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  1. SEGA-Elizabeth-Fan added a post in a topic What do you hate about the fandom?   

    I even hate canon characters like Julie-Su, Topaz, Lien-Da, Fiona Fox, Lara-Su, Rosy the Rascal, Perci, ETC. characters of the canon type.
    My hated FCs are:
    Sonichu, Colere the Fox, Jinx Chaos, Zeta the Echidna, Venus the Hedgehog, the Dolly Twins, Becky/Purity the Hedgehog, Gyro the Hedgehog (his creator backstabbed me), ETC fcs like them
    Hated Canon Characters: Topaz, Julie-Su(gets in the way of my OTP), Fiona Fox, Lien-Da, Lara-Su, Breezie, Perci (Same as Julie-Su)
    Hated FCs: Sonichu, Zeta the Echidna, Seleena Viridi Luna (a friend's FC), Karen the Bat (a friend's FC), Colere the Fox, Jinx (JINXDROWNED aka NummyPixels' "FC" )
    Hated OTPs:  http://www.wysp.ws/post/488061001/ and http://www.wysp.ws/post/463831001/ 
    (mod note: You don't need to repeat yourself on things)
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  2. SEGA-Elizabeth-Fan added a post in a topic What do you hate about the fandom?   

    What I hate about its fandom is the XXX content like Project X:Love Potion Disaster and Mobius Unleashed.
    And I even hate people like YoshiWii1, ZetaR02, and Chris-Chan.
    I even hate the OTP wars, so-called "FCs", ETC. (But my FC is NOT a RECOLOR! I had drawn some pics of my FC when I was in grade school!)
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  3. SEGA-Elizabeth-Fan added a topic in Writer's Block   

    Fanfic Title
    The fanfiction I will be working on soon is on where Mephiles is a siren who is in love with the Princess (portrayed by Elizabeth). But what should I choose for the story's official title? WARNING: Contains Canon x FC! Pairings in this fanfic are: Knouge (Knuckles x Rouge, Canon x Canon), Shikao x Elizabeth (FC x FC), and Mephiles x Elizabeth (Canon X FC)
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  4. SEGA-Elizabeth-Fan added a post in a topic Let Amy doodle you a draw (request thread)   

    I don't have anything to request because I changed my mind. I'm sorry
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  5. SEGA-Elizabeth-Fan added a post in a topic Fanfiction   

    I dunno, but you should go to the "Writer's Block" section like Skye asked
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  6. SEGA-Elizabeth-Fan added a post in a topic How old are your fan characters?   

    I had my FC Elizabeth the Hedgehog since I was in 4th grade. She has been given a reboot on everything.
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  7. SEGA-Elizabeth-Fan added a post in a topic Fan Characters (Wanna see what ya made!)   

    My character is Princess Elizabeth the Hedgehog.
    I am going to give her bio a reboot once I get advice from a friend or two.

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