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What if the comics continued?

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While I'm not the biggest fan of the reboot, I do like the concept of the new world that was made. Don't get me wrong, I miss the old Archie characters, but sometimes more is less. With that said, what are some things that you would have liked to see if the comic still continued.  Right off the bat I feel having the comic go to 1 story per issue instead of 2 would have drawn me back in, as having 2 stories felt distracting and like too much was going on.

Story wise I would like to see Tails and Sonar (the green fox) interact with each other. Shipping aside I feel the two would just have good "work together" chemistry, and I'd like to see her be a part of Tails sky force team.

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I've seen worse reboot (DC's New 52; deleting 25 years of continuity plus 50 years of legacy for lol). Personally, I think Sonic got slightly better with the reboot. I enjoyed Shattered World Crisis, and I believe it has a lot of potential at expanding new stories and characters that would soon replace the old ones without problems... if it does continue.

While I understand SEGA wanted adaptations of their games, I think Sonic Archie has so far been stepping around in one place. World Unite was just a commercial while Sonic 1-2 remakes were worse than than the Genesis and Mega Drive books. Post Genesis Sonic needs to establish its own world and characters. In honesty, I'm looking forward for anything original from Ian Flynn, including that Lost Hedgehog Tales he never seems to update. 

I'll keep my finger crossed

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I'd like to see actual good ending for Mecha Sally arc. As well as Destructix coming back to fight Freedom Fighter, maybe teamed up with certain Doctor? Who happens to be an Echidna? White color, Warp rings, black cape? :3

As well as more of Merlin! and Tails' parents. I wish they'd add more Seedrians. They seem to be Sonic X thing, but I wish they had added them to Universe at least.

I would be glad to see more Zone Jail, and other versions of our heroes (I mean.. that close to Werehog Amy was pretty cool..) but we still haven't seen "evil" Julie-Su, or heck Good Finitevus! 

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