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Found 3 results

  1. Your favorite Gaming Quotes.

    So, Hi There. recently, while Strolling On The Forum, A quite Sneaky skunk gave me an idea: We All play video games here, Right? So How about we put our Favorites quotes there ? Either Funny or Sad, Serious or simply ....unexpected, All quotes that you like can be considered gold in our eyes! You can post as many As you Want,as long as you tell us which game it comes from , and optionnaly, why you like it (don't have to, but , if you want....) Ok, Let's start with me then(Kinda hard to find something, Due to the fact that most of my favorites game are always localised, but well....): -The Punisher (2005) Carlo Duka: [Frank Castle kicks down the door leading to Carlo Duka's office with a shotgun in hand. Carlo Duka is startled and scared as he jumps up from his desk] But... But... But... Frank Castle: Add a noun and a verb and you've got a sentence. "nuff said.
  2. Games that had an impact on you

    Well I the original reason I posted this topic will be known after I say the game that impacted me the most The game that had an impact on me has to do with when I was a little kid. The game was Klonoa~ This game is under rated by far and never got much attention or was popular at all. Please don't bring up the wii remake either because in my opinion the PS1 version is a lot prettier and well... Honestly I don't like his outfit XD;; No spoilers but the game even made me cry too. It's the only one that has achieved that as well and that's saying something. That being said... Someone play Starbound with me ;w; *Starbound game rotting away cuz no one to play with*
  3. Emulators

    On here, we can share our links and excitements about Emulators. Hehe. And you can get free games for your Emulators by clicking this link. http://coolrom.com/ Enjoy! ^_^