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  1. SonicWindAttack added a post in a topic Archie Sonic Online   

    The Mecha Sally arc reaches its long-awaited conclusion in "Against the Clock": Team Fighters has successfully returned to New Mobotropolis with the captured Mecha Sally, but Dr. Eggman still has a few more tricks up his sleeve—namely a new-and-improved Metal Sonic and an ancient war machine! As the battle rages on in the imperiled city, will Sonic have to make the ultimate sacrifice to save the day?! It's the action-packed climax you've all been waiting for, with a jaw-dropping ending you can't afford to miss! Featuring cover art from Sonic fan artist extraordinaire Drawloverlala!
    Writer: SonicWindAttack
    Pencils: CrimDa and Tim "J" Campbell
    Inks: OohCee
    Colors: Drawloverlala
    Letters: Ian PK
    Editor: The Shadow Imperator
    Cover Artists: Drawloverlala (Pencils and Colors), elisonic12 (Inks)
    StH-O Logo: DoNotDelete
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  2. SonicWindAttack added a post in a topic Archie Sonic Online   

    We're all happy to have you on the team, Skye.  And just in time for the release of Mobius Legends #3, too!  Check it out here! 

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  3. SonicWindAttack added a post in a topic Archie Sonic Online   

    Once 248 is released, 249 shouldn't be too far behind.  Hopefully at that point SUO #50 and KES #1 will be close to complete as well.
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  4. SonicWindAttack added a post in a topic Archie Sonic Online   

    Yep, I'm taking part in the main series as well.  I didn't write this particular issue, but there will be one StHO issue coming up that I did help write.  I might end up writing some issues for SUO as well at some point.  And I only wrote one other Mobius Legends story, which will be in ML #3.  After that that'll be it for me in that series.
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  5. SonicWindAttack added a post in a topic Archie Sonic Online   

    Thank you!  As of right now we're aiming for a summer/fall release.
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  6. SonicWindAttack added a post in a topic Archie Sonic Online   

    Thank you!  But I can't take all the credit, we have a whole team of amazing writers and artists.  And the fan support we've gotten since beginning the project has been extraordinary.  It's thanks to everyone that we've managed to make it this far.
    Sorry to double-post, but here it is!  The first finished solicit for our first main issue!  Guess the cat's out of the bag now, eh?


    You've waited long enough! At long last, the Original Sonic Comic Universe returns to form in "At All Costs Part Two: Destiny Rewritten!" Sonic and friends have scored a narrow victory over Mecha Sally, but now they need to escape the Death Egg in one piece! Along the way, they come across what may be the only hope of restoring the princess to normal—and something much deadlier! Meanwhile, Team Freedom must defend New Mobotropolis from the monstrous Tails Doll, lest the city face total destruction! Featuring epic cover art from equally-epic ASO artist NinjaHaku21!

    Script: QuantumEdge and TuxKnux
    Art: Drawloverlala, Finitevus, faceclams, elisonic12 and Artist-Block
    Cover Art: NinjaHaku21, elisonic12 and EnigmaMachine
    StH-O Logo: DoNotDelete

    (Credits are not final and are subject to change)
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  7. SonicWindAttack added a post in a topic Archie Sonic Online   

    If you'd like to do pencils, you're free to do it traditionally.  We have plenty of people who do it that way.
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  8. SonicWindAttack added a post in a topic Archie Sonic Online   

    Thanks!  I always felt that Amy's relationship with Sally in the comic was underdeveloped.  She didn't even react at all when Sally slapped Sonic right in front of her, so I wanted to add in a moment to show that she really was angry.  Delving more into these characters is definitely one of my personal goals as an ASO writer.
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  9. SonicWindAttack added a post in a topic Archie Sonic Online   

    Thank you!  I was the writer for "A Maiden's Heart".  I'm glad people have been enjoying it, and there will be another story I personally wrote in ML #3.
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  10. SonicWindAttack added a post in a topic Archie Sonic Online   

    We're definitely lucky to have talented artists like them as part of our project, but we don't play favorites.  Just like new writers, new artists are welcome to submit some examples of their work on the "Try Out" board at our forum, preferably some examples of comic work.  Whether it's pencils, inks, colors, or letters, any position is appreciated.
    Cool, good luck!  If you get accepted, you could pitch some story ideas for a 30YL arc if you wanted.
    Thanks, happy to be here!  Good to know you like the direction we've been taking.  Hopefully we'll have some cool stuff to show off pretty soon.
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  11. SonicWindAttack added a post in a topic Archie Sonic Online   

    If you feel like you could contribute to the project writing-wise, you could submit a test script to the "Try Outs" section of our forum.  I'm pretty sure we're still accepting new writers.  As for the 30 Years Later universe, right now I don't believe we have any special plans for it, but it might be revisited one of these days.
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  12. SonicWindAttack added a post in a topic Archie Sonic Online   

    Yep, it's real!  Glad to see that people are starting to hear about it.  We've made a great deal of progress on StHO #248, and should be able to release a solicit for that soon as well.  We're always happy to welcome new people who would like to join the project, as long as they have decent art skills.  And I've known about this website for a long time, I just remembered it one day and thought it might be a good place to spread the word.
    Thank you very much!
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  13. SonicWindAttack added a post in a topic Archie Sonic Online   

    Let's kick off this thread with our first finished solicit, for Knuckles: Endangered Species #1!

    Picking up where Sonic the Hedgehog #243 left off, Knux gets his long-awaited time in the spotlight in “Endangered Species Part Two: In Captivity!” The Dark Egg Legion has prevailed over Team Fighters, and now Albion’s rescuers need rescuing—fortunately Knuckles, Julie-Su and Saffron are up to the challenge. But as Rad Red battles a robotic duplicate of himself and his guilt over his actions as Enerjak, an even greater threat looms on the horizon! Featuring cover art from superb Sonic artist Drawloverlala, and pencils from Gigi D, the creator of the renowned Sonic fancomic “The Murder of Me!”
    Script: The Shadow Imperator & TuxKnux
    Art: Gigi-D, Tim “J” Campbell, ebettoran and Ian PK
    Cover Art: Drawloverlala
    (Credits are not final and are subject to change)
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  14. SonicWindAttack added a topic in Sonic Fan Works   

    Archie Sonic Online
    Hello everyone!  You can call me SonicWindAttack, and as my first post here I wanted to share a huge project that I've been a part of for a while.  That project is Archie Sonic Online, a fan-driven continuation of the old universe of the Archie Sonic the Hedgehog comics, aka the Pre-Super Genesis Wave timeline.  Since I remember this website used to share the Archie Sonic comics online for free, I thought this might be a good place to spread the word about it.  We're a non-profit group dedicated to continuing the story of Archie Sonic before the 2013 reboot, by making an independent comic series not associated with Archie Comics, SEGA, Sonic Team, or any of the used element's creators.  Our current plan is to wrap up the storylines involving Mecha Sally and King Naugus, then continue with our own original story ideas from that point onward.  We currently have 4 separate comics in production:
    1. Mobius Legends, a collection of non-canon test stories in order to train the writers and artists for the real deal.
    2. Sonic the Hedgehog Online, our continuation of the "Sonic the Hedgehog" comic series, starting from issue 248 onward.  We'll be picking up from the end of #247, minus the Genesis Wave, and continue the story from there.
    3. Sonic Universe Online, our continuation of the "Sonic Universe" comic series, starting from issue 50 onward (the original Sonic Universe #50 involving Shard and Metal Sonic will be retconned for our version of the story).  We will start off with a conclusion to the "Sonic Underground" series as was the original intention for the official comic, then start a new arc starring Bunnie D'Coolette and work from there.
    4. Knuckles: Endangered Species, a rewrite of the original "Endangered Species" arc in the official Sonic comics.  Due to legal issues, the original arc was forced to be heavily edited, much to the dismay of many fans.  So we are going to be making our own version, replacing issues 244-246 of the official comic (#243 will not be rewritten as it was not heavily affected by the aforementioned legal issues) for our project.  We plan to include all of the characters that were forced to be written out of the original arc, and deliver a much more satisfying conclusion to the story.  This may or may not lead to more Knuckles miniseries in the future, nothing is set in stone yet.
    In order to accomplish these daunting tasks, we have assembled a team of talented writers and artists to work on these stories.  They will be made like an official comic, with our scripts first being written and edited, then penciled, inked, colored and lettered.  This is obviously a time-consuming process, but it is our hope that it will be worth the wait.  As one of the writers for the project, I can safely say we have some very cool stuff planned, and am looking forward to showing it off to the public.  It should be stressed that this project is not being made out of spite for the reboot of the official comic, we just want to be able to continue a story that we feel wasn't given a proper conclusion.  We currently have two issues of Mobius Legends finished, with a third one soon on the way, and we're also fairly close to finishing StHO #248.  You can check out everything we have over at our website, http://archiesoniconline.com/.  I'll wrap this up with a sneak peek of the cover for 248:
    Thanks for listening, and happy reading!
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