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  1. Rainbow the Wolf added a post in a topic Name a cartoon or anime character   

    Sans  and Papyrus the Skeletons, best bros ever!!
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    HEY~ Shinomi-Chan! I miss you! *hugs you back tightly*
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  3. Rainbow the Wolf added a post in a topic Last to post wins v3.0   

    No! Not Flowey! He's mean...
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  4. Rainbow the Wolf added a post in a topic Under the Mistletoe (Sonic Xmas Special)   

    Sonic‘s P.O.V.
    Oh. my. god. I could hear screeching and knocking all around me! Why won’t she give up! I mean she’s nice and all, but seriously?! You can’t just someone force someone into loving you. I like her, let me restate that. I like her when she’s not a tsundere. Geez. I was hiding in the closet, trying to save my life from a certain pink hedgehog, with a heavy mallet!! I sighed quietly. I was starting to regret inviting Amy over here. But that’s kinda rude, which shouldn’t matter to me but the fact that I also don’t want to risk my house being burnt down because of not inviting a fangirl to me house. What’d I do for fanservice. I did that once, and the outcome wasn’t pretty. But still forcing someone to kiss you is wrong, someone should make a law on that. Ya know what? Mental note to discuss that with the Council of Acorn. I wrapped my hands over my face to wipe some sweat off me. I then pressed my ear against the closet door to hear any sounds on the other side….nope nothing. I hesitated a little, before standing up slowing to not produce a single sound that could trigger a pink furred ear. I placed my hand on the doorknob, slowly but surely. I twisted the knob open and slowly opened the door. Normally, I wouldn’t go this slow, but this is an exception especially if my life depends on it. I then peeked outside and scanned the room. All I saw was Rouge, who was flirting with Knuckles again while he kept swatting her away. I betcha that echidna likes her. He’s just too macho to admit it. I constantly tease him about it and dodge his fist full of fury at me, who might I add was pretty funny. I chuckled a little only realizing that I need to be on my toes in order to survive this. I turned to my left to find a couple more of my friends down the hallway. No sign of Amy. Whew! But just in case, I’ll stay in the basement for a while, but not to long so no one will worry about me. I quickly but quietly went next door to where the basement was and went down the stairs. I cringed a little when I heard creaking. Crap! I thought. I stopped instantly and wait for any intrusions….good. I went down the steps slowly to make sure I don’t make any more noise. As soon as I got onto the last step, I felt relaxed. I then noticed the ‘amazing’ team Chaotix. Vector, the huge crocodile, was by the pool table, holding a billiard cue in his right hand, ready to knock a ball into a hole. Next to him, whom I was assuming was playing with him was Mighty the armadillo who too had a billiard cue in his hand. Ray and Charmy were in the very far back of the rec room (yeah I have a huge rec room, even though it’s only half of my basement) playing games. Or specifically Mario Party 10. I then failed to notice that someone else was here as well. I turned around to find out it was too late. “SONIKKU!!! WHY DID YOU LEAVE ME?!” I squeaked when she tackled me for the fifth time today. I landed on the ground with a thud, with the extra weight on me. I groaned loudly. I then also heard giggling. I looked up to see Team Chaotix laughing at my situation. Why me?
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  5. Rainbow the Wolf added a post in a topic Under the Mistletoe (Sonic Xmas Special)   

    Unknown’s P.O.V.
    A blue hedgie was hiding in the dark closet near the basement door, staying ever so still, afraid that he might give away his position to a pink maniac that we all know and hate. Apparently, Sonic had ran like heck before when Amy had brought him so close to the mistletoe. And he dared not to look behind, for all hell was running loose all because of a swinging and flaming piko mallet. While everyone else was enjoying the good show. Hey, you’d laugh and play along too if you see the ‘hero of mobius’ squealing like a pig getting ready to be butchered! Ha! It’s just delicious to see the suffering of others! …...hmm? What do you mean I’m not alright? Well...I can honestly agree with you. My mind is not in its right state at the moment. I’ve been avoiding my pills recently…. I don’t need them anyways, I’m just fine. Don’t you worry about me. I’m fine. Wait….. you don’t know who I am, don’t you? Ha ha ha ha, I’m surprised at you. You should know better than to talk to strangers, kid. Hmm, you still want to know although clearly you’re not afraid. Hmm...you’re full of crap huh? Well then you’ll have to figure me out yourself. Anyways, back to the blue furball. Like I said, he sat quivering in his closet, hiding away from the pink monster. The pink maniac was running all around the house, yelling out her lover’s name, “SONIC!! COME OUT HERE!! I DIDN’T GET MY KISS YET!!!” AHHHHH!!! Ringing was flooding through my ears. Dang it! That pink idiot blew my eardrums out!! Ah…..ahhh…..no matter….I’ll just use chaos energy to regenerate my hearing. I raised my hand close to both of my ears as a green aura surrounded them. I can feel the chaos energy touching my dreadlocks. It fills me with pleasure. Ah...ah….ah...that’s better….Now where was I? Oh yes, watching Sonic suffer heh heh. The idiots don't even notice me looking through the window at them. Pathetic fools...I can’t wait to see the looks on their faces when they see my Christmas present for them. Oh, they’ll just love it!!

    Uh oh, we have an unexpected visitor. How will Sonic and friends react to this guest? Find out next in Under the Mistletoe!
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