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  1. Here At Silent Hill

    Prequel to: Welcome To Nightmares   Here at Silent Hill:   Chapter 0: Unknown    I can't remember. I can't remember at all. I know I woke up in a strange town surrounded by a thick mist wall, ashes falling silently down from the sky like snow. I can't even remember how I died. I say "died" because that's how I seem to be to others. No one can see me. I tried talking to them, even tap on their shoulder, but the only thing that happened was that they got goosebumps. No one could hear me, no one could see me. I guess I wasn't important to anyone, as no one would come to find me. I can't even remember my name. I found out that the town's name was Silent Hill. Now I don't know what happened in this city, but it seemed forgotten, old and dead. I couldn't see any adults, children, animals, nothing. They only ones I did see and who seemed to notice me were the "ghosts". I don't know what else I should call them. Every time a sound of a siren could be heard, that's when they arrived. They didn't talk too much, just walked around. They didn't hurt me either. Some stopped to look at me, but even then they would continue walking without a reason. Now the "black corpses", they were different. Every time I would see them, they would surround me, stare me, even grab my hand at times. I couldn't understand what they wanted, but they were the closest thing to children. Sometimes some of them would make weird sounds, like a muffled scream, or plead. I would sit there with them until they would slowly turn to dust, only to be reborn once again when the siren called. I found out there was this weird cult in Silent Hill. Apparently they thought all the outsiders were either Satanists, or Witches. They seemed to think that they were God's children. A load of crap if you ask me. They did nothing else than shiver in fear inside their church, instead of trying to solve the problem THEY started. They had killed an innocent child, by burning her as a witch. In order to "purify" her from evil. They did nothing else than start a fire, which lead to the town's death, as well as to death of the innocent citizens. Now I'm not saying I was always safe. I learned how to do certain things. Like move things without touching them, sort of like poltergeist. I also learned that not all of the ghosts were friendly. Like the nurses for example, some of them would go crazy at times, killing their own, and try to hit me too! and then, there was the big guy... Pyramid Head. He and his little bug buddies weren't really fond of me. Well at least not the Pyramid head. He even tried to stab me with that sword of his. For some reason his bugs seemed to fear me, although I never did anything to them... As I walked around the town, memorizing the place, I met her. Alessa. The girl who died. She was in pain, mad, but kind to me at least. I also met her other side. A little girl with black hair, pale skin and purple dress. She liked to talk about doomsday stuff. I didn't really mind. Being dead I might as well listen, after all.. I have ALL the time in the world. It didn't take too long when some "Guests" arrived. I had heard from Alessa, that they would need their help in order to avenge Alessa's death, as well as save her "good side" Sharon. She was also a little girl, lost in Silent Hill. Her mother Rose was looking for her. Rose seemed nice, though she couldn't see me. I didn't want her to. I knew how to make myself visible but.. What can I say? I'm a shy ghost...dead corpse...zombie.. thingy. Anyway.. I promised to Alessa to help her, so it's only fair for me to get them an invitation to the church right? If the cult members really need a Witch.. Then I shall BE the Witch for them. Of course.. There's no guarantee that our guests live long enough to get to the church. There are a lot of curious souls here after all. I do hope they won't be teared to shreds. I kinda like them, and I have to admit Alessa's "daughter" has got some talent in drawing. Guess I could talk to my pal Pyramid Head, to leave them alone. I was getting kind of bored anyway.. So why not throw a welcoming party to them? Of course AFTER I've had a talk with Ms.Doomsday and Nurse Ann there... Just wait for me weird Cult People. Death is on her way.