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  1. leakymilky added a post in a topic Sonic the hedgehog timeline (comic)   

    Oh really? Is satam part of the comic canon then? I never watched it but I do know of it. Is there any way to get all the missing comics like the specials and such? Personally I prefer physical over digital but if digital is the only way to go now references will help, i do have alot of issues before 252 but not many after. 
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  2. leakymilky added a topic in Comics   

    Sonic the hedgehog timeline (comic)
    So i am trying to figure out the timeline and the order of reading the comics since alot of them mostly the early issues have come back out in a release. While I havent followed in a few years i have gotten back into wanting to read the series. I know theres some isse with having to get some other issues that are yet to be released, but what is the exact timeline of events that happens? 
    It seems now with the special im reading theres now a pre something timeline a future timeline and the sonic universe timeline in the far far future. It isnt making much sense but the only one I can tell that is in its own is the sonic boom timeline. Any help regarding this and where some of the new characters like nicole came from? Thanks. 
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