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  1. What is Your Favorite Game?

    My Favorite game is sonic and samurai showdown. I like Sonic games. As I was in 1990's Sonic was most popular game  AND What is your Favorite game?   ________________________ https://tattoodesigns123.org/samurai-tattoos/
  2. The Last post Challenge.

    I once included this idea in the original game but my challenges started to go insane. So I decided to create this version of Last post. In this version you must take part in the challenge if you post in this thread. I will be the one who sets the challenges here so keep an eye on my posts at the start of each month since I will set a new challenge. The first  challenge is an easy one and will remain the active challenge until march. Challenge Number one: The word Sonic must be included in every post.
  3. Entrapped Terror

    I welcome any critisisms you have so please comment. this is a new story I decided to write after reading an old creation from some time ago. I hope you read this and support the continuation of it.   The Prologue: In the year 2025 A new game company named Virtual tech was formed and their debut product was a game with new state of the art virtual reality gear. The game was called “Tower of terror” which is an adventure game that is set inside a giant tower with any different worlds built into one. The game  has been approved for release but due to the large scale server required to run it only 100,000 copies are being sold. The locations where the games are being sold is secret to all except the few who solve the three riddles on the website. That takes us to where the story begins. In a small bedroom in central London a shy pale boy logged onto the website of Virtual Tech in hope of finding out where the game will be sold. After he logged in a pop up appeared saying “f you want to get Tower of terror then answer the following three riddles correctly to get a location and a secret code to be able to purchase a copy.” The boy simply gulped and pressed begin. The first riddle said “If you have me then you keep me, if you share me then you no longer have me. What am I?” The boy thought for a second then typed in “A Secret” then a pop up appeared and it said “Correct” The second riddle appeared on screen and it said “ I am dry but I get wetter the more I dry. What am I?” The boy didn’t waste a second and typed in “A Towel” and another pop up appeared saying “Correct” The boy was now on the third and final riddle. He was nervous as the third riddle appeared on his screen. This riddle was longer than the others but as he read it, his nerves began to fade away. The riddle said “It ca not be seen, cannot be felt. Cannot be heard, cannot be smelt. It lies behind stars and under hills. And empty holes it fills. It comes first and follows after. Ends life, kills laughter.” Without delay the boy typed in “Darkness” and the third and final correct pop up appeared and he got an email from the website. The email said “Congratulations on answering the three riddles correctly. You are the first resident of the UK to do this so as a reward we have decided to grant you a discount on the game and gear. The shop “Gamerzone” on Shaftesbury Avenue will stock the products on the Friday the 13th of March. If you give them the code “Hidden darkfire” you will be able to purchase the items you desire but be warned this code is one use only so do not share it with your friends otherwise you may miss out. Thank you for your desire to play our product. Hirojima Jinzuku of Virtual Tech”.  The boy was over the moon that he was successful that he cheered very loudly and his older brother came into his room. “What is with the screaming bro?” asked the brother as the boy turned around with a smile on his face. “Bro I did it! I attempted the riddles and I got all three right! They just sent me the location to get the game! It is going to be sold at your store on the 13th of March!” declared the boy which caused the older brother to smile and fold his arms. “Well done bro! I would have told you myself but I had to sign a none disclosure agreement. I will hold a copy back for you when I get to wo.. Oh hold on I just got an email!’ said the older brother. The emails just received by the older brother said “This is Hirojima Jinzuku of Virtual Tech. I am writing this email to you to reveal that on the day you will stock or products a customer should come in and state the password “Hidden Darkfire” when they do you are to give them the virtual reality gear for free. I will see to it personally that your company is not out of pocket.” Upon reading the email the older brother just laughed and said “Lucky bugger” The boy was puzzled and asked his brother “What do you mean lucky bugger bro?” to which the older brother remained silent for a second and thought “I guess I can tell him because he won’t tell anyone else” The older brother took a breath and said “virtual tech just emailed me to tell me that I am meant to give away free virtual reality gear to the bearer of a certain password. That person is going to be in for a good shock.” The boy laughed and nodded in agreement when his brother sat down on the bed and asked “So what is your password? You may as well tell me since you will have to tell me when you pick up the stuff anyway” The boy thought for a minute and decided he may as well. “My password in Hidden darkfire bro” which caused the older brother to stand up in shock and yell “YOU’RE KIDDING!?” The sudden yell caused both the boy and the father down the hall to jump in shock. The father ran into the room and asked “What is going on in here!?” The older brother calmed down ad turned to the father. The younger brother gleefully declared “I did it dad! I know where to get the game! And get this! It will be at his shop!” The father then looked at his older son and smiled “That is great so how much is this going to set me back?” asked the father to which the older brother took a deep breath. “Not as much as you think. The company emailed me and told me to give away free gear to the bearer of a certain password and that password was Hidden darkfire” said the older brother which caused the boy to stand up and yell “THAT IS MY PASSWORD!” The trio took a few seconds to gather themselves and the three each laughed. “So my wallet will only be slightly effected. That is great and I am sure your other will be just as happy for you. When will the game be out?” asked the father which the older brother said “The weekend of Your anniversary”  Which caused the boy to frown but the father quickly replied “In that case could you cover the price for us and I will pay you back when we get back on the Monday?” The older brother was quick to nod and just as quickly received a hug from his little brother. It was then a loud “Dinner could be heard and the three went down to eat. For the next few weeks life went on as normal until Thursday the 12th when the two boys saw their mother and father off and the younger one rushed to bed early so he could be one step closer to the new game. As the day arrived the boy quickly rushed to the store where he was greeted by a policeman asking him "why aren’t you in school boy?” The boy looked at the officer and quickly replied, “I am home schooled Officer and my parents are away for their wedding anniversary. You can ask my older brother if you want. He works at the Gamerzone” The officer nodded and walked with the boy to the Gamerzone where he was quickly approached by the boy’s older brother. “Hello officer is my little brother in trouble?” asked the older brother to which the officer looked at the boy then the brother. “No he is not if you can confirm what he told me about why he was not in school” said the officer to which the older brother quickly responded by saying “ He is home schooled like I was and our parents are away this weekend for their wedding anniversary” The officer just nodded and left the boy to it. The boy quickly rushed to the counter and his brother called over his colleague.  “Hey Gary, my little bro wants to purchase the new Tower of Terror game. Since I am the one paying I can’t run the purchase so you have to. You know what to do right?” asked the older brother to which Gary just nodded then looked at the boy and asked “what is your password?” The boy gleefully declared “Hidden darkfire” when Gary inserted the password a pop up appeared saying “award this customer the bundle.” Gary looked at the older brother who nodded and went to get the bundle which he scanned. Once the purchase was complete the boy simply waved to his brother and rushed home with his new stuff ready to play.
  4. Discuss the Egosonic artwork

    Has anyone else seen the Egosonic artwork yet? For those of you that don't know it is a fan made artbook featuring Aaron aka Egoraptor from game grump wearing a sonic dress, they are selling it for ten dollars digitally and the proceeds benefit a charity.
  5. I wasn't sure weather or not to put this on off topic or not, but it is about Sonic and his games so... Since ive been lurking on the forums here ive been noticing people discussing what they liked and/or didn't like about certain Sonic games. Even though some people's comments have given bold points on what they want there is never a specific answer, so I wanted to ask... What do you guys want in a Sonic game?
  6. Games that had an impact on you

    Well I the original reason I posted this topic will be known after I say the game that impacted me the most The game that had an impact on me has to do with when I was a little kid. The game was Klonoa~ This game is under rated by far and never got much attention or was popular at all. Please don't bring up the wii remake either because in my opinion the PS1 version is a lot prettier and well... Honestly I don't like his outfit XD;; No spoilers but the game even made me cry too. It's the only one that has achieved that as well and that's saying something. That being said... Someone play Starbound with me ;w; *Starbound game rotting away cuz no one to play with*
  7. Undertale: Monster

    So I decided to make more Undertale stuff! You know those short comics which end each sentence with "but you didn't?" (Well almost all of them) So That's what I'm going to do!   Monster:   Hey Frisk, remember that time, when you called me a monster and I laughed? I thought you'd run away from me, but you didn't. Do you remember when you had to fight Toriel? I thought you'd give up, but you didn't. Remember when we met Sans and Papyrus? I thought you'd get fed up with their jokes, but you didn't. When you fought Undyne, I was scared that you would lose, but you didn't. You went bravely forward, facing every monster, befriending them all, saving every last one of them. You didn't want to hurt anyone. Because you had DETERMINATION. Then.. You suddenly changed. I tried to make you understand this new way wouldn't be any good. I thought you'd listen to me... But you didn't. When you killed the monsters we once knew, stole everything they had.. I thought it'd make you realize that what you're doing is wrong. I thought you would change. But you didn't. You killed Mettaton, and Sans, and you raised your weapon against me. I thought if I fight you... You would give up, but you didn't. I thought that we were friends. That we would always be together. But you didn't. You thought I was a monster. A true monster, but you failed to see what you had become. I thought.. If I would let you win.. you would spare me. But you didn't. When the world reset again, I didn't see you again. You were gone. I hoped that you would come back. But you didn't.
  8. sonic dawn of darkness

    hello to all of you guys. first of all i LOVE this site . thanks so much for creating it. second here's the best fan made game please support and help through if you have any talent please help it come true www.no-advertising.com thanks for all
  9. Well rumors of the new sonic game have been leaked out its name is Sonic Excursion and so far the comfirmed playable characters are sonic, tails, knuckles, amy not yet sure are shadow, rouge , silver and blaze tell me what u think about the new game if anyone finds the demonstration video and presentation please give me the link
  10. Fez

    Fez seems like a really fun game to play. It was featured in Indie Game: The Movie, and I really enjoy open-world games, especially with a kind of funny, silent character like Gomez. Generally, puzzle-style games don't float my boat (Braid was scary), but this seems like it will be a very relaxed game which won't tax my planning skills very much. The art also looks very good, especially the 3D 8-bit parts. It kind of reminds me of a lighter version on Cave Story's art. What do you guys think of this game?
  11. It's a cool fan game of Sonic the hedgehog 2006 It's only silvers story it's 2D and it has cool gameplay (I don't have sonic the hedgehog 2006 anyway) Here is the Game description: The excellent physics! Clever enemies! Unknown gameplay! And severe bosses! HERE IS THE LINK : http://sandbox.yoyogames.com/games/211733-silvers-story-eng THIS GAME IS SUPER HARD!! YOU WON"T BE ABLE TO FINISH IT! MUHAHAHAA... here are some screen shots:
  12. It's a cool fan game of Sonic the hedgehog 2006 It's only silvers story it's 2D and it has cool gameplay (I don't have sonic the hedgehog 2006 anyway) Here is the Game description: The excellent physics! Clever enemies! Unknown gameplay! And severe bosses! HERE IS THE LINK : http://sandbox.yoyogames.com/games/211733-silvers-story-eng here are some screen shots:

    I think you all have played Sonic 4 Episode 2, if you played it, what do you think of it?