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Seviper the Fang Snake

Top 10 Video Game Villains

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Let's face the facts, everyone has their favorite video game villain some have more than one.

I'm suprised no one has made this topic yet. So let's get started.

Here's mine. No particular order.

1. Ganondorf from the Legend of Zelda series- Not everyone has the title King of Evil and Ganondorf ain't afraid to show it.

2. Dr. Ivo "Eggman" Robotnik from the Sonic the hedgehog series- If your going to have a evil doctor on your list you might as well go with one of the most famous. And has got a great mustache.

3. The Gravemind from the Halo series- Got to love this parasitic creature's deep and scary voice.

4.Dr. Albert W. Wily from the Mega man series- The Blue Bomber's mad scientist nemesis puts up a good fight, despite the fact he pleads for mercy after defeat. Also love how his hair matches his mustache.

5. General Raam from the Gears of War series- The dude was pretty brutal in his first appearence, I prefer him over his replacement Skorge.

6. Dr. Nefarious from the Ratchet and Clank series- One of the most funny villains, him shouting at Lawrence never gets old. Not to mention when his brain waves pick up that soap oprea.

7. Bob the Killer Goldfish from the Earthworm Jim series- He dosen't put up that much of a fight, but he's very memberable plus he's an evil fish.

8. Ridley from the Metroid series- He's an evil dragon thingy, he's smart, brutal, and a pirate!

9. Giovanni from the pokemon series- He's got the resources, he's got the money to take over the world. He's my favorite pokemon villain and uses my favorite type ground.

10. Andross from the Star Fox series- He's an evil monkey space head with hands!

Let's see what you have to say.

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Let's see what I got.... Note that spoilers are included but I am not going to put a spoiler tag everywhere.

1. Kuja Tribal (Final Fantasy 9) - It was a really tough choice for me to choose between both Kefka and Kuja, but I like the second just a bit more. A very powerful character who had the abilities to whipe out all of existence. He even managed to do so, but his plans were spoiled by a final boss who shouldn't be there. Darn you Necron!!! Oh, and Kuja has also never been defeated by the protagonists. Never. And his role in Dissidia was pretty interesting too. If Kuja wouldn't have been there, Kefka Palazzo would probably take the top spot. But Kuja deserves this place.

2. Dr Ivo Eggman Robotnik (Sonic franchise) - If it weren't a list of video game villains, Eggman could have competed with Kuja. But still, his accomplishments in the games weren't too shabby either. He unleased several demigods of destruction on the world, as well as the creation of several robots, including Gamma, Omega and Metal Sonic. And he is just plain evil, as he did blow up the world. And also accidently almost destroyed them if it weren't for Sonic.

3. Ghirahim (Zelda: Skyward Sword) - I could go for Ganondorf but nah, Ghirahim is complete nuts. And I like insane characters, so this spot was reserved for him. He's a strong villain too, parring with Link at times. Of course, Link has the protagonist curse so he will always win. But man oh man, the battles with him were good.

4. Fawful (Mario & Luigi series) - Bowser? Nah, he's a joke of a villain. Fawful is just plain nuts, awesome and powerful. Also points up for surviving exploding in Superstar Saga and then return as the main villain in Bowser's inside story. Good job, boy.

5. Glados (Portal Series) - Mean, cruel, hilarious, insane. Everything a villain should be.

6. Dr. Wily (Mega Man franchise) - Aah, good ol' Wily. Probably some of you see him as a... pretty bad villain because all he has done was reprogamming robots and failed everytime. Eh, reprogamming is already a nice feat, but what put Wily up here are the following reasons: He created Bass, the Yellow Devil and Zero. And with the creation of Zero, he also made the Maverick Virus (correct me if I'm wrong here) which was passed on to Sigma. Wily, while dead, played a huge part in the events of the Mega Man X, Zero and ZX series. That's just awesome.

7. Cyrus (Pokemon D/P/P) - Wants to use the creation trio (Dialgia, Palkia, Giratina) to rewrite the universe to his bidding. Now that's pretty genius. Of course, he loses to a 10-years old pokemon trainer and after the battle he just gives up all his plans. Pokemon logic, don't question it.

8. Duke Polentei (Tales of Vesperia) - I haven't played all of the Tales of games yet, including the most popular ones. So please, don't hurt me. I just like Duke a lot because he is an omnious and very powerful character. And he is not particularly evil. He just hates mankind. I don't blame him.

9. Vaas Montenegro (Farcry 3) - Ehh, I'm not the biggest fan of current generation villains. Especially not in shooters. But Vaas is just a genius. And insane, that's why he's on here in the first place.

10. Senator Steven Armstrong (Metal Gear Rising) - Probably one of the most hilarious political statements ever made. I think The Autarch of Flame describes it best in his video

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Alright here are my favorite video game villians in a random order. May contain some spoilers.

1. Xehanort (Kingdom Hearts Series): Him as the main antagonist and the cause for a lot of the grief that plagues the main characters in a series is a lot to say for one old man throughout the KH series. The fight i enjoyed the most is between Young Xehanort and his Xemnas fight.

2. Kuja (Final Fantasy IX): I haven't played a lot of the final fantasy games but i do remember kuja being one of my favorite villians in the series. The way the game described why he did the things he did was pretty good. A tool called the angel of death, sent to bring death to Gaia, then being tossed aside so he could be replaced since he couldn't achieve trance on his own was a part of the game i liked. The ending after his defeat by the party and not wanting to die alone and taking the party with him summoning Necron was also a testament to his willpower.

3. Dhaos (Tales of Phantasia): A game that i haven't played in a long time, but i do remember the final battle and his reasons for why he did what he did. He just wanted to replace his worlds mana tree, but it ends with failure. I forget all the smaller details but after his death, the party sends his body along with a mana seed back to his planet. So it wasn't all for nothing in the end.

4. Shadowlord (Nier): Dude just wanted to save his daughter.

5. Zeus (God of War): After the death Ares the god of war, and the opening of Pandora's box, Zeus seeks to kill his own son to prevent his death like his father before him. As silly as the games are i really enjoyed the storyline of the games as well as the combat. Fighting against Zeus and finally getting your revenge, and that one screw you to Athena was a great way to end the third game in my eyes.

6. Hilda (The Legend of Zelda A Link Between Worlds): Lorule, a similar place to Hyrule. Her ancestors destroyed their triforce causing their world to fall into chaos. Seeing a way out in a parallel world she seeks to take their triforce and regain the balance that was once lost no matter the cost. I really enjoyed the final batlle Yuga Ganon, but i really wanted to fight a powered up Hilda.

7. Vendra Prog (Ratchet and Clank into the Nexus): The game was short and sweet but i enjoyed every moment of it. Vendra and her brother Neftin are Nether sent to Ratchet's universe to escape Mr. Eye. When learning about their heritage she seeks to bring her homeworld into Rachet's universe. I found her to be a good villian for Rachet since he was still coming to terms with never seeing his own family again. While he didn't want to endanger the rest of the universe trying to reconnect with his family, Vendra would do anything to see her own family.

8. Dollmaker/Dr. Bumby (Alce: Madness Returns): The Dollmaker is a cruel entity inside of Alice's mind and his only goal is to corrupt alice and forcing her to become another one of his dolls. Using psychological tactics against Alice his aim was to break her, but Alice overcame and defeated him allowing her to keep her memories.

9. Dr. M (Sly Cooper Honor Among Thieves): I hate this game so much, but Dr. M worked along side Sly's father. He was the Bentley of the crew, the brains in the planned heists. He felt that he was just a sidekick and wasn't getting as much credit as sly's father. It allowed for a parallel between sly's father crew and sly's own crew. Sly's crew grew up together and built bonds with each other, while Sly's fathers crew wasn't and it was broken because of that. This game also allowed Sly to see the cooper clan's vault and see everything that their clan put into it. It also allowed him to become a little closer to his father. I still dislike this game though.

10. Izanami (Persona 4): I enjoyed this final boss a lot more than persona 3's. Mainly because it was i'm death incarnate, imma do it now. Izanami was different however. She was just looking to see what human kind truly wanted, and due to Adachi having the most influence on people, she intends to fill the world with emptiness. She is stopped by the protag, aka Ichigo, aka Yu through the power of social links. I had a lot of fun with this boss and how she saw the human race.

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Here's my top ten. Spoiler warning, so watch it.

#1: Caius Ballad (FFXIII-2 and Lightning Returns): How many final fantasy villains do you know actually succeeded at whatever their ambition was? Admittedly Caius had to die to do it, but he succeeded in his ambition. Albeit he inevitably forced his own unaging self on everyone else, and effectively condemned the world to oblivion.

#2: Eggman Nega (Sonic Rush series, Sonic Rivals series): Eggman might be an evil genius, but he has limits on what he's willing to do. Eggman Nega of the Sol Dimension, on the other hand, won't pull his punches. If he sees a way to smite his enemies, he will jump at the chance without a second thought to execute said method.

#3: Ganondorf (Zelda Series): Obviously the most well known Zelda villain, whether he's Ganon or Ganondorf, and part of the Triforce bearers. Ganondorf signifies power, and he won't let anything stand in his way of attaining his goal. While he inevitably fails, being sealed away or outright killed, he'll be back somewhere down the line sooner or later.

#4: Emperor Griffon (Dark Chronicle/Dark Cloud 2): A prime example of a misleading villain; You expect him to be some beefy ruler. Instead you get some rabbit person. Not much to say about the ensuing fight. With a clever feint though, he swipes the player character's Atlamillia, and transforms into a form befitting a major villain. At this point he possesses the power to transport an entire palace and it's occupants 1000 years forward in time to the present day. You can understand his motives in that humans effectively destroyed the peaceful life he had, but his decision to completely eradicate humanity is wrong.

#5: Emperor Madoras (White Knight Chronicles): Just when you think the end of the line is in sight, you get a plot twist; the namesake knight of the series was actually the vessel for this Villain's rebirth, subsequently hijacking the body of the pactmaker, Leonard. The ensuing final boss fight pits you against a twisted, demonic form of the white knight, and with the exception of the Avatar Character (A character who never actually speaks, but gains a knight of his or her own), the four other knights are effectively useless, on account of their pactmakers being dead, or unable to call their knights. An ability the player took for granted, stripped away in the blink of an eye.

#6: Specter (Ape Escape): This white monkey might seem adorable, but with his custom made helmet on, he's gifted with superhuman intelligence. Despite being repeatedly bested by the very humans he seeks to usurp, Specter is effectively the kind of villain who doesn't know when to quit. He may have some questionable ideas from time to time, but he usually tends to have a few trump cards in the wings. He also seems to have some form of ESP/Telekinesis.

#7: Liquid Snake (Metal Gear Solid): The borderline insane brother of Solid Snake, and the primary antagonist behind the first Metal Gear Solid game. Being caught in an exploding Hind D and Metal Gear REX wasn't enough to take him down. How he survived each blast remains to be seen, but you can't deny the hand-to-hand duel against Liquid atop REX's damaged body while racing the countdown of a time bomb was a very tense moment for Snake.

#8: Xehanort (Kingdom Hearts series): A time-travelling, body snatching Keyblade Master who isn't afraid to submerse himself in darkness. Not even being split into the Heartless, Ansem, and the Nobody, Xemnas, could keep this scheming old man down for long.

#9: Alex Mercer (Prototype): Intially the Protagonist of the first Prototype game, he's effectively now attempting to bring about a new world whether they want it or not. He just made one mistake in creating his biggest threat. One James Heller.

#10: Jackie Estacado (The Darkness): While technically the "hero" of his story, nothing he does is heroic at all, courtesy of The Darkness turning his foes into a bloody mess; You cross his path, you're already six feet under. You put a hole in his head, he'll be back on his feet soon enough. For your sake, you'd best hope there's plenty of light sources around, or this superpowered hitman will deliver you a swift and brutal death.

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Oh... This is going to be tricky! But hey, I don't necessarily have to say why.

1) Robotnik (Sonic franchise)

2) Dracula (Castlevania franchise)

3) Ganondorf (Zelda franchise)

4) King K. Rool (Donkey Kong franchise)

5) Dr. Cortex (Crash Bandicoot franchise)

6) Ridley (Metroid franchise)

7) Gruntilda (Banjo-Kazooie franchise)

8) Bowser (Mario franchise)

9) Dr. Wily (Mega Man franchise)

10) Slender Man (Slender games)

Mind you, i'm going by consistency.

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gotta agree with you Cy Dra! xD

Dr. Ivo Eggman Robotnik! (Sonic series) (of course he's EGGMAN!! trying to take over the world with different robots and in the comic world Grand Masters and his very own D.E.L!!!)

Dr. Wily! (Mega Man series) (also... trying to take over the world with different robots... and he's got an army as well? xD seriously what if he and Eggman would've been brothers?!)

Bowser! (Mario series) (he's big, evil, dinosaur... kopa? o-o thingy?? and a king...? wannabe? and he's got his own lackey's and kids and that trusty mage/wizard/witch? xD AWESOME!!)

Maggot Shibito! (Siren Blood Curse) I hate him... so much... =-='' he doesn't give you any peace at all he chases at you, (trying to eat you and or god knows what he's actually trying to do to you!!) He throws stuff at you and that voice is just... ew ew ew!!! think of a newborn baby... and mix that with a zombie's first growl.. and probably mix in a little bit of hobo's drunken voice THAT's Maggot Shibito! oh and did I mention he's about 3 meters tall?! he's disgusting but AWESOME!!

Dr. Neo Cortex! (Crash Bandicoot) he is just AWESOME!! he's one of the most classic video game villains EVER!! (with Bowser, Eggman and Wily of course) he is mad! he is evil! he is THE mad scientist!!

Ansem The Seeker Of Darkness! (Kingdom Hearts) do I even have to explain?! he's evil! he is mad about darkness!! (big surprise here xD) and he is so annoying with that giant Heartless! and for what he did to Riku... he shall be defeated!!

Sephiroth! (Kingdom Hearts version) all I'm going to say is: SEPHIROOOOOOTH!!!!! Dx

King Dedede! (Kirby) my god... how I hated that guy in original Kirby!! when I was a little kid figuring out how to defeat him was a mission impossible to me! (or then I'm just dump.. take your pick)

Spider Shibito! (also Siren Blood Curse) holy-!! was the first and the last thing I said before being killed by one of these! they're everywhere! they won't stop following you, their voices are creeeeeepy... and they jump at you just like that! and they move in groups!

Foxy! (Five Nights At Freddy's) he is Foxy, he's coming to get you, he runs through the hallways and before you know... it is too late... says almost all of the gamers!! xD but seriously I so hate him... (almost gave me a heart attack at the first time)

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