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  1. Anime or Cartoon Recommendations?

    Uh, comedy I would say go watch Excel Saga, Joshiraku, Kill me Baby, or +tic Neesan. Cringe worthy/comedy, there's Watamote. Action, cartoons, that new movie son of batman. Also the Young Justice cartoon was alright. Animewise G Gundam, if you wanna naruto/bleach/one piece u can. Also C Control is one of favs that was released.
  2. Placid Dreams

    Do it, share you story with everyone here. Who knows someone might even give you story on how to improve if it needs it or even give someone else ideas. Edit: Meant to say share your story not ideas.
  3. Top 10 Video Game Villains

    Alright here are my favorite video game villians in a random order. May contain some spoilers. 1. Xehanort (Kingdom Hearts Series): Him as the main antagonist and the cause for a lot of the grief that plagues the main characters in a series is a lot to say for one old man throughout the KH series. The fight i enjoyed the most is between Young Xehanort and his Xemnas fight. 2. Kuja (Final Fantasy IX): I haven't played a lot of the final fantasy games but i do remember kuja being one of my favorite villians in the series. The way the game described why he did the things he did was pretty good. A tool called the angel of death, sent to bring death to Gaia, then being tossed aside so he could be replaced since he couldn't achieve trance on his own was a part of the game i liked. The ending after his defeat by the party and not wanting to die alone and taking the party with him summoning Necron was also a testament to his willpower. 3. Dhaos (Tales of Phantasia): A game that i haven't played in a long time, but i do remember the final battle and his reasons for why he did what he did. He just wanted to replace his worlds mana tree, but it ends with failure. I forget all the smaller details but after his death, the party sends his body along with a mana seed back to his planet. So it wasn't all for nothing in the end. 4. Shadowlord (Nier): Dude just wanted to save his daughter. 5. Zeus (God of War): After the death Ares the god of war, and the opening of Pandora's box, Zeus seeks to kill his own son to prevent his death like his father before him. As silly as the games are i really enjoyed the storyline of the games as well as the combat. Fighting against Zeus and finally getting your revenge, and that one screw you to Athena was a great way to end the third game in my eyes. 6. Hilda (The Legend of Zelda A Link Between Worlds): Lorule, a similar place to Hyrule. Her ancestors destroyed their triforce causing their world to fall into chaos. Seeing a way out in a parallel world she seeks to take their triforce and regain the balance that was once lost no matter the cost. I really enjoyed the final batlle Yuga Ganon, but i really wanted to fight a powered up Hilda. 7. Vendra Prog (Ratchet and Clank into the Nexus): The game was short and sweet but i enjoyed every moment of it. Vendra and her brother Neftin are Nether sent to Ratchet's universe to escape Mr. Eye. When learning about their heritage she seeks to bring her homeworld into Rachet's universe. I found her to be a good villian for Rachet since he was still coming to terms with never seeing his own family again. While he didn't want to endanger the rest of the universe trying to reconnect with his family, Vendra would do anything to see her own family. 8. Dollmaker/Dr. Bumby (Alce: Madness Returns): The Dollmaker is a cruel entity inside of Alice's mind and his only goal is to corrupt alice and forcing her to become another one of his dolls. Using psychological tactics against Alice his aim was to break her, but Alice overcame and defeated him allowing her to keep her memories. 9. Dr. M (Sly Cooper Honor Among Thieves): I hate this game so much, but Dr. M worked along side Sly's father. He was the Bentley of the crew, the brains in the planned heists. He felt that he was just a sidekick and wasn't getting as much credit as sly's father. It allowed for a parallel between sly's father crew and sly's own crew. Sly's crew grew up together and built bonds with each other, while Sly's fathers crew wasn't and it was broken because of that. This game also allowed Sly to see the cooper clan's vault and see everything that their clan put into it. It also allowed him to become a little closer to his father. I still dislike this game though. 10. Izanami (Persona 4): I enjoyed this final boss a lot more than persona 3's. Mainly because it was i'm death incarnate, imma do it now. Izanami was different however. She was just looking to see what human kind truly wanted, and due to Adachi having the most influence on people, she intends to fill the world with emptiness. She is stopped by the protag, aka Ichigo, aka Yu through the power of social links. I had a lot of fun with this boss and how she saw the human race.
  4. What web browser do you use

    I mainly use chrome. I used to use firefox but I stopped using firefox because the earlier version which ate up ram like nobodies business. The newer one came out and was more friendly, but I got use to chrome so that's the browser i use.
  5. Whats your favorite anime

    Well my favorite anime at the moment would have to be space dandy with jojo's bizarre adventure coming in second.
  6. Introduction Thread

    Thanks for the welcome guys. I may try to dabble in the sprite comics again, i haven't done it a long time lol. And a late welcome to you as well Desphiria.
  7. Introduction Thread

    Hey everyone I'm blaze2fire, I'm going to college to study 3D animation, but i'm going to switch to network security later on. Better job security. My hobbies are art, videogames, comics/manga, and anime. I was given this site as a link from a friend, I knew the sonic series had a comic series but i guess now is a good time to jump into it since this site has access to them so that's a plus. I'll be lurking around in the gaming section, art section, as well as the comic section lol.