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  1. BlurryDawgo added a post in a topic Off-Topic Thread   

    Kinda got a weather mix-up over here in southern Blighty at the moment. One day it's sunny and nice, and the next is a chilly ten Celsius. Heard that the Scots have it worse.
    Also, hey long time no see.
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  2. BlurryDawgo added a post in a topic Non-Sonic Art Thread   

    Yeah, it's kind of a fandom-specific niche. That said, little Becca here is gonna grow up to be a Deadpool-level fourth wall breaker. Occassionally, she'll even screw around with YOUR OCs.
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  3. BlurryDawgo added a post in a topic Non-Sonic Art Thread   

    It's been a while since I posted some good art.
    So, behold the power OF MY ULTIMATE MASTERPIECE!
    Okay, maybe not "ultimate", but I do take pride in this.
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  4. BlurryDawgo added a post in a topic Sonic Mania (Xbox One, PS4, PC & Nintendo Switch)   

    Tyson Hesse made it, BTW.
    And there's Stardust Speedway, too!
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  5. BlurryDawgo added a post in a topic Sonic Mania (Xbox One, PS4, PC & Nintendo Switch)   

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  6. BlurryDawgo added a post in a topic Last to post wins v3.0   

    Surprise win!
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  7. BlurryDawgo added a post in a topic Off-Topic Thread   

    Tried that, didn't work.
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  8. BlurryDawgo added a post in a topic Off-Topic Thread   

    Hey, guys. Please read below. Need a bit of help.

    The (up-to-date) iPad Pro that I use seems to have an issue, and I can't play mobile YouTube videos in other apps or tabs.

    Typically, if I was playing a video in one tab and I went into another, the sound would keep playing automatically. If I left the Safari app, it would stop playing, but by swiping up and pressing the "play" button on the Control Center, it would play in other apps fine.

    However, it somehow stopped working. Every time I leave the tab that the video was playing in, it stops playing the sound, and while the title of the video is in the Control Center, when I try playing it it resets immediately and I have to go all the way back to the original tab again.

    However, I noticed that the AirPlay function on my iPad has spontaneously turned on. I attempted to turn it off by going to the proper area in my Control Center as said by several guides, but it seems to be searching for or picking up one of two Apple TVs that are apparently nearby, so I can't find the "off" button there.

    Can any of you please help me with this situation? Thank you.
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  9. BlurryDawgo added a topic in Adventure   

    Night in the Woods
    This seems to be the next popular indie game, so as such, obligatory topic is obligatory.
    I played it through once, enjoyed it. Loved the characters, loved the style, and the story was touching, heartwarming and suspenseful all at once.
    Gameplay-wise it was also fun, but the platforming elements could've used a bit more tuning in my opinion.
    Night in the Woods is available on PC and PS4. It tells the story of Mae, a college dropout coming back to her hometown, but home isn't exactly what it used to be.
    Post your thoughts below.
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  10. BlurryDawgo added a post in a topic The Final Fantasy Discussion   

    Is it okay for me to say that Final Fantasy XV actually kinda did a decent job of repairing the series' reputation? After all, it's gotten some of the best reviews of a major FF game in a while, created a relatively active fanbase of its own, won multiple awards, and it sold five million copies overnight. Eat your heart out, Lightning.
    Personally, I've had a really good time with FFXV. Even if the overarching story isn't entirely coherent (yet still understandable), it gives me enough motiviation to keep going ahead. As for the actual writing and characters, it's pretty well done and enjoyable. I adore Noctis, Prompto, Ignis and Gladiolus. All four of them are entertaining, funny and relatable, so much that the massive amount of party banter doesn't even annoy me. And the acting is pretty darn good, too.
    The Kingdom Hearts-esque real-time gameplay itself is rather fun—you can use a variety of moves and techniques in battle, and even if a game over is a little harder to get (by comparison, anyway), you still can face a lot of challenge. And your party members are impressive in battle, too—I was actually having a far harder time when one or two of them were out. Plus, you can set it so that when standing still in battle, time freezes unless the gauge ends. Oh, and for those who've already played this, don't tell me that you didn't spam the warp-strike ability. Camera's still buggy, but I know that I've dealt with much worse.
    As for graphics, Square did good. Practicially everything is pretty, detailed and realistic. Even flans are visually impressive. Yoko Shimomura is on music for this game, and that's definitely a plus.
    And that's all the thoughts I could think of for tonight. I'd recommend this game to anyone who loves the Final Fantasy series or just a good action-adventure/RPG game in general. Good night, and remember to buy some Cup Noodles on your next shopping trip. Thank you for reading.
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  11. BlurryDawgo added a post in a topic Kingdom Hearts   

    Well, this is a surprise.
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  12. BlurryDawgo added a post in a topic Off-Topic Thread   

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  13. BlurryDawgo added a post in a topic Kingdom Hearts   

    So I was able to finish 2.8. My thoughts (spoiler-free) are below.
    Dream Drop Distance:
    Virtually the same as the 3DS versionControls well and runs at 60FPS during gameplayFelt better when using the PS Vita's Remote Play feature despite the framerate dropBack Cover:
    Better organized than the previous two cutscene films despite having a similar formatThe visuals give an occasional "plastic" quality at times to characters, but are beautiful nonetheless, thanks to the Unreal Engine 4The story is only decent but the script is pretty goodThe Master of Masters is the best character of the story—Ray Chase does a spectacular voice, and nearly everything he says is so dry-witted that it becomes hilariousCompared to 358/2 Days, however, it was shorterThe acting is nothing spectacular, just on par with the rest of the series0.2: Birth by Sleep -A fragmentary passage-:
    This playable episode acts mostly as a test/demo for Kingdom Hearts IIIThe gameplay is mostly similar to that of Kingdom Hearts II with hints of the original Birth by Sleep, with the Command Menu, the rechargeable MP Gauge and the Focus Gauge"Situation Commands" replace both the Reaction Commands and Command Styles, yet behave more like the latter; a chain of combos will eventually activate the Situation Command as either a Command Style or fourth tier "-aja" spell depending on whether the style is primarily attack- or magic-based.Enemies (and AI overall) are smarter and have more unpredictable attack patterns–mashing X to win won't work as well anymore, so use all the skills you have availableAqua has an idle animation and picks up speed as she runsThey finally fixed Mickey's face, thank godDoesn't seem to work as well on Remote Play as games like Final Fantasy XV—I noticed glitching even when there was no obstructionYou start at LV 50 but even the weakest enemies give hundreds of EXP pointsIf you actually want me to do a spoilerific story recap, just let me know.
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  14. BlurryDawgo added a post in a topic Ban the above poster   

    Banned because I think your avatar's haircut is ugly.
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  15. BlurryDawgo added a post in a topic Sonic the Hedgehog (Comic Series)   

    I think she just had a cold at the time.
    Anyways, anyone wanna talk about the upcoming issues for Sonic? (If they get released, that is.)
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