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  1. The Happy Birthday Thread

    Sorry I'm late. Hey guys, still alive. Just coming back to say Thank you to Skye and Geoffrey for the Birthday wishes. ^^   I'm doing fine, thankfully haven't contracted the bug yet if you catch my drift, just hanging about and playing games.   Due in no small part to my own faults of being so easily distracted by everything, even now I still haven't gotten the time to get back to work on my own project with Sonic. I never stopped thinking about it, the only issue being I can't seem to stop thinking about it to actually write something into it...That seems to actually be my main issue with a lot of projects now that I think on it. XD   But yes, I hope you lot are havin a nice time here, hope everyone's ok, and healthy. Know that, though I can't say I'm here still. I'm here in spirit.   PS. Read a little of the new Sonic comics, my personal opinion so far: Not bad, but hasn't quite reached Archie's level yet.
  2. The Happy Birthday Thread

    Much like last year, though I'm still a bit of ghost here. Thought I'd come back to give my gratitude to you all for remembering. One of my new year's resolution is to get crap done so that I can get back here ASAP. ...A Resolution I probably had last year too, but...well...     Anyways, Thank you all for the birthday wishes.
  3. The Happy Birthday Thread

    While technically I'm supposed to keep myself away from here until my projects are done with...Eh, I suppose one post to say thank you wouldn't hurt.   So Thanks everyone, I appreciate it. ^_^
  4. First off: Contrary to what may be believed: https://youtu.be/grbSQ6O6kbs?t=58s Secondly: Happy Easter Everybody! My apologies for lack of my activity as of late. I'll try to get back into the swing of things as soon as I can, might still need some time though.

  5. The Velvet Room

    Yes, it is. I've already taken care of P3 FES and about to finish P4. Then P4A and AU. Then I'll be done. ^_^
  6. The Velvet Room

    Oh I'm still here, This place will never truly get rid of me that easily. However, I've been busy with things. Of which part of it, Yes, is Persona-related. ^_^;
  7. A Sonic story...In 7 words or less.

    (We're starting off better than I expected. XD)   Shadow appears and fires a Chaos Spear...
  8. I was inspired to make this possible bit of hilarity when looking at topics in Gamefaqs.   The rule of this game is fairly simple: Create a post-by-post continuing narrative involving Sonic, but with a limit of 7 words per post or less. Why 7? Because 7's apparently a magical number in this series. 7 Chaos Emeralds, for instance.   For example:         You can use any character, make any scenario, but only in 7 words. You don't even have to complete sentences; all else fails, you can just make an incomplete sentence and let someone else fill in the blank.   My only restriction is to keep it clean, and that it has to be a continuation from one post to the other.   With that said: I'll start us off.   Sonic was doing his usual run in...
  9. Your favorite Gaming Quotes.

    "Doesn't matter how far apart we are. The bonds we've made will remain strong. Everyone's hearts is connected to the people they know and trust. It's those bonds that let us all search for our purpose in life. As long it's a purpose that you believe in, there will always be someone who could help you fulfill it. You, me, and everyone else, there are no barriers. Our hearts are one. Right, Sensei?" ~ Teddie, Persona 4   "To care about someone dear to you, to strengthen the bonds of friendship... That doesn't necessarily mean that the pain of living will stop. If something's precious, you don't want to lose it. If someone's dear, it's painful to part with them. Loss can hurt, but... I don't think there's anything wrong with that." ~ Aigis, Persona 3 FES   "To lose someone you had such a strong bond with is agony. But there's no need to suffer alone. You have us with you. Isn't that the whole point of forming such bonds?" ~ Mitsuru, Persona 3 FES
  10. Note to self: Sonic TPU is taking WAY longer than it should. So continue as is, but try a different approach to the series afterwards.

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  11. General Zelda thread

      Unfortunately, the Zelda franchise is a First-party Nintendo franchise. As such, they are, like most franchises you see in Smash Bros, and Smash Bros itself by extension, Nintendo exclusive.   In other words, the chances of a Zelda game being on anything except for Nintendo consoles is about equal to the chances of Nintendo axing off Mario.   As for me: I am a HUGE Zelda Fan. I love everything from the gameplay to the Lore of its lands and people. I haven't played all of the games in the series...Yet. But the games I have played I've beaten...Except for Skyward Sword.   These are the games I own:   - The Legend of Zelda   - Zelda II: The Adventures of Link   - The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time (The original)   - The Legend of Zelda: Majora's Mask (The original)   - The Legend of Zelda: Wind Waker (The Gamecube Version)   - The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess (The Gamecube Version)   - The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword   - Hyrule Warriors   I also used to own A Link to the Past (Both the SNES and GBA versions) But I don't have them anymore sadly.   Favorite Link: It's actually difficult for me to pick which Incarnation I like the most. Every version of Link has its own characteristics and qualities that makes them an excellent variant of the character. But if I had my arm twisted to choose between them, ...I gotta say the Hero of Wind (or as he's better known: Toon Link) That version of link has a lot more freedom of expression it seems, and by extension, a lot more personality compared to the others.   Favorite Zelda: This one, actually, is not as tough. Much like Link, every Zelda has its own qualities and characteristics that makes them excellent. Again, though, I gotta go with the Wind Waker version, if only for that personality of hers.   Favorite Villain: At first it was Majora from Majora's Mask. The entity is such an enigmatic monster, that it's something worth trying to solve to figure out how it can create so much devastation. But after Hyrule Warriors, ...I gotta give my love to the demonic King of Evil himself, Ganondorf. The specific incarnation? ...You know what, I'm not bothering with that. It's the same person every time in this case, and I love every last incarnation.   Favorite Character: Hands down, Midna. I absolutely adore that little imp! Sure she's not exactly the nicest girl around, but I love her personality, and as a companion to Link, she's by far one of the most useful ones around.   Favorite Zelda Game: So difficult for me to choose. But, I gotta say Twilight Princess. Sure it doesn't have my favorite incarnation of the big 3, but I love just about every character in this game, I love the wolf mechanic, and even those Twilight areas in the beginning of the game. This game just makes me feel happy.   Least Favorite Zelda Game: Skyward Sword. ...I'm trying to like it, I really am. The story of this game is good, and so far I like all the characters. (Yes, even Fi.) But I absolutely HATE the motion controls,  and being forced to use them just....Urrgh, I'm just not a fan of them.   Favorite Weapon/Item: Not counting the Sword, (Which would be the Master Sword.) I gotta say Twilight Princess' Double Hookshot. Mostly because of just how fun it is to travel from wall to wall.   Favorite Instrument: The Wind Waker. I've always had a personal love for Maestros.   Favorite Song: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tb923IHkdg8
  12. Games that you recently got

    I now possess Asura's Wrath... YES!
  13. Websites you visit daily

    I feel that I too should update this:   Youtube GameFAQS Google Sonic Scanf Roleplayer's guild (An RP-specific forum site) Iwaku Roleplay (Another RP-specific forum site) Land of Departure (A forum made by KZX of Youtube, containing an RP section of it's own, though only one is active.) Way to Oblivion (A "Home-away-from-home" forum that serves s a hub hangout for my friends and I. Also possessing RPs a plenty, but again, only a few are actually active.) The Middle Ground (Essentially a forum designed for Fan comics, and home to some fairly good ones, including a comic made by Archie's Evan Stanley.) Channel Awesome The Spoony Experiment Atop the Fourth Wall
  14. Sonic & Mega Man: WORLDS UNITE?!

      And stop their armies with the power of HOLD IT!!   And join the inevitable final climatic gang-up attack with the power of TAKE THAT!!   Anyways, my own personal opinion on what going to happen with Worlds Unite, ...Yeah, to put it simply: I predict this is going to get messy, real fast.   On the other hand, I personally enjoy a little bit of chaos. Plus, I can't quite tell you how ecstatic I am at seeing freaking Captain Vyse among the characters that will appear. If I see Ramirez or at least Galcian on the villain side in addition, ...I will probably react like this:  
  15. Fan Characters (Wanna see what ya made!)

      Well, I suppose drawing Teddie would be an interesting test for her.