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  1. Wakfu: Aeri The Eliatrope

    Okay. Let me start by saying, that I do not own any of characters, except for my OC and her Dragon brother. All the other Characters belong to Ankama Games and to Ankama Animation. WARNING: Contains some major spoilers for the Wakfu animated series, so if you're currently watching, or plan on doing so, read at your own risk. If you're new to the series that's okay as well, the story will explain most of the important things. The story will contain non-canon things.   Prologue: The skies were dark, covered in endless smoke. A song of screams became louder and louder, each passing second. The smell of iron was strong, and the sounds of metal crushing bone was unbearable. A girl ran through the battlefield, in search of something she had lost. SOMEONE, she had lost. She wasn't even sure of what would be waiting for her at the end, she did not care. All she knew, was that she had to find him. She tried calling for his name, but the desperate cry drowned, to the sound of the metallic beings marching forward. They destroyed everything in sight, and it had become hard to breathe. Yet Aeri refused to flee. Not without her brother. He had to be there, somewhere in the burning sea of flames. The panic was setting in, her lungs were absolutely burning every breath of the way, and her legs had lost all feeling. She attempted to call for him again, only for a giant shadow to land on her, she turned to be met with two red burning dots, and black, cold, metallic armor. She had to back up, to see the being completely. Aeri had no strength left, she could only watch, as the robotic thing raised it's claw like arm, ready to strike down. Warm tears found their way on her cheeks, as she attempted to put up her arms in defense. The being came closer, and with great strength and speed, swung it's claw down at her. Aeri opened her eyes, only to be met with a familiar room. Her room. It was lightly colored, decent sized for two. She quickly turned to look to her side, seeing her brother Shiroazaad sleeping soundly, quiet murmurs sometimes escaping him. Aeri gave a deep, slow sigh. She had seen that same nightmare, for Goddess knows how many times. Yet it always seemed so vivid. So lifelike. So REAL. She wondered, if that was yet another thing, she had forgotten from her past lives. Things always seemed to come back at her, when she was most vulnerable. Although, it had become the new norm to her, it always took her by surprise. The only thing that stopped her from having yet another near anxiety attack, was her brother turning towards her. His steady breathing, and gently warm body heat, made her able to calm down. He was practically hugging her, not that she minded, but his spiky short hair, and a pair of small horns, were poking her cheek rather painfully. She tried to make more room for herself, by quietly shifting towards the edge, but due to his grip, was unable to. She made a silent vow to go talk about her nightmare, to another family member. As soon as she'd get out of this predicament.     
  2. So... I thought of writing another long one-shot about Undertale's Genocide ending or more precisely the Last Corridor's fight. If you've read my fanfic "My friend" you know how this goes. If not then, it's basically my OC Vivian The Hedgehog in Undertale's world. Basically she became friends with Frisk, but of course this being the Genocide version things are not going too well.. (This story will be told from Vivian's point of view.) so... Enjoy  (prepare for feels)   The Fallen Child "How many times have I been through this same situation?" "How many times do I have to see everyone die?" "Why won't it stop?" "Why won't he stop?" I found myself lying on the corridors cold floor, my vision was becoming blurry, and I could barely see the remains of Sans' body, lying next to me. I tried to get up but I had no strength left. To think that just few hours ago, I was still talking with Undyne, Sans, Alphys, Mettaton and Papyrus. I tried to make them understand that this wasn't Frisk's fault. He wasn't in control of his own body anymore. Papyrus was on my side, and Alphys was too until... Undyne died. We all saw it from the monitor. We saw how Chara one by one, killed everyone in his way. Papyrus believed in him till the very end. I wanted too.. But I've already lost track of how many times I gave him a second chance. Every time, no matter what I did, it was always the same. He fights Sans, he kills him, I try to stop him, I die. I tried to get in contact with Frisk, despite all of this, I know he is still in there somewhere. Maybe it was my naive personality that made me believe so, maybe I was just trying to create hope to a situation where everyone needed it the most. Whatever it was, it was about to get me killed. AGAIN. I was tired of this. How many times would he reset this world, just so he can watch it burn again? Was he just toying with us all? What was the point? I heard footsteps coming closer to me, as I tried my best to get up, again, I would be killed, by the same person who I wanted to protect the most. I looked up, and I saw the knife in his hand. He had that sadistic smile on his face, he ALWAYS did. I didn't even bother to try and talk my way out of this situation. He wouldn't listen. I simply looked at him, and waited for him to finish me. I closed my eyes, as I waited the knife to hit me. I was surprised when it didn't. I opened my eyes, and looked at Chara, he was holding his other hand still. As if he was having an inner fight, whether he'd kill me or not. "...Frisk?" I asked. Chara took a step back when I said that name. He was trying his best to free his right hand, but his left hand wouldn't let go. I slowly got up from the ground, as I tried to focus. "Frisk. If you're really there... Please. Reset this timeline. It can't end like this." I told him. ; "Frisk isn't here anymore". Chara answered. He was starting to look irritated because of the situation he was in, he was fighting Frisk the best he could, and I was still here, the only one left who might be able to help Frisk gain the control again. I looked at the ground, it was full of marks from the battle, and the ashes on it was what was left from Sans. ; "Hey Frisk, do you remember how we became friends with Papyrus and Sans?" I asked. Chara held his head in pain, ; "SHUT UP!", ; "They made all these crazy puzzles for you to solve, of course you were determined enough to get through them, Papyrus was really proud of you y'know? and Sans was happy to see his brother finally getting new friends." I said taking a few steps forward, holding my arm in pain. Chara fell on his knees, he couldn't move anymore, he dropped the knife, and yelled. "Do you remember Toriel?" I asked. "You called her mom, even though you had just met her. Heh.. You even tried to flirt with her, wonder where you got that from." I said laughing a bit. ; "Shut up, shut up, shut up!!!" Chara yelled, looking at me in anger. ; "Even Undyne became friends with you, even though she tried to kill you.. Of course I wouldn't let that happen.. Your cooking lesson didn't end well though, and then there were Alphys and Mettaton.. you remember them right? Alphys loved anime, and I even had a marathon with her. It was fun, and you and Mettaton had a competition about who would become more famous in 10 minutes. It was pretty sad seeing a big grown robot sulking in the corner after he lost." I told him, sitting next to him. ; "Please.. No.. Just.. Let me be in control!!!" Chara yelled. I looked at him, I didn't know whether it was pity, or something else but.. I hugged him. ; "Chara. You have to stop. If not for me, or Frisk, or anyone else.. Then.. For Asriel." I said to him. That was the last straw. Chara let out an animal like yell, before falling on the ground. He didn't move, I wasn't sure if he was even breathing. I moved closer to him. "Chara...? Are you okay-" I felt a sharp pain in my stomach. " Not again." I thought. "It can't end like this." I fell on the ground, as I lost consciousness.   There was a flash of white light, and everything was just like before.   One hour before the end: ; "Papyrus, Undyne... Mettaton.. No.. Why did this have to happen...?" Alphys asked, crying in front of her monitors. ; "Because that's what the child is like. Chara won't stop no matter what we do." I said, crossing my arms. ; "Then... I'll go. I'll stop him myself!" Alphys said, standing up, getting her experimental anti-human weapons ready. I quickly blocked the door. ; "No Alphys. We both know that you are far too kind to kill him. I WILL do it." I told her, with a determined look. ; "What? YOU? No offense, but.. I don't think this will work.. I mean Sans is still there somewhere so-" Alphys started. ; "That is EXACTLY why it has got to be ME who stops Chara. I won't let anyone else fall victim of his. I WILL end this once and for all. You and Sans need to make sure everyone else is safe, evacuate all the remaining people of the Underground as fast as you can." I told her, and headed towards the castle. I saw Sans standing in the corridor, waiting for Chara, I had been able to get to him faster, thank to Alphys telling me about the shortcut. ; "What are you still doing here Viv? Aren't you supposed to be with Alphys and others?" Sans asked me. He was clearly ready for the battle once again. ; "Actually, I came here to tell you, that you need to go NOW." I told him. He stared at me for a long while, until he finally laughed. ; "What, YOU'RE going to fight that little child yourself? Weren't you the one most fond of him?" He said to me, clearly underestimating me. ; "That is the exact reason why I must be the one to stop him." I told him. "Now if you're not going to move yourself I will MAKE you move. I won't watch again how you die. Not anymore." I told him. He saw that I was serious about all this. ; "Heh.. Guess I'm not the only one who remembers all of the other timelines huh? You really think you can bring him back?" He asked, walking to me. ; "No. I gave up on that. I just decided that it's gotta be me who goes, not you. I wasn't even born in the Underground, even if I'm not there, no one will miss me right?" I asked him. ; "What are you going to do then?" He asked. ; "Something what I should've done 20 resets ago.." I told him, looking towards the entrance. Sans made his famous disappearing act, just in time too. I saw the small child coming in, holding a knife, and wearing an amulet.   ; "Hello again Chara." I said with a bored voice. ; "What do you say we cut the act, and get to the point, no?" I asked him. Chara looked at me surprised, and confused. Clearly, he was waiting for Sans. ; "Aren't you going to talk to me? and give me mercy?" Chara asked sarcastically. ; "I'm sorry Chara. But I'm all out of mercy." I answered, as five small green orbs appeared behind me, forming a small circle. I snapped my fingers, and the orbs shot energy beams towards Chara, who was clearly not prepared for it. He quickly dodged, barely missing the last beam. He looked at his burnt shirt's sleeve, as he held his knife tight in his hand, he quickly ran towards me. I created five more orbs, and snapped my fingers, creating a energy beam wave, that quickly and effectively hit Chara. He was hurt all over, but not dead, wounded yes, but not dead. I walked towards him slowly. ; "You were supposed to be the nice one." He said, spatting blood from his mouth. ; "I am." I answered. "But even the nicest of people have their limit, and once you cross that, you wish you had never messed with them." I said angrily, as green energy surrounded me. Chara tried to get up ; "Heh. Yeah right, sooner or later you'll break again, and I get to kill you ALL over again, and watch you plead for your pathetic life." He laughed. I grabbed his hair with my other hand, and held him up, close to my face. I stared at him right in the eye, with a cold look. ; "Honestly... I don't give a damn anymore. If you're going to kill me again, fine. But I will not die without a fight, not anymore, and I hope you'll remember this now, because I doubt you'll get a chance like this anytime soon. YOU are not my friend, nor are you Frisk. YOU are nothing more than some psychotic little brat, who has killed my friends over and over again, and I do not much care for it. So for now Chara... Goodnight." I placed my hand on his forehead, and using all I had left I fired an energy shot. It broke all of the windows in the corridor. and caused a big shock wave. It was over. Chara was finally dead. I killed him. I looked at his corpse on the floor, and I felt nothing. I should've felt something but.. I felt nothing. I picked him up, and I walked towards the throne room, where Asgore was waiting. He looked at me startled, as he saw who I was carrying. ; "Is.. Is he?" He tried to ask. ; "Dead? Yes. Yes he is... I'm sorry, but there was no other way." I told him. I honestly do not know whether there was another way or not, but at the time, I did not care. "Now we can open the barrier, and let everyone in Underground be free. All we need now is a monster's soul." I said. ; "I'm afraid I can not ask for anyone to give up their life for this." Asgore said sadly. ; "...You don't have to." I said to him. Asgore looked at me confused. "Use my soul." I told him. ; "I couldn't possibly-" He said. ; "It's fine. I want to be of use, even if this is all I'm good for... Besides.. I bet if we used this child's soul.. he'd be lonely out there all alone. At least I can keep him company." I said smiling a bit. ; "Are you sure of this?" Asgore asked me, clearly hesitating. He is a good King. ; "I'm sure, your majesty. The people of Underground need their King, and you have Royal Scientist Alphys, and Sans too. I'm sure you will all be alright from now one, once you go to the surface... But.. Please remember.. Not all humans are bad. You just happened to meet with one of the worst ones." I explained. He seemed to understand me. "Please tell Alphys and Sans.. That I'm sorry I couldn't say "bye" to them." I said smiling, as tears began to fall down my cheeks. Asgore held his trident up, ready to take my soul, and just like that, it was over. I had been erased from existence. I remember no pain after that, just warmth. The people of the Underground made it to the surface, King Asgore leading them. They will be alright. I know it. Even after all this, the monsters are strong, they can handle anything. I wish Papyrus, Undyne, and Mettaton could have seen it too. But hey, it's only a matter of time before this timeline resets again, and then, just maybe, we can all be a family again.
  3. Ib: Art Gallery of Horror

    So as I promised I shall write a fanfic.. right now.. and I'm changing the title a bit from the normal "Ib" one. and I will be using my own Oc.. and I try not to change the characters personalities too much. Forgive me if there's some OOC. I also cut the text so it's easier to read. Enjoy!      Ib: The Art Gallery of Horror   It was just like any other day, people were waiting in line to get to the famous art gallery, made especially for one sensational artist known as Guertena Weiss. Although he had died some time ago, his works were still well known, and many even believed Guertena had left a part of himself in his works. Not only did he paint the most amazing paintings, but he also did some of the greatest sculptures in the world. Many had tried to get on his level as an artist but none had succeeded in doing so. The art gallery was once again packed with eager fans, reviewers, different classes on a school trip, and even poets. There was also one specific girl, who no one seemed to notice, but who was in fact the closest to the artist. Her name was Miranda Weiss. Before her father had died, she used to always watch him at work, creating the beautiful masterpieces stroke by stroke, bit by bit. She loved every last one of them. Even if others said they looked... strange or odd, she would always find a way to love at least some part in it. Now she usually visited the gallery every year in memorial of her father. She would go through the entire gallery, remembering the times with her father, and every story behind his art. Besides her, her mother and father, no one knew why he even began making them, and all of the secrets would one day die along with Miranda. She did know it sounded grim, but it also made her feel special. as she was the only other one her father had ever told the story behind his career. Miranda spotted a small maybe 8 or 9-years old girl, looking at a rose sculpture. Her expression didn't really change as she watched it. She had chestnut brown hair a bit over her shoulders, red eyes, and she was wearing white blouse with a big red ribbon, red skirt and shoes and black knee socks. "She must have a great sense in fashion, almost like my mother.." Miranda thought.  Her mother usually picked her clothes for her, even though she was already 19. She didn't really mind her mother doing so, except for the fact she always chose the most "doll-like" clothes. Even now she had a long almost like Victorian-era styled long sleeved red dress, with a big ribbon on the waist, and expensive looking black shoes with buckles on them. But to be honest it did go well with her different looking hair style, as it was half polka hair, half long. Otherwise her hair was pretty short excluding her long thin ponytail going down at his back tied with a black ribbon, and her front hair on the right side, that covered her actual abnormality.. She had had since birth, an odd looking right eye. It's pupil was red instead of black and her eye color was dark blue, even though her left eye was green. It was not due to any sickness, she was perfectly healthy, but her eye just made it look strange. Her father used to say that she could see "the truth" in people and in what they do. Though Miranda never quite got what he had meant. She walked towards the sculpture as the little girl walked past her, towards upstairs. Miranda looked at the rose sculpture. She really liked it. She always thought it explained life well. Pretty, yet hurtful. Suddenly the lights in the gallery started flickering wildly, and then all of them completely went out. Miranda stood there in the darkness, it seemed like hours had passed by until the lights came back on. Then, she noticed red footprints on the floor. At first she thought it was blood which made her a bit wary, but she smelled paint. "Oh thank goodness. It's just red paint.." She said sighing in relief. She followed the footprints, leading to a hallway she had never seen before, and she had visited the gallery more than anyone. She looked around in confusion and took few more steps forward, as the hallway she had used before disappeared behind her. "What the-? Oh.. This can't be good.." She said. The room she was in was dark. Dark red, and even though she really did like the color the atmosphere in it was quite eerie. She continued on the newly found hallway, until she reached a door, and in front of it, was a little brown table with a vase on it and a purple rose in it. "Hm? Purple rose? Who would leave it in such a place?" She stared at the table for a while. "Purple always WAS father's favorite color..." She thought. She picked up the rose and moved the table out of the way. She was about to enter to the room but then she saw fresh dark blue paint marks on the wall next to her. It spelled: "HELLO". The paint was still wet, and the text hadn't been there few seconds ago. Miranda felt shivers going down her spine as she quickly opened the door only to bump into something. "Wha-?!" She accidentally cried and hit the ground. ; "Ow. Ow Ow...." She heard someone saying. She looked up and she saw a small girl, about the same aged as before. She had a blonde hair, and she also had an Victorian-era looking dress, a forest green one with a light blue cravat, and brown boots. ; "Oh I'm so sorry! Are you alright?" Miranda asked and helped the girl up. "I am so sorry, I didn't see you there at all." She apologized. The girl got up and shook off the dust from her dress. The girl stared at Miranda in awe, as if she had never seen a human before. Miranda thought it must have been her clothes. She had had a similar experience with a few second graders few times. "Uhm.. Are you lost too?" She asked the girl. "My name is Miranda, what about you?" The girl smiled as she happily answered "My name is Mary!" ; "Mary? That's a beautiful name." Miranda said. ; "I think Miranda is pretty cool name too." She answered. ; "Um.. You wouldn't happen to know a way out? I just followed this hallway and then I ended up here, and I found this rose..."  Mary stared at her rose a bit before she exclaimed "You have one too?! Cool! Yours is purple! Mine is yellow!" She said holding up her rose with pride. "Hey, have you already seen the weird paintings and sculptures around here?" Mary asked. "If not then I can show you which ones are good and which are not! I had some time to get to know to this place!" She told Miranda. ; "Oh! That would be great! Thank you!" Miranda answered happily clapping her hands together. Mary quickly took Miranda's hand and lead the way towards another room. The next room was big, and almost the same as the others, but this one had an odd fence near the wall, and inside there were three headless mannequin bodies, red, yellow and blue. "Those are my father's works!" Miranda yelled. "But why are they on the other side of the fence?" Mary looked at her in confusion. ; "Well of course so they can't hurt you." She said. ; "Hurt me?" Miranda asked as one of them dashed towards her trying to grab her, but instead it hit the fence. "Ah!" Miranda cried as she quickly backed away, looking at the mannequin. The mannequin kept trying to grab her, but it suddenly stopped. If it had had a head, it would have been staring right at Miranda. She stared right back at it, when it's arms suddenly fell down on it's sides, as it then turned around and returned to it's position. ; "Oh WOW! I've never seen them act like that!" Mary said excited about all this. Miranda looked at her unsure how to react to this. But she decided Mary was still young, and easily excited. ; "Hey Mary.. If there are things like those walking around... How did you survive here alone? You said you have been here for a while?" Miranda asked. ; "...I have my ways!" Mary said and gave Miranda an innocent smile, as she went ahead. Miranda had a bad feeling about all this, but she let is slide. Mary and Miranda opened another door, which led to a smaller room and a hallway, as they walked further they both heard voices, distant, but clearly recognizable. "Oh hey! Maybe there are other here than just us!" Mary exclaimed happily and ran towards the door. ; "Wait Mary! I don't think you should run so-!" Miranda was about to say but then she saw Mary bumping into a young girl. "...fast." She ended.  The other girl quickly pushed Mary away from her. "Oh! Are you alright?" a man's voice said, as a young, maybe 20-years old man walked in after the girl, looking at Mary. Miranda quickly ran to Mary's side to help her up, the man looked at her. "Hello there, My name is Garry, and her name is Ib." the man explained. ; "Hello, My name is Miranda and this here is Mary." Miranda answered. Garry was a tall pale looking man, with a torn long dark blue coat, green T-shirt, and faded green jeans. His hair was short and a bit curly covering his left eye. His hair was unusual colored, as it had few black streaks but otherwise it was purple. Miranda stared at him for a while, wondering what kind of person he was. She remembered her father's words at that moment. About her eye. She didn't believe it would make any difference, but she brushed her hair over her right eye, she wasn't sure what she saw. There was odd faded colored aura around the young man. She didn't know why, but she knew she could trust him. "Um, this might seem weird but.. Do you two.. Also have roses like we do?" Miranda asked showing her rose to the two. ; "Oh! Yes. We do have roses like that." Garry said showing his blue rose. "I did not know there were purple roses..." He continued. ; "Neither did I." Miranda said laughing a bit. She then saw Ib staring at her. "Oh! I saw you at the gallery earlier!" Miranda exclaimed surprised. ; "Oh. So you two already know each other?" Garry asked looking at Ib who shook her head. ; "Uhm not really.. I was just watching Ib-" Miranda started as she realized how suspicious that sounded. "N-No! I didn't mean like WATCHING, I just meant I SAW you there a-and then I just stared at you- NOT that I meant anything by it! Uh- I mean-!" She tried to explain, feeling her face turning red. "I-I'm sorry!" She said panicking hiding her face with her hands. Garry couldn't help but laugh. ; "No need to explain it Miss Miranda, we didn't even think you would be a suspicious person anyway.. But.. May I ask what happened to your eye?" Garry asked politely. Miranda startled a bit before answering ; "I- um.. My eye has been like this since my birth. I know it looks odd.. I apologize that you had to see it." She said covering her eye with her hair. ; "Oh no,no,no! I did not mean anything like that! I just thought.. It was unique." Garry quickly explained, seeing Miranda's reaction. Mary seemed to be extremely interested in Ib's presence. She smiled at her, as she usually did, and Ib seemed to like her as well. The four of them continued on their way, Miranda still feeling a bit uneasy about Garry's question, although she knew he didn't mean anything. Garry on the other hand wondered how could he make up for being rude to her.   The four entered a room with two doors in it. They headed left first, and entered a room full of rabbit ornaments, and a hug painting of a pink rabbit. It was a nice pastel yellow colored room. ; "Ooooh! Isn't that cute Ib?!" Mary asked enthusiastically. Ib looked around and said ; "I think it's cute." Garry stared at Mary and Ib and then the painting. ; "You two really think THAT is cute?" He said with a disgusted tone. " What do you say Miranda?" Garry asked. Miranda stared at the three confused. She then brushed the hair off from her eye and saw something horrible. The whole room was sickly purple, and green, and all the ornaments were replaced with creepy looking dolls, which all were smiling a creepy, crooked smile. Even the painting was about a big doll with huge glowing red eyes. It was staring straight at Miranda. ; "I-I think it looks just great Ib, Mary." She said unwillingly. Garry looked at her and was about to say something but Miranda quickly covered his mouth and motioned for him to come with her. The two stepped outside the room, as Ib and Mary were still looking at the ornaments. ; "Why didn't you tell the truth to them?" Garry asked a bit irritated. ; "I couldn't. Apparently, they can't see what we can see... Well technically I can see both.. But my right eye shows the truth. I couldn't possibly tell them. They are both just kids. Don't you agree that they should have their fun? Even if it is in a place like this?" Miranda asked. Garry thought about it for a while before relaxing a bit. "You're right. They should have their fun. It has been a true ordeal for poor Ib." Garry said.  ; "Funny.. You're not even related to her, yet you already seem like part of her family. You could be a great big brother." Miranda said smiling gently. Garry blushed a bit, but quickly turned around. "W-Well someone has to be there for her, she doesn't have anyone else right now. Not until we get back to our own world.. Besides you seemed kind of motherly yourself." Garry said still embarrassed. ; "M-Me? No way... I'm not even close to being a mother.. or a mother figure.. ehheh.." Miranda quickly answered. ; "Huh. I thought you were doing just fine!" Marry said happily, standing next to Miranda. ; "M-Mary?! When did you came out of the room?? I didn't even hear you!" Miranda cried and quickly tried to hide her face. ; "Well you ARE. Right Ib?" Mary asked and turned to look at Ib who was standing on the other side of Miranda. ; "... You are kind of like mom.." Ib said. Garry was trying not to laugh, but couldn't help giggling a little.   The four were about to go to the other room, but they stopped in the middle as they heard odd sound from a near by painting. ; "What's that sound?" Miranda asked and looked at the painting. It was a plant growing out right of it. The vines went underground and quickly pushed up from the ground. Mary and Ib were quickly pushed out of the harm's way, as the vines stopped, and turned into stone. "Ib! Mary! Are you two okay??" Garry asked worried. ; "We're fine! Right Ib?" Mary said, Ib nodded. The vines wouldn't break, so instead they had to split up. Mary and Ib went to try the right door, and promised to come back if they couldn't find anything. Garry and Miranda waited sometime, but when they wouldn't come back Garry suggested trying to find another way from... THE ROOM. He hated those dolls, but it was the only way. They found a secret passage behind one of the bookshelves and decided to try where it leads. As they were walking they saw one of the creepy dolls on the ground. Lifelessly sitting. There was text next to it. "HI THERE GARRY, MIRANDA. DO YOU WANT TO PLAY?" Garry felt only disgust and continued quickly. Miranda stood in front of it. "....I don't know why.. But I can't remember you. If you truly are my father's work.. Why are you here?" She asked. She was about to follow Garry, when she heard laughing behind her, and when she turned around, the doll was no where to be seen. Once they reached the door the little doll was sitting there, once again text next to it saying: "TAKE ME" Garry ignored it and was about to kick the doll when Miranda stopped him. "Please don't. It's not worth it." She said calmly. Garry looked at the doll and then Miranda. "I.. know... I'm sorry. Let's just find a way to get back to Ib and Mary.. Then I will feel better knowing that they are safe." He explained, as they entered the next room....   The room was dark blue colored and big with four different doors. Most of them were locked, so for now they went to the room at the end of the room on left. It was odd sanctuary looking room. It had seven stone pillars with a small space for something at the end of each one, and a picture of a palette at the wall. There was also some text written there. "Hmm.. So according to this, if we collect seven different colored balls here, something should happen apparently." Garry said looking at the text. ; "Hm.. Guess they're scattered around the room we were just in.. So a puzzle huh?" Miranda said. "I think I saw something yellow when we entered the room, it might be one of the balls! I'll go look for it!" Miranda said as she ran to the other room. "It was somewhere around here..." She thought to herself, she then saw a little yellow ball. "I was right!" She thought and picked it up. She heard an odd sound from behind her, and she quickly turned around only to see wet paint on the wall. "YOU CAME." it spelled. Miranda backed away from the wall and heard another similar sound. This time the writing was different colored and spelled: "DON'T LEAVE." Miranda felt cold sweat falling from her temple and she quickly made her way back to the room where Garry was. ; "Hm? Miranda? Did you find it..?" Garry was about to ask but then he saw Miranda's reaction. "Miranda what happened?! It wasn't those dolls or the paintings right?" ; "No... I don't think so.. It was just.. I don't know.." She answered sweating. Garry though he probably shouldn't ask more as she clearly didn't want to speak about it. They headed to the room with the library second, they found green ball of paint, and a pink one. They also found something very disturbing. As they were riffling through the pages of a book about Guertena's work, they found a familiar looking picture on the letter M-page. The page read: "Although the girl in the painting looks real, Guertena himself has said that the painting does not in fact, portray any living person." The painting was about a young blonde girl, with a green dress and a yellow rose. "That's....Mary!" Miranda exclaimed. "But.. She is... She's not.. She can't be my father's work!" Miranda said confused about all this. ; "Wait.. Guertena.. THE Guertena is YOUR father?!" Garry said surprised his eyes widened. "But.. If this really is Mary... Then.. Ib! She's in trouble! We must find all of the missing paint balls, otherwise we will never get to them!" Garry said trying not to panic, obviously failing in doing so. ; "Garry.... Please stay calm. Remember... Mary seemed to like Ib, there's no way she could hurt her right? I mean.. You saw her being friends with Ib. Right?" Miranda said comfortingly, putting her hand on Garry's shoulder. "But I do agree that we need to get out of here.. Although there might be a lot of familiar works here.. Even I don't quite enjoy this place..." Miranda confessed with a bit worried look. Garry seemed to relax a bit as he left out a sigh. ; "No.. You are right. I need to stay calm.. There is one more room left.. I think the missing paint balls might be there." Garry said to Miranda walking out of the room and into the hallway.   Once again the two were greeted by the awfully familiar doll. It still wore the same crooked smile as before. But this time it seemed.. Different. It's stomach was bigger than before. "Hm? What is this?.. Could it be?" Garry wondered opening up the doll's stomach , revealing a small red paint ball. He took it and was about to go back to Miranda, but then he heard.. Crying. Odd.. almost insect sounding voice. It came from the doll. The doll moved to the room next to Garry. The door was opened before but now.. It was wide open. As if an invitation for Garry. "Ugh.. I do so hate those dolls.. But.. I guess I have no other choice.. We have looked from everywhere else.. This must be it.." He said taking a deep breath before walking in. He saw a white paint ball on the ground, and didn't hesitate to pick it up. He was about to leave, but he couldn't get the door to open. "What the-? This was open!" He tried turning the knob but it didn't help. He heard giggling behind him, when he turned he saw an army of those creepily smiling dolls. All neatly sitting in rows, all looking towards him. ; "LET'S PLAY A GAME GARRY, TREASURE HUNT!" He heard a high pitched voice saying. As soon as he heard it something went past him. "WHICH ONE OF US HAS THE TREASURE??" ; "Uhg.. I do not have time for this..." He heard a familiar voice behind the door. ; "Garry? Garry are you there?" Miranda called. ; "I am here! I'm not hurt, please stay there I will be there soon!" He answered to her. ; "...Alright if you say so." Miranda said walking towards the last unopened door. Garry let out a sigh, ; "I can NOT let her get involved to this nightmare..." He thought. There was a loud rumbling sound, and then Garry noticed it. A big hand coming out of a painting at the end of the room. A big blue smiling doll was trying to get out. Garry quickly picked a doll and opened it up, only to find wriggling worms in it. He was disgusted by the sight, but couldn't stop now. He picked one doll near the painting opening it's stomach up, but there was only dry rice in it. "This can't happen now.. This can't happen now.." He thought panicking. The large doll was already half way out from the painting. Garry picked one last doll near a table and he found a little silver key. "Yes! The key!" He said victoriously, quickly opening the door and running out. He saw Miranda and quickly grabbed her hand and ran behind a corner. ; "Garry?? What happened to you-?" Miranda was about to ask but Garry interrupted: ; "Do not EVER, Trust those dolls. Alright?" He asked catching his breath, sweating. ; "Uhm... Sure. If you say so.. but are you okay??" She asked giving him a napkin to wipe off the sweat. ; "Yes.. I'm fine." He said. "That should be all of the paint balls so this door should open.." He turned the knob and the door opened. The two found stairs leading up, and both determined to help Ib started climbing up.   At the same time in the other room where Ib and Mary had went, Mary had started acting weirdly. She suddenly stopped talking to Ib at all, which was highly unlike her. ; "Mary? Are you okay?" Ib asked her. ; "....Am I okay?...Okayokayokayokayokayokay... hahahahahaha!!!!" Mary laughed, running into the hallway. Ib followed her, finding her stabbing a mannequin head with a palette knife. She quickly turned around and headed back to the room, leaving Mary alone with the mannequin. Just seconds before she had asked Ib about her family, future plans, what would she do if she could save only 2 people, all different and kind of weird questions. But now she acted like that. Ib was a bit worried, but refused to let it show on her face. Mary came back to the room, following Ib around a bit. Ib looked at her and asked ; "Why are you following me around like that?", ; "No reason really. I just like it that's all. " Mary answered holding her head down looking at the ground. They had seen an odd black and white room with a painting of a rainbow on the other side, Ib felt like she should check the room again, and now there was a rainbow colored bridge leading to a table with a key on it. Ib took the key and returned to the room. Mary was no where to be seen. She quickly made her way to the last closed door, and opened it with a key, she came to a hallway with stairs leading down. She was about to go down when she heard the door opening and closing behind her. ; "Where are you going Ib? Didn't we promise to go together? Hm?" Mary asked, holding the palette knife and walking towards Ib. Ib backed away towards a wall protecting her head with her arms in front. "Why are you backing away Ib?" Mary said taking a few steps forward, now few meters away from Ib. ; "Ib!!!!" They both heard. Garry ran towards Mary, trying to take her palette knife away. ; "What do you think you are doing to Ib?!" Garry yelled. ; "Ib! Are you okay??" Miranda asked hugging Ib and patting her head. When Mary saw Miranda, she suddenly stopped for a second, before Garry pushed her away from them, Mary hitting the ground and the knife falling down on the ground. ; "Ib! You are not hurt are you??" Garry asked worried. ; "No.. I'm fine.." Ib said smiling a bit. ; " Good. Ib..You see.. Mary isn't a human, she's a work of Guertena too... Like those other paintings who were chasing us back there... But I am glad she didn't do anything to you. Now.. Let's get out of here." Garry said leading Ib out of the room. Miranda followed but stopped next to Mary. She leaned down and gently stroke her hair. ; "Why didn't you tell me..?" She said, then walking after Garry and Ib. They walked down the stairs in a dark room, as the scenery around them changed. It looked like.. A child's drawing. Everything looked like a crayon drawing. The sky was black but filled with crayon drawn stars, and the floor had pink lines as a road drawn on them, there were even little houses, a park, a pond, and the art gallery drawn with crayon. Inside the art gallery there were drawings of Mary, Garry, Ib, and Miranda with their roses. All of them smiling, and a little blue doll giving Mary a yellow rose. There was a pink door saying: "LOOK FOR THE TOY BOX. IT'S THE KEY TO ALL" ; "Hm. I guess we will have to find that then.." Garry muttered. They walked forward towards a white house, with a heart on the door. The room in it was white, with a big box in it. ; "Is this it?" Miranda asked. ; "I can't see any 'key' here.. Is it really there? I can't see the bottom of this box either.. " Garry said. Ib looked down to the box in the blackness with the two. ; "Do you wanna see?" Mary said appearing behind them, pushing them in the box.   When Miranda woke up she found herself in a strange room, filled with dolls, mannequins and their heads, and crayon drawings. ; "Where... am I? Ib?? Garry?? " Where are you?!" She yelled. They were no where to be seen. Miranda quickly got up and ran forward. She tried to find one of them, hopefully both of them, but some of the mannequins were blocking the way. "Please move aside! I need to find my friends!" She pleaded. Strangely enough the mannequins DID move. They cleared a way for her. Miranda hesitated but continued running. She saw some blue rose petals on the ground. "Garry??" She asked, and she saw her lying unconscious on the floor. "Garry! Please wake up! We have to find Ib!" She pleaded trying to wake him up. ; "Nhg.. Ahg.. My head.." Garry said and sit up. "Huh..? Miranda? Where is Ib?" He asked. ; "I don't know but-" She started. ; "Garry! Miranda!" Ib yelled running to them. ; "Ib! Thank goodness you are okay!" Miranda said hugging her. "And of course you too Garry!" She said giving him a hug too. Garry took a few steps back as Miranda hugged him. "Eh- Uhm- M-Miranda??" He asked, his face turning red. ; "....Mom and Dad." Ib said. Both Miranda and Garry immediately turning their heads towards her. Miranda then quickly let go of Garry as she understood what Ib meant. ; "Erm, I- Sorry. Um.. Let's just find the key out okay?" She said blushing as they all walked around searching for a key. They found a small pink plastic key on the ground, but as soon as they picked it up the entire room became darker. ; "Not again.." Garry said. "Ib! Miranda! Watch out for the dolls! and don't let them take your roses!" Garry yelled, as all of the dolls and mannequins moved to their direction. They quickly ran towards, what they assumed was the door, and they found ladders leading up. ; "Ladies first." Garry said gesturing towards the ladders. Ib went first, then Miranda and then Garry. They ended up to the same room, where the toy box had been but this time, there was a hallway leading forward. But it was blocked with rose bushes and thorns. Garry took a lighter, and burned them out of the way.   The three continued on their way, they ended up to a room with a painting at the end of it. ; "That painting looks familiar.. Let's go." Garry said. They heard footprints behind them. ; "Garry?, Ib? , Miranda? You're all okay!...How did you find this room?" Mary asked. ; "Mary,we-" Miranda started ; "Go away!" Mary said angrily. "Not another step forward! JUST. GO. AWAY NOOOOOOW!!!!" She yelled as red cracks appeared on the floor when she stomped the ground. She took out the palette knife and charged forward towards them. The three ran towards the painting, Garry taking his lighter out. ; "Please May! Stop! We didn't mean to hurt you!" Miranda yelled. ; "Well you did! You all hurt me! Hurt me! Hurt me!!!!" Mary yelled, angrily tears falling down on her cheeks. "I only wanted a family! But you're all going to leave me!!" She yelled. ; "Mary! You can still have a family!" Miranda yelled back to her. Mary stopped, and lowered the knife a bit. ; "What did you say? YOU of all people!" Mary pointed at her with the knife. "I waited for you! I waited so long! That you would come to me again! But you never did! I hate you! Hate you! HATE YOU!!" She yelled, more cracks appearing on the floor and walls. ; "Mary.. I... I'm so sorry. You are like a sister to me. I know I used to come and see you. Talk to you. To ALL of the paintings and works. But tell me.. If you really hate me.." She said and brushed her hair out of the way. "Why does your aura seem so sad?" She asked. Mary looked at the ground tears falling down. ; "Since father.. Since father died.. I was so lonely.. You never came back.." She cried. ; "I know Mary.. I'm so sorry. Please. Let go of the knife already. I am right here sister." Miranda said walking towards Mary, then hugging her. "It's all okay Mary.. You're not alone anymore. I'm here with you." She said. ; "Yeah... You are here.." Mary said wiping her tears off, hugging Miranda. "You're here with me.. Forever." She said holding the palette knife up high striking it down towards Miranda's back. ; "NO!" Garry yelled, and lighted the painting on fire. There was a scream, and Mary turned into ashes, the knife falling down. Garry hurt his hand when the glass broke around the painting, but Ib gave him a handkerchief, to wipe off the blood. Miranda fell on her knees, and stared at the pile of ashes. ".....I'm so sorry..." She said crying. Garry and Ib walked to her, Ib hugging her from behind. ; "It wasn't your fault." Garry said. "Now, come. Let's get out of here. Okay?" He asked reaching out his hand. Miranda grabbed his hand, and the three walked out.   They went through the pink house, finding a stairway to a much darker looking gallery. It was a perfect replica from the Guertena's art gallery, but it was completely silent. They walked upstairs, in front of the "Fabricated World" Painting. Apparently that was the painting that started it all. The frames disappeared, turning the painting into a portal between their world and Guertena's world. Garry jumped first, helping Miranda to jump and Ib was about to follow when she heard a voice. ; "Ib! There you are! How many times have I told you not to run off like that." Her mother said walking up to her. ; "Mom..?" Ib asked. ; "Who is she talking to?" Garry asked. "Come Ib! It's not that scary! We'll help you okay? Jump!" Ib looked back and forth to her mother and to Garry and Miranda. ; "Ib! Please! You want to see your parents again right? Come with us!" Miranda said holding out her hand. Ib grabbed Garry's and Miranda's hands and the three jumped to their own world, Ib's "Mother" disappearing into the darkness. As they were crossing between dimensions, Miranda heard a clear familiar, nostalgic voice: ; "Goodbye Miranda. See you again soon." Miranda couldn't help but cry.   The next thing Miranda saw, was the art gallery, lighted and well. People walking around. Miranda thought there was something important she had to do but she couldn't remember what it was. ; "Excuse me miss?" A voice called behind her. ; "Yes?" She asked turning around facing a tall, purple and black haired man. ; "I'm sorry but.. Is your name perhaps.. Miranda Weiss?" he asked. ; "Yes. Yes it is." She answered. ; "This must be yours then." The man said holding out a photo of Miranda and her family, behind was the text: "To my dear daughter, may your life be forever happy, and full of adventure. G.W. " ; "Oh my gosh! I must have dropped it! I am so sorry you had to waste your time like this...um... .... Garry?" She said taking her hair out of her eye's way seeing Garry's aura, remembering everything. ; "How did you...-" Garry said, looking into her eyes. "Miranda! I-I remember!" He said happily suddenly hugging her. ; "Eh- Eep!." Miranda accidentally shrieked. ; "But.. Where is Ib?! I have to give this back to her!...Well.. maybe after I have washed it first." Garry said looking at the bloody handkerchief. As soon as he said that he knew where to look. "I think I know where she might be!" He said taking Miranda's hand once again and dashing to downstairs towards the rose sculpture. ; "Ib!!! ", They both yelled when they saw her. Standing there, as if waiting someone. Ib saw them and immediately burst to tears and ran to hug them. ; "I think this belongs to you... Thank you for letting me keep it.. Um.. Could I maybe keep it a bit longer? Until I get it cleaned of course!" Garry said smiling brightly. ; "..Well since your memory isn't the best..." Miranda said, and took off her black ribbon, letting her hair loose, then tying the ribbon around Garry's wrist. "I think this will be enough to remind you to come and meet us again. Right?" Miranda asked smiling too. ; "Heh.. Of course. Because we all WILL meet again!" Garry promised. The Promise of a Reunion End. (I'm planning on writing all of the possible endings. and the endings only. They will be shorter stories as they start in the middle of the actual one. I hope you enjoyed the story. This is the true end still.)
  4. Undertale: Monster

    So I decided to make more Undertale stuff! You know those short comics which end each sentence with "but you didn't?" (Well almost all of them) So That's what I'm going to do!   Monster:   Hey Frisk, remember that time, when you called me a monster and I laughed? I thought you'd run away from me, but you didn't. Do you remember when you had to fight Toriel? I thought you'd give up, but you didn't. Remember when we met Sans and Papyrus? I thought you'd get fed up with their jokes, but you didn't. When you fought Undyne, I was scared that you would lose, but you didn't. You went bravely forward, facing every monster, befriending them all, saving every last one of them. You didn't want to hurt anyone. Because you had DETERMINATION. Then.. You suddenly changed. I tried to make you understand this new way wouldn't be any good. I thought you'd listen to me... But you didn't. When you killed the monsters we once knew, stole everything they had.. I thought it'd make you realize that what you're doing is wrong. I thought you would change. But you didn't. You killed Mettaton, and Sans, and you raised your weapon against me. I thought if I fight you... You would give up, but you didn't. I thought that we were friends. That we would always be together. But you didn't. You thought I was a monster. A true monster, but you failed to see what you had become. I thought.. If I would let you win.. you would spare me. But you didn't. When the world reset again, I didn't see you again. You were gone. I hoped that you would come back. But you didn't.
  5. Well, since kimplix got StH #252 early, (at least, I think he was the guy, since he runs that Facebook page that was the first one that showed it and threw the last preview page on Bumbleking) info for the next Sonic Universe may come sooner than we think. I'm just guessing, obviously. (Think of it as a free favor or present, Max1996.) I have absolutely no way to get to the comic, so I'll leave it to the other dudes on this forum. And, as the title shows, try and make a prediction of your thoughts of what happens in this issue based on the cliffhanger of last issue and this issue's solicitation(remember the spoiler tags). And you can show your thoughts of this issue when it comes out so this topic won't die on when the issue comes out on September 18. And yes, this is a modified copy-and-paste from the last topic I created. I save time that way. NOTE BY CHEERLEADER: There is no use in creating a topic every time for a new comic. We do have the Sonic Universe (Comics) Topic for that. Off to the trash heap for this thread.
  6. So... This is my first topic here, and I only find it fitting that it's a major topic. Anyone who has read or owns Sonic The Hedgehog Issue 250 has probably noticed a teaser for events to come after Worlds Collide: While the Mega Man one is obvious... it looks like things aren't gonna go well for Sonic. What are your thoughts?