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Found 2 results

  1. Undertale: Monster

    So I decided to make more Undertale stuff! You know those short comics which end each sentence with "but you didn't?" (Well almost all of them) So That's what I'm going to do!   Monster:   Hey Frisk, remember that time, when you called me a monster and I laughed? I thought you'd run away from me, but you didn't. Do you remember when you had to fight Toriel? I thought you'd give up, but you didn't. Remember when we met Sans and Papyrus? I thought you'd get fed up with their jokes, but you didn't. When you fought Undyne, I was scared that you would lose, but you didn't. You went bravely forward, facing every monster, befriending them all, saving every last one of them. You didn't want to hurt anyone. Because you had DETERMINATION. Then.. You suddenly changed. I tried to make you understand this new way wouldn't be any good. I thought you'd listen to me... But you didn't. When you killed the monsters we once knew, stole everything they had.. I thought it'd make you realize that what you're doing is wrong. I thought you would change. But you didn't. You killed Mettaton, and Sans, and you raised your weapon against me. I thought if I fight you... You would give up, but you didn't. I thought that we were friends. That we would always be together. But you didn't. You thought I was a monster. A true monster, but you failed to see what you had become. I thought.. If I would let you win.. you would spare me. But you didn't. When the world reset again, I didn't see you again. You were gone. I hoped that you would come back. But you didn't.
  2. Welcome to Nightmares

    Okay so this story might be a bit confusing.. It is meant to be that way. A LOT of things are left for the readers interpretation.. This has some horror elements too. Welcome to Nightmares As I was walking in the dark hallways of the basement floor, I could hear it following me. Step by step. I walked faster than it. It was more like slouching than walking behind me. It always carried a knife. It didn't really speak to me. It made some odd sounds and moans, as if it was suffering from something... From what it was I did not know. I couldn't remember how I ended up here. I couldn't quite remember my name either. I didn't know if I was alive or dead, but to me, it didn't matter anymore. None of this town's people were exactly normal, So I'd fit in just fine. I never really liked when those things appeared though. They never really do anything, but they were disturbing, especially when they followed me. I knew they couldn't hurt me, and I wouldn't hurt them unless they tried something. Only one of them sometimes attacked. Not that I cared. He never really hurt me. I also hated the cult this town had been hiding for years. That's why I decided I'd have to meet her. She would know what to do to this. Maybe then all this suffering would finally stop. I saw two big door in front of me. I pushed them open and entered a room full of light. I walked towards the hospital bed. It was surrounded with white curtains. Inside laid a girl. Badly burned. She couldn't speak anymore. She stared at me with her red bloodshot eyes. She tried to reach her hand towards mine. Her skin was entirely black with small little wounds all over. Only few could tell she was still living human being. I placed my palm against hers and said: "Don't worry. You will have your revenge upon those who hurt you. None of them will live." She looked at me with relief. For the first time in many years she smiled. I smiled too before my expression turned into a frown. She was here.  I turned to face a little girl. She looked like a 10-year old. She was wearing a torn school uniform consisted of a grey long skirt, purple sweater, white shirt and a small black ribbon. Her black hair was covering her face.  "Hello Alessa.. What do you want this time? Play hide and seek?" I said sarcastically which she knew far too well. I wasn't sure how many years had passed from our first meeting, but it seemed like a life time to me. "The mother and the child have arrived. The last day is near." She said. I rolled my eyes. "We're already in our own personal hell. How could this "Beautiful dream land" be destroyed by two people?" I asked crossing my arms. "Because.. They are special.. The child belongs to her." Alessa said pointing at the burned girl.  "They might be our only way in. We might be able to destroy the cult...What do you say.. "Original?" I said looking back at the burned girl who smiled to me in return. "So that's a yes.. Well guess I'm going to go play Witches and Curses with them again" I said stretching my arms up high.  "Be ready with the kid Alessa." I said as I turned to look back at her for the one last time. She simply nodded smiling evilly as she always did. It was like her trademark. I walked through the doors again, back to the darkness. They were all gathered around this time. Not moving an inch. All packed up in one place, In the middle of the hallway. I sighed as I tried to get past them. They were all wearing nurse outfits, and their heads were covered in bloodstained bandages. They all had knifes, blades, or whatever sharp they managed to find. I was half way through when one of them went mad. It started slashing it's knife around trying to hit the others. I quickly jumped and rolled out of the way just as the knife was stabbed through one of the nurses foot who was standing next to me.  "God I hate those things.." I said as I got up and continued walking. Eventually I found the old elevator, it was covered in rust and the safety net was already broken. "Gee... How I feel safe." I said taking a deep breath before walking in the elevator and pressing the button to the first floor. I got out of the elevator and out from the old broken house. I walked in the streets. It was so quiet. The ashes were falling down like snowflakes. If anyone would stay here longer than two hours they would've died of poisoning. The gas, smoke and the ashes were making sure of that. I didn't really care for it. I tried avoiding the cracks on the ground, since the gas could sometimes shoot out from them, not that it could hurt me but I didn't want to risk anything. I hadn't really got the time to memorize all the rules of this town. Although I can't remember what it was that got me in here, I kind of liked the place. It was quiet little town, filled with monsters, and although I always had certain emptiness and anger in my heart, It was a place I could call "home". Yes. This little dead town. Of Silent Hill.