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  1.   PROLOGUE  The first time I came to the Beacon Mental Hospital, I had just lost my aunt and uncle. I was about 17-years old at the time. The doctors didn't quite understand why the police brought me there, until they showed the reports of my interrogation. They thought there was something wrong with me, just because I did not cry, when I saw the dead bodies of my aunt, and uncle. They also suspected I was the one who pulled the trigger. In reality my uncle was the one to put the gun on his temple and shot himself, right after beating my aunt to death. I just assisted him a bit. I knew I wasn't really 'normal'. Ever since I was 7-years old I knew how to move objects without touching them, or break windows and other stuff just by looking at them. I could even start a fire if I was able to concentrate enough. I only trained my powers, when others were sleeping, that way no one noticed a thing, or so I thought. My parents died in a car accident when I was little, I ended up at my aunt's house. She was nice to me, and treated me well.. Unfortunately my uncle didn't. He loved to drink, and whenever someone disagreed with him, he'd beat them up. No exceptions. So of course, being a stupid kid I was, I just had to argue with him. He never used his fists to beat me up though, he'd much rather use the belt buckle for that.My aunt tried to help me, only to get beaten up by him. She was scared, I understand that, but she let him beat me up as many times as he wanted. That, I could not forgive. So when he finally snapped one night, and beat my aunt to death, I stood there. I didn't do anything, I just stared at the scene quietly. After he was done, he took out a gun and pointed it at me. I stared at the gun. I wasn't scared, I wasn't even surprised. I actually waited this day to come. I only wished it would have come sooner. So I concentrated. More than ever. I looked at the gun in his hand, I managed to control it. So I moved my hand towards my head, He did the same. I pointed at my fingers at my temple as if I was holding the gun, and he followed. He tried to speak, but he was too horrified and confused of what was happening. So then, I pretended to hold the gun, and pulled the trigger. There was a loud 'bang' sound, and his body fell on the ground. I walked up to my aunt and stared at her for a few minutes before calling an ambulance. I didn't know why I did that, she was clearly dead, I just felt like I should.When the paramedics came in, they saw them laying on the ground, and me, sitting quietly in the corner hugging my knees. I didn't feel sorry. I always hated my uncle, and I despised my aunt, for leaving me with him. She'd either look the other way, or pretend like nothing happened. The paramedics called the police, naturally. They asked me questions and I answered.The next thing I knew was, that I was being taken to a mental hospital. I didn't really care. Anywhere was better, I had no relatives to live with anyway.I was forced to go see this psychiatrist daily. I didn't like him. Always the same questions over and over again: "How do you feel about your aunts death?", "Why would your uncle do something like that?", "Was he always violent?", "Do you think it was because he had a drinking problem?" I never answered to him. I crossed my arms, and sat there, until the time was up. I had to share a room, with another patient called Emily. I never remembered her last name it started with a W.. "Watson? Weston? Washington...? No, no that wasn't it..." We always stayed on our own sides of the room. She was constantly mumbling something, and REALLY paranoid. She always had to wear a straight jacket, otherwise she would've attacked the nurse, who brought our medicine. I didn't trust the nurse either, that was pretty much the only thing me, and Emily seemed to agree on. The nurse didn't like me either, mostly because I never ate the medicine she brought me, I either hid it under my tongue or 'accidentally' flushed it down the toilet. They had to hire a new nurse, every time the former one got tired of me. I didn't mind. At least I got to keep my usual clothes, instead of the ones in the hospital.If they ever tried to force me to wear the hospital's clothes, I usually got pretty aggressive. Once I almost bit someone's ear off. So they decided, it wasn't worth it. What can I say? I just love my own hoodie, and sweat pants.Whenever I wasn't a prisoner in my own room, I'd either draw or practice my skills. I learned how to see few minutes to the future, quick flashes happened in my head. I knew when the nurse would come to take me to see 'Mr.Shrink McCreepy', or when it was time for Emily to 'cool off'. It was useful. It gave me some time to prepare for that.Now I liked Emily, she didn't ask much questions, she stayed on her side and didn't try anything stupid, like attack me at night, or try to take away the necklace, my mother gave me as a birthday present when I was 5-years old. It was a small stone ring, but to me it was a treasure.There was one exception, one person who I could trust.  She was also a nurse hired after the three first ones quit. I thought she'd be like others, forcing me to take the medicine, but surprisingly, she didn't. She actually wanted to hear my story. She came to talk to me, and asked how I got there, so I explained. I asked: "are you afraid of me?" Instead of showing any signs of disgust, she hugged me. I don't know why, but for some reason I started crying, like the day when my parents died. I hadn't cried after that. She told me that "everything would be okay", that I "would sooner or later get out and be able to live a normal life." I don't understand why, but I believed her. Before she came to work at the hospital, none of the workers had ever shown any compassion to me, well not like that at least. Besides I usually knew what they thought anyway. But her thoughts were sincere. She actually said "you matter", unlike the others, who clearly hated me, and I them. But that was okay. If I had one friend, one person on my side, I would be able to go through this hell.  
  2. Ib: Art Gallery of Horror

    So as I promised I shall write a fanfic.. right now.. and I'm changing the title a bit from the normal "Ib" one. and I will be using my own Oc.. and I try not to change the characters personalities too much. Forgive me if there's some OOC. I also cut the text so it's easier to read. Enjoy!      Ib: The Art Gallery of Horror   It was just like any other day, people were waiting in line to get to the famous art gallery, made especially for one sensational artist known as Guertena Weiss. Although he had died some time ago, his works were still well known, and many even believed Guertena had left a part of himself in his works. Not only did he paint the most amazing paintings, but he also did some of the greatest sculptures in the world. Many had tried to get on his level as an artist but none had succeeded in doing so. The art gallery was once again packed with eager fans, reviewers, different classes on a school trip, and even poets. There was also one specific girl, who no one seemed to notice, but who was in fact the closest to the artist. Her name was Miranda Weiss. Before her father had died, she used to always watch him at work, creating the beautiful masterpieces stroke by stroke, bit by bit. She loved every last one of them. Even if others said they looked... strange or odd, she would always find a way to love at least some part in it. Now she usually visited the gallery every year in memorial of her father. She would go through the entire gallery, remembering the times with her father, and every story behind his art. Besides her, her mother and father, no one knew why he even began making them, and all of the secrets would one day die along with Miranda. She did know it sounded grim, but it also made her feel special. as she was the only other one her father had ever told the story behind his career. Miranda spotted a small maybe 8 or 9-years old girl, looking at a rose sculpture. Her expression didn't really change as she watched it. She had chestnut brown hair a bit over her shoulders, red eyes, and she was wearing white blouse with a big red ribbon, red skirt and shoes and black knee socks. "She must have a great sense in fashion, almost like my mother.." Miranda thought.  Her mother usually picked her clothes for her, even though she was already 19. She didn't really mind her mother doing so, except for the fact she always chose the most "doll-like" clothes. Even now she had a long almost like Victorian-era styled long sleeved red dress, with a big ribbon on the waist, and expensive looking black shoes with buckles on them. But to be honest it did go well with her different looking hair style, as it was half polka hair, half long. Otherwise her hair was pretty short excluding her long thin ponytail going down at his back tied with a black ribbon, and her front hair on the right side, that covered her actual abnormality.. She had had since birth, an odd looking right eye. It's pupil was red instead of black and her eye color was dark blue, even though her left eye was green. It was not due to any sickness, she was perfectly healthy, but her eye just made it look strange. Her father used to say that she could see "the truth" in people and in what they do. Though Miranda never quite got what he had meant. She walked towards the sculpture as the little girl walked past her, towards upstairs. Miranda looked at the rose sculpture. She really liked it. She always thought it explained life well. Pretty, yet hurtful. Suddenly the lights in the gallery started flickering wildly, and then all of them completely went out. Miranda stood there in the darkness, it seemed like hours had passed by until the lights came back on. Then, she noticed red footprints on the floor. At first she thought it was blood which made her a bit wary, but she smelled paint. "Oh thank goodness. It's just red paint.." She said sighing in relief. She followed the footprints, leading to a hallway she had never seen before, and she had visited the gallery more than anyone. She looked around in confusion and took few more steps forward, as the hallway she had used before disappeared behind her. "What the-? Oh.. This can't be good.." She said. The room she was in was dark. Dark red, and even though she really did like the color the atmosphere in it was quite eerie. She continued on the newly found hallway, until she reached a door, and in front of it, was a little brown table with a vase on it and a purple rose in it. "Hm? Purple rose? Who would leave it in such a place?" She stared at the table for a while. "Purple always WAS father's favorite color..." She thought. She picked up the rose and moved the table out of the way. She was about to enter to the room but then she saw fresh dark blue paint marks on the wall next to her. It spelled: "HELLO". The paint was still wet, and the text hadn't been there few seconds ago. Miranda felt shivers going down her spine as she quickly opened the door only to bump into something. "Wha-?!" She accidentally cried and hit the ground. ; "Ow. Ow Ow...." She heard someone saying. She looked up and she saw a small girl, about the same aged as before. She had a blonde hair, and she also had an Victorian-era looking dress, a forest green one with a light blue cravat, and brown boots. ; "Oh I'm so sorry! Are you alright?" Miranda asked and helped the girl up. "I am so sorry, I didn't see you there at all." She apologized. The girl got up and shook off the dust from her dress. The girl stared at Miranda in awe, as if she had never seen a human before. Miranda thought it must have been her clothes. She had had a similar experience with a few second graders few times. "Uhm.. Are you lost too?" She asked the girl. "My name is Miranda, what about you?" The girl smiled as she happily answered "My name is Mary!" ; "Mary? That's a beautiful name." Miranda said. ; "I think Miranda is pretty cool name too." She answered. ; "Um.. You wouldn't happen to know a way out? I just followed this hallway and then I ended up here, and I found this rose..."  Mary stared at her rose a bit before she exclaimed "You have one too?! Cool! Yours is purple! Mine is yellow!" She said holding up her rose with pride. "Hey, have you already seen the weird paintings and sculptures around here?" Mary asked. "If not then I can show you which ones are good and which are not! I had some time to get to know to this place!" She told Miranda. ; "Oh! That would be great! Thank you!" Miranda answered happily clapping her hands together. Mary quickly took Miranda's hand and lead the way towards another room. The next room was big, and almost the same as the others, but this one had an odd fence near the wall, and inside there were three headless mannequin bodies, red, yellow and blue. "Those are my father's works!" Miranda yelled. "But why are they on the other side of the fence?" Mary looked at her in confusion. ; "Well of course so they can't hurt you." She said. ; "Hurt me?" Miranda asked as one of them dashed towards her trying to grab her, but instead it hit the fence. "Ah!" Miranda cried as she quickly backed away, looking at the mannequin. The mannequin kept trying to grab her, but it suddenly stopped. If it had had a head, it would have been staring right at Miranda. She stared right back at it, when it's arms suddenly fell down on it's sides, as it then turned around and returned to it's position. ; "Oh WOW! I've never seen them act like that!" Mary said excited about all this. Miranda looked at her unsure how to react to this. But she decided Mary was still young, and easily excited. ; "Hey Mary.. If there are things like those walking around... How did you survive here alone? You said you have been here for a while?" Miranda asked. ; "...I have my ways!" Mary said and gave Miranda an innocent smile, as she went ahead. Miranda had a bad feeling about all this, but she let is slide. Mary and Miranda opened another door, which led to a smaller room and a hallway, as they walked further they both heard voices, distant, but clearly recognizable. "Oh hey! Maybe there are other here than just us!" Mary exclaimed happily and ran towards the door. ; "Wait Mary! I don't think you should run so-!" Miranda was about to say but then she saw Mary bumping into a young girl. "...fast." She ended.  The other girl quickly pushed Mary away from her. "Oh! Are you alright?" a man's voice said, as a young, maybe 20-years old man walked in after the girl, looking at Mary. Miranda quickly ran to Mary's side to help her up, the man looked at her. "Hello there, My name is Garry, and her name is Ib." the man explained. ; "Hello, My name is Miranda and this here is Mary." Miranda answered. Garry was a tall pale looking man, with a torn long dark blue coat, green T-shirt, and faded green jeans. His hair was short and a bit curly covering his left eye. His hair was unusual colored, as it had few black streaks but otherwise it was purple. Miranda stared at him for a while, wondering what kind of person he was. She remembered her father's words at that moment. About her eye. She didn't believe it would make any difference, but she brushed her hair over her right eye, she wasn't sure what she saw. There was odd faded colored aura around the young man. She didn't know why, but she knew she could trust him. "Um, this might seem weird but.. Do you two.. Also have roses like we do?" Miranda asked showing her rose to the two. ; "Oh! Yes. We do have roses like that." Garry said showing his blue rose. "I did not know there were purple roses..." He continued. ; "Neither did I." Miranda said laughing a bit. She then saw Ib staring at her. "Oh! I saw you at the gallery earlier!" Miranda exclaimed surprised. ; "Oh. So you two already know each other?" Garry asked looking at Ib who shook her head. ; "Uhm not really.. I was just watching Ib-" Miranda started as she realized how suspicious that sounded. "N-No! I didn't mean like WATCHING, I just meant I SAW you there a-and then I just stared at you- NOT that I meant anything by it! Uh- I mean-!" She tried to explain, feeling her face turning red. "I-I'm sorry!" She said panicking hiding her face with her hands. Garry couldn't help but laugh. ; "No need to explain it Miss Miranda, we didn't even think you would be a suspicious person anyway.. But.. May I ask what happened to your eye?" Garry asked politely. Miranda startled a bit before answering ; "I- um.. My eye has been like this since my birth. I know it looks odd.. I apologize that you had to see it." She said covering her eye with her hair. ; "Oh no,no,no! I did not mean anything like that! I just thought.. It was unique." Garry quickly explained, seeing Miranda's reaction. Mary seemed to be extremely interested in Ib's presence. She smiled at her, as she usually did, and Ib seemed to like her as well. The four of them continued on their way, Miranda still feeling a bit uneasy about Garry's question, although she knew he didn't mean anything. Garry on the other hand wondered how could he make up for being rude to her.   The four entered a room with two doors in it. They headed left first, and entered a room full of rabbit ornaments, and a hug painting of a pink rabbit. It was a nice pastel yellow colored room. ; "Ooooh! Isn't that cute Ib?!" Mary asked enthusiastically. Ib looked around and said ; "I think it's cute." Garry stared at Mary and Ib and then the painting. ; "You two really think THAT is cute?" He said with a disgusted tone. " What do you say Miranda?" Garry asked. Miranda stared at the three confused. She then brushed the hair off from her eye and saw something horrible. The whole room was sickly purple, and green, and all the ornaments were replaced with creepy looking dolls, which all were smiling a creepy, crooked smile. Even the painting was about a big doll with huge glowing red eyes. It was staring straight at Miranda. ; "I-I think it looks just great Ib, Mary." She said unwillingly. Garry looked at her and was about to say something but Miranda quickly covered his mouth and motioned for him to come with her. The two stepped outside the room, as Ib and Mary were still looking at the ornaments. ; "Why didn't you tell the truth to them?" Garry asked a bit irritated. ; "I couldn't. Apparently, they can't see what we can see... Well technically I can see both.. But my right eye shows the truth. I couldn't possibly tell them. They are both just kids. Don't you agree that they should have their fun? Even if it is in a place like this?" Miranda asked. Garry thought about it for a while before relaxing a bit. "You're right. They should have their fun. It has been a true ordeal for poor Ib." Garry said.  ; "Funny.. You're not even related to her, yet you already seem like part of her family. You could be a great big brother." Miranda said smiling gently. Garry blushed a bit, but quickly turned around. "W-Well someone has to be there for her, she doesn't have anyone else right now. Not until we get back to our own world.. Besides you seemed kind of motherly yourself." Garry said still embarrassed. ; "M-Me? No way... I'm not even close to being a mother.. or a mother figure.. ehheh.." Miranda quickly answered. ; "Huh. I thought you were doing just fine!" Marry said happily, standing next to Miranda. ; "M-Mary?! When did you came out of the room?? I didn't even hear you!" Miranda cried and quickly tried to hide her face. ; "Well you ARE. Right Ib?" Mary asked and turned to look at Ib who was standing on the other side of Miranda. ; "... You are kind of like mom.." Ib said. Garry was trying not to laugh, but couldn't help giggling a little.   The four were about to go to the other room, but they stopped in the middle as they heard odd sound from a near by painting. ; "What's that sound?" Miranda asked and looked at the painting. It was a plant growing out right of it. The vines went underground and quickly pushed up from the ground. Mary and Ib were quickly pushed out of the harm's way, as the vines stopped, and turned into stone. "Ib! Mary! Are you two okay??" Garry asked worried. ; "We're fine! Right Ib?" Mary said, Ib nodded. The vines wouldn't break, so instead they had to split up. Mary and Ib went to try the right door, and promised to come back if they couldn't find anything. Garry and Miranda waited sometime, but when they wouldn't come back Garry suggested trying to find another way from... THE ROOM. He hated those dolls, but it was the only way. They found a secret passage behind one of the bookshelves and decided to try where it leads. As they were walking they saw one of the creepy dolls on the ground. Lifelessly sitting. There was text next to it. "HI THERE GARRY, MIRANDA. DO YOU WANT TO PLAY?" Garry felt only disgust and continued quickly. Miranda stood in front of it. "....I don't know why.. But I can't remember you. If you truly are my father's work.. Why are you here?" She asked. She was about to follow Garry, when she heard laughing behind her, and when she turned around, the doll was no where to be seen. Once they reached the door the little doll was sitting there, once again text next to it saying: "TAKE ME" Garry ignored it and was about to kick the doll when Miranda stopped him. "Please don't. It's not worth it." She said calmly. Garry looked at the doll and then Miranda. "I.. know... I'm sorry. Let's just find a way to get back to Ib and Mary.. Then I will feel better knowing that they are safe." He explained, as they entered the next room....   The room was dark blue colored and big with four different doors. Most of them were locked, so for now they went to the room at the end of the room on left. It was odd sanctuary looking room. It had seven stone pillars with a small space for something at the end of each one, and a picture of a palette at the wall. There was also some text written there. "Hmm.. So according to this, if we collect seven different colored balls here, something should happen apparently." Garry said looking at the text. ; "Hm.. Guess they're scattered around the room we were just in.. So a puzzle huh?" Miranda said. "I think I saw something yellow when we entered the room, it might be one of the balls! I'll go look for it!" Miranda said as she ran to the other room. "It was somewhere around here..." She thought to herself, she then saw a little yellow ball. "I was right!" She thought and picked it up. She heard an odd sound from behind her, and she quickly turned around only to see wet paint on the wall. "YOU CAME." it spelled. Miranda backed away from the wall and heard another similar sound. This time the writing was different colored and spelled: "DON'T LEAVE." Miranda felt cold sweat falling from her temple and she quickly made her way back to the room where Garry was. ; "Hm? Miranda? Did you find it..?" Garry was about to ask but then he saw Miranda's reaction. "Miranda what happened?! It wasn't those dolls or the paintings right?" ; "No... I don't think so.. It was just.. I don't know.." She answered sweating. Garry though he probably shouldn't ask more as she clearly didn't want to speak about it. They headed to the room with the library second, they found green ball of paint, and a pink one. They also found something very disturbing. As they were riffling through the pages of a book about Guertena's work, they found a familiar looking picture on the letter M-page. The page read: "Although the girl in the painting looks real, Guertena himself has said that the painting does not in fact, portray any living person." The painting was about a young blonde girl, with a green dress and a yellow rose. "That's....Mary!" Miranda exclaimed. "But.. She is... She's not.. She can't be my father's work!" Miranda said confused about all this. ; "Wait.. Guertena.. THE Guertena is YOUR father?!" Garry said surprised his eyes widened. "But.. If this really is Mary... Then.. Ib! She's in trouble! We must find all of the missing paint balls, otherwise we will never get to them!" Garry said trying not to panic, obviously failing in doing so. ; "Garry.... Please stay calm. Remember... Mary seemed to like Ib, there's no way she could hurt her right? I mean.. You saw her being friends with Ib. Right?" Miranda said comfortingly, putting her hand on Garry's shoulder. "But I do agree that we need to get out of here.. Although there might be a lot of familiar works here.. Even I don't quite enjoy this place..." Miranda confessed with a bit worried look. Garry seemed to relax a bit as he left out a sigh. ; "No.. You are right. I need to stay calm.. There is one more room left.. I think the missing paint balls might be there." Garry said to Miranda walking out of the room and into the hallway.   Once again the two were greeted by the awfully familiar doll. It still wore the same crooked smile as before. But this time it seemed.. Different. It's stomach was bigger than before. "Hm? What is this?.. Could it be?" Garry wondered opening up the doll's stomach , revealing a small red paint ball. He took it and was about to go back to Miranda, but then he heard.. Crying. Odd.. almost insect sounding voice. It came from the doll. The doll moved to the room next to Garry. The door was opened before but now.. It was wide open. As if an invitation for Garry. "Ugh.. I do so hate those dolls.. But.. I guess I have no other choice.. We have looked from everywhere else.. This must be it.." He said taking a deep breath before walking in. He saw a white paint ball on the ground, and didn't hesitate to pick it up. He was about to leave, but he couldn't get the door to open. "What the-? This was open!" He tried turning the knob but it didn't help. He heard giggling behind him, when he turned he saw an army of those creepily smiling dolls. All neatly sitting in rows, all looking towards him. ; "LET'S PLAY A GAME GARRY, TREASURE HUNT!" He heard a high pitched voice saying. As soon as he heard it something went past him. "WHICH ONE OF US HAS THE TREASURE??" ; "Uhg.. I do not have time for this..." He heard a familiar voice behind the door. ; "Garry? Garry are you there?" Miranda called. ; "I am here! I'm not hurt, please stay there I will be there soon!" He answered to her. ; "...Alright if you say so." Miranda said walking towards the last unopened door. Garry let out a sigh, ; "I can NOT let her get involved to this nightmare..." He thought. There was a loud rumbling sound, and then Garry noticed it. A big hand coming out of a painting at the end of the room. A big blue smiling doll was trying to get out. Garry quickly picked a doll and opened it up, only to find wriggling worms in it. He was disgusted by the sight, but couldn't stop now. He picked one doll near the painting opening it's stomach up, but there was only dry rice in it. "This can't happen now.. This can't happen now.." He thought panicking. The large doll was already half way out from the painting. Garry picked one last doll near a table and he found a little silver key. "Yes! The key!" He said victoriously, quickly opening the door and running out. He saw Miranda and quickly grabbed her hand and ran behind a corner. ; "Garry?? What happened to you-?" Miranda was about to ask but Garry interrupted: ; "Do not EVER, Trust those dolls. Alright?" He asked catching his breath, sweating. ; "Uhm... Sure. If you say so.. but are you okay??" She asked giving him a napkin to wipe off the sweat. ; "Yes.. I'm fine." He said. "That should be all of the paint balls so this door should open.." He turned the knob and the door opened. The two found stairs leading up, and both determined to help Ib started climbing up.   At the same time in the other room where Ib and Mary had went, Mary had started acting weirdly. She suddenly stopped talking to Ib at all, which was highly unlike her. ; "Mary? Are you okay?" Ib asked her. ; "....Am I okay?...Okayokayokayokayokayokay... hahahahahaha!!!!" Mary laughed, running into the hallway. Ib followed her, finding her stabbing a mannequin head with a palette knife. She quickly turned around and headed back to the room, leaving Mary alone with the mannequin. Just seconds before she had asked Ib about her family, future plans, what would she do if she could save only 2 people, all different and kind of weird questions. But now she acted like that. Ib was a bit worried, but refused to let it show on her face. Mary came back to the room, following Ib around a bit. Ib looked at her and asked ; "Why are you following me around like that?", ; "No reason really. I just like it that's all. " Mary answered holding her head down looking at the ground. They had seen an odd black and white room with a painting of a rainbow on the other side, Ib felt like she should check the room again, and now there was a rainbow colored bridge leading to a table with a key on it. Ib took the key and returned to the room. Mary was no where to be seen. She quickly made her way to the last closed door, and opened it with a key, she came to a hallway with stairs leading down. She was about to go down when she heard the door opening and closing behind her. ; "Where are you going Ib? Didn't we promise to go together? Hm?" Mary asked, holding the palette knife and walking towards Ib. Ib backed away towards a wall protecting her head with her arms in front. "Why are you backing away Ib?" Mary said taking a few steps forward, now few meters away from Ib. ; "Ib!!!!" They both heard. Garry ran towards Mary, trying to take her palette knife away. ; "What do you think you are doing to Ib?!" Garry yelled. ; "Ib! Are you okay??" Miranda asked hugging Ib and patting her head. When Mary saw Miranda, she suddenly stopped for a second, before Garry pushed her away from them, Mary hitting the ground and the knife falling down on the ground. ; "Ib! You are not hurt are you??" Garry asked worried. ; "No.. I'm fine.." Ib said smiling a bit. ; " Good. Ib..You see.. Mary isn't a human, she's a work of Guertena too... Like those other paintings who were chasing us back there... But I am glad she didn't do anything to you. Now.. Let's get out of here." Garry said leading Ib out of the room. Miranda followed but stopped next to Mary. She leaned down and gently stroke her hair. ; "Why didn't you tell me..?" She said, then walking after Garry and Ib. They walked down the stairs in a dark room, as the scenery around them changed. It looked like.. A child's drawing. Everything looked like a crayon drawing. The sky was black but filled with crayon drawn stars, and the floor had pink lines as a road drawn on them, there were even little houses, a park, a pond, and the art gallery drawn with crayon. Inside the art gallery there were drawings of Mary, Garry, Ib, and Miranda with their roses. All of them smiling, and a little blue doll giving Mary a yellow rose. There was a pink door saying: "LOOK FOR THE TOY BOX. IT'S THE KEY TO ALL" ; "Hm. I guess we will have to find that then.." Garry muttered. They walked forward towards a white house, with a heart on the door. The room in it was white, with a big box in it. ; "Is this it?" Miranda asked. ; "I can't see any 'key' here.. Is it really there? I can't see the bottom of this box either.. " Garry said. Ib looked down to the box in the blackness with the two. ; "Do you wanna see?" Mary said appearing behind them, pushing them in the box.   When Miranda woke up she found herself in a strange room, filled with dolls, mannequins and their heads, and crayon drawings. ; "Where... am I? Ib?? Garry?? " Where are you?!" She yelled. They were no where to be seen. Miranda quickly got up and ran forward. She tried to find one of them, hopefully both of them, but some of the mannequins were blocking the way. "Please move aside! I need to find my friends!" She pleaded. Strangely enough the mannequins DID move. They cleared a way for her. Miranda hesitated but continued running. She saw some blue rose petals on the ground. "Garry??" She asked, and she saw her lying unconscious on the floor. "Garry! Please wake up! We have to find Ib!" She pleaded trying to wake him up. ; "Nhg.. Ahg.. My head.." Garry said and sit up. "Huh..? Miranda? Where is Ib?" He asked. ; "I don't know but-" She started. ; "Garry! Miranda!" Ib yelled running to them. ; "Ib! Thank goodness you are okay!" Miranda said hugging her. "And of course you too Garry!" She said giving him a hug too. Garry took a few steps back as Miranda hugged him. "Eh- Uhm- M-Miranda??" He asked, his face turning red. ; "....Mom and Dad." Ib said. Both Miranda and Garry immediately turning their heads towards her. Miranda then quickly let go of Garry as she understood what Ib meant. ; "Erm, I- Sorry. Um.. Let's just find the key out okay?" She said blushing as they all walked around searching for a key. They found a small pink plastic key on the ground, but as soon as they picked it up the entire room became darker. ; "Not again.." Garry said. "Ib! Miranda! Watch out for the dolls! and don't let them take your roses!" Garry yelled, as all of the dolls and mannequins moved to their direction. They quickly ran towards, what they assumed was the door, and they found ladders leading up. ; "Ladies first." Garry said gesturing towards the ladders. Ib went first, then Miranda and then Garry. They ended up to the same room, where the toy box had been but this time, there was a hallway leading forward. But it was blocked with rose bushes and thorns. Garry took a lighter, and burned them out of the way.   The three continued on their way, they ended up to a room with a painting at the end of it. ; "That painting looks familiar.. Let's go." Garry said. They heard footprints behind them. ; "Garry?, Ib? , Miranda? You're all okay!...How did you find this room?" Mary asked. ; "Mary,we-" Miranda started ; "Go away!" Mary said angrily. "Not another step forward! JUST. GO. AWAY NOOOOOOW!!!!" She yelled as red cracks appeared on the floor when she stomped the ground. She took out the palette knife and charged forward towards them. The three ran towards the painting, Garry taking his lighter out. ; "Please May! Stop! We didn't mean to hurt you!" Miranda yelled. ; "Well you did! You all hurt me! Hurt me! Hurt me!!!!" Mary yelled, angrily tears falling down on her cheeks. "I only wanted a family! But you're all going to leave me!!" She yelled. ; "Mary! You can still have a family!" Miranda yelled back to her. Mary stopped, and lowered the knife a bit. ; "What did you say? YOU of all people!" Mary pointed at her with the knife. "I waited for you! I waited so long! That you would come to me again! But you never did! I hate you! Hate you! HATE YOU!!" She yelled, more cracks appearing on the floor and walls. ; "Mary.. I... I'm so sorry. You are like a sister to me. I know I used to come and see you. Talk to you. To ALL of the paintings and works. But tell me.. If you really hate me.." She said and brushed her hair out of the way. "Why does your aura seem so sad?" She asked. Mary looked at the ground tears falling down. ; "Since father.. Since father died.. I was so lonely.. You never came back.." She cried. ; "I know Mary.. I'm so sorry. Please. Let go of the knife already. I am right here sister." Miranda said walking towards Mary, then hugging her. "It's all okay Mary.. You're not alone anymore. I'm here with you." She said. ; "Yeah... You are here.." Mary said wiping her tears off, hugging Miranda. "You're here with me.. Forever." She said holding the palette knife up high striking it down towards Miranda's back. ; "NO!" Garry yelled, and lighted the painting on fire. There was a scream, and Mary turned into ashes, the knife falling down. Garry hurt his hand when the glass broke around the painting, but Ib gave him a handkerchief, to wipe off the blood. Miranda fell on her knees, and stared at the pile of ashes. ".....I'm so sorry..." She said crying. Garry and Ib walked to her, Ib hugging her from behind. ; "It wasn't your fault." Garry said. "Now, come. Let's get out of here. Okay?" He asked reaching out his hand. Miranda grabbed his hand, and the three walked out.   They went through the pink house, finding a stairway to a much darker looking gallery. It was a perfect replica from the Guertena's art gallery, but it was completely silent. They walked upstairs, in front of the "Fabricated World" Painting. Apparently that was the painting that started it all. The frames disappeared, turning the painting into a portal between their world and Guertena's world. Garry jumped first, helping Miranda to jump and Ib was about to follow when she heard a voice. ; "Ib! There you are! How many times have I told you not to run off like that." Her mother said walking up to her. ; "Mom..?" Ib asked. ; "Who is she talking to?" Garry asked. "Come Ib! It's not that scary! We'll help you okay? Jump!" Ib looked back and forth to her mother and to Garry and Miranda. ; "Ib! Please! You want to see your parents again right? Come with us!" Miranda said holding out her hand. Ib grabbed Garry's and Miranda's hands and the three jumped to their own world, Ib's "Mother" disappearing into the darkness. As they were crossing between dimensions, Miranda heard a clear familiar, nostalgic voice: ; "Goodbye Miranda. See you again soon." Miranda couldn't help but cry.   The next thing Miranda saw, was the art gallery, lighted and well. People walking around. Miranda thought there was something important she had to do but she couldn't remember what it was. ; "Excuse me miss?" A voice called behind her. ; "Yes?" She asked turning around facing a tall, purple and black haired man. ; "I'm sorry but.. Is your name perhaps.. Miranda Weiss?" he asked. ; "Yes. Yes it is." She answered. ; "This must be yours then." The man said holding out a photo of Miranda and her family, behind was the text: "To my dear daughter, may your life be forever happy, and full of adventure. G.W. " ; "Oh my gosh! I must have dropped it! I am so sorry you had to waste your time like this...um... .... Garry?" She said taking her hair out of her eye's way seeing Garry's aura, remembering everything. ; "How did you...-" Garry said, looking into her eyes. "Miranda! I-I remember!" He said happily suddenly hugging her. ; "Eh- Eep!." Miranda accidentally shrieked. ; "But.. Where is Ib?! I have to give this back to her!...Well.. maybe after I have washed it first." Garry said looking at the bloody handkerchief. As soon as he said that he knew where to look. "I think I know where she might be!" He said taking Miranda's hand once again and dashing to downstairs towards the rose sculpture. ; "Ib!!! ", They both yelled when they saw her. Standing there, as if waiting someone. Ib saw them and immediately burst to tears and ran to hug them. ; "I think this belongs to you... Thank you for letting me keep it.. Um.. Could I maybe keep it a bit longer? Until I get it cleaned of course!" Garry said smiling brightly. ; "..Well since your memory isn't the best..." Miranda said, and took off her black ribbon, letting her hair loose, then tying the ribbon around Garry's wrist. "I think this will be enough to remind you to come and meet us again. Right?" Miranda asked smiling too. ; "Heh.. Of course. Because we all WILL meet again!" Garry promised. The Promise of a Reunion End. (I'm planning on writing all of the possible endings. and the endings only. They will be shorter stories as they start in the middle of the actual one. I hope you enjoyed the story. This is the true end still.)
  3. Here At Silent Hill

    Prequel to: Welcome To Nightmares   Here at Silent Hill:   Chapter 0: Unknown    I can't remember. I can't remember at all. I know I woke up in a strange town surrounded by a thick mist wall, ashes falling silently down from the sky like snow. I can't even remember how I died. I say "died" because that's how I seem to be to others. No one can see me. I tried talking to them, even tap on their shoulder, but the only thing that happened was that they got goosebumps. No one could hear me, no one could see me. I guess I wasn't important to anyone, as no one would come to find me. I can't even remember my name. I found out that the town's name was Silent Hill. Now I don't know what happened in this city, but it seemed forgotten, old and dead. I couldn't see any adults, children, animals, nothing. They only ones I did see and who seemed to notice me were the "ghosts". I don't know what else I should call them. Every time a sound of a siren could be heard, that's when they arrived. They didn't talk too much, just walked around. They didn't hurt me either. Some stopped to look at me, but even then they would continue walking without a reason. Now the "black corpses", they were different. Every time I would see them, they would surround me, stare me, even grab my hand at times. I couldn't understand what they wanted, but they were the closest thing to children. Sometimes some of them would make weird sounds, like a muffled scream, or plead. I would sit there with them until they would slowly turn to dust, only to be reborn once again when the siren called. I found out there was this weird cult in Silent Hill. Apparently they thought all the outsiders were either Satanists, or Witches. They seemed to think that they were God's children. A load of crap if you ask me. They did nothing else than shiver in fear inside their church, instead of trying to solve the problem THEY started. They had killed an innocent child, by burning her as a witch. In order to "purify" her from evil. They did nothing else than start a fire, which lead to the town's death, as well as to death of the innocent citizens. Now I'm not saying I was always safe. I learned how to do certain things. Like move things without touching them, sort of like poltergeist. I also learned that not all of the ghosts were friendly. Like the nurses for example, some of them would go crazy at times, killing their own, and try to hit me too! and then, there was the big guy... Pyramid Head. He and his little bug buddies weren't really fond of me. Well at least not the Pyramid head. He even tried to stab me with that sword of his. For some reason his bugs seemed to fear me, although I never did anything to them... As I walked around the town, memorizing the place, I met her. Alessa. The girl who died. She was in pain, mad, but kind to me at least. I also met her other side. A little girl with black hair, pale skin and purple dress. She liked to talk about doomsday stuff. I didn't really mind. Being dead I might as well listen, after all.. I have ALL the time in the world. It didn't take too long when some "Guests" arrived. I had heard from Alessa, that they would need their help in order to avenge Alessa's death, as well as save her "good side" Sharon. She was also a little girl, lost in Silent Hill. Her mother Rose was looking for her. Rose seemed nice, though she couldn't see me. I didn't want her to. I knew how to make myself visible but.. What can I say? I'm a shy ghost...dead corpse...zombie.. thingy. Anyway.. I promised to Alessa to help her, so it's only fair for me to get them an invitation to the church right? If the cult members really need a Witch.. Then I shall BE the Witch for them. Of course.. There's no guarantee that our guests live long enough to get to the church. There are a lot of curious souls here after all. I do hope they won't be teared to shreds. I kinda like them, and I have to admit Alessa's "daughter" has got some talent in drawing. Guess I could talk to my pal Pyramid Head, to leave them alone. I was getting kind of bored anyway.. So why not throw a welcoming party to them? Of course AFTER I've had a talk with Ms.Doomsday and Nurse Ann there... Just wait for me weird Cult People. Death is on her way.
  4. Creepypasta Oc Story: Shadow Girl

    The Shadow Girl: She was always strange. "Strange", "A freak", "Odd", "Creepy", That's how everyone who ever met her described her. Well at least the one's from her school. She never had many friends, and she was okay with that, she didn't mind. Her name was Vivian Thompson, she was pretty much like any normal 17-year old would be, she went to school normally, hanged out with her friends in the afternoon, went home, watched anime...etc. She liked anime, it was interesting perfect opposite from her usual life. What really made her different, were her friends. Her first friend was about her age, always wore black, black hoodie, black baggy pants, black hair.. She always followed Vivian where ever she went, always few steps behind her. Most of the people didn't even pay attention to her, that's what really made her mad. She wanted to be noticed. Of course what else would you expect.. She was only a shadow after all. A literal Shadow. Vivian's shadow, hence why she always wore the same clothes as her, looked like her. However she did not sound like her.Vivian called her "Kage". Her voice was always really quiet like someone whispering, or like dry leaves rustling. She and Vivian could have been twins except Kage was completely black and had two small yellow eyes, and a horrible smile, no matter what. Vivian's other friend however was nothing like her. She liked him. He always allowed her to hug him when she was feeling down or scared. He was there for her when she first started school, he was there when she had no one else to talk to, he was there when she went to sleep. For he was her teddy bear. Vivian named him Yellow Death, because the teddy bear had painted bloody claws, and "blood" on it's mouth. It had a small nose and two black eyes. It's head was quite big, but for Vivian it was just perfect. She always spent time with her friends. She carried Yellow Death to school, and Kage would follow her. However she had bully problem. Three bullies to be exact. About the same age as her. She wasn't really talkative, she usually stayed in the background hoping no one would notice her at all, and would just leave her be. Those bullies, did not do so. Instead they decided to make every break time a living hell for her. Sometimes they just found out her hiding spot, and would call her names, "a wuss", "freak", "psycho", you name it they said it. Sometimes they would kick her stomach until she would start crying, usually she fell on the ground hugging Yellow Death tightly wishing the break would end. Sometimes they even threw rocks at her.  Once it hit her head so hard, she had to be taken to the school nurse for a checkup. When the nurse asked what happened she would simply answer ;"I fell miss.", "I fell, and I hit my head." She didn't want to hate anyone, she didn't hate the bullies, but the things they did to her and mostly to her friends. Once one of the bullies stepped on Kage which made Vivian cry and yell "Stop! You're hurting her!" Which of course provoked the bullies even further, as they would all stomp on her shadow making fun of it. That was the day, when Kage got mad. Vivian walked home all beaten up, but thanks to her covering clothing her parents wouldn't even notice the bruises she had, that's why she wore them in the first place, as she did not want to be a burden to her parents. Vivian did not remember when she had first lied to her parents about her wounds, but that had been a long time ago. "I don't like them.." Vivian said hugging her knees. ;"You don't like who?" Kage asked coming out from the shadows near by.;"The bullies, I don't like what they're doing, they always hurt me, and you two." Vivian said wiping her tears. ;"..Then why don't you simply "remove" them?" Kage asked smiling. "No bullies, no problems." Kage continued. ;"R-Remove them? How?", Kage's smile grew even more sinister, as she placed her hand on Vivian's shoulder. "You trust me don't you? We're friends, pals, aren't we?" Vivian looked into her eyes. ;"Yea...?", ;"Then leave everything to you good old friend Kage, okay? Khihihi..." She giggled. The next day at school, Vivian tried to avoid the bullies by going into the shadows of the schools walls. Because of her black clothing she did fit in well enough, but thanks to Kage it was as if she became one with the shadows. For a moment she felt like she couldn't breath. But seconds later she was just fine, standing in the hallway as usual. She didn't question it. It was what happened at the school yard, that turned her life upside down. She was sitting in the shadows, as usual when her bullies came there laughing and talking. She suddenly heard her own voice saying: ;"Hey! You idiots over there!" She turned to look only to see Kage's two glowing eyes looking back at hers. ;"W-What are you doing? You're making them mad!" Vivian whispered to Kage. ;"Trust me friend... I know what I'm doing..Khihi.." Kage explained. ;"I-If you say so.." Vivian said, lifting her light brown hair from over her right eye.  The bullies only saw Vivian standing there hugging her teddy bear. ;"Again with that stupid stuffed animal? What are you, five?!" one of them yelled, the two others laughing at his marvelous joke. ;"Yeah! What Josh said!" One of them yelled. ;"Um.. I.." Vivian started, when suddenly she felt someone grab her right arm twisting it enough for it hurt and let her go off from Yellow Death. ;"Seriously what is up with you bringing this along? It's not alive or anything, you really need help.." Josh said throwing Yellow Death on the ground, near a mud puddle.  "In fact.. Why don't we help our classmate guys?!" Josh asked, evil smile appearing on his face. ;"Hey, Yeah! Let's help her "let go of the past!" the other one started. Vivian watched horrified. Josh took out a pocketknife, grabbed Yellow Death from the leg and held it up above the mud puddle. ;"So where shall we start...? The legs? or the arms? Or maybe head?" He asked from his friends. ;"S-Stop! It don't hurt Yellow Death! He hasn't done anything!" Vivian yelled as the third bully twisted her arm more, making her fall on her knees on the ground. ;"What was that freak? I couldn't quite hear- oops!"Josh said insultingly as he let go off YW's leg making it fall in the mud puddle. If they could have heard it, They would have heard YW scream, as they stepped on it's back making it's fur all dirty, it's face still in the mud puddle. Vivian was already crying her head on the ground ;"Please.. Stop!!" The bully let go of her and joined the others, seeing how much more it hurt her. Kage appeared by her side. ;"Well...? Don't you want to save him? Don't you want to hurt them? They're going to tear him apart limb by limb if you don't do anything.." She whispered in her ear. Vivian lifted her head from the ground, tears still falling, she stood up and turned towards Kage. ;"I want to help him.", "I want to hurt them." She heard Josh yelling:"Let's tear it apart!" "I want to KILL them!" Vivian yelled, as a cruel smile appeared on Kage's face. ;"Then let me help you. FRIEND." She said as the near by shadows crawled towards Vivian. Some grabbed her arms and crawled up towards her head, some made walls around her. The bullies turned to look at the scene. ;"W-What the hell is that?!" One of them said and pointed at the small shadow orb around Vivian. The shadows covered her face completely, entering from her mouth, ears and eyes. She couldn't breath, her heart was beating slower and slower, she felt cold, but she wasn't scared, after all she knew she could trust her friends. Then.. She could see only darkness around her. The orb disappeared showing Vivian's lifeless body on the ground. The three bullies dropped YW, and were about to ran away, When they felt something grabbing their legs. ;"Where are you going friends? Weren't you supposed to help me let go of the past?" Vivian said getting up from the ground slowly, she turned towards them, her face was completely pale, covered with black veins, her eyes were completely black except they had green glowing circle in the middle. She was smiling to them. The bullies looked down and they saw nothing but black. Vivian lifted her hand making the shadows grow enough for them to hold the bullies from their waist. "Now.. You were saying something about tearing off my poor little YW's legs and arms?" She started as she picked her teddy bear up. "I kinda like that plan. But let's change it a bit. How about I tear off YOUR legs and arms? How does that sound?" She said smiling as she summoned a knife from the shadows, or rather the knife became part of her right arm. She stared at Josh and asked: "Hey.. Have you ever killed?" Josh stared at her horrified.;"You're crazy!" Vivian's smile faded as she stabbed Josh on his left leg. ;"That's not an answer Joshie~" She said. ;"NO I have not killed!!!" Josh yelled. A smile reappeared on Vivian's face. ;"You're lying." She said calmly. "I saw everything. I still see everything. You can not lie to me Joshie~. How about that little bird on the third grade? Hm? You left it to die. Even though you could have helped it." She said. ;"We weren't even in the same school back then! How would you know that?!" Josh yelled. ;"Kage told me." Vivian said looking at Josh a bit confused. "She also told me.. About that little car accident of yours, and your friends. But don't worry. We won't tell. Right Kage? Yellow Death?" The three bullies cried out loud when they saw Kage appearing from Vivian's shadow, Yellow Death on the other hand now had a smile on it's face. "But we're not going to be unfair. I'll give you 10 seconds. Then I'll come and find you three okay?" Vivian said smiling innocently. The shadows let go of the three as, they tried to run away stumbling. "1...2.... ...10. Lights Out!" She yelled as she waved her hands signaling the shadows to fly towards the bullies as they grabbed them holding them still, as Vivian held knife up high before bringing it down neatly cutting through their arms and legs, watching them bleed to death. " Mary had a little lamb, little lamb, little lamb... Mary had a little lamb but then the poor thing died~, Where ever little Mary went, Mary went, Mary went, Where ever little Mary went she dragged the body too~, Mary went to school one day, school one day, school one day, Mary went to school one day and everybody died~." Vivian sang as she made the shadows eat what was left from the bodies. There were even no blood trails left after the shadows did their jobs. Vivian grabbed Kage's hand. "We can't return home anymore... Can we?" She asked. ;"No we can not.." Kage answered. ;"You know what..?" Vivian asked her holding her head down. ;"What?" Kage asked turning to her. ;"Mary definitely HAD a little lamb.." Vivian said before starting to laugh "Khihihi.." She laughed.  Two days later the police had put up four missing signs all over the town, No one knew what had happened. No bodies were found, No traces of them. Vivian sat under a big tree hugging her knees and YW, Kage right next to him. "So, what do we do now?" Vivian asked Kage, turning her head, as the shadows playfully danced around her. ; "I think I know a place we can stay.. There's an old friend I'd like for you to meet." Kage said smiling, as the three then headed to the forest, as the darkness followed them, making them disappear from sight. To you dear reader a few questions and advice's: "Have you ever killed?", "Have you ever seen an odd figure at the corner of your eye, just before your light starts twitching?" If so, do not call her name, if you do you will be forced to tell the truth, if you lie you will die. Pray for mercy, or prepare for the worst, or you might just be like Mary's little lamb.
  5. Welcome to Nightmares

    Okay so this story might be a bit confusing.. It is meant to be that way. A LOT of things are left for the readers interpretation.. This has some horror elements too. Welcome to Nightmares As I was walking in the dark hallways of the basement floor, I could hear it following me. Step by step. I walked faster than it. It was more like slouching than walking behind me. It always carried a knife. It didn't really speak to me. It made some odd sounds and moans, as if it was suffering from something... From what it was I did not know. I couldn't remember how I ended up here. I couldn't quite remember my name either. I didn't know if I was alive or dead, but to me, it didn't matter anymore. None of this town's people were exactly normal, So I'd fit in just fine. I never really liked when those things appeared though. They never really do anything, but they were disturbing, especially when they followed me. I knew they couldn't hurt me, and I wouldn't hurt them unless they tried something. Only one of them sometimes attacked. Not that I cared. He never really hurt me. I also hated the cult this town had been hiding for years. That's why I decided I'd have to meet her. She would know what to do to this. Maybe then all this suffering would finally stop. I saw two big door in front of me. I pushed them open and entered a room full of light. I walked towards the hospital bed. It was surrounded with white curtains. Inside laid a girl. Badly burned. She couldn't speak anymore. She stared at me with her red bloodshot eyes. She tried to reach her hand towards mine. Her skin was entirely black with small little wounds all over. Only few could tell she was still living human being. I placed my palm against hers and said: "Don't worry. You will have your revenge upon those who hurt you. None of them will live." She looked at me with relief. For the first time in many years she smiled. I smiled too before my expression turned into a frown. She was here.  I turned to face a little girl. She looked like a 10-year old. She was wearing a torn school uniform consisted of a grey long skirt, purple sweater, white shirt and a small black ribbon. Her black hair was covering her face.  "Hello Alessa.. What do you want this time? Play hide and seek?" I said sarcastically which she knew far too well. I wasn't sure how many years had passed from our first meeting, but it seemed like a life time to me. "The mother and the child have arrived. The last day is near." She said. I rolled my eyes. "We're already in our own personal hell. How could this "Beautiful dream land" be destroyed by two people?" I asked crossing my arms. "Because.. They are special.. The child belongs to her." Alessa said pointing at the burned girl.  "They might be our only way in. We might be able to destroy the cult...What do you say.. "Original?" I said looking back at the burned girl who smiled to me in return. "So that's a yes.. Well guess I'm going to go play Witches and Curses with them again" I said stretching my arms up high.  "Be ready with the kid Alessa." I said as I turned to look back at her for the one last time. She simply nodded smiling evilly as she always did. It was like her trademark. I walked through the doors again, back to the darkness. They were all gathered around this time. Not moving an inch. All packed up in one place, In the middle of the hallway. I sighed as I tried to get past them. They were all wearing nurse outfits, and their heads were covered in bloodstained bandages. They all had knifes, blades, or whatever sharp they managed to find. I was half way through when one of them went mad. It started slashing it's knife around trying to hit the others. I quickly jumped and rolled out of the way just as the knife was stabbed through one of the nurses foot who was standing next to me.  "God I hate those things.." I said as I got up and continued walking. Eventually I found the old elevator, it was covered in rust and the safety net was already broken. "Gee... How I feel safe." I said taking a deep breath before walking in the elevator and pressing the button to the first floor. I got out of the elevator and out from the old broken house. I walked in the streets. It was so quiet. The ashes were falling down like snowflakes. If anyone would stay here longer than two hours they would've died of poisoning. The gas, smoke and the ashes were making sure of that. I didn't really care for it. I tried avoiding the cracks on the ground, since the gas could sometimes shoot out from them, not that it could hurt me but I didn't want to risk anything. I hadn't really got the time to memorize all the rules of this town. Although I can't remember what it was that got me in here, I kind of liked the place. It was quiet little town, filled with monsters, and although I always had certain emptiness and anger in my heart, It was a place I could call "home". Yes. This little dead town. Of Silent Hill.
  6. There was a game released on the Sega Dreamcast called Illbleed which was a horror game (or tried to be as I didn't find it very scary at all). On that game there was a demonic version of Sonic the hedgehog called 'ZoDuck the Hellhog' which would later be revealed to just be an animatronic. Does anyone remember this and that Sega published it? I haven't seen any creepypastas about it and only a bit of fan art.   oh, they censored his name a bit, well it does make sense...