his intentions; which were Dr. Eggman's intentions. Not familiar with Dr. Eggman, Nylox brushed off Kano's plans and told him about Dark Gaia's plans on destroying the world. Kano was familiar with Dark Gaia and told him that Dr. Eggman was planning on using Dark Gaia & its powers to conquer the world. The two quickly came to the conclusion that they were going to battle for their respective masters' plans for the world. Nylox yelled for his men to attack, forcing Kano's forces to retaliate and the war was on. Back at Spotland, Turbo was meditating inside Velocity's training chambers. He was trying to figure out how to rid himself of Dark Gaia that was inside him. After trying for a few hours, Turbo was disappointed as he couldn't figure out a way. Knowing that he couldn't give up, he went back to his meditation state and kept on trying. Velocity, meanwhile, watched on as the fight between rivals were on between Jason and Romerus. As typical with Cheetorians and Jaguarians, Jason had the speed advantage & Romerus had the strength/power advantage. Even though Jason could fight, he wasn't as skilled in combat as Romerus. Romerus was starting to get the upper hand in this match. It was obvious to Velocity as she wanted to aid Jason, but he forbidden her from doing so. Back to the war, the Kano forces were pushing the Jaguarians back as Kano and Nylox went at it. Kano was in his mech suit as he and Nylox appeared to be even at this stage of their duel. No one from either side dared to interfere. Despite the war that was going on, Jolice wasn't a part of it. Instead, he was trying to locate his younger brother. It took a few minutes, but Jolice managed to sense Romerus' power and realized that he was near Spotland in a duel of his own. Once he located his younger brother, Jolice took part in the war, instantly powered up. The tide turn in the Jaguarians' favor as Jolice was cleaning house of Kano's forces. With a quarter of Kano's forces defeated by Jolice alone, he deduced that the Jaguarians could handle the rest and took off towards Romerus. Along the way, Jolice came to the conclusion that his suspicions about Romerus liking Velocity were true, and from that, Jolice made it his sworn mission to kill Velocity for Romerus' sake.
    Turbo the Cheetorian Issue #79 (During Sonic the Hedgehog issues #281-#282)
    "A Different War part 3: The End of Duels"
    The war between Kano's forces and the Jaguarians was near its end as Kano's forces were outmatched after Jolice's onslaught. Seeing this, Nylox decided to unleash double the portion of his full power, overwhelming Kano and his mech suit. Eventually, Kano was defeated and ordered his men to retreat. While retreating, Kano warned Nylox that he would meet his end by either Kano himself or Dr. Eggman. Nylox shook that warning off and just laughed, starting to become more engaged in combat; enjoying the thrill of it. Back to the duel, Jason was losing against Romerus as Velocity looked on. It was at the point where Jason was about to be dealt with a final blow. Not willing to stand by no longer, Velocity transformed into Super Velocity and stood between Romerus & Jason. Romerus held back his attack, demanding that she stood down; but she refused. Suddenly, both Super Velocity and Romerus sense Jolice coming. Super Velocity was surprise to sense how strong Jolice was, while Romerus was shocked to sense him coming at all. At the training chambers, Turbo was meditating. His meditation stopped when he sensed a strong power coming towards his sister. Not recognizing it, Turbo transformed into Super Turbo and rushed towards the scene. Back at the scene, Romerus' attention was directly towards the arriving Jolice that his attacked faded. A few seconds later, Jolice arrived, surveying the situation. He quickly turned his attention towards Super Velocity, who was still standing in front of an injured Jason. As he was approaching her, Romerus shocked both Cheetorians as he stood between them and his older brother. Jolice demanded that Romerus stood aside, but Romerus refused, admitting to his older brother that he loves Velocity. Velocity was taken back by the fact that Romerus would side against his older brother for her; Jason was angry of course. Jolice was getting angry himself, but realized that he couldn't have a family feud with Romerus as he was needed in the war against the Cheetorians. Jolice sighed, powered down and told Romerus that they were leaving. Romerus refused to do that. However, all of them, except Jason, sensed a familiar power arriving towards them. It was Super Turbo. Even though Romerus was planning on fighting and killing Turbo, Jolice told him that he wasn't strong enough to stand up against Super Turbo. Realizing that his brother made sense, Romerus powered down and decided to leave. He turned to Jason and told him that he would end him the next time they meet, then took off with Jolice. Sensing them leaving the area, Super Velocity powered down as Super Turbo arrived. They told him what happened and Turbo was about to call Jason out for his actions. However, he sighted and agreed with Jason's decision. The trio made their way back to Spotland. From a location near the Jaguarians' hideout, Genesis was plotting. His plans were to make Turbo his servant again and with the two of them fused into one being, he felt that they could defeat the Jaguarians. He let out an evil laugh as the sun set.
    Turbo the Cheetorian Issue #80 (During Sonic the Hedgehog issues #283)
    "Preparing for the Deciding War"
    Turbo, Velocity and a healthy Jason were watching the secret broadcast that was done by Sally, Sonic and Chip, who turned out to be Light Gaia. She explained to everyone that they had all seven Chaos Emeralds and the seven Gaia Keys. Furthermore, Sally explained that with them, they'd be able to access all of the Gaia Temples at once from only one location. Sally continued that she planned to catch Dr. Eggman off guard and had everyone assault his forces simultaneously around the world for an easy access to the Gaia Temples. These attacks were only to be considered as diversions, long enough to activate each temple. After Sonic made his comments, Chip announced who he really was, and that it was his duty to fix the planet. He also thanked everyone for their bravery up until at that point. When Sally asked if she could count on everyone to help, everyone agreed. However, Turbo denied; shocking everyone who was watching. Turbo explained his and Spotland's current situation to everyone. Upon hearing Turbo's personal Dark Gaia issues, Chip told him that he was helpless in helping Turbo in ridding him of Dark Gaia. Chip said that he was his duty to fix the planet, but not his duty to destroy Dark Gaia. With that said, the transmission ended. While Rotor confirmed that there were no breaches of the signal, Tails Doll was secretly watching and transmitting everything that was said to Dr. Eggman in that broadcast. At the secret hideout, Nylox and Jolice were talking about their upcoming plans against the Cheetorians. They also mentioned Kano, Dr. Eggman, and Genesis. Nylox wasn't worried about Genesis or Kano. However, he figured that Dr. Eggman may be a threat, unless the Jaguarians had assistance from Dark Gaia itself. As for the Cheetorians, Nylox declared that their days were numbered. Little did they knew, two Cheetorians got lucky and located their hideout. Instead of doing anything rash, they rushed back to Spotland. A few hours later, Turbo and Velocity were talking in Velocity's bedroom. They were talking about Jason's desire to fight, let alone fight for Velocity's sake. The two were concerned about his persona when facing Romerus. Turbo entertained the idea of Velocity crushing on Romerus, but she immediately shot that theory down. A few minutes later, Jason rushed in and informed the siblings that two of their men had located the Jaguarians' hideout. With that information, Turbo immediately demanded to get his army ready. Velocity went against it, saying that they don't have a plan of attack, and questioning whether they should attack immediately. Turbo answered back by saying that they're in a cave where there's only one way in; they'll sense them coming, so there was no point of conducting a sneak attack. Turbo asked her that with their hideout now found, would she rather have another battle on Spotland ground or somewhere else. Jason agreed with Turbo's decision, saying that the main priority is to protect Spotland at all cost by, in this case, preventing a war in Spotland. Turbo's demeanor change as he shared the same feelings Velocity did in regards to Jason comments. Turbo asked him if he sided with him so he could face Romerus again. Jason looked away, thinking about it. But he admitted that he wanted another shot at Romerus. Velocity shot down the idea. However, Jason countered by saying that Romerus' older brother wants to face her and Turbo would had to deal with Nylox. In this case, they had no choice but to set up confrontation as Turbo versus Nylox, Velocity versus Jolice, and Jason versus Romerus, with all three of them being underdogs in their respective battles. Not liking the idea, Velocity agreed to the idea. Afterward, the trio began preparations for war. Near the Jaguarians' hideout, Genesis was surveying the area. His plan was to try and draw Turbo out in order to make him his servant again, and fused with him. Genesis took off towards Spotland. Back at Spotland, Turbo, Velocity and Jason were surveying their army as their Royal Knights and Spec Ops were told to stay behind and watch over the kingdom. Turbo was giving his army a speech to get them pumped for the upcoming war. With that out the way, the Cheetorian were making their way towards the Jaguarians' cave. At the cave, Nylox was giving a speech of his own to his men. They were all anxious for the battle. After the speech, Romerus led the army out of the save & towards Spotland. Nylox and Jolice were at the back of the army, talking among themselves. Jolice was planning on fighting Velocity away from the war, mostly away from Romerus, & finish her off himself. While the duo were talking, their army stopped. Jolice and Nylox were confused regarding the army not moving. Jolice and Nylox made their way to the front where Romerus is. As soon as they reached the front, they sensed what Romerus sensed. Recognizing that energy, Nylox decided to go check it out and instructed Romerus to lead the army towards Spotland. Jolice questioned the decision, but Nylox reassured him that everything is fine. With that said, Nylox took off towards the energy reading. Nylox arrived at the location of the energy reading, and Nylox's guess what correct. He was sensing Genesis. The two had a stare down as Nylox was wondering what Genesis was up to. Nylox was stronger than Genesis, but not by much. Still, Nylox asked Genesis what he was up too. Genesis responded by saying that he won't answer until one more showed up. With that said, Genesis powered up as Nylox looked on. At first, Nylox thought that Genesis was going to fight him. However, Nylox could tell from Genesis's posture that Genesis wasn't going to fight him. Meanwhile, the Cheetorians were making their way towards the cave. However, they stopped as they sensed a number of things. Turbo and Velocity sensed a number of energies straight ahead. However, they sensed a strong reading to the west. They both realized that it was Genesis powering up. They also sensed Nylox with Genesis. Turbo, Velocity, and Jason decided what to do about this situation as they deduced that the multiple energies heading their way were the Jaguarians. They came up with a theory that Genesis and or Nylox wanted to draw Turbo away from the Cheetorians. Even though Turbo was tempted, he agreed that he should stick with the army. Furthermore, they decided to stay where they were as if they were to keep going, they would encounter the Jaguarians in the forest. They looked around to see an empty field by a body of water. Back to Genesis, he was getting annoyed as Turbo wasn't coming towards him. Nylox was willing to fight Genesis, mentioning that he wanted a good fight. However, Genesis tempted him of a better fight as Nylox could face a fused Genesis & Turbo. Nylox was shocked at that comment, but he really liked that idea. With his approval, Nylox stayed where he was as Genesis took off towards the Cheetorian army. Turbo & Velocity sensed Genesis coming their way as the Jaguarians were getting close. A few minutes passed as the Jaguarians caught up to the Cheetorians first. Before either side could engage in combat, Genesis landed in between them, demanding Turbo to obey him again. Turbo obviously refused, leading Genesis to use his Dark Spiritual powers on Turbo. Turbo was affected by it, but with Velocity's help (using her Spiritual powers in combination with little Spiritual Power he used), Turbo was immune to Genesis's Dark Spiritual powers. Angered by this, Genesis declared that the two would fused; shocking and confusing the Cheetorians. Jolice stepped forward, demanding Genesis to reveal the location of Nylox. Genesis told him that he's still west from their current location, waiting for him to fuse with Turbo. Turbo instantly figured out what was going on after hearing that. Turbo deduced that Genesis was going to force the two of them to fuse and challenge Nylox to a fight. Genesis confirmed that deduction. Turbo transformed into his super form, telling Genesis that he could defeat Nylox without his uncle's "so-called help." Genesis got angry upon hearing that as an impatient Romerus ordered his army to attack the Cheetorians.
    Turbo the Cheetorian Issue #81 (During Sonic the Hedgehog issue #284 & Sonic Universe issue 87)
    "All Out War part 1: MAYHEM!"
    At this point, Dr. Eggman launched multiple attacks on the Freedom Fighters, stealing the Gaia Keys & the Chaos Emerald, kidnapping Chip, and caused damaged to the Sky Patrol. Elsewhere, Knuckles and Amy Rose are closed to restoring the Master Emerald as they must do that and get the giant emerald back to Angel Island before the worlds were restored; leading to Angel Island falling to the ground, and its destruction (along with whatever's underneath). However, they hooked up with Team Dark (Shadow, Rouge, and E-123 Omega) and must deal with Walter Naugus. Back to the war, the Jaguarians were charging towards the Cheetorians as Genesis caught Super Turbo with a surprise charge, knocking him away from the two armies. The same thing happened to Jason as Romerus went straight towards him. While the armies were going at it, Velocity was going to aid her brother, noting that the original plan was slightly off. However, Velocity was cut off by Jolice, who challenged her to a duel. A few yards away from the war, Super Turbo and Genesis were going at it. As expected, Super Turbo was losing as Genesis was stronger. It also didn't help that Super Turbo was trying to refuse the Dark Gaia inside of him. At this point, things were not going so well for the Cheetorians. Romerus and Jason had a stare down as they were near the armies. Not wasting any time, Jason charged towards Romerus. Jason's punch was caught by the bigger Romerus; though it pushed him back a bit. Romerus grabbed his army and tossed Jason further away from the armies. Back to the armies, the Cheetorians were slightly losing this war as their speed were countered by the Jaguarians' power, not to mention the additional power of Dark Gaia. Jolice was basically toying with Super Velocity as any attack she launched at him was countered with ease. She had a fearful look on her face as she deduced that this was the end of the Cheetorians.
    Turbo the Cheetorian Issue #82 (During Sonic the Hedgehog issue #284 & Sonic Universe issue 87)
    "All Out War part 2: ONE-SIDED!"
    Super Turbo was constantly getting hit with ki blasts and punches from Genesis as he was barely putting up a fight. He sensed what was happening with his army and they weren't faring well themselves. Meanwhile, Jason was actually putting up the best fight among the Cheetorians, but that wasn't saying much as he could do nothing but avoid Romerus's attacks. Jolice got done messing around and launched his attack on Super Velocity. She barely avoided most of the attack, but she was caught and was struck down. The number of Cheetorians falling was growing as Super Turbo could sense it. He had enough and decided to give into Dark Gaia. Once more, Super Turbo became Dark Gaia; ready to give his uncle a good fight. Nearby, Nylox let out an evil laughed as his army was winning. He was more anxious with the battle between Genesis and Dark Turbo, hoping that Genesis could fused with Dark Turbo.
    Turbo the Cheetorian Issue #83 (During Sonic the Hedgehog issue #285 & Sonic Universe issue 88)
    "All Out War part 3: COMEBACK?"
    As the war was going on, the Freedom Fighters were regrouping and were about to launched a counter attack on Dr. Eggman. Meanwhile, Knuckles, Amy & Team Dark were struggling against Walter Naugus and his crystal powers. After an intense stare down, Dark Turbo struck first, catching Genesis by surprise. Genesis tried to fight back, but as Dark Turbo, he got an extra boost in power; overwhelming his uncle. The onslaught lasted for a few minutes until Genesis started smiling while recovering from Dark Turbo's last assault. Not seeing the smile, Dark Turbo charged towards the grounded Genesis, about to launch a powerful punch. Seeing the attack coming, Genesis slightly moved out the way, letting the punch barely make contact. Quickly, Genesis grabbed Dark Turbo's hand in the manner needed for fusion, and a dark light engulfed the two relatives. Nearby the chaos, Nylox saw the light and sensed the two energies becoming one. At first, Nylox was excited, believing that Genesis had completed his mission. However, Nylox noticed that something was wrong. The fusing energies were fusing slowly. Meanwhile, Jolice had Super Velocity on the ropes. Super Velocity was at a point where she was struggling to maintain her super form. Jolice was slowly approaching her, reading to deliver the final blow. Seeing this, some of the Cheetorian army tried to rescue her. However, the Jaguarian army wouldn't allow it, preventing anyone from saving the Cheetorian Princess. Elsewhere, Romerus was near victory himself as Jason was down. Before he could do any more damage to Jason, Romerus sensed Super Velocity was losing her power. He tried to figure out what was happening. He suddenly sensed his older brother's energy nearby. Putting two and two together, Jolice took off in an angry state of mind, determined to stop his brother from killing the one he loves. Jason was confused at first, but then figured out what was going on. Back to the dark light, the fusion between Genesis and Dark Turbo was not going as planned, as Dark Turbo was trying to fight it. Dark Turbo deduced that as he was, he couldn't prevent the fusion from happening. Therefore, Dark Turbo reverted to Super Turbo; and by his willpower alone, Super Turbo cancelled the fusion. This shocked a downed Genesis as Super Turbo stood before him, willing to continue the fight. Unlike her brother, Super Velocity was at her end as Jolice was approaching her. Suddenly, Jolice sensed Romerus coming towards them and he tried to finish her off quickly. Super Velocity just covered up, anticipating a deadly attack. However, the attack never reached her as Romerus deflected the attack away. Jolice told his younger brother to stand aside. However, Romerus told him that he loved Velocity, and that he would defend her from any threat; even from his own brother. With that said, the two brothers had a stare down as Super Velocity sat there with a shocked look on her face.
    Turbo the Cheetorian Issue #84 (During Sonic the Hedgehog issue #285 & Sonic Universe issue 88)
    "All Out War part 4: UNEXPECTED!"
    Without saying any more words, the two brothers collided. They began to fight as Jason caught up with Super Velocity. Jason was shocked to see the Jaguarian brothers fighting each other. But they felt that they had more of a chance if they weaken each other, or if Romerus could somehow pull off the upset. Speaking of things looking up, Super Turbo was ready to resume his fight against his uncle. Genesis got back to his feet, thinking that he could still defeat his nephew. However, that punch he took weakened him and Super Turbo's power came from his willpower alone. Super Turbo charged at Genesis as he tried to put up a force field. However, Super Turbo simply broke through it and caught Genesis with another onslaught. After the onslaught, Genesis was trying to use up all, if not then most, of his power to form an energy blast towards Super Turbo. However, Super Turbo was too fast, catching Genesis off guard, and launched the Cheetorian Blast at his uncle. The blast sent Genesis away from the battlefield, weakened him severely, but Genesis used the last of his energy to bounce off the attack, landing him far away from the battlefield, and kept him alive. Genesis passed out as he landed in the water, sinking to the bottom. Surveying the scene, Nylox was getting angry as things were getting out of his control. He was just about to take off towards his fighting subordinates, until he turned around with a shocked look on his face. He was sensing something else. He responded by saying that it was awakening. Back to the battle of brothers, Romerus was losing as Jolice was frustrated with him. Jolice knocked Romerus away, severely damaging him. Jolice turned his attention back to Super Velocity with Jason by her side. Jolice launched another attack that would destroy them both. However, Romerus jumped in front of the two Cheetorians, sparing them. Romerus made the sacrifice to save the one he loved as his final words were that he loved her as Super Velocity and Jason couldn't believe what they were seeing. Jolice was deeply depressed that he accidentally killed his little brother. His depression turned into anger as he set his sights on Super Velocity and Jason, who stood in front of his princess.
    Turbo the Cheetorian Issue #85 (During Sonic the Hedgehog issue #286 & Sonic Universe issue 89)
    "All Out War part 5: CONCLUDED?"
    In Eggman Land, Sonic, who would transform into his werehog form, tried to rescue Chip (aka Light Gaia) by battling Dr. Eggman, who was piloting his new mech, the Egg Dragoon. The Egg Dragoon and Eggman Land were using energy from Dark Gaia, while having control over the Gaia Colossus. Elsewhere, Sally, Antoine, Bunnie and Tails were facing some of Eggman's badniks, trying to release the Dark Gaia energy Eggman had stored. Rotor and Nicole had to take the damaged Sky Patrol to battle the Death Egg, and G.U.N. had to get through Eggman's Battle Bird Armada in order to help the Freedom Fighters. Meanwhile, Knuckles, Amy, Shadow and Rouge had to fight Omega, who was crystalized and under Walter Naugus's control. Speaking of Naugus, he stole all the pieces of the Master Emerald, trying to put them together so he could use some of its power. This chaotic scene took place in some crystal cave. Back to the war, Jolice was being cursed out by Super Velocity and Jason for killing his own brother, Romerus. Jolice wouldn't hear any of it, as he was charging up one more attack. Because of his blind rage, he didn't sense nor see Super Turbo arriving, and kicking him to the side of the face. Jolice was sent flying as Super Turbo checked on his sister and best friend. Super Velocity cried in her brother's arms as Jason told him what happened. Upon hearing what happened, Super Turbo was willing to fight Jolice. However, he didn't had enough energy to defeat Jolice, who returned to the scene. Having no choice, Super Turbo fused with his tearful super sister, and they became one fused Super Cheetorian. Jolice saw his opponent and believed that he could defeat the fused siblings. However, their combined power & thoughts of vengeance were too much for Jolice, who had used some of his power on Super Velocity and Romerus. The battle took a while, but the fused Super Cheetorian had Jolice on his knees. Elsewhere, Nylox was sensing what was going on away from the war, and was wondering what was happening. Apparently, Dark Gaia had awaken, and was "calling his little fragments home" as Chip put it to Sonic. What that means was that after Sonic the Werehog defeated Eggman and rescued Chip, Sonic lost his werehog form as the Dark Gaia energy that Sonic possessed left him. The badniks and equipment Eggman had that was powered by Dark Gaia's energy stopped working as that energy went to Dark Gaia as well. Back to the war, Jolice was down, but struggled to get back to his feet, refusing to admit defeat. The fused Super Cheetorians looked on as they were willing to continue the fight. Suddenly, Jolice grabbed his stomach and fell back to his knees. In fact, all the Jaguarians did, except Nylox, who sensed what was happening. Dark Gaia was calling back all the Jaguarians, as they were all revived by Dark Gaia's energy. All of them except Nylox, who was too strong and Dark Gaia wanted him to be his lone servant. All the Jaguarians at the war, including Jolice took off towards the reviving Dark Gaia. The Cheetorians celebrated as the fused Cheetorians defused and the siblings reverted. However, Turbo was still in pain. Apparently, the Dark Gaia energy was still inside of him as he missed his window of having it be sucked out and into Dark Gaia. Furthermore, Turbo could feel it taking complete control of him. Elsewhere, Sally, Bunnie, Antoine, and Tails took off from their mission on the Tornado as Dark Gaia retrieved his energy from Eggman. Chip was worried because Dark Gaia was now going to be in his perfect form, capable of destroying the planet. Sonic then asked how Chip defeats Dark Gaia and Chip told him that he battled it into submission with the Gaia Colossus and sealed the both of them away, allowing the world to start over, However, Chip noted that those battles could take centuries. However, Sonic informed Chip that he had got him covered on that part, as all 7 Chaos Emeralds were present. Sonic transformed into Super Sonic and he & Chop proceed to battle Perfect Dark Gaia. As Perfect Dark Gaia was prepared for battle, Nylox was going to take part in battle himself, as he finally took off towards the Cheetorians. Speaking of them, they all gathered around Turbo, who was losing control. Velocity received a call from Sally, who wanted a status report on their situation. She told her everything as Sally couldn't believe what she was hearing. Noticing that Velocity was talking to Sally, Turbo said his goodbye to his other best friend, confusing everyone. Turbo informed his sister that Nylox was coming, and his dark form was the only one strong enough to fight him. Turbo instructed his sister to fight and kill the winner of that fight. Velocity refused, but Turbo scolded her that she must do whatever it took to protect Spotland and Mobius, even from himself. Velocity didn't say anymore, but hugged her older brother with tears in her eyes. Turbo instructed his army to follow what could be his final command on eliminating the winner, despite the fact that his army was emotional as well. Turbo said his goodbyes to his best friends Jason, Nicole and Sally, wishing the Freedom Fighters luck. During the middle of his goodbyes, he closed his eyes, believing that if he opened them again, he would become Dark Turbo. He told Velocity to say his goodbyes to Blaze the next time she saw her. With his goodbyes out the way, he instructed them to leave the place as the next time he'll open his eyes, it'll be when Nylox showed up. Hesitant, the Cheetorians left Turbo. As soon as they left, Nylox landed a few yards away, but was still within talking distance. When Nylox claimed that he was there to kill Turbo, Turbo turned around and opened his eyes. Once he did, Turbo transformed, for the last time, into Dark Turbo, and began to power up for the battle of kings.
    Turbo the Cheetorian Issue #86 (During Sonic the Hedgehog issue #287 & Sonic Universe issue 90)
    "The War between Kings Part 1: Epic Battles Collide"
    Dark Turbo was charging up as he was staring at Nylox. After examining Dark Turbo's rising power, Nylox was getting excited as he underestimated Dark Turbo's power. Nylox was slowly walking towards Dark Turbo, who was still charging. Meanwhile, Super Sonic and Chip, who's using the Gaia Colossus, were fighting Perfect Dark Gaia. Super Sonic was hit with an energy beam from Perfect Dark Gaia. He survived, but he's surprised that he felt the effects of the attack. Nearby, Tails, Sally, Antoine and Bunnie, onboard the Tornado, were in a safe distance away from the battle and the latter noted the Death Egg had stopped moving most likely due to having no fuel left. They found the Sky Patrol afloat on the ocean and landed on the dome as the entrance to the hangar had been submerged. They met up with Rotor who was relaxing and assured the team that Nicole was alright while the Sky Patrol lost the battle against the Death Egg. Tails tried to convince Rotor to go out and help, but Rotor told him that it was now a battle of the gods and they should let Sonic and Chip finish the job without any interruptions. Rotor did turn their attention to the ground nearby where Dark Turbo and Nylox were. Sally was really worried about that battle as she informed the team that Turbo was now stuck as Dark Turbo. She added on by telling them that his last orders to his troops were to eliminate the winner of that battle. Tails suggested that they attack Nylox. However, Rotor disputed that suggestion, saying that Dark Turbo could attack them as well. After taking a deep breath, she noted that they had done enough and that they should just hope for the best. As the battle of gods continued, Perfect Dark Gaia took ahold of the Gaia Colossus and prepared to fire its energy beam once again, point-blank. At the same angle, Super Sonic discovered it would also kill his teammates on the Sky Patrol. The hedgehog attacked each of Perfect Dark Gaia's hands to release its grip on Chip and knocked the direction of its blast off-course. Chip managed to deflect this. Back to the one on one battle, Dark Turbo was done charging up and charged at the approaching Nylox. The two began their awaited battle with a melee as they were all over the place. At this point, both kings appeared to be even. Elsewhere, Dr. Eggman bitterly overlooked both battles in his Egg Mobile, upset that both his plans and his refinery/amusement park were ruined. He realized to himself that the raw power of the world was much more potent than he initially imagined, believing it could work as well as the Dark Gaia Energy. Eggman then tried to formulate a plan to siphon the energy of the world somewhere remote so that Sonic could not foil his plans again, but decided to leave the rest of the plotting for another day and quickly fled to his Death Egg to get out of range from both battles. On the way, his two robo-servants informed him that they had restored power in the Death Egg, and had enough to move the ship & not to attack. Once Eggman got back inside, he commanded them to fly it in space, in case the planet was destroyed. Onto the two kings, their battle took them over the ocean, near Perfect Dark Gaia, Super Sonic and Chip. At this point, Nylox was getting the advantage as he was knocking Dark Turbo around in the sky. Finally, he knocked Dark Turbo in the ocean below. He surveyed the area, and he couldn't see nor sense Dark Turbo's presence. Believing that he defeated Dark Turbo, he turned over to see Perfect Dark Gaia having trouble dealing with Super Sonic & the Gaia Colossus. Nylox flew straight over and surprised Super Sonic with a sneak attack. Despite being in his super form, Super Sonic was having a hard time dealing with Nylox, who was on an unstoppable onslaught since attacking Super Sonic. Chip was worried about Super Sonic, leaving himself wide open for Perfect Dark Gaia to attack him. The Freedom Fighters looked on in horror as they feared the worst for Dark Turbo. The Cheetorians were fearing the worst as well as Super Velocity cried out to her brother. At the same time, Nylox was charging in for what appeared to be a finishing blow towards Super Sonic. All of a sudden, Dark Turbo emerged from the depths of the ocean and caught Nylox completely off guard. Dark Turbo connected with a melee of punches and blasted Nylox to the bottom of the ocean. Super Sonic was gathering his breath as he had a stare-off with Dark Turbo. Though he was in a near-savage state of mind, Dark Turbo recalled his battle against a savaged Sonic the Werehog. He recognized that Super Sonic was his opponent from a while back. He wanted to attack Super Sonic, but instead, he turned his attention to Perfect Dark Gaia. Dark Turbo caught Perfect Dark Gaia with a number of attacks, weakening the creature. Before Dark Turbo could began to launch a finishing blow, Nylox resurfaced and another melee between the two occurred. The two kings ended up crashing into the ocean, disappearing from everyone's sights. Super Sonic wanted to help Dark Turbo, but he had to block an oncoming Perfect Dark Gaia attack. Meanwhile, the battle of the kings reach the side of the grounds that was above the water and continued to go deeper underground. The two ended up in a lava cavern as they stop the melee. Nylox looked around at his surroundings as Dark Turbo wouldn't take his eyes off of Nylox. The two had a stare down as Nylox declared that this would be Dark Turbo's grave.
    Turbo the Cheetorian Issue #87 (During Sonic the Hedgehog issue #287 & Sonic Universe issue 90)
    "The War between Kings Part 2: The Battles End?"
    The battle continued as Nylox and Dark Turbo battled. Nylox was getting really excited about the battle that he was powering up while simultaneously trading punches with Dark Turbo. Back to the surface, Chip told Super Sonic that the energy beam Perfect Dark Gaia fired weakened the Gaia Colossus. This prompted the hedgehog to boost straight through the beast's central eye, ultimately defeating it. Super Sonic fled back to the Gaia Colossus, landed on its hand and got on his knees as he was nearly worn out. Super Sonic let Chip know that there was still Dark Gaia Energy present and Chip assured him that he had done enough and it was time for him to complete his duty as the Light Gaia and restore the world. With this, Chip tried to assemble the pieces of the world. However, he couldn't do it as a huge amount of Dark Gaia energy resided in Nylox and Dark Turbo. Speaking of the two, the battle was starting to become one-sided as Nylox was winning because he was powering up in the process. Meanwhile, Super Sonic suggested that he go find them and do something about the Dark Gaia energy inside of them. However, Chip informed him that there was nothing he could do. Chip reassured him that the world would be safe as Super Sonic was transported to the Sky Patrol. Chip went on to seal himself, Perfect Dark Gaia, the Gaia Colossus and the Gaia Temples inside the magma crater in the ocean that Dark Gaia previously created. The crater sank to the bottom of the ocean, towards the center of Mobius. Super Sonic yelled after Chip, saying that he would miss him. Back to the lone battle, Dark Turbo began to use all of his power on one attack, and launched a large energy beam towards Nylox. However, Nylox used a chunk of his power to counter Dark Turbo's blast, connecting with his blast onto Dark Turbo. The result of the counter sent Dark Turbo through molten lava. Witnessing this, Nylox laughed like a maniac, believing that he had won. After staring at that spot for a few minutes, Nylox took off straight up towards the surface. Speaking of the surface, Super Sonic and Super Velocity managed to push the Sky Patrol near land. The Freedom Fighters got on the ground and talked with the Cheetorians. They were trying to come up with a plan regarding Nylox and/or Dark Turbo. Suddenly, Nylox shot up from the ground near them, and he declared to them that he killed Dark Turbo. Everyone was shocked to hear this as Super Velocity and Super Sonic was willing to face Nylox. Elsewhere, two unknown figures were speaking to each other. They were both females as one was questioning why a portal opened. The other wasn't sure, but was determined to find out as she grabbed the objects that opened the portal....the Sol Emeralds.
    Turbo the Cheetorian Issue #88 (During Sonic Universe issue 90 & after Sonic the Hedgehog issue #287)
    "The War between Kings Part 3: The Battle Gets Mega!"
    Back underground, Dark Turbo's body was still in one piece, but half of it was buried under rocks. However, he was not conscious at all. It looked like he truly had died in the battle against Nylox. Suddenly, a portal opened up and emerging from it was Burning Blaze. She was still talking to Marine who was in the Sol Zone through the portal. Blaze told her that Turbo was in trouble as Marine wished them luck. Afterward, the portal closed. Burning Blaze turned her attention towards her downed boyfriend. She placed both her hands on Dark Turbo's cheeks and proceeded to kiss him on the lips. By making contact with one under the influence of all seven Sol Emeralds, Dark Turbo's eyes were opened as he was changing into something else. Meanwhile, Nylox was explaining to the Freedom Fighters and the Cheetorians how he killed Dark Turbo. Super Velocity yelled at him, proclaiming that she didn't want to hear anymore, and was willing to attack him. Super Sonic agreed with her statement. However, both Super Velocity and Super Sonic were not healthy to deal with Nylox, who wasn't healthy himself, but still had more power than the two of them combined. Suddenly, a figured shot up from the ground. Everyone was shocked to see Burning Blaze. Nylox was confused regarding her identity. Everyone else were happy as she could team up with Super Sonic & Super Velocity against Nylox. However, Burning Blaze told them that they would not face & defeat Nylox, confusing everyone. Suddenly, the ground shook as everyone thought the world was about to be destroyed. Instead, they see lights emerging from the ocean, shooting up towards the sky. The lights got together to form one big light, and in the middle was a rising, revived, SPIRITUAL MEGA TURBO! Everyone was shocked to see him. Nylox couldn't believe what he was seeing, and sensing. Super Velocity cried out to him as he reassured her that he was completely fine. He thank Burning Blaze for reviving him as he flirted with her a bit. As Nylox demanded an explanation regarding his survival and his current form, Mega Turbo told him that Burning Blaze revived him with the power of all seven Sol Emeralds. As for why he was in his Spiritual Mega form, even he had no answer for that. With the explanation out the way, Mega Turbo landed and stared down an angry Nylox, who charged towards Mega Turbo. However, at the last minute, Mega Turbo caught Nylox's charging punch with ease, shocking everyone; including Nylox himself. Before Nylox could launch another attack, Mega Turbo struck first, launching Nylox in the air. Mega Turbo quickly followed the defenseless Nylox as he followed that up with a series of attack. This lasted for a few minutes until Nylox crashed onto the ground. Mega Turbo landed, demanding that Nylox give up. However, Nylox screamed that he'll never give up and flew straight up towards space. Mega Turbo followed him, wondering what he was up too. Nylox stopped at the edge of space as Mega Turbo followed. Nylox told him that he was going to absorb whatever was left of Dark Gaia energy and destroy him and Mobius.
    Turbo the Cheetorian Issue #89 (During Sonic Universe issue 90 & after Sonic the Hedgehog issue #287)
    "The War between Kings Part 4: The Battle Elevates"
    Nylox began to absorb whatever remained of Dark Gaia's energy on Mobius as Mega Turbo surprisingly let him. Back on the ground, Burning Blaze informed everyone that Nylox was absorbing some kind of dark energy, as she was the only one strong enough to sense what was going on. Super Velocity was worried, believing that he was absorbing whatever Dark Gaia energy was left. However, Super Sonic wasn't worried. Everyone looked at him with a confused look. He went on to explain that Chip took most of that energy and sealed it. Therefore, Nylox couldn't gain access to it. Nylox was continuing getting whatever was left of Dark Gaia's energy. A few of its energy appeared before being sucked into Nylox. Suddenly, Mega Turbo under a bit of distress. The Dark Gaia energy that was inside of him was making its way out of Mega Turbo. It was a lot as Nylox absorbed it as well. A few seconds later, Nylox was finished, declared that he had gotten stronger from the energy he obtained. Nylox went on to display the power his displayed, showcasing his full power. Mega Turbo slowly lifted his head up while laughing, confusing Nylox. Mega Turbo went on to explain that he was using half of his power to keep the Dark Gaia energy at bay. With it gone, Mega Turbo could display his full power. Nylox was shocked at first, but he became angry at the thought of Mega Turbo still being stronger than him. With his anger clouded his mind, Nylox charged towards Mega Turbo, declaring that victory would be his.
    Turbo the Cheetorian Issue #90 (During Sonic Universe issue 90 & after Sonic the Hedgehog issue #287)
    "The War between Kings Part 5: The Battle Ends"
    The melee was on as Mega Turbo, with his Spiritual form intact, battled a powered up Nylox. The battle made its way back on Mobius as everyone else looked on, hoping that Mega Turbo could win. The battle was fierce as both were using their full power. However, Mega Turbo had the advantage; it just didn't look like it at first. Nylox was using his full power all at once just to keep up with Mega Turbo & matching whatever Mega Turbo dished out at him. As time moved on, Nylox was running low on power as Mega Turbo's advantage grew. After landing a few successful combos, Mega Turbo knocked Nylox high in the sky. Angry at this outcome, Nylox flew up, towards the border of space, and prepared to launch a blast that could possibly destroy the planet. Sensing this, Mega Turbo began preparations for the Cheetorian Charge. Super Sonic, Burning Blaze & Super Velocity sensed what was going on and informed everyone else about the battle. Super Sonic declared that this confrontation could decide the outcome of the battle. However, Burning Blaze proclaimed that this battle was over a few minutes ago, heavily confident that Mega Turbo would win as she displayed a smile on her face. The time had arrived as Nylox launched his attack towards Mega Turbo. The attack was huge as everyone was stunned to see how big the attack was. On the other hand, Mega Turbo was unimpressed, declaring that Nylox was done. Mega Turbo unleashed the Cheetorian Charge towards the attack. The Cheetorian Charge literally went through Nylox's attack and ultimately, collided with Nylox himself, destroying him. Afterward, the Cheetorian Charge faded as Mega Turbo was staring off into space for a few minutes, believing that everything was settled. As he turned around, he was confused. The world was still shattered. He took off towards the Freedom Fighters and the Cheetorians, hoping to get some answers. Back on the ground, Super Sonic told everyone that Nylox was defeated. Everyone celebrated for a quick minute, until Sally asked why the planet was still in the shape it was in. Telepathically, Chip informed them that all of Dark Gaia must be seal in order for the planet to be fixed. Super Velocity deduced that Nylox was defeated technically in space, and whatever's left of Dark Gaia from Nylox faded off in space. Everyone began to worry, until Chip told them that he had a solution to fixing the planet. He told them that someone with enough speed and power must force the planet to rotate backwards, getting it off its usual rotation long enough for the planet to re-fix itself due to the power from the individual rotating the planet. Bunnie voiced her opinion, saying that it sounded dangerous & a bit suicidal. Chip told her that it was possible for the individual to accomplish this and die in the process. Instantly, Super Sonic volunteered. However, Chip said that he wasn't strong enough, as he used most of his energy in the battle against Perfect Dark Gaia. Before Burning Blaze volunteered, Mega Turbo demanded that he did it, as he landed back on the ground.
    Turbo the Cheetorian Issue #91 (During Sonic Universe issue 90 & after Sonic the Hedgehog issue #287)
    "From War to Peace or Destruction part 1: The Unthinkable"
    Super Velocity tried to talk him out of it, but Mega Turbo told her that there was no other way. Super Velocity began to tear up as it was clear that Mega Turbo may have enough power to repair the planet. However, he wasn't close enough to have the amount of power need to repair the planet and survive. He hugged his sister as she cried on his chest. He instructed his army to follow his sister's lead as she would be leading Spotland for now on. He said his goodbyes to Jason, Sally, Sonic & the Freedom Fighters. Lastly, he kissed Burning Blaze, admitting that he loved her, causing her to tear up as well. Mega Turbo took a few steps away from everyone as they watched. He waved to everyone and then took off towards space. After a few minutes of flying, Mega Turbo arrived at the border of space & Mobius. He began flying as fast as he could in the opposite direction the planet was rotating. Nearby, one of Eggman's personal robots noticed Mega Turbo flying around the planet & informed Eggman. Dr. Eggman had no clue what Mega Turbo was doing, but assumed that he was trying to fix the planet. Not willing to let Mega Turbo succeed, Eggman order to launch all of his remaining robots to attack Mega Turbo. Back to Mega Turbo, he was flying around the planet, and it appeared that he was going to save the world. However, he sensed something; a lot of somethings actually. He looked behind and saw a lot of Eggman's robots flying towards him. Ignoring them, Mega Turbo continued to fly at his pace. Because of how fast Mega Turbo was going, Eggman's robots couldn't catch up. To counter this, the robots flew in Mega Turbo's path and unleashed a lot of missiles and lasers at him. Obviously, it didn't kill him or damaged him a lot. However, it slowed him down since there were so many attacks that made contact with him. This continued for a while until Mega Turbo became annoyed. He started fighting back, using his power to destroy some of Eggman's robots. Back on Mobius, Super Sonic, Super Velocity and Burning Blaze sensed that Mega Turbo had to use some of his power, but they didn't know why. Chip, who sensed it and actually knew what was going on, informed the others that Eggman was forcing Mega Turbo to use some of his power. Therefore, Mega Turbo didn't have enough power to save the planet, causing shocked looks on everyone’s' faces.
    Turbo the Cheetorian Issue #92 (During Sonic Universe issue 90 & after Sonic the Hedgehog issue #287)
    "From War to Peace or Destruction part 2: The Unfeasible"
    On Mobius, everyone wondered what they could do since Mega Turbo was no longer powerful enough to save the planet. Jason turned to Chip for any ideas, but Chip didn't have any. Rotor and Sally began to talk to each other about possible ideas. Sally came up with the idea of somehow getting the Master Emerald and Mega Turbo together so he could become Ultra Turbo (while in his Spiritual form). However, there wasn't enough time; not to mention there was no word on whether or not Knuckles & Amy got the Master Emerald back, and in one piece, from Walter Naugus. Surprisingly, Super Velocity was quiet. Jason noticed this and asked if she was okay. Super Velocity gave Jason an unfamiliar look, scaring Jason a bit. Super Velocity rushed over to Burning Blaze and hugged her; telling her that she'll miss her. The hug surprised Burning Blaze as a bright emerged from the two. When the light died down, Velocity was now Mega Velocity. Everyone was confused as to what she was about to do at first. However, Jason was the first to point out her plan. She rushed over and hugged & kissed him. He was at the point of begging her not to go through her plan. Chip, not aware of the idea, wondered what she was going to do. Mega Velocity informed him, and everyone around, that she was going to merge with her brother & their combined power & speed should be enough to save the planet. Chip warned her that their combined powers were not enough to keep them both alive, but she was aware of that fact. She said her goodbyes to everyone and instructed the Cheetorian Army that Jason would be their new king as he was crying as well. After saying her goodbyes, Mega Velocity took a few steps away from everybody and was about to take off. However, Super Sonic offered his services to get Eggman off her back so she could persuade her brother to fuse with her. Hearing that idea, Burning Blaze volunteered as well to help Super Sonic out; especially since he didn't have much energy left. Shortly after, Mega Velocity looked at Jason one last time as Sally told Super Sonic & Burning Blaze to be careful. The two nodded, and all of them took off. The others looked on, wishing them luck in space.
    Turbo the Cheetorian Issue #93 (During Sonic Universe issue 90 & after Sonic the Hedgehog issue #287)
    "From War to Peace or Destruction part 3: The Unbelievable"
    Knuckles and Amy Rose were on the clock as the world was either on the edge of destruction or the edge of salvation. The problem was that they and Team Dark were having a hard time dealing with a powered up Walter Naugus. Suddenly, a pair of unknown entities showed up, not spotted by anyone, and went through Naugus; taking away the powers he received from the Master Emerald. The others were confused, but they took advantage. Knuckles and Amy retrieved the Master Emerald and took off by using a nearby teleporter. While the duo was making their escape, Team Dark took on and defeated a powered-down Walter. While traversing, the Master Emerald was glowing in Knuckles and Amy's hands. From it was a voice, asking them to use some of its power to save their kids. Still running and not knowing what to do, Knuckles didn't have an answer. However, Amy reassured him that it was okay, as if she knew who she was dealing with & who these "kids" that was mentioned. Trusting Amy, Knuckles allowed it to do what it please & the 2 entities took off. Back in Space, Mega Turbo was burning some energy destroying a lot of Eggman's robots. Because of this, he didn't have the necessary power to go along with his speed & save the world. Suddenly, Super Sonic & Burning Blaze appeared and started destroying the robots; while Mega Turbo continued his circling around the globe. In the midst of all of this, Mega Velocity appeared. However, she was having a hard time trying to catch up with her brother. She came up with an idea. She used her Spiritual powers to latch herself onto her passing brother. Realizing that she was attached to him with her Spiritual powers, Mega Turbo yelled at his sister to get off. However, she was trying to convince him that what he was doing wasn't working. Meanwhile, Eggman noticed Super Sonic & Burning Blaze destroying his robots & Eggman began to throw a fit. At this point, he knew that Mega Turbo was going to save the world, assuming that he had enough power to do so. Back to the Mega siblings, Mega Velocity crawled up to get within her brother's ear. She told him that they must fused. Mega Turbo instantly refused, knowing that both he and his younger sister would die. But she didn't care and told him that she's willing to protect Spotland and Mobius at all cost. She begged and pleaded with him to fuse with her. Tears nearly dropped from his eyes as he looked away. He didn't want to do it, but he knew that she was right. After she screamed for him to fuse, he finally gave in & the two Mega siblings fused. The bright light resulting from the fusion nearly covered 25% of Mobius. Suddenly, something from that spot took off at incredible speeds. The fusion worked as the fused Mega Cheetorian was going as fast as it could around the globe. Super Sonic & Burning Blaze watched with smiles on their faces as they knew that the world would be saved. Right before the process took effect, resulting in the siblings' demise, the pair of powered-up entities appeared unbeknownst to the fused Mega Cheetorian. A few milliseconds later, Mobius was covered by a bright light. At that moment, Knuckles and Amy Rose arrived back at Angel Island. Right before the bright light covered them up, the duo managed to return the Master Emerald at its rightful location, raising Angel Island back up to where it belongs. Prior to that, Chip confirmed to the Cheetorian Army & the Freedom Fighters that Velocity and Turbo fused, and that the world was about to be saved. Before anyone could react, the bright light engulfed them as well. A few minutes later, the light faded & Mobius was back in one piece. At this point, Sonic's super form finally worn off and Burning Blaze caught Sonic from falling in space. The two returned to the ground and found their friends & allies unconscious. Sonic went over to Sally, while Burning Blaze checked on Jason. The fallen was awakening. After getting their bearings together, they realized that the planet was fixed. They all began to celebrate except for two. While celebrating, Sally looked over & noticed Burning Blaze and Jason standing side by side, looking up at the sky. At that moment, Sally realized what happened. Sonic looked over at Sally, wondering why she wasn't celebrating. He saw Sally looking at Jason & Burning Blaze, and he began to worry as well. Everyone else followed suit as they feared the worst in regards to Turbo and Velocity. A few minutes went by & Burning Blaze couldn't sense either of them. Suddenly, Tails noticed a small light heading down east of their current location and alerted everyone else. They all rushed over towards where that light was going to land. When they got there, the light grew & covered up everyone there. When the light died, everyone couldn't believe what they were seeing. They were staring at King Thomas II and Queen Maria, carrying their unconscious kids in their arms; with Maria holding Velocity and Thomas holding Turbo. The Cheetorian Army got on one knee and bowed, while Jason was too worried about Turbo & Velocity's current state. Maria reassured him that she was fine as she handed her into Jason's arms. Thomas got Burning Blaze's attention and literally tossed his unconscious son into Burning Blaze. She barely caught him and sat him down while holding him. Maria went off on her husband for doing so. However, he reassured her that she's find and pointed out that he was waking up; shocking everyone. Burning Blaze looked down to see the one she loved was indeed waking up. He instantly complimented her on how beautiful she looked from his angle, as she began to cry. Turbo was happy that his best friend was alive. Suddenly, Jason felt a hand on the side of his face. He looked down and Velocity was alive & had woken up as well. Everyone celebrated as the world was saved & both Turbo & Velocity were alive. Turbo questioned how they survived and noticed the spirits of his parents standing there. He sighed and blamed them for their current situation. Thomas question his son's gratitude, suggested that he let him die. Turbo answered that for his sister's sake, he was happy that they intervened. With that out the way, Thomas and Maria bided them farewell and disappeared. Shortly after, Chip, still using telepathy, thanked everyone that helped him; including Amy & Knuckles, who were still at Angel Island. He said his goodbye as well and no one heard from him again. Sonic expressed to Sally how unfair it was for them to keep going while Chip could not. Sally and Tails comforted Sonic, telling him that he indeed saved him and the world while also allowing Chip to live his life for the first time ever. This cheered Sonic up a bit and Chip's necklace magically appeared in his hand. He wore it as a bracelet and the Freedom Fighters embraced as Turbo and Velocity smiled at them & then at each other.
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    Arc Twenty-One: Worlds Unite
    Disclaimer: This is the second Sonic the Hedgehog/Mega Man crossover. However, this one also involves Sonic Boom, characters from Mega Man X, and other characters from SEGA and Capcom. The story continues from where the Mega Man storyline "Dawn of X" left off.
    Back Story
    In the world of Earth 21XX, Mega Man X's enemy, Sigma, had been planning to travel through dimensions. While surveying Mobius, Sigma came across the forces of good in the form of Sonic the Hedgehog, his Freedom Fighters, Turbo the Cheetorian, his sister Velocity, and the Cheetorian army. While looking at the timeline for that dimension, he came across a powerful Cheetorian named Maelstrom. After learning about the rogue Cheetorian, Sigma decided to create a robotic clone of Maelstrom. Once the clown was created, Sigma created an army of Mavericks that looked like Cheetorians for the robotic Maelstrom to lead. Sigma used a Genesis Portal to send Maelstrom and his army to Mobius, a few yards away from Spotland.
    Act I: Deadly Fusion (Part 1-4)
    After Maelstrom and his newly created army went through the portal, Sigma's latest fortress was under attack by the Maverick Hunters, including Mega Man X (X for short), Zero, and Axl. During the battle, Sigma escaped through another Genesis Portal to Mobius while Zero and Axl were battling Vile. X and his two teammates were aided in opening another portal by Silver the Hedgehog, who was on a mission of his own to close the Genesis Portals and prevent their use by evil powers, and ended up in the Sonic Boom Zone. This led to a surprising alliance with Sticks the Badger and her Team Sticks, with all six departing to continue the hunt for Sigma. Meanwhile, on Mobius, Dr. Eggman had enslaved the Deadly Six and taken over the Lost Hex, only for Sigma to appear and destroy the Cacophonic Conch. Forced to convert his facilities into Sigma's new base and build Sigma a new body, Eggman was unexpectedly paired back up with Dr. Wily, who retained no memories of their previous alliance. The pair were then put to work building power-enhancing armor for the Deadly Six which was later used to put them under Sigma's mind control, as well as building the Unity Engines that Sigma intended to use to harness the power of entire worlds. Secretly scheming to turn Sigma's plans to their advantage, Wily and Eggman suggested that he had Mega Man and Sonic the Hedgehog captured, and the Deadly Six were sent to accomplish the task. Brought to the Lost Hex, the pair were soon converted into the latest Roboticized Masters, M'egga Man and Sonic Man. They were respectively sent to Mobotropolis and Mega City to set up Unity Engines, while also secretly being programmed to attack and cure each other by Eggman and Wily, who had renewed their friendship and intended to have the heroes defeat Sigma for them. M'egga Man was engaged by the Royal Guard, the remaining Knothole Freedom Fighters, Knuckles the Echidna, and Gemerl, while Sonic Man faced the Mega City Police, the Light Robot Masters, reformed Wily's Robot Masters, Quake Woman, and Break Man. These heroes proved unable to stop the pair, and the Unity Engines were activated, causing the two worlds to start merging together. M'egga Man and Sonic Man were brought together as a result, and begin battling. As a result of the planets merging, the Freedom Fighters and their allies were brought into contact with the Robot Masters, while the Maverick Hunters and Team Sticks arrived on the scene as well. The two Roboticized Masters cured each other, and Eggman and Wily fled with the Deadly Six in pursuit as Sigma recognized their treachery. In the course of various elements of the two worlds being fused together, Xander Payne escaped from prison while Team Dark, Abraham Tower, and Amanda Tower apparently perished along with the G.U.N. vessel Letter of Gabriel and the occupants of a government building in Mega City. Mega Man and Sonic reunited, with Sonic bringing Mega Man up to speed on the events of Worlds Collide. The Freedom Fighters, Robot Masters, Team Sticks, Maverick Hunters, and their allies-including Roll-board the Sky Patrol to find and confront Sigma and undo the damage he had caused. Sigma, however, was unworried, as his base on the Lost Hex has enabled him to build or rebuild a number of Mechaniloids to serve as his army.
    Turbo the Cheetorian Issue #66 (During Sonic the Hedgehog issue #273)
    "Distraction part 1: Distant Relatives Reunite"
    At this point, Turbo and Velocity were fully healthy and the repairs on Spotland were complete. Turbo and Velocity were in the royal chambers as they received a call from Sally regarding the whereabouts of Sonic. Turbo and Velocity had no clue where Sonic was. As soon as the call ended, a guard entered the chamber and informed the royal siblings that a robotic army of Cheetorians were approaching the kingdom; shocking the siblings. They immediately joined Jason outside at the balcony as they saw the army slowly approaching Spotland. Obviously seeing them as a threat, Turbo immediately called for the army to defend Spotland. While Turbo joined his army, Velocity contacted Sally again and told her of the situation. Velocity theorized to her that Eggman was behind this invasion. However, Sally told her that Eggman been occupied with gathering Chaos Emeralds and that to involve Spotland in that would jeopardize his plans. Velocity agreed and ended the call to aid out her army. Meanwhile, Turbo didn't transform yet as he was using his speed and skills to overwhelm anyone that crossed his path, outside of his own army of course. Suddenly, he sensed a familiar power and stood in shock. The one leading the army was Maelstrom. Velocity joined him as she also sensed the power level. Seeing his face, she could tell that Turbo knew who, or what, that was. Turbo reminded her of his trip to the future with Blaze prior to his heart virus striking. Velocity then realized who he was talking about as Maelstrom made his appearance in front of the royal siblings.
    Turbo the Cheetorian Issue #67 (During Sonic the Hedgehog issue #273)
    "Distraction part 2: The Rematch"
    As the fight between armies continued in front of Spotland's grounds, Maelstrom was having a stare down with Turbo and Velocity. Maelstrom then informed them of their bloodline and how the real Maelstrom is a descendant of theirs. Turbo confirmed his statements, and added on by telling him the story of how he and Blaze met Maelstrom in the future and defeating him before the world was altered. Maelstrom was shocked to hear that story, but brushed it off as he theorized that Turbo & Blaze probably had help from Final Stand, which Turbo admitted. Maelstrom laughed as Final Stand was not around to save him at that moment. Turbo told Maelstrom that he'd gotten much stronger since then and transformed to his super form. Maelstrom baited Super Turbo to come at him and the fight was on. Super Turbo had to use a lot of his power just to stay on par with Maelstrom as he was enjoying the fight with a smile on his face; even when he got hit. After a few minutes of combat, Super Turbo sent Maelstrom crashing to the ground, as his sister watches. However, she was worried as she noticed that her brother's energy was low already. She figured out that Maelstrom was too strong, forcing her brother to use a lot of his energy to keep up with him. Seeing Super Turbo heavy breathing, Velocity rushed to her brother's aid after he landed. Maelstrom resurfaced from his crash site and was ready to continuing the fight. However, he saw Velocity transform into her super form, and could tell that the sibling had figured out the current situation. Not having no choice, the siblings fused and became one Super Cheetorian once again. Seeing the power that his opponent had, Maelstrom did nothing but laughed, confusing the fused warrior. Maelstrom simply powered up as the sky had gotten dark due to his rising power. The fused warrior couldn't believe that he had this much power. In fact, this Maelstrom was slightly stronger than the one Turbo encountered in the future (in the world before it was altered). Afterward, the fused warrior knew that he was in trouble.
    Turbo the Cheetorian Issue #68 (During Sonic the Hedgehog issue #273)
    "Distraction part 3: A Decisive Victor?"
    The fused warrior stood there with a concerned look on its face. When Turbo fused with Maelstrom's brother, Speedburst, they simply had to touch Maelstrom to transform from a fused Super Cheetorian to a fused Mega Cheetorian as Maelstrom had absorbed all 7 Chaos Emeralds. In this case, Maelstrom didn't have the powers of the chaos emeralds inside him. Therefore the same strategy wouldn't work (otherwise, Super Turbo would be Mega Turbo already). As the fused warrior stood in its place concerned, Maelstrom quickly attacked, catching his opponent off guard. Maelstrom connected with a series of combos, launching the fused Super Cheetorian to the ground. Maelstrom just flowing in the sky, looking down at the carnage he caused while laughing. Meanwhile, Jason and the Cheetorian Army was slightly struggling against Maelstrom's army. Despite this, Jason was really concerned about Turbo and Velocity. Back to the duel, Maelstrom was launching ki blasts towards the fused super siblings, who was barely able to dodge the attacks, but the force of the last ki blast striking the ground launched the fused warrior towards the trees, crashing through them. Not seeing his opponent directly, Maelstrom fired a circular ki blast that destroyed the small forest, and setting it in a blaze. In the middle of the fire was the fused Cheetorian, who was very low on energy. At that moment, Maelstrom was preparing a large energy ball that would surely destroy the fused super Cheetorian and parts of Spotland. The fused warrior could do nothing but look on with horror as the attack was almost complete.
    Turbo the Cheetorian Issue #69 (During Mega Man issue #50)
    "Distraction part 4: Genesis Strikes Again"
    As the fused Super Cheetorian looked on at Maelstrom, who was about to unleash his attack, a Genesis Portal opened behind Maelstrom. Obviously, Maelstrom didn't see it, but the fused Cheetorian did. Emerging from the portal was Silver the Hedgehog. The fused Cheetorian was shocked to see Silver as Silver was looking at the current situation. Meeting Turbo once and learning about Turbo's ability to fuse with his sister, Silver immediately took action. Using his power of psychokinesis, Silver moved a nearby broken tree towards Maelstrom's attack. Just as Maelstrom was motioning his arms to launch the attack, the tree collided with the attack, creating a huge explosion in the sky. The fused Cheetorian & Silver covered their eyes as Spotland noticed the huge explosion. Jason was even more worried regarding the battle. Once the explosion died down, Maelstrom was still alive, but he was damaged. Silver grouped up with the fused Cheetorian & confirmed that it was Turbo & Velocity that fused together. The warrior told that he was correct and asked him how he arrived at their current location. Silver told the fused warrior that he's on a quest to seal Genesis Portals, explaining how dangerous they are. In fact, he was in the future, but another part of the past to him, where he met Speedburst and Final Stand. While there, Chi-Su was meditating while under the influence of the Master Emerald. Her meditation was interrupted by Maelstrom being created by Sigma and Sigma's plans of destroying all worlds & dimensions. Sensing the dangers of Turbo and Velocity dying prematurely, she gave Silver an item to help in the battle against Maelstrom. Ironically, a second Genesis Portal was opened. Seeing what was on the other side, Silver bided the team farewell and arrived to save the fused Super Cheetorian. With the explanation over, Maelstrom was confused, but angry regarding how his attack went off like it did. Maelstrom then saw Silver standing next to the fused Super Warrior, who was holding something in its hand. When the fused warrior opened its hand, it was a Chaos Jewel. This jewel came from the future as it was created by Chi-Su. Inside the jewel was energy from the Master Emerald, but it was different. Instead, the energy resembled the 7 Chaos Emeralds. At that point, a bright light emerged from the fused warrior. When the light died down, Maelstrom was staring at his new opponent, a fused Mega Cheetorian.
    Turbo the Cheetorian Issue #70 (During Mega Man issue #50)
    "Distraction part 5: Maelstrom vs. Mega"
    Maelstrom couldn't believe what he was seeing and became angry. He lost his cool demeanor and blindly charged towards the fused Mega Cheetorian. However, the fused Mega Cheetorian was ready and charged towards Maelstrom. A clash occurred as both were trading punches. However, it was Maelstrom at the disadvantage as he used up some energy prior to his opponent becoming Mega. After getting knocked back, Maelstrom tried to create some distance from his opponent. However, the fused Mega Cheetorian quickly closed the gap and went on the attack. Silver could do nothing but look in amazement as this was his first time witnessing a Cheetorian transform into a Mega form (not including the World Collide story). Seeing the fused Cheetorian having things under control, Silver noticed that Spotland was under attack and decided to go make a difference. Not fatigued but damaged, Maelstrom was on one knee as the fused Mega Cheetorian stood tall. As the Mega Cheetorian was approaching Maelstrom, Maelstrom launched a sneak attack. However, the fused Cheetorian saw it coming, appeared behind him, and launched a blast that went through the right side of Maelstrom's torso. Maelstrom immediately fell to the ground, not moving at all. The fused Mega Cheetorian looked at Maelstrom to see if he was truly down for the count.
    Turbo the Cheetorian Issue #70 (During Sonic Universe issue #77)
    "Distraction part 6: Distraction Ended"
    Back at Spotland, Silver was already aiding the Cheetorians against Maelstrom's army. With Silver's help and abilities, Spotland was winning. Things really went in the favor of Spotland when the fused Mega Cheetorian appeared. The remaining foes changed their respective targets and focused their attention at the fused siblings. However, the fused Cheetorian had too much power and easily destroyed the rest of Maelstrom's army. With the army now dealt with, Spotland's army & its citizens celebrated as the fused Mega Cheetorian defused and reverted to their normal forms. Turbo collapsed to one knee as Jason was there to hold him up. As Velocity was about to check on her brother, NICOLE digitally appeared in front of her. She informed the princess that Sally was trying to contact her. Velocity took the call and the two princesses were having their discussion. At this point, the two princess told each other what happened. Despite Mobius and Earth 20XX fused together, Spotland looked to be normal, confusing the two princesses. X, hearing the conversation, chimed in, saying that he believed that this was on purpose as Sigma was the one that sent Maelstrom and his army to Spotland to destroy it and the siblings. Turbo, hearing the conversation, was brought up to speed, and despite his health, he was determine to take down Sigma. At this point, a Genesis Portal appeared before them as Silver explained that this was one of the portals that he must close. A few seconds after the words "I'll take down Sigma" was said, Maelstrom chimed in, saying that Turbo would do no such thing. Everyone was shocked to see Maelstrom alive. Sally and X were shocked as well, getting the attention of their nearby allies, and Eggman and Wily, who just escaped the Deadly Six thanks to Xander Payne. Turbo didn't have enough energy to transform into Super Turbo to resume the fight. However, Velocity was able to transform. Before she could do anything after transforming, Maelstrom fired a blast that went through her chest, seemingly killing her instantly, forcing her to revert to her normal form. Seeing their sister and girlfriend presumably dead, Turbo and Jason were extremely upset. Jason immediately rushed to her aid in tears, trying to force her to respond to his cries, but with no such luck. Turbo, despite his health, charged towards Maelstrom. However, Maelstrom blasted him, knocking him back at Silver's feet. At that moment, Maelstrom's body displayed a timer, as he explained that he was going to self-destruct. The Cheetorian army rushed in towards Maelstrom, but he put up a force field, blocking them from doing anything. Turbo got back to his feet as Silver's abilities had no effect as well. At that moment, Turbo realized that what happened next at that point was Spotland's business and told Silver this. At that point, he grabbed Silver by his locks and tossed him through the Genesis Portal, saving Silver's life as Silver didn't want to leave them behind. As the portal closed, Turbo demanded that Sonic, Mega Man, and their allies defeat Sigma at all cost, as he joined beside Jason and the fallen Velocity. The timer reached zero and Maelstrom's self-destruction took place; destroying Spotland and everyone there. Back inside the Sky Patrol, communications with Spotland ended as the Freedom Fighters mourned the demise of Spotland and the royal siblings. Eggman wanted to laugh, but realized that if he did, with Sigma's threat at an all-time high, the heroes would turn on him to the extreme.
    The Aftermath (Act II & Act III)
    The heroes arrived at the Lost Hex, where there were forced to contend with the Deadly Six and Sigma's Mechaniloid army while Sigma Time-Clones an army of Mavericks. During the fight, Sticks (from Sonic Boom), fell through a Genesis Portal. As the heroes were making headway against the villains until the Zeti used their powers to force the robot and cyborg heroes to attack their allies. Unable to fight without harming their allies, the Freedom Fighters were forced to retreat; until Eggman and Wily unleashed their Egg-Wily Uppity Robot Scrambler Cannon. The device not only freed the manipulated robots, but also destroyed the armor of the Deadly Six, who were then imprisoned aboard the Sky Patrol. Sigma then activated his latest body, a massive form that erupted from the Lost Hex and towered over the Sky Patrol and his enemies, while unleashing his Mavericks upon the heroes. Most of the Mavericks were then dispatched to various worlds to set up more Unity Engines, while a handful remained behind to destroy the heroes. Fortunately, Sticks then returned with Chun-Li and her friends [which included Ryu, Ken, Kaze (refer to my Street Fighter fanfic), and Guile] to attack the leftover Mavericks. With that threat defeated, the heroes prepared to pursue Sigma's forces to the worlds they had invaded. Following the example of Sticks' excursion, the Unified Army recruited other heroes from different Sega and Capcom universes, including the Worlds of Alex Kidd, NiGHTS into Dreams..., Okami, Skies of Arcadia, Breath of Fire III, Billy Hatcher, Ghosts 'n Goblins, Golden Axe, Monster Hunter, Panzer Dragoon and Viewtiful Joe. Although Sigma destroyed the Sky Patrol, all of the characters joined together and launch a full-scale assault. When Sigma reemerged in an even stronger form, Sonic and Mega Man transformed into Super Sonic and Super Armor Mega Man, as whom they destroyed Sigma. However, it turned out that Sigma's abuse of the Genesis Portals had severely compromised the fabric of reality, causing it to fall apart. Meanwhile, Eggman and Wily, having infiltrated the Lost Hex, were betrayed by Xander, who opened a Genesis Portal to the moment where Sigma escaped to the Lost Hex and blasted him through the portal with a ray gun, thus preventing the events of Worlds Unite from happening. Despite this, Sonic, Mega Man, Sticks, and the doctors retained their memories of the experience, and of each other. Therefore, Spotland and its citizens were still alive, as were Team Dark, Abraham Tower, Amanda Tower, and the occupants of a government building in Mega City.
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    Arc Twenty: Back to the New World?
    Sonic the Hedgehog Issue #256
    "Countdown to Chaos: Part Four - The Princess and the Hammer"
    Turbo, Amy, Cream, Cheese, Bean and Bark had just arrived in Mobotropolis after their adventure with Blaze in the Sol Zone. As the group talked about what to do and how the world looks/feel different, an escape pod was suddenly struck out of the sky and landed right next to the group, barely missing them. The pilot was none other than Princess Sally Acorn, no longer a robot, who used her energy blades from her bracelets to cut her way out of the pod. Sally was relieved to see Amy, having sent a distress signal previously. She was even more relieved to see Turbo with Amy. She mentioned that she was under attack by Metal Sonic and some of Eggman's goons. Suddenly, Metal Sonic appeared, under orders from Eggman to kill Sally. Metal Sonic spotted Turbo, who transformed into Super Turbo and was about to attack Metal Sonic. However, lasers were fired at the group from Eggman's goons. These goons are under Kano the Cougar, an Egg Boss of Eggman's. Because of the goon's mobility in their flying pods, Sally suggested that Super Turbo deal with them. Super Turbo didn't like the idea, but when along with it and took off to confront the goons. After a fail attempt to get Bark and Bean to help out, Cream and Cheese joined Amy and Sally in dealing with Metal Sonic, though mostly unsuccessful. The Royal Palace Guard suddenly appeared to provide assistance, only for Metal Sonic to easily plow through them all. As the girls tended to the wounded soldiers, Amy asked Sally about the distress signal she sent, to which the princess replied that if they were getting back-up, it would had come already. As if on cue, a familiar Spin-Dash appeared from a bi-plane flying overhead, landing a devastating hit on Metal Sonic. The assailant was none other than Sonic the Hedgehog himself, who greeted the girls while they expressed both joy and annoyance at his perfect timing. Sonic thanked them for softening up Metal Sonic for him, and then challenged his damaged rival to a race. As the two dashed out of the city, Amy was upset that they did all the work while he stole all the glory, though Sally pointed out that he did succeed in luring Metal Sonic away from the innocent civilians. Meanwhile, Super Turbo was quickly taking care of Kano's goons. But once he saw Sonic at the scene, he slowed his pace a bit. Eventually, he dealt with the goons and caught up with Amy and Sally. After landing, Turbo reverted and immediately hugged Sally, who was confused at the gesture. Meanwhile, Sonic and Tails, who was in the bi-plane, defeated Metal Sonic. Afterward, Turbo got done with his long, nearly tearful hug with Sally; only for Sonic to rush over and hugged her as well. The surprised princess asked Sonic & Turbo what had gotten into them, to which Sonic replied that they had missed her, knowing that Sally didn't remember being a robot. Noticing Amy's predictable jealousy, Sonic assured her that he was also worried about her, and asked her where she had been, to which Amy stumbled her words, only able to say that Blaze said hi. Sonic turned to Turbo, wonder where he and Velocity been since the events involving Megaman. Turbo told them what happened regarding their time traveling adventure, confusing all except Sonic. In return, Sonic told Turbo of his adventures of reuniting the Freedom Fighters, shocking Turbo regarding Antoine, Bunnie and Rotor. After recovering from the shock, Turbo told Sonic that he ended up in the Sol Zone and found Amy, Cheese, Cream, Bark and Bean there. Sonic mentioned the Genesis Wave, confusing Amy and Sally even more. Afterward, Sonic took everyone to visit King Acorn as he and Sally reunited. Afterward, the Freedom Fighters assembled at the Sky Patrol in Soumerca, which Sonic and Rotor proudly present. Turbo hugged Bunnie and greeted Antoine (who have knowledge of what the world was at one point), as Sally was impressed with Rotor and the Sky Patrol. Turbo left to explore the rest of the Sky Patrol, using his speed. After Rotor handed NICOLE over to Sonic, the hedgehog asked her if she was able to restore both Sally & Amy, to which the supercomputer replied that it was possible, but only if they touched her simultaneously. Sonic finally told Amy and Sally of how Eggman tried to rewrite reality using the Genesis Wave. When Sonic (as Super Sonic) attempted to restore the world to normal, Eggman interfered, disrupting the process, and as a result the world was changed. As a side-effect, some of the left-over energy from the wave was transferred to NICOLE, which damaged her systems, but also allowed her to restore people's memories of the unaltered world (Naugus, Tails, Rotor, Antoine, and Bunnie). Though the story surprised Amy and Sally, the latter pointed out that with their prior experiences with alternate realities, it wasn't impossible. She asked NICOLE what would happen once her systems were restored, to which NICOLE responded that she would hopefully be able to analyze and find out exactly what had happened to their world. Bunnie warned Sally to brace herself, having had her own harrowing experience with regaining her old memories, though the princess was adamant in doing whatever was necessary to fix NICOLE, especially if the world was at stake. At this point, Turbo returned, amazed at the structure and layout of the Sky Patrol. He saw the situation as everyone looked at Turbo with serious looks on their faces. Once he saw NICOLE in Sonic's hand, Turbo knew what was about to happen. Amy and Sally were confused; but their confusion turned into a bit of fear. However, Sally shook it off as she and Amy reaffirmed their confidence one last time. Turbo stood next to Sally, telling her that he always loved her, no matter what. After that, Sonic handed NICOLE over to Amy & Sally, telling them not to say that they weren't warned. The two placed their hands on NICOLE, and memories of the unaltered Mobius return to them. Though the process proved jarring for them both, Sally was clearly the more troubled of the two, horrified by her actions as Mecha Sally. The princess thanked the others for stopping her and apologized profusely. She turned to Turbo and instantly started sobbing uncontrollably. Turbo quickly hugged her, holding her in his arms as Sally cried over what she did to Turbo while she was Mecha Sally. Afterward, a restored NICOLE suddenly shouted at Sonic to launch the Sky Patrol immediately, stating that the Genesis Wave didn't just rewrite their world. As the air base took to the sky, Rotor asked NICOLE what the rush was about while placing a Power Ring in her miniature handheld, allowing the supercomputer to appear in her physical form. NICOLE stated in horror that her readings were far worse than anticipated, and explained that the Genesis Wave didn't just rewrite their world; rather, the entire multiverse has collapsed in upon itself. Ironically, Eggman was giving the same explanation to Orbot and Cubot, saying that even their molecular make-up was altered to fit their new histories in their new universe. He went on to explain that with the first Genesis Wave, he only rewrote their own world, and even that nearly destroyed it. This time, he rewrote everything, and all that energy has now been focused on their planet, effectively causing the world to tear itself apart. Sonic and Tails tried to ask NICOLE how this could be prevented while Orbot and Cubot did the same with Eggman, only to receive the same answer from both sides: it's too late! At that moment, the ground below both the Sky Patrol and the Death Egg II crumbled and broke apart while glowing with purple energy, leaving Sonic, Sally, Amy, Tails, Bunnie, Antoine, Rotor, Big, Turbo, Cream and Cheese to witness in horror the chaos that was ensuing: The end of the world has begun!!!
    Sonic the Hedgehog Issue #257
    "Damage Control"
    Turbo and the Freedom Fighters were at Station Square saving the citizens from the city being destroyed by the shattering world. Meanwhile, Sally stayed behind with Cream & Cheese inside the Sky Patrol. Sally was stressed with saving everyone inside Station Square to make amends for nearly killing Sonic and Turbo as Metal Sally among other things. NICOLE had to snap her out of her depression, forcing Sally to calm herself down. Meanwhile, aboard the Death Egg, Eggman, Orbot and Cubot surveyed the damage to the planet from the Eggnet satellite data. Eggman claimed that all of this was the darkest consequence of the Super Genesis Wave's energy shadow and that the reality damage had been done beyond repair. Angry over having to conquer a broken world, Eggman quickly searched his Eggnet for anything in regards to the planet's odd phenomena that he could potentially use to overcome this crisis. He then found an article about Professor Pickle's research on the Gaia manuscripts and asked his henchbots if there were any Egg Army units near Spagonia. The bots gave him negative, due to them being busy securing their territories following the disaster's outcome and the transmissions jammed in the process. He asked if any Badnik Hordes were near, and Orbot revealed that E-107 Eta's unit was the nearest. Eggman told them to send Eta and his squad to Spagonia University to grab anything and anyone related to Pickle's research there. Back at Station Square, Sonic was experiencing some great distress as he was rescuing several children. His panic seemed to trigger some sort of change in his body, and his face began to show lycanthropic traits. Luckily, Amy appeared and caught him with her Extreme Gear, stopping his transformation, and they realized that they're running in circles to save the endangered citizens. Suddenly, the UFAF Letter of Gabriel, a giant airship that was headed by Captain Amanda Tower, showed up. She deployed GUN units to collaborate on the rescue efforts. A few minutes later, the citizens of Station Square were saved as Cream was talking to her mother, Vanilla, and King Acorn. At this point, Turbo got in contact with Velocity, who was in Spotland. She was telling him that Spotland mostly looked the same, but there were some things that were different in comparison to how it was before the world was altered. As Sonic wanted NICOLE to get in contact with Uncle Chuck, Ben the Muttski (now a Mobian and not a dog), got in contact with them instead. Ben told them that Professors Chuck and Pickle were captured and their research were stolen. Upon hearing that, Turbo told his sister that his return to Spotland would have to wait.
    Sonic the Hedgehog Issue #258
    "The Chase: Part One"
    The chase was on in the Soleanna Forest Zone as Turbo and the Knothole Freedom Fighters caught up with the Egg Train that was carrying the kidnapped Uncle Chuck and Professor Pickle. While Super Turbo held off the enemy forces, which was joined by an elite robotic force called the Turbo Killers, Team Freedom-Sonic, Tails, Amy, and Antoine-were tasked with rescuing the captives, while Team Righters-Sally, Bunnie, Rotor, and NOCOLE-head to the front of the train to determine the professors' exact location. While inside, Team Fighters had to deal with E-106 Eta, who’s attempted to smash her with a piston arm accidentally destroyed the train's controls, causing the vehicle to accelerate uncontrollably. Everyone noticed the change in speed, forcing Sonic and Amy, after freeing all the captives, to search for the professors by removing roof hatches one at a time. Amy managed to smash in a hatch, only to discover a car full of explosives-which she nearly managed to detonate. Fortunately, Bunnie teamed up with her to avoid the explosives and continued the search. Meanwhile, Sonic's efforts landed him in a call full of Badniks, who managed to follow him outside and attack Tails' Tornado, Antoine's Twister plane, and Super Turbo. Sally, noticing their plight, contacted Bunnie to aid them, but was unable to communicate as easily with Amy. Fortunately, Amy quickly decimated several Badniks with her Piko-Piko Hammer. After a few minutes of action, Sonic broke into the hatch that the professors were in. While Professor Pickle continue to not be concern of the current situation, Uncle Chuck warned Sonic of the arriving Eta.
    Sonic the Hedgehog Issue #259
    "The Chase: Part Two"
    While Sonic went one on one against E-106 Eta, Sally, Amy and Rotor were getting close towards locating Sonic and the professors. Sally informed Tails and Antoine that they'll need a ride soon. Meanwhile, Super Turbo was barely holding his own against the Turbo Killers and Badniks. However, things became more in his favor as his sister, Super Velocity, appeared. The two siblings teamed up and managed to defeat the Turbo Killers; mostly Velocity defeated them once her brother told her the name of the enemies, making her extremely angry. Back to the train, it screeches during another one of its fast turns. This turn knocked both the professors to their prison walls so hard, that Uncle Chuck was knocked unconscious. This distracted Sonic and Eta got the chance to pin him down. Sonic then went feral once more. However, Amy arrived in time and knocked Eta away with her Piko-Piko Hammer. Sally and Rotor arrived next and started working on freeing the professors. Sonic calmed down once he saw them and he teamed up with Amy on Eta. Sally and Rotor managed to free them and Uncle Chuck regained consciousness in Rotor's arms. As our heroes were making their exit, Eta tried to attack them. However, his attack was countered by an arriving Super Turbo. Super Turbo held Eta off as the others made their escape. Super Velocity and Bunnie cleared off the remaining badniks as the heroes escape on the two planes. Back inside the train, Super Turbo launched a huge ki blast at the Eta. However, Eta was a super badnik and was barely withstanding the attack. Noticing this, Super Velocity arrived and the two siblings combined their attack. This time, Eta was defeated by the combined blast. Once Eta was defeated, Super Turbo dropped to one knee, as he was nearly drained of energy. Super Velocity carried his brother off the train and joined the others as they headed back to the Sky Patrol. Back at the Sky Patrol, Turbo was resting and recuperating as Sonic was pissed that they were accused of forgetting the professors' research material. After calming Sonic down, Sally asked Pickle what they were researching and what did Eggman want with them. Pickle answered that he had nearly completed decoding the Gaia Manuscripts, and told her that every ten thousand years, the world split apart (as of now). He then said that there were Seven Gaia Temples, which involved the Chaos Emeralds. When the emeralds were gathered, it brought the world to order, and began the process of rebirth. Sally knew that Eggman would be eager to know about this information. Sally asked Pickle for the locations of the temples and their workings, but Pickle did not know about that, since he could not finish decoding the manuscripts, he also didn't know what Eggman's intentions were with the research. Uncle Chuck guessed that Eggman would try to control how the world got back together, or hold the entire planet hostage, similar to what he did with the Roboticizer. Sally went to tell the others about beginning their search for the Chaos Emeralds, but Uncle Chuck told them that there was more to it, something to do with the samples Uncle Chuck collected. Pickle told them about a 'sickness' which had something to do with Dark Gaia, and a supposed destruction of the world. Chuck told them that the samples contained mutagenic properties. This was pointed directly at Sonic, who told that he's fine (Going back to issue 254, Sonic inhaled some of the sample Uncle Chuck talked about during an earthquake and had been acting more primal in short moments). After a few more discussions, Sally made arrangements to drop Pickle off at Spagonia, and told G.U.N that Eggman was targeting him. Chuck was still concerned about Sonic, and asked him if he felt off lately. Sonic told him that he was okay, and that he could handle anything that came in his way. Meanwhile, at Bullet Station, the damaged Egg Train arrived. Orbot remarked about the train arriving on time, but an infuriated Eggman yelled at the two robots to find out what was lost. Orbot found out that the fuel supplies and munitions arrived intact. The bad news was that the badniks were destroyed, his captives escaped, the food was spoiled, and his Foosball table was destroyed as well. Orbot commented about Eggman not throwing a temper tantrum. Eggman then said: 'I got what really matters', and was seen holding the Gaia Manuscripts and the samples.
    Turbo the Cheetorian Issue #55 (During STH Issues #260-263)
    "Home Sweet Home? Let's Compare!"
    After resting in the Sky Patrol, Turbo and Velocity flew back to Spotland in their super forms. Throughout the whole trip, Velocity was telling Turbo about how Spotland changed a bit from how it was before the world was altered. Turbo told her to calm down and he'll see for himself. A few minutes later, the royal siblings made it home to Spotland as the sun started to set. Turbo couldn't believe how much Spotland had changed, it was extremely technologically advances. As Turbo step foot in Spotland, the citizens spotted the royal siblings and loudly cheered. The Cheetorians circled around the siblings, really happy to see their king returned. Turbo was glad at the reception. After greeting the citizens, Turbo and Velocity made it home, where Jason awaited them with a smile. Turbo and Jason greeted each other, then Jason hugged and kissed Velocity. Jason was given the heads up from Velocity about the world being altered and about Infinite. The three locked themselves in the conference room and began to compare notes. Turbo suggested that Jason went first, talking about the history of the current world. To Turbo's and Velocity's surprise, the history was mostly intact. There were a few exceptions as Infinite didn't exist and the Cheetorians Crystals were never referred to as the Cheetorian Gem. However, Jason did mentioned about Spotland being in a 50 years’ war with Dotton, really catching Turbo's and Velocity's attention. Jason told them of the origins of the war as it occurred around 100 years ago as the Jaguarians started the war as they wanted to capture the Cheetorian Crystals to replace their seemingly lost Jaguarian Gem. Apparently, Dotton and Spotland were neighboring countries at this point, so they constantly battled. While the Cheetorians had speed and spiritual powers on their side, Jaguarians had strength and soul power. The war ended when the King of Spotland at that time used the Cheetorian Crystals to transform into a Super Cheetorian. His power caused an earthquake, sending Dotton and the Jaguarians down towards Mobius' core. However, everything else in history remained the same as Turbo and Velocity's parents died by Silver Sonic, Julius died by the hands of Genesis, which means that Genesis was still out and about, and Turbo survived the heart virus. Turbo and Velocity told Jason of how the world was before it was altered, along with their adventure with Megaman, and their time travels. Turbo also told Jason and Velocity what happened in the Sol Zone with Blaze. From what they had learned, Turbo and Velocity were willing to accept how the world was at that moment and were focused on fixing the planet. As soon as the trio unlocked themselves from the conference room, a royal guard approached them, letting them know that it's nightfall. Turbo was confused at this while Jason and Velocity had concerned looks. Velocity told him that Dark Gaia monsters had been attacking Spotland every night ever since she returned, and were likely to attack at that moment. Outside, citizens were screaming as on cue, the Dark Gaia monsters appeared.
    Turbo the Cheetorian Issue #56 (During STH Issues #260-263)
    "Defending the Kingdom: Spotland vs. Dark Gaia Minions part 1"
    Upon hearing what's going on, Turbo immediately rushed outside, as Velocity tried to stop him. Annoyed at her brother's lack of hesitation, Velocity rushed outside as well. Turbo made it to see the chaos going on in his kingdom, as the guards were fighting the Dark Gaia monsters. As soon as he instantly transformed into his super form, all of the Dark Gaia monsters stopped their attack and stared at Super Turbo. As Super Turbo looked at them with a concerned, yet confused, look on his face, Velocity joined him. She was frightened when she saw her brother in his super form. He noticed her reaction and wondered what was going on. She told him that she don't transform when dealing with them because all of them attacked her the first time she transformed. Hearing that, Super Turbo sported a smile, accepting the challenge. Shortly after, the Dark Gaia monsters stormed towards Super Turbo, who welcomed the challenge. Super Turbo struck first, destroying a bunch of them with his ki blast. However, he was caught off guard with the speed of these Dark Gaia monsters. He was lucky to avoid the swarm of them. As a group of them approached Super Turbo, he countered with his physical attacks, turning them into dusts. The citizens & guards were hopeful seeing their king taking care of the Dark Gaia monsters by himself. However, the Dark Gaia monsters decided to attack all at once, and they overwhelmed Super Turbo. He held them off for a while, but they literally ganged on him. One of them gave Super Turbo a deep scratch on his left shoulder. Super Turbo destroyed that creature and before another could attack, Super Turbo punched it in the chest so hard that he pierced its chest. The creature's blood flew directly on Super Turbo's deep cut and immediately sank inside. The fight continued as all of the creatures jumped on top of Super Turbo and covered him from head to toe. Velocity called out to her brother for no response. Not willing to sit on the sidelines, Velocity transformed into her super form and used her spiritual powers to destroy a bunch of the creatures. With some of them taken care off, Super Turbo shot up from the rest, destroying some of them as well. He landed on one knee as he was a bit fatigued. Super Velocity came to his aid as the Dark Gaia creatures surrounded the super siblings. Suddenly, the ground shook as everyone was confused on what was going. Then a guard came to report to Jason, who was standing next to Super Velocity & a kneeling Super Turbo. The guard told him that a giant was coming. As Jason asked the guard what he was talking about, a Dark Gaia Titan showed up. The three Cheetorians looked up to see the titan in front of Spotland, in disbelief.
    Turbo the Cheetorian Issue #57 (During STH Issues #260-263)
    "Defending the Kingdom: Spotland vs. Dark Gaia Minions part 2"
    A Dark Gaia Titan arrived at Spotland as the three leaders of Spotland looked on in disbelief. From one knee, Super Turbo stood up, willing to challenge the titan alone. However, he, his sister and best friend were surrounded by the remaining Dark Gaia monsters. Super Velocity used her spiritual powers to levitate the remaining monsters towards the titan. Once they made contact with the titan, they disappeared and the titan stopped its destruction to focus on the Super Cheetorians. As the titan was charging towards the Super Cheetorians, Super Turbo charged towards the titan. He launched some ki blasts at the titan, and they slowed it down for a while. However, it quickly recovered and counter when it summoned a giant club. It managed to smash Super Turbo straight into the ground. Seeing the attack Super Velocity charged towards the titan, but it saw her coming and launched some energy projectiles at her once she got close. She was launched to the ground outside of Spotland. Super Turbo was struggling to get back on his feet as the pain was getting to him. But there was another reason, he was feeling something from inside. He didn't know what it was, but because he was low on fatigued, he couldn't fight it. The Dark Gaia blood mixed with his own, and made him more in rage. His outer appearance mostly remained the same outside his pupils now becoming purple. Super Turbo launched from the spot he was at and unleashed a fury at the titan. The titan couldn't counter against it as Super Turbo mysteriously regained his energy and strength. Super Turbo's attacks forced the titan back and out of Spotland. Super Velocity managed to recover and made it back in the kingdom. Jason told her what happened and Super Velocity gave chase. Back to the fight, Super Turbo still had the advantage as the titan couldn't connect with it attacks. Sensing the darkness inside Super Turbo, the titan tried to possess him. However, Super Turbo dodge the attempt and launch the Cheetorian Blast towards the titan, destroying it. Super Turbo landed on his feet and reverted to his normal form, and the darkness faded for now. Super Velocity landed next to him, checking up on him. Turbo landed on one knee, but insisted that he was fine. Shortly after, Jason showed up and assisted Turbo back inside the kingdom. Little did they knew, there was a small floating drone monitoring them and their entire battle. On the other watching was a few Eggman soldiers. However there was one on a throne that laughed at what he saw. He told his men to prepare to go invade Spotland. The man was revealed to be Kano, one of Eggman's eggbosses.
    Turbo the Cheetorian Issue #58 (During STH issue #264)
    "Defending the Kingdom II: Spotland vs. Egg Boss Kano part 1"
    It haven't been 24 hours since Spotland was invaded by the Dark Gaia Minions as Turbo was still recovering in the healing chamber. Meanwhile, Velocity was having a conversation with Sally, who was in the Rocky Jungle Zone in Soumerca. The two princesses were communicating through their communicators; Sally's was mobile, while Velocity's was stationary. Sally told Velocity about their progress on locating the Chaos Emeralds. However, Sonic interrupted their comm by joining in, alerting Sally that he's being chased by E-113 Xi, an E-Series Badnik. Velocity suggested that she help them out, knowing that Soumerca isn't that far from Spotland. However, Sonic told her that they could handle it. Sally agreed, telling Velocity to look after her brother, as Sally was worried about Turbo after everything Velocity told him. Sally and Sonic ended their conversation with Velocity as she just sighed. Moments later, Velocity ended up in the medical lab to check on her older brother. The doctors told her that he'll be healthy within the hour. Velocity sighed in a positive tone as she left the lab. Suddenly, a loud crash occurred. Velocity rushed outside and ran into Jason, who was rushing to check on that impact. The couple made their way to the royal balcony & saw that Eggboss Kano and his troops were attacking Spotland. Velocity was extremely angry with Eggman's troops attacking Spotland so shortly after they had their hands full with Dark Gaia's minions. From the balcony, she immediately transformed and charged to battle, despite Jason's advice of not rushing in. She took out a few of Kano's troops and made her way straight towards Kano. Because of the fact that Velocity was not 100% familiar with the world, she knew nothing of Kano. However, Kano knew a lot about Velocity and her older brother. His compact ship transformed into a battle mech, with him inside. The mech was as strong as Super Turbo. Super Velocity made her attack, but it was countered and Super Velocity was dealt some damage. Spotland's soldiers emerged for battle, but there were not that many as most of them were recovering from their battle with Dark Gaia minions. As Kano's mech was literally stomping on Super Velocity, who was having a hard time activating her spiritual powers, Turbo was still inside the healing chamber. However, he sensed Super Velocity's power fading and he opened his eyes. His black eyes were now red as it was Dark Turbo that emerged.
    Turbo the Cheetorian Issue #59 (During STH issue #264)
    "Defending the Kingdom II: Spotland vs. Egg Boss Kano part 2"
    As the battle continued, Spotland was overmatched as Kano and his forces had the upper hand. In fact, Kano's mech was still stomping on a near unconscious Super Velocity, who was struggling to maintain her super form. Jason rushed towards her, but he was blasted by Kano's mech. As Kano was laughing like a maniac, he received word from one of his troops via communicator that someone was destroying the troops. Kano was shocked, but deduced that it was Turbo in his super form. The troop replied that the individual looked like Super Turbo, but different, confusing Kano. He stopped the attack on Super Velocity and was about to investigate. All of a sudden, Kano's mech was blasted and it fell quickly. Kano looked up to see none other than Dark Turbo, who was extremely angry and savaged like. Kano couldn't believe his eyes, but was confident that Super Turbo couldn't stand up to his mech. However, Kano didn't know about Dark Turbo and the fact that he was stronger than Super Turbo. As Kano launched an attack with the mech, Dark Turbo easily dodged it and countered. After a few minutes of this, Kano realized that Turbo was different and stronger than before. Dark Turbo launched the Cheetorian Blast at Kano & his mech. However, Kano escaped out of his mech with a small hovership and avoided the attack as the mech was destroyed. Jason recovered and rushed to Velocity's side, as she reverted to her normal form. Dark Turbo saw Kano escaping the attack and chased after him. What was left of Kano's forces gave chase to Dark Turbo in order to save their leader. The chase made its way in the nearby forest as Kano was legitimately afraid. Dark Turbo was getting closer to Kano, but he was attacked by Kano's forces. Dark Turbo slightly turned his attentions to the forces. However, before Dark Turbo could retaliate, the forces scattered off. Dark Turbo turned his attentions back to Kano, but he was gone as well. Dark Turbo let out a loud road and took off, trying to hunt Kano down. He managed to make his way out the forest and flying over the ocean. Because Kano didn't process energy, Dark Turbo couldn't sense him. However, Dark Turbo sensed something else. He didn't know what it was, but something about it felt like it was something he had to check out. Dark Turbo immediately took off towards Soumerca.
    Turbo the Cheetorian Issue #60 (During STH issue #265)
    "The Epic, Corrupted Brawl part 1"
    So far, both Sonic and Turbo had been showing signs of them being affected by Dark Gaia. In Turbo's case, he had been displaying a darker side of himself that is constantly in rage and is willing to cause chaos. However, Sonic had been fighting the effects, not letting the effects of Dark Gaia take full control, until recently in Soumerca. While there, Sonic transformed into a werehog. This transformation occurs at night and while Sonic isn't fast, his arms stretches, he's hairy, and is out of control. In Turbo's case, he transforms into Dark Turbo. This transformation occurs at random times, but recently it'd happened when he was in a dangerous situation. These two heroes are about to have a dark encounter with one another. Dark Turbo was flying over the ocean, still looking to confront the dark energy that he was sensing. Eventually, Dark Turbo entered Soumerca. As soon as Dark Turbo landed in Soumerca, the dark energy he was sensing disappeared for a second. At the same time, it was night time. Without having anything to do, since no one was around him, Dark Turbo reverted to normal Turbo. Looking around, Turbo had no clue where he was at. Little did he knew, he was deep in the Rocky Jungle Zone. Because he hadn't fully healed from his fight with the Dark Gaia monsters, Turbo could barely move. He sat on the ground with his back leaned on a nearby tree, resting there for a few seconds. Suddenly, he heard a loud noise nearby. Looking at the direction, Turbo struggled to get back up. As soon as he did, he dropped to his knees. Turbo realized that he was changing again, and was trying to fight it this time. However, it was no use as he was not healthy to fight it; and once again, Turbo was Dark Turbo. Dark Turbo flew towards the direction of the noise and ironically, the dark energy was over there as well. At the source of the noise, Sonic the Werehog was winning a battle against Thunderbolt, one of Eggman's Bosses. He was about to finish her off, when he sensed something nearby. He let go of Thunderbolt to see Dark Turbo staring back at him. The two corrupted heroes faced each other before they engaged in combat.
    Turbo the Cheetorian Issue #61 (During STH issue #265)
    "The Epic, Corrupted Brawl part 2"
    After an intense, but silent, stare down, Sonic the Werehog charged towards Dark Turbo. As Sonic the Werehog, he lost his supersonic speed, but gained new abilities. However, Dark Turbo was obviously the faster of the two as he dodged Dark Turbo's attack with ease. Dark Turbo countered with a punch to the side of the face. However, Dark Turbo was holding back, not believing that Sonic was a match for him. However, what the werehog lack in speed, he gained in strength. The punch didn't do much to the werehog, surprising Dark Turbo. As Dark Turbo went for another punch, the werehog caught it with his hand. Shocked, Dark Turbo tried to punch his opponent with his free hand, but that failed as well as the werehog caught that with his free hand. The two were in a test of strength as the werehog took an early lead. However, Dark Turbo, still having the powers of a Super Cheetorian, decided to power up. Sensing Dark Turbo's power rising, Sonic the Werehog jumped backward. However, his hands were still locked onto Dark Turbo's hands. Dark Turbo was shocked to see the werehog stretching his arms. As the werehog landed, Dark Turbo was span around, colliding with trees, knocking them down in the process. Regaining his senses, Dark Turbo used his energy to fly in place, causing the werehog to stop the spin and to let go of his opponent's hands. Getting angry, Dark Turbo charged towards the werehog with lightning speed, forcing the two of them to crash through multiple trees. However, the werehog used his agility to move out the way of the ongoing charge and let Dark Turbo crash onto more trees. Dark Turbo stopped in midair & launched multiple ki blasts towards the werehog. Sonic used his arms to stretch out to grab a nearby tree branch, elevated himself, and avoided the ki blasts. Sonic was charging towards Dark Turbo, who was charging towards Sonic. All of a sudden, a giant boulder crashed between the two corrupted heroes, forcing them to stop short of each other. They both looked at the location where that boulder came from, and they saw Mighty the Armadillo walking towards them. Mighty was shocked to see Turbo, and he didn't recognized his dark form. Mighty figured that he may have a serious fight in his hands as the three way stare down begins.
    Turbo the Cheetorian Issue #62 (During STH issue #265)
    "The Epic, Corrupted Brawl part 3"
    Nearby the upcoming three-way brawl, Sally, Amy, and Ray the Squirrel were off retrieving the Chaos Emerald. Prior to the fight of the two corrupted heroes, Sonic, Sally, Amy, Mighty and Ray were dealing with Thunderbolt and her Egg army. With the emerald in hand, the trio took off to locate Sonic and Mighty, not aware that Turbo was with them. Back to the three way duel, Dark Turbo struck first, charging towards Mighty. Little did Dark Turbo knew, Mighty was actually really strong. Mighty withstood the charge and maintained his footing, shocking Dark Turbo. Mighty then grabbed Dark Turbo and launched him towards a nearby small mountain, destroying it instantly. Sonic the Werehog was next to attack as he tried to attack Mighty with his claws. At the same time, Dark Turbo emerged violently from the rubble and charged towards Mighty as well. Seeing both attacks coming, Mighty moved out the way and the two corrupted heroes collided with each other. However, they both resumed fighting each other as they were trading punches. Dark Turbo was faster with his punches, but the Werehog was tough enough to withstand the attacks. As Mighty got to his feet, Sally, Amy, and Ray, with the Chaos Emerald in hand, arrived to see the carnage of the jungle from the ongoing fight. The trio were shocked to see Sonic fighting Turbo, and they were also shocked to see Turbo's dark appearance. Mighty told the trio that he had no idea where Turbo came from, and that he and Sonic were fighting before he got to the scene. The four looked in horror as their corrupted allies are in mortal combat with one another.
    Turbo the Cheetorian Issue #63 (During STH issue #265)
    "The Epic, Corrupted Brawl part 4"
    The brawl was still going on as it appeared that Dark Turbo was getting the upper hand. While the fight was going on, Sally remembered Sonic's courage and selflessness, the tendency of doing what he thought was right, and tried to use that their advantage in hopes of coming both Sonic and Dark Turbo down. Sally came up with a plan as they must deal with Dark Turbo first. At this point in the battle, Sonic the Werehog was down, but not out, as Dark Turbo was forming an energy ball that could potentially destroy him and the whole jungle. Seeing this, Mighty took action and wrapped his arms around Dark Turbo's arms. With his great strength, Dark Turbo was having trouble launching the attack. With Sally standing on Amy's Piko-Piko Hammer, Amy launched Sally towards Dark Turbo and Mighty. Managing to grab on to Dark Turbo, Sally proceeded to remove Dark Turbo's chain, with the Cheetorian Crystals around his neck. Normally, no one could accomplish this. However, the chain was set up in a way where only Velocity, Jason, Sonic, and Sally could remove the chain off of Turbo in case of an emergency like this. With the crystals no longer around his neck, Dark Turbo (aka a dark form of Super Turbo), reverted back to normal, and he immediately fell to the ground, with Mighty leaping off with Sally in his arms. Finally, the energy ball vanished as well. Because of the fact that Turbo wasn't fully healed, Turbo was in bad shape. Meanwhile, Sonic the Werehog had gotten back to his feet, willing to continue fighting. However, Sally, after getting off of Mighty's arms, talked to him, along with Amy. They reminded him of his past deeds, including saving Sally's father and stopping Perfect Chaos. Thanks to their encouragement, Sonic's twisted mind cleared. He witnessed in horror the destruction he had caused, what he was about to do, and Turbo's current condition, and finally stood down. They carry him and Turbo back to Mighty's mentor's house before Thunderbolt could call for reinforcements. Meeting with Moss for the second time, Sonic apologized to his friends for his rampage and thanked them for keeping him in check. Turbo joined in and apologized as well, as he was aware of what happened. As Sonic finally turned back to normal, Sally made plans to take him and the Chaos Emerald back to the Sky Patrol, but Sonic refused. Fearing that he would go berserk again, he planned to remain with Moss until he was able to keep his new beastly form under control. As for Turbo, he was being healed by Moss, and decided to return to Spotland alone, as he had to help repair his kingdom.
    Turbo the Cheetorian Issue #64 (Before Sonic Universe issue #76)
    "Two Kings Collide part 1: The Lion King"
    After fully healing from his past few battles, Turbo was making his way home. Instead of flying, he was walking through the Rocky Jungle Zone. He didn't want his dark persona to come out. Once he reached the edge of the zone, he would fly over the ocean. Turbo was following his plan as he was flying over the ocean 30 minutes later, heading towards South Island. Speaking of South Island, there was an individual there. He was purposely waiting for Turbo to show up. His identity wasn't know, but he was aware of Turbo's existence and his powers. Back to Turbo, he was in his super form (obviously), but his dark side hasn't emerged. Turbo was wondering where it came from to begin with. All of a sudden, he sensed something. Whatever he was sensing, it was a strong individual that was slightly stronger than himself. Turbo wondered who it was as it was a power he never sensed before. However, he didn't try to avoid this individual as he was flying towards this person. As Turbo finally reached South Island, he landed and was met by the individual. The individual introduced himself as Zorda the King, and he was waiting for Turbo to come back to South Island. When Turbo asked him why he was waiting, Zorda told him that he's going to take and destroy the Cheetorian Crystals. Not giving any more information on why he wanted to destroy the Cheetorian Crystals, Zorda demanded that Turbo handed his over to him to a "more superior king." Turbo laughed, telling Zorda that he's nothing but the king of "disillusioned-ville." That comment made Zorda mad, and he began to power up. Turbo was now serious as he was able to see Zorda at full strength. Not wasting any time, Super Turbo powered up to his maximum as well. Nearby, Velocity, Jason and the Royal Guards were trying to locate Turbo. They saw him flew in the direction they were heading. While traveling, Velocity was trying to sense him, but he couldn't. That didn't last long as she sensed two powers right next to each other; one of those powers belonged to her older brother. She announced to the rest of the search party of her discovery. However, she was confused regarding the other power that was next to her brother. She took off ahead of the group as they soon followed. Back to the showdown, Super Turbo charged towards Zorda, making the first attack. With that, the fight is on as Zorda was matching all of Super Turbo's attack. However, Zorda's attacks were being avoided by Super Turbo. While Zorda had strength on his side in this battle, Super Turbo had the speed. The two fighters shot out from the ground and were now in the sky, trading punches. Eventually, they both landed a single punch on the side of each other's faces as Zorda's strength was matched by Super Turbo's velocity and force. The battle resumed and carried over the ocean. The two broke from each other, and Super Turbo went straight towards forming one of his signature attacks, the Cheetorian Blast. Zorda saw this and decided to form his own attack, similar to Super Turbo's. Once charged, the two launched their attacks towards each other midair, and an energy clash occurred.
    Turbo the Cheetorian Issue #65 (Before Sonic Universe issue #76)
    "Two Kings Collide part 2: The Clash of Royalty"
    Velocity arrived first at the scene, at the edge of South Island as she saw her brother in his super form against an individual that looked like a lion in an energy clash. Jason and the Royal Guards caught up to her and were shocked by what they were seeing. For a few minutes, Super Turbo and Zorda were even in their clash. However, Zorda was beginning to get the advantage and had Super Turbo on the brink of defeat. Seeing that her brother was losing, Velocity transformed into Super Velocity and flew towards her brother's side, despite Jason's protest. Zorda held his ground despite sensing another power heading towards himself and Super Turbo. Zorda was a bit shocked to see Turbo's little sister arrive at the scene. She form her own variation of the Cheetorian Blast and launched it beside her brother. It was now a 2 on 1 energy clash and Zorda was now at a disadvantage. Despite the disadvantage, Zorda was trying to overpower the Super Cheetorian siblings. However, it was no use as he ultimately lost that clash. Once the clash ended, Super Turbo was floating down towards the ocean, no longer able to maintain his flight as he was low on energy and having a hard time maintaining his super form. Super Velocity caught her brother and brought him on South Island. Super Velocity, Jason and the Royal Guards were checking up on him, when the smoke cleared abruptly. The Cheetorians were shocked to see Zorda alive, but he wasn't at his full strength. However, he declared that he was going to target Velocity and destroy her crystals as well. That comment made Super Turbo mad as he tried to get back to his feet to resume the battle. However, he had little energy left to do so. Meanwhile, Super Velocity approached Zorda, willing to take her brother's place in the battle. Without warning, Zorda went on the attack, shocking Super Velocity as he still had energy left for battle, and even had the advantage over Super Velocity. However, due to her spiritual powers and training, Super Velocity held her own against the lion. The battle lasted until she used her powers to life Zorda off the ground & launched him away from her, crashing through the trees at a nearby jungle. Zorda let out a loud lion-like roar, and destroyed that area; charging back towards the Cheetorians. At this point, Super Velocity was standing next to her brother, who managed to return to his feet. Having doubt about the two of them standing a chance against Zorda, Super Velocity grabbed her brother's hand and a light emerged from the siblings; forcing Zorda to stop in his tracks. Once the light died down, Zorda was staring down the fused Super Cheetorian. With the combined powers of Super Turbo and Super Velocity, Zorda knew that he didn't stand a chance, especially in his current state. He declared that they won the fight, but by doing so, they will bring upon the end of this world worse than its current state. As the Cheetorians were confused by that statement, Zorda left the area.
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    Arc Nineteen: It Ends at the Beginning
    Turbo the Cheetorian Issue #51 (During Sonic the Hedgehog Issues #252-254 and before Sonic Universe Issue #58)
    "The Original" - Part One: "Heritage"
    Last time, Super Sonic was about to use Chaos Control to restore his world back to normal, when Eggman rammed him, and altered his shot. With Turbo and Velocity, fused as one mega Cheetorian, chasing after the two, a bright light consumed them. Sometime later, Turbo woke up, finding himself in Spotland somehow. He slowly got to his feet, and wondered why he wasn't fused with his sister. Then he looked around to find his sister unconscious next to him. After shaking her, she finally came to as well. She was just as confused as he was as far as why they weren't fused together and why they were back in Spotland. Suddenly, they were approached by the Royal Guards as the guards helped them up. The guards didn't recognize them and told them to follow them to see the king. Turbo and Velocity were confused as Turbo was King and Velocity was the Princess. Before Velocity spoke, Turbo covered her mouth, secretly telling her to play along for now to see what's going on. A few minutes later, they arrived at the throne room and were introduced to another Cheetorian sitting on the throne. The Cheetorian introduced himself as King Timothy Cheetor II; who just so happened to be Turbo and Velocity's great-grandfather. The two siblings were shocked as they concluded that they were somehow sent back in time. When asked for their own names, Turbo introduced himself as Turbo (and not his official name) and introduced his sister as Velocity (and of course, not her real name). When asked how they ended up unconscious in Spotland, Turbo answered that he wasn't sure, and that the last thing he and his sister remembered was they were in battle with a strange enemy that was trying to attack Spotland. King Timothy believed that it might had been a Jaguarian. Confused at first, Turbo and Velocity changed their expression, agreeing with the king. Suddenly, a voice was heard from behind the siblings. The king then scolded the individual, who just so happened to be Thomas Cheetor, Turbo and Velocity's grandfather; as a teenager. Young Thomas began hitting on Velocity, creeping her out in the process. The king scolded his son again, telling him to leave the room. Suddenly, the king's advisor appeared, and told the king about the progress of the Cheetorian Gem. Turbo and Velocity were confused about the existence of a Cheetorian Gem. Young Thomas filled them in, letting them know that it's a gem that granted privilege Cheetorians to become Super Cheetorians. Turbo and Velocity looked at their respective Cheetorian Crystals around their necks and then they understood. The king ordered his son to lead Turbo and Velocity to a guest room for them to stay. As the three were leaving, the Royal Guards were entering the room with the advisor's son. Turbo and Velocity were shock to see who it was. It was what appeared to be Infinite in his base form. As the Cheetorian saw Turbo and Velocity, mostly Turbo, the Cheetorian became angry and was trying to attack Turbo. However, the guards held him back as Turbo, Velocity and young Thomas jumped back. The king's advisor managed to calm his son down, calling him Nite. The advisor apologized to Turbo and Velocity as the siblings and young Thomas left the room. Young Thomas asked them if they met Nite before and Turbo and Velocity looked at each other for a second. Turbo responded that they never met. When young Thomas asked them about Nite wanting to attack, Velocity responded that Nite might had mistaken Turbo for someone else. With that, young Thomas shrugged his shoulders and left the siblings alone in the room. Velocity was about to ask a crap ton of questions, but Turbo covered her mouth again, worried that young Thomas was eavesdropping from the other side of the door. And Turbo was right as Turbo was pretending to have a normal conversation with his sister, he caught young Thomas in the act, quickly opening the door; resulting in young Thomas falling in the room. The siblings looked at him, wondering why he was eavesdropping. Young Thomas admitted that he wanted to learn more about Velocity. Velocity turned him down, saying that she had a boyfriend. As Thomas finally left, Turbo and Velocity began their discussion. They came to the conclusion that they somehow went back in time. They wondered if Sonic and Dr. Eggman were here as well. Meanwhile, in the throne room, King Timothy and his advisor were talking about Nite's overexposure to the Cheetorian Gem. Normally, Nite would had died from the overexposure of the Cheetorian Gem, resulting in a heart virus. However, Nite's excessive anger and rage were able to let him control and use the overexposing power of the Cheetorian Gem to his use. Nite's father explained that Nite could transform into a Super Cheetorian without using the Cheetorian Gem, shocking the king. With that, the king got up from his throne and was exiting the throne room. The advisor asked him where he was going, and the king responded that he was going to have a private discussion with his 2 guests. Speaking of them, Velocity was in her super form, and in a meditation stance, trying to sense Sonic and/or Eggman. She was unsuccessful in doing so. As she reverted to her normal form, Turbo suggested that they rest up for the night and they could search for them and search for a way back home. Suddenly, a knock occurred at their door. Turbo answered and it was King Timothy, who instantly entered the room and made his way towards the window. Velocity asked him if anything was wrong. He responded by telling Turbo to close the door and for the siblings to explain why and how they were able to travel from the future. Hearing that, the sibling were shocked as King Timothy awaited their answer.
    Turbo the Cheetorian Issue #52 (During Sonic the Hedgehog Issues #252-254 and before Sonic Universe Issue #58)
    "The Original" - Part Two: "How it All Begins"
    Turbo finally spoke, asking what the king meant by his comments. The king went on his theory, saying that the items hanging around their necks resembled the Cheetorian Gem. Not to mention that he knew every Cheetorian in existence as they're all living in Spotland and he didn't recognized them. Finally, their names sound like nicknames and not official Cheetorian names. Therefore, King Timothy came to the conclusion that Turbo and Velocity came from the future. Turbo simply sighed and made sure that no one was eavesdropping outside their door. Turbo then told King Timothy that he was correct, that they were from the future. The king asked for their real names and Turbo told him, shocking the king. The king realized that he was meeting his great-grandchildren from the future. The king didn't ask any more about them, instantly realizing that if he did, then their future could change for the worst. However, he asked about their affiliation with Nite. Turbo explained to him about the legend of the rampaging Super Cheetorian Infinite and how Nite looked like Infinite in his original form. The three theorized that something happened in their past that resulted in the spirit of the rampaging Cheetorian emerging from certain Cheetorians. The king asked if it was okay for them to tell him how they were brought to the past and they told him. The king swore that he wouldn't tell anyone about their true identities as he hugged his great-grandchildren, apparently proud of them for what they became and overcame. Suddenly, a loud explosion occurred near the castle as the three relatives rushed to check it out. What they saw was Nite losing control and attacking the Royal Guards. The king informed them that Nite was the only one to use the Cheetorian Gem. As soon as he said that, someone flew out of the castle with great speed and knocked Nite away from Spotland with a tackle. The relatives rushed to the spot to see young Thomas as a Super Cheetorian, shocking his father. King Timothy told him to stop, but Turbo reassured him that his son won't die on this day. Super Thomas charged towards Nite, who recovered and countered with a powerful attack of his own, sending Super Thomas crashing to the ground. As Nite was about to finish young Thomas off, Turbo and Velocity intercepted him, and transformed into Super Cheetorians. Nite became angry at the sight of Super Turbo and began to undergo his transformation. The transformation was so destructive that all of Spotland was shaking. Realizing that an earthquake could start from this, King Timothy used his spiritual powers, shocking the siblings, to try and send Nite to another dimension. However, Nite's transformation counter this and all of them were sent to a different dimension. All of them were looking around, wondering where they were as Nite continued with his transformation. There were in nothing but white space, standing on a transparent surface. Nite stopped his transformation as he was buff, but not in his true form yet. He took this time to address Turbo, calling him King Turbo. Turbo and Velocity were shock that he was able to speak perfect English. This conversation also left young Thomas confused as King Timothy explained to the siblings that Nite was among the smart Cheetorians in his kingdom, but he started off as someone that his peers would pick on constantly. That was until it was revealed that Nite was the only one who could use the Cheetorian Gem at the time to transform into a Super Cheetorian. Super Turbo asked how Nite recognized him and Nite told him that he and Velocity weren't the only ones that came from the future. The spirit of Infinite came back with them and enter his body, shocking the 4 relatives. Nite had a theory that the combination of the Genesis Wave and two Chaos Controls resulted in the three of them being sent to the past where Infinite was first born. Super Turbo asked how and Nite explained that Infinite was floating near Mega Man when he created his Chaos Control but was from Sonic's world. So, the Genesis Wave didn't know what to do with a spirit from Sonic's world that was near Mega Man's Chaos Control. Therefore, the Genesis Wave sent the spirit and one other person from Sonic's world to the past, the one closest to the spirit. Super Turbo then realized that he and his sister were fused at one at the time; shocking their great-grandfather & young Thomas about the existence of fusion. Nite continued on with his theory, saying that if he beats Turbo, then he would exist in the new Mobius. Super Turbo interjected, saying that otherwise, Infinite would not exist in the new Mobius. With that out the way, Nite continued his transformation and took on his true Infinite form. Super Turbo and Super Velocity knew that he was stronger than ever and the two super siblings fused to become one Super Cheetorian, shocking King Timothy and his son. Shortly after, Nite had declared himself as Infinite while the others looked on.
    Turbo the Cheetorian Issue #53 (During Sonic the Hedgehog Issues #252-254 and before Sonic Universe Issue #58)
    "The Original" - Part Three: "Fusion...Useless???"
    The fused Super Cheetorian charged towards Infinite as King Timothy and a beaten up Super Thomas looked on. They still couldn't believe that two Super Cheetorians fused into one. The battle was on as Infinite and the fused Super Cheetorian seemed to be even. The battle lasted for some time in this unknown, infinite dimension. But as time passed on, Infinite was starting to get the upper hand, stunning the fused Super Cheetorian. Even Super Thomas was wondering how was Infinite winning against two Super Cheetorians fused in one. When he started to questioned the powers of Turbo and Velocity, his father chimed in, saying that their powers alone were superior. However, Infinite was a whole different breed. As there was a brief pause in the battle, the fused Super Cheetorian realized that this Infinite was more powerful than any other. With that, the fused Super Cheetorian decided to end this immediately as the fused Super Cheetorian decided to unleashed one of the Cheetorians' devastating moves, the Cheetorian Blast. As the fused Super Cheetorian was preparing to summon the necessary energy for the attack, Infinite was up to something himself. Infinite was forming a small, green orb in his right hand. As the fused Super Cheetorian launched the Cheetorian Blast, Infinite countered with his attack, a small, green orb that he launched towards his opponent. Despite its size, the small green orb created an energy clash with the Cheetorian Blast and was holding its own. Suddenly, Infinite opened his right hand wide and the orb grew; now having the advantage in the energy clash. The fused Super Cheetorian was struggling, until it summoned more energy to make a comeback. Realizing the comeback that the fused Super Cheetorian was making, Infinite added some more small, green orbs to his main attack and regained the advantage. With that additional power, the fused Super Cheetorian was overmatched and was blasted. As King Timothy were yelling at them for a response, the smoke finally cleared and within the smoke was Super Turbo and Super Velocity; no longer fused. As they recovered from the blast, the siblings realized that they were no longer fused, and were shocked by that fact. Shortly after, they realized that Infinite was still standing there, laughing like a lunatic, and the two realized that they were in some serious trouble.
    Turbo the Cheetorian Issue #54 (During Sonic the Hedgehog Issues #252-254 and before Sonic Universe Issue #58)
    "The Original" - Part Four: "The Discovery..."
    Infinite continued his malicious laugh as Super Turbo, Super Velocity, King Timothy and Super Thomas looked on with concern. With the fusion not only powerful enough to defeat Infinite, but wore off as well, the relatives found themselves in trouble. Super Turbo rose to the feet, willing to take on Infinite alone, to protect his sister and her future in the form of King Timothy and Super Thomas, fearing that if Thomas dies now, then the family's bloodline would end there. Super Turbo tried to power up, but wasn't as successful as he hoped. His sister asked him what he was doing. Super Turbo replied that Infinite's theory was that this could only be settle between himself and Infinite; win or lose, she and their predecessors would be safe & she would probably be return to their own time. She went against it as she stood up as well, trying to summon more energy. Not liking their chances against Infinite, Super Thomas joined them, despite his father's plead. The three Super Cheetorians prepared themselves to face Infinite, who was still laughing. While laughing, Infinite charged towards his opponents, specifically Super Turbo. Super Thomas intercepted Infinite and started a melee of punches. Super Turbo and Super Velocity joined in as the 3 on 1 battle was on. Even though they were hanging in there, Infinite still had the advantage, eventually knocking the three back. The three relatives weren't in a hurry to get back up as they were evaluating the situation. Without warning, Infinite was charging towards them, only to find himself being blocked by a spiritual shield. Super Turbo looked at his sister to see if she was the cause of it. However, she wasn't the one who put up the shield. It was King Timothy who put up the shield. However, Infinite's punches were beginning to break through. This was until Super Velocity powered up King Timothy's spiritual shield with her spiritual powers. Meanwhile, Super Turbo and Super Thomas nodded in unison as they formed an energy orb within their hands. After a few minutes, the two relatives unleashed their combined Cheetorian Blast. The shield was dropped as soon as the attack was launched, connecting with Infinite directly. When the smoke cleared, Infinite was still standing as if there wasn't a scratch on him. The 4 Cheetorians were shocked to see this. Shortly after, Infinite launched a blast at King Timothy, knocking him out cold. Seeing his father unconscious, Super Thomas charged towards Infinite, launching a series of punches that were easily avoided. Shortly after, Infinite delivered a knee to the prince's gut, and a double axe handle to the back of his neck; instantly knocking him out, and causing him to revert to his normal form. Super Turbo and Super Velocity were shocked to see this. Before the siblings could do anything, Infinite grabbed Super Velocity by her neck and proceeded to choke her. Super Turbo rushed towards his sister, but was blasted away by Infinite. Barely able to hold his transformation, Turbo was struggling to get back to his feet as he watched his sister being choke to the point where she reverted to her normal form and tears was coming from her eyes. This site caused Turbo to enter a state of mind he had never enter before. This was not a bit of rage he felt when he saw his best friend, Princess Sally, roboticized. This was a full blown plead of help by any means. It was as if Turbo was begging from the inside. Suddenly, a bright light emerged from him as Infinite was amazed at this to the point where he dropped Velocity, who had reverted to her normal form, gasping for air. Thomas and King Timothy came too due to the bright light, and was amazed by it. As Velocity became able to breathe again, she could sense what was happening and was shocked at what she was sensing. When the bright light died down, it was as Velocity sensed. Her brother had achieved a spiritual form in his Super transformation. Infinite couldn't believe the power Super Turbo was emitting. Infinite charged towards Super Turbo. However, Infinite's punch didn't reach Super Turbo. Instead, it made contact with an invisible spiritual field as Super Turbo didn't move a muscle. Infinite was stunned, but became angry. He began to launch a fury of punches; which were followed by a mixed assault of ki blasts. Despite the onslaught that was unleashed, none of his attacks broke through the force field. Infinite was showing off his anger, but the fact that he took a step back caused Super Turbo to smirk; knowing the truth. Infinite was actually afraid. When Infinite realized this, he became extremely angry & lost his sanity. He leaped upward and decided to unleash his ultimate attack. Sensing what Infinite was doing, Super Turbo got in his stance and prepared to counter with the Cheetorian Blast. However, the energy used for this attack had some spiritual presence in it as Velocity and King Timothy could sense it. Infinite launched the attack prematurely due to the strength of Super Turbo's potential attack. The other Cheetorians were worried as Super Turbo was still standing there in his stance. Velocity cried out to him as Super Turbo just smiled. He told Infinite "It was...somewhat real," before he unleashed his Spiritual Cheetorian Blast. The attack overwhelmed Infinite's attack and engulfed him completely; evaporating his body completely. Afterward, Super Turbo reverted to his normal form, no longer in his spiritual presence, and he was struggling to remain on his feet. Velocity and young Thomas came over and caught Turbo before he fell. Suddenly, a different bright light appeared in the form of a portal. Young Thomas asked what that was. Velocity answered that she could sense the work of the Genesis Wave being behind this. Upon hearing that, Turbo theorized that with Infinite's destruction, the issue that the Genesis Wave had with recreating their world was now solved. Young Thomas stepped back, standing next to his father, as they looked on. They all knew that this was goodbye as Turbo was able to stand on his own. King Timothy told Velocity and Turbo that he was really proud of the two of them and that the future of Spotland was in good hands. Upon hearing that's Velocity rushed over and hugged her great grandfather. Turbo walked up to them and hugged him as well. Shortly after, Turbo and young Thomas shared a dap as they joked about their relationship as grandfather and grandson, despite the fact that Thomas was younger. Velocity quickly hugged Thomas, since she wasn't born when Thomas was alive. Afterward, the two siblings said their goodbyes as they entered the portal. The portal closed and King Timothy and his son was back in their own dimension, in their own world. Then went about their lives as if Turbo, Velocity and Infinite never existed. Basically, their memories of the three were instantly altered after they were sent back to their own world. In fact, everyone's memories of them were altered. Meanwhile, Turbo and Velocity were in the middle of traveling back to their own time. However, Turbo and Velocity sensed something calling for Turbo. Apparently, the call came from another dimension, but in their own time. Realizing what dimension it was, Turbo decided to answer the call. Velocity voiced her concerns, but Turbo reassured her that it'll be okay. Understanding the circumstances, Velocity didn't dispute his decision. With that, the two siblings went their separate ways as Velocity went back to her own world; and Turbo went to answer the call.
    Sonic Universe Issue #58
    Pirate Plunder Panic - The Conclusion
    After traveling through time and dimensions, Turbo ended up in the Sol Zone; Blaze's dimension. When he got there, he was falling as there was nothing but ocean all around. He instantly transformed into his Super form and then surveyed the area and he couldn't believe what he saw. He saw the Wily Egg (now known as the Egg o' War), functional. Super Turbo was about to attack it, when he saw Amy and Cream exiting the battle station through the hole on the side. Not to mentioned that he sensed someone else in there. That someone was Blaze, but she had more energy than before. Super Turbo didn't know what was going on and flew in through the hole; surprisingly, Amy and Cream just missed him. When Super Turbo made his way inside, he couldn't believe what he was seeing. He saw Blaze in a different form, Burning Blaze, battling the entire battle station, which was talking. He could also sense the presence of the Sol Emeralds (since he's familiar with one Sol Emerald). What actually happened was Captain Metal (a former version of Metal Sonic), was destroyed by Burning Blaze. However, Captain Metal uploaded himself into the Egg O' War's computer prior to Super Turbo's arrival. Up to speed, Captain Metal picked up the energy reading of Super Turbo, announcing his arrival to Burning Blaze. She turned, saw him, and immediately flew towards his arms; extremely glad to see him, but curious as for how he got to her dimension. Super Turbo told her that he was contacted by someone or something and he followed it to her dimension. As established by Super Turbo during his travel through time and dimensions, the Sol Emeralds contacted him. Upon telling her this, the Sol Emeralds activated and he transformed into his Mega form, Mega Turbo. Captain Metal sensed the increased energy and it instantly knew that it was in trouble. Shortly after, Mega Turbo and Burning Blaze attacked the Egg O' War, destroying the Genesis Reactor before flying outside. The two combined their final attacks that tore through the flying fortress and sent it plummeting into the sea, where it quickly sank. The couple landed on a submarine that Marine (Blaze's friend) hijacked from one of their enemies. The couple then reverted to their normal forms after receiving their friends' praises, and Amy questioned how Turbo arrived in the Sol Zone. Turbo then explained his previous adventure where he and his sister was sent back to time to deal with a matter involving Infinite. Upon hearing that name, everyone was confused as they didn't recognized that name. Turbo couldn't believe what he was hearing and thought they were joking with him. They were actually serious as Turbo went on to explain who Infinite was. The group was still confused (Marine was one thing, since she never met Turbo prior to that moment), but everyone else was confused. While explaining, Turbo noticed Bark & Bean and was asking why they were here. Amy couldn't answer that herself as Bean was spitting some random gibberish. Bark just simply shook his head in disbelief. Putting the duo aside, Turbo went back to his explanation, going as far as the adventure with Mega Man and his friends against Eggman and Dr. Wily. Blaze, Amy and Cream were still confused. Turbo then realized that something's wrong and wondered what the Genesis Wave did to everyone. Turbo suggested that he return to his own dimension to see how things were back there as everyone looked on confused. However, Amy stepped in, suggestion that he and Blaze take a vacation together. Blaze shot down that suggestion, though tempting, saying that there were still threats in her world. Before Turbo could even offer her his assistance, Blaze kissed him, saying that he needed to go to his own world to see if things aren't the way he remembered them. As Blaze prepared to send the natives of Mobius home, she and Amy both felt that things were out of sorts there, especially after hearing from Turbo. Using the power of the Sol Emeralds, she teleported them, and Marine soon began crying over their departure. Unbeknownst to them, at the bottom of the sea, the Egg O' War's single eye lid up in identical fashion to Captain Metal's. The six Mobians then arrived in Mobotropolis; sensing that things are wrong, Amy suggested that they locate Sonic.
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    Arc Eighteen: When Worlds Collide
    Back story
    The collaborated scheme by Dr. Eggman and Dr. Wily began some time ago. The influence of the scheme came from when Dr. Eggman used the first Genesis wave, but his plans were foiled by Sonic (which started at the end of Sonic the Hedgehog issue #225 & carried over in a 4 part mini story arc from issues #226-229). As Super Sonic, he used his powers of Chaos Control to reverse the effects of the first Genesis Wave. Shortly after, the blue (how ironic) Chaos Emerald used by Dr. Eggman to power the first wave was transported to an alternate universe, specifically that of Earth 20XX (home of Mega Man). Appearing in the rainforest outside the Lanfront Ruins, it was discovered by several of the Robot Masters created by Dr. Wily using the supercomputer Ra Moon. Wily's attempts to analyze the gemstone resulted in opening an unexpected communications link between the two universes, allowing Wily and Eggman to communicate with each other. Discovering their shared goals for their worlds-and frustration with certain blue foes, the two doctors agreed upon an alliance. With Eggman's guidance, Wily used the power of the Chaos Emerald to create the Skull Egg Zone, a pocket dimension linking both their worlds together. By combining resources, the two doctors shaped the realm to their liking and created a flying battle fortress from which to enact their schemes for all reality: the Wily Egg. After using the Emerald to launch a second Genesis Wave, the pair set out to acquire the remaining Emeralds. In order to accomplish this, they captured a number of Sonic the Hedgehog's allies and transformed them into the evil Roboticized Masters. (Mega Man issue #24).
    Quickly securing most of the Emeralds, the doctors then arranged for their foes-Sonic and Mega Man-to be tricked into battling each other in the hopes that one or both would be destroyed. Meanwhile, the newly form Roboticized Masters (Tails Man, Knuckles Man, Rose Woman and Shadow Man) went to Earth 20XX to steal one of the remaining 6 Chaos Emeralds (which was located in a museum). Proto Man tried to stop them but he failed. From there, we go on with what happens from that point.
    Act 1: Kindred Spirits
    Sonic the Hedgehog Issue #248
    "When Worlds Collide" Part Three of Twelve-No Holds Barred
    After the second Genesis Wave occurred, things in Spotland mostly remained the same. Turbo was still recovering inside the healing chamber from his last encounter with Dr. Eggman & Mecha Sally. Velocity was out, trying to find Blaze the Cat. Apparently, Blaze went out for a while, but never returned. Because of her spiritual powers, Velocity also felt that something happened recently, but didn't know what. Suddenly, she was attacked by something she thought could never happen. She was staring down roboticized forms of Silver the Hedgehog (Silver Man) and Blaze (Blaze Woman). Instantly realizing that Eggman was behind this, Velocity got angry, but she couldn't destroy them. She also knew that her closest friend and Silver were roboticized in some way. However, she instantly transformed into Super Velocity and was holding her own against Blaze Woman and Silver Man. Realizing that their creations were losing, Dr. Wily and Dr. Eggman sent out Rose Woman, Knuckles Man, and Shadow Man to capture Velocity. A few minutes later, Super Velocity saw them coming straight for her.
    Mega Man Issue #25
    "When Worlds Collide" Part Four of Twelve-Through the Looking Glass
    Afraid that Eggman may know that Turbo was still alive, Super Velocity led her opponents further away from Spotland. Speaking of the kingdom, Jason was getting worried about Velocity. He went out to look for her as he ordered the guards to be on high alert in case Eggman or anyone else tried anything. Back at the battle, Super Velocity was almost out of energy as she was struggling to maintain her super form. She found herself at the edge of a cliff, surrounded by some of the Roboticized Masters. All of them attacked her at once at that moment. Super Velocity put up a spiritual shield, but because she was low on energy, the shield didn't last. Thus, the combined attack from the Roboticized Masters got through and knocked her off the cliff; not to mention, knocked her out of her transformation as she fell to the jagged rocks that were barely above the ocean. The Roboticized Masters flew down to capture her, but they couldn't find her. They made a report to Dr. Eggman and Dr. Wily as the two doctors deemed her dead. With that, they ordered their Roboticized Masters to return to their base. As they flew, they were spotted by Jason, who looked at the spot they flew from and noticed some smoke at the cliff. Jason rushed over, fearing the worst as he looked down at the ocean to find nothing. A few seconds later, he saw Velocity emerged from the ocean, beaten up and gasping for air. Seeing her, Jason rushed to her rescue.
    Act 3: Chaos Clash
    Mega Man Issue #27
    "Worlds Collide"- Part Ten of Twelve-"No Holds Barred"
    Up to this point, a lot has happened. For starters, Sonic and Mega Man figured out that they were tricked into fighting each other. As soon as that happened, Tails Man was ordered by the two doctors to attack them. However, Sonic and Mega Man were successful and returned Tails to normal. With Mega Man's robotic dog, Rush, the four may their way back to Dr. Light's lab; only to learn from Mega Man's sister, Roll, that Dr. Light was kidnapped. However, the group was joined by Mega Man's brother, Proto Man, as they travelled to the Skull Egg Zone; which was created by the Doctors. Also, the doctors were able to obtain all 7 Chaos Emeralds. After facing Copybot and the Genesis Unit, the heroes ran into the full force of the Roboticized Masters. Proto Man left his allies in order to locate the missing Dr. Light, dividing the Roboticized Masters as several were called off to pursue him. Shortly after, the combined efforts of Sonic and Mega Man were able to restore all three members of the Chaotix (Espio, Charmy and Vector) to their normal forms (thanks to the latest Genesis Wave, now the Chaotix was a detective agency with just three members instead of a bunch of free agents that would battle for Angel Island and the safety of the world). The Chaotix left to join Proto Man, while the doctors dispatched Robot Master Shadow Man and Roboticized Master Shadow Man (formerly Shadow the Hedgehog) to engage the heroes. Again, the heroes were victorious, restoring Shadow the Hedgehog and destroying Wily's Shadow Man. Thanks to Shadow's Chaos Control abilities, the heroes became aware that reality had been altered, and became even more determined to set things right. While the heroes returned Blaze and Silver the Hedgehog back to normal, the Wily Egg had been boarded by Rouge the Bat, who made contact with Dr. Light for his help of sabotaging the flying fortress. Sonic's team battle Knuckles Man and Rose Woman, preventing them from self-destructing to eliminate everyone (by orders of the doctors), and returned them back to normal. Even though all of Sonic's friends were restored to normal, Rouge was caught and was roboticized by the doctors, turning her into Rouge Woman. She was then deployed alongside an army of Robot Masters the doctors had time-cloned from Earth's past against Sonic and Mega Man's force. Joined by E-123 Omega, the heroes put up a valiant fight despite being outnumbered, even succeeding in rescuing Rouge. Realizing that they were fighting a losing battle, however, Sonic and Mega Man departed for the Wily Egg with Tails and Rush, just in time to see Dr. Light jettisoned from the craft. After Light was rescued by Shadow and joined the allied heroes, Sonic and Mega Man boarded the Wily Egg to confront Eggman and Wily. The evil doctors, their friendship shattered by Eggman's attempt to murder Dr. Light, dispatched the Mega Man Killers to impede their progress. Following a swift battle, the Killers were destroyed, but Tails was injured and forced to retreat with Rush. Fighting their way up through various obstacles, the heroes encountered the Chaos devil, a monstrous creation of the villainous doctors. Their battle with the creature came to a halt with the arrival of Duo, a powerful ally from Mega Man's universe, who sent the heroes ahead while staying behind to handle the creature. Mega Man and Sonic continued, but faced a final obstacle: Metal Sonic, Bass, and Treble, who tag-teamed the two heroes viciously. Back outside, things weren't going well for the heroes. Suddenly, an energy blast came out of nowhere, saving Blaze from a sneak attack from a Robot Master. The battle stopped as everyone saw the Cheetorian Army, led by Jason, a healthy Super Velocity, and a healthy, but pissed off, Super Turbo. Blaze ran over to hug Super Turbo as Super Velocity was happy that she and everyone else was back to normal. After checking with Blaze, Super Turbo personally led his army into battle, destroying as many Robot Masters as they could. Blaze asked Super Velocity how they all got here, and Super Velocity went on to tell her what happened: After surviving the fall suffered from the Roboticized Masters, Blaze included, Jason rescued her, and brought her back to Spotland; placing her in a healing chamber. Sometime after, Turbo was fully healthy, and saw Velocity inside a healing chamber. He questioned Jason what happened, but Jason wasn't 100% sure. He told him that he saw a bunch of what appeared to be Sonic's friends roboticized flying off and found Velocity in that state in the ocean. After Velocity was healthy, Turbo asked her what happened. After she shared with him the news, Turbo became angry and tried to locate Eggman. However, the Tech Staff couldn't locate Eggman (as he was in a different zone). Luckily, NICOLE informed them that Sonic and a blue looking robot (Mega Man) were fighting and ended up in a different world. With help from NICOLE, Turbo was able to get in touch with Roll. She told them what happened and was able to send Turbo, Velocity, Jason and the Cheetorian Army to her world, and through their portal to reach the Skull Egg Zone. As soon as Super Velocity's story ended, Super Turbo destroyed another Robot Master and let out a loud road, announcing to Eggman that he was alive and was coming for his head. With that, Super Turbo took off towards the Wily Egg. Super Velocity quickly followed, trying to calm her brother down. Waiting for them inside was something they thought they'll never see. They were facing the Infinite devil, a merger of Infinite and Wily's Yellow devil.
    Turbo the Cheetorian Issue #46 (During Mega Man Issue #27)
    "Worlds Collide"- Part Ten and one-third of twelve-"The Ultimate devil Part One: Two devils..."
    Realizing how different it was, and how strong it was, the two Super siblings fused to become one Super Cheetorian. However, they were still no match for the Infinite devil. During the battle, the fused Cheetorian was knocked into some cables, breaking them apart. Inside the cables were energies similar to the Chaos Emeralds. This was because the entire flying fortress was powered by all 7 Chaos Emeralds. Realizing this, the fused Cheetorian used the energy to transform into the fused Mega Cheetorian. Meanwhile, Duo's battle with the Chaos Devil resulted in them ending up outside. Elsewhere, Sonic and Mega Man were stuck in a battle against Metal Sonic, Bass and Treble. Finally, the fused Mega Cheetorian launched the Infinite devil outside as well. Everyone was shocked to see the fused Cheetorian in its Mega form. But then something unexpected happened after the fused Mega Cheetorian met Duo. Seeing how parts of the Yellow devil merged with both Perfect Chaos and Infinite, the Chaos devil merged with the Infinite devil as a bright light covered the whole area.
    Turbo the Cheetorian Issue #47 (During Mega Man Issue #27)
    "Worlds Collide"- Part Ten and two-third of twelve-"The Ultimate devil Part Two: ...Becomes One!"
    As everyone stood and watched on as the merger was near its end, the fused Mega Cheetorian watched with much anticipated (this was obviously Turbo's side); knowing that this would be the greatest challenge up to date. Despite Duo's great abilities and power, the robot knew that they would have their hands full; sensing the power from the merger alone. Finally, the merger had ended and standing before the eyes of everyone was the Infinite Chaos devil. Despite its great power, however, it appeared to be in Infinite's base form. Everyone questioned how small it was, but the fused Mega Cheetorian knew better. He told everyone to "Wait for it..." as the fused creature let out a loud road & the ground shook. A large amount of wind emerged from it as he began to transform and power up. Everyone was having a hard time staying on the ground, except the fused Mega Cheetorian who stood in front of Duo, who was on one knee, and everyone. Inside the Wily Egg, Dr. Eggman and Dr. Wily were shocked to see how powerful their merged creature was. Wily was afraid that it could destroy the whole zone as Eggman just laugh with the thought of controlling such power. The battle inside was put on hiatus as Sonic, Mega Man, Metal Sonic, Bass and Treble felt that power shaking the flying fortress. Sonic and Mega Man knew something was going on outside, and Mega Man wanted to go. But Bass prevented him to do so and their battle resuming despite the shaking. After a few minutes of transforming, the Infinite Chaos devil was at full power. Everyone was shock to see its true form as a select few could feel its true power. The fused Mega Cheetorian knew that this might be its last battle; as Turbo's side was willing to split the fusion at any time to take the sole final blow for his sister.
    Sonic Universe Issue #54
    "When Worlds Collide"- Part Eleven of Twelve-"Worst of the Worst"
    Despite everything going on outside, Dr. Wily and Dr. Eggman put the finishing touches on the Egg-Wily Machine X, their alliance obviously strained as they continued to nag at each other. Both secretly came to the same conclusion: that their partner was a liability that they could not afford, and must eliminate. Meanwhile, in the Wily Egg's antechamber, Sonic and Mega Man were still locked in battle with Metal Sonic, Bass and Treble. After a long and hard battle, Sonic and Mega Man were finally victorious over their respective rivals. Suddenly, the Egg-Wily Machine X smashed through the wall and easily overpowered both weakened heroes with a mouth laser. Shortly thereafter, they awaken as they found themselves in containment pods, facing the gloating doctors. Spotting the Chaos Emeralds nearby, Mega Man asked about them, prompting the doctors to launch into a brief rant that led them to behave much as they did upon first teaming up-until they remember their growing antagonism. Sonic and Mega Man reasoned that the doctors tricked them into fighting each other and pursued the Roboticized Masters was in order to give them time to finish their scheme, though they admitted that their proposed contest was entirely genuine. However, the doctors revealed their real plan; preparing an even more powerful version of the Genesis Wave. Mega Man questioned why they would need another wave after their success in altering both Mobius and Earth 20XX, and the doctors informed him of the limits of their previous reality-altering attempt. They then announced their ultimate plan: to completely rewrite their universes using the power of the Emeralds, allowing them to become virtual gods. Furthermore, they intended to erase their enemies from reality, leaving no further opposition to their plan, which horrified the pair of heroes. Before they do that, the doctors used their giant monitor to watch the upcoming battle as the fused Mega Cheetorian was preparing to confront the Infinite Chaos devil.
    Turbo the Cheetorian Issue #48 (Between Sonic Universe Issue #54 and Sonic the Hedgehog Issue #251)
    "When Worlds Collide"- Part Eleven and one-fourth of twelve-"The Ultimate devil Part Three: The Mismatch!"
    With a smile on its face, the fused Mega Cheetorian was walking towards the Infinite Chaos Devil, prepared for combat. Just inches away, the two were staring each other down, not moving at all. There was total silence through the area as everyone watched with anticipation for the start of the battle. Sometime later, a small pebble fell from a nearby cliff and hit the ground. As soon as that happened, the two fighters took off and the battle was on. From the untrained eye, it appeared that blows were exchanged evenly due to the top notch speed that was very hard to match. As Vector and Charmy was commenting on how the Cheetorian was holding its own, Duo chimed in, saying that it's not even close; shocking everyone. The fused Mega Cheetorian was actually losing the battle, haven't been able to land a hit on his opponent yet. Meanwhile, Wily's Robot Masters looked on, because they were afraid that Duo would resist them, putting them at a disadvantage. It wasn't until a revived Shadow Man (Wily's robot) secretly told his comrades that Duo would more than likely join that battle; and as soon as he did, they would attack their enemies. Back at the battle, a high speed melee was going on as the fused Mega Cheetorian was indeed losing; too slow to match its opponent's speed and power. The result of the melee was that the fused Mega Cheetorian was knocked to the ground as the Infinite Chaos devil stood above his opponent, laughing loudly. The fused Mega Cheetorian was able to return to its feet, only to be hit by a kick to the gut, and an uppercutting double axe handle, sending the fused Mega Cheetorian high in the air. The Infinite Chaos Devil caught up to his opponent, and delivered another double axe handle, sending the fused Mega Cheetorian crashing to the ground. This time, the fused Mega Cheetorian was struggling to return to its feet. Seeing the danger of the situation, Duo rushed into battle to defend the fused Mega Cheetorian. At that moment, the Robot Masters charged in towards the other heroes.
    Turbo the Cheetorian Issue #49 (Between Sonic Universe Issue #54 and Sonic the Hedgehog Issue #251)
    "When Worlds Collide"- Part Eleven and one-half of twelve-"The Ultimate devil Part Four: Still A Mismatch!"
    The big battle resumed as the Robot Masters took on Dr. Light, Charmy, Espio, Vector, Proto Man, Blaze, Rush, Tails, Knuckles, Amy, Shadow, Omega, Silver, Rouge, Jason and the Cheetorian Army; all of them were battered and bruised. Meanwhile, the Infinite Chaos devil was closing in on a fallen fused Mega Cheetorian. All of a sudden, it was knocked back by an arriving Duo, who then helped his fallen fused ally up. The Infinite Chaos devil quickly got back to his feet as he stared down his two opponents; proceeded to laugh as if Duo's arrival wasn't going to change a thing. Upon hearing the laughter, the two heroes charged towards their opponent. However, the Infinite Chaos devil was just too fast and too powerful; even for the fused Mega Cheetorian and the highly powerful robot, Duo. Inside the Wily Egg, the captured Sonic and Mega Man could only watch in horror as their friends were struggling; especially Duo and the fused Mega Cheetorian. Back outside, Duo and the fused Mega Cheetorian tried everything they could, but nothing worked against the Infinite Chaos devil. Realizing that they was doomed, Duo decided to transform himself into armor and equip himself onto the fused Mega Cheetorian. The idea was that their combined form would be a match for the Infinite Chaos devil. The fused Mega Cheetorian simply said "What the hell? Let's try it." With that, the 2 heroes put their idea to work and became one. Shortly after, the fused Mega Cheetorian noticed something about Duo; his energy somehow resembled the energy of the Master Emerald. Upon this realization, the fused Mega Cheetorian smile as Duo was pondering what his ally was thinking. With that, the fused Mega Cheetorian concentrate to get in contact with Duo's energy and a bright light emerged from the two heroes' position. This bright light basically covered the entire zone as the battle stopped once again. After a few minutes, the bright light faded and everyone couldn't believe what they were seeing. What was in view of everyone, especially the Infinite Chaos devil, was a being with powers beyond imagine...THE FUSED ULTRA CHEETORIAN WITH DUO BATTLE ARMOR!!!
    Turbo the Cheetorian Issue #50 (During Sonic the Hedgehog Issue #251)
    "When Worlds Collide"- Part Eleven and three-fourth of twelve-"The Ultimate devil Part Five: Two Worlds, One Warrior!"
    While wearing Duo as battle armor, the fused Ultra Cheetorian stared down the Infinite Chaos devil, who was finally sporting a serious and angry look on his face. Inside the Wily Egg, the two doctors realized that they were in serious trouble as Mega Man and Sonic was gloating. Back outside, Blaze and Jason couldn't believe what they were seeing as the battle with the Robot Masters stopped again. The Infinite Chaos devil charged towards his opponent, but the attack was quickly stopped as the fused Ultra Cheetorian caught the punch with its right hand. The enraged Infinite Chaos devil tried his right hand to mount a ki blast. But that was cancelled by the fused Ultra Cheetorian as well. With both hands in his grasps, the fused Ultra Cheetorian launched the Infinite Chaos devil to the sky and unleashed a fury of punches. Duo was questioning the fused Ultra Cheetorian on whether their Ultra form had a time limit. The fused Ultra Cheetorian let him know that there was no time limit and that they had all day to “punish the freak”. Suddenly, the Infinite Chaos devil unleashed his ultimate attack towards his opponent. Instead of blocking it, countering it, or simply moving out of the way, the fused Ultra Cheetorian just stood there and let the attack make contact. A huge explosion took place as everyone took cover. The Infinite Chaos devil let out an insane-like laugh, believing that he defeated his powerful foe. However, the smoke cleared and there was the fused Ultra Cheetorian in Duo Battle Armor; apparently haven't move a muscle. The laughter turned into a growl as the Infinite Chaos devil charged towards his opponent, only to be countered with a powerful ki blast, sending him crashing to the ground with a large explosion following at that position. Once the smoke cleared, the Infinite Chaos devil got back to his feet, but was obviously bruised. Still willing to fight, the Infinite Chaos devil charged towards his fused opponent for what appeared to be one last charge.
    Sonic the Hedgehog Issue #251
    "When Worlds Collide" Part Twelve of Twelve-"Finale: Best Of The Best"
    The Infinite Chaos devil charged towards the fused Ultra Cheetorian in Duo Battle Armor, but that attack was easily countered; resulting in the Infinite Chaos devil being launched high in the air, with his opponent chasing after him. Meanwhile, the Robot Masters, who were standing there watching the battle, were suddenly attacked by Dr. Light's eight originals Robot Masters. Apparently, Roll messaged them and sent them to the battle. With that, the big war resumed. Realizing that Sonic and Mega Man were in the Wily Egg for too long, Knuckles, Dr. Light, Rush and Proto Man took off to check on them. A few minutes later, the four heroes arrived at the scene and rescued Mega Man and Sonic. Knuckles and Proto Man took on the two dysfunctional doctors who were scrambling to get the Egg-Wily Machine X to full power after both had separately sabotaged the battle ship. With the ship at full power, they were able to counter Knuckles and Proto Man's onslaught. Meanwhile, Mega Man and Rush fused to obtain Mega Man's aerial form. With that, Sonic had an idea. Dr. Light couldn't disable the Genesis Wave Reactor, but Sonic and Mega Man reached the Chaos Emeralds and both became Super Sonic and Super Mega Man. The super heroes knocked the monstrous machine up in the air as well. Realizing who they were up against, the two doctors fired everything in their arsenal at their super nemesis, but it was no use. Suddenly, they saw the Infinite Chaos devil flew by, as the fused Ultra Cheetorian was at the scene. The 3 fused heroes flew by to take care of the Infinite Chaos devil. Back in the zone, Dr. Wily's Robot Masters were finally defeated as the heroes awaited the return of Sonic, Mega Man, Rush, Turbo, Velocity and Duo. However, the Genesis Wave was active and began to take effect. Realizing that the Genesis Wave was currently rewriting things, Super Sonic, Super Mega Man, Duo and the fused Ultra Cheetorian decided to wrap things up. As the Infinite Chaos devil was launching its ultimate attack, the fused Ultra Cheetorian counter with the Cheetorian Charge. With that much power, the fused Ultra Cheetorian in Duo Battle Armor was able to overcome the Infinite Chaos devil's attack, and defeating him. By doing so, the Infinite Chaos devil was split into three as Chaos was at peace, the Yellow devil was instantly destroyed by the fused Ultra Cheetorian, and Infinite was in its base form sleeping. Meanwhile, Super Sonic and Super Mega Man combined their attack and launched a Super Sonic Shot that completely destroyed the Egg-Wily Machine X. Realizing that time was running out, Super Sonic suggested that they both use Chaos Control to set everything back to normal in their respective worlds. Upon hearing that, the fused Ultra Cheetorian suggested to Duo that they split before they're hit with Chaos Control. Shortly after, Duo removed himself from the fused Ultra Cheetorian, reverting back to his normal form; in the process, changing the fused Ultra Cheetorian back to the fused Mega Cheetorian. After explaining the concept to Rock, both heroes focused and charged up Chaos energy blasts to return their respective worlds to normal. In the meantime, a downed Wily in his Saucer looked on as he stewed in his defeat. Eggman, however, wasn't going down so easily. Despite Wily's claimed that it's over, he refused to listen and started quickly repairing the machine's severed head to create a makeshift Egg Mobile which he then used to rush recklessly towards Super Sonic. Almost finished creating their respective energy balls, Sonic warned Rock to not lose focus no matter what happened. Eggman then slammed into Super Sonic, rocketing them both towards their changed world. Seeing this, the fused Mega Cheetorian rushed quickly towards Super Sonic as Super Sonic told Super Mega Man not to worry about him and take the shot to restore his own world, which he did, all the while thanking Sonic for everything, as Duo joined beside him. The two robots floated back down towards their vortex home as everything would be back to normal for them (mostly). Super Sonic wasn't as lucky as he couldn't focus with Eggman ramming him. Realizing that it's now or nothing, he took the shot and Eggman followed up with a laser, fraying the ball somewhat, but still creating an obvious change in the warp as the fused Mega Cheetorian was catching up to them. As Super Sonic and the fused Mega Cheetorian wondered what their arch-nemesis had done, they were all consumed by white light.
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    Arc Seventeen: The Million and The Heart
    Turbo the Cheetorian Issue #39 (Before STH Issue #247)
    "One or a Million" - Part One: "The Set-Up"
    Team Fighter, which consist of Sonic, Tails, Amy & T-Pup, were chasing Dr. Eggman, who was inside his Death Egg Mark 2. The chase was heading towards the Northern Tundra. However, Eggman decided to make a slight detour and headed towards Spotland. Once he arrived, he order Lien-Da to launch the preparations for the "Turbo Trap". Eggman's mindset was that Turbo wasn't healthy at this point after the events surrounded Sally's roboticization. Once the Death Egg arrived at Spotland, it launched 4 electronical towers right outside of Spotland, with great distance from each other. The Cheetarians were panicking until Eggman got on his loud speaker & after some insulting, he order them to bring Turbo to him. As Velocity refused to inform Turbo of Eggman's arrival, Eggman revealed his newest weapon; the Kingdom Disintegrator. Eggman announced that he specifically made it to destroy Spotland, unless Turbo showed up. Having no choice, Jason took off to get Turbo. Speaking of the King of Spotland, Turbo was at an empty field, completely healed, enjoying the environment with Blaze. They weren't that far from the kingdom as they were by themselves, taking a short nap with Blaze's head resting on Turbo's chest. Suddenly, Jason showed up, informed them of the situation. Turbo was about to rush to confront Eggman. However, Turbo had a better idea. The trio made it back to Spotland & while Blaze went to hold off Eggman, telling him that Turbo was on his way, Turbo and Jason made their way inside the castle without Eggman spotting them. Turbo activated the dimensional portal and went to the Special Zone to see Feist. After some convincing, Feist granted Turbo's request and gave him the ability to transform into a Mega Cheetorian. However, Feist said that he added a twist to his request; telling him that the transformation would fade from his toes to his head once he's done with it. Turbo shrugged at this twist, not getting the purpose of it, but thanked him anyway and left. With his preparations completed, Turbo took off and confronted Eggman. At this point, Team Fighter caught up with the Death Egg, as well as NICOLE digitally appearing at the site, as Eggman told everyone not to move from their spots, but told Turbo to step in his "personal ring" that Eggman made for him. He also added that NICOLE don't try anything as his system would detect anything she would try instantly. Turbo noticed some of the electronical towers as he asked Eggman, "Now what?" Suddenly, a gigantic amount of robots were shot out of the Death Egg as Eggman gloated that Turbo must face off against 1 million of his robots! As Team Fighter, Blaze and Velocity about to jump in, Lien-Da activated the electronical towers, shielding them out and locking Turbo & the robots in. Eggman also told everyone to sit by and watch the show, or he'll use his new weapon to instantly destroy Spotland. Seeing the situation, Turbo smiled as he welcomed the challenge.
    Turbo the Cheetorian Issue #40 (Before STH Issue #247)
    "One or a Million" - Part Two: "The Easy Part?"
    Without transforming, Turbo battled against 1,000 robots. Eggman was surprised at how mobile Turbo was, until Lien-Da informed him of the possibility that Turbo was fully healed. Not willing to be angry by that possibility, Eggman was confident that Turbo would not survive this encounter. Turbo was actually winning, even though he was complaining about a small pain in his chest, but brushed it off. Suddenly, Eggman opened the top of the force field and approximately 998,993 robots towards Turbo. Having no choice, Turbo transformed into Super Turbo and battled them. As the battle continued on, the pain inside Super Turbo's chest slowly grew; but again, wasn't a concern for him. After nearly an hour of fighting, Super Turbo was almost done with the robots. As he was finishing off the last robot in sight, he was ambushed by the Metal Series and Silver Sonic. The Metal Series consisted of Metal Sonic, Metal Tails, Metal Amy, and Metal Knuckles. Seeing Metal Tails and Metal Amy for the first time drew a negative reaction from Tails & Amy, as Amy was complaining about how Metal Amy looked nothing like her. Turbo charged in towards his opponents, but he quickly learned that the Metal Series were going to be challenging opponents for him.
    Turbo the Cheetorian Issue #41 (Before STH Issue #247)
    "One or a Million" - Part Three: "Gets Harder"
    After a couple of minutes of fighting, Super Turbo managed to defeat the Metal Series. Annoyed by this outcome, Eggman sent out his 999,999th robot; Cyber Turbo. Sonic and the others were worried that Cyber Turbo would be as strong as it was last time (which was stronger than Ultra Turbo). However, Velocity reassured them that this one wasn't that strong (because Cyber Turbo needed the Master Emerald to achieve that level of power again). However, Velocity did noticed that it was stronger than Super Turbo. Even though it was stronger than himself, Super Turbo noticed something off. He realized that it wasn't that much stronger. Despite having the ability to transform into Mega Turbo (thanks to Feist), Super Turbo decided not to use it yet & prepared himself to face his cyber counterpart head on.
    Turbo the Cheetorian Issue #42 (Before STH Issue #247)
    "One or a Million" - Part Four: "Hard Part"
    The battle started as Super Turbo squared off against Cyber Turbo. To everyone's shock, especially Velocity's, Super Turbo was holding his own against Cyber Turbo, who was stronger. Eventually, Cyber Turbo was pulling away from Super Turbo, who was occasionally grabbing his chest, to be precise, where his heart was. Without thinking about it, Super Turbo used Feist's gift and transformed into Mega Turbo. Normally, Mega Turbo would easily defeat Cyber Turbo who was slightly stronger than Super Turbo. However, this battle was different as Cyber Turbo was hanging in there. Velocity and the others were confused about this. Eventually, Mega Turbo took control and was able to defeat Cyber Turbo. Blaze and Velocity were worried as they noticed Mega Turbo's heavy breathing. Meanwhile, Eggman was upset regarding how Turbo could transform into his Mega form. After ranting a bit, Eggman decided to switch things up and unleashed his secret weapon. Back outside, Mega Turbo realized that Cyber Turbo was Eggman's 999,999th robot. Suddenly, Eggman got on the loud speakers from his Death Egg and announced that Turbo must finished a battle and out comes Infinite; shocking everybody. Mega Turbo was a bit excited as he continued to breathe hard & disregarding that fact.
    Turbo the Cheetorian Issue #43 (Before STH Issue #247)
    "One or a Million" - Part Five: "Hardest Part"
    Normally, Mega Turbo was able to handle Infinite. However, this one was different. Velocity got scared as she could tell that Mega Turbo was being affected by the heart virus. And because of this, his strength and power wasn't where it supposed to be. Hearing this, Blaze became worried as well. Meanwhile, the battle started as to Mega Turbo's surprise, Infinite was matching his attack, and was eventually winning. Mega Turbo then admitted that the heart virus was taking effect, which was something he didn't want to admit. As the battle continued on, Mega Turbo began to struggle against Infinite. Blaze demanded that someone gets the cure to Turbo. Upon hearing that while losing to Infinite, Mega Turbo told them not too, as that cure was reserved for Velocity when she'll get the virus herself. Not having much time to explain, Mega Turbo was caught back into the fight with Infinite. Blaze was questioning Turbo's reasons for not getting the cure, but Velocity reluctantly explained that the cure was reserved for her because it was never made clear as for when she would get the heart virus. After all, Velocity was the first to use the Cheetorian Crystals, not Turbo. Even though Turbo used them the most, she used them a lot as well. Blaze had no response to that explanation, but cried that they had to do something. Velocity came up with an idea. She told everyone to get close and to stand side by side as she got behind them to make sure Eggman couldn't see her. While in her meditation state, she used her spiritual powers to send her spirit to Angel Island. There, her spirit quickly located the Master Emerald, and despite her physical form not being there, her spirit was able to control the powers of the Master Emerald, absorbing it within her spirit. Afterward, her spirit returned to Spotland and she was able to pass the power of the Master Emerald to Mega Turbo, who was getting his carcass handed to him. Mega Turbo realized that Velocity was behind this and secretly thanked her as he transformed into Ultra Turbo. Velocity's spirit returned to her physical form as she nearly passed out from the feat she just accomplished; with Jason catching her. Eggman and the rest of his crew inside the Death Egg was stunned to see Mega Turbo become Ultra Turbo without the usage of the Master Emerald; wondering how this was possible. Despite the transformation, Infinite charged towards Ultra Turbo, but it was easily countered and Ultra Turbo gain the advantage. However, Ultra Turbo's heart beat increased a bit once the transformation occurred. Despite this, Ultra Turbo managed to destroy Infinite, seemingly ending the rivalry. Ultra Turbo grabbed the side of his chest where his heart would be, breathing heavily. After getting over his shock, Eggman thought of a twisted idea. Eggman got on his loud speaker and announced to everyone that Turbo had one more opponent to face. Velocity protested that Infinite was Turbo's 1 millionth opponent. But Eggman reminded everyone that it was Turbo against 1 million "robots" and that Infinite was NOT a robot. Eggman tried to play it off as Infinite charged into battle on his own. Of course, no one believed him. Eggman went on to announce Turbo's true final opponent, adding that if Turbo defeated this opponent, then Eggman will admit defeat and leave Spotland. Instead of his opponent, a capsule was launched from the Death Egg, landing on the ground. However, once the capsule opened, everyone couldn't believe what was emerging from inside. Sonic was heartbroken, as were Velocity, NICOLE and Blaze. Everyone watched in horror and in heartbreak as no words could not explain the emotions Ultra Turbo was experiencing that moment as he was staring down, with a "heavy heart," his final opponent......Mecha Sally.
    Turbo the Cheetorian Issue #44 (Before STH Issue #247)
    "One or a Million" - Part Six: "Impossible"
    With his hand on his chest, Ultra Turbo could only watch in an immeasurable level of disbelief as his final opponent, Mecha Sally, was slowly approaching him. As he watched, his heart was beginning to give out as the heart virus was now in full effect. Velocity, Blaze and Jason instantly knew that there was no way Turbo could destroy, let alone, fight Mecha Sally. However, they realized that Turbo's situation wasn't a good one as he had to face off against his best friend, who was under Eggman's control, while dealing with a deadly heart virus. The odds of Turbo walking out of this successfully were IMPOSSIBLE. Mecha Sally took off, charging towards Ultra Turbo, who was tending to his heart. As he looked up, Mecha Sally caught him with a surprise attack, sending him crashing in the dirt. Mecha Sally quickly followed it up with a barrage of missiles, creating a large explosion near the spot Ultra Turbo landed. As the others looked on worried, Eggman just laughed, couldn't believe that she could cause such damage against Ultra Turbo. However, Mecha Sally did a scan and through the smoke, Ultra Turbo wasn't in it. He managed to dodge the missiles at the last second and was a few yards to the left of the explosions. However, Ultra Turbo was having problems breathing, which caused Mecha Sally to scanned Ultra Turbo. She reported to Eggman that Turbo was currently suffering from a fatal heart virus. Eggman determined that win or lose, Turbo was not going to survive today and laughed afterward. Meanwhile, Ultra Turbo's vision was starting to get blurry as he used his free hand to wipe his eyes. The others were really concerned regarding Turbo rubbing his eyes. Suddenly, Mecha Sally launched lasers towards Ultra Turbo. A cry from Blaze forced Ultra Turbo to look up, seeing the lasers beams coming his way. He managed to dodge the attack, but Mecha Sally used her rocket-powered boot jets to counter Ultra Turbo's avoiding her lasers and struck him in the back, and caught him in a combination. As a result of the combination, Ultra Turbo was sent crashing to the ground. As Ultra Turbo was recovering, Mecha Sally finally connected with her lasers, striking him in the back. At this point, Ultra Turbo was having a hard time breathing as he was staring straight at the ground. Ultra Turbo was thinking what he could do. One option that he's was never going to take was attacking his best friend. Despite the attack, he managed to get back on his feet. However, he still didn't know what to do. The force field was still up surrounding himself and Mecha Sally, so he couldn't attack Eggman; who had his Kingdom Disintegrator aimed at Spotland, ready to fire at any notice. In addition, the heart virus was active, making it hard for him to breathe, and not only was it affecting his vision, but it was draining his power as well. Ultra Turbo was at a point where Mecha Sally was close to being stronger than he was. It was at that moment that Ultra Turbo came to a conclusion he didn't want to face; he was going to die. Realizing this fact, Ultra Turbo decided to do something before his time came. With that, he stood straight up, ignoring any pain he was currently dealing with, and held his hands outward. Velocity and the others were shocked to see this, but they still had no idea what he was planning.
    Turbo the Cheetorian Issue #45 (Before STH Issue #247)
    "One or a Million" - Part Seven: "No Way..."
    Ultra Turbo stood there with his arms out and hands opened, ignoring the pain he was feeling at that moment. His friends and allies were confused as for not what he was doing, but why. Jason, suggested to everyone that they trust his judgment and he held his hands out. The other Cheetorians, minus Velocity, followed Jason's lead and did the same. Sonic was hesitant at first, but he too did what the Cheetorians were doing, shocking Tails, Amy, Velocity and Blaze in the process. Sonic said no words as he stood there with his arms out. Tails and Amy followed suit. With tears in her eyes, Velocity did the same as well. Blaze wanted to say something, but realized the emotional pain that were in Sonic and Velocity's faces, and simply did what they were doing. Meanwhile, Ultra Turbo was obviously trying to create the Cheetorian Bomb. Since this was Eggman's first time seeing this, he had no clue what Turbo was doing. However, Lien-Da informed Eggman about the Cheetorian Bomb and how destructive it can be. Upon hearing that, Eggman ordered Mecha Sally to attack without hesitation. She followed her order and used her strength to knock Ultra Turbo off his feet, sending him flying to the ground. However, Ultra Turbo would return to his feet and get back in his position. Again, Mecha Sally would attack, knocking him to the ground; but Ultra Turbo, ignoring every pain that he was experiencing, would get right back up and back in position. This lasted for a few minutes. Mecha Sally decided to get serious as she revealed her sword-like blade mounted in her forearm, and charged towards Ultra Turbo. Blaze yelled at him to watch out, forcing him to open his eyes and saw what was coming. The blade was aimed at his heart, and he was able to prevent it from destroying his heart. However, Blaze, Velocity and Amy let out horrified screams as the blade...ended up piercing through the right side of his chest. Feeling the blade through his chest, Ultra Turbo collapsed onto Mecha Sally with his head on her left shoulder. Ultra Turbo was still conscious as he was coughing up blood, and the pupil in his eyes were fading. However, his arms were still stretched out but in a diagonal angle rather than straight forward. Ultra Turbo began to give what were his final words as he mentioned how much he treasured his friendship with Sally; saying that he had no regrets regarding what he and Sally been through. He also added that he loved her & no matter what Eggman did to her, that he'll always love her and that she'll always be his best friend. With that said, he raised his left arm with all of his strength and suddenly, he formed the Cheetorian Bomb above their heads. It was twice the size of the Death Egg Mark 2, shocking everyone. Ultra Turbo went on to apologize to Sonic and Monkey Khan, knowing how much they both love Sally as he used his right arm to hold Mecha Sally within his clutches. He also apologized to NICOLE, as Sally was her best friend as well. The others looked on as some of them had tears in their eyes, but they all had heavy hearts, knowing what was about to happen. Eggman and his crew were stunned to see how huge the Cheetorian Bomb was. As Ultra Turbo was about to drop it on himself and Mecha Sally, resulting in destroying Mecha Sally & the impact of the blast would make the heart virus kill him on the spot, Ultra Turbo was hesitating with tears in his eyes. Everyone looked on, wondering what he was doing. Suddenly, Ultra Turbo yelled that he can't do it, and noticed that when he formed the Cheetorian Bomb, its size broke through the force field, destroying it. Because of its formation, no one knew that the shield was destroyed. With that, he launched it at the Kingdom Disintegrator, which was at the bottom of the Death Egg. Eggman was confident that the force field would protect them, but Lien-Da pointed out that it was destroyed, angering Eggman. With not much time to spare, Eggman made the Death Egg undergo last minute maneuvers, and the bomb barely made contact with the Death Egg. The Kingdom Disintegrator was destroyed as the bomb exploded and the Death Egg took some major damage. Due to this, Eggman had no choice but to retreat, and the Death Egg took off. Meanwhile, after the smoke cleared from the explosion, Ultra Turbo was laying on the ground, with Mecha Sally returning to her feet near him. As Ultra Turbo opened his eyes, he say Mecha Sally's eyes and noticed that something was different. It wasn't until Eggman ordered Mecha Sally to return to the Death Egg when those eyes went back to their normal mechanical selves and she took off. Shortly after Mecha Sally left, Sonic arrived at the scene to check on Ultra Turbo. However, Ultra Turbo told him to go after Sally. When Sonic refused, Ultra Turbo told him that he saw the real Sally in there somewhere. Again, he told him to go get her back before she was gone for good. With tears forming from his eyes, Sonic took off, chasing the Death Egg once again. As Sonic left, the others arrived at Ultra Turbo's aid, with Blaze holding him in her arms. Ultra Turbo told Tails and Amy to following Sonic as he would need them. Hesitating, Tails, Amy and T-Pup took off and followed Sonic. When asked why he wanted Team Fighter to chase Eggman, he told the rest that the real Sally was still in there. Velocity sat by her brother and held his hand, with tears in her eyes. He began his farewell statement by addressing everyone who were there and everyone who were close to him. He told his sister that she and Jason would have to govern and care for Spotland, better than he had. He told NICOLE how much he loved her and that he treasured his friendship with her. He turned his attentions to Blaze, and told her that he loved her very much, causing Blaze to tear up. At this point, Ultra Turbo's heart had stop and his eyes closed. Everyone thought he had died at that point as they began to mourn. However, they get some unexpected visitors as the spirits of Turbo and Velocity's parents showed up, shocking everybody. King Thomas pointed out that his transformation was slowly wearing off from his feet on up, thanks to a deal he made with Feist. Apparently, when Feist gave Turbo the ability to transform into Mega Turbo, Feist knew that Turbo was going to die from the heart virus. Therefore, the twist was that Turbo would not die until his transformation wore off. Thus, the power giving to him by Feist, would be returned to Feist properly. With that, King Thomas added that Velocity and Blaze could still save him, shocking everybody. Queen Maria told them that Velocity would have to use her spiritual powers to the fullest. Velocity would have to use her spiritual powers to seal the hole within Turbo's chest and use her powers as a vessel for Blaze to use her fire powers to erase the virus from Turbo's heart, since heat was one of the main ingredients of the cure. However, in the process of all of this, Velocity's hand would be burned greatly. Not caring about that, Velocity transformed into Super Velocity, sat above Ultra Turbo, and began the process. Blaze moved to the other side of Ultra Turbo's body and waited for Super Velocity to let her know when to start. Queen Maria suggested to Jason to sit behind Super Velocity for support. With that, the process began as Super Velocity was feeling intense pain. Despite this, her parents were encouraging her to focus, and she was; trying her best to ignore the pain. Working against time, Super Velocity managed to heal Ultra Turbo's wound first. As the transformation wore off, Super Velocity and Blaze finished erasing the virus from Turbo's heart. At this point, Ultra Turbo had fully reverted to his normal form, but he was still motionless and his eyes were still closed. After a couple of seconds went by, everyone was fearing the worst. All of a sudden, Turbo's eyes slowly opened, shocking everybody. Turbo woke up, asking if he was dead, causing everyone to cheer with joy, as Super Velocity reverted to her normal form, falling on Jason, who held her in his arms. Blaze went on to hold Turbo in her arms as he looked up and noticed the spirit of his parents nearby. He asked them if they intervene again, which his father replied that he and Maria just gave Velocity and Blaze some advice. Turbo let out a slight chuckle to that response. With that, Thomas and Maria's spirits vanished as everyone celebrated. As NICOLE was about to pass the news to everyone, Jason stopped her. When asked why, Turbo chimed in, saying that it will give them the surprise advantage as Eggman believed that he's dead. With that, the Cheetorians managed to transfer Turbo and Velocity to their medical facility and place them inside their healing chambers.
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    Arc Sixteen: Off to the Future
    Turbo the Cheetorian Issue #35 (During STH Issue #237-240)
    "Future Travels" - Part One: "Blood's Thicker"
    A fully healed Turbo was wondering outside Spotland as he was trying to enjoy the environment. All of a sudden, he spotted a dimensional portal opened up, and emerging from it was a pirate-looking robot called the Portal Pirate. What made things worst was the fact that this robot was carrying a Sol Emerald. Before Turbo stepped in, he spotted an angry Blaze emerging through the portal as well. For a robot, this one was pretty fast. Turbo charged in for a sneak attack, but the robot spotted him and counter with a blast to his chest. Blaze spotted Turbo being launched from the robot & Blaze took advantage and got an attack on the robot. However, the attack didn't cause the robot to drop the Sol Emerald. However, the attack affected the robot's ability to travel through dimensions, though the robot didn't realize it yet. Recovering from the attack, the robot retaliated with an attack of its own on Blaze. With some distance, the robot created another portal and made its way through it. After helping Blaze up, Turbo and Blaze chased after it and entered the portal themselves. The three ended up in a gloomy, ran-down city as the battle continued. Having no other choice, Turbo transformed to Super Turbo and took over the battle against the robot. As Blaze & Super Turbo were closing in on the Portal Pirate, it was instantly destroyed; confusing both Super Turbo and Blaze. Suddenly, an unusual Cheetorian emerged with the Sol Emerald in his hands, looking devious; it was obviously that he wasn't going to hand it over. Blaze was demanding that he gave up the Sol Emerald, but Super Turbo realized how strong this Cheetorian was. As Blaze called out to Super Turbo, asking him why she should fall back, the Cheetorian was shocked to see his ancestor alive after all these years. Super Turbo was shocked to hear that this Cheetorian referred to him as his ancestor. When Super Turbo asked for his name, the Cheetorian revealed that his name was Emperor Maelstrom, the ruler of the world. Super Turbo pointed out that this guy was beyond a Mega Cheetorian. Emperor Maelstrom explained that Super Turbo and Blaze were in the future (though how far in the future was unknown at the time). Emperor Maelstrom also pointed out that he contained spiritual powers, the 7 chaos emeralds, and the powers of Infinite; shocking Super Turbo in the process. In short, Emperor Maelstrom pointed out that they couldn't win.
    Turbo the Cheetorian Issue #36 (During STH Issue #237-240)
    "Future Travels" - Part Two: "No Chance"
    After some more words were said, the battle between the two relatives were on. The problem was that Super Turbo couldn't even touch Emperor Maelstrom as the power difference was huge. Blaze could just sit and watch, waiting for the right moment to try and regain the Sol Emerald that was in Emperor Maelstrom's hand. Super Turbo was overwhelmed, overpowered and simply outmatched as Emperor Maelstrom blasted Super Turbo through a number of abandoned buildings. Emperor Maelstrom kept Blaze at bay by using his spiritual powers to create a force field, preventing her from making any moves. After that, Emperor Maelstrom made his move towards a battered Super Turbo, who was mostly buried in rubble. As a floating Emperor Maelstrom was about to finish Super Turbo, he was attacked by multiple missiles and lasers. Suddenly, a group showed up in hover boards and jet packs, attacking Emperor Maelstrom. There were 7 of them that were unleashing their fury against Emperor Maelstrom. With Emperor Maelstrom taking blows from this group, the force field that was used on Blaze vanished as she caught up to the battered Super Turbo as the two were trying to figure out who this group was. Suddenly, Emperor Maelstrom unleashed a loud roar, destroying all projectiles that were heading his way. Realizing that they were in trouble, they grabbed Super Turbo and Blaze, and made their escape as Emperor Maelstrom was trying to locate them. As the group were traveling, Turbo (who reverted to his normal form) and Blaze talked to the group. The group referred to themselves as the Final Stand, saying that the name "Freedom Fighters" was "played out." Their leader was Speedburst (Cheetorian). Speedburst was actually Emperor Maelstrom's younger brother, which Turbo found ironic (given the old feud between his father and uncle). Also, this makes Speedburst another descendant of Turbo's. The group's second in command was Chi-Su, the current Guardian who was a descendant of Knuckles and Julie-Su. Also apart of Final Stand were Rachael Rabbot (a descendant of Bunnie "Rabbot" D'Coolette), Felicia Fox (ace pilot), Blackfist Beaver (weapons expert), Shred Skunk (armory), and Woods the Bat (stealth and tech guy). The group arrived at their secret hideout where they were welcomed home by their mentor and chief in command; that had Turbo shocked. Their chief was no other than an old Mammoth Mogul. Turbo was about to get angry as Blaze had to hold him back, asking him how the two know each other. Mogul explained to Blaze that he's immortal and he used to battle Turbo, his sister and his father. However, Mogul blamed himself for Emperor Maelstrom's rise to power as Maelstrom gathered enough power to overwhelm and defeat Mogul time and time again. Speedburst stepped in, explaining to Turbo that Mogul in this time is not the enemy. Once Turbo calmed down, he asked how everything turned out like this. He mentioned Silver the Hedgehog, which left Final Stand and Mogul in a state of confusion (apparently, Silver wasn't born yet). Not willing to ruin Silver's existence, Turbo didn't say any more about him. Mogul explained that once the Turbo of this timeline died from a heart virus, which shocked Blaze in the process (she looked at Turbo and he wasn't surprised at all since he knew about that already), the destruction of the Freedom Fighters occurred due to a traitor of the group. Also, Eggman and King Naugus raged war on each other that led to the end of the world. Despite the state of the planet, Mogul at that moment decided to resume his war on Spotland. The war lasted for 40 years, indicating that Turbo & Blaze are now over 40 years into the future. During that time, Maelstrom became King of Spotland, and absorbed the powers of Infinite, having the powers of a Rampaging Super Cheetorian. However, due to his mastery of his spiritual powers, Malestrom was able to keep his sanity. Afterward, he used his powers to defeat Mogul and took his Chaos Emerald. Afterward, he traveled across Mobius and collected the other 6 Chaos Emeralds, and with his spiritual powers, he fused the Chaos Emeralds inside himself, making Malestrom an Elite Mega Cheetorian. Afterward, he defeated almost everyone that was potentially a threat to himself and smashed the Master Emerald into many pieces. Maelstrom also destroyed the Cheetorian Crystals in this timeline as well. Furthermore, the world was close to being ruined as well. Blaze asked if Emperor Maelstrom had an army by his side. Speedburst answered that no, since Maelstrom was highly confident in his powers; believing that no one could match his power. Afterward, Woods pointed out that he had located the final 3 pieces of the Master Emerald. With that, Final Stand took off to retrieve them, minus Chi-Su. She stayed behind to fill Turbo and Blaze in on their plan on their final battle against Emperor Maelstrom. After showing them the Sword of Light, the plan was to have the sword absorb the powers of the soon-to-be-reformed Master Emerald and strike Emperor Maelstrom down with the sword. As the current Guardian, she could focus all of that power, into the Sword of Light. Also, by reforming the Master Emeralds, her full powers over the Chaos Force would come back. Turbo wasn't 100% confident with that plan as Emperor Maelstrom was too quick to be struck down by the sword. Also, Turbo pointed out that the Sword of Light was created to counter dark magic and Emperor Maelstrom doesn't use dark magic. Chi-Su asked if he had a better idea, Turbo came up with one. Turbo pointed out that in his fight against Emperor Maelstrom, he not only couldn't touch Maelstrom, but Maelstrom wouldn't touch him at all. Turbo theorized that because Emperor Maelstrom became one with the Chaos Emeralds, if Super Turbo touched Maelstrom, then Super Turbo would become Mega Turbo (though still not strong enough to defeat Emperor Maelstrom). Chi-Su then asked why even bring that up. However, Turbo pointed out about the art of fusion; confusing Chi-Su. Admitting that he's an ancestor of Speedburst, the two relatives should be able to fuse with the touch of Turbo's Cheetorian Crystals and by holding hands. Turbo added that as a fused Super Cheetorian, they could touch Emperor Maelstrom and transform into a fused Mega Cheetorian and finally absorb the powers of the Master Emerald from within the Sword of Light to transform into a fused Ultra Cheetorian. Blaze asked if he done it before, and Turbo admitted that he only fused with his sister and himself from another dimension and only became a fused Super Cheetorian, nothing higher than that. After their discussion, Turbo found himself outside alone, looking at the environment. He was having a hard time over how awful this timeline was at that point. Suddenly, Blaze joined him, asking him about his upcoming demise by a heart virus. Turbo admitted to her that he knew about it and told her how he knew. Blaze became upset about this and embraced him. Even though he wanted to return the embrace, Turbo didn't. He told her that he didn't want to make her worry over a dying love interest & Blaze asked him why. He sighed and told her about his parents and his desire to be with them as a result of battle. Blaze became upset with him, telling him that no one can't help how their feel about someone and must react to it. At this point, Blaze admitted that she really care about Turbo. As Turbo was struggling to return the sentiment, he sensed the upcoming presence of Emperor Maelstrom. Chi-Su came outside, sensing his presence as well. With the others not back yet, the three were prepared to try and hold off Emperor Maelstrom.
    Turbo the Cheetorian Issue #37 (During STH Issue #237-240)
    "Future Travels" - Part Three: "Final Stand"
    Turbo, Blaze and Chi-Su were preparing for the arrival of Emperor Maelstrom. Chi-Su was calling Speedburst through the earcom, telling him that Emperor Maelstrom was on the way, and about Turbo's plan. Speedburst told her that they had retrieve the final 3 pieces of the Master Emerald & they were on their way back. Chi-Su informed Turbo and Blaze that the group was on their way with the final 3 pieces. As soon as she told them the news, Emperor Maelstrom arrived and started taunting them, regarding how he found them. Apparently, he found them due to the combine energies that was barely emanating from Mogul, and Chi-Su. As soon as Mammoth Mogul's name was mentioned, Mogul showed up. He knew that he was nowhere near as strong as Emperor Maelstrom was, but he's immortal, and Emperor Maelstrom couldn't kill him. Turbo was a bit stunned to see Mogul fight side by side with him. Emperor Maelstrom just laugh to see Mogul willing to fight him. Needing to stall for time, the small rebellion baited Emperor Maelstrom to engage in more trash talking. A few minutes later, Emperor Maelstrom charged in & Mogul made the first move for the group. Despite Mogul's efforts and leftover magic, Emperor Maelstrom dominated him with ease. Unable to watch anymore, Turbo transformed into Super Turbo and charged it. He fired a ki blast at his descendant, sending him flying through buildings. Emperor Maelstrom was having too fun beating up on Mogul that he didn't noticed Super Turbo's attack. Super Turbo continued his assault, launching a barrage of ki blast at Emperor Maelstrom. After a couple of minutes of his unleashed assault, Super Turbo just floated there, waiting to see the results. After a few seconds of silence, Emperor Maelstrom fired back with a ki blast of his own. It was incredibly fast as it caught Super Turbo by surprise, launching him high in the sky. Emperor Maelstrom then turned his attention back to Mogul, but Chi-Su grabbed her hand gauntlets and fired lasers from them. Emperor Maelstrom created a spiritual shield, blocking the Guardian's attack. Meanwhile, Blaze launched a fire attack towards him. Sensing this one coming, Emperor Maelstrom fired a ki blast of his own. The blast destroyed Blaze's attack and knocked her back a bit from the impact. Afterward, Emperor Maelstrom placed Blaze in another force field, resulting in Blaze complaining. As Emperor Maelstrom counter with an attack of his own against the Guardian, Mogul tried to use his magic to launch another, but Emperor Maelstrom prevented it from happening. Before Emperor Maelstrom could launch a beat down on Mogul, Emperor Maelstrom sensed the presence of a warrior heading his way. This was a warrior he never seen or sensed before. Before everyone's eyes was a brand new Super Cheetorian, but who was he?
    Turbo the Cheetorian Issue #38 (During STH Issue #237-240)
    "Future Travels" - Part Four: "History is Made"
    Flashback to 10 minutes ago, Super Turbo was still being launched in the sky by Emperor Maelstrom's ki blast. Super Turbo managed to break free from the attack, but he was high in the sky. As he was flying straight back, he spotted the rest of Final Stand returning from their mission. He caught up with them and decided to put his plans into motion. Managing to get inside the plane, Super Turbo reverted back to his normal form and took the Cheetorian Crystals off his neck. While holding on to the crystals with his right hand, Speedburst grabbed the crystals. Furthermore, the two relatives held hands and the transformation and fusion took place. Back to the current time, Emperor Maelstrom was face to face with a fused Super Cheetorian. Despite being a fused Super Cheetorian, he was not strong enough to battle and defeat Emperor Maelstrom. Knowing this, the fused Super Cheetorian baited Emperor Maelstrom in another heated debate. Meanwhile, the rest of the Final Stand members contacted Chi-Su and they hooked up inside their base. There, Chi-Su used the powers of the Chaos Force to put the Master Emerald back together. Meanwhile, Blackfist Beaver went to get the Sword of Light and brought to Chi-Su. At this point, Chi-Su was almost done putting the Master Emerald back together. Back outside, Emperor Maelstrom was tired of the chit-chat and launched an attack on his opponent. However, the fused Super Cheetorian took off in the opposite direction, basically stalling & trying his best to avoid Emperor Maelstrom's attacks. Instead of making it obvious that he was stalling, the fused Super Cheetorian would launched some attacks of his own. Meanwhile, Chi-Su had completed putting the Master Emerald together. Now she was transferring its powers to the Sword of Light. As this was going on, Emperor Maelstrom was taking control in his battle against his opponent. After a few minutes had passed, Chi-Su was finished. Also, because of the fact that the Master Emerald is complete, Chi-Su's powers were restored as well. Back outside, Emperor Maelstrom had the fused Super Cheetorian nearly beaten without laying a hand on him. Suddenly, Emperor Maelstrom was attacked by a powered up Chi-Su. As Emperor Maelstrom was sent flying, Chi-Su informed him that everything is in place. Chi-Su went off to battle Emperor Maelstrom as the fused Super Cheetorian struggled to his feet. Meanwhile, a recovered Mogul freed Blaze from her force field. The battle was close, but Emperor Maelstrom was still stronger than the Guardian. During the battle, Chi-Su used her Chaos powers to hold Emperor Maelstrom in place. In addition, Mogul aided her as well. This gave the fused Super Cheetorian the opportunity to finally touch Emperor Maelstrom, transforming him into a fused Mega Cheetorian. Emperor Maelstrom finally broke free and blasted Mogul, keeping him down for the count. Emperor Maelstrom stood as he was facing a powered up Guardian and a fused Mega Cheetorian. Emperor Maelstrom charged towards the Cheetorian, but Chi-Su stepped in and they battled. Unfortunately for the heroes, Emperor Maelstrom launched at shot that missed Chi-Su, but destroyed the front portion of the base, trapping the rest of Final Stand and the powered up Sword of Light inside. The Cheetorian and Blaze rushed towards the hideout and managed to blast a hole small enough for the sword to fit. Rachael Rabbot passed the sword to the Cheetorian and he instantly transformed into a fused Ultra Cheetorian. Sensing the power, Emperor Maelstrom knew he was in trouble and tried to flee. However, the fused Ultra Cheetorian cut him off with his amazing speed and connected with a serious of ki blasts, sending Emperor Maelstrom crashing through an abandoned building. Passing the Sword of Light to Chi-Su, she used the sword & the Chaos Force to absorb Emperor Maelstrom's powers, rendering him to a normal Cheetorian. Shortly after, Blaze managed to free the rest of Final Stand. Shred and Woods arrested Maelstrom as the fused Ultra Cheetorian reverted & defused at the same time. Chi-Su checked on Mogul as Blaze rushed over and hugged Turbo. A couple of hours later, Final Stand contacted the rest of the world (what's left of it), announcing that Emperor Maelstrom's reign over the world was over. Also, Blaze retrieved the Sol Emerald, as Turbo mentioned a cure for the heart virus & Speedburst gave him their last cure. Turbo was worried at first, but Speedburst reassured him that this was the first time he transformed into a Super Cheetorian. In addition, Speedburst said that they could always make more. He also told Turbo what the ingredients were for the cure, giving him a list. Speedburst also added that the ingredients were in his time, but in their time, it would take 6 months to be completed. Apparently, the technology wasn't advanced in comparison to the future; thus, the cure would have to be heated for 6 months straight. Now, the problem for Turbo and Blaze was how to get back home. Woods managed to find the destroyed Portal Pirate and fixed its ability to pass through time and dimensions. With that, Turbo and Blaze said goodbye to Final Stand and Mogul as the duo made it back to their time. Apparently, 2 hours had passed since they left the timeline as they were greeted by a worried Velocity and Jason. Turbo told them of their adventure, and that he held the cure for the heart virus & a list of ingredients for making it. The group was happy to hear, but Turbo told them that the cure will have to cook for 6 months straight in order for it to work. He also added that he's not sure when Velocity will get hit with the heart Virus; basically saying until they make another cure, the one in his hand was for her. A little sadness fell over the group, but Jason reassured them that things were on their side now that they have the cure & the knowledge for making more. Furthermore, Blaze told them that despite her search for the Sol Emeralds, she would be staying with him until this ordeal with the heart virus was over. Turbo tried to talk her out of it, but an angry stare from her prevented him from doing it. Walking back to Spotland, Turbo found himself holding Blaze's hand as Velocity and Jason were silently shocked to witness that.
    Sonic the Hedgehog Issue #241
    In New Mobotropolis, a new member was sworn in the Council of Acorn. The member was Isabella Mongoose, Mina Mongoose's mother. After swearing in Isabella, Rosemary Prower, Tails mother, invited her to open the agenda for the day. Now during all of this, Turbo was communicating with via telecom. Isabella quickly obliged by calling for a reversal of NICOLE's exile. Naugus objected, claiming that it's his place to protect the city, but Turbo retorted that the Death Egg's most recent attack, recalling what he was told while he was away, proved that he was incapable of doing so. The council began to discuss the matter, and remark on the security advantages NICOLE could provide as well as the fact that they had developed a new monitoring system. It was quickly agreed that NICOLE would be willing to help, but unbeknownst to everyone, Naugus began suffering further uncontrollable mutations (this had been going on for some time, but no one noticed it yet). Concealing his misshapen form, Naugus excused himself on basis of illness, instructing the council to call upon him if they required a tie-breaker vote. Turbo, through the telecom, watched Naugus made his leave, suspecting something of Naugus. The rest of the council voted unanimously and NICOLE was allowed back in New Mobotropolis. Turbo informed the news to NICOLE & Velocity & they were excited as NICOLE hugged Turbo. He told his best friend that she's always welcome in Spotland, making NICOLE smile more.
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    Arc Fifteen: Under Naugus' Leadership
    Turbo the Cheetorian Issue #34 (Occurred before Sonic the Hedgehog Issue #233)
    Story One - "The Crowning"
    After the events that took place at the hospital, Super Turbo finally reverted to his normal form as Dr. Quack was evaluating him. There were Velocity, who also reverted & needed medical attention, and Jason, who also needed medical attention. Dr. Quack just simply wrapped Turbo's head, thighs and ribs in bandages. He instructed him that he need to enter the healing chamber back at Spotland and to stay in there for a couple of days before he could be completely healthy. With that, Dr. Quack examined Velocity and Jason. While this was going on, Turbo left, unknown to everyone there. Turbo managed to find Elias and the two talked about the status of the crown. Elias believed that with the way things were at that moment, he wasn't fit to be king. Turbo tried to talk him out of it, but Elias had made up his mind about it. Turbo sighed and went along with it. However, Turbo let Elias know that there would be some demands that the council and Naugus himself would have to meet before Turbo was okay with any of this. An hour later, the Council of Acorn arrived inside the Civic Center, all at once. There, they saw Turbo, sitting in the seat that was normally reserved for the King of New Mobotropolis. The council members were stunned to see him there and in that seat of all seats. Also there were Turbo's general, who was holding the crown. Turbo pointed out that the meeting was to discuss the situation regarding who should be King of New Mobotropolis. The council members took their seats, except for Elias, obviously. Turbo let them know that the meeting was about Elias stepping down & letting Naugus become the new King of New Mobotropolis. Everyone, minus Elias, was stunned, believing that Turbo wanted Naugus dead. Turbo reassured them that he wanted to kill Naugus, but Elias convinced him to let Naugus be king. Rotor chimed in, saying that there got to be a catch. Turbo smiled, saying that there're a couple of them to be exact. After Turbo named his conditions, some of the council members were a bit angry about the demands. Hamlin asked why the demands. Turbo answered by reminding them who they're dealing with. Turbo pointed out that Naugus was a powerful wizard, who was in possession of a chaos emerald, that could easily messed with their minds and make them do his bidding, similar to what he did with that Titan Metal Sonic (without crystallizing them), and make them go along with whatever he says. Even though Hamlin didn't like it, but Sir Charles Hedgehog agreed with Turbo's theory. The majority of the council agreed with it as well, whether they liked it or not (and whether they liked Turbo or not). With that, the council agreed to his terms. After that, Velocity bust in with Jason and some members of the Cheetorian Army, asking Turbo why he was in the Civic Center. Turbo told her about the meeting and she reluctantly went along with it. With that, Turbo instructed the Cheetorian Army to bring Naugus here. A few minutes later, the Cheetorian Army returned with Naugus. One of the high ranking members of the army pointed out that Antoine had arrested Geoffrey of treason. Turbo was amused by that news, and turned his attention to Naugus. Turbo started off by saying that after meeting with Elias, and then the council, Turbo was willing to drop the charges and allow Naugus to be the new King of New Mobotropolis. Naugus was a bit stunned, but he knew that there was a catch. He then demanded to know what the catch was. Turbo laughed, saying he's the second person to ask today. Turbo let him know that they were more than one "catch." Turbo told him that all decisions made by the council, big or small decisions, must be finalized and approved by himself or anyone he appointed as moderator of the Council of Acorn. Naugus didn't like that at all. Naugus demanded to know why with an angry tone, and Turbo yelled back "I DON'T TRUST YOU!!! I'D NEVER TRUST YOU AND I'LL NEVER EVER TRUST YOU!!!" Naugus had no response to that and told him to continue. Turbo stated the second condition, which was for the Freedom Fighters, naming each member, would no longer work under the Council of Acorn. Naugus actually liked that condition, believing that they would have to leave New Mobotropolis. However, Turbo corrected him, saying that they will keep watch over him and protect the city, but they will work directly under himself and Spotland. That made Naugus angry again; before he asked why, Turbo cut him off demanding him not to make him repeat himself (referring to his lack of trust towards Naugus). Turbo then named the third condition, saying that New Mobotropolis would be a part of a bigger council that will involve the world leaders, and that Sir Charles Hedgehog would represent the council at those type of meetings. Naugus shrugged that condition off, apparently having no problem it. Turbo stated the four condition, which in reality was more of a warning, stating "never mind if you don't follow these conditions; if you turn on you back on these people, do anything to the other council members, commit an evil act, make any type of deal with any villain, or even think of committing any evil activities...heck, if I have a reason to believe that you're plotting anything, your status as king will officially end, as will your existence by my hands." Turbo said this with a deadly tone, staring at Naugus's eyes, indicating that he's serious about the threat. Naugus was nowhere near pleased about this threat. However, Naugus calmed down and surprising everyone, agreed to all the terms. Two hours later, everyone in New Mobotropolis gathered in front of the Castle of Acorn for the crowning ceremony as Ixis Naugus would be their new king. Jason went on to name off the conditions that were discussed in the meeting as the crowd were debating why Turbo was the council's moderator. Jason called for Naugus to approach him. In front of everyone Naugus agreed to the terms, despite not liking the terms. With that said, Jason handed over the crown to a Royal Guard of the Acorn family, and he placed the crown on Naugus's head, making him the official king of New Mobotropolis. As the crowd cheered, Turbo left the stage immediately, not liking any of this. The Cheetorian Army prepared their transportation for him, Velocity, Jason and the injured and they headed back to Spotland.
    Story Two - "U.W.N."
    It was the day of the trial involving Geoffrey St. John. However, Turbo would not attend the trial as Turbo was hosting the first ever United World Nation, U.W.N. for short. A telecom was activated and apart of the meeting was the following: Sir Charles Hedgehog, representing New Mobotropolis; Wolf Pack Nation's Grand Chief Lupe; Queen Hathor, leader of the Mysterious Cat Country; the President of the United Federation; Rob o' the Hedge, the protector of the Kingdom of Mercia; Monkey Khan, the King of the Dragon Kingdom; Knuckles, the Guardian that resided at Angel Island (that hovered over Downunda); and Dulcy, the official liason for Vesuvio. The nine leaders/representors were together through telecoms. Queen Hathor asked about the purpose of this organization. Turbo answered that the purpose of the UWN was for the nations, clans, and countries to help each other make the world safe from any and all threats, and to aid one another through issues that may be difficult for them to handle as our own faction. Knuckles chimed in, using the resurfaced Eggman as an example. The President was surprised to hear news about that, asking details about it. Sir Charles filled everyone in on what happened and what they were dealing with. After telling everyone about the situation, they were somewhat depressed, especially Dulcy, since she was a close friend of Sally & remembered the first time Sally was roboticized. Turbo also added that Eggman also have his Dark Egg Legion chapters scattered across Mobius. Rob chimed in, saying that the Kingdom of Mercia was in a bad way dealing with the Mercia Dark Egg Legion. Turbo volunteered to send some of his troops down there to assist Rob in his fight. Rob was very appreciative of the support and welcomed it. Afterward, Turbo shared with everyone the schematics for the Death Egg Mark 2, as well as the enemies aboard the Death Egg, Infinite and unfortunately, Mecha Sally. Turbo also shared that outside of himself & his sister fused, when they're both healthy, the only people who could possibly stand a chance was Shadow the Hedgehog if he removed his inhibitor bands & maybe Monkey Khan. With the Eggman issue out the way, Turbo and Sir Charles pointed out that there's an issue within New Mobotropolis. When asked what that was by Lupe and Queen Hathor, they all learned and was shocked that Ixis Naugus was the new King of New Mobotropolis. Knuckles went off, asking how a lunatic like that could be king. Sir Charles answered by explaining some deal that Elias's father made with Naugus a while back. Turbo reassured them that he was on a very short lease. They all agreed after Turbo explained the conditions that Naugus had agreed to. After a few other issues and concerned were addressed, the meeting ended and the telecom ended. Shortly after, Velocity entered the room, bandaged up a bit (but not as much as her older brother), asking if he was planning on attending the Geoffrey trial. Turbo said that he wasn't, mostly because he had an idea regarding out how it was going to end. Going by the letter of the law, Geoffrey would be found guilty, but Naugus would let him off the hook as a punishment because of his status as king. Velocity asked could he do that, and Turbo replied that it's legal & there was nothing Turbo could do about it. Even though Velocity was glad that Turbo would be staying home for the trial, Turbo told her that he'll have to go back sooner than she wished. Velocity asked why and Turbo said that it's a reason involving a best friend, a reason that he won't like. Velocity was worried a bit as Turbo was sporting a concerned look on his face.
    Sonic the Hedgehog Issue #235
    Story One - "Remember the Fallen"
    Turbo and Velocity were eating lunch together in their dining hall. Velocity was fully healed as Turbo was half way healed. He only had bandages around his stomach as the injury that occurred to his left side of the stomach needed the most time to heal. Turbo wasn't already in a good mood as he informed his sister that the Council of Acorn would have a meeting on possibly exiling NICOLE from New Mobotropolis. She volunteered that she'll go with him for the meeting and to comfort NICOLE as well; Turbo agreed. As they were eating their meal, Jason suddenly rushed in the room and delivered some horrible news. The Death Egg struck again as Elias, his wife and baby were attacked as they were leaving New Mobotropolis. The Freedom Fighters were protecting him, but Eggman launched a now weaponized Mecha Sally & a Metal Sonic. Antoine ended up sacrificing himself as Metal Sonic self-destructed in Antoine's face. Hearing the news, Turbo rushed over to New Mobotropolis with his sister not far behind him. The siblings arrived to the hospital in New Mobotropolis as Dr. Quack was filling them in on his condition. Antoine was in a coma as the siblings paid him a visit. Velocity was in tears as Turbo noticed a letter nearby. He read it & apparently, Bunnie left New Mobotropolis. Turbo gave the note to Velocity to give to Sonic as Turbo had other sad matters to attend to. When Turbo entered the meeting, Rotor was beyond pissed. Apparently, everyone, except Rotor, had voted for NICOLE to be exiled from New Mobotropolis; only to be sentenced to Freedom HQ. Whereas Naugus was the only thrilled person in the room about the vote, everyone else was nowhere near as pleased as he was. Suddenly, Turbo entered the room, guessing as to what the vote was. Turbo's job as moderator, in this case, was to allow or not allow the voting to go through. He asked Sir Charles Hedgehog as to why he voted the way he did. Uncle Chuck informed Turbo that it was what the people wanted, feeling that it would make them feel safe. Not liking the idea, Turbo allowed the vote to go through, telling his best friend, NICOLE, that he was sorry. Turbo did added that she would be at Freedom HQ and at Spotland as well. Apparently, Rotor was so pissed that he resigned as a member of the council. As Uncle Chuck was applauding Rotor for his action and beliefs, Naugus told Uncle Chuck to "prepare whatever you need to ensure the program's exile." Hearing that, Turbo became extremely pissed, charged at Naugus, grabbed his throat, and told him to "never refer to her as the program ever again!" The two shared intense stares before Naugus finally agreed. With that, Turbo let go of Naugus and left the room to catch up with Rotor and NICOLE. Back at the hospital, Velocity was still mourning over Antoine. All of a sudden, Sonic busted in, throwing Silver at Antoine's bed. Velocity had no clue who this was. Silver was in shock to see Antoine in a coma, making his theory of Antoine being the traitor go wrong. Velocity showed Sonic the note that Bunnie left and Sonic couldn't believe it. Upon hearing her name, Silver accused her of being the traitor, resulting in him using a psychic shield to block Sonic's spindash. Berating the time traveler, Sonic retorted that he believed in his friends, that there was no traitor, and that Silver was just a flake. Chastened, Silver apologized and left the room. As Silver was leaving the room, Geoffrey St. John entered. He came in and saluted Antoine, to Sonic's annoyance. After Geoffrey left, Velocity questioned Sonic about Silver. He told her that Silver was a time traveler from the future. Upon hearing that, Velocity went out and caught up with Silver. Didn't get a good chance to see her clearly in the hospital, he recognized her as Turbo's younger sister. She asked him about a traitor in the Freedom Fighters, which caused him to admit everything that happened which would lead to the end of the world; including her brother dying of a heart virus. She was shocked upon hearing that; judging her reaction, Silver didn't realized that Turbo didn't tell her about it. She went from depression to anger as she took off towards the Civic Center, hoping to find her brother. Meanwhile, Silver was sulking alone, until Harvey Who approached and correctly deduced that Silver was the time-traveling hedgehog he'd heard about. He invited Silver to join the Secret Freedom Fighters, so he could help the world without leaving behind a paradox-causing legacy. As Silver accepted the offer, Turbo overheard everything. He questioned Harvey on whether or not they'll keep tabs on Naugus. When Harvey admitted that it was a main purpose for the secretive group, Turbo said that he would keep the group a secret & for them to establish communications with one another. Suddenly, an angry Velocity showed up with a confused NICOLE; causing a slight concerned look from Turbo as he asked them "What's up?"
    Story Two - "The Talk"
    Arriving at Freedom HQ, Velocity sat on the sofa with her arms folded, waiting seemingly impatiently on her brother to explain his fate. Also there was NICOLE, who was recently exiled from New Mobotropolis, wanting to hear the whole story about this as well since she briefly heard about it before Sally sacrificed herself. Velocity questioned whether or not Silver was from the future & what he said was actually true. However, Turbo explained to them about his travels in the Dragon Kingdom with Sonic, Tails, Sally and Khan. Before he even met Silver, he was told of his apparent demise. However, Turbo didn't know how it would happen, until he talked to Silver. Velocity asked him why he didn't tell her, Turbo replied that he didn't want her to worry, adding that there was nothing she could do about it anyway. NICOLE then brought up the heart virus itself, asking about Velocity's chances of getting it. Velocity then chimed in, say that it was the reason why he didn't want her to transform lately. Turbo admitted it to be true, but reassured them that if he do indeed die from the virus, in Silver's timeline, the Turbo there told his people to dissect his body. By doing so, they found a cure for the Velocity in Silver's timeline. Velocity was pissed, saying that it won't be the case this time. Turbo didn't respond as he didn't like the idea either. But at the same time, Turbo would resort to it if push came to shove. Afraid to ask, NICOLE asked him how long he got; Turbo simply told them a few weeks. Afterward, Velocity teared up, causing NICOLE to tear up as well. Turbo tried to comfort them, but Velocity was mad at him for hiding something like this from her. Realizing that he wasn't going to calm her down, Turbo left and headed back to Spotland, as Velocity was crying in NICOLE's arms, with tears in her eyes as well. On the way back, Turbo thought to himself how these past few weeks "absolutely sucked." Back at Freedom HQ, Sonic arrived to try and get some alone time when he spotted Velocity and NICOLE crying. Sonic learned that Velocity now knew of Turbo's predicted fate and eventually managed to calm the two down.
    Sonic the Hedgehog Issue #236
    Story One - "Cry Freedom!"
    A new meeting took place at the Civic Center as Sonic and Rotor brought to the Council of Acorn the idea of forming two teams. Also, Turbo was a part of the meeting via telecom from Spotland as well. Sonic and Rotor suggested creating two teams. Rotor reveal his new power suit that would protect him from his back injury and let him fight. Finally, Rotor would lead Team Freedom, which would include himself as its leader, a rebuilt Heavy and Bomb, Big the Cat, & Cream and Cheese (who would all join later). Team Freedom would protect New Mobotropolis. Sonic would lead Team Fighters, which was made of himself as leader, Tails, T-Pup (Tails's mechanical dog), and Amy. This team would hunt down Eggman and retrieve Sally. Obviously, Naugus turned them down, but the rest of the council voted for the idea, despite not having anyone fill in Rotor's seat. Turbo questioned Naugus's reason for turning it down, trying to goat him in saying that he don't care that Eggman was running loose with Sally roboticized. Naugus held his tongue and the motion was passed.
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    Arc Fourteen: From Bad to Worst
    Sonic the Hedgehog Issue #224
    "Chaos and the Crown: Part Two"
    Turbo and Velocity were making their way towards New Mobotropolis in their normal forms. Velocity knew something was up when Turbo insisted that they don't transform for travel. She wanted to ask him what the deal was, but decided not to. The siblings finally arrived at New Mobotropolis where they saw the Freedom Fighters, minus Sonic, facing off against the traitor, Geoffrey St. John. Catching the skunk off guard, Turbo kicked him, sending him crashing to a tree. Turbo asked what's going on & Sally told him that Geoffrey believed that he's serving the true king, Ixis Naugus, shocking Turbo and Velocity. Turbo instructed his sister to help them deal with the skunk as Turbo made his way inside the Civic Center. Inside, Sonic, armed with the Sword of Light, was fighting against Naugus in front of the Council of Acorn. Apparently, some of the council members (the former Freedom Fighters members) wanted to jump in, but Penelope (a council member & a former Freedom Fighter) told them to stay in place. Hamlin protested (shocking as that was), but Penelope subtly threatened him with dereliction of duty; Hamlin showed disbelief that she would bring charges against him, but she pointed out that he had set the precedent himself by once charging Princess Sally with something similar. Sonic couldn't believe that the council were bickering among themselves, with Rosemary Prower flatly pointed out that the current constitution only required a king without specifying who it must be, which angered both Rotor and Sir Charles Hedgehog. Annoyed and impatient, Sonic interrupted, saying that Naugus had already stirred up trouble and acted against NICOLE -- which caused Dylan to timidly point out that Naugus might be able to protect them from NICOLE should she again go rogue. The bickering began to intensify as King Elias looked on in surprise and dismay, he didn't noticed that Naugus, behind him, was once again using his magic to amplify people's feelings of fear and anger. Suddenly, Naugus was blasted, being sent crashing to a wall, surprising everyone. Looking at where the blast came from, stood an annoyed Super Turbo, who proclaimed this as the saddest thing he had ever seen. Rosemary pointed out that this matter isn't Spotland's business. Super Turbo arrogantly replied by asking if she was still salty with Elias for owning her husband in battle those months ago? Also, he pointed out that if it wasn't for the current King's sister, there would be no Council of Acorn & that her husband would be six feet under right now, which angered Tails's Mother greatly. Super Turbo went on to say that she do have a point, whoever was King of New Mobotropolis isn't Spotland's business. However, Super Turbo added that this issue on Naugus's rights to the crown was irrelevant, confusing everyone. An angry Naugus sprung back to his feet, approaching the King of Spotland, asking him how the status of King of New Mobotropolis was irrelevant. Super Turbo raised his opened right hand towards Naugus's face, answering that Naugus had to answer for his crimes committed against Spotland and its Royal Family for years. As the King of Spotland, Super Turbo declared that Naugus will be sentenced to death by his hands, as an energy ball formed in his hand, aiming at Naugus's head. Naugus asked him if he was willing to start a war with New Mobotropolis. Super Turbo responded that first of all, Naugus alone started the war with Spotland years ago & that he alone resumed the war; Super Turbo then addressed his status of king, saying that if what Geoffrey said was true, then that was for old Mobotropolis as this wasn't old Mobotropolis. Finally, Super Turbo stated that even if somehow he became King of New Mobotropolis, the king should be man enough to finish what he started and fight alone against the King of Spotland. Back outside, Geoffrey was holding his own against the Freedom Fighters & Velocity, who didn't transform. Things were looking in the skunk's favor, when Velocity had enough and finally transformed into Super Velocity. She used her spiritual powers to trap Geoffrey inside a force field. Sally approached Geoffrey, asking him to confirm that he believed himself to be in the right and justified in his actions; when Geoffrey did, she pointed out then that, instead of fighting them, he should be letting justice simply take its course. Amused, Geoffrey gave in, saying that he'll "play along." Back inside the Civic Center, Penelope and Rosemanry chimed in, saying that bloodshed will not be tolerated inside the Civic Center & saying that it should simply come down to a legal matter and should be put to vote. Sonic, incredulous, insisted it's as simple as himself or Super Turbo beating Naugus up because the wizard was a known threat. Hamlin took issue with this, accusing Sonic of "once again" thinking he can ignore the council's authority; Sonic snapped that he can and will if they insisted on being "stupid" about it, causing concern from his uncle Chuck. With Super Turbo distracted with the council's bickering with one another and Sonic, Naugus attacked Super Turbo, and the fight was on. Sonic grabbed the Sword of Light from Elias's hands (who grabbed it from Sonic a while back) & an argument resumed as the whole council were against Sonic, with Rotor & his uncle Chuck pleading with Sonic to not make things worse. Suddenly, the ground violently shook, throwing everyone that wasn't floating off their feet. Sonic angrily told Naugus to cut off the magical earthquakes, but the confused wizard said that he wasn't responsible. He added that it wasn't an earthquake, but rather than something far away had shaken with great force. When everyone looked up, they were in shocked to see the Death Egg Mark 2 had been launched by no other than, Dr. Eggman.
    Sonic the Hedgehog Issue #225
    "One Step Forward..."
    Sonic looked up at the sky in disbelief at the Death Egg Mark 2, realizing that Dr. Eggman's plan to rebuild it was in front of him the whole time. After Geoffrey confirmed that this Death Egg is a threat, Naugus was all for a collaboration between himself, Geoffrey and the Freedom Fighters. Super Turbo and Super Velocity weren't keen with the idea. As Naugus was flying towards the Death Egg using his wind magic, laughing maniacally, he was quickly blasted back to the ground, in front of Super Turbo. Normally, the King of Spotland would be laughing, but seeing who knocked Naugus back down, made it a no laughing matter. Floating about New Mobotropolis was Infinite, who Super Velocity perished. Super Turbo simply said that he disappeared, but that he wasn't destroyed. Naugus was about to retaliate, when Super Turbo intervened, saying this was his fight. With that, Super Turbo told his sister to call for the Cheetorian Army, and for her to assist the Freedom Fighters. Super Velocity disputed the idea of her brother fighting Infinite alone, but he demanded that she followed his instructions as King of Spotland. Hesitant, she followed the King's orders as Super Turbo took off to confront Infinite. Meanwhile, the Freedom Fighters, Naugus, and Geoffrey took action as Super Velocity made a call to Spotland to send the Cheetorian Army to New Mobotropolis, telling them of the situation. Sonic, Sally and Tails took the Tornado, while Antoine, Bunne and Amy took the Freedom Fighter Special, with Geoffrey being towed along. On board the Death Egg, Eggman, Snively and a rebuilt Lien-Da monitored the growing power for Operation: Clean Sweep when Snively warned of incoming resistance. Eggman was shocked to see Ixis Naugus approaching his ship, but with 2 aircrafts approaching, Eggman ordered all automated defenses to activate but to not hit Sonic. Snively asked why not aim at Sonic, Eggman snapped back saying he wouldn't be able to hit the hedgehog anyway. Tails shot through the patch that was used during the invasion/Turbo vs Cyber Turbo showdown. Meanwhile, Naugus's crystalline magic had no effect on the ship, to Naugus's surprise. Apparently, the power ring internal matrix surrounding the Death Egg was resisting Naugus's magic. Sonic and Sally shared a kiss as they entered the place and explored it, all while one of Eggman's robots sealed up and repaired the hole, cutting them off from back up. Meanwhile, Super Velocity's attacks were useless as well, as she found herself teaming up with Naugus. A few minutes later of exploring, Eggman sent up a new Silver Sonic to deal with them. Sally freaked out while Sonic celebrated, saying that the original nearly turned him into ground beef, and started to fight the new Silver Sonic. As Eggman was watching and providing commentary, Snively interrupted him, saying that stage one was complete and warned that this will affect them all. Eggman merely told him to grow up and that he won't feel a thing. Eggman told Sonic & Sally that the weapon was charged and he must go firing it. As Sonic was too preoccupied, voluntarily, with Silver Sonic, a frustrated Sally went ahead. As she was asking NICOLE where Eggman's voice came from, a double barrel gun deployed right in front of her & three shots were fired. Sonic yelled out for Sally & got clobbered by Silver Sonic's uppercut as Eggman pressed the firing button. Suddenly, everything started to go white. The last image shown was Sonic calling out to Sally & found her broken goggles on the floor, and her hand (which was shredded). He teared up, screaming out her name as everything went to white...
    Turbo the Cheetorian Issue #31 (Occurred during Sonic the Hedgehog Issue #225)
    "From Bad to Worst..."
    While Super Velocity, the Freedom Fighters, Geoffrey and Ixus Naugus were dealing with the Death Egg Mark 2, Super Turbo was staring down the resurging Infinite. His mindset of facing Infinite alone was so he could possibly die in battle, rather than through a heart virus. Super Turbo flew a few distance away from New Mobotropolis as Infinite looked on. As he flew away, Super Turbo could sense that there was some electronic chip inside Infinite's head, thus under the control of Eggman. Super Turbo stopped and turned to face Infinite who was now charging towards Super Turbo. Super Turbo was charging towards Infinite and the two powerful Cheetorians collided, creating a huge light as the battle was on. They were in a melee that ranged all over the place; reaching a nearby sea as the two took the melee underwater. An incredibly huge splash was created as they were fighting all underwater. They went from underwater to underground, making the ground shake & splitting the ground apart as the melee continued underground. The two travelled a long away from New Mobotropolis, reaching the bottom of a volcano. The two Cheetorians shot up through the mouth of the volcano, resulting in the volcano erupting, being destroyed in the process. The melee continued high up the sky, reaching the borderline between the planet's atmosphere and outer space. They eventually turned around and were going incredibly fast, resembling a meteor. From a distance, the Cheetorian Army, who were heading towards New Mobotropolis to fight against Eggman, saw the "meteor" coming, not sure of what it really was. The fighting Cheetorians reached the ground where Super Turbo used both his feet to push Infinite towards the ground, creating a huge explosion. Super Turbo followed it with a barrage of ki attacks towards Infinite. The aggressive attack creating multiple explosions around the area where Infinite landed. Super Turbo eventually stopped to see if Infinite was destroyed, but to his disbelief, Infinite survived the onslaught, barely scratched. Infinite charged towards Super Turbo, resuming the melee. This time, Infinite had the advantage due to his infinite amount of energy. The battle made its way back near the Death Egg as Snively pointed it out to Eggman. Eggman brushed the battle off as he pressed a button, with a glass of champagne in hand. Everything started to go to white, starting from inside the Death Egg; Sonic crying out to Sally, to outside as the battle paused as Super Turbo and Infinite saw the bright light, engulfing them and the whole planet.
    (The story doesn't pick up until Sonic the Hedgehog Issue #230 & Turbo the Cheetorian Issue #32. To find out what happened in between, hit up Sonic The Hedgehog page 10 and read issues #226-#229 as none of my fictional characters were involved with this side story)
    Sonic the Hedgehog Issue #230
    "Two Steps Back..."
    Sonic was floating in a white limbo contemplating the events of Genesis and he ended up back on the Death Egg Mark 2 fighting Silver Sonic, but time had been rewound ten seconds. This allowed Sonic to save Sally from being gunned down by the turret and it blasted Silver Sonic instead. NICOLE was able to hack into the elevators so they could escape the room. Meanwhile, Dr. Eggman had pressed the button to start Operation: Clean Sweep and nothing happened. He went irate and asked Snively what happened, but his nephew didn't know. Eggman almost lost it until he reminded himself of Sonic's constant chaos and remembered the events of Genesis himself. He asked Snively about the status of stage two, and was told that it was primed and ready to fire, but Sonic and Sally were coming. Eggman wasn't worried because he was confident that they won't stop him this time. Sally noticed that all of the Death Egg's power was being directed below deck and NICOLE didn't know why and needed more time to hack into the system. With very limited time, Sally decided to go to the deck to find out what's using the power, but not before Sonic did a "hidden cannon inspection." Down on the deck, they found a giant roboticizer and Eggman told them that it's a world roboticizer. Sonic laughed and reminded Eggman that the Bem de-roboticized everyone and made it permanent, but Eggman told him that the flash they saw reset everything. Eggman then showed them a simulation of Station Square getting roboticized and it exploded. He also reminded them of New Mobotropolis and Spotland. Sally mentioned that it would destroyed all of his Dark Egg Legion chapters, but Eggman shrugged this off. Enraged, Sonic tried to attack him, but was tackled by Metal Sonic; followed by the arrival of a damaged Silver Sonic. Eggman noticed that Sally had disappeared and armed his Egg Mobile, but Sonic smashed the hoverchair, and putted his trust in Sally. Under the floors, Sally had gotten into the wire systems and NICOLE told her she will need hours to patch herself into the network, but they had only minutes. The only thing NICOLE could do was invert the beam at that exact point. Sally told her to do it, despite herself would not be immune. Suddenly through her earcom, Super Turbo chimed in, saying that he was inside the Death Egg and to let him do it as he desperately tried to rush towards his best friend. He said that even if he was roboticized, his high spirit would prevent him from being controlled by Eggman. However, Sally said there isn't much time as Super Turbo reminded her about his upcoming demise by a heart virus & that they both shouldn't go down; news that shocked NICOLE as she wasn't told of this at all. Despite Super Turbo trying to reach her, Sonic's battle was reaching its climax and Eggman ordered Snively to fire the world roboticizer. With that, Sally said goodbye to NICOLE and Turbo as he was still trying to reach her, screaming out "NOOOO!!!" The roboticizer exploded and damaged the Death Egg. The roboticizer was gone and that every other system was still online and they had lost no altitude. Eggman and Sonic picked themselves out of the rubble and Sonic remarked that they won again. Eggman tried to fend Sonic off, but got spin dashed. Sonic went on to brag about what was about to happen when suddenly, a metal fist emerged through the rubble. Much to Sonic's horror and Eggman's amusement, Sally was now roboticized and targeting the hedgehog.
    Turbo the Cheetorian Issue #32 (Occurred during Sonic the Hedgehog Issue #230)
    "...to the Absolute Worst"
    As the white light disappeared, everything went back 10 seconds. At this point, Infinite was about to start another melee with Super Turbo and would had the advantage. However, Super Turbo was confused about the light and saw Infinite coming. Instead of engaging him, Super Turbo back tracked and avoided the attacks. Super Turbo blasted Infinite in the eyes as he was now worried about what was going on inside the Death Egg. With that, he called his sister over, as Infinite was preparing for another attack. As he was charging in, Super Velocity came out of nowhere, sucker punched Infinite and the two super siblings blasted Infinite towards the ground. Super Turbo told her to hold off Infinite as he was going in to check on Sally and Sonic. No resisting this order as Super Velocity was glad to step in. As Infinite was preparing to charge towards the siblings, the Cheetorian Army arrived, led by Jason Wellington, the new Advisor of the Spotland Royal Family. Using their weapons, they attacked Infinite as Super Velocity joined in. On his way towards the Death Egg, he turned on his earcom, about to try and make contact with Sally. However, he overheard Sally's discussion with NICOLE regarding the world robotocizer, shocking Super Turbo, who was trying to find a way in. Suddenly, he found the spot that Sonic and Sally used to get in, which was covered, as its structure looked different from the rest. Super Turbo blasted that spot and he was inside the Death Egg. After hearing Sally basically say that she would sacrifice herself, Super Turbo chimed in, saying that he was inside the Death Egg and to let him do it as he desperately tried to rush towards his best friend. He said that even if he was roboticized, his high spirit would prevent him from being controlled by Eggman. However, Sally said there wasn't much time as Super Turbo reminded her about his upcoming demise by a heart virus & that they both shouldn't go down; news that shocked NICOLE as she wasn't told of this at all. Despite Super Turbo trying to reach her, Sonic's battle was reaching its climax and Eggman ordered Snively to fire the world roboticizer. With that, Sally said goodbye to NICOLE and Super Turbo as he was still trying to reach her, screaming out "NOOOO!!!"
    Sonic the Hedgehog Issue #231
    "Lost in the Moment"
    Aboard the Death Egg Mark 2, the newly-roboticized Sally Acorn had Sonic the Hedgehog by the throat. NICOLE's handheld computer laid broken while a battered Dr Eggman was among the debris. He was loving the fact that Sonic was pleading with Sally, begging her to snap out of it. Eggman got to his feet and beckoned Mecha Sally to follow him. They took an elevator into another portion of the Death Egg, Sonic still struggling in Mecha Sally's grip. He ordered Mecha Sally to throw Sonic out of a disposal chute; Sonic once again attempted to get through to Sally, but to no avail. She threw him outside among other debris, and Sonic fell from the Death Egg. Eggman happily congratulated Mecha Sally, who, to his delight, replied that his word is law. Eggman announced to Snively via intercom that he wished to mount a follow-up assault on New Mobotropolis, mentioning that he got a Chaos Emerald. However, Snively broke the news, saying that it's gone, not knowing what happened to it, pissing Eggman off. Snively again reminded Eggman that when the roboticizer blew, it caused a lot of damage and that they're still low on power. Annoyed by seeing reason, Eggman ordered a retreat, commanding that Projects "Titan" and "Deadly Cuddles" be launched to provide a distraction. As he ordered Mecha Sally to follow him, musing that he wished to come up with a better name for her, they were greeted by a shock and emotionally stunned Super Turbo, with his hands straight down in depression and eyes widen. Before him was his best friend, roboticized once again. Super Turbo was at a loss for words, struggling to even speak her name. Eggman just laughed as he had his elbow on Mecha Sally's head. With that sight in front of him, Super Turbo's sanity was disappearing as his anger and rage had risen. Outside, Sonic was save from his plunge by Tails, who caught him with his plane, the Tornado. Sonic instructed Tails to return him to the Death Egg. Tails wanted to know where Sally was, and Sonic replied that he couldn't save her, impatiently saying he'll explain later. As Tails reluctantly complied, a loud roar emerged from inside the Death Egg. Sonic and all the Cheetorians recognized that roar to be Turbo. An injured Super Velocity feared the worst as Jason checked up on her. Meanwhile, Naugus was on the ground, stunned and disoriented, mumbling about a flash of white light. Suddenly, a massive red metallic object was dropped from the Death Egg, crashed into New Mobotropolis, destroying part of the outer wall and the Coliseum. Citizens fled in terror; while Big the Cat stood by protectively, Cream and her mother, Vanilla, huddled in fear. From within the Coliseum, the object revealed itself to be the towering Titan Metal Sonic. From above in the Freedom Fighter Special, Antoine was shock upon seeing the massive robot. Bunnie took action, jumping out the back & flew down to confront the robotic monster. Meanwhile, the disoriented Ixis Naugus had somewhat recovered and had realized what's happening; refusing to let Eggman destroy "his" kingdom before he could claim it, he also flew off to stop Titan Metal Sonic. Reluctant, Bunnie joined forces with Naugus but were losing the battle. Willing to prove that he's capable of stopping the menace, he fired a massive wave from his Chaos Emerald wand, engulfing Titan Metal Sonic -- and Bunnie. She screamed as the crystalline magic washed over them both. Back inside the Death Egg, Snively reported to a laughing Eggman that they lost contact with Titan Metal Sonic. He suddenly noticed Mecha Sally and was shocked. Not paying him much mind, Eggman shouted orders to the flustered Dark Egg Legionaries manning the stations, telling them to put the engines on reserve power while diverting all other power to the Egg Annihilator Beam; the target was New Mobotroplis. Protesting that the Death Egg was not in optimal condition, Mecha Sally roughly grabbed Snively and ordered him to obey. Outside, Sonic noticed the base of the Death Egg glowing and wondered what other weapons it could possibly have. Answer was received as a massive beam fired from the Death Egg, clipping both planes as it headed towards the city. From below, Naugus commanded Titan Metal Sonic -- now converted to Naugus's magical crystal -- towards the outer wall of the city. The former robot blocked the laser, shattering in the process. As an explosion ripped through the side of the Coliseum and chunks of crystal and debris ran down, Cream, despite her mother's protests, ran off; she saw Bunnie fell nearby. Bunnie laid near-unconscious on the ground; just before any of the crystaline debris could crush her, Cream (with the help of her Chao Cheese), managed to pull her to safety. Bunnie appeared to be covered in magical green crystal; a fretful Vanilla checked her pulse and told Big to help bring her to Dr. Quack. While Big picked up Bunnie, Cream went to pick up Bunnie's crystallized hat, and noticed something else in the debris; a strange doll. Thinking that someone must have dropped it in the confusion, Cream picked it up, sure its owner would want it back. Outside the city, Tails airlifted Sonic and the two came across the downed Freedom Fighter Special. Super Velocity, Jason and some of the Cheetorian Army joined them. Amy Rose smashed open the plane's hatch with her Piko Piko Hammer. Landing, Sonic asked if anyone was injured, and a tired Amy replied that they seemed to be okay. Satisfied that everyone was safe, Sonic announced that he's going back after the Death Egg. Amy was shocked and Geoffrey angrily pointed out that they barely survived this battle, asking what could possibly be so important -- and then he realized that Sally's not present. Suddenly, the ground shook and everyone felt it, wondering what that was. Suddenly emerging from the ground near the city, the Cheetorian Charge was unleashed, followed by a loud road. It was a severely injured, angry Super Turbo launching the attack towards the Death Egg, shocking everyone. But from the Death Egg, Infinite emerged from the Death Egg, unleashed a huge green orb towards Super Turbo. Both attacked collided and appeared to be even. However, Infinite added a huge amount of energy to his attack & it overwhelmed the Cheetorian Charge. The result was Super Turbo being sent back to the ground with a large explosion engulfing him. Super Velocity cried out to him as she, Jason, and the Cheetorian Army there rushed toward him. Seeing how angry Turbo was, Geoffrey was worried about Sally's well-being. Everyone around Sonic looked on as he clenched his fist. Tails explained that Sally succeeded in disabling the Death Egg's greatest weapon, but Sonic added with "...Eggman has her." Even without planes, Sonic was determined to go back to save her. Amy, Tails and even Geoffrey tried to talk the exhausted Sonic out of it, with Antoine shouting the skunk down due to his recent actions. After glaring at the departing Death Egg, the five of them were heading towards Turbo's location. As they were passing the city, chanting were heard. Changing course, the group entered the city where they were greeted by Cream after noticing the changes and destruction within the city. Following Cream, the chanting was louder, praising "the king," and the group found Bunnie on the ground being examined by Dr. Quack. Antoine was shocked, making his way towards his crystallized wife. Dr. Quack did noted that Bunnie appeared to be stable and asked Big to carry her to the hospital while he and Tails helped Antoine walk. Distraught, Amy asked Vanilla what happened. Vanilla mentioned the giant robot, Bunnie being caught in the crossfire, "and now that... that awful wizard...!" Sonic and Amy realized with dawning horror that the cheering wasn't for them; in front of Castle Acorn, Ixis Naugus stood atop the remains of the crystallized Titan Metal Sonic, holding his staff in victory as the crowd cheered him on for saving them.
    Turbo the Cheetorian Issue #33 (Occurred during Sonic the Hedgehog Issue #231)
    "Last Chance"
    Aboard the Death Egg Mark 2, an explosion took place. However, Super Turbo was still flying so he wasn't physically affected by the explosion, but he knew something happened. He tried to make contact with Sally, but she was getting no response. Back outside, Super Velocity, Jason and half the Cheetorian Army were attacking Infinite. However, the rampaging Cheetorian was annoyed with the attacks and unleashed a large energy wave, knocking everyone back. He then turned his attention to Super Velocity as he blasted her with a powerful ki blast, injuring her in the process. Infinite then took off towards the Death Egg, knowing Super Turbo was inside. Back inside, Super Turbo arrived at a portion of the Death Egg. There, he didn't see Sonic anywhere. However, he saw a battered and bruised Dr. Eggman, but that wasn't what had his attention. Super Turbo was in total depression as his hands dropped and his eyes gotten big. In front of Super Turbo was his best friend, Princess Sally Acorn...roboticized! He was in deep depression that he was having a hard time saying her name. Eggman just laughed as he had his elbow on Mecha Sally's head. With that sight in front of him, Super Turbo's sanity was disappearing as his anger and rage had risen. Trying to speak, Super Turbo wasn't able to clearly say the word "you" in his attempt to address Eggman as he was shivering. Instead, he unleashed a loud roar that was heard throughout the area. He simply charged towards Eggman, who was simply standing there with confidence. As Super Turbo was fingertips away from Eggman's face, crashing through the wall was Infinite, shoulder tackling an rampaging Super Turbo out the room, through multiple walls, and out the Death Egg. The fight resumed as Super Turbo was mostly focusing on reaching Eggman. Because of this and the fact that he was in a state of rage, Infinite had the advantage, despite the fight Super Turbo was putting up. Infinite would knock Super Turbo towards the ground, only for him to repeatedly fly back towards Infinite. This would last for a while until Super Turbo scratched Infinite across the face, and blasted his face. While Infinite was regaining his composure, Super Turbo took off in full speed towards the Death Egg. He was actually close to reaching the Death Egg, but Infinite grabbed his foot and threw him towards the ground near New Mobotropolis followed with a green energy ball that exploded on contact. Everyone in the city failed to notice because of the Titan Metal Sonic that was destroying the city before it was destroyed by Ixus Naugus. Back outside the city, an injured Super Velocity, Jason and half the Cheetorian Army were checking up on Sonic, Tails, Amy, Antoine and Geoffrey. As they were wondering of Sally's whereabouts, the ground suddenly shook and everyone felt it, wondering what that was. Suddenly emerging from the ground near the city, the Cheetorian Charge was unleashed, followed by a loud road. It was a severely injured, angry Super Turbo launching the attack towards the Death Egg, shocking everyone. But from the Death Egg, Infinite emerged from the Death Egg, unleashed a huge green orb towards Super Turbo. Both attacked collided and appeared to be even. However, Infinite added a huge amount of energy to his attack & it overwhelmed the Cheetorian Charge. The result was Super Turbo being sent back to the ground with a large explosion engulfing him. Super Velocity cried out to him as she, Jason, and the Cheetorian Army there rushed toward him. Upon arriving at the scene, they were shocked in horror as Super Velocity couldn't look at her fallen brother, covering her face on Jason's chest, with him embracing her.
    Sonic the Hedgehog Issue #232
    "Dark Tidings"
    At the end of the recent battle with Dr. Eggman, a triumphant Ixis Naugus proclaimed in front of a cheering Mobotropolis that he "Can protect you against NICOLE and Dr. Eggman." He approached Elias, stating that the people have spoken and demanded the crown. However, Elias said that Naugus has served the two generations of Kings before him, and that he won't be the one to give it up to him now. This surprised Naugus, considering that he was reasonable before the attack. Sonic abruptly protested, exclaiming that Naugus was the villain, and should not be king, leading to Geoffrey to instigate the crowd saying that "the people choose the council, they should also choose the King!" Sonic argued that changing power would be too much while the Death Egg is flying and Sally continued to be roboticized. The news of Sally's fall quickly startled Elias, along with the rest of the crowd. Geoffrey thought to himself through the worried frenzy that he needed to solve the problem at hand, and worry about Sally later. Elias, confused, states that roboticization shouldn't work. Sonic explained that the effect of Genesis left everyone vulnerable, and how Sally's sacrifice saved everyone. Sonic's explanation now enlightened Naugus about the Order of Ixis's repeating chime-ins in his mind. One of the members told them to leave Naugus be so that he could seize this opportunity and take advantage of Elias's shocked state. He announced to the city that in these dire times, can they really afford a King that was easily bothered by loss and heart-break. He then stated that he had lived only to serve the kingdom with all his power. Geoffrey apprehended the crown and was about to place it on Naugus's head. However, Geoffrey's hand was blasted, forcing him to drop the crown on the ground. As everyone looked to see where the shot came from, their faces were horrified as kids' faces were turned away. The source of the blast came from a severely injured, but pissed off Super Turbo. He was floating there, surrounded by half of his Cheetorian Army, Super Velocity and Jason. The other half arrived at the scene and couldn't believe their eyes. Super Turbo was bleeding from his forehead as 60% of his face was covered, both his thighs were bleed as well as his right shoulder. But the worst thing was that the flesh on the left side of his stomach was blown off, revealing his bones around his rib cages. Furthermore, smoke were emerging from his eyes, scaring some of the citizens as well. In reality those were his tears that were quickly being evaporated due to his energy. Sonic couldn't believe what he was looking at. As he was floating towards Naugus, unable to walk, he was addressing everyone. He began by reminding the citizens how most, if not half of them, were roboticized and how himself, the Freedom Fighters and Sally fought hard & fought daily to change them back to normal. He added that here they were, about to be roboticized again as were the rest of their loved ones, but Sally prevented all of it by herself for each and every one of them. An angry Super Turbo asked them what were they doing, shortly being told this; they were "chanting for a villain, a lunatic, a murderer to be their new king?!?!?!" The citizens were feeling down, hearing all of this. After seeing Vanilla holding Bunnie's hat, which was now crystallized, Super Turbo added that he's disappointed in them for demand Naugus to be king despite him blasting one of their own, turning Bunnie into a crystal-like statue. As he was getting closer to Naugus, Super Turbo told him that he wasn't surprised that he would use Sally's sacrifice to ascend to throne. Then, Super Turbo addressed Geoffrey, who was still hurting from that blast Super Turbo shot his hand with, saying that he's really disappointed with his actions, asking him "So this is the new Geoffrey St. John? One who desperately wanted Naugus to be king over his concerns for his loved ones, roboticized or dead?" (referring to Geoffrey's wife, Hershey the Cat, who was a good friend of Turbo, possibly died on duty some time ago). That angered Geoffrey greatly, but realizing who he was up against & his current state of mind, Geoffrey remained silent. Realizing how harsh that was and how injured he was, Super Velocity tried to calm him down and take him home, but he wasn't having none of that, simply staring at his sister to a point where even she remained silent. Super Turbo finally turned his attentions back to Naugus, with saying a word, he called for his General of the Cheetorian Army. The General then announced to everyone that Naugus was under arrest for attacking Spotland for years, the crimes committed towards the former King, the current King, and the princess of Spotland. With that, the King of Spotland, in front of everyone angrily called for death to fall upon Ixis Naugus. Naugus stated that he's resorting back to this, which Super Turbo answered "Yes, we're going back to that." Naugus said that he simply wanted to take his rightful place as King of New Mobotropolis. Super Turbo quickly called bull as he knew that Naugus would attack himself and his people again. Super Turbo started daring Naugus to attack him now, pointing out his own injuries, and showing off his exposed bones to Naugus and everyone, constantly daring Naugus to take a shot. Naugus raised his staff (which had a Chaos Emerald attached to it), and instead of attacking, he dropped the staff, signaling that he would not attack. As a few whispered about what they just witnessed, Amy spoke up, pointing out that Bunnie was in the hospital after Naugus blasted her. Naugus claimed that it was a minor mistake in the heat of the battle. He then asked Super Turbo to use his staff to fix the situation. Floating there, still angry, Super Turbo allowed him to; Naugus picked up his staff and took off towards the hospital as everyone followed. During this, Elias asked Sonic to watch Bunnie while he took care of things. With that, Super Turbo asked Jason to pick up the crown. At the Hospital, Antoine and Dr. Quack were being held back as a depressed NICOLE opened the wall for everyone to see. After reassuring a doubtful Bunnie that she won't feel a thing, Naugus not only removed the crystallize parts from her, but he removed her robotic parts, turning them into flesh and blood. Although the result was totally unintentional, Naugus and Geoffrey were able to claim this as a reward Naugus gave her for her heroics. Sonic then told Amy and Tails to tell the council and everyone else about the Death Egg and Sally while he handled the rescue plan. The problem was that they didn't know the details. Sonic rushed to Freedom HQ and told NICOLE to open up a pathway to Angel Island to see Knuckles and that the city needed to be repaired. NICOLE was still taking Sally's sacrifice hard and only responded through a screen of text. Hesitant, she does so and Sonic reassured her that he'll talk to her when he gets back. Arriving at Angel Island, he was greeted by Knuckles, Julie-Su and Charmy. Sonic told Knuckles that he needed the Warp Ring. Knuckles and Charmy responded that Mighty and Ray took a Warp Ring to send letters and that he just stepped through the spare. When Knuckles asked him why he needed the ring, Sonic informed them about what happened. After a lengthy explanation, Knuckles and Sonic were arguing over the events of Sally and the Death Egg. The argument took a turn for the worst as Sonic retorted that they would help if it had something to do with their ancestors, causing Julie-Su to join in the argument on Knuckles' behalf. With that, Sonic stormed off. Knuckles told Julie-Su to put the whole island on guard as Charmy wondered if they and Sonic were still friends. As Sonic returned to Freedom HW, he was met by Tails who informed him that Antoine had just arrested Geoffrey for treason, much to Sonic's delight.
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    Arc Thirteen: Cheetorian Issues
    Sonic the Hedgehog Issue #212
    "The Roads We Take"
    Nearly a week after the fall of the Iron Dominion, Tails and Sonic were searching for Dr. Eggman and Snively inside the Eggdome. However, the pair ended up finding Dimitri and brought him back to New Mobotropolis. At the same time, Sally and Khan were having a serious talk over the Dragon Kingdom, their relationship, and how Sally ended things with Sonic, not willing to let her relationship with Sonic ended the way it did. Afterward, she used a Warp Ring and returned home; where she bumped into Sonic and offered him to go out for lunch. Meanwhile, the entire Chaotix were having a meeting where they were mending up things involving the Iron Dominion; meaning no more secrets. During the meeting, Espio revealed about his original mission to keep watch over Knuckles and the Guardians of the Brotherhood, where Vector originally came from (not to mention the fact that Vector adopted his "street accent" to hide his origin), and that Mighty had a sister that was still alive and was a member of a Dark Egg Legion chapter. Mighty suddenly got up and left as Espio apologized, hiding a single tear he shed. Finally, Silver the Hedgehog returned to the timeline as he was greeted 5 minutes later by a serious Turbo. Silver came back, thinking that Tails was the eventual traitor that would cause the end of the world, but Turbo reassured him that this wasn't the case. Turbo then broke the news to Silver regarding his upcoming demise, shocking Silver that he knew about it. Turbo revealed that he would die from some heart virus and wanted to know where the virus would come from. Hesitant, Silver revealed that the virus was created due to the Cheetorian Crystals being over used by one Cheetorian. Not knowing much about the Cheetorians, Silver revealed to Turbo that the Cheetorian Crystals were purposely separated once they were used to prevent the Cheetorian that used it once to never use it again. For a Cheetorian to hold such power was hazardous to their heart and a virus would be created that strikes the heart. In Silver's history, and another time line that Silver visited, Turbo died from this virus; his sister survived. Turbo's final wish was for his body to be dissected for research to prevent his sister from sharing the same fate. It was successful as a cure was created & Velocity was saved in the future. Unfortunately, Silver didn't know what the cure was. With that, Turbo demanded that Silver takes him to the future to learn what the cure was, but Silver could only time travel by himself. However, Silver informed Turbo that he only had a few months left before the heart virus struck. Hearing this news, Turbo became depressed; mostly because he'd apparently die by "some lame virus" and that he only had one way to save his sister from it; apparently, history must repeat itself in Turbo's eyes.
    Sonic Universe Issue #24
    "Treasure Team Tango" - Step Four: The Parada
    At Spotland, Turbo was notified of an energy signal in an area not far from his Kingdom. Looking and remembering the location, Turbo took off; not transforming. When he got there, an unusual gem (a Sol Emerald) fell in front of his feet; Turbo picked it up. He then realized that this was the source of the energy reading. Suddenly, he looked up and noticed 4 groups in front of him: Team Rose (Amy Rose, Blaze the Cat, Cream & Cheese), Team Dark (Shadow, Rouge & E-123 Omega), Team Hooligan (Nack the Weasel, Bean the Dynamite Duck & Bark the Polar Bear), and the Babylon Rogues (Jet the Hawk, Wave the Swallow & Storm the Albatross). Realizing that Rogue and Wave were there (two girls that he slept with in the past), Turbo was a bit nervous at the situation. Realizing who had the Sol Emerald, Wave approached Turbo and began flirting with; only to be cut off by Rogue, and the two were about to fight again. Turbo broke them up, demanding what's going on and wondered why Amy & Shadow were here. Before Blaze could answer, she was attacked by Nack, causing Turbo to strike. Turbo attacked Nack, knowing that Nack and his crew were his enemies & the battle resumed. Team Rose and Team Dark decided to work together and took care of the Babylon Rogues and Team Hooligan, forcing them to retreat in unusual fashion. With Wave out the way, Rogue went back to flirting with Turbo to try and get the emerald out of his hand, but Shadow and Omega intervened, causing Rogue to withdraw from her flirting. After finally receiving a full explanation, Turbo addressed Shadow, saying that if his commander had a problem, they he could settle it with him. With that, Team Dark made their exit from the area. Finally, Turbo personally gave the Sol Emerald to Blaze, admiring the fact that she was very cute. He wanted to get to know her better, but after what Silver told him, he figured that he didn't want her to grief when his demise occurred. The problem was that Blaze found Turbo to be attractive and was falling for him. Amy was confused over why Turbo didn't try to hook up with her & noticed that he was depressed a little. Afterward, Amy and Cream said their goodbye to Blaze as she hoped to see Turbo again, before she teleported to her own dimension. With that, Turbo dropped Amy, Cream and Cheese off and headed home.
    Turbo the Cheetorian Issue #27 (Occurred during Sonic the Hedgehog Issue #213-#219)
    "Versus Fusion" - Part One: "The Tragedy"
    Inside the Casino Night Club, a meeting was taking place between two rivals of the Royal Cheetorian Family. Within the Club was the Bottom of the Barrel Bar 'n' Grill restaurant. Deep inside this restaurant was a secret office where Mammoth Mogul resided. He was greeted by Travis "Genesis" Cheetor. They both found neutral ground when they both shared their hatred towards Turbo, Velocity, and their father (Genesis's older brother). Mogul thought that Genesis was there to make some sort of deal. However, Genesis revealed that he just wanted information regarding Mogul's last battle against the royal Cheetorian siblings. Mogul revealed to Genesis that they fused just by touching hands while in their super forms. Hearing this, Genesis got all he wanted and took his leave. The next day, Velocity had just finished her spiritual training with her trainer, Julius Wellington (Turbo's Advisor). Also in attendance was Julius's son, Jason. Suddenly, Genesis showed up with a bang, knocking everyone to the ground. Genesis then went on to challenge Velocity to a fight, daring her to transform. She did just that and charged at her uncle. Julius was protesting that she didn't engage her uncle until Turbo arrived, but Super Velocity didn't listen. The fight was on, but Super Velocity was at a disadvantage as she just got done with some intense training. Julius took off to get Turbo as Jason looked on. Genesis then put his idea to work as he first grabbed Super Velocity's necklace (which were the duplicated Cheetorian Crystals). By doing so, Genesis transformed into Super Genesis. Super Velocity was about to place her hand on his to remove it from the crystals. However, Super Genesis intervened, grabbing her hand with his own. Once that happened, a bright light appeared, surrounding the fighting relatives as Julius came back with Turbo. Once the light died down, there was only one Super Cheetorian there, mostly resembling Super Genesis. Turbo couldn't believe what he's seeing as he'll have to fight a foe who was half his sister.
    Turbo the Cheetorian Issue #28 (Occurred during Sonic the Hedgehog Issue #213-#219)
    "Versus Fusion" - Part Two: "The Struggle"
    Without warning, the fused uncle/sister Super Cheetorian charged towards Turbo, who barely managed to transform to Super Turbo, and was dealt with an onslaught from the fused Super Cheetorian. Not launching any attacks, Super Turbo mostly played defense as the fused Super Cheetorian went to work against the relative. Super Turbo was eventually knocked to the ground. While recovering, Super Turbo was considering going down fighting, rather than by a heart virus. He changed his mind, not willing to let his sister stay fused with their uncle. The problem he was facing was how to separate the two. As he was trying to figure out how, he was attacked by his opponent; knocking his back a bit. Super Turbo was battered & bruised, trying to figure out how to solve this problem. One option was to separate the duplicated Cheetorian Crystals which were around his opponent's neck. However, the material used to keep them together was too strong to separate. Just then Super Turbo came up with an idea. As his opponent was charging in to deliver the potential final blow, Super Turbo bowed to his opponent, shocking everyone around. At this point, the Cheetorian Army arrived to see Super Turbo revert to his normal form... giving up?!?!?!
    Turbo the Cheetorian Issue #29 (Occurred during Sonic the Hedgehog Issue #213-#219)
    "Versus Fusion" - Part Three: "The Inner Struggle"
    Everyone was stunned to see Turbo giving up as he took off the Cheetorian Crystals around his neck. He was announcing to everyone that he was surrendering his crystals to his uncle. Realizing that Turbo's crystals were the authentic ones, the fused Super Cheetorian was about to grab it. However, in one swoop, Turbo transformed into Super Turbo, and grabbed his opponent's hand. Another bright light appeared, surrounding the fighters. This time, the light just shrunk and surrounded the fused Super Cheetorian as its form wasn't shown. Elsewhere, Super Turbo woke up and was in a dark place. He had no clue where at first. He theorized that he's inside the body of the fused Super Cheetorian. Suddenly, Super Genesis appeared and attacked Super Turbo, angry that his nephew tricked him. Super Turbo knew that he barely managed to hang in there with Genesis in the past, but he had no chance against Super Genesis. The abuse continued as Super Turbo was taking a beating. Being launched throughout the area by his uncle, Super Turbo crashed on the ground. While recovering from that attack, that's where he spotted her. Super Velocity was in a half absorbed state on a floating rock-like structure; unconscious. Super Turbo cried out to his sister, begging her to wake up. Super Genesis appeared and noticed that his nephew was crying out to his niece. Super Genesis laughed, saying that it's useless. Starting to get angry, Super Turbo charged at his uncle, but his attacks were easily dodged and countered as Super Genesis knocked him back to the ground, near his floating, unconscious sister. Super Genesis approached his nearly unconscious nephew, grabbed his head, & held him up towards his unconscious sister, taunting his niece and nephew. Back outside, the Cheetorians were wondering what was going on. Julius was theorizing that there's a conflict going on inside this fused body. Hearing that, Jason rushed over towards the bright fused Cheetorian & started crying out to Velocity; admitting to her that he loves her. Back inside, Jason's words reached everyone in there, catching them off guard. In addition, Jason's words woke Super Velocity up. She broke free and attacked Super Genesis. She caught her nearly conscious brother in her arms and carefully reached the ground. Super Genesis recovered from the attack and was charging towards the sibling, but they started to hold hands and a bright light emerged from them, knocking Super Genesis far back. Back outside, the glowing body began to light up even more again, knocking Jason back. Emerging from the light was Super Genesis, who reverted to his normal form. After recovering, the light faded and Genesis was staring at Super Turbo & Super Velocity fused into one fused Super Cheetorian.
    Turbo the Cheetorian Issue #30 (Occurred during Sonic the Hedgehog Issue #213-#219)
    "Versus Fusion" - Part Four: "A Different Tragedy"
    Angry at the fact that his plan failed, Genesis blindly charged towards the fused Super Cheetorian, believed that two barely conscious Cheetorians shouldn't stand a chance against him. However, Genesis was sadly mistaken as his opponent was at full power and was easily taking the fight to Genesis. After a few minutes of fighting his opponent, Genesis was realizing that he was fighting a newly rejuvenated fused Super Cheetorian. Genesis then started to figure out how this all got started. He then realized that Jason was the one that started this chain reaction that led to everything going on right now. Instead of focusing on his stronger opponent, he decided to focus on Jason. However, he knew that he wouldn't just straight up go for Jason with his opponent in the way. However, Genesis thought up of an idea. Genesis charged towards his opponent with great speed. Despite going really fast, the fused Super Cheetorian easily avoided the charge. However, the fused Super Cheetorian was surprised when Genesis kept going. Suddenly, Genesis launched a blast towards his target that was straight in front of him, Jason Wellington. Jason was about to make an attempt to move out the way, but the attack was going too fast that Jason may not be able to avoid the attack. What ended up happening was his father, Julius, pushing him out the way; in the process, getting hit with the attack. Everyone was shocked as Jason rushed to his father's aid. The fused Super Cheetorian couldn't believe it & was nearly in tears. But the anger took over and with great speed, tackled Genesis to the ground and went off with punches to the face in a blind rage. These were punches that were heard throughout the area. This would had lasted until the aggressor noticed that things took a turn for the worst with Julius. The fused Super Cheetorian took off towards Julius, who was in the arms of his son. Upon arriving, the fused Cheetorian defused into Velocity and Turbo (as well as reverting to their normal forms). Velocity was in tears blaming herself for this, but Julius told her and Turbo not to blame themselves. He told the royal siblings and his son that he's proud of them and that they would lead Spotland to a great future. With those words, Julius had passed. Jason was in tears with his father in his arms as Velocity was crying. Turbo, in tears, was extremely angry. He looked back to see Genesis on his feet laughing at the emotional pain he caused. All the Cheetorians was tearfully staring a hole through Genesis. Turbo slowly stalking Genesis, with his eyes filled with tears and rage. As he was approaching his laughing uncle, Turbo transformed back to Super Turbo and charged toward his uncle. Despite being battered, Super Turbo unleashed hell on his uncle. Genesis tried to fight back, but Super Turbo countered with what little sanity he had left, and with his claws, Super Turbo pierced his uncle's shoulder. Super Turbo wouldn't stop as his rage made him continue the brutal onslaught. It finally reached a point where the Cheetorian Army had to step in and subdued their vengeful King. While Super Turbo was being held back by the entire Cheetorian Army, Genesis made his escape, teleporting from the area. Super Turbo finally reverted to his normal form and fell to his knees in tears, physically, mentally, and emotionally drained. No words were said for minutes as the Cheetorians were mourning the lost of the Advisor of the Royal Family.
    Sonic the Hedgehog Issue #221
    "Changing Tempo"
    Sonic and Sally were among a huge crowd in the Coliseum of New Mobotropolis; everyone's there for a Forget Me Knots concert. The two were talking about things involving them in the past, how Sally thought Mina Mongoose (the leading singer) tried to date Sonic (which was true at one point), and the situation with Monkey Khan. The two were linked arm in arm, until they noticed a shy NICOLE, who asked if this would make her a third wheel, but Sally was overjoyed to see her. Sonic said he liked NICOLE's new look (her avatar had been reconfigured into a different outfit) and NICOLE explained she had programmed something new for the event, as, she explained, looking self-conscious, that she wasn't sure she'd be completely welcome in public. Suddenly, Turbo appeared, linking arms with NICOLE, adding that she wasn't a third wheel anymore. The group were discussing over NICOLE's worries that the people wouldn't trust NICOLE since the Iron Dominion take over. In the upper section of the Coliseum, Ixis Naugus appeared with his new/old lackey, Geoffrey St. John (the last 2 issues of Sonic the Hedgehog showed Geoffrey and Sonic going in the Special Zone, dealing with Feist, stabbed Sonic in the back to get the Chaos Emerald, and used it to revive Naugus's sanity). The two were bantering, which lead to Naugus added on to Geoffrey's plan. Meanwhile, in their trailer, the Forget Me Knots were preparing to go on stage. Mina was hyping and encouraging the other band members, telling them tonight that they're going to make a difference. As the band left, Mina turned to Ash (her manager & boyfriend), nervous that the people would hate the new sound. Ash assured her that they won't, saying that they love Mina. With his encouragement, Mima took the stage. She greeted the people with a brief introduction and Sharps the Chicken began to play. As the band began the song's intro, the crowd was taken aback. Sally said it didn't sound like Mina's older music at all, and Sonic eagerly agreed, greatly enjoying it. Sonic threw up the horns and rocked out and Sally, Turbo and NICOLE danced together as Mina began to sing:
    I lie awake in my bed/just can't sleep full of dread/will the nightmares come for me this time?/In the day in the night/never knowing full of fright/why won't anyone listen?/I can't always be jumping at shadows! I can't always be running away!/I won't be afraid!/I'll save myself! I won't be afraid!/I'll save myself!
    Nicole stopped dancing, looking shocked upon realizing the song was about her. Sonic continued to rock out, oblivious, but Sally & Turbo realized that something's up...
    She's everywhere everything/but heroes aren't listening/we're all left prone unprotected!/It's painfully obvious they won't act it's up to us/we won't live in fear of the city!/We can't always be jumping at shadows!/We can't always be running away!/We won't be afraid! We'll save ourselves!/We won't be afraid! We'll save ourselves!
    With Mina's encouragement, the crowd joined in for the chorus. NICOLE was horrified; Sonic, Sally, Turbo and the nearby Espio all noticed, but NICOLE utterly distressed and upset, ran off and literally disappeared. Turbo tried to catch her, but he couldn't. Turbo ran into Espio, who asked the Cheetorian what's the deal with NICOLE. Turbo said that he couldn't explained as he was about to be busy dealing with another best friend of his. He wanted Espio to talk to her, which Espio agreed to and he vanished as well. In the upper levels of the Coliseum, Geoffrey was told by Naugus that he used his magic to affect everyone's emotions and blew them out of proportion. Naugus explained that just as he had done during the days of the Great War, he'd make the people want more than just reform; they'd be "baying for blood!" With the song finished, Mina thanked the crowd, saying she's glad to see such passion and motivation. She told everyone that while the Freedom Fighters gave their all to protect them from outside forces, they needed them to help with things at home. She added that as the government was now elected by the people, they needed to listen to them. She pumped a fist in the air, telling them that they shouldn't be afraid and that they wanted change, to which the crowd eagerly agreed. However, Sally and Sonic shared a glance, with Turbo staring at Mina, not quite liking the sound of things... After the concert, the band approached their trailer through a throng of eager fans. Sipping a drink, Mina waved to the crowd, thanking them for coming. Ash was congratulating her on the performance, until the two noticed the rest of the band stopped in front of the trailer. Max (a member of the band), uneasy, told the two to go ahead, saying, "You know them better than us." Mina and Ash were surprised to find Sonic and Sally already in their trailer. Sally looked pensive. Ash was not exactly pleased to find them like this; he told Sonic that if he wanted an autograph, he could go line up outside with the other fans. Sonic bluntly told him that Mina's music doesn't need any "dark and gloomy 'I'm so sad and misunderstood' baggage" and Ash was incensed; he began to reply but Mina gently stepped in. She told Sonic that the new direction was her doing, and that she felt it's a message that needed to be heard -- especially by the Freedom Fighters. Sally explained that due to her high popularity, Mina needed to be careful with the message she sends, and began to talk about responsibility, but Mina cut her off, she felt that it's irresponsible to have let Nicole remain in power even after everything that happened (referring to the Iron Dominion issue). Growing angry, she told Sally that while she, Sonic and Turbo were off in the Dragon Kingdom, they were left back in the city with Iron NICOLE a constant threat, and Mina was witnessing people being Legionized -- she ended by telling Sally she's not one to talk about responsibility. Sonic was about to protest, but Sally cut him off, standing. She approached Mina, saying she had one thing to add about NICOLE: that she was in fact no longer being controlled by the Iron Queen when they left, and that she maintained the act in order to protect as many people as she could. NICOLE also saw all the Legionizing first hand. Furthermore, Sally added, NICOLE was in fact present for Mina's concert. This caught Mina by surprise, and with everyone now uneasy, Sonic and Sally left the trailer, leaving Mina looking unsure. As Mina and Ash look back at the door to see if Sonic and Sally left, there was standing Turbo. Mina sighed, knowing that she was going to receive an earful from Turbo. Turbo started by saying that since he overheard that this was all Mina's doing, he asked Ash to leave. Ash angrily refused, about to tell Turbo to leave. Turbo, however, cut him off, saying that he's been in a bad mood, and was close to picture Ash as his uncle. Hearing that, Mina asked Ash to leave, for his sake. Not liking it, Ash left, slamming the door behind him. Mina hesitantly asked Turbo what he thought of the concert. Turbo (who performed songs with Mina in the past) admitted that her voice was really good and the atmosphere was unusual for her. However, he obviously had a problem with the lyrics. When Mina was about to make a comment about Turbo siding with NICOLE over herself, Turbo immediately cut her off, demanding that she better not go there, sounding a bit pissed. He went on to say that this isn't about which best friend he's siding with, this was about one of his best friends bashing another of his best friends & leading the public to follow suit. He asked her did she privately brought up the issue to himself, Sally or Sonic? Mina admitted that she didn't but added that because Sally would've sided with NICOLE over her worries, Turbo wasn't officially a Freedom Fighter, and Sonic won't take Mina's worries seriously. Turbo chimed in saying that she wouldn't know unless she try & not to give up so easily. He added that he would had brought the issue up to Sally & NICOLE. In fact, he shared with Mina that he, NICOLE, Sally and Sonic were ironically talking about those exact worries of hers before the concert even started & NICOLE was worried about such worries. This bit of news shocked Mina. He then asked her a really harsh question, "What were you aim for, to have NICOLE killed off?" Mina was starting to tear up, yelling at him for asking such a question, saying that her intentions were to create awareness. Turbo responded by saying that her creating awareness to the public wouldn't solve anything & would make things worst; and if she was targeting the Freedom Fighters, she should had talked to them directly. Turbo took a breath as he was getting worked up. He them hugged his best friend, reassuring her that he still love her as his best friend. He also added that he could understand her worries, but he also added that she should had handle the situation completely different. With that, he kissed her forehead, saying that she was the only best friend he didn't kiss & this was possibly his best opportunity to do so with what awaited him. Mina placed her head on his chest, crying, hinting that Turbo told Mina EVERYTHING he was told and endure recently. In the Coliseum, Naugus watched over the scene, amused, while Geoffrey looked less than impressed. Naugus said that once the people's terror had festered and grown, they'd beg him to save them.
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    Arc Twelve: The Iron Dominion
    Sonic the Hedgehog Issue #201
    "Change in Management"
    Sally was escorting Sonic to their seats at the coliseum for Forget Me Knots' concert. Their seats were next to Turbo, Velocity and Jason. Sally noticed that Sonic looked very displeased and questioned him. He explained that he felt bothered about seeing Dr. Eggman losing his mind. Sally stated that Mina's music would put him in a better mood, but before the concert could start, the stage was struck by lightning and Mina was thrown back. Out of the skies appeared Monkey Khan, who was furious with everyone for partying while trouble still existed at the Eggman Empire. Sonic's spirits were lifted as he attacked Monkey Khan for crashing the party, but before they could make any physical contact, Sally jumped in between them and stopped them from harming each other. As Sally coaxed them to stop fighting, Khan told them that the Iron Dominion had taken over the seat of power vacated by Eggman. King Elias asked Antoine to help gather the council to decide how to deal with this matter, but Monkey Khan was bitter as he did not believe that they're handling such situations properly. Sonic suggested to get support from resistance fighters from the Dragon Kingdom. Monkey Khan informed them that there were no more resistance groups. After a brief small debate, Sally let Sonic travel with Monkey Khan to undergo a recon mission. Monkey Khan suggested that Turbo accompanied them, but Velocity quickly chimed in; saying that her brother was still recovering from his fight against Cyber Turbo. With that, Khan and Sonic took off.
    Sonic the Hedgehog Issue #204
    "Heavy is the Head" - Part Two ("Iron Khan")
    Things looked bad for New Mobotropolis as the Iron Queen and Snively arrived. With her powers of Magitek (powers to manipulate machines and electronics), she took control of Bunnie's robotic parts until she wore herself out. Afterward, Monkey Khan showed up and Snively took his power ring-like crown, letting the Iron Queen take full control of him (since his whole body is made up of robotic parts). A plan was developed by Sonic as he went to get a power ring; which took him some time. Meanwhile, the Freedom Fighters, Mighty and Vector held off Monkey Kham; or tried too. Suddenly, Turbo appeared and was told of the situation. He immediately transformed into his Super form and challenged the mind controlled Monkey Khan. The two battled as Super Turbo wasn't completely healthy, but was able to match Khan blow for blow. However, the tide turned to Khan's favor and slipped passed Super Turbo; charging towards Sonic. A power ring finally emerged from the Lake of Rings as Khan tackled him. In the process, Sonic managed to get the ring on Khan's head, breaking Iron Queen's control over him. The Iron Queen, pleased by her success in demoralizing her enemies, informed Snively that it was time to leave. He was confused until she pointed in the direction of Super Velocity who was ready to challenge her. With that, they left; flying passed Super Velocity. She proclaimed that the Iron Queen would get hers eventually, where the Iron Queen responded that she couldn't wait for the attempt, as she and Snively left. Velocity reverted to her normal form as she checked up on her brother, who also reverted to his normal form. Meanwhile, their allies were checking on Khan as Turbo and Velocity joined them. With that, the siblings headed back to Spotland so Turbo could be completely healed.
    Sonic the Hedgehog Issue #206
    "On the Run" - Part Two: "Troubles by the Dozen"
    At this point, Eggman escaped his prison at the Iron Queen's HQ and made his way to New Mobotropolis to challenge Sonic; and was easily defeated. Eggman was still mentally insane as he passed out after losing. Shortly after Tails helped out, the Iron Queen showed up with Snively, the Iron King (aka Jun Kun) and a portion of the Iron Dominion. While Tails took Eggman inside the city to be locked in a prison, Sonic defeated all of the Iron Dominion. He ran into a problem with Jun Kun before the Freedom Fighters showed up. Then, they managed to defeat the Iron "couple" and Snively (the queen was cheating with Snively) and made it inside the city. There, NICOLE raised the shield and the Iron King couldn't break it. However, NICOLE was sensing a distortion (second time this had happened), but stated she was alright. Then, Monkey Khan assisted a recovering Bunnie to taunt the Iron Dominion for their loss, and pointed above as Turbo and Velocity were standing at the top of the shield and approached the Iron "couple." At this point, the Iron Queen was confident that her Iron Dominion can take on Spotland's royal siblings, until the Cheetorian Army appeared; causing Turbo to dare them to attack, mostly directing it at the Iron King. The two kings stared each other down as the Iron Queen ordered a retreat. Turbo was extremely eager to fight the Iron King, saying that the excitement is killing him. Velocity questioned his mental stated, which led to Turbo calling her a hypocrite; since he knew that Velocity wanted to fight the Iron Queen. No comment came from Velocity as Turbo laughed. A few moments later, Sonic tried to get a conversation with a locked up Eggman, but Eggman was too out of it and fell asleep. Monkey Khan and Turbo approached Sonic as Khan wondering why he was giving Eggman mercy after everything he had done. Sonic said that he just did what's right at the time, earning some respect in Khan's eyes. After Sonic thanked him for what he did with Bunnie and left, Turbo reassured Khan that they need Eggman alive to try and get some information. But Turbo stated that he would deal with Eggman personally once the Iron Dominion is dealt with, as Khan caught of glimpse of Turbo's rage; wondering about him.
    Sonic the Hedgehog Issue #208
    "Iron Dominion" - Part One:
    At Spotland, Turbo was closed to being healed as he was in his healing chamber. Velocity was in a discussion with Julius and Jason regarding the Iron Dominion. All of a sudden, the three Cheetorians received a distress call from New Mobotropolis. It was King Elias as he told them what was going on. Apparently, the Iron Dominion broke in New Mobotropolis. At that moment, Turbo just so happened to be out of his healing chamber as he was completely healed. He immediately took off towards New Mobotropolis with his sister right behind him. A few moments later, they arrived to find the place in total lock down. Not having no choice, Turbo transformed into Super Turbo and blasted a hole in the ground. He and his sister went in it and came up inside New Mobotropolis. There, they spotted the Iron King fighting Monkey Khan. Super Turbo charged towards him, but the Iron Dominion blocked him and they did battle. Velocity spotted the Iron Queen and she immediately transformed into Super Velocity. She charged towards her until a giant hand emerged from ground. It was done by Iron NICOLE, who was now under the control of the Iron Queen. Despite her spiritual powers, Super Velocity was having a hard time breaking free. Meanwhile, Super Turbo took care of his opponents and was charging at the Iron King, who had Monkey Khan on the ropes. Again, a giant hand appeared from the ground and grabbed him. Iron NICOLE used the nanites to keep the super siblings in her grasps. They tried to talk some sense to her as her physical form appeared before them, but she wouldn't listen. As Iron NICOLE held the two close, the siblings held hands and a bright light emerged from them. Once the light died down, the Iron Queen was shocked to see the super siblings fused into one Super Cheetorian. The Iron King was shocked as was Monkey Khan. As the fused Super Cheetorian charged towards the Iron Queen, Iron NICOLE summoned a bunch of nanites in the form of Cyber Turbo to try and slow the Cheetorian down. But, it was no used as the fused super Cheetorian was too powerful. Before getting close to the Iron Queen, the Cheetorian had a scary thought. Instead of attacking the Iron Queen, the fused Cheetorian took off with Sonic, Tails and Sally. At that point, Amy Rose appeared and took on the Iron King as Monkey Khan joined Sonic and the rest. They blasted a hole through the ceiling of New Mobotropolis and headed towards Freedom HQ. The fused Cheetorian took off with great speed carrying Sally while displaying a worried look.
    Sonic the Hedgehog Issue #209
    "Iron Dominion" - Part Two:
    The fused Cheetorians and Sally arrived at Freedom HQ first and Sally immediately reached out to Spotland. Julius received the call and was yelled at to turn off Spotland's power immediately. Julius asked why with a concerned look, when he was yelled at again, being told to just cut off the power. Not questioning it any further, Julius cut off the power; ending the communication. The fused Cheetorian sighed as they defused and Turbo and Velocity appeared in their normal forms. Sonic, Tails and Monkey Khan rushed in, asking what's going on. Turbo explained that NICOLE's system was in Spotland as well, thus he & Velocity had Spotland turn the kingdom's power off. Turbo instructed Velocity to go home to fill them in and to prepare for a possible invasion. With that, she transformed again & headed for home. Meanwhile, Sally was blaming herself for everything and with a smart-attic remark, Sonic calmed her down. Afterward, Sonic came up with a plan to digitized himself and Sally in the mainframe to try and fix the damage the Iron Queen created. Khan didn't like the idea as Sally told him that they'll be fine. Sally also told Turbo to help Khan guard the place, but Turbo wanted to go. He listened to her, but said that he'll join them if things look bad in there. With that, Tails used the digitizer and sent Sonic & Sally in front of an ornate gate in what appeared to be the outer wall of New Mobotropolis inside the mainframe. There, the doors opened before Sonic could knock it down, and the two were greeted by Iron NICOLE. Sally tried to talk some sense to Iron NICOLE, which was working for a bit. However, a giant, vicious apparition of the Iron Queen appeared. Determine the situation as bad, Turbo had Tails launched him in the mainframe. Turbo made his way inside and as Iron NICOLE was matching Sonic in speed and strength, Turbo appeared from behind and grabbed her; telling Sonic to deal with the Iron Queen. Iron NICOLE tried to break free until Turbo kissed her, shocking Sally in the process. Knowing that messing with her emotions could snap her out of it, Turbo was sweet talking Iron NICOLE, reminding her of that one night. At that point, Sally approached them and built a firewall "room," sealing the three. Inside, Iron NICOLE was more disoriented, having been isolated from the Queen's system. She reverted to her usual form and collapsed in Turbo's arms. NICOLE began to build a great defense within herself to counter the Queen's magic. Sally and Turbo were concerned, and NICOLE explained that she had downloaded logs of her previous actions. While unfamiliar with experiencing such emotions, she thought that she may be "furious" and "mortified," but Sally told her it's all right as they'd regained control of the situation. NICOLE, however, disagreed; she explained that, while she believed herself to now be immune to the Queen's influence, she still had to recover, and additionally, the citizens were still trapped, the Queen's forces were still in the city and she still had even more support back in the Dragon Kingdom. Turbo and Sally admitted that NICOLE was correct. The plan was now for Sally, Turbo, Sonic, Tails and Monkey Khan to get access to the city without the Queen's knowledge. With that, Sally apologized for asking so much of NICOLE, but she reconfigured herself into her Iron NICOLE appearance, saying that she would continue to act as an agent under the Queen's control; keeping things manageable while Sally and the others break the Iron Dominion's control of their forces in the Dragon Kingdom. Sally and NICOLE shared a hug as did Turbo and NICOLE. Turbo apologized for playing with her emotions, but NICOLE reassured him that she understood and that they'll always be best friends. Turbo then sarcastic tell her to hold me hostage as he transformed into his super form. Afterward, NICOLE destroyed the firewall, knocking Sally back, and having Super Turbo in her clutches. Meanwhile, Sonic collapsed to the ground, not doing too well against the Iron Queen. NICOLE tossed a "nearly defeated" Super Turbo into Sonic, reverting himself to his normal form. Sally rushed over to them, calling for Tails to get them out of the system. The problem was that Tails had to prevent Monkey Khan from trying to destroy NICOLE's system core in an attempt of "putting her out of her misery." Tails managed to stop him physically and by debate. Afterward, he came back to hear Sally calling for him. He got the 3 heroes out of the mainframe as Turbo slowly got to his feet and was trying to leave the room in silence. Sally shared with Khan and Tails that NICOLE was on their side again, and that they're heading to the Dragon Kingdom to remove the Iron Dominion's overseas support. As she told them to pack up, she grabbed a sneaky Turbo by his shoulder and began to squeeze it as hard as she could, demanding that he tell her about that "one night." The others looked on confused as Turbo took a nervous gulp. Just then, Knuckles got in contact with them, telling them what Espio shared with him (back in the second story of both issue 203-204). They learned that they'd have to break the allegiance of the clans to the queen. With that info, the heroes began to take off. Turbo was going to head home to relay the news to Velocity. But Sally stopped him, ordering him to come with them as they'll go to Spotland together; still determined to know what happened that night.
    Sonic Universe Issue #13
    "Journey To The East" - Part One: "Endless Reach of Fate"
    The group just left Spotland as Turbo received an earcom to keep in touch with Spotland. Along the way, Turbo just sighed as he recalled what happened back at Spotland. There, Sally asked Velocity what happened and she told her what Turbo and NICOLE did that night. Afterward, Sally went off on Turbo as Velocity joined in as well. Sonic, Khan, Tails, and Jason were extremely afraid as two princesses were verbally letting Turbo have it. An hour or so later, Sonic and Turbo were fighting off a number of Gossamer Clan ninjas in Stormtop Village before the village elder, Li Yuen, called them into the Temple of the Golden Lotus. They both rushed in and Li Yuen locked themselves in. Apparently, this clan had captured Sally, Tails and Monkey Khan. As Sonic and Turbo was looking at a huge, golden, Monkey Khan statue, a Gossamer ninja entered through the windows. Sonic pinned him to a wall as he and Turbo suspect that these ninjas were holding back their punches. When asked why, the ninja simply replied that while their master knew of their arrival, there was no guarantee that they would come "willingly or peacefully." Sonic nor Turbo were pleased with their tactics to arrange a meeting, since it amounted to attacking and kidnapping their friends, but they agreed to leave with him. Led by the ninja, Sonic and Turbo arrived at the entrance to the Gossamer Clan's lair, a temple-like structure built against a mountain. In front of the entrance were Monkey Khan, Sally and Tails, all tied-up. Upon agreeing to meet the master with "obedience and humility" the three were freed. While being checked on, Monkey Khan was somewhat irate at having been captured; Sally was distaught. Sonic attempted to speak with her, but Monkey Khan asked that he be allowed instead, putting his hand on Sonic's shoulder; Sonic then shrugged Monkey Khan's hand off his shoulder and gave him a dirty look, but then agreed, walking off with Tails. Turbo noticed all of this and began to wonder. After Khan snapped Sally to her normal self (despite his "lousy pep-talk"), the joined the others inside. The group came before the Bride of the Endless Reach. After some appropriate and flippant introductions, the Bride recognized Sally's name and requested to know of Uma Arachnis. Sally was surprised to hear that Uma was of the Gossamer Clan, as Khan was confused about Sally's knowledge with one of the Gossamer. Sally explained to everyone about her dealing with Uma and of her and her children's fate (issue 93, 95, 99-100). Endless Reach admitted that she was saddened to learn of Uma's fate, she believed that it was fulfilled as it was meant to be, confusing Sonic and Tails. Leaving her throne, Endless Reach explained that Uma's family was among the most gifted "readers" and saw that the final remnants of the Source of All would fall into evil hands and instead ensured they would be destroyed. She led the still-confused group into a large chamber containing a giant web and declared that they were the first outsiders to view the Web of Fate; she explained that the web, woven by the clan's first Bride, allows people to learn of the future -- but only if they knew how to read it. She further explained that the Web foretells future prosperity for the clan, and added that it set Uma on her quest as well as let Endless Reach know Sonic and the others would arrive. Monkey Khan was pissed, unable to understand how a group with this "wisdom" would continue to fight and cause others to suffer. The Bride coldly told Khan that the Web is theirs and not something for the rest of the Dragon Kingdom. Glaring, she added that it only tells of key moments to come, and that it can't be used for "base" concerns. Almost going nose to nose, she pointedly stated, "Furthermore, we believe this 'king,' born in another land, powered by Robotnik's gifts, and given title only by clanless peoples is forgetting that he's talking to the Gossamer Clan's Bride!" Khan was about to retort, until Sally gently intervened. She pointed out that the Dragon Kingdom should be big enough for both the unorganized people and the clans to live peacefully; Khan confirmed this, saying that the free people only want peace. Sally then turned to the Bride, saying that if the Web doesn't give specifics, there could always be a peaceful option; Endless Reach conceded that much. After more discussion, Endless Reach turned to consult the Web of Fate. After a few minutes, the Bride announced that while she foresaw a difficult path, she believed it will eventually ensure peace for all; announcing that her clan will break its ties with the Iron Dominion, giving her own word of honor. Apparently in the Dragon Kingdom, word of honor is treasured and meant a lot. Before leaving, Turbo was stopped by the Bride. The others looked on as the Bride foresaw a tragic death for the King of Spotland. When asked how, the Bride couldn't see how, but was definite that his time was coming. As Sally and the others were shocked to hear this, Turbo took the news calming and made his exit as the others looked on. That evening, Sonic and the gang were having dinner with Li Yuen and his granddaughter Li Moon in Stormtop Village. The group was talking as Li Moon offered Tails more tea. Suddenly, the teapot suddenly shattered as a dagger was thrown through the window. No one was injured, though Li Moon and Tails were drenched with tea. As Tails and Li Moon dried off, Sally saw a note tied to the end of the dagger and determined that it wasn't an attack. Khan read the note and announced that the local Yagyu group wished to meet with them. Sonic was pleased that word of their arrival had traveled quickly as he announced that they'll succeed in settling things with this clan tomorrow.
    Sonic Universe Issue #14
    "Journey To The East" - Part Two: "High Price for Rich Nights"
    While looking for the Yagyu Clan, Sonic, Turbo, Tails, Sally and Monkey Khan were ambushed by the clan they were looking for. The group quickly fought back and were winning without Turbo transforming. With the ambush quickly subdued, Khan angrily grabbed a ninja, and demanded that they honor their summons. The Yagyu reacted in surprise, having not realized that these were the people for whom their lord had sent. With that out the way, the ninja led them towards his lord. Along the way through a bamboo forest, Sally and Khan were discussing the situation. Sally pointed out that the Yagyu Clan no longer had a Bride, which Khan confirmed, saying that the Iron Dominion slew the Bride of Rich Nights in order to take over the clan. Without a Bride, the clan may not fall back on tradition, but that may also make them unwilling to break away from the Iron Queen. The group finally arrived at the Yagyu stronghold; an ancient overgrown temple that Khan thought may date back to something known to locals as the Lost Dynasty. As they entered the temple, there were greeted by the Yagyu lord, sitting atop a throne. He started off by taunting Khan, which severely pissed Khan off. However, Sally was able to calm him down without saying a word. As a calm Khan was stated his business with the Yagyu lord, the lord intervened, saying that he'll meet with Sally, the princess of the Acorn line, Turbo, the King of Spotland with amazing power, and even Khan, the King of the Free People (though he said this with a chuckle). However, the lord stated that he was uncomfortable with the famous Sonic the Hedgehog present, and added that he does not wish to discuss important matters with "mere children," a comment that greatly angered Tails. After Sonic guided a heavily ranting Tails out the door, Turbo chimed in, saying that Tails was The Chosen One and can take out the Yaygu lord in an instant; angering the lord a bit. Afterward, the lord admitted that in the past, the Yagyu were known as expert assassins, and that it was only after they fell under the rule of the Brides that they became lowly thieves. Staring over his blade that he took out, he said that he envied the regional lords of the past; as Yagyu ninjas entered the room, Khan wondered if they've been led into a trap. Turbo reassured him that they want none of him in his Super form, ready to transform at any moment. Outside, Tails was still ranting, listing his accomplishments, as Sonic again told him to calm down. As Sonic was calming him down, telling him to not get worked up over one low-life, the comment "I don't know, Blue, he's still pretty hung-up over this low-life" was said by Fiona Fox; shocking Tails with her presence. As Sonic and Tails demanded that she gives them answers, Fiona told them that they must catch her first. With that, she acrobatically sprung into the bamboo thicket. Sonic and Tails glanced at each other before giving chase. Fiona skillfully made her way through the bamboo forest, knocking Tails to the ground in the process. Sonic quickly followed, looking to avenge his fallen friend. Suddenly, he was ambushed by Sergeant Simian, slamming Sonic to the ground. As Tails flew in, he was struck down by Predator Hawk. Sonic tried to rebound, but he was shoved back into the dirt by Flying Frog. Apparently, Fiona was now leading the Destructix (minus one member) as she was about to address them. Back in the temple, Sally was attempting to regain control of their current situation, but it wasn't going so well. Every scenario Sally came up with that would normally work for any other faction backfired when the Yagyu lord would state how it wouldn't work for himself or his clan. Turbo then stated that the Yagyu is the opposite of a normal clan; and that's when Khan got an idea. He suggested that the Yagyu reject both the Iron Dominion and the Bride system, and instead go back to the days of regional lords. The Yagyu lord reminded him that without the Dominion, the Yagyu clan would fall victim to the other clans. Khan argued that if the Yagyu themselves were no longer a clan, they'll no longer be in competition with the other clans and cease being a concern to them. The lord, annoyed, pointed out that without a clan, the Yagyu would become Free People, adding that they would not accept Khan as their king, but Khan replied that he wouldn't expect them to, saying that he's merely a protector; he's no more a "King" than the lord is really married to the "Bride." He added that he wouldn't be keeping too close an eye on the Yagyu as he'd be too occupied keeping peace between the other clans. Turbo instantly figured out Khan's idea and silently smirk to himself. The lord mused about a return to the days of the regional lords, how they would no longer be bound by ceremony and clan tradition... he asked Khan for his word of honor and Khan gave it. The lord gave his own and announced that the Yagyu are through with the clan system. The two shook hands. As the trio were exiting, the Yagyu lord called Turbo to discuss something with him. Turbo told Khan and Sally to go on while he talked with the lord. With the royal "couple" gone, the lord addressed the rumor he heard about Turbo's upcoming demise. Turbo demanded that he spill anything about it. The lord, unfortunately, only knew what Turbo knew and volunteered to deliver the final blow. Turbo made it clear to him that he did have a desire to die, but it will only happen in battle by the hands of someone stronger than he was who was willing to die alongside with him. Turbo could instantly tell that the lord didn't qualify at all. With that, Turbo left.
    Sonic Universe Issue #15
    "Journey To The East" - Part Three: "No Love in a Conquering Storm"
    Turbo was walking through the bamboo forest, thinking about what Endless Reach told him regarding his fate. Turbo wasn't worried that his time was coming, he was concerned with the method of his death. He finally emerged from the bamboo forest where he was stunned with what he saw; his comrades just stop fighting the Destructix (minus one member) and most importantly their apparent leader, Fiona Fox. The anger and rage Turbo felt that moment was simply too unimaginable for words. Turbo instantly transformed into his Super form. Everyone saw the transformation, informing them of his presence, and panicked. It took Sonic and Tails to hold him back, as the fact that they would try had Super Turbo confused. Turbo wondered why Sonic (who Fiona used and cheated on), and Tails (whose heart was broken by Fiona) were trying to prevent Super Turbo from getting his revenge. Fiona was explaining that she only wished to talk them into causing trouble with them (this time). While Khan went to keep Super Turbo at bay, Sally and Sonic questioned her, asking her how she came to be here. Fiona started from the fight where the Freedom Fighters and the Suppression Squad teamed up against her then-boyfriend, Scourge the Hedgehog. While everyone (minus Turbo) fought in the HQ's lab, she took the opportunity to slip out the window. She vaguely stated that she had her own plans afterwards, and sought out some extra muscle to help, going to the Bottom of the Barrel Bar 'n' Grill near Mammoth Mogul's casino. She hoped to find the Destructix and instead found the "miserable remains" of the team; Sleuth Dog, Sgt. Simian, Predator Hawk and Flying Frog, the latter three moping with their drinks. She told Sleuth that she wanted the Destructix; he replied that she could have them, saying derisively that Drago Wolf had gone back to the Eggman Empire and that Lightning Lynx had left saying something about having his honor restored. He pointed out that the remaining three haven't been the same since. Fiona flatly said that work was work and asked how much money he wanted, but Sleuth replied that he was done with it all; he said that he had saved up some money and was getting out to "preserve his hide." He left the bar, saying that Fiona wouldn't be seeing him again. As Sally doubted that the Destructix would just fall under Fiona's control, Fiona replied that she promised her new team to get Lightning back. Sonic blandly asked the team about them caring about their teammates, but the group showed a surprising amount of devotion. Predator pointed out that Lightning was one of the original four and Simian added that leaders come and go, but Lightning was a comrade; they believed that the lynx was being used. Sonic smirked and said that he's surprised to see so much loyalty being thrown around in the presence of Fiona, who snorted. Super Turbo agreed as Khan couldn't hold the angry Super Cheetorian back any longer. She then ran behind Tails, smiling, and asked him to talk some sense into his teammates, catching the young fox by surprise. Fiona crooned that he knew her better than anyone, and said that he knew she's good on the inside; she sweetly started to say how much it would mean to her for him to help, but was suddenly cut off when Sally punched her in the stomach, much to the shock of everyone around; as Super Turbo fell on his knees in laughter. As Fiona doubled over, Sally coldly stated that she's toyed with Tails enough already, and that if she wants to make a deal, then to do it. Simian chimed in saying that they want Lightning back while Khan stated that they want his clan, the Raiju, to break away from the Iron Dominion. They agreed upon the terms, although Super Turbo didn't like it. Sonic pointed out that he's flexible enough to work with enemies; he added that Lightning may not want to leave the clan, as well as the fact that there's a whole clan of ninjas between them in their goal. Recovering from the punch, Fiona announced that this was why she's in charge; she had a plan. Recovering his laughter, Super Turbo was in Fiona's face; stating that he's the strongest and most powerful being in the area, as well as a King. Super Turbo questioned her regarding her self-proclaimed status of being in charge. Sally stepped in, saying that it's okay. Super Turbo sighed and agreed; asking that she lead the way while going over her plan. As soon as Fiona turned around and began walking, a devious Super Turbo licked his right hand slowly and held it high above his head. All of a sudden, a loud smack sounded throughout the area with an extremely loud scream that followed. Apparently, Super Turbo (again SUPER Turbo) slapped Fiona on the ass extremely hard that there was a red mark on her butt. Fiona angrily questioned his action and with his finger, Super Turbo directed her eyes towards his nuts; reminded her that she kicked him hard in the nuts when she stabbed him, Sonic, Tails & the Freedom Fighters in the back. He added that they were now even. A stare down took place between the former best friends as Fiona instructed Simian to carry her, and the newly formed group began their mission. Fiona's plan went well as Tails, Predator and Flying Frog flew Sally and Fiona over the wall and dealt with the first wave of ninjas. Meanwhile, the girls worked on the door mechanism. Elsewhere, Simian, Monkey Khan and Sonic destroyed the outer gate. Once that happened, Super Turbo walked in (still a bit angry) and blasted every ninja he spotted. Everyone regrouped inside as Fiona and Super Turbo lead the way to the throne room, where they found a number of armed ninja, Lightning Lynx, and their leader, the Bride of Conquering Storm. Khan addressed her, stating that they only came to talk; asking her to break her ties to the Iron Dominion. The Bride stated that the Raiju cannot be brought like the "lowly" Yagyu Clan. She declared that one only earned anything through strength and action. Smirking, Khan proposed a wager on a duel of honor, stating the teams; if the champion for the Raiju won, Khan and his crew would be prisoners of the Iron Queen, but should their champion won, the Raiju must renounce its ties to the Dominion. Giving how Khan stated that by doing so, he'll recognize their rights and lands, and let them keep the Iron Fortress as well (which was where they're all at currently). Super Turbo, who regained his composure, added "Either way, you win" with a smirk on his face. Storm laughed a little stating "So says the walking dead," referring to the rumor of Turbo's future demise as Turbo laughed a little himself. Storm ordered Lightning to fight on the clan's behalf and to "prove his continued worth." Somewhat surprised, Lightning quickly accepted and thanked the Bride. Khan selected Sonic, shocking Lightning who wanted to fight Khan. Sonic joked asking that he rather want to fight Turbo instead (who is still in his Super form) before Lightning quickly struck him. He cried out that Sonic won't have things ruined, that Storm finally took him back, that after years he's home again, and that he won't let anyone take that from him. Reeling from the hits, Sonic admitted that he didn't know that it meant so much to the lynx, but said that he had a city to save. He launched a volley of spin-dashes at the lynx; as Lightning toppled to the floor, Sonic regretfully said that his friends and family have to come first. He added, "...I'm sorry." Disappointed with Lightning's defeat (and the fight itself), she flatly declared that Lightning was no longer Raiju, again. The battled lynx crawled before her, begging to stay, but was refused. He was about to declare his love for the Bride before she cut him off with a mean glare; telling him to stop embarrassing himself and added that it's what got him banished the first time. Not able to change her mind, Lightning bowed his head, defeated. As he staggered off, ashamed, Sonic angrily told Fiona that this wasn't what he agreed to, but she smugly replied that it was; he simply didn't know it. Super Turbo reverted to his normal form, feeling sorry for the lynx. The rest of the Destructix approached the lynx, comforting him by telling him that his place was with them. As Lightning's eyes filled with bitter tears, Fiona told him that he's running with her now, and that with what she's got planned, everyone will get what's coming to them. The lynx was satisfied as the group left. Storm bitterly announced that Raiju lost, and as per the agreement, they would break its ties to the Iron Dominion. However, she added, that did not make them allies and demanded that they leave. Sonic, Tail, Khan and Sally were leaving, but Turbo delivered Storm a cold stare of his own as he got one right back. Apparently, it was over Lightning. With that, Turbo sighed and left as well. Outside, Tails thanked Sally for stepping in during Fiona's manipulative taunting. Surprised, Sally stated that he was welcome, but felt that because Tails was growing up, she was overstepping her bounds a little. She also admitted that she felt like a bit brutish striking Fiona, saying that she's not a thug. Sonic and Khan chimed in; admirable of her action. Tails agreed, saying that she should hit Fiona again. Sally dryly muttered that she's drowning in testosterone. Turbo finally appeared, added that it was better that Sally hit Fiona over him hitting her; walking passed the group sounding serious. Turbo stopped, faced the group, and said "Oh wait...I did!" as he laughed. Afterward, they began talking about the last clan they needed to see, the Shinobi Clan. However, Khan had no clue where they could be found, saying they're known for their secrecy. Tails wondered how they'll ever find invisible people who don't want to be found; they're all shocked when someone replied "You'll need a guide... and a friend you can trust." Espio the Chameleon faded into view before the group.
    Sonic Universe Issue #16
    "A World Under Constant Vigil"
    Outside the Iron Fortress, Sonic and the gang were shock that Espio appeared before them. Khan was enraged to see him, but Sonic intervened quickly. After Sonic talked Khan down, Sally asked Espio why he appeared now when he'd made it clear that he's sided with the Iron Dominion. Espio replied that he's with the Shinobi Clan, and was therefore only with the Dominion due to "extenuating circumstances." Sally admitted that Knuckles told them as much, but that they still didn't know the full extent of the situation. Espio said that he wasn't allowed to say much, but said that the Bride of Constant Vigil had been observing their efforts in the Dragon Kingdom and wished to meet with them; he volunteered to act as their guide. Sally then told him that his word was no longer good enough, shocking Espio a bit. After thinking about it, Espio agreed and said that there will be no more secrets. He offered to reveal any hidden info he had on the group so as to remove any possible advantage he may have had. Sonic was amused but dubious, saying that as the heroes they're "squeaky clean." Humoring the chameleon, he told him to take his best shot. Folding his arms, Espio bluntly said "The Sneak" (Sonic the Hedgehog issue 97). Shocked, Sonic turned away muttering. Tails timidly wondered what Espio might know about him; smirking, Espio said "Captain Super Fox-Man," referring to the comic book starring Tails himself. Embarrassed, Tails said that he never intended anyone to read the comic, excusing it as something he wrote when he was "more of a kid." Sally, stoic, stepped up, and Espio claimed to know the location of her royal birthmark. Sally blushed as Espio coughed awkwardly; he attempted to explain that he had to verify Elias Acorn's claim as a member of the royal family when he returned, but Sally quickly insisted they not speak of it further. Khan, interested, teasingly asked to be skipped so they can hear more about Sally, but Espio told him that all he knew was that there were more "Khans." Not believing it, Khan stated that he was an only child and that his parents were now dead. Espio insisted that he wasn't talking about families, but others like Monkey Khan himself. Khan protested this of course but not with the upmost of confidence. With that, there was only one person left, Turbo. Espio admitted that a lot of emotions were going through him regarding what he knew about Turbo. He started off by confronting him angrily, naming off everyone Turbo slept with (Sally, Fiona, Rouge, Wave, and NICOLE). Hearing Sally's name, made Khan pissed off. Turbo told him that this happened before he even started liking him, basically calming Khan. Sonic and Tails were shock and a little upset that he did that with Rogue and NICOLE (upset that he did that with Wave from the Babylon Rogues who Sonic & Tails had an issue with in the past). Sally was extremely pissed that he did that with so many women after her as Turbo had no comeback for her anger. Espio was pissed himself as he revealed that Turbo slept with NICOLE. Turbo quickly came back at him, stating that why should a traitor care, saying that he left her behind & that it happened a while back as well. Espio admitted that Turbo spoke the truth & revealed the other news that he learned. Turbo stopped him, announcing that he's going to die soon, "yeah everyone here knew that already." Espio, however, revealed more; stating that Turbo would die of a heart virus, shocking everyone. Turbo was pissed, stating that he rather go out in battle & asked him how he found out. Espio told him that he learned it from Silver the Hedgehog. Apparently, Silver was on a mission to save his future. What were signs of the end was Ixis Naugus becoming King of the Republic of Acorn, the battle between Naugus and Eggman, a traitor emerging from within the Freedom Fighters, and the death of Turbo through a heart virus. Turbo, jokingly, mentioned that he's apparently more important to the world than he realized, sparking more anger from everyone. Changing the subject, Sonic asked Espio how knowing their secrets was meant to gain their trust; Espio replied that with the Shinobi, information was everything, and that he only knew what he did from doing his job. Sally asked what that was, and he just said that everything would be explained if they meet the Bride. He offered them blindfolds so that he could lead them to the meeting. Sonic and Sally shared a glance before Sally told Espio they'll follow him; Espio thanked her. Once the blindfolds were off, the group found themselves in a large cavern with a deep chasm blocking the way to a door on the other side. Espio announced that this was the Way of the Blind, saying that they may meet with the Bride if they could figure out how to pass, before vanishing from sight. Tails suggested that he and Turbo fly across, but Khan revealed a load of traps above, preventing anyone from flying over. Turbo suggested that he's stronger than these traps & just destroy them, but Sally suggest that they do it honorably. Thinking about it, Sally figured out how, pouring some dirt over the chasm to reveal a hidden pathway. Sally was still cautious as there was possibly more traps. Sonic, on the other hand, was impatient; grabbing an armful of dirt and rushed off, spreading it around. He had the entire mazelike path revealed, making easy for everyone else to cross. As they entered the chamber, the found the Bride of Constant Vigil seated on a cushion in an elaborate chamber; Espio stood nearby with tea. The Bride reassured them that no harm or physicality would occur. She went straight to the point with introductions, why they're here, and said that her clan would break their ties with the Iron Dominion. Sonic thanked the Bride and was ready to leave, but Khan interjected. Sonic and Turbo sighed as Khan replied that it couldn't be so simple. He ranted about all the difficulties they had with the other Clans and the Iron Dominion. After Sally advised him to calm down, Khan told Constant Vigil that he'd heard the Shinobi called themselves protectors of the land; he asked why they joined the Iron Dominion and not rebel against it. Constant Vigil explained that in the past, they would fight, but the clan was nearly eradicated. In order to survive, they adopted more secretive, subtle methods. She added that the Shinobi Clan was small and would had been destroyed with ease if they opposed the Iron Dominion. She then recalled the destruction of the Dragon Kingdom Freedom Fighters as proof she made the right choice. Reflecting a moment, she then said that sometimes action must be taken, and that Espio proved as much by deviating from his "original mission." Sonic bluntly asked what that mission was, saying they'd all believed Espio to be native to Angel Island. Espio glanced at Constant Vigil, and she gave him permission to speak. Espio announced that he was the most recent member of the Shinobi Clan sent to monitor the current Guardian of Angel Island. Shocked, Sonic asked if that means he'd been spying on Knuckles the whole time, to which Espio replied "More or less." Turbo jumped in, understanding the issue, added that Espio was really spying on the Brotherhood of Guardians since Knuckles was a descended from them. Turbo explained that the Brotherhood had the technology, experience, and skill to shape the world, leading Turbo to believe that the Shinobi Clan considered them a possible threat. Espio confirmed what Turbo said as a member of the Shinbo Clan would take turns watching over whichever Guardian at the time. However, when Dr. Ivo Robotnik captured the Freedom Fighters on Angel Island and Knuckles attempted to save them, Espio decided to help. However, from there he found himself doing things against his orders; joining the Chaotix, working alongside Knuckles and even becoming friends with the Guardian. Constant Vigil said that by doing so, Espio broke the taboo of his station... but then, to Espio's surprise, said it was the right thing to do. With a slight smile, she ordered Espio to return to his station on Angel Island, but with permission to act however he saw fit. Extremely overjoyed, Espio said "Thank you, mo--" but after a sharp glare from Constant Vigil, coughed and addressed her as Master; apologizing for his outburst. She told him that he needed to retrieve the Fan of Fen Xing and bring it to New Mobotropolis. With that, Espio left, exchanging high-fives with Sonic. Afterward, Khan transformed his Power Ring into a new crown; he then announced that, upon his word of honor, he would do his best to protect the Free People and honored the authority of the clans. As they thank the Bride and prepared to leave, Constant Vigil said that her ninja will ensure they have a safe departure. After Sonic doubting the lack of security here, the Bride turned their attentions above where several Shinobi ninjas revealed themselves; Turbo revealed that they were hiding up there the whole time, shocking Tails; Sonic admitted it's pretty cool. The group was leaving, but they noticed that Turbo wasn't moving. When she asked him about it, Turbo mentioned that all the Brides (or the clans' leaders) would mention his upcoming demise, so he's waiting for Constant Vigil to say something about it as well. She didn't say anything about it, but suggested that Turbo talk to Silver about it. With that, the group left. The next day, the group prepared to leave Stormtop Village. Li Moon gave Tails a food basket while Sally and Khan thank Li Yuen for his hospitality. With that, they took off on the Tornado, ready to free New Mobotropolis from the Iron Dominion. Turbo got in contact with his sister, telling her to prepare for war.
    Sonic the Hedgehog Issue #211
    "Home Invasion" - Part Two: Security Measures
    Sonic, Tails, Khan and Sally broke through the dome covering New Mobotropolis, having returned from the Dragon Kingdom. They broke in during a way between the remaining Freedom Fighters and Geoffrey St. John against the Iron Dominion. At this point, NICOLE revealed that she was a double agent and went against the Iron Queen. All of a sudden, Turbo and Velocity appeared with their Cheetorian Army and they attacked the Iron Dominion as Velocity stared downs the Iron Queen. Meanwhile, Sonic jumped in & knocked the Iron King back while he was fending off against Amy Rose. Suddenly, the Iron King spotted the King of Spotland and the two charged towards each other. The two awaited battles were underway as Turbo, who transformed into Super Turbo, battled the Iron King; meanwhile, Velocity, now Super Velocity, battled the Iron Queen. Not liking how things are unfolding, a panicked Snively attempted to crawl away, only to find himself before an angry Sally Acorn. She addressed him coldly, saying she'd lost count of how many chances she'd given him in the past, obviously not approving of his continued evil in the face of her generosity. Snively, mentioned that the Iron still has three other ninja Clans at their disposal. Sally smirked, telling him to listen up as Khan flew overhead. With a flash of lightning from his Atom-Bat, Khan addressed the masses below, announcing himself not just as the King of the Free People, but as a humble messenger. He told the Yagyu that he had met with their leaders, and upon his word of honor declared that their ties to the Iron Dominion had been severed. Lien-Da laughed at this, thinking that this was all Khan and company accomplished during their travels. However, a nearby Yagyu lord announced to his troops that they're returning home, shocking Lien-Da. She demanded to know why they were dropping the fight based on the words of "one monkey." He replied that where his clan comes from, one's word of honor is a sacred thing. Lien-Da angrily watched as the Yagyu were streaming out of the Coliseum, but then she realized that both the Iron King and Queen were caught up in fights with the super royal Cheetorian siblings. Thinking this was a perfect opportunity, she called out to the Legion to fall back to her, announcing that the Eggman Empire now belonged to her. Hearing this, the Iron Queen became pissed, knocking Super Velocity back and addressing Lien-Da. Lien-Da revealed that the chip that was installed insider her had been modified, preventing the Queen from controlling her mind. However, the Iron Queen informed her that Lien-Da had forgotten one thing; with her Magitek, she manually set off the bomb in Lien-Da's cybernetics. Lien-Da is caught by surprise as the explosion consumed her. The nearby Legionnaires were confused, only remembering an order to regroup, but one quickly took noticed of the situation and turned to Snively, asking him for orders. Unable to handle the situation, Snively stammers before running off in a panic. That one Legionnaire ordered the others to "gather up the Grandmaster" and retreat to the Eggdome. Meanwhile, Sonic, Amy, Khan and Antoine watched Super Turbo and the Iron King go blow for blow, admitting that the Iron King could be a problem. Suddenly, Espio appeared with the Fan of Fen Xing, the one object that can defeat the Iron King. Khan called for his allies to stand clear as he used the fan on the Iron King. Seeing the object, Super Turbo moved out the way with his speed and the Iron King was launched into the air by the force of the fan used by Khan. Meanwhile, a panicked Snively piloted a saucer through the city, muttering anxiously to himself. He rushed into the city's detention center and unlocked Dr. Eggman from his cell. Snively began panicking in front of Eggman as Eggman calmed him down and the two made their escape towards the Eggdome during the chaos. Back at the fight, no one was left as the Iron Queen was all alone, and Sally was demanding her surrender. The Queen cackled at the notion of surrender, and began conjuring the nanites around her, creating a massive robotic dragon around herself. NICOLE was using all of her resources to prevent any more of the city's nanites from being used. Seeing the situation, the two Super Cheetorians fused into one once again and challenged the robotic dragon. Meanwhile, Tails, who'd been circling in the Tornado, attacked the dragon with fire. Before the dragon could react, the fused Super Cheetorian launched an attack of its own, severely damaging the robotic dragon. Khan joined in with lightning from his Atom-Bat. Amy connect with her attack with her powerful hammer. Enraged, the Queen tried to escape by flying the dragon towards the hole broken through the city's dome, but the fused Super Cheetorian launched Sonic up the dragon's spine. Now above the dragon, Sonic announced that it's been fun, but "It's time for me to win now" as he spindashed down the length of the dragon's body, splitting it apart. Within the debris, the Iron Queen fell from the sky, before being caught by Khan, then dropping her in a heap. Sally & NICOLE were going through a damage report as Antoine placed handcuffs on the disheveled Queen, who was led away by Geoffrey. It was celebration time as Amy caught a surprised Sonic in a hug, while Sally & Khan embraced & the fused Super Cheetorian defused & reverted back to Turbo & Velocity in their normal forms. As the city's nanites reconfigured to their original structure and the iron dome dissolved behind them, Snively looked back from within the saucer. He timidly suggested that while the city was recovering, they could quickly head back to save Regina (Iron Queen); Eggman bluntly replied no. Snively attempted to protest, but Eggman insisted the answer is no; he said that he's rested, recharged and ready to get back to work, adding that "Sonic won't know what hit him!"
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    Arc Eleven: The Confrontation During The Invasion
    Sonic the Hedgehog Issue #198
    Story Two - "Training, Dealing, & Scouting"
    In Spotland, the technology staff followed Rotor's blueprints and created their own Star Posts, leading Turbo straight into the Special Zone. Lately, he would go there for training after hearing about it from Sonic and Tails a while back. He was getting in some last minute training in by running one of Feist's challenges. After completing the challenges, he asked Feist to give him the ability to transform into Mega Turbo when he chooses. Feist agreed because Turbo had completed every challenge Feist created for him so far. With that, Turbo left the Special Zone. Afterward, Turbo attended a meeting with Velocity, Julius, and Jason regarding the upcoming invasion of the Eggdome. The four learned from the Special Ops that Eggman would have Cyber Turbo version 3.0 that Turbo would have to deal with. Furthermore, this version would be as strong as version 2.0, but slightly stronger. Also, they learned that Eggman would have his Super Swatbots to use against the Freedom Fighters and the Chaotix. Velocity would be tasked of leading the Cheetarian army against them, giving the other groups cover to enter the base and deal with Eggman. Everyone agreed with the plan, but Turbo suggested that the Spec Ops should do one more recon mission on the night before the invasion, just in case. Seeing how the Spec Ops would not be involved in the invasion, he figured why not. They all agreed and took off heading towards the spot where the Freedom Fighters and the Chaotix were setting up camp for the night.
    Turbo the Cheetorian Issue #19 (Occurred during Sonic Universe Issue #2)
    "A New Discovery" - "A Definite Problem"
    It's the middle of the night as the Freedom Fighters, the Chaotix, Turbo, Velocity, Julius, Jason and the Cheetorian army were all asleep within the force field outside of the Eggdome. The only ones who were awake were the Cheetorian's Spec Ops. Three of the five were exiting the force field as the other two reactivated the force field. Just as they did, Shadow the Hedgehog approached them, requesting the assistance of a sleeping Sonic. After Sonic woke up and was slightly briefed of the situation, Sonic joined Shadow and the three Spec Ops as they caught up with Rouge the Bat. Apparently, Sonic, Shadow and Rogue had to destroy Eggman's Doom Laser that was capable of destroying the Knothole Freedom Fighters' force field, the camp inside it, and half of the Eggdome itself. The Spec Ops told them of their mission of evaluating the capabilities of Cyber Turbo version 3.0, and then relay the news to Turbo. Confident in themselves, Sonic told the Spec Ops to focus on their mission as he felt that he, Shadow and Rogue could handle the Doom Laser. With that, they went their separate ways as they entered the Eggdome through separate entrances (or created one themselves). The Spec Ops went their separate routes, trying to locate either specs for Cyber Turbo or the cyborg itself. They were unsuccessful in finding the cyborg, but they did find specs on it. It informed them that version 3.0 was slightly stronger than version 2.0. Furthermore, they were able to use radar to locate Cyber Turbo. Apparently, it took off slightly before Rouge and Shadow arrived at the scene (obviously before the Spec Ops took off on their mission). The Spec Ops met up in the room where the radar was and tried to figure out where it was going. A few moments later, Cyber Turbo arrived at its designation, Angel Island. All of a sudden, the specs for Cyber Turbo changed as it was getting stronger. Then, the Spec Ops realized that it must be gaining more power from the Master Emerald. They got in contact with the two Spec Ops members back at the camp, telling them of the situation. After hearing the news, they immediately woke Turbo up and told him what was going on. Cyber Turbo was done with its power boost and was cautiously heading back, not wanting to use up its newly gain energy on flying. Meanwhile, the three Spec Ops inside the Eggdome indicated to Turbo and the other two Spec Ops members that Cyber Turbo was slightly stronger than Ultra Turbo. Upon hearing that news, a gulp came from Turbo followed by a smile. Turbo instructed the three Spec Ops to return to the camp and told all his Spec Ops members to not inform Velocity, Jason or Julius about this, as they would worry and abandon the plan. A few moments later, the three Spec Ops returned as did Sonic from his mission, which was successful. After being informed about everything that happened, Sonic agreed to Turbo's wishes to not tell anybody about Cyber Turbo's latest development. With that, they all went back to sleep.
    Turbo the Cheetorian Issue #20 (Occurred during Sonic the Hedgehog Issue #199-200)
    "The Battle for the World" - Part One: "Overpowered"
    The day had finally arrived; the Invasion of the Eggdome. Everyone was getting set to take off as Turbo instructed his Spec Ops to stay put & rest up; believing that Velocity and the Cheetorian Army won't require their assistance. Turbo also caught wind of Sonic and Sally's conversation about the Invasion being televised. With that, everyone knew their roles. Velocity would lead the Cheetorian Army to battle the Super Swatbots that were on guard at the moment. From there, the Chaotix and the Freedom Fighters could break in, deal with the Dark Egg Legion, and defeat Eggman; while Turbo would battle Cyber Turbo. With that, everyone took off, with the Cheetorian Army going first. Turbo took off traveling west of the Eggdome and waited for his opponent to show up. The battle was underway as Velocity transformed into Super Velocity and led her army in. A few moments after the battle started, Turbo sensed it coming. At this point, the Freedom Fighters and the Chaotix made their way inside the Eggdome. Super Velocity sensed Cyber Turbo and realized how strong it was. She communicated with Turbo through their earcoms (ear communicators), that were sync with NICOLE so they could contact Sally & Julie-Su, telling him about Cyber Turbo's increased power. Turbo instructed everyone to stick with the plan. Super Velocity was suggesting that she come help Turbo, but he cut her off, strictly told her to stick with the plan. Sally was about to chime in, but Sonic stopped her, telling her to believe in Turbo to survive. At that moment, Cyber Turbo arrived at its designation, staring down Turbo. Because of the power boost it received from the Master Emerald, Cyber Turbo was more independent; taunting Turbo about its newly gained power. With that, Turbo transformed to Super and then Mega; surprising Cyber Turbo a bit. However, it was not concerned at all, as it was still severely stronger than Mega Turbo. With that, Mega Turbo charged at Cyber Turbo, trying to punch it. However, Cyber Turbo effortlessly dodged the attack, and connected with a 4 hit combo, knocking Mega Turbo straight to the ground. Despite only taking 4 hits, Mega Turbo was having a hard time getting back to his feet. Super Velocity was sensing the battle, yelled out to him. But Mega Turbo told her to focus or she would lose to the Super Swatbots. Afterward, he cut off his earcom and went back to focusing all of his attention on Cyber Turbo. Mega Turbo tried to muster a successful series of attacks, but it wasn't working. Cyber Turbo would easily avoid all of Mega Turbo's attack and counter with an attack of its own, sending Mega Turbo deep in the ground. Meanwhile at Angel Island, Archimedes (aka Archy) woke up (as he was knocked out by Cyber Turbo's arrival the night before). Realizing who Cyber Turbo was going to use that power on, Archy used his telepathy to contact Knuckles. Knuckles gave Archy Turbo's location and Archy teleported there. Once he arrived, he saw Cyber Turbo with its foot on Mega Turbo's throat. After seeing that, Archy teleported over to Mega Turbo and teleported him to Angel Island. Mega Turbo was confused as for how he arrived at the Master Emerald Chamber, until he heard Archy spoke. Archy told him what happened regarding Cyber Turbo breaking in the chamber and instructed Mega Turbo to use the power of the Master Emerald to become Ultra Turbo. Meanwhile, Cyber Turbo was confused regarding Mega Turbo's disappearance. Not sensing him anyway, Cyber Turbo went on to locate Velocity's location. With that, he took off towards her location.
    Turbo the Cheetorian Issue #21 (Occurred during Sonic the Hedgehog Issue #199-200)
    "The Battle for the World" - Part Two: "A Fighting Chance"
    Inside the Eggdome, Sonic had just defeated Eggman, who went crazy from constant defeats he suffered from Sonic. The Freedom Fighters and the Chaotix were celebrating as Sonic was dumbfounded and saddened over Eggman's condition. The two teams made it back outside, where they saw Super Velocity successfully led her army to victory against the Super Swatbots. As the heroes celebrated, Super Velocity sensed Cyber Turbo approaching them. However, she couldn't sense Mega Turbo anywhere and was fearing the worst. Cyber Turbo arrived as the heroes were prepared for a fight. Just then, a bright light appeared from behind Cyber Turbo. Once the light settled down, the heroes and Cyber Turbo witnessed the arrival of Ultra Turbo. A confused Knuckles wondered how this happened as Archy teleported on his shoulder and told him everything that happened. Ultra Turbo and Cyber Turbo had a stare down as the two took off west of the Eggdome and resumed their battle. Super Velocity wanted to join in, but Archy told her that she would only hold her brother back at this point. At the battle, which was now being televised all over the world, it was more even, but Cyber Turbo still had the edge. The two went back and forth, trading attacks. At this point, Cyber Turbo began preparations to launch his modified version of the Cheetorian Blast at Ultra Turbo from above.
    Turbo the Cheetorian Issue #22 (Occurred during Sonic the Hedgehog Issue #199-200)
    "The Battle for the World" - Part Three: "Clash!"
    As a retaliation of Cyber Turbo's preparations of its modified Cheetorian Blast, Ultra Turbo did the same. Both opponents launched their attacks towards each other. An energy clash occurred as both fighters were giving their all. The energy clashed lasted a while as both fighters were giving their all. Despite a long clash, Ultra Turbo prevailed, sending Cyber Turbo high in the sky. Eventually, Cyber Turbo reached space, the outer portion of the planet, and managed to get himself off the blast. Despite being in space, Cyber Turbo located Ultra Turbo's location, and prepared his next attack. He decided to form another modified Cheetorian Blast. Back on Mobius, everyone was celebrating as if Ultra Turbo had won the battle. Meanwhile, an exhausted Ultra Turbo was trying to locate Cyber Turbo's energy, trying to figure out if he won or not. Just then, he sensed Cyber Turbo's energy & it was increasing. Ultra Turbo figured out that Cyber Turbo was launching another attack similar to its last one. Ultra Turbo didn't have enough energy to create another Cheetorian Blast to counter and stood there not knowing what to do.
    Turbo the Cheetorian Issue #23 (Occurred during Sonic the Hedgehog Issue #199-200)
    "The Battle for the World" - Part Four: "Participation Necessary"
    Ultra Turbo had no energy to counter the upcoming attack; not to mention fly all the way out there to stop Cyber Turbo from completing its attack. Knowing that, Ultra Turbo was left with one thing. He stood there as the world watched him, wondering what he's doing. Ultra Turbo came up with a plan. He decided to form the Cheetorian Bomb. Since the whole world was watching and knew of the current situation (from Ultra Turbo talking to himself), the Cheetorians that were watching followed the usual procedure. From that point, Ultra Turbo called out for everyone to follow the Cheetorians' lead. With that, Sonic was the first, followed by Sally. In due time, the whole world were supporting Ultra Turbo, which caught him by surprise since the council and Mammoth Mogul followed suit as well; giving their respective issues with him. After minutes of preparation, Ultra Turbo was ready to form his attack. Ultra Turbo created the Cheetorian Bomb and it was huge. The attack was one-eighth the size of the planet itself, capable of destroying the planet. Everyone saw the result and was pleased with the look and power of the attack. As Ultra Turbo was about to launch the attack, he looked up and noticed something that had him shocked and even a bit scared. As strong as his Cheetorian Bomb was, Cyber Turbo's attack was stronger; potentially capable of destroying the bomb and the entire planet. Despite of the situation, Ultra Turbo had a smile on his face as he closed his eyes, as if he'd knew what he had to do.
    Turbo the Cheetorian Issue #24 (Occurred during Sonic the Hedgehog Issue #199-200)
    "The Battle for the World" - Part Five: "Preparing to Sacrifice"
    At this point, Ultra Turbo came up with an idea. He then took a deep breath as the Cheetorian Bomb began shrinking. Everyone was concerned as far as why the attack was shrinking. But because of the destructive energy that was manifested, the cameras couldn't show what was really going on. Ultra Turbo was actually absorbing the Cheetorian Bomb. The only one who knew at first was Super Velocity, but she didn't understood why. As the attack was nearly gone, the cameras gotten close and could finally show what was really going on. After a few minutes, Ultra Turbo absorbed all of the energy of the Cheetoran Bomb. Now, he was meshing its energy with his own as he couldn't move unless he do so. Super Velocity sensed the energy meshing, and then she realized what her brother was doing. She began screaming on the earcom, telling him not to go through with his plan. Ultra Turbo smiled as he was amazed that his sister figured it out. Everyone around Super Velocity were confused as far as what Ultra Turbo was up too. She told everyone that he using the energy from the Cheetorian Bomb to launched the Cheetorian Charge, sacrificing himself in the process. With that, Sally voiced her concerns about his plan. Ultra Turbo told them both that it was the only way to save Mobius as Super Velocity dropped to her knees & her and Sally burst into tears. With that, Ultra Turbo began saying his goodbyes to everyone who was watching as a number of Mobians were in tears. After saying his goodbyes, Ultra Turbo was done meshing the energies into one.
    Turbo the Cheetorian Issue #25 (Occurred during Sonic the Hedgehog Issue #199-200)
    "The Battle for the World" - Part Six: "This Is It..."
    All that was left was for Ultra Turbo to form his own attack. Every ounce of energy he had, he was using for his final attack. Meanwhile Cyber Turbo was almost done with its attack. Elsewhere, a deal was made as Feist was talking to somebody. Their faces weren't shown as they were able to convince Feist to go through with the deal, as it would save Turbo's life; thus letting him continue to go through Feist's challenges. Back at the battle, Cyber Turbo unleashed its modified Cheetorian Blast. The attack was huge as it was sent towards Ultra Turbo. A few seconds later, Ultra Turbo unleashed his attack, the Cheetorian Charge; and it was just as huge. Both attack collided as the world's biggest energy clash took place. Ultra Turbo realized that his attack was still not strong enough. All of a sudden, he saw something, two somethings actually, approaching him. Afterward, he suddenly received an energy boost and was easily winning the clash. Despite everything Cyber Turbo was doing, it was not enough as Ultra Turbo overpowered it, ultimately destroying Cyber Turbo once again. In the process, a huge explosion occurred from their location as his sister cried out to him. A few seconds after the explosion died down, Super Velocity flew up towards that general location. Despite being in the general location that was near the edge between Mobius and outer space, Super Velocity couldn't see nor sense her brother. After a few minutes of looking, she spotted him, falling, as his transformation was reverting. Super Velocity managed to fly down and caught up. She instantly started crying as Turbo was not moving at all. As she landed, the Cheetorian Army, the Freedom Fighters, the Chaotix, Julius and Jason caught up with them looking on. They all feared the worst as Sally was crying in Sonic's arms. Suddenly, a bright light appeared behind Velocity, who reverted to her normal form after she landed, that made the entire Cheetorian Army get on one knee & bowing. Julius and Jason followed their lead as Velocity was shocked to see the spirits of her parents, Thomas Cheetor II and Maria. Velocity began crying to them, saying that Turbo had died. However, her parents began laughing, confusing everyone in the process. All of a sudden, a thankful but smart-attic comment emerged from Turbo's mouth as everyone became thrilled that he was actually alive. When asked how, Turbo's parents explained that they made a deal with Feist (which created a cold chill upon Sonic's back), granting them enough energy to fuse with Turbo that would give him victory and kept him alive. Without it, Turbo and the planet would had been destroyed. An extremely weak Turbo wasn't exactly thrilled that they intervened, but was thankful nevertheless. With that, Turbo and Velocity's parents bid them farewell and parted as the heroes celebrated as they headed home, victorious.
    Turbo the Cheetorian Issue #26 (Occurred before Sonic the Hedgehog Issue #201)
    "Beyond the Four"
    Unlike most of the previous issues, this one started with NICOLE, who is experiencing something she had been experiencing for quite a while. She looked back at the time where her and Sally switched "bodies" (Sally was in NICOLE's handheld computer & NICOLE was in Sally's body). While in Sally's body, she experience a moment where she saw Sonic and her heart raced fast. However, another feeling stayed inside NICOLE that came from being in Sally's body; the experience Sally had with Turbo. That feeling had stayed with NICOLE for quite some time and it was growing. NICOLE's feelings for Turbo stayed at the best friend level. However, she still wanted to experience what Sally experienced. A few nights after the Invasion of the Eggdome, Turbo was healthy, but not healthy enough to take part in battle. He was in his bedroom, thinking about his battle against Cyber Turbo. A few moments later, NICOLE arrived, saying that she was testing out Spotland's system as they are now connected with New Mobotropolis (however, NICOLE doesn't run Spotland's technology). She arrived in her physical form as Turbo had a feeling that something else was up with her. He then called her out on it and NICOLE knew that there was no point hiding it. She explained to him about her time in Sally's body and inheriting her feelings regarding what Sally & Turbo did one night; causing Turbo to blush a little. Hearing that, Turbo knew exactly what she wanted, as he found NICOLE's body to be very attractive. With that, he grabbed NICOLE's hand and led her to fulfill her desire. The next morning, Turbo was still asleep when Velocity entered his room without asking. She was shocked at what she saw. She saw NICOLE standing by Turbo's bed, looking at him with a smile. Velocity asked her what she was doing here and NICOLE explained what happened. Upon hearing what happened, Velocity was extremely pissed and slapped her sleeping brother in the face. Afterward, Turbo woke up angry and he then saw an even more angry Velocity and he knew he was in trouble as NICOLE stood there; confused.
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    Arc Ten: War Against Anti's
    Sonic the Hedgehog Issue #189
    "A Bold New Moebius" - Part One ("Unwelcome Guests")
    Sonic was on a mission with the Chaotix in New Megapolis against the Dark Egg Legion. All of a sudden, Sonic got a call from NICOLE, telling him that he's needed back at Freedom HQ on the double. With that, Sonic left. On his way, he ran upon a now healthy Turbo and Velocity and the trio arrived at Freedom HQ. Just as the three arrived, they saw the Freedom Fighters fighting the Suppression Squad. The squad consist of the Anti-Freedom Fighters, minus Anti-Bunnie, Fiona and their king, who emerged from the portal, King Scourge. Also, he brought with him, Anti-King Turbo and Anti-Princess Velocity, which made Turbo extremely excited.
    Turbo the Cheetorian Issue #13 (Occurred after Sonic the Hedgehog Issue #189 & during Issue #190)
    "A Bold New Moebius" - Part One and a Third ("Siblings Against Anti-Siblings")
    The four Cheetorian stepped outside while the Freedom Fighters battled the Suppression Squad inside Freedom HQ. After a stare down, the battle was on. All four transformed and Super Turbo went at it with Super Anti-Turbo. Meanwhile, Super Velocity battled Super Anti-Velocity in a battle of Spiritual Powers. Instead of testing each other, the four Cheetorians went all it head on at full power. No matter what each of them tried, nothing was working as they countered and matched each other blow for blow. This would result in a standoff between the four Super Cheetorians.
    Turbo the Cheetorian Issue #14 (Occurred after Sonic the Hedgehog Issue #189 & during Issue #190)
    "A Bold New Moebius" - Part One and a Two-Third ("Mirroring Images")
    The battle resumed as Super Turbo and Super Anti-Turbo battled once again while Super Velocity resumed her fight with Super Anti-Velocity. Again, nothing was settled as they were even matched. At that moment, Super Turbo and Super Velocity came up with an idea. Ironically, their Anti-versions came up with the same idea. They all switched opponents as Super Turbo battled his anti-sister while Super Velocity battled her anti-brother. This didn't work as well as the Turbo's were better fighters and were stronger, but the Velocity's had more energy due to their Spiritual Powers. With that, Super Turbo and Super Velocity decided to go with their "secret weapon."
    Turbo the Cheetorian Issue #15 (Occurred after Sonic the Hedgehog Issue #190)
    "A Bold New Moebius" - Part Two and a Half ("Fused vs. Fused")
    The Freedom Fighters decided to retreat as the Suppression Squad went outside and watch them run off. However, both factions saw something they couldn't believe. Super Turbo and Super Velocity fused to become one Super Cheetorian. Sonic asked the fused siblings when they could do that. The fused siblings answered that ever since they battled Mogul. Super Anti-Turbo and Super Anti-Velocity were stunned that their counterparts could fused...as well. This bit of news stunned everyone as well as Super Anti-Turbo and Super Anti-Velocity fused to form their own fused warrior. The fused heroes couldn't believe it as the fused counterparts laughed. The battle resumed as it still didn't accomplished anything as they were still even. Sally called out to the fused Cheetorians, telling them to fall back. A conflict took place as the Turbo side wanted to continue the fight, but the Velocity side wanted to fall back. Because of the disagreement, they couldn't stay fused. With, the two Cheetorians had no choice but follow suit and fall back as the fused anti-siblings separated and watched with the Suppression Squad.
    Sonic the Hedgehog Issue #191
    "Metal and Mettle" - Part One
    After recovering from their battle with their anti-versions, Sonic and Turbo arrived at a meeting with the Council of Acorn. Knuckles was there already after he return from his mission with the Chaotix. The meeting was about the Suppression Squad taking over Freedom HQ & whether or not to focus on getting it back. Some members of the council believed that it's better off that they focus on Eggman since the Chaotix were successful against his forces. Turbo mentioned to them of the possibility of Eggman joining forces with the Suppression Squad and painted a picture for them. The Suppression Squad, who are pretty even against the Freedom Fighters, joining forces with Eggman, giving Eggman a base of operations in the form of Freedom HQ, would cause problems for New Mobotropolis and the Freedom Fighters. Some members of the council countered saying that that was the reason why they should focus on Eggman and strike now before that could ever happen. At the end, the council voted and it was decided 4-2 (with King Elias not voting) of leaving Freedom HQ for later. Sonic, angrily, and Knuckles headed outside while Turbo watched them leave. Turbo let them know that they won't let it slide, especially Sonic. Turbo also let them know that he was going back himself to finish his battle with his anti-version. Some members of the council, mostly Hamlin, argued of Turbo's decision to go anyway. This really annoyed Turbo as he reminded the council to know their place. The council as a whole were not in an agreement with the decision. Furthermore, the Council of Acorns have no say over the actions of Spotland nor its King. Turbo ended it by stating that there was nothing they could do to stop him and Turbo took his leave. Turbo then noticed an angry Knuckles storming off, resulting in Turbo asking Sonic what happened. Sonic told him that Knuckles was still having a hard time dealing with the loss of his father. Afterward, Turbo and Sonic took off towards Freedom HQ. When they got there, they saw Scourge getting his butt handed to him by Metal Sonic. Sonic intervened, attacking Metal Sonic, and tried to offer a truce with Scourge again. This time, Scourge disagree & a triple threat match took place. Meanwhile, Turbo spots Anti-Turbo and they were about to battle once again. However, something unexpected happened involving them.
    Turbo the Cheetorian Issue #16 (Occurred during Sonic the Hedgehog Issue #191-192)
    "Metal and Mettle" - Part One and One-Fourth
    Surprising everyone was the arrival of Cyber Turbo version 2.0. Unlike the 1.0 version, which was as strong as Super Turbo, version 2.0 was as strong as Mega Turbo. Sensing its power, Turbo suggested to his counterpart that they join forces against their cyber counterpart. Anti-Turbo denied his request, saying that he could "take this future junk pile alone." Turbo was confident that Cyber Turbo would beat his counterpart and just watched as Anti-Turbo transformed in his super form to battle Cyber Turbo. Anti-Velocity showed up, willing to join her brother in battle, but he denied her help. As the 3 "Sonics" (Sonic, Scourge, and Metal Sonic) battled with a Metal Scourge on its way, Anti-Velocity was questioning Turbo as for why he's not in the battle. Turbo told her that her brother told him to stay out of it, and he want to see Anti-Turbo eats his words once Cyber Turbo defeated him. Anti-Velocity angrily disagreed with Turbo, saying that her brother will defeat Cyber Turbo in 5 minutes. With nothing to bet, the two just watched. Super Anti-Turbo charged at Cyber Turbo, but it was too fast and slapped him straight to the ground. Super Anti-Turbo sprung back and fired a few ki blasts at Cyber Turbo. However, Cyber Turbo brushed them all away, shocking Super Anti-Turbo in the process. Cyber Turbo used its speed to appear behind Super Anti-Turbo and blasted him in the back, sending him crashing in front of Turbo and a concerned Anti-Velocity. Turning to Anti-Velocity, Turbo stated that he would've won the bet if they were to bet anything. Hearing this, Super Anti-Turbo slowly got to his feet, demanding Turbo to try and do better. Turbo denied the request, knowing that he'll be in the same condition as his counterpart. With no choice, Super Anti-Turbo agreed to join forces and they prepare to battle Cyber Turbo.
    Turbo the Cheetorian Issue #17 (Occurred during Sonic the Hedgehog Issue #191-192)
    "Metal and Mettle" - Part One and a Half
    With Turbo transforming into Super Turbo, the two Super Turbos were preparing to attack Cyber Turbo. They charged towards Cyber Turbo and a melee was on. Despite their combined efforts, they couldn't lay a hand on Cyber Turbo. Sick of standing by, Anti-Velocity transformed into Super Anti-Velocity and joined in. Despite three Super Cheetorians attacking it, Cyber Turbo didn't take a punch and landed its attacks on all three Super Cheetorians. Bouncing back, the anti-siblings started working as a team and actually landed some attacks against Cyber Turbo. With Cyber Turbo stunned, Super Turbo attack it with one of his strong attacks. Despite suffering some damages, Cyber Turbo bounced back and focused its attack on Super Anti-Velocity. It first kicked Super Anti-Turbo and Super Turbo away from the area and the unleased a fury of attacks on Super Anti-Velocity, knocking her unconscious, and forcing her to revert to her normal form. After recovering from the kick, Super Anti-Turbo saw his sister unconscious and went on a rampage, attacking Cyber Turbo. Despite his rage, Cyber Turbo knocked Super Anti-Turbo back to the ground and blasted him and a recovering Super Turbo. Both Super Turbo's were nearly out of energy as Cyber Turbo was closing in.
    Turbo the Cheetorian Issue #18 (Occurred during Sonic the Hedgehog Issue #191-192)
    "Metal and Mettle" - Part One and a three-fourth
    Cyber Turbo was closing in on the two Super Turbo's as they were low on energy and could barely stand. Super Turbo came up with an idea, getting Super Anti-Turbo's attention. Super Turbo suggest that they fused, pissing Super Anti-Turbo off. Super Anti-Turbo was having a hard time believing that he teamed up with Super Turbo as it is. He couldn't put himself in a situation to fuse with Super Turbo as well. His rival then let him know what was about to happen and that Anti-Velocity, who is still unconscious, was next. Seeing that he couldn't fuse with his sister, Super Anti-Turbo had no choice but agreed to the fusion. Reluctantly, the two Super Turbo's grabbed each other's hand and the fusion took place. The fusion caught the attention of Sonic and the Suppression Squad. What everyone witnessed was just one Super Turbo. Cyber Sonic charged at it and its attack was blocked by the combined Super Turbo. Normally, if Cyber Turbo was at 100%, it would still have the advantage, but after fighting and suffering damage, that's not the case. The Fused Super Turbo took control and overpowered Cyber Turbo. Desperate, Cyber Turbo activated its powerful attack, but the Fused Super Turbo didn't give it the chance to complete its attack and interrupted it. As a result, the Fused Super Turbo unleashed a really strong blast, destroying Cyber Turbo. It was at that moment when the Suppression Squad joined in the fight against the Metal Sonics.
    Sonic the Hedgehog Issue #192
    "Metal and Mettle" - Part Two
    Anti-Velocity woke up to see the Fused Super Turbo and was totally disgusted with what she saw. She instantly screamed, catching everyone's attention. She tried to get up and rushed over, but was too injured to get up quickly. The fusion wore off and Anti-Turbo rushed to his sister's aid as Turbo looked on. Angry at her brother, Anti-Turbo told her it was the only way to protect her, saying he's willing to do anything to protect his sister. Hearing that, both Anti-Velocity and Turbo were actually touched. Anti-Turbo confronted Turbo demanding that he don't go soft on him as they have unfinished business. Turbo reassured him and the two shook hands, then squeezed each other's hand while grinning; indicating that their rivalry was fierce. Meanwhile, Scourge broke up the stare down by asking Sonic and Turbo if they were going to continue their fight for Freedom HQ, but Sonic declined saying that he and Turbo had enough for one day. With that, Sonic and Turbo headed back to New Mobotropolis.
    Sonic the Hedgehog Issue #192
    "Otherside" - Part One: "How the Other Half Lives"
    Turbo and Velocity were at Spotland, resting up and tending to their duties. Meanwhile, Anti-Turbo and his sister were relaxing at Freedom HQ, not getting involved with everything that was going on. But eventually, they got bored and decided to go home in Moebius.
    Sonic the Hedgehog Issue #197
    Turbo was in Spotland talking to Sally through the telecom regarding their adventure in Moebius (Anti-Mobius), which made Turbo jealous, because he wanted to be a part of it. All of a sudden, some guards came in and told Sally that she was needed by the Council of Acorn. Turbo knew what was about to go down and took off towards New Megalopis. He arrived and just as he thought, Sally was being charged of treason. At this point, Hamlin had Sally corner when Turbo walked in. Spotting Turbo walking in, Hamlin demanded to know what Turbo was doing in the presence of the council, which Turbo reminded him that he's not in a position to demand anything from him. King Elias immediately stepped in before a conflict occurred between the two and asked Turbo why he interrupted the hearing. Turbo answered because he's a part of it, saying that it was his decision to send the Freedom Fighters on a mission to retrieve Freedom HQ back. This led Rosemary to question Turbo's authority regarding this. Turbo then explained to the council about the alliance that was formed between Spotland and the Freedom Fighters. During the fight against the original Dr. Robotnik, Sally and Turbo formed an alliance. At the time, Sally was the only authority figure active and was the field leader of the Freedom Fighters. Within the alliance they formed stated that the Freedom Fighters would aid Spotland in any way. Because of this alliance, Spotland wouldn't be as technologically sound as it is today. When Rosemary questioned the authenticity of the alliance, Turbo knew she would. He then pointed out that over half of the current council were aware of such an alliance and witnessed it first hand; with Rotor and Sir Charles backing up Turbo's claims. Turbo closed by saying that even though he was not a part of the mission due to him recovering from his fight with Cyber Turbo, he was the one who sent the Freedom Fighters on the mission. This led to Hamlin questioning whether or not Turbo had proof of even being involved in sending the Freedom Fighters on the mission to begin with. Turbo counter stating that legal documentation are never necessary when it comes to mission as the Council doesn't give out such documentation when they order the Freedom Fighters to go on missions. Knowing that the argument would go on for hours, Sally stepped in and admitted that she was guilty, but told the council that she will not go through this again. She also stated that she will not act, will not give any order, until she has the direct approval of the council, even in the middle of a battle; that the council could discount any help from the Chaotix as they were free agents beyond her control and would refuse to give them any orders; or, the council could trust her with the duty she's had all her life. After her statement, Elias held a vote if they should drop the charges against her, and everyone but Hamlin voted for them to be dropped. Rotor and Turbo congratulated Sally for the turnaround, but Sally said that it was only convincing the council to let her go free. Sally then asked Hamlin why he proceeded to do this, to which he responded that he was trained by the best, but forgotten and left behind every time. Even though she denied it, Hamlin didn't believe her. He said that he ran for office to finally make a difference in everyone's lives and that if he couldn't fight for his people, he'd see to it that the Freedom Fighters do so "correctly." Hearing that word caused Turbo to speak asking him if the Freedom Fighters had to do things correctly by his standards. This led to an argument between the two as Turbo got to the heart of the matter. Saying that Hamlin was jealous because he wasn't as skilled, powerful, smart, or special in any way as a Freedom Fighter. So by being a council member, Turbo said that this was Hamlin's shot to boss them around and make judgments against them based on your emotions and not with your head. Turbo stated that that type of decision making should be frown upon by the other council members, and in some cases it already was; as Turbo left the room.
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    Arc Nine: Rivals...Friendly & Fierce
    Sonic the Hedgehog Issue #180

    Sonic was fighting against Eggman outside, until he told him that Enerjak was coming. This ceased the fighting as Eggman was intrigued to learn more about him. Meanwhile, the council was formed as they heard Dimitri's story of Enerjak with Turbo, Velocity and Sally in attendance. Dimitri told the Council of Acorn about how he became Enerjak himself, how his power was taken away from him, and how he escaped death for a time thanks to the Dark Legion's cybernetics. Turbo intervened that the person who took his powers was Mammoth Mogul with the Sword of Acorn, stunning everyone there (as Mogul was locked in their prison cell). Dimitri continued on with his story. The cybernetics were not perfect, however, and in a desperate act, he allowed Dr. Finitevus to disassemble his body in the hopes of him returning Dimitri to his former power. When he realized that he had been betrayed by Finitevus, he came to New Mobotropolis, who had acted much slower than he anticipated and refused to stop Enerjak without a solid plan, despite his pleading and attempts to send either the Chaotix or Freedom Fighters to stop him. Turbo sent Velocity home, telling her to rally the troops in case Enerjak makes a stop at Spotland first. Meanwhile, Charmy was secretly snooping on the council meeting and reported to Julie-Su that they won't allow the Chaotix to go to Angel Island to find the missing Knuckles. The Chaotix, worried about Knuckles, moved out to find him. Back outside, Sonic and Eggman agreed to a temporary alliance to see that Enerjak is defeated. After Eggman left, Sonic entered the city, only to be informed by NICOLE that there's trouble at King Frederick Airfield. When he got there, Sonic was surprised to see the Chaotix tossing aside airfield's guards in order to get a flight to Angel Island. Sonic battled the Chaotix while trying to convince them to stop until they have a solid plan. Julie-Su, however, was insisting on finding Knuckles and said that Sonic was talking about unity a lot, but he treated them like his pet mercenaries instead of friends. Regretfully, Sonic stopped fighting them and allowed them to get a plane, but Sally and Turbo then appeared and convinced the Chaotix to stay behind as Enerjak will obviously attack New Mobotropolis and they'll need the Chaotix's help. Sally told Julie that NICOLE had sent a probe over to Angel Island and had been given permission by the council to send Sonic and Tails to Angel Island to find Knuckles. Turbo was still worried about his people and decided to go to the half way point between Spotland and New Mobotropolis, instructing Sally if Enerjak struck here to call him.
    Sonic the Hedgehog Issue #181
    "Enerjak: Reborn" - Part One ("Rising Evil")
    While waiting, Turbo got the call from NICOLE that Angle Island was moving towards New Mobotropolis, concluding that Enerjak was heading there. With that, Turbo headed back to New Mobotropolis, while contacting his sister, telling her of Enerjak's location.
    Sonic the Hedgehog Issue #182
    "Enerjak: Reborn" - Part Two ("Fallen Angel")
    When Turbo returned, he couldn't believe what he saw. Enerjak was actually Knuckles (as his helmet was knocked off by Sonic) as he froze everyone in their place (including Shadow). Turbo confronted Knuckles, reminding him the last time the two of them were side by side when Knuckles had great Chaos power (where Knuckles died). Knuckles told Turbo of his plan to rid Mobius of technology. Turbo questioned Knuckles on whether he's going to kill NICOLE as well. Reluctant, Knuckles answered that her sacrifice will make the world better. Turbo questioned his statement and question his authority in determining what's best for the world & Spotland (since Turbo is the king of Spotland). Even though both were reluctant, they saw that they had no choice but to fight each other. Turbo transformed into Super Turbo as Knuckles put his helmet back on. As they were having a stare down, Eggman showed up with the Egg Fleet; firing all his teleporting beams on Enerjak, sending him to his newly modified Egg Grapes. Eggman then displayed himself on holographic form to the citizens of New Mobotropolis, and told Sonic that he could be trusted to keep a bargain. Sonic said that kidnapping Knuckles wasn't part of the deal, but Eggman countered that he was there to capture Enerjak. After disappearing, Sonic asked Sally for a plan on rescuing Knuckles. The unthinkable happened as Sally wasn't sure if rescuing Knuckles was wise. Sonic and Super Turbo disagreed with her immediately. Just as Antoine was about to voice his opinion, a pair of hands appear out of a Warp Ring and grabbed Sonic and Julie-Su. The hands belonged to Locke, Knuckles's father. Locke told him all that happened and how Dr. Finitevus was involved, and the fact that the Destructix were guarding a device that would stop Enerjak built by the Brotherhood of Guardians. Sonic believed that the weapon would return Knuckles to normal; Locke corrected him by saying that the weapon would destroy Enerjak!
    Sonic the Hedgehog Issue #184
    "Enerjak: Reborn" - Part Four ("Chaos Angel")
    Sally and the others wondered what happened to Sonic and Julie-Su. However, Sonic tapped in the powers of the Master Emerald, despite it being corrupted by Dr. Finitevus, transforming into Super Sonic. The battle was on as an explosion erupted from inside the Master Emerald Chamber, seen from New Mobotropolis to Albion. The two beings battled as Super Sonic was taunting Enerjak to be like the Knuckles of old. Meanwhile, Super Turbo saw this and flew straight towards Julie-Su's position. Speaking of Julie-Su, she was with Archimedes as they confronted Dr. Finitevus, demanding that he return Knuckles to normal. Finitevus stated that he couldn't even if he wanted to, explaining that he "locked" his hex and that only a life sacrifice can break it. Julie-Su was willing to do it, but Archimedes stopped her, saying he would do it. Just then, Locke appeared saying that he'd be the one to do it. Finitevus intervened by attacking the trio. Just then, Finitevus was attacked by an arriving Super Turbo, who heard something about someone sacrificing their life to save Knuckles. Super Turbo automatically volunteered, although he don't know the actual procedure. Just then, Finitevus fired back, focusing his attack on a distracted Super Turbo, knocking off Angle Island. Before Finitevus could do anything else, Archimedes grabbed Finitevus and teleported him away. Locke told Julie-Su the reason for the Brotherhood's methods before getting on the Master Emerald and performed the ritual to break the hex. Super Turbo regained his flight and flew straight back towards the island, trying to stop Locke. But it was too late, Knuckles returned to normal as Super Sonic caught Knuckles and lowered him to the ground, reverting to his old self. A tearful Julie-Su told them about Locke's sacrifice as an enraged Finitevus reappeared. He was quickly attacked and knocked onto the edge of the island by a vengeful Knuckles. Instead of climbing back up, Finitevus let himself drop and escaped in one of his Warp Rings. Julie-Su then told Knuckles they need to return to New Mobotropolis, but Knuckles refused, stating that he is the last Guardian of Angel Island, and that he would protect the Master Emerald alone if he had to.
    Sonic the Hedgehog Issue #186
    "Mogul Rising" - Part Two ("Devil's Due")
    Turbo arrived at New Mobotropolis to see his best friend, Mina Mongoose, who arrived from tour. He sensed something wrong as he saw Sonic and Ash (Mina's manager and boyfriend) carrying the gray Chaos Emerald to the detention center. Turbo followed and couldn't believe what he saw. Sonic handed over the Chaos Emerald to Mammoth Mogul, leading to Turbo question Sonic's sanity. Mogul regained the power he desired, immediately broke out of his cell, and teleported NICOLE away. Sonic asked what happened next, but Mogul stated that he was disbanding his new Fearsome Foursome, confusing Sonic and Turbo. Sonic then told Turbo that Mogul took control of Tails, Mighty and Mina. Turbo was angry to hear this, but Mogul reassured the heroes that he would get them out of harm’s way (Tails flying towards space, Mina using her super speed to run over water until she stops, and Mighty walking straight into Eggman's base not willing to fight). Mogul explained that he's not going to attack Sonic as he believed that something or someone would step in to save him as it had always happened in the past. Weary of this "cosmic punch-line," he instead decided to wait it out even if it takes centuries; all the while never letting Sonic or his descendants rest easily. However, he did tell Turbo that he would challenge him to a fight very soon as they had unfinished business, which Turbo gladly accepted. Mogul then released the other prisoners and teleported away with them in tow. Mighty, Tails and Mina were waiting for Sonic and Ash back at the rebuilt Freedom HQ. Ash and Turbo comforted Mina while Sonic talked to Mighty and Tails. Even though they both felt bad, Sonic tried to cheer them up, saying that it's the bad guys that were running scared instead.
    Sonic the Hedgehog Issue #187
    "Mister Popular"
    After having a discussion with Rouge the Bat and Geoffrey St. John at his new Casino Night Zone, Mammoth Mogul took his leave, stating that he had business. From there, he went inside the newly relocated Bottom of the Barrel Bar 'n' Grill restaurant; specifically within the Grill. There, Mogul met with Sleuth Dog from the Destructix, Nack the Weasel, and Bean and Bark. Mogul proposed a deal with the rouges, asking for "the shoes of Sonic the Hedgehog," leaving to their discretion whether or not his feet were still in them. He gave them a deadline as he would pay Turbo a visit. They had until he return from Spotland to fulfill the deal. When asked by Sleuth regarding Mogul's business in Spotland, Mogul simply replied "it's not business, it's personal" as he left the meeting.
    Turbo the Cheetorian Issue #9 (Occurred during Sonic the Hedgehog Issue #187-188)
    Father's Rival - Part One ("Final Confrontation")
    Turbo was sitting on his throne, which was rare since he never sat there. He was there, waiting for Mogul to pay him a visit. Velocity watched from afar, worried regarding why her brother was sitting on the throne. Suddenly, Jason rushed in, passed Velocity, and told Turbo that Mammoth Mogul was at the front of Spotland. Turbo smiled as he was waiting for Mogul to show up. Velocity tried to stop him from going out there, but he told her he had to go; especially since he could destroy the kingdom since he had a Chaos Emerald again. Velocity realized that what he said made sense and was willing to go out with him. Turbo forbidden her from going, saying it's between himself and Mogul. Turbo took off as Jason held Velocity back, telling her to let him handle it. Outside, Turbo confronted Mogul as Mogul challenge the king to a fight. Mogul wanted to include Velocity in the fight as well, but Turbo insisted that it's between the two of them. With that, Turbo lead Mogul to an empty field near Spotland and the battle was on. They started off testing on another and themselves (Mogul just got back the powers from a Chaos Emerald while Turbo was constantly improving his skills). A few minutes later, Mogul felt like he was now ready to go all out as Turbo unleashed his full power.
    Turbo the Cheetorian Issue #10 (Occurred during Sonic the Hedgehog Issue #187-188)
    Father's Rival - Part Two ("From Son...")
    The battle resumed as both fighters were at their maximum power. Even though Mogul had one Chaos Emerald and Super Turbo had all 14 pieces of the Cheetorian Crystals, Mogul was more powerful due to his own abilities mixed in with the Chaos Emerald he had. However, Super Turbo was hanging in there, continuing the fight. Velocity and Jason looked on as they were worried about Turbo. Super Turbo then decided to gear up to unleash the Cheetorian Blast. Before Mogul could prevent it from happening, Super Turbo unleashed the attack. Mogul blocked the attack and was able to redirect it at a nearby mountain, destroying it instantly. Super Turbo was running low on energy while Mogul still had plenty left. With that, Velocity couldn't watch anymore and rushed off towards the scene. As Mogul was gloating with his sophisticated wordplay, Velocity appeared and stepped in by transforming into Super Velocity. With that, the two had a stare down before charging towards each other as Super Turbo was recovering, trying to convince his sister to stay out of it.
    Turbo the Cheetorian Issue #11 (Occurred during Sonic the Hedgehog Issue #187-188)
    Father's Rival - Part Three ("...to Daughter...")
    Super Velocity charged towards Mogul with spiritual powers in toll, but they were easily matched by Mogul's elemental powers. Everything Super Velocity did, Mogul countered. She then tried to incorporate her spiritual powers with her physical attacks, but Mogul overpowered her, knocking her back. This angered Super Turbo as he charged towards Mogul, and he too was knocked back by Mogul. Super Velocity didn't give up as she charged towards Mogul throwing a bunch of punches at him, but missed all of them. Mogul connected with one punch and then used his elemental powers to unleash a blast at Super Velocity, severely damaging her. Super Turbo unleashed a barrage at Mogul but Mogul withstood it and severely damaged Super Turbo as well. Decided to end it, Mogul prepared to unleash his ultimate attack as Super Turbo and Super Velocity looked on.
    Turbo the Cheetorian Issue #12 (Occurred during Sonic the Hedgehog Issue #187-188)
    Father's Rival - Part Four ("...to Both?!")
    Mogul was almost done powering up his ultimate attack as Super Turbo and Super Velocity looked on. Super Turbo stood in front of his sister, willing to take the full hit. Jason and Julius, who were watching the fight from afar, called out to them as Mogul launched his attack. Super Velocity grabbed her brother's hand, trying to switch places with him. But as soon as she grabbed his hand, a strange light appeared from the siblings' position as the attack was getting close. The light grew as everyone that was watching the fight had to cover their eyes. The light covered most of Spotland as well. When the bright light faded, Mogul's attack was launched to the sky. All eyes were at the source of the bright light as everyone, including Mogul, couldn't believe what they were seeing. Instead of the super siblings, they were staring at one Super Cheetorian. It was clear that this Cheetorian had the physical aspects of both Super Turbo & Super Velocity. Mogul could sense that Turbo and Velocity fused somehow and that their combined power was huge. With Turbo's speed and fighting abilities mixed with Velocity's spiritual powers and their combined Ki energies, Mogul knew that it was pointless to continue fighting them. With that, he declared the fused siblings the victors and took his leave. Julius and Jason ran up to the fused Cheetorian and were amazed at what they were seeing. The fused Super Cheetorian spoke and both Turbo and Velocity's voices were heard simultaneously. After a while, the fused Cheetorian separated and Turbo and Velocity were back to normal. They were confused regarding how it was possible, until they recalled everything they did prior to the fusion. Velocity recalled her grabbing Turbo's hand and that's when it happened. Regarding the why, Julius believed it's because of the duplicated Cheetorian Crystals combined with exposure to Velocity's spiritual powers. His theory was that Velocity's crystals were duplicated from Turbo's authentic crystals and when touched, could fused. Turbo decided to call it a day with the theories and all four of them headed back to Spotland.
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    Arc Eight: Betrayal Leads to Rampage
    Sonic the Hedgehog Issue #172
    "Truth from the Heart"
    After pulling a disappearing act, Fiona finally returned, only to be attacked by Amy Rose. Amy found out from a torn Tails (who found out in issue #165) that Fiona was cheating on Sonic with Scourge. As the two girls were fighting and discussing what Fiona been doing, Sonic was nearby observing everything that was going on. He then talked to Fiona in private as she told him that she tried to be good just for him; but it wasn't working. Then Scourge appeared, telling Sonic he had caught on to the charade. Fiona then admitted that when she knew about the switch (at one point Scourge while as Evil Sonic pulled a switch with Sonic a while back), she had tried to find the same attraction in the real Sonic and thus began to date him. However, she found him too much into the "hero thing." Scourge then taunted Sonic, bringing up his failed love lives, one after the other. Tails, who was listening to all of it nearby, intervened, begging her not to be with Scourge. She gently told him that despite his intellect, he didn't realize one thing - "you can't count on anybody." before slapping him across the face. Sonic checked up Tails, who encouraged Sonic to "just get em'." Sonic charged at Fiona, but was interrupted by Scourge. After getting the upper hand, Scourge told Sonic that they were no different from one another, and that all it would take for Sonic to become evil was "one bad day." Sonic then tripped Scourge, countering that Scourge would be just like him if he showed "a little bit of decency". Scourge was rendered speechless by this, but suddenly Fiona appeared and kicked Sonic away. She was about to continue her attack until, she was stopped by Turbo, who heard everything. Seeing Turbo made her pause for a moment as she really did treasured her friendship with him. After hugging him, telling him that she would prefer not to fight him, she did the unthinkable and kicked Turbo between his legs, saying "I'll fight you any day." Turbo immediately fell to his knees, holding on to his sensitive spot. Amy then appeared and attacked Fiona again while Tails went at it with Scourge. Outnumbered, Fiona and Scourge left the scene via Warp Ring. Tails felt dismayed by Fiona's departure but admitted that he could always count on Sonic and the others to do what's right. However, Tails ran off, saying he needed to see his mother before showing signs of sorrow. As Sonic was helping Turbo up, Antoine appeared; asking what was wrong with Tails and Turbo. Sonic explained to him that Fiona betrayed the Freedom Fighters. Antoine then said he had something to take care of and walked away, with Sonic, Amy and Turbo wondering what he meant.
    Sonic the Hedgehog Issue #173
    "Round Up"
    After following Antoine, they ran into Bunnie. On the spot, Antoine proposed to Bunnie while Turbo, Sonic and Amy looked from afar shock and giving him support. Bunnie accepted and Sonic, Amy and Turbo went over to congratulate the happy couple. Afterward, Sonic, Antoine and Bunnie went to see Sally at Freedom HQ, while Turbo went on home to tell his sister about everything that happened that day.
    Sonic the Hedgehog Issue #174
    It was the day as Antoine and Bunnie were to be married. Sonic (the best man) and Tails arrived at Freedom HQ where the Chaotix, Jason and Turbo were with the groom listening to Vector giving Antoine advise. Sonic noticed that Espio was missing and Knuckles mentioned that Espio was on a solo mission that he decided to go on alone: to New Megaopolis (Eggman's base). Meanwhile, Velocity was hanging with Sally (the maid of honor), Rosie, Amy, and the bride, Bunnie. Sonic showed up, but Rosie doesn't let him in. Instead, she pushed the flower girl out, who happened to be Amy. The girls laughed as they talked among themselves. Velocity, Bunnie and Rosie then got on Sally about her following Bunnie's lead and getting married...possibly to someone "brave and blue." The wedding took place while Espio was spotted and confronted by Eggman. Suddenly, he was zapped by him, stating that Espio's allies doesn't stand a chance.
    Sonic the Hedgehog Issue #176
    "Cracking the Empire"
    At Spotland, the staff in the monitor room picked up a disturbance at Knothole. Turbo transformed into Super Turbo and flew straight over. When he got there, he saw Knothole completely destroyed. Super Turbo was completely stunned as he told Velocity, Julius, Jason and the Royal Guard about it; they were stunned as well. He headed over to Freedom HQ to find it destroyed and that Sonic was defeated by Eggman. Outside of Sonic, Tails, Knuckles and Amy were the only ones left. Extremely pissed, Super Turbo flew straight towards New Megaopolis. After a brief argument between Sonic and Tails, NICOLE came up with a plan. With that, Sonic, Tails, Knuckles and Amy took off towards New Megaopolis (with NICOLE literally in hand) while NICOLE got in contact with Velocity. Back at New Megaopolis, Eggman was gloating to his captives while they were locked in Egg Grapes, which would turn everyone in them to fuel for his base. Eggman was going to demonstrate this with Charmy as his wife, Saffron called out to him. After submitting his "brave last words," Super Turbo bust through the walls, extremely pissed with a dark green aura around him. Eggman was expecting Turbo to arrive at the scene. Before Super Turbo could even react, Snively activated a device through voice activation, blasting Super Turbo with some type of separating laser. Super Turbo tried to fight it by powering up, but it was no use. There was an explosion around Super Turbo. Once the smoke cleared, everyone was shocked to see what was standing next to Super Turbo, who was getting back to his feet. Standing next to Super Turbo was a big, tall, extremely angry Cheetorian. Super Turbo instantly recognized who he was as Eggman introduced everyone else to Infinite. Before Super Turbo could even make a move, Infinite struck Super Turbo, sending him flying. Infinite was in hot pursuit as the fight was on. Eggman explained that during Antoine and Bunnie's wedding, Eggman stumbled across a legend that belonged to the Cheetorians. Eggman explained that Infinite was the Legendary Rampaging Cheetorian whose power level was infinite (thus the name). Not only that, but this Cheetorian can transform into a Super Cheetorian without the use of the Cheetorian Crystals. As Infinite was fighting Super Turbo and winning, Eggman turned his attention back to Charmy, telling Snively to activate the Egg Grape. As soon as Snively activated the Egg Grape, Sonic, Tails, Knuckles and Amy showed up. Sonic immediately saved Charmy as Knuckles and Amy bust everyone out of the pods. Tails went on and let NICOLE hack Eggman's computer. Meanwhile, helped arrived as Velocity led Julius, Jason, the Royal Guards and the Cheetorian Army to help bust everyone out. Meanwhile, Velocity and Julius spotted Super Turbo losing against Infinite. Julius instantly recognized who Super Turbo was fight and was scared to death. Velocity transformed into her super form and aided her brother in battle. Sonic was sharing with Sally that NICOLE came up with a plan, but wouldn't share with anyone what it was. Tails rejoined the group as NICOLE was done with her hacking. As Sonic and Tails were starting to apologize about their fight, Eggman showed up in the Egg Beater battle armor. Wasting no time, Eggman unleashed his teleportation beam upon the crowd. Sonic attempted to direct everyone back down an alley while Sally fretted over the situation, saying they'd all be recaptured in no time. Snively attempted to speak with Eggman, but he dismissed him as he recaptured the royal family. Snively insisted, talking about the teleporting beam, but Eggman snapped that it was obviously functioning and that only a few Mobians remained. Trapped in the alleyway, Sally desperately asked Sonic if he could spin dash through the wall to create a new path, and while he replied that he probably could, he refused. Extremely distraught, Sally asked if he'd lost his mind, and Sonic only replied that he didn't want to spoil the surprise. After a combined attack that launched Infinite out of the city, Super Turbo and Super Velocity charged towards Eggman, only to be zapped by the beam and disappearing. Infinite recovered but couldn't sense the siblings anywhere and was finally calmed enough to revert to his normal form and slept. Meanwhile, Sally and the few remaining Mobians were then struck by the teleportation beam, leaving Sonic the last one standing. Eggman taunted Sonic for failing twice in a single day and asked if he still wanted to put up a fight, but Sonic casually dismissed him. He was then blasted by the teleportation beam. Ecstatic, Eggman announced that he'd finally won, instructing Snively to not activate the reserve Egg Grapes until his arrival. Angrily, Snively finally spoke out; the teleportation beam's frequency had been altered, and the reserve Egg Grapes were completely empty. Dejected for a moment, Eggman then announced that he would launch the Egg Fleet, instructing Snively to track down the new frequency. Not long after, Snively reported with some surprise that the teleportation beam had seemingly been redirected to what appeared to be the Nanite City. Within the newly-walled city, the former inhabitants of Knothole looked about with delight and amazement; before them appeared to be a rebuilt Lake of Rings, a number of homes and Castle Acorn as it had appeared in the Mobotropolis of the past. A lynx then appeared before the Freedom Fighters, saying she had been planning to unveil the city as a surprise, but had been forced by the situation to reveal it earlier. Welcoming everyone to New Mobotropolis, she announced herself as their hostess... NICOLE. Sally, recognizing NICOLE's projected form from her earlier experiments, hugged the lynx, who explained that with a more powerful energy source and the city's nanites, she was now able to maintain her physical form. Turbo heard about NICOLE taking a physical form, but was stunned at how beautiful she looked, making NICOLE blush for a moment. While everyone had several questions about the new city, NICOLE happily assured them that she'd answer them all in time. Sally thanked NICOLE, as well as Sonic, Tails, Amy and Knuckles, saying that without their help, they never would have lived to see NICOLE's beautiful city. However, NICOLE suddenly became worried, saying that it did not take Dr. Eggman long to figure out the ruse. Outside, the amassed Egg Fleet began to move in on the city.
    Sonic the Hedgehog Issue #177
    "Home, New Home"
    As everyone was checking out the city, a few convicts were loose within the city. However, they made their presence well known in the form of Ixis Naugus, Nack the Weasel, Bark the Polar Bear, Bean the Dynamite and, to NICOLE's greatest concern, Mammoth Mogul. With the Egg Fleet on the way, Mogul wasted no time in attempting to sway the escapees under his rule, saying that if they relented command to him, they may all survive the upcoming conflict. As Super Turbo was threatening Mogul, NICOLE simply replied that she had created the city with a contingency for such people, and quickly teleported the five into a specially-constructed prison (much to Nack's indignity and Bean's amazement). Sonic and Sally congratulated NICOLE on her quick-thinking and -acting, but she suddenly looked pained and her form temporarily dissolved as laser fire boomed overhead. Alarmed, Sally grabbed NICOLE, but the AI reassured Sally that she was fine; she merely needed to divert the city's power to its energy shields, and thus could not spare the energy to maintain her physical form. As Sally lamented the unfairness of the situation, NICOLE insisted it was temporary, telling Sally that she would always be around even if not physically. Composing herself, Sally took charge, saying that she trusted in NICOLE to keep them all safe from the Egg Fleet. Elias announced to everyone that they should find their rebuild homes and keep their loved ones close, adding that they should all be thankful to be reunited. He and Sally then ordered Sonic to get medical attention, despite his protests. Sally then went to calm Super Turbo down as he was still angry over the revival of Infinite and was angry at Eggman as well. Meanwhile, aboard Snively's flagship, Eggman screamed at Snively through radio transmission, demanding that he destroy the shield while he re-armed the Egg Beater. Annoyed, Snively replied that he was working on it when he noticed shots outside. A nearby Egg Pawn announced that they'd suffered no damage and that it had a lock on the attacker; a single small aircraft. Shocked, Snively demanded it to hold fire as he contacted the pilot; his step-sister, Hope Kintobor. Over the radio, she yelled at him while continuing to fire upon the flagship, saying that for the few weeks they'd been together in Knothole, they'd been like family. She went on to explain that she'd left Knothole on Snively's suggestion, only to return and find it completely destroyed, and as she'd trusted him over the Mobians, she was too ashamed to show her face to them. Finally, she declared that she would return to the United Federation and become a great engineer in order to fight the Eggman Empire, adding then that their family name might be worth something. As she tearfully flew off, the Egg Pawn announced that it still had her plane targeted by the ship's weapons and asked Snively's command to fire. Snively, tears in his eyes, did not respond. Super Turbo watched (but couldn't hear what was said) as he could only imagine what Hope was going through. He then had NICOLE radio Hope, telling her that she's always welcomed at Spotland. A few moments later, Eggman finally showed up in the Egg Beater, demanding everyone to come out and face him. Sonic appeared outside the wall calm, but he wasn't alone. The combined effort of the Freedom Fighters and Chaotix (except Charmy and Saffron as Charmy was loony at the moment) easily defeated Eggman as the Egg Beater was specifically designed to counter Sonic's speed and strength only. As the Egg Beater was literally broken down, Eggman was on the ground. When he looked up, he saw Sonic and Sally, telling him to leave. But when he turned around, he was stared down by Super Turbo and Super Velocity. Super Turbo was determined to kill Eggman at that moment. Eggman told the Egg Fleet to fire at Sonic and the gang, but NICOLE expanded the shields to protect them. At that point, Super Turbo smiled as he told Eggman that his life was now over. It was at that moment when Sally and his sister convinced Super Turbo not to kill him. Super Turbo sighed and agreed, but warned Eggman around everyone that if he shows up in Spotland, his life will end there; even if he, the King of Spotland, have to overrule his own sister, the princess. With that, Eggman retreated on a robot as the gang celebrated.
    Sonic the Hedgehog Issue #178
    "House of Cards" - Part One
    Amadeur Prower, Tails' father, put his planned into motion as he led a large group of Mobian citizens to Castle Acorn. Turbo and Velocity caught wind of it at Castle Acorn. A few moments later, Turbo and Velocity went to Uncle Chuck's restaurant to see Knuckles off. Julie-Su was attempting to dissuade Knuckles from returning to Angel Island alone, but he insisted otherwise. Sonic finally arrived to see him off as Vector and Julie-Su thought it was a bad idea for Knuckles to go alone. But they caved eventually and Knuckles took off using the Guiding Star Gem.
    Sonic the Hedgehog Issue #179
    "House of Cards" - Part Two
    Turbo and Velocity were sleeping the royal guest room at Castle Acorn, when NICOLE woke them up, telling them that Tails and his mother, Rosemary, had broken Amadeus out of prison (who was in there for the riot he started earlier that day). She also told them that Sonic and Tails were fighting while King Elias and Amadeus were fighting. Velocity took off as she ran into Sally in the hallway. The two princesses confronted Elias, Rosemary and Amadeus, willing to talk it out. Meanwhile, Turbo went off and found Sonic and Tails fighting. He overheard Tails' rant and at the top of it all, he was mad at Sonic for dating Fiona. Sonic knew that Tails liked Fiona for a while because of what happened when Tails went on a solo mission. Tails met "Fiona" and the two fell love. However, it was all a trap by Dr. Robotnik (when he was alive) and the Fiona back then was a robot. Sonic told Tails that he knew that he liked Fiona and that she had no interest in him. Therefore, Sonic went out with Fiona to keep Tails from being hurt. At the same time, he recognized that it was selfish of him anyway as he's still a bit hurt from Sally, and he didn't think before he took action. With that, Sonic finally swallowed his pride and apologized to Tails. It was at that moment when Turbo appeared, trying to comfort Tails. Turbo told Tails that in reality, he should really be mad at him more so than Sonic. Tails was confused and that's when Turbo told him what happened that night between himself and Fiona (but kept it PG). Tails couldn't believe it as he questioned Turbo regarding why he would do that. Turbo told him it was a spur of the moment type of both himself & Fiona. To try and ease the tension, he told Tails that he did the same time with Sally and told Tails that Sonic didn't take that news well, but Sonic got over it. Tails calmed down a bit as Turbo apologized as well. With that, their friendship was healed and they rush back towards Castle Acorn before anyone got hurt. Once the trio got there, they saw a tea party going on as a compromise was called. The decision was that there will be a council of six citizens while the king is the seventh member. As the election was going on, Maximillian, King Elias' father, wasn't exactly pleased with the decision. Alicia, Elias' mother, was supportive and told Elias to give his father some time. As Sonic, Tails and Sally watched the election go down, Dimitri (who was a floating cybernetic head) came, bearing news that Enerjak has returned.
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