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  1. FCC and Net Neutrality

    With Trump being a businessman, he is using his presidency to try and make more money as well. Corruption is running deep and spreading fast. Money is power for them. They can choke on it for all I care (sorry for the harsh comment)
  2. FCC and Net Neutrality

    Congress still needs to show us if they'll let it pass or not. Here's to hoping they don't. Just keep in mind, if you play certain games that use a US server, you may need to pay that still or just not go on that kind of server. Heck, it may limit what games are available to the US so if you play with American friends, say goodbye to playing certain games with them because of this.
  3. FCC and Net Neutrality

    I don't know. My friend who warned me about it is the only one able to keep up with this
  4. FCC and Net Neutrality

    Well that is what everyone seems to think but it is the internet. Something like this will spread if it goes through
  5. I hope you guys look at my post in the community about the FCC. It's actually really important

  6. FCC and Net Neutrality

    I learned something that has happened from a friend and I believe it is important for all of us at Scanf. Please read this conversation between me and a friend: 3:51 PM - Nittrus: So apparently the FCC voted to kill Net Neutrality regulations and declassify the Internet as a public utility while everyone was focussed on Thanks Giving 3:51 PM - Nittrus: the held the vote 2 weeks earlier than previously announced on Thanksgiving day 3:52 PM - Nittrus: they also extended powers to ISP's to block websites all together or charge after the fact for people visiting websites, so watch your bills o.o 3:52 PM - Nittrus: So now on top of paying for Netflix we're likely going to be charged an additional monthly fee from Comcast for accessing it >.> 3:53 PM - Nittrus: Want to play games online you now must pay extra is now a possible reality >.> 3:53 PM - Lino Blythe: Seriously? 3:53 PM - Nittrus: not to mention small data caps >.> 3:53 PM - Nittrus: yis 3:54 PM - Nittrus: they are giving the public 14 days to voice their opinion 3:54 PM - Nittrus: >.> 3:55 PM - Lino Blythe: Link to cuss them out please If you want to try to fight this I'll send two links to do so. The first one you just input your email to sign and the second link will give you the FCC's email to voice your own opinion. http://sign.demandprogress.org/net-neutrality/?gclid=EAIaIQobChMIlsebwJHd1wIVybbACh0zgA11EAAYASAAEgKQ7_D_BwE https://www.fcc.gov/general/fcc-establishes-new-inbox-open-internet-comments
  7. Still sorry about being unresponsive. Letting you all know I'm here and alive. College is... really frying my brain... x.x

    1. Lino Blythe

      Lino Blythe

      Still here*. I never left or anything. Just avoiding some confusion lol

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      Danny Felixe

      Yikes! Hang in there!

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      Skye Prower

      Good luck with College Lino!

  8. The Happy Birthday Thread

    Omg this is the second year you all have been creepy stalkers GAWD XD
  9. Completely new here

    Welcome to the forums~
  10. Count to 550 before a mod or admin posts!

    Youguys sure counted a lo-  Oh no! Slashed into pieces and then by the power of implosion from the crazy slash time has been reset! I love you guys I promise <3
  11. Introduction Thread

    Welcome to the forums~
  12. Finally in college now but doing online classes. I'll still be here to moderate and what-not. Just letting everyone know I'll be busier now so if you talk to me during the day, expect late replies~

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      That's okay Lino! Good luck with the classes!

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      Good luck!

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      Lino Blythe

      Thanks for the goodluck wishes everyone~

  13. Gah! So unprofessional... Sorry I was gone long guys. I had to see family for 2 weeks and I just disappeared off the planet. I'm back now

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      Skye Prower

      No worries. Welcome back

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  14. Introduction Thread

    We shall see about that! Challenge accepted ;D You're welcome~
  15. Introduction Thread

    Omg a Yoshi! I wanna ride it! XD Welcome to the forums~