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  1. Discuss the Egosonic artwork

    Has anyone else seen the Egosonic artwork yet? For those of you that don't know it is a fan made artbook featuring Aaron aka Egoraptor from game grump wearing a sonic dress, they are selling it for ten dollars digitally and the proceeds benefit a charity.
  2. Crush 40 tabs and techniques

    Hey guys! I started this so those of us that play guitar can share tabs and tricks we have learned to sound more like Jun Senoue. I guess I'll start, I have found that you need a pick that is toward the thick side to be able to perform those awesome pinch harmonics Jun does.
  3. Sonic the Hedgehog (Comic Series)

    Yay! My email made into issue #281 of sonic the hedgehog I am the victor one :-)
  4. sonic boom funny moments

    My favorite moment is in tails crush when sonic say "time to enroll you into the sonic's school of impressing the ladies" and knuckles says "that's a good School it is where I learned air conditioning and refregieraror repair." I don't exactly like that they made knuckles an complete idiot but he is pretty funny sometimes:-)
  5. Introduction Thread

    High I am vicblade11 i,m 17 and I am a new member I have a youtube channel by the same user name that I post covers and how to play tutorials on songs from the sonic the hedghog series.